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Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy
But here’s my number, so call me maybe

I can’t believe I almost forgot about MLM March but anyway have a messy doodle of nerd son and jock son

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someone is getting married. that someone is dragged to a strip club for their bachelor party by the rest of the RFA+V+Saeran. just how much of a hot mess would this nightmare be?

A/N: Can y’all imagine though, can y’all imAGINE I WANNA SEE THEM IN A STRIP CLUB LMAO~Admin 404

Not even gonna lie i’m the person who says “nooo it’s embarrassing” but take me there and i’d be stuffing dollar bills down thongs like no tomorrow ~ Admin 626


-is he even alLOWED IN HERE



-He’s a blushing mess the whole time, he can’t even look anywhere

-Seriously, he covers his eyes every time someone walks by because??? They’re half naKED


-Text: “MC, they dragged me here I swear I’m not looking at anYONE I’M NOT LOOKING, I’M NOT TOUCHING, NOTHING” Response: “yoosung wtf”

-Saeyoung tried to get him a private dance and he literally screeched and ran away


-Overall he did not like it. He was so nervous, and could not enjoy himself. Blew up MC’s phone telling them how much he loves them, stood outside or hid in the bathroom a lot of the time as well


-He literally has no interest

-He had no sexual interest in people before anyways

-Well at least not any interest large enough to act upon

-He loves you for who you are, not your body

-That being said, he kind of just sat there all night with an uninterested stare

-He felt a little awkward every time he saw a fellow business man (especially ones he knew or has done business with)

- “a lot of these men are married why are they throwing money at these half naked people”

-Zen kept telling him that he was killing the vibe at his own bachelor party and he just shrugged

-He was so bored the entire time, he absolutely hated it

-Silently judged everyone in the room just to pass the time, also tried to secretly text you until the others noticed and took his phone


-He didn’t care about the strippers

-He danced along to almost every song that came on



-Wasn’t about having the strippers dance up on him though

- pls i am a child of god do not do this

- i am devout to my MC, they are the love of my life get away from me with your sIN

-When his song came on you can bet your sweet ass he jumped up on the stage

-Seriously he was workin’ it. Strippin’ it. Putting his thing down, flipping and reversing it.

-Saeran had to drag him off of the stage before he could do anything else, but Zen had already recorded it and sent it to MC, who in turn, laughed their asses off and refused to let it go for years


-He does not like other people

-Let alone strange, mostly naked people


-Absolutely hates it there and wants nothing more than to go home

-He misses his precious MC ;A;

-It took A LOT to get him where he is in the relationship he has with you

-He wouldn’t do anything to mess it up

-Not to mention, he has literally NO interest in anyone else but you??

-Saeyoung tried to get him to get a personal dance but that idea was shot down fairly quickly when he was almost punched in the face

-He actually spent most of the time just sitting there. Most people wouldn’t come near him because Death Glare™. Did not enjoy himself, not at all




- like yeah they got nice bodies??? But u know who has a nicer body???



- ofc he doesn’t dance up on anyone, he’s a saint, he loves MC




- B L U S H I N G



- she just DOWNS drinks to get through the night, she wants to be supportive

- she drunk texts u a lot

- “hey,,, hey MC,,, are u a whistle cause i want to blow u,,,”

- “There will be only seven planets remaining after i destroy ur anus,,,”

- “if u were a potato,,, I’d mash the hell out of you,,,”

- MC screenshots everything and sends it to the group chat

- Jaehee looks at some of the strippers for candidates for a possible threesome ;;))))


- this sweet, innocent boy doesn’t know what to do

- he wants to support his friends but???

- he’s not really someone who gets drunk and he’s definitely not for watching strippers

- so what does he do???

- he imagines ur the one stripping instead

- like he’s seriously just staring at a wall pretending ur there

- at some point though, saeyoung manages to drag V up on stage??




- he just follows along with saeyoung???

- everyone seems to be loving it so he must be doing something right???

- he ends up loving it

- considers stripping as a career

- then he decided that you’re the only person he strips for me ;;))

Boyfriend Jaebum

A/n: alright now the other half of jj project. I’m super excited for this one because JB is such a boyfriend oh my godddd

Originally posted by wangpxppy

• oh my god THIS BOY

• you guys met at JYPE as well but you’re an intern

• you were on a coffee run for your boss and it took a little longer than expected

• you were rushing through the halls, clearly not looking where you were going when you literally ran into a wall

• well this wall wasn’t actually a wall, more like JB, the chic and sexy leader of Got7

• you apologized profusely and he just kinda stared at you

• in his head he’s thinking “damn this girl just spilled coffee all over me and yet I still find her attractive”

• you try and use the napkins given to you at the coffee shop to dry his shirt but that’s not working at all

• “I’m so sorry jaebum oppa” you apologize again and this time when you look at him he’s smiling at you

did she just call me oppa? Well shit

• when he finally speaks he says, “well I’m pretty sure this shirt is ruined” with like a kinda awk laugh at the end

• “c-can I do anything to repay you?”

• “no no, don’t worry about it. are you new here?”

• you blush and nod, quite obviously embarrassed with the current situation

• “ah well, it’s fine. I’ll see you around?”

• you nodded again and kept your gaze down which he thought was cute as he walked off

• but you did see him again, this time it was that Friday

• you were on time for once and he wasn’t

• this time he was the one rushing and not looking

• he ran into you and knocked both of you over on to the floor

• “aish- we’ve gotta stop meeting like this” JB says sheepishly getting up and offering you a hand

• you took it ofc and wow does this boy have soft hands

• you blush at the skinship and he notices and smirks smug mother f-er

• “so as much as if love to stay here and talk I’m late” obviously “do you maybe wanna get lunch later?”

hell yeah you think “yeah sure”

• the rest is history

• y'all have been together for a hot ass minute, 2 ½ years to be exact

• he will never stop calling you babe

• people think that’s your name now

• “I don’t even remember her name anymore” Jackson would joke to Jinyoung and they’d laugh

• this boy right here gets pretty dang jealous not gonna lie

• like…god forbid one of the boys gets a lil too close to you

• like one day you and bambam were playing a video game and JB literally picked you up off the couch and carried you to his room

• “babe wtf you doin???”

• “I didn’t like how he was flirting with you”

• “we were talking about overwatch???”

• “I thought I told you never to talk back to daddy?”

• aaaaaaand here it goes


• if you ever wanna be a dom, good luck

• that would take SO MUCH CONVINCING

• and even then if you ever got him to do it he would still have a lot of control

• now this boy is a real tease tho, like get ready for hands on your thighs, knee, waist literally wherever that makes you squirm

• however, he can be a romantic lover too

• like in the end he just wants his baby girl to be happy

• so he will definitely be one of the ones to buy out restaurants

• he’s a pretty private guy as we know so privacy is a major key to him

• going public would be a big no no

• he’d literally wait until you guys were engaged to announce it

• even if there were rumors about you guys being together

• only the boys, a few JYPE members, and yalls moms and dads would know

• he doesn’t want to risk anything bad happening Bc he’s an idol but he knows y'all gotta get married sometime and he don’t wanna have to take the ring off

• when y'all are public tho, he’s super proud to be your fiancé/husband

• and like he will happily talk about the wedding in interviews

• his eyes literally light up whenever talking about you

• when people ask how you guys met, you two always laugh at the coffee situation

• like everyone is expecting some really cute romantic stuff but

• it’s literally all bc you were running late and ruined his fav shirt which you later got a new one for him as a present

BTS reaction to you posting a risky photo on Instagram

this is my first reaction post don’t judge me, it’s really bad

You as their friend posts a pretty ‘risky’ photo on insta. Not per see risky, but just a more attention taking picture. 

(Gifs are not mine & of course reactions here differ from real life)


“Isn’t it a bit to much? No no, you look beautiful!’‘

He really cares about you and knows how rude people can be. Not to mention that your picture makes him a bit flustered himself. Not that he tells you that.


Jin might not think about it in a sexual way, (what happens in some other guys minds), but does think you look stunning and will defininetly let you know. At least someone has to have a collected mind at these kind of moments.

‘‘You look amazing! But I look more amazing.’‘


‘‘Is that you Y/N? Well damn.’‘

Yoongi wouldn’t hide the fact that he finds it hot at all. He speaks his mind and it lightly surprises him that you even would post a picture like that. \


Probably acting shook but you know he secretly likes the picture afterwards. He admires you for having the guts to post it. (ft jungkook tryna sneak a peek)

‘‘Wow, sorry you suprised me. But you do look pretty good. Not gonna lie.’‘ 


‘‘Oh! You look so perfect. What am I gonna do?’‘‘

Tries to look past the fact that it turns him a bit on. He doesn’t really mind what kind of picture it is, he will like it, it is all eventually you. But it’s easy to see this picture also caught him by surprised.


You know the person who is the first to like? Yes in this case it’s Jimin. He will admire you so much, giving you a lot of compliments. But still looks out for you.

‘‘Hey look, Y/N just posted!’‘

‘‘Let me see! Oh, look at her, she looks so good!’‘


Jungshook of course. For a few seconds though, after that he’s totally into it. Just like others admiring you that you posted it. Lowkey screenshots it.

‘‘Oh god, oh okay. Next time we take one together hah?’‘

marieavgeropoulos: Sorry , I can’t answer your call right now . I’m on the other line. 🐟  #cozumelmexico #gonefishing #si

Half - Blood

A/N - I messed it up. I changed it into a ’ x reader’ and like…changed the pureblood to half-blood. Hope it’s okay for you. I am soo soooo sorry. I know, I’m stupid :p  

Word Count: 1744.

Warnings: Smut.

Request: Since you’re dedicated to Draco, can you do a (secret?) relationship he has with a ravenclaw named Christina& she shows as if she is a half-blood but is actually a pureblood? Very moral and fights for everyones rights,smut is welcome😂 Thank you darling💘⭐

The Story:

Y/N brushed her hair, trying to avoid the discussion.

“You know you should tell him by now.” Y/F/N said.

“Wh-what are you talking about?” Y/n stuttered, trying to keep her cool while tying her hair.

She sighed and said, “You know what I am talking about. You really think you can hide it from me?? Come on, I’m your best friend. I know where you go and who you meet. I do see the hickeys.”

“WHAT!!” Y/n says letting down her hair.

“No, not now, but like I notice them.”

“Ugh, should have told me earlier. And you don’t know anything.” Y/n huffed tying back her hair.

“I know everything. I see the way you look at each other. A relationship based on a lie…Y/N, it will shatter everything. The longer it takes, the more it will hurt. I hope you understand that. I thought you were just playing around with each other. But, you are serious about him. And he is getting serious too.”

“Don’t act like you know everything. You are just saying this to get the truth out of me.”

“Yes, I am trying to get out the truth out of you. Tell HIM the truth. Draco will never try to understand. He hates muggles and half-bloods.”

“He doesn’t hate them. He thinks he hates them because his idol is his father. His father creates a certain impression of high class. And he wants to be like his father. He was raised like that. He…he has a soft heart. Anyways, we should get going. It’s getting late.” Y/N said straightening her shirt.

Y/F/N sighed, “If he gets to know the truth from someone else….it’s gonna be really bad. I just warned you.”

*Time Skip*

Draco walked to the common room. He smiled, noticing Y/H/C haired girl on the Y/H/N table. She gave him a wink and continued eating. He was thinking about finally telling everyone about their relationship. Draco finally gathered some courage to tell his father and was planning to tell about them.

He started his conversation with Blaise just to get a hint of how they were gonna take the news.

“So Blaise, ever thought why would Henry ever date someone outside the Slytherin house?”

Blaise stopped eating and looked at Draco, “Don’t want to insult you or something but why would you even care whom he dates unless..”

“No!” He coughed “Why would I ever like Teresa? Never in my whole life will I date a muggle!!”

“But you will date someone if they are pureblood if that’s what you mean?”

“I don’t know. Ahem, di-didn’t really think…about it much.”

Blaise cleared his throat and said, “ sounds cheesy but I guess love finds a way.”

Draco just nodded and tried to look less awkward since he was never really good in these conversations.

*Time Skip*

Y/N walked in the library clutching the books to her chest, trying to find an empty spot.

“Hey Y/N!” She looked back.

It was Justin.

“Oh Hey.” Y/N smiled.

“I wanted to thank you for the help in fixing the appointment with your dad.”

“Oh it’s fine.”

“No really. Your father helped with the appointment! I mean, being a wizard, I was surprised that your dad as a muggle could help so much and that too living so far away.”

“Uhh…welcome..but that’s a bit..offensive. Just because my dad is a muggle doesn’t mean he can’t do stuffs.”

“Oh!! No no! I didn’t mean it that way! I’m so sorry!”

“It’s fine. It was unintentional.” Y/N said smiling.

“So uh..” Just said rubbing the back of his neck, “I was just thinking…would you like to…”

Y/N started getting nervous. She didn’t like where this conversation was leading.

“Hang out with me sometime?” He finished his sentence, looking up at her.

“Oh. to break this to” She fiddled with her fingers, when she heard a loud noise of books falling over. She looked around to see Draco storming off the library.

He heard all of it.

“I really need to go right now. I’m so sorry Justin.” Y/N said and ran behind Draco who was going back to the Slytherin common room.

“Draco!!” She yelled running behind him, avoiding the confused looks. “Draco stop!!!” She got hold of his wrist and turned him around.

“DON’T TALK TO ME WITH THAT FILTHY MOUTH OF YOURS! YOU BLOODY LIAR!! I can’t believe I actually trusted you!! Should have listened to my father!!”

“Draco I-I wanted you to tell this. I would have said the truth after sometime myself. I was scared to tell you. I didn’t know how you would react.”

“Scared? Do you even love me or you are with me because you’re scared of me!!” He shouted, not caring if anyone was staring at them.

“I can’t believe you said that!!” She shouted, gaining more attention.

Draco looked around and noticed the crowd and then dragged her inside his dorm. He noticed several shocked faces in the Slytherin common room, but at the moment he didn’t care about anyone at all. The whole school knows everything by now.

“I love you Draco!!! What are you talking about! I may have lied about my blood status but that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I hid it from you because I saw how you treated the Muggles and half-bloods!!! It was awful for me! And to worsen the case you were my partner in Defense Against The Dark Arts class!!! I was scared that you will cast some disgusting curse on me!! I still remember you hurting Harry! Besides, everyone deserves to be respected, irrespective of their blood status!!!!”

“HARRY IS MY RIVAL Y/N!!! Are you serious???? This is what you think of me! I can’t believe I thought of telling about our relationship to my father and everyone else!” He shouted holding her wrist. “And you were even talking to that Justin. You know he likes you!!!” Now, pining her to the wall.

Her breathing fastened, slightly turned on but still keeping her cool, “D-Draco you didn’t see that I turned him down. And he’s just my friend, he can’t be anything more.”

Draco’s eyes wandered on Y/N’s chest, tightening his grip on her hands. He got close to her, his hot breath lingered on her shoulder as he whispered, “I’m gonna make sure you never lie to me again Y/N. I’m gonna punish you so bad.”

His hands slowly went up to her thighs and it went higher and higher, till he gripped her ass before suddenly, he started kissing her wildly. A moan escaped her mouth, giving him the opportunity to slide his tongue in her mouth, exploring every corner of it. Y/N gave in quickly, trying hard to have a tongue battle but finally giving up, getting a smirk on Draco’s face.

“Jump” he whispered. And he carried her to the bed, her legs held on his waist.

He threw her onto his bed and loosened her tie, tying her hands above her head.

He brought his hips closer to hers, continuing to kiss. Y/N grind against his crotch getting a moan from Draco as he moved to her neck, creating hickeys.

He ripped off her clothes as his eyes scanned every part of her body, both of them breathing heavily. He wasted no time in pulling off his shirt, pants and boxers.

He slipped his fingers in Y/N’s dripping core, pumping furiously, making her moan and groan in pleasure, throwing her head back.

“All this because of me darling?”

She whimpered in response as he slapped her butt and asked with a husky voice, “Answer me love.”

“Y-Yes” She stuttered.

“I’m gonna make you scream baby.” He said till he added two more fingers and she started arcing her back more and moans louder. She was minutes away from reaching her climax, but Draco removed his finger out of her.

“What are–oohh” She groaned in annoyance but got interrupted as Draco started eating her out. Y/n moaned louder, trying to escape her restraints. He licked every last inch of her, his tongue going deeper, her hips grinding on his face as he held her hips down tightly, with both his hands. Once again, she was ready to release but he stopped his actions.

“Draco!!” Y/N yelled.

“Yes love, get ready to scream my name.” Draco said as he pumped into her without a warning, receiving a moan. He continued thrusting on her relentlessly, both of them a moaning mess. “Draco, Uuh-uh..Draco!!” Y/N screamed his name as she released all over him but he didn’t stop.

“Yes love, scream my name louder.” He said, as he flipped her and started pounding her from behind relentlessly, his hands gripped on her hair, and she came again.

“Oh, Draco, don’t stop..” She continued moaning as he flipped her again and he started going deeper and deeper, his hands on her hips while hitting her g-spot. Y/N screamed even louder, her voice getting higher every moment as Draco thrusted on her mercilessly, pounding harder and faster every second. They were reaching their high when Draco moaned, “Scream my name Y/N..oohh..scream it loud enough to let the whole Hogwarts listen.”

They came together as Y/N screamed his name.

He untied Y/N’s hands and then flipped over to his bedside, both of them breathing heavily.

“You were half as good in bed like your blood status.” Draco said, panting.

“And you were a pure shit in bed, like your blood status.” Y/N said, breath shaking.

Both of them looked at each other and then laughed after a while. He came closer to her, in a spooning position as he said, “I love you Y/N. It’s just that, I never thought you would lie to me. But, don’t worry. I’ll manage to make everyone understand, I guess.”

Y/N whispered with her eyes closed, her voice hoarse from screaming, “Everyone already heard us Draco. So you don’t have to worry about that.”

Draco chuckled in response and kissed her head, “You should get some rest, love. You’re gonna have a hard time walking after this.”


I just want to make you all think about Nicky deciding he needs to drag Neil and Andrew out on a double date
Except neither of them know it’s a double date
And Nicky has actually just decided to follow the boys with Erik without telling Neil or Andrew and not telling Erik that they don’t know either
So they get there
And Andrew and Neil are just super confused
And Nicky is working his ass off to make sure none of them figure out what’s going on
And Andrew just kind of sits there and makes vague homicidal threats throughout the meal and Neil is like um ok I’ll go along with this. It’s weird, but I’ll go along with it
And Erik is spending the entire time giving Nicky sideways glances cos he knows Nicky far too well and he is internally rolling his eyes at his boy because he’s an idiot. But he’s Erik’s idiot so it’s all ok
and when Neil and Andrew leave Neil kind of has to force Andrew away from making true on his threats to Nicky and Erik sits Nicky in the passenger seat and drives them home
and Erik doesnt even have to say anything for Nicky to know that he knows that this was all a lie
So Nicky just gets out of the car when they get home and walks into the kitchen and makes apology hot chocolate
And Erik is like no go take that to Andrew
And Nicky is like um no I don’t really want to see him right now he’s gonna kill me
And neither Nicky nor Erik know about the cats. Not for any good reason, just that they haven’t come up in conversation
So Nicky drives to Neil and Andrew with a thermos of hot chocolate in his hand and knocks on the door
And it is Andrew who opens in
Andrew holding Sir possessively
And he just kind of glares down at Nicky (although he’s really glaring up he just has a way of making it seem like he’s glaring down)
And Nicky is a little lost of words sop he just shoves the thermos to Andrew and stutters ‘um uh wha?’
And Andrew ignores Nicky’s shock and smells the liquid. When he realises that it’s not chocolate his face goes slightly less murderous and he tells Nicky goodnight
Nicky goes home and to bed and when he wakes up the next morning he checks with Erik that the whole double date thing wasn’t a dream and when he has it confirmed he stares up at the ceiling as if life makes no sense anymore and just whispers to himself
‘Andrew has a cat.’

mnemnems  asked:

All your Homecoming talk has been great to see. And I even went to see it to see all the hype myself, it was all true. But its made my day to see Voltron family posts again! Is there a resolution to the Samantha situation? Them breaking up and/or Lance and Keith reconciling? What was Shiro's opinion of Samantha and I'm assuming his talk with Keith later that night?

artbymaryc said: Ok but nooo u CANNOT leave us hanging like that - Lance smartens up somehow and Dads cool down and amends are made even uf ut takes a little time yeS? YeS?!

captaincara said: Okay i just caught up with your Voltron Family AU! And I wanted to know if there is a ending to Lances falling out with Keith over his not-so-great girlfriend? Will Lance end up with anyone and if so who? Overall i love your au and would LOVE to see a conclusion to this conflict

sednamode said: I was reading through your family au (it’s perfect) and I was wondering if you’ve written a sequel to the whole “horrible girlfriend samantha” thing? (post/163656056618) and if not could you write it? I wonder what finally makes Lance realize she’s abusive and how he gets out of it and how the family react/help him

[The Voltron Family] Lance and his horrible girlfriend Part 2 (Part 1)

It was awful. The dinner with his family was so damn awful. He couldn’t stop replaying how angry his Dad was on why he was with Samantha. She may not be the usual good girl anyone would go for but—

“God, your family is so full of shit,” Samantha said as she took off her shoes. Lance was staying with her in her apartment for a while after that family spat.

“Excuse me?” Lance raised an eyebrow.

“You heard me, babe,” she pointed at him. “They seem so pretentious, save for your other Dad with the white fringe, he’s pretty hot in a very adult way, not gonna lie. The other one is just so hotheaded. What is his problem? But whatever, I don’t like him. Makes me wonder why your other dad even married him in the first place,” she paused to scoff and added, “because I know I never will go for someone like him, he could definitely do better. Maybe he drugged him or something? Wouldn’t be surprised, to be honest. Or he’s the only one who caters to his—”

“Samantha, shut up!” Lance growled. 

Her eyes widened in shock then proceeded to glare. “Excuse me? Did you just raise your voice at me?”

Red was everywhere in Lance’s eyes. He clenched his fists, trying to restrain himself from punching something. “If there’s one thing I hate the most than people judging my family and how we live, it’s when someone thinks my Daddy Keith is not worthy enough—”

“Ugh,” Samantha rolled her eyes. “You really need to stop saying ‘Daddy,’ Lance. You’re like 25, it’s kind of weird.”

That hit the final nerve. None of his siblings really got rid of the term for their dads since they grew up that way and nothing was going to change that. It took him every ounce of energy not to do something he’d later on regret.

“That’s it, it’s not working out,” Lance took a deep breath. “I’ve tried so hard to make this work but all you do is treat me like I’m your personal maid. I’m tired, Sam. I’m so so tired and maybe Daddy Keith was right. This isn’t how you treat someone you’re supposed to be in love with.” He looked at his girlfriend straight in the eye and said, “You may not like him but at least I know that he loves my Daddy Shiro. I’ve seen how they act, and honestly, Samantha, I wish you could see them, how perfect they are for each other and maybe you could learn a thing or two about not making someone feel like shit. I’m breaking up with you.”

Samantha just stared at him, not knowing what to say. He turned around to grab his jacket when Samantha said, “Well, I never loved you anyway.”

Lance stopped in his tracks and turned around, “You know what? It’s kinda sad because I knew that right from the start.”

It was almost midnight and Lance was walking on the sidewalk, crying his dumb heart out. He didn’t care if someone saw him, he didn’t care if someone mugged him, he didn’t care about anything at all.

He placed his hands in his pockets because it started to get chilly. Then he felt his phone inside. He took it out and instantly dialed a number.

“Daddy Keith? Can you please pick me up?” He sobbed.

Lance was sitting on a bench by the park when he saw a familiar black car. It stopped right in front of him and Daddy Keith came out from the passenger seat and he could see Daddy Shiro in the driver’s seat. His Dad approached him on the bench and Lance didn’t have the energy to stand up. He looked up at him and more tears fell, he felt arms pulling his head towards his Dad’s stomach.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” he choked up in between his sobs.

“It’s okay, sweetheart.”

“I wanna go home,” he wrapped his arms around his Dad not caring if he soaked his shirt with his tears.

When he opened the door to the backseat, he was surprised to see Hunk and Pidge. Before he could do anything, Hunk pulled him up and suddenly he was squished in between their siblings hug and he couldn’t help but melt. Only his family could love him this much despite everything, and dammit did he love them right back. Daddy Shiro looked back and smiled at him.

Teach Me (Hansol x Reader)

Rating: PG

(A/N) AYYYY GUESS WHO’S BACK AGAIN??? Yours truly has been busting her booty recently and banging out these requests like the boss she is ;) A cutie requested some Hansol fluff where you’re partners in dance practice and I just love Hansol okau he is pure and good and needs more love. Enjoy!

Originally posted by kunxxxsol

The incessant beeping of your alarm finally roused you from your deep slumber, helped along by an arm that flopped over your stomach and caused you to cough. You fumbled for your phone but remembered that you hadn’t been the one to set the alarm for the day, so you turned over with an annoyed grumble.

“Babe…,” you mumbled, hand weakly patting the chest of your boyfriend as sleep threatened to close your eyes again.

With no response except for a grunt, you tried again, “Babe,” you croaked with your dry throat, moving over until your head thudded against his. Your boyfriend just mumbled something unintelligible, his deep voice cracking as he attempted to wiggle away from you.

Annoyed, you slung an arm and a leg over this time, pulling yourself on top of him as you growled, “Hansol!”

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Jasper Jordan losing his virginity to you would include

Originally posted by phi-losophy

  • you already being dating for a while
  • and neither of you knowing how to touch the ‘sex’ subject with each other
  • but Jasper thought a lot about it
  • like, a lot
  • him loving to make out with you because it was the closest thing to sex he’d ever done with someone else
  • he would never admit it but later that day he would use the memories of those moments and how they could have ended up in a different way to jerk off thinking about you
  • him imagining seeing your boobs for the first time and finally being able to touch them
  • imagining seeing you so beautiful and wet for him
  • imagining you moaning his name loudly as he slammed his cock into you
  • him wanting so much to have sex with you, but he would be totally clueless about your intentions when your guys make-out session started to get heated
  • him only noticing what was about to (probably) happen when he noticed that you were already without your shirt
  • him blushing a lot
  • and getting a little nervous, which you’d soon notice
  • “What’s wrong, Jasper?” you asked, pulling away from him, finally noticing how red his cheeks were.
    He tried to stop looking at you, tapping his fingers nervously on your waist. “I, um… It’s…” he could barely take his eyes off of your shirtless form, desperately wanting to take off your bra too. “My first time?” Jasper smiled awkwardly at you, making you suppress a smile yourself.
  • you giving him permission to take off your bra
  • him being so happy to finally be able to touch your boobs
  • Jasper would have imagined that for so long that he would do a pretty good job of sucking and massaging your nipples, even if he was a little nervous
  • and shaking a little too
  • after being satisfied with the work he did on your boobs, he’d lay his head there for a few seconds before lifting his gaze to you, shyly
  • “Can I touch you down there now?”
  • oh, but of course he could
  • you having to calm Jasper down because he’d be too eager when he started touching you
  • him proving to be very good at fingering you (as he discreetly squeezed his bulge)
  • him enjoying to see you taking pleasure in something he was doing
  • and being thankful for the long fingers he has
  • you finally noticing his bulge when he let out a groan as he gave his erection a hard squeeze
  • and he’d be so excited when you said that it was time for him to feel pleasure too
  • him wouldn’t take his eyes from you, not even when he quickly took off his clothes
  • “Lie down.” you said to him, giving Jasper a quick smirk before kissing the boy, who was positioning himself on top of your lying figure. “I’m gonna suck you off.” and then you kissed him again.
    Jasper let out a small moan in the kiss, feeling himself going weak in the knees with the thought of your lips around his cock.
    “Don’t.” he murmured through your kisses, causing you to pull away lightly, you looking confused at him. “I’d love that, I really would, it’d be so hot, but…” he leaned his forehead against yours. “I don’t really want to be finished before we actually do it.
  • another moan coming out of his mouth when he felt his cock inside you
  • him stopping for a second to appreciate the moment
  • and you appreciating how adorable he looked with that messy hair, his eyes closed and his lower lip being lightly bitten by himself
  • and then he would start to move
  • first slowly, trying to find a good pace for both of you, and then going faster and faster
  • him moaning a lot
  • sometimes quietly, sometimes loudly (the people around the place where you were sure knew what you were doing)
  • sloppy kisses
  • him being very touchy and enjoying keeping you close to him (so he can know that you’re really there and that’s not one of his dreams)
  • at some point he’d hold your hand
  • and bury his face in your neck, giving you a few kisses there
  • your moans would encourage him
  • meaning that he’s doing something right
  • and the thought that it’s not only him who is being pleasured there made him happy
  • the thing that would take him over the edge would be you moaning his name, just as he had imagined many times before
  • even though he has finished before you, Jasper would focus on giving you pleasure again himself (something he seems to have really enjoyed doing)
  • you taking a liking for his fingers after this day
  • afterwards he’d lie next to you, a goofy smile on his lips
  • him looking at you with so much love and admiration
  • “I love you.” he said, still smiling, which made you smile back at him.
    You moved closer to him, laying your head on the boy’s chest. He happily wrapped an arm around you.
    “I love you too.” you said, making Jasper let out a happy sigh as he closed his eyes, still feeling the relaxing sensation running through his body. He couldn’t wait to tell Monty about that.


anonymous asked:

MC x RFA (-Jaehee) first date HCs?

✨Zen ✨
- would probably take you to a karaoke bar lmao
- How typical right I’m sorry
- He’d show off SO MUCH
- but he’d love to hear you sing as well
- Thinks your voice is a blessing even if you sound like a dying cat
- afterwards he’d give you a necklace or something cheesy like that
- Would go to the park and look at the stars
- “All these stars shine so bright, but you’re the brightest of them all”

🎏Yoosung 🎏
- would probably ask Seven for advice BC HES NEVER BEEN ON A DATE BEFORE
- Seven is no help at all so he’s left in the dark
- He decides to work with the material he has
- He gets some cute little lights, blankets, turns the tv on and prepares some romantic movies
- The two of you were snuggled up against each other while watching super sappy romantic movies
- It was so cute and adorable SOMEONE PROTECT THIS BOY OMG

- omg he has so many ideas this is great
- Probably flies the two if you to some fancy restaurant in the middle of nowhere
- But of course he buys you new shit before that
- New dress, new jewelry, someone to do your hair etc
- The food is great not gonna lie
- Afterwards he’d take you to a even more fancier hotel and drink some wine
- Tell you how much he loves you and how thankful he is that he met you

🌺Seven 🌺
- he thinks cat cafes are the best thing that humankind invented
- He’d take you there and in the beginning it was all nice and good and fun
- But cats are very distracting
- So he ends up spending more time with cats than with you lol
- He makes it up to you tho
- He parks his car somewhere no one comes
- He opens the roof and just lays beside you, watching the stars
- Yes even Seven has his romantic moments lol

Wow look at me I FINALLY answered a fucking request after 10 years, good job me - Tess

On Set || Conor Maynard

Originally posted by iheartmyyoutubers

Requests are currently [ OPEN ]

Masterlist can be found [ HERE ]

Word Count: 1k+

A/N: this is based on the set of grenade, where the reader is playing the part of the ‘grenade’. enjoy!!xo

“These teeth feel horrible.” You mutter as the makeup artist began to shape the fake teeth in your mouth, and a completely different woman began to pack the brightly coloured blush onto the apples of your cheeks. Unable to speak anymore until they were moulded, you begin to think about how you wouldn’t have even considered doing this if it wasn’t for Conor being one of your long time friends in the industry and having been in every single one of his music video’s, it would’ve been wrong to deny the opportunity to be in this one.

Initially, he’d asked you to be the girl he was going after, but after he explained the concept of the entire video, you could think of nothing better than being the ‘grenade’. And you were right in thinking that it’d be fun, it was just the steps it took to get there that sucked ass. But before you knew it, the entire makeup was done, and you were finally allowed to look in the mirror. You had to admit, you were excited to see what the makeup artists had managed to do in the short space of time that they had.

The mirror was held up in front of your face, and you gasp in shock before bursting out into laughter, caressing all of the added features and the hair on the bottom of your chin with wide eyes. “This is incredible!”

You continue to praise the makeup artists for a little while before you smirked to yourself and decided to go and show Conor the finished product. You walk out of the small room and onto the set, glancing around the room for just a moment before you spotted Conor stood over the other side of the room, talking to a few of the producers with a serious look on his face.

You smirk and re-route so that instead of coming up directly in front of him, instead you approached him from behind. You give yourself a little run-up and jump onto his back, wrapping your legs around his waist and your arms around his neck, keeping yourself up until he reached out instinctively and gripped onto your ass, keeping you up securely as he turned his head around to look at you.

His eyes widen and he stares at you as if you were an alien as you giggle and wiggle your eyebrows at him, licking your newly found teeth. “So, whaddya think?”

“You look- you look- just- wow.” He struggles to find the right words as you jump off of his back and he turns around to look down at you with his eyes still widened. “I think I’ve had this nightmare before.”

You roll your eyes and smirk, resting your hands on your hips and winking at Mikey as he walked right past the two of you, obviously not recognizing you at all. You snort, running a hand through your hair and glancing over your shoulder. “Is everything ready for the shoot?”

“Almost.” He nods, furrowing his eyebrows and playing with the bottoms of your hair. “I thought they said that they were putting your hair up?”

“I said no, they called me a drama queen, I laughed.” You shrug, looking down at your hair and fiddling with it. “They can take away my pride, and my white teeth that I’ve worked hard for since I first brushed my tooth when I was two, but they will not take away my hair.”

“Different face, same attitude,” Conor smirks, and you wink up at him playfully, pushing the thick framed glasses up your nose. He looks down at you and smiles slightly. “You should keep the glasses, they suit you.”

You hold your hand over your heart and gasp in a mocking sense of hurt. “And the teeth don’t?”

“They’re not the greatest, I’ve gotta be honest.”

“That’s sad, I was thinking of keeping 'em.” You reply sarcastically, biting your lip and shoving your hands into your back pockets of your skinny jeans with a small chuckle as you look over your shoulder at the camera crew with a breathy laugh. “Con, I hope you understand how incredible this is.”

When you look back, he furrows his brows in confusion. “What do you mean?”

You roll your eyes with a fond smile, gesturing around the room. “Con, this is all for you, granted Jack played a part too, but you know what I mean.” She grins, and Conor can’t help the smile that grows on his lips. “Babe, look around, and think about how much of a small budget you had back when we were brainstorming your first ever music video. You’ve created a world, and I’m so proud of you.”

He smiles softly, reaching out and twiddling with your hair, something he did often when the two of you found yourselves in a situation where you were just stood, talking. “I couldn’t have done any of it without you.”

You snort. “That’s a lie and you know it.”

“No, no it’s not.” He shakes his head, a small frown on his face. “(Y/N), my first music video was a hot mess, but it wouldn’t have even been that if it wasn’t for you, being there reassuring me every step of the way that everything was gonna be okay. I remember that one day you couldn’t come to set because you had a dentist appointment, and honestly, I didn’t do anything but say maybe that day, because I felt like I couldn’t make a decision without you.”

You smile slightly, “Con-”

“No, let me finish.” He interrupts, and you nod slowly, looking up at him through your purposefully clumped eyelashes. “I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for you. I would’ve backed out of this life the moment I stepped into it, and there’s definitely no way I’d be as happy as I am today, without your goodmorning text with those three hearts that give me the inspiration to get out of bed.”

He exhales softly when he finishes, and you simply stare up at him, chuckling slightly as you began to speak. “If I didn’t look like this right now, I’d kiss you.”

“I get that.” He nods, a mocking serious look on his face before he cracked a smile.

The kiss could wait until you didn’t have miccilanious pieces of false food in-between your false teeth.


*Jughead’s opening narration was legit the worst “The ultimate cliff hanger” I mean I can’t sometimes with this show (and no one in the history of the universe has ever caught a hot coffee in their hand like that)

*The TriangleTM is now in FULL effect, so that should be interesting next season

*And I’m not gonna lie y’all, I think Archie and Betty have better chemistry than Archie and Veronica…yikes! Sorry! Don’t shoot the messenger 

*For someone who is supposed to be portrayed as Ace, Jughead and Betty had a helluva better sex scene then Archie and Ronnie. 

*And is Jughead even Ace? Are they really going to completely erase that from his storyline? I’m thinking they won’t, which is why they were interrupted. Giving something to the Bughead shippers before their downfall in S2. I really think they are going to somehow deliver on his asexuality, I honestly and truthfully can not see them throwing it to the wolves. 

*”That moment where I was looking at Betty and Jughead, that was just confirming what I was feeling this past week, that I want to be a soulmate for you” - OK first of all Archie you are a damn liar like LOL no that’s not what you were thinking and two, “what I was feeling for this past WEEK” and “Soulmate” should never be in the same conversation like what in the holy lack of development 

*Best acting i’ve seen from KJ, no wonder he was proud of this episode he actually committed to his role

*That entire river scene was great, especially the direction

*Alice Cooper is such a fucking queen 

*They could have/should have done so much more with Cheryls character this episode, they should have given more focus to her suicide attempt, it shouldn’t have been a footnote or a plot device solely used to break up a conversation about Veronica and Archies relationship status 

*Betty/Jughead/Kevin/Archie talking about FP being innocent and Jason’s death and Veronica deciding that was the best time to come clean about her and Archie like?????? And in front of Jughead???? 

*”Dad all year I’ve been just showing up” YAS thank you writers for admitting Archie was such a dud the majority of the season 


*Hermoine’s characterization switch was AWFUL. She went from being consistently portrayed as a woman struggling (at a crossroads, like Fred said accurately) between her husbands affairs and doing the right thing, to a heinous heartless bitch??? Like she takes Ethel in and comforts her two episodes prior but then Cheryl almost dies and she’s like “GTFO of my house” to a suicidal teenager???? What????

*Fred getting shot is FOR SURE a catalyst for a Varchie breakup and Archie gaining feels for Betty (He will want to turn to her during his suffering and also probably will think it has to do with Hiram Lodge)  

*Jughead becoming a Serpant is FOR SURE a catalyst for Bugheads demise this show is really straightforward with their foreshadowing

*”A blonde Adonis, no doubt” - basically confirming that Bettys brother has a different father and he is, of course, NOT blonde. In fact, he may even be FP’s son, knowing this show. 


queencandy19  asked:

Could you possibly do poly headcanons for Bakugou, Kaminari and Kirishima with their fem!S/O please? (If you're comfortable with doing that)

Sure I can write that ! I hope I’ve interpreted this right so that the s/o is an a relationship with all three of ten at the same time 😅

•It sorts happens because you liked all three of them a lot whilst they liked you a hell of a lot too but we’re also bisexual so it just sorta became a mutual agreement and your relationship was born.

•You will all work out together and go to the park for runs and just exercise.

•Katsuki and Kirishima always try to out lift each other and that usually ends up with both of them doing press ups with the other three on their backs.

•On runs if you get left behind you team up with Kaminari and get a piggy back ride to catch up. He just loves holding you and always feels a little smug when you both use your quirks to beat them.

•Bakugou is the tallest and therefore the pillow, much to his displeasure and chagrin.

•He has one arm wrapped around Kirishima then the other wrapped around Kaminari whilst those two keep you secured in their arms whilst your back is against Katsuki’s chest.

•Out of all of them they feel like they just need to protect you more, even though they know you’re really strong, but still theres just something about your sweet nature and slight gulability that could put you in danger.

•And if someone stares at you for too long or just at all………war.

•Katsuki is the first one to react and goes straight in for a punch, cursing loudly and calling the guy things like ‘fucker’ and ‘shitty damned pervert.’

•Kirishima instantly goes to you, making sure your okay and usually slipping his arms around your waist so that your back is against his chest.

•Kaminari helps Katsuki with beating the guy up, both of the boys enjoying showing off their strength to each other and Katsuki’s not gonna lie when he admits that Kaminari looks pretty hot fighting the pervert.

•No one fucks with you. Miners even has the common sense to stay away.

•Sleeping is cuddlllinnggggg !!!!

•Katsuki is the human pillow. Kirishima rests his head in Katsuki’s lap whilst you and Kaminari cuddle into either one of his sides.

• He blushes so much and has to hide his face cos he’s a tsun tsun~ and tries to act like a nonchalant fuck but one of his motives for becoming stronger is being able to protect you three.

•Kirishima is a pretty affectionate guy and quite spot mostly so having multiple significant others to share his affection with is great for him.

• Loves to rile Katsuki up with jokes about his hair or attitude and has cute pet names for him whilst he loves to stuff Kaminari in his sweatshirts and forces him to buy pikachu themed clothes.

•Your entire closet consists of the boys’ clothes. Literally you don’t own any of your own clothes anymore instead it’s just their hoodies, sweatshirts, tops and pants.

•When you guys finally move to the dorms, you, being the only girl, sleep separately to them and it literally sucks so much.

• Kirishima instantly tackles you into a tight hug, lifting you up usually and spinning you about, every morning once they see you after you’ve come out from the girls rooms.

•Katsuki gets quite embarrassed about PDA, much to your amusement, but will affectionately ruffle your hair or flick your forehead.

•Kaminari goes full of flirt mode and demands his 'good morning kiss’ which you oblige to and are happy to give him one which ends up with you giving each boy one because otherwise they feel 'left out’.

•For sparring and matches you usually alternate between pairs, so everyone is able to try out new stuff and keep each other on their toes.

•Since there’s four of you no one is really left out and there’s hardly any jealousy. Rather than always sticking in pats you seem to be able to function as one group in public without getting squashed.

•You find the three of them hugging so cute and can’t help squealing whenever you find them cuddling.

•Your phone’s full of photos of them.

•If they catch you taking pictures of them cuddling in the morning, you leaning over them, they’ll hang up on you.

•Kaminari is the first one to wake up and instantly tugs you to him, smirking at your surprised squeak high causes the others to rise.

•Katsuki and Kirishima catch along and usually tickle you till your pleading and begging them to stop.

•Get pulled onto Katsuki’s chest so that your entire body is on top of his whilst the other two devils snuggle up to both of your sides.

•Your class full on ships it.

•The ship names are way too complex.

•Izuku has a notebook dedicated to them. Hope these were okay !!! 🌸🌸🌸

anonymous asked:

The V3 boys reacting to their crossdressing S/O making them cute dresses???

This was cute! I apologize for the time it took! Please enjoy!

~ Mod Angie

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anonymous asked:

So how did you and Q become friends?

((Q is found over at @jolie-in-the-underground))

* would you believe me if i said we met because he hauled someone out of a car from a wreck in that robot body of his? i sensed the soul in distress so i went by to check on them… the same moment i got there, i witnessed him tearing the damn door off the car and pulling the human out to safety - the soul recovered quickly thanks to him, ‘n no one else was there in trouble, so i was about to step back ‘n just keep an eye on things from a distance…

* then Q turns around, sees me, and says ‘lookin a little stark there buddy, is winter coming already?’

* i’m not gonna lie, it took me one hell of a moment to even register what he meant by the ‘stark’ pun - if you do see me, the black of me is pretty much vantablack, so i really am stark against most backgrounds - because i didn’t even realize he was talking to me.

* yeah, he still gives me crap for the look i had on my face.

* we went for hot dogs in the park after that, ‘n he tried to convince me MMOs are better than classic arcade games, ‘n i tried to convince him that he should program his eye sockets to flash like colored club strobe lights whenever someone’s gettin frisky with his particular paramour.

Doctor, Doctor, Can’t You See I’m Burning? (Part 7)

The fight to take back your house from the vampires has devastating consequences.  Sam and Dean race against time to save you before it’s too late.  But will complications make that impossible?

A/N: The is am A/B/O fic.  Standard A/B/O warnings as mentioned in the previous chapters still apply.

For the purposes of this story, I’ve sped up the vampire transition process a bit. Thanks for joining me on this wild ride. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have!

Part 1      Part 2     Part 3    Part 4     Part 5      Part 6

Characters: Alpha!Sam, Alpha!Dean, Beta!Cas, Omega! Reader

“Can’t you go any faster?” Sam hissed at his brother.

You were stretched out on the back seat with your head in Sam’s lap. Drifting in and out of consciousness, your body felt like it was being burned from the inside out.

“Hang on Baby, hang on.”  Sam whispered in your ear.  “We can fix this.”

Dean turned on the radio to help ease the tension.  As Bon Jovi poured from Baby’s speakers, you sat up, covering your ears. “Turn it off! It’s so loud!” You scrambled to the opposite side of the seat, staring at Sam with wide, bloodshot eyes.

“Y/N? It’s okay.  He’s turning it off. I need you to focus.  Look at me, Omega.”

You tried to focus on Sam’s face, but it was so hard to concentrate. The light coming in from the window was blinding you.  Every sound was amplified.  And that noise…..what was that noise? That rhythmic thrumming sound.  It kept getting louder and louder, filling your head.

“I can smell your blood.” You whispered, horrified. “Sam I can hear your heart beating…..Dean’s too.  It’s so loud.”

Sam held his hand out to you. “As long as you don’t feed on human blood, we can reverse this.  Do you hear me? Not even a drop.”


You hunched over in the back seat, as far away from Sam as you could get. “You need to stay over there. I’m so thirsty, and Your blood smells so delicious.”

“You have to fight it baby. I love you. You can do this!”

You tried to smile at Sam before grimacing in pain, hands flying to your mouth.  You ran your tongue along your teeth, and felt razor sharp fangs.

“Holy Crap! I’ve got fangs!” You screeched, starting to panic now.

“Y/N, listen to me.” Dean’s deep voice boomed out from the front seat.  “I have been where you are.  I’m not gonna lie to you. It’s really hard to fight.  But you CAN’T give in.  If you have even one drop, the transition is permanent.”

“You were silent from that point on, overwhelmed by the bombardment of sensations.  It was becoming harder and harder not to focus on the delicious scent that was Sam’s blood calling to you.  Dean’s blood smelled good also, but the siren song of Sam’s blood made your head spin.  You were so tired…. and thirsty…. and hot.  You laid your head on the cool glass of the side window and drifted off into a restless sleep.

“Sammy. I gotta stop for gas.  We don’t have enough to make it back to the bunker.” Dean said to his brother.

“Let’s make it quick.  She’s sleeping now, but I don’t know how long that will last.”  Sam said in a worried voice.

Dean pulled the Impala into service station.  No one was around, which was a plus in case you came to suddenly.  “Can you watch her? I’m gonna use the bathroom while she’s sleeping.” Sam said.

“Go ahead.  I’ll keep an eye on her.” Dean said.

You opened your eyes and noticed immediately you were alone in the car.  Dean was standing by the gas pump, and Sam was nowhere to be seen. 

 I need to get out of this car.  You thought to yourself.  You noticed Dean was on his phone and was distracted.  Probably talking to Cas.  Now is my chance. You silently opened the back door, and slid out, disappearing in a blur of speed.

Sam came back to the car.  Dean was still on the phone.  When Sam got close enough to see the empty backseat, he stopped short, his heart suddenly in his throat.

“Dean! She’s gone!” Sam yelled.

“Son-of-a-bitch! She must have slipped out when I was talking to Cas.  He’s gathering the items for the cure. We’ve got to find her before she feeds. She couldn’t have gotten far.”

Sam closed his eyes in concentration and breathed deeply. “I can smell her scent. I should be able to track her. She’s headed toward town. Let’s go.”

You stumbled down the street in a haze of pain and hunger.  Every person you passed smelled so good.  Where was Sam? How did you get here?  You were starting to have trouble forming coherent thoughts.  The burning in your throat was so bad.  You felt as parched as the Sahara.  You started to reach your hand out to grab the next person passing by………

After two hours of searching, Sam and Dean found you in a church of all places.  You were sitting all alone in a pew, head bowed, eyes closed as if in prayer.  Sam approached you cautiously from behind.  You spoke without moving or even opening your eyes.  You just sensed his presence.  “I didn’t feed, Sam. I just had to get away from you. Your blood smells too good.” You smiled at him sadly.  “I think your going to have to kill me. I don’t think I can fight anymore.  It’s too hard.”

“I love you.” Sam whispered as he plunged the syringe full of dead man’s blood into your neck. 

 You fell sideways into the pew, unconscious. “Grab her and lets get out of here before someone sees us.” Dean snapped.  Sam threw you over his shoulder and carried you out to the Impala.

The dead man’s blood did its job, keeping you completely knocked out until you reached the bunker and then some.  Sam, Dean and Cas have plenty of time to mix up the cure before you wake up.

When you regain consciousness, you are handcuffed to a chair in the dungeon.  You are out of control with the need to feed.  Dean pulls your head back by your hair, and Cas forces your mouth open.  Sam pours the nasty concoction down your throat as you choke and gag, but he doesn’t stop until the cup is empty.

Sam quickly undoes the handcuffs and leans your head over a large bucket as you begin to vomit up blood. It starts as a trickle, but soon your are vomiting up huge quantities of blood.  In your minds eye you see everything happening in reverse, from the time Sam shot you up with the dead man’s blood to the time the vampire forced his bloody wrist into your mouth at your house.

Your head spins dangerously from the speed of the visions.  You fall forward into Sam’s arms. “Sam?” You whisper before everything goes dark and you see nothing.

When you wake up, you are in Sam’s bed.  You sit up with a gasp.  You look around wildly, trying not to panic.   Sam is asleep in a chair next to the bed.  He wakes up with a jolt.

“Y/N? How do you feel?” Sam asks, concern etched in his face. You run your tongue along your teeth.  No more fangs.  Taking a deep sniff of the air, you smell Sam’s warm Alpha scent, fresh cut grass and rain.  No blood at all.

“Well this is a change of pace. You taking care of me. I’m okay I guess.” You shrug.

“I am so sorry, baby. I didn’t mean for this to happen.” He brushed his hand across your cheek.  “I should have insisted you stay behind.”

“I was going no matter what.  This was my fight, Sam.    That vampire was hell bent on revenge.  You killed his mate.  He wanted retribution.  He was getting it one way or another.  I don’t blame you for any of this.”

“I will never forgive myself.” Sam said sadly.  “So what now?”

“I’ve spent my entire adult life helping people.  But knowing now what I know….what’s out there.  I can’t go back to my old life.  I want to stay with you.  I want to be a hunter.  My medical skills can be useful.  You and Dean are going to need patching up. My life is here with you.  What do you say Alpha? Can I stay?” You look at him expectantly.

Sam gets out of the chair, and sits on the side of the bed.  Looking deeply into your eyes, he smiles that slow sweet smile of his.  “Did you really think I would ever let you go Omega?”

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100 with raychael pls?!?

“You can only suffer through my whining for so long until you get up and make me a sandwich.”

“It’s just— It’s cruel, really, letting your boyfriend starve like this.”

“Shut up,” Michael says, not looking up from the television.

“I thought you loved me.”

“Stop talking, I know what you’re doing. I’m gonna beat your fucking high score, Ray.”

“You can only suffer through my whining for so long until you get up and make me a sandwich.”


Ray sprawls out on the couch, purposefully trying to lie on top of Michael. “I’m not even asking for much. It can be shitty American cheese on Wonder Bread. I’d still appreciate it. Because I appreciate you. Because I’m a great boyfriend.”

“Get off, I’m fucking two hundred points away, I swear to god if you fuck me up I’m going to shove this controller up your ass.”