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Their first kiss takes place at the bottom of the stairs, where their first laugh was. And, that’s where it starts, the ‘double-tap’, Sherlock calls it.

As John slowly separates their lips, he tugs Sherlock’s forehead down to his own and brings their temples gently together twice. Though Sherlock notices it happening, he has no urge at all to question it. Not when his mind is already spiraling after the first touch of John’s lips against his own. Foreheads be damned. 

But, Sherlock notices the double-tap again. This time at night, in their bed. John’s holding Sherlock from behind, arms secured around the detective’s waist. Sherlock is drifting off into the milky feeling of sleep, when he feels a small ‘bump-bump’ against the bare skin along his spine – followed by a small puff of warm air as John sighs contently.

What was it? Why does John do that?

Sherlock applies some rather embarrassing internet searches to the topic of forehead-bumping your partners…but comes up with nothing but juvenile sites for teens venturing off into the ‘Exciting World of Relationships’, as well as sites that gives tips on executing a successful headbutt that will knock out an attacker in one go.

Neither of those help. So, Sherlock assumes it’s just a John-thing. Which is fine, because that means it’s going to be easier to figure out. Sherlock just needs to focus on it better.

Two and a half weeks into the Bump Study, and Sherlock’s not really gotten anywhere.

What originally Sherlock thought was an action done after kissing, turns out to be an action done before falling asleep, after saying hello, before saying goodbye, after an argument, after tea, in the middle of watching a film, etc.

What does it mean??

One day, Sherlock gets fed up with not knowing. He hates not knowing.

“What is that?” Sherlock asks, and in confusion, John looks down at the only thing he has currently.

John waves a hand toward his plate. “Toast with peach jam…?”

“Damn the jam, John.” Sherlock rubs the heels of his palms against his eyes. “The head thing, what is it?”

“Your skull…?”

“Oh, John. I envy you.”

John rolls his eyes. “Yes, yes. I know.” He says. “Lucky John gets to be an idiot, while I, the Sherlock have to lug the weight of my big brain around.”

Sherlock peeks up from between his fingers. “You take that back.”

“You probably only have curls to hide the massiveness of your head that your brain causes.”

“I just. Want to know. Why you bump me with your forehead.” Sherlock can’t believe the conversation they’re having.

“Oh,” John’s frozen for a moment, then he’s shifting about. “It’s just…”

Sherlock is quite literally on the edge of his seat. “Yes??”

John is blushing. “I do it for a lot of reasons.”

Sherlock’s mouth falls open, then snaps shut. “Goodness, John. Your ability to specify leaves our country forever indebted.”

“Prick,” John dry-laughs. “Anyway, it’s words, Sherlock.”


“Each tap is usually a word, and sometimes it’s a single word with two syllables.”

“Tell me. Which words?”

"Okay,” John says. “Warning though, this is very sappy.”

“So be it. Sap on.”

“The words are: ‘thank you’,” John gets out of his chair. “’Need you’, ‘want you’, ‘love you’, ‘hate you’…” He stops in front of Sherlock, leans down until he’s close enough to softly bring their foreheads together twice. “’Sher-Lock’.”

John breaks the name into its two separate sounds to show how it fits into the double-tap.

Sherlock doesn’t know why he feels so near tears.

Tumblr’s environment is one that creates its own enemies when it runs out of “problematic” people to complain about.


alright so i was messing around in snow, and my camera is still shitty™, but this was the result of that lmao (also since i take like 4 selfies a year none of these are without a filter soo yeahhh this only happened cause snow is cute)

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Mystic Messenger Fanfic

@kirei-na-jinsei suggested Zen x MC with the prompt: “Imagine Person A saying to Person B, "If real life was a fandom, people would ship us.” Bonus: Person A, never one to quit when they’re ahead, continues to say “There would be porn of us.” How Person B reacts is up to you.

If there was one thing MC had learned ever since she’d started dating Zen, it was that while he was the most attentive boyfriend she could’ve dreamed of, whenever he got into work mode he stopped noticing anything that happened around him. Usually, that didn’t bother her - it’s not like he didn’t shower her with attention and compliments every other moment they were together - but she’d had a rough day at her own job, and seeing him on the couch absorbed in his script was starting to get frustrating.

After staring at him for a long time, MC sighed, wondering how she could get her very focused boyfriend to switch his attention to her. Something she’d seen on Tumblr earlier that week came to her mind - yes, that would be perfect.

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i just started bullet journaling today and i’ve only been doing it for several hours but my life has been changed…like truly i feel like a new, more creative and organized person despite the reality that my life is, in fact, a disorganized mess and i’ve wasted at least four hours journaling instead of actually doing productive things. but! my notebook is pretty and organized and that’s all that really matters, right?


Modern Thalonin - The Sims Edition

Nindarhmen’s Parisian flat, which later becomes Thalon’s flat as well <3

Nin’s agent, Miss Pippera Erin, helped him look for a flat, and she found this penthouse, which was originally empty and had no second floor. Nin worked on it over the course of almost two years. He wanted to make most of the work himself.

Bonus exterior shots:

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