this was so heartbreaking

He calls you late at night, and you can’t help holding your breath, waiting for a drunk confession of love, because this must be the time that daydreams become reality.
His voice is barely an exhale, but you hear every syllable because that’s how you always listen to him: so very closely. “Can you come pick me up?” It’s slurred, though his voice is just a whisper.
He’s drunk, but he isn’t in love.
So you slip out of your house, and you start the car, easily agreeing because it’s him. It’s him and it’s him and it’s him, and that is any and every excuse you’ll ever need. Street lights pass in a blur as you get closer and closer to him, and you don’t know why it’s always like this—why does every road and every map lead to this boy?
You like to think that it’s fate.
Your road ends where it always begins, and you stop in front of a bright house in the dark night, and various bottles and different people are scattered across the lawn, and there he is, walking toward you, and he’s drunk and he’s exhausted and he looks like hell, but it’s him—it’s him and it’s him and it’s him. He gets into the car, and he slumps in the passenger seat, and you want to say something—you want him to say something—but silence swallows you whole as you start the car and pull away from the curb.
And you drive, and you drive, and you try to focus on the yellow lines in the center of the road rather than his ragged breathing or your erratic heartbeat, but the lines are blurred and your heart won’t still.
Finally, he mumbles something, and you wish that you didn’t hang on to every word he says. You wish that this wasn’t fate’s plan because this is not the ending you’d always dreamed of. You wish that you weren’t listening close enough to hear him say her name, to hear him mumble, “She’s beautiful, and I don’t fucking deserve her, but god, I wish I did.”
Because he’s drunk, and he’s in love. He’s just not in love with you.
—  H.L. // excerpt from a book I’ll never write #42

I’m in a bad mood so naturally I’m torturing myself with the thought of a Bad End Dorian who had to return to Tevinter having found the kind of relationship with Bull he never believed he could have, having got over his issues and lowered his defences and trusted, without reservation - then having had it ripped away from him in the cruellest possible way.

Then I further torture myself with the thought of Dorian featuring in DA4, and the possibility of this outcome being mentioned. How it might affect the kind of person he becomes.

Like, I want it. I’m just not sure my heart can take it.

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I hate my mind. Even when I isolate myself from the people I love so that they can't hurt me, it reminds constantly not leaving me alone I can't escape. Why is the simple act of loving hurt so much, not rejection or heartbreak. Just love why? Why? Why? I thought love was supposed to be beautiful why do I no longer feel butterflies or my cheeks warming up, but somethings piercing into my heart every time I even think of them. You probably think I'm crazy when I just love someone. I am crazy.

I’m as crazy as you when I think about the truth.

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okay so im rewatching natsume yuujinchou again and theres something Heartbreaking™ i noticed in the fifth episode of season 4. its just. in almost all the flashbacks natsume's eyes look dead, his expression looks hollow. sorry if i disturbed your inbox or anything i just felt like spreading some sad shit.

Why would you hurt me like this.. now that’s all I’m gonna see when I finally get around to rewatching season 4

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top 5 lgbt films!!

Honestly I struggle to pick five because most LGBTQ+ films are tragic and someone dies or someone gets a horrible disease or they don’t end up together and it makes me so mad I’m not going to recommend anything that doesn’t make LGBTQ+ people happy

  1. THE WAY HE LOOKS. Everyone should watch this film, it’s so hard to find non-tragic gay films and this one does it, it’s so beautiful and sweet and perfect and also both boys are poc and one of them is blind!!!!! And it also has a strong female character best friend who has feelings for one of the gay boys but doesn’t let it ruin their friendship and gets over it in a healthy and happy way!!!!!!!! Yesssss!!!!!!!! 
  2. ANY DAY NOW. Okay this one is very tragic and heartbreaking but it’s also incredibly beautiful and meaningful, so it’s a nice balance. It follows the story of two gay men who rescue and try to adopt a young disabled boy who was being abused by his mother, and the struggles they go through trying to adopt. Warning, it doesn’t have a happy ending and you will cry. A lot.
  3. ROMEOS. Yes yes yes a film with a pre transition trans male lead who likes boys!!! And it shows dysphoria and social phobia and judgement and transphobic/homophobic characters learning and growing and becoming accepting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And it has a very happy ending and YES TRANS BOY REPRESENTATION (i should mention that the middle of the film can be quite distressing for my fellow trans folk and also there is a scene in which the trans boy is almost sexually assaulted but it’s very short. please stay safe guys!!)
  4. GBF. Okay I know people have mixed opinions about GBF and yes, I agree with you, it does have a ridiculous amount of gay stereotypes but tbh it’s so fucking funny and it has a happy ending and the two main gay characters don’t fall in love and NOBODY DIES which right now is all i want from a LGBTQ+ film
  5. BOYS. I haven’t watched this one in a really long time and I don’t actually remember what it’s about really???? but I remember liking it a lot and crying when it ended because I wanted it to keep going

Rest in peace to this beautiful soul! He inspired, gave hope, sang his heart and sang the songs that our hearts understood so perfectly,heartfelt, heartbreak, hopeful, love. #rip #JuanGabriel
#1960s #mexico (at Cd Juarez Chihuahua)

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Bts mtl to be really hurt if the love of their life (who isn't their gf yet) doesn't even spare them a second look. And why you think so?

Well, if someone isn’t really hurt by this, I think there’s something wrong with them. Like, you are going to be hurt by this no matter who they are. So this will just be a MTL of how affected they will be, pretty much ^^


1. Jungkook. I think that he is the kind of person who doesn’t fall for people easily, but when he does he falls so hard. And he hasn’t had the same amount of time as the other members to learn how to deal with heartbreak. So he will be incredibly hurt by this. 

2. Jimin. He is the most precious little human, and I think he feels a lot of feeling very strongly. Love and hurt are both amongst the top 5. So as soon as he notices, he will start to blame himself for the whole thing. Like, feel as if he isn’t good enough, and not worthy of love and so on. And that will just make him hurt even more.

3. Taehyung. He doesn’t have much experience in this field, so he won’t quite know what to do. But I feel like he is the kind of person who will slip in to a sort of light denial of his feelings when he’s hurt. So he will ignore his hurt feelings so he won’t feel them. And his hurt feelings might motivate him to make you notice him.

4. Jin. He’s the oldest, but I feel like he hasn’t had that many relationships. Especially since he went to a high school with only boys (if I remember it correctly). So he does have the age to know how to cope with it, but he doesn’t have the experience. So he might actually surprise even himself with how hurt he’ll really be.

5. Hobi. He is a highly emotional human being, and could easily have been at the top of this list. But, he’s had a relationship end very badly in the past, that hurt him quite a lot, and affected him deeply. So I think that has made him learn how to cope with heartbreak, and how to build up wall to protect himself. 

6. Yoongi. He is, like Kookie, someone who doesn’t fall easily for someone, but would take bullets for the person when he does. And he is a sensitive person, even though he hides it well. So he’s going to be hurt af. But, he’s been through a lot, which has made him tougher. So he will pretty much just accept the pain, and continue on as he usually does, without letting his feelings quite get to him. And he will do so until the hurt is gone.

7. Namjoon. Just like Yoongi and Kookie, he is a sensitive person who takes a long time to fall in love. But I feel like he is the best member to build up walls to keep his feelings at bay. With his mind, he needs to be, as people with a high IQ is usually more depressed that others. So, unlike Tae, he won’t deny the hurt. He will accept it, and then think about the whole situation, and then start to just pretend he is fine, until he is.

Thank you for requesting xx

seeing straight girls stories of the first guy they dated or slept with is so heartbreaking why are men such pigs why cant i date all the girls in the world so they don’t have to deal with awful predatory guys


Secret Love Song

This is so painful and heartbreaking to watch. We actually see how Louis and Harry has to repeatedly stop themselves from touching each other to the point that they are terrified to even interact with one another.. despite of their instincts. And how Harry is not even allowed to be in the same car as Louis! Like wtf.

I just really hope that they are happy behind close doors.. where they can hold on to each other as much as possible.

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thank you for that picture of higano and hijirimaru on your twitter. :)

You’re welcome ; 7 ; that was from request that I open almost every week.
I cried drawing them too TT^TT
they are villains but their story is so heartbreaking.

Resencere Spy School For Omegas

This is another story idea that i come up with. I’m still not sure about writing it yet, it’s just an idea.

So it’s like this: It’s about a spy school for Omegas where the students are trained to be high skilled spies and assasins. Obviously it’s an Omegaverse AU, there are gonna be pairings but it’s mostly just gonna be about the bad*ss Omega students being bad*ss!

And even if i am going to write about the pairings there’s no way that i’m writing smut (i don’t do smut). There’s also gonna be a lot of angsty backstories involving heartbreak and abusive relationships. So the parts with the pairings are either going to be fluff or angst.

There’s also going to be parts about the teachers who are also Omegas. And a mysterious principal who nobody has ever met before, but is the reason why everybody’s in the school.

And it’s also supposed to be a crossover too with many fandoms. Including (but not limited to): Marvel, PJO/HOO, One Piece, Assasination Classroom, Voltron: Legendary Defender, RotBFTD, Criminal Minds, Grimm, Detective Conan/Case Closed, and maybe other fandoms that i’m in.

If you want to know more, i might post more about the AU over at my personal blog.


“That’s a really nice scarf.”
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