this was so much fun aaah


I drew a bunch of squishy obi and clones but no Master Anakin yet !! how dare !! Good Dad guy Anakin Skywalker is awesome. 

I like to think Anakin would let Obi-Wan train with the clones (with practice swords, nothing to burn) under the guise of preparing his Padawan for the unexpected. In reality Fives is the only one who ALWAYS jumps at the opportunity to fight like a Jedi and it powers both of them out during downtime.

The other pic is from @swpromptsandasks SkywalkersPadawan verse snippets which are super adorable and I make puppy noises everytime i see an update (any update really) and y’all should go read it!


As I said in my last monster girl drawing, I had another one in mind, and its an harpy :D.

I read that the concept of harpies in Greek mythology was of beautiful flying women that used to steal food to eat, but later their concept changed into a more evil and ugly being and thats how we know them now. I wanted to keep their first concept so I drew her inspired by Greek outfits :>

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Bambam As Your Boyfriend
  • Lots of screaming
  • Chasing each other
  • Pranks
  • He gets flustered if you start flirting with him
  • Because he’s used to being the cheeky one in the relationship
  • “I’ll protect you.”
  • “But Bambam you’re so small.”
  • “How do you know-”
  • “Babe, we had sex last night, of course I know.”
  • Cheek kisses where he exaggerates the ‘muah’ sound
  • Lots of smirks - not the fuckboys kinds. More like the ‘god I like you so much’ kinds
  • “Aaah, you look so pretty right now.”
  • Him wanting you to meet his family in Thailand
  • Getting it on while people are in the room next door
  • Making fun of him with Yugyeom
  • “Y/N, aren’t you supposed to be on my team?”
  • Jackson tagging along on your dates
  • Bambam telling Jackson to leave and Jackson getting very offended
  • Buying ice cream
  • Shoving ice cream in Bambam’s face
  • Him kissing you all over yours so you end up with a fcae full of ice cream as well
  • Quiet nights in where you just sit on the couch and eat thai food while watching re-runs of your favourite tv-shows
  • Him hinting at you to compliment his appearance a lot
  • Going on major shopping trips together
  • Also going to fashion shows like you guys just love fashion
  • Every once in a while he gets really sappy and cheesy and tells you how much you mean to him
  • The hugs when he comes back from tour are amazing like he literally jumps on you and you end up on the floor, being kissed over and over again

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SCANDAL 47 Prefecture Tour #3 Nagasaki

  • SCANDAL: SCANDAL’s 47 Prefecture Tour performance #3@ Nagasaki DRUM Be-7 is done! More memories in Nagasaki! It was funー! We’ll meet again!
  • TOMOMI: Nagasaki, thanks! It was excellent!
  • HARUNA: SCANDAL’s 47 Prefecture Tour, Nagasaki, thank you so much! The #1 dialect word I want to be told by a guy might be “sekarashika” (bothersome)
  • RINA: Nagasaki, thanks. The atmosphere was so great(´-`).。oO(We had sara udon (fine noodles) for lunch
  • MAMI: Everyone in Nagasaki, thanks so much for the fun nightー!☺ Aaahーit was fun⤴ I had pineapple☆hair todayー( ᷇࿀ ᷆ )! TOMO-chan’s hair was braided☆ Kouzanrou’s sara udon was deliciousー♪

All tweets translated by Scandal Heaven.

youworryyouworryshit  asked:

It's so cool to see you meet up with all these awesome people, I hope you're having loads of fun travelling!!💕 What places do you still want to visit? :)

aaah it’s definitely so cool meeting everyone 💗💗💗thank you so much i’m definitely having an awesome time ah i don’t want it to end!! i wanna try to head up to edinburg in a few days maybe but sadly i’m going home this week so i’ll have to come back to europe another time to see everything else i’d like to see ✨💖

anyastudies  asked:

hey! i saw your tags abut being scared to take ap world: dont be. its a ton of fun, and if youre the kind of person who realy enjoys learning about everything that went on in different region during different time periods you'll really enjoy it. its also not super euro-centric, so you get a good idea on what went on in other countries too. if you have any questions about it this year or next, feel free to ask! im always happy to talk abt it its my favourite class tbh

aaah thank you so so much! i sort of needed this, ive had a lot of sophomores tell me it’s bad and geography has been rly dry so 😂😂i appreciate this sm!! 💕💕have a good evening/night/day/morning!!

Choose your last words
This is the last time
‘Cause you and I
We were born to die

I’m very excited to be able to share my latest Reibert commission by the lovely eatinice! (Tumblr | Etsy Store)

Fun story: shortly after I first read SnK, I bought my first pieces of fanart from eatinice. I still have them up on my wall :’) It’s been a pleasure working with you and thank you so much for my commission! ♥ ♥

Permission to post given by the artist. Please do not delete the caption.

OOOOH I FINALLY CAN UPLOAD THIS and Im so scrared of the credits, I hope I don’t forget someone xD

lets start!

Error, Fresh, Geno - © @loverofpiggies DUDE I srsly love all of your AU’s so much, even your new comic, which is not related to Undertale but man, I already LOVE it, also I yeah … all dem sweet abomination of yours aaaah <33

Mono!Sans - © @pc-doodle aaah what can I say about this sweetheart??? I just love Mono!Sans … if he wouldn’t be that sad and dramatic I would pet him .. but I won’t because I know I can’t, I shouldn’t and I would be a asshole xD

Underdarkness!Sans - © @zznightmaregirlzz / @zheyzhey04 dunno which account I should mention … so I just mention both lol xD however I really enjoy your AU and I enjoy you ;3; also UD Sans is so much fun to draw all dem cutie teeth pffff

Demi!Sans - © @crossoverdude honestly I mainly added him, because I adore his design and because I had some space XD also you seem like a pretty cool person, so I thought it would be a small little nice gift ;v;

Underfell!Sans - © the guy who designed all the underfell characters - I don’t know his name and I have only seen his blog once, before it got closed and man THANK YOU SO MUCH I love Underfell to bits … just … AGH xD

the sans nobody knows - © @lordstarscreamy YES I designed this Sans XD I made him just for fun, because I NEEDED THIS OK ;;

Undertale Sans … welp not much to say I guess just the good ol’ Sans

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Sleepover- i think I'm falling for my friend lol but he lives in a different city :/ and is like 6inches shorter than me which I don't care about anymore but idk if he does.... He's so smart and fun and kind he's my favourite person in the world. My best friend and I are going on a road trip in September and plan to see him and I can't wait!! he's even taking work off so he can make sure he doesn't have to go anywhere for work when we're there

aaah wow!! that’s so cute, it’s v sweet of him to take a break of work so he can spend as much time as possible with u ✨  i hope u guys have an amazing time together and i hope things work out for u two~

*✧·゚:* IT’S SLEEPOVER TIME! *:·゚✧* send me an ask about anything - lets get to know each other better!

ok SO today is my birthday and since I’m practically a hobbit anyway I decided to do some gifts for friends of their oc’s i haven’t drawn much of… but then I ran out!

beautiful Sarr on the left belongs to @theronsham , and Zili-who-really-needs-to-see-less-TF2 on the right belongs to @darth-brendol-hux

if you’re so inclined to join in on the “fun” and have your fave butchered by yours truly, just say the word and I’ll try to scribble something like these two up today or tomorrow. chances are I probably stalk your blog already :>

in any regards, thank you everyone who’s been there for me and I hope you can smile like Sarr today (or scheme like zili whatever froots ur loops)

Block B Reaction To Their Girlfriend Playing With Her Baby Sister

Thank you for the sweet words! ^-^


*Watches you lovingly, most likely imagining what having a family with you would feel like*


“You’re really cute there~”


“Aaah~ Your sister is so much cuter than you, you should learn from her~”


*Wants to play with you but doesn’t want to ruin his image even though it’s already pretty much ruined*


*Tries to win your sister over so she likes him more just because it’s fun to frustrate you*


*He’d pretend he’s playing on his phone, but he’d keep looking at you and taking secret photos of you playing with your sister*


*Honestly, he’d already be playing with you*


Aaah! Thank you so much @lxcysims for tagging me to do the Spring CAS Challenge! I had so much fun!

Here’s the sim I made: my little baby Malia. She wants to be a freelance botanist, she loves the outdoors and music but is also a genius and freaking adorable.

I haven’t done all her outfits or uploaded her to the gallery but if want me to then feel free to just drop me an ask to let me know. :)

I tag the lovely @justabitofsims and @simsimeree! Have fun guys!

dragoniangirl  asked:

I just wanted to tell you, I really loved you most recent shorts video. They turned out really nice! I couldn't help but mouth along with The Hospital though. I spent so long recording through that I think it may forever be burned into my brain.

Aaah that’s so awesome! I’m glad you liked it :D Hey @deet-doot-diz you has a big fan! I may end up reading more of it down the line, those later chapters are sooooo much fun.