this was so hard to make different colors


Phil checking Dan out.





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Skincare and Beauty Recommendations

For all you babes, I made a list of my must have stuff to look the best you can go scam an SD

 Body- Lush Ro Argan. This stuff is the bomb. It’s a body conditioner that smells like roses and honey. Smear that good stuff all over you and let it sit for five minutes. Wash it off and your body will be soft and smooth, no other products needed. I’ve used this stuff for five years and every person that gets a whiff of it compliments me. Guys go crazy for this scent, especially in the bed room downtown haha.JUST GET IT! You get a shower and body cream in one! 

Face Cream- Laneige Water Bank Cream. This shit makes my face look like it’s been kissed by an angel. So dewy and soft! I feel like I look much younger when I apply this because it hydrates so well. Perfect to use if you want something that traps the moisture in your face and is lightweight. I’ve noticed the dehydration wrinkles I had around my eyes and mouth have diminished. My makeup goes on like a dream after I apply this. 

 Face- Kojic acid soap. I use this soap for my uneven skin tone and acne spots. I barely wear foundation because it cleared up my clogged pores and hyperpigmenation. Dirt cheap off Amazon. Haven’t had a major breakout since I used this the past 3 years. 

 Perfume- Tom Ford private Collection comes in 12 scents. With mainstream brands, I feel like ALL WOMEN’s FRAGRANCES smell the same and give me a headache. Too sweet, floral, romantic, too much alcohol, etc.Now, this collection ain’t cheap, so, get a sample from your local department store. They give it to you in a cute vial and box and the sales associates are super knowledgeable about scents. THIS STUFF LASTS A LONG TIME! I wear the Tobacco Vanille all year round. Literally, this scent is my confident booster, I smell unique and luxurious! And the scent projects like a beast, so a 4 ML sample will last you cause all thats needed is a small dab for the day!  I used to buy decants off eBay to save £££ until I got me a SD to buy me the 100 ML hehe.

 Sunscreen- Elta SPF 40. This stuff is the best sunscreen on the market and all the dermatologists I’ve seen recommended it. No white cast and absorbs into skin fast, it’s also super moisturizing! 

 Hair- Bumble Bee Invisible Oil. If you have frizzy, dry, damaged, natural, thick hair, this SHIT IS THE BOMB. This is the only product that works on my hair when I wear it curly and straighten it. It does the job, smells great, and my hair looks so glossy and healthy….best of all it doesn’t weight my hair down or feel greasy. 

 Mascara- Lacome Hypnose is the only thing I use on my lashes in the past six years. I will NEVER STRAY from Lacome’s mascara products. It makes my eyes look amazing and it’s easy to take off at night. Don’t like the other brands like Benefit or Too Faced which are hard to remove at night.

 Makeup Remover- Clinique Take Off the Day Balm. Your makeup literally will melt off when you wash your face with this! I used so many different brands from wipes to oil to alcohol and none of them worked as well as this. 

 Lipstick- Nars Velvet Lip Pencil in Bahama is the best nude/rosy color out there for all girls IMO. I use the Train Bleu colour (quite vampy) when going out at night and always got compliments! Because it’s a jumbo pencil lippy, you can line your lips easily and fill it in! Lasts all night! Taylor Swift uses their Dragon Girl  shade as her signature red colour according to the makeup artist that showed me.! Best secret lippies around!

 Foundation- Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk is a game changer. My skin looks radiant, dewy, and natural which no other foundation has given me. Everyone raves about it and I wish I listened earlier and quit wasting my money at MAC and Estee Lauder.

Concealer- Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer- If you don’t like wearing foundation, this concealer is all you need then. It hides my dark eye circles and any redness on my face like a PRO. Comes with a wand so you don’t need to use anything else when applying it!

Y’all I Think I Got Sonic Forces Figured Out

Okay so I know we are all over the moon about the trailers and game play videos that we have gotten these past few days, but I honestly think that we have been glaring over a pretty CRUCIAL detail from the classic sonic game play video 

Think about what we have heard from the Sega Officials, this is not a Sonic Generations sequel. But how can this be if classic sonic is in the game? How are Sonic’s past enemies here alive and ready to fight? How is it not akin to generations if classic Sonic is alive and here?

But what is he isn’t?

What if this classic sonic isn’t the one from generations at all? But instead, from another dimension? Now I suppose Dr. Eggman may just be referring ro another state of time, but I don’t think the connection stops there. For the most obvious question, how in the WORLD did Eggman take over the world without Sonic to stop him? Its the focus of the game but H O W? In colors, generations and lost world. sonic had made stabs at Eggman claiming “Its like its his job to stop him” because, well? It is. Eggman knows this. He knows it far too well. In generations he went back in time to try to right his wrongs, to redo his errors and end Sonic but time and time again it didn’t happen. So what if Dr.Eggman instead decided to look beyond his world, to another dimension, with another Eggman? But why stop there? Why not bring forth a dimension where Sonic failed? Not only that, but a universe where Chaos destroyed Station Square. A world where Metal Sonic won the race on Starlight Speedway. A world where Shadow never helped to defeat the bio-lizard. A world where the deadly six drained the world of its life? This would explain why Shadow has suddenly switched over to the dark side, why Metal Sonic is still functional, why Zavok is alive and why Chaos is in his earlier forms before he became perfect chaos. 

 Of course, like the Time Eater, Eggman wouldn’t be able to do this on his own, as we have seen with our new villain: 

Now as menacing as he appears, these cubes are so….out of place. It’s strange on why he has all these cubes, and why the trailer makes them look as dramatic as it can. Showing our new villain SURROUNDED by them and then ending the trailer with him hurling them at you. It’s odd. So what are they if the cubes are so important? Well to put it simply,

They’re different dimensions 

Whoever this guy is, he is in control of countless dimensions, more than enough to combine and design a whole new terrible reality. A whole new HORRIFIC dimension, where Sonic has failed, and Eggman reigns supreme. What is the name of this devious villain?


As in..Infinite worlds?

The clues are right in front of us, and all we had to do was pay attention. The trailer certainly wants to get the point across

Now, I may be jumping the gun on this one, with my head of fan fiction type ideals, and perhaps this new villain will just be connected to whoever you create as your own character, (either it be an evil twin or something like that) but who would want to do this? Who would want to bring total destruction onto a world full of peaceful people? Who would want to see the world burn and fall apart right before their eyes because of their wrong doings? Who would want to see people of the resistance fail hopelessly, desperate to save their once beautiful world? Who would want to team up with Eggman to decimate the world? Who hates Sonic so much that he would want nothing more than to force him to watch as his legacy, friends,home,universe fall apart? WHO IS INFINITE? Well I may be wrong, but there’s only one person who can and will

From the timeline that was erased. From the universe you reversed in Sonic 06. From the world you fought so hard to save and redo, rewriting reality so you could get the happy ending. 

Now, its his turn 

On a side note, Sonic Team knows that sonic 06 was a disaster, and make reference to it in the Sonic story episode in Lego Dimensions. Pretty coincidental or foreshadowing? Some other things we can consider as well could be that in 2012 we first heard rumors of a Sonic game called “Sonic Dimensions” The rumor said that we would be traveling to other universes with different color Sonics that had their own personality. My personal favorite, is a promise of a boss fight of an evil Amy Rose, wishing for Sonic’s pain rather than love. Now the rumor as we know now is false and was debunked and this could very well be a coincidence. However, this rumor broke out in 2012, a year or so after Generations and 1 year before Lost world released in 2013. I think we can safely say that Lost world was at the very least in early stages of production during or sometime after Generations especially with its ambitious game play style. It would have taken more than 2 years to make, with the game play style and everything else. This means, Sonic Forces could had possibly be in the early stages of development a little before Lost World, playing on the idea of different universes.I think it’s also possible that Sonic Forces may had been delayed at some point because of Sonic Boom’s games and tv show, since its not being advertised at the 25th anniversary game. Also is a pleasant time to remember that this happened:

Due to Gravity Falls’s more dark story telling, I think its safe to assume that Alex had some kind of influence on Sonic Forces’s story. Either way, 

We are in for a long deserved fantastic Sonic Game my friends. 

exo’s albums are constantly SO varied and unique and look i literally stanned exo for this very reason but since the beginning theyve not only tried different sounds, genres, chord progressions, etc…but they make it sound GOOD. they make it cohesive and catchy and theyre not only unique individually but come together to harmonize so perfectly, so they add so much color to an otherwise good song and make it unimagineably great-there’s always that extra something in their songs that pushes it past previously explored boundaries like can you already feel how interesting yet palatable and wonderful the war album is gonna be because from these 20 second teasers i can already tell how hard everyone involved has worked on this damn album and im gonna cry now

I wanted to make a few busts of the robins so that I would have a consistent color pallet to reference back to instead of opening all my different files. It bothers me how in DC its really hard to tell these four apart in a majority of the comics (aside from Damian who’s usually at least a foot shorter than the others)

Like! they even took away Jasons hair shock. Seriously! Thats my way of telling him apart from Dick you maniacs! At least give them different skin tones or hair smh

GOT7’s Jackson Talks About His Promotions In China And Future Hopes And Dreams

On October 11, GOT7 held an interview for the release of their new album “7 for 7.”

When Jackson was asked about his solo promotions in China, he joked, “It’s a bit of a sensitive subject.” More seriously, he added, “I want to promote as GOT7’s Jackson. Whether in Korea or in China, there will be people with negative opinions, but it’s hard to pay attention to all of that.”

He continued, “My solo work in China had a different ‘color’ than GOT7. The seven members of the group all have their own color. I’ve done a lot of variety so a lot of people see me as a fun type. My image has become a little lighthearted, and maybe because of that, some people thought I couldn’t do music. The image I show of myself on variety shows is just one side of me.”

Jackson also shared that he continues to make music and records on his phone when an idea strikes him. He added that should the opportunity arise, he wants to form a subunit with BamBam and Mark as GOT7’s rap line and members from abroad.


Jeddy headcanons (i need more of this ship in my life I'm)

(This is in a universe where everything is legal and consensual and the age difference is not creepy at all just in case)

- Teddy is totally the little spoon
- James’s favorite hair color on Teddy is actually pink.
- Teddy’s favorite part of James’s body is his collarbones
- James could spend hours watching Teddy studying, because when he focuses really hard his lower lip kind of juts out in the most adorable pout.
- Teddy blushes and sucks in his lip every time James points this out.
- At first they were so reluctant to tell their family they were together, but ended up unintentionally making out in the Potter’s backyard for the whole family to see. (The unintentional part was the audience, not the kissing. Obviously)
- Teddy loved the way James had a tendency to fall asleep while he played with Teddy’s hair. One minute the hand was moving, the other James was snoring softly.
- They rarely fought, but when they did, they didn’t speak to each other for at least a week, after which each of them was too drained without then other’s company, and got back together without a word.
- Lily Luna was literally the biggest shipper. She loved her three gay brothers.
- Teddy and James were prone to fall asleep in front of the muggle TV at the Potter’s, tangled up in each other. Everyone wonder how that could ever be comfortable but they never asked
- James said ‘I love you’ first, to everyone’s surprised.
-Teddy said it less than half a second after.
- Their first kiss happened under the willow by the lake (no, not the whomping one), in autumn, when they were freezing to death but too immersed with each other to either notice or care.
- Teddy cried a lot about his parents. James was always there, no matter how many times.
- Like his dad, Teddy had a tendency to self-loath, something he and James often fought about.
- James just couldn’t believe how such an amazing human being could hate himself so much. He tried to prove every one of Teddy’s arguments wrong every day.
- They loved each other so much.


I’ve gotten a few questions about how I use gradient maps, so I’m going to try and explain it the best I can. 

1. First, I shade everything in b&w. Make sure you have enough shadows, mid-tones, and highlights. Gradient maps color things depending on how dark/light they are. If you’re worried, you can always use a levels adjustment layer to play with the contrast.

2. I like to block off the areas that will need a separate gradient map with a solid color. It makes it easier to go and select it later. I used the hair for an example here, but I did this for the eyes, horns, teeth, hair, tongue, face, and neck.

3. Select an area, and make your gradient map (have your area selected, then just make a new gradient map layer. It should automatically mask the area off). It can be really hard to make it look nice at first, but you will eventually get the hang of it. It took me a long time to get used to them, so if it doesn't work at first, keep playing with different colors and contrast. The example I’ve given is for the neck/main coat color, but each section has its own unique gradient map. Using the airbrush tool, you can even blend two different gradient maps together (I did this with the tongue).

4. Now that all of the colors are in place, I like to paint over it to clean up the edges and fix some of the colors. Then I pretty it up and it’s complete!

I’m pretty new at using gradient maps, so I’m sure there are plenty of other ways of getting this done. There are tons of helpful tutorials that go into more specifics.

bambamboozles  asked:

How do you make ur colors so bright? viktors jacket looks like it's practically glowing with vibrancy

I’m glad you asked this because now I have an excuse to make my coloring tutorial:

SO to start, once I have my base colors down I change the lineart color to blend better into the base colors so it appears softer and not so hard edged.

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one of my favorite things about malec is that they’re an adult, interracial lgbt couple. i know for many people in the lgbt community, coming out and coming into themselves didn’t happen until adulthood, especially poc. this includes me.

it means so much to me to see magnus, a man of color, and his recently-out boyfriend alec, living openly while cultivating their careers, managing familial relationships and making a home together. 

Lyna & Carissa’s Developpment

Hi LoliRockers ! 

Here’s a big post, about Lyna and Carissa’s development. When season 1 was nearly completely written, we had a request from our producers : “Add two new princesses for season 2, and have a 5-princesses gang from now on”. 

Initially, the team was very reluctant : we knew we already had too many characters, therefore adding two more seemed a bad idea for the stories. Jean-Louis Vandestoc suggested that instead of a “5 princesses gang”, the two new princesses should be supportive characters : outside the main gang but always ready and willing to help when needed. That way, it would be easier to add them without upsetting the balance we created between Iris, Talia and Auriana. 

That’s why Lyna and Carissa were created as part of a second team : Izira’s Resistance Princesses, and why they’re not part of all the episodes of season 2 or live with the other princesses. Jean-Louis’ inspiration for them was Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune : he wanted Lyna and Carissa to be strong and independant, like Izira was. We had however to keep them both around the same age as our three main princesses, so we made them younger, and more like “princesses in training” rather than “mature veteran princesses” (much to JL’s disappointment)

Now, the question remained : what would they look like ? We wanted Carissa to be a “ fiery and tomboy warrior princess”, and Lyna to be a “snooty and delicate mage princess”. We also wanted an Asian princess, but didn’t know which one it would be… And so we started to draw…

All along your reading of this post and its designs, I let you appreciate all the little details and differences here and there. You can see what made its way up to the end, what was rejected. Just be aware that it wasn’t a straight path. It never is. 

1 - The First Researches

Finding new symbols became like a game for the whole production team, not only the artists. We all tried to suggest new cool symbols, and of course suggested a lot of very stupid and irrelevant ones. It was a good time. :)

As for the haircuts, we tried a lot as you can see. It’s probably one of the most important and distinctive feature of a magical princess, so we had to make a lot of tests.

Once we had these drawings, we made a few proposals to our producers & broadcasters, with combinations of magical and casual, and trying Lyna or Carissa as “the Asian princess”, one after each other. 

2 - First Proposal

For each of the proposal below, we tried different outfits each time. We knew that none of our proposal would be accepted entirely as they were anyway : you always end up with a patchwork of a little of each, that you have to put together somehow. Like it or not, it’s part of the process it seems.

As for the color palettes, well… “Pink”, “Orange”, “Blue”, “Red”, “Green”, “Black” were already taken. There wasn’t much left for the main colors that could fit : “Purple” and “Teal” were chosen for Carissa and Lyna. Yellow was rejected, as we tested it earlier with Auriana and… well, it really didn’t worked for the main gang. Maybe for an outsider princess ? But not for Lyna nor Carissa.

With Carissa as Asian, Lyna was Caucasian and we felt too close of Iris, and not young enough. With Lyna as Asian we could put Carissa as an Irish type, and this combination was much more appealing for us ! Everyone agreed, up to a point : we were asked at this time that Carissa should not be a redhead, as Auriana was supposed to be the group’s “redhead”, and another one was… “not needed”. Carissa’s hair color would go from red/orange to brown at this time. 

Much work was yet to be done though… We had a basic direction approved, but we needed to explore it more thoroughly and it was time for more advanced color test too. 

As for “Lyna-Caucasian” type, we kept the design and used it as a base for a character of season 2 : Debra, from episode S02E15 “The Ruby of the Orient”. ;)

3 - Color Researches

Choosing the exact outfit was a very complicated task, perhaps more for the casual outfit than the magical one. Below are a lot of our tests…

4 - Selected

In the end, here is the combination that was selected : 

… But it wasn’t still over. 

In fact, it never is until some production manager forcefully takes your model sheet, put the final approval seal, and flee with it before you can stop him/her. In our case, it didn’t happen, so, here we go for the final adjustments : 

For the princess form, we were good and convinced they were what we needed. But for the casual outfits and colors ? Not so much. 

5 - Final Adjustments

In this first model sheet, we tried different colors on both our characters to make sure the 5-Girl line up would work. We tried again color we previously rejected. We even tried to make Carissa black again. Well, it helped us confirm a few things, but we still weren’t there. For Lyna especially, we felt her top needed to be reworked : the knit, with or without sleeves, etc. (Note : we tried a lighter color for her eyes while we were at it). And of course there is always, all along the process, the question “how hard will it be to animate ?”. I confess this wasn’t a priority for a lot of people, but we tried to never forget it nevertheless.

Ok, at this stage, we had found the final shape for Lyna. We only needed to confirm our colors… We tried to put Carissa as the Irish redhead we originally wanted… and surprise ! This time it worked ! And everyone was convinced we had found her too ! 

And finaly, after a few months of work and back and forth, we could go clean and color the final model :

6 - Final Model

It’s fun to note that, even on the final color test we had, none of them was “the good one” : it was a bit of one, and a bit of another, in order to have the final model. As it always is. ;)

Ok folks, this was the last post of the season. :) 

I need my beauty-summer-vacation-sleep ! I’ll have a lot to prepare for September if I want to continue feeding you with model-sheets, development, backgrounds and stories of course… and I’m crazy late regarding the animatics and I want to fix this. 

Have a nice summer everyone, and see you back in September ! 

BTS React to S/O smearing lipstick on them during bj NSFW

@professsionalsinner :  Hey! I’m a new follower and I just read all your reactions and stuff and I’m amazed! You write so so well, damn. Could I please request a BTS reaction to you staining their dicks with red lipstick after giving them a bj? It would be awesome! Thank you so much and keep up the amazing talent you have 😀

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for the follow, and such nice words! You guys have been so sweet to me today, giving me all of these compliments. 

I love it when I get requests, so whenever something pops into your mind just send me a message/ask and I will get on it as soon as I can!

Requests are OPEN 


Can’t contain his laughter when he sees what giving him a bj did to your face. 

“Oh my god, sweetheart, go look in the mirror!” *dies*

“It’s all over you! You look like a clown. A very sexy clown, of course.”

Originally posted by rapdaegu


Would admire your work, asking curiously;

“Jagi, next time do you think we could do different colors?”

He would get really excited over the thought, 

“Like a rainbow! I bet it’ll look cool.”

Originally posted by never-miind


“Look how hard you worked baby.”

He would give you a sexy, satisfied smile, while running his fingers through your hair. 

“Had that pretty little mouth all over my dick.”

Originally posted by jiminiediary


He would find it so erotic, wishing you could have another round after he sees the red smears you left all over him. 

“Ah, baby look at the mess you made.”

“Did you like making me dirty?”

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid


“I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy it, but did you really have to wear such a bright color?”

“You stained my dick. It literally wont come off. I’ve been scrubbing for five minutes!”

He would be exasperated, but in the end he can’t really complain all that much… because blowjobs. 

Originally posted by jinje-reactions

J Hope:

Is worried at first that you’ll be annoyed at your ruined lipstick (he knows how seriously you take your makeup) but is relieved when you just take one look at the mess you made of his dick and laugh it off. 

He seriously thinks you’re the best. 

“This is straight out of a porno.”

“I’m so happy you’re into weird stuff babe. What did I ever do to deserve you?”

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Would find it simultaneously arousing and embarrassing. 

“You did a great job, baby.but uh—” He would gesture at your face. “—don’t take this the wrong way, but you kinda look busted.”

“And my dick looks like it went through war or something.” He says, jokingly.

He would go get a wet wash rag to gently clean your face. 

“It is really hot how messy you get for me though.”

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anonymous asked:

what do u think about the actual clothes that dan chose tho?? I think it was a good mix of funny + ridiculous + different aesthetics but I would’ve loved some more clothes that actually looked good on him and didn’t make me cringe x10000

YES DEAR GOD. i will give u a full rundown of my thoughts on each outfit. 

  • the fuckin black ripped jeans: amazing, divine, brilliant, showstopping, etc. it’s AMAZING to see phil in jeans that fit him so well, his normal ones have a bit of give to them and can sometimes look a little baggy on his tiny legs. 
  • phil as a member of 83 piløTs: NO. hard no. what the fuck. the grey shirt was like … okay . the color worked, it fit his chest nicely, i couldve done with it being a standard silhouette rather than that longer length and so tight at the bottom, but i’ll give it a pass, whatever. the vans were actually great and fit his normal aesthetic and i dug the red color. but the beanie was So Bad and seeing all of those pieces together ……. no. he looked like he was a wannabe 16-year-old making a severely misguided attempt to hold onto his fading youth and i was dying from cringing
  • rose-core sensitive bad boy: good. i like the jacket a fuck ton. i like the jeans. the shirt w the jacket is a bit trash bc it’s so long but w/e i can deal. the hat sucks. why is it white. it makes no sense w this outfit. no no no no no 
  • fluffy coat: i love it bc i will never be over phil snuggling it up to his face and making puppy eyes at dan like … kill me? and i feel like phil would love to lounge in this and wrap dan up in it maybe or just drape it over both of them when theyre chilling on the sofa and im gonna cry now
  • bird shirt: as i said before, i rly liked this weirdly??????? ? wtf???? probs bc phil in all black, and again in sizes that fit him more snugly and accentuate his shape so well made my heart literally stop. he’s so fucking fine?????? and the bird wing fringe kinda works in a cool way, i’m into it. good shit. 
  • lumberjack dad: gross. i mean we are all blessed to witness the artwork that is phil’s arms so i can’t be too mad at this but also … i can … it’s the worst. sleeveless COLLARED shirts make no fucking sense at all, the flannel is horrible, the color is horrible, the jeans are horrible bc the color sucks and theyre way too big on him ……. nO
  • pearlescent hoodie: it’s way too light on him, and ugly kinda generally so …… another no … why dont people (and dan) understand that this man’s color schemes are dark/bold/jewel toned, not this milky, washed out pastel shit. i said it when this vid idea first came out and im still saying it … yall needed to go DARK and u DIDNT (i blame dan entirely tho) 
  • THAT suit: ok this is what i mean. aside from the obvious about how horrific this outfit is, this COLOR works so well with phil’s skin tone!!!!!!!!! bc it’s BOLD and JEWEL PINK ok, like it complements that pale ass alabaster, and this is what we needed more of and also damn i am not complaining about the cut in general, his legs are looking fine, and im still laughing so hard about the fact that it was so small he needed to physically hide his modesty
  • the camo dungarees: nope nope nope, didnt work for me, i hate dungaree shorts first of all, i hate camo second of all, and put both of them together esp not in a slim cut, but w those baggy wide legs instead … fuck that. i cannot believe dan thought this looked cool im going to legitly fight him. the color overall is not bad though. 
  • sushi underwear: 39420394234/10. best looks. dan bought phil underwear that is funny and cute and that phil would def actually like and wear and if youre not fucked up about this yet what are u doing in life
  • The Cheese: obvi amazing and great? artistic? beautiful? no im not just saying this bc the cheese dress gave us unprecedented thigh views and a shot of phil showing dan his ass?? 
  • phil as the definitely sufficiently beautiful newest member of BTS: not feeling it for the reasons listed above about pastel colors on phil’s skin tone. the white jeans could be good, maybe, if paired w smth dark on top but the yellow and white together??? nah. i like that this is the only outfit he seemed moderately comfortable in though, and how supportive and excited dan was about it 
  • 2004 punk rock glam: errrrrrrrrrr. gonna go w fashion diva!dan on this one and agree that this would probs look good on nobody ..? the baseball tee style doesnt work very well, it kind of takes away from the cute art on the shirt (like if this was just a regular black tee w that art, it’d be p nice?) and also those pants …. pass. not Horrible, just A Lot
  • metallic green envelope: i mean. do i even need to bother aahahha (but this one genuinely made me laugh a lot i loved how visceral phil’s reactions were and how dan just couldnt fight that urge to rub the material so vigorously) 

so ya overall i rly thought almost nothing in this vid worked on phil which i suspect was dan’s objective w what he selected (like going for the feel of PJ’s fashion videos .. if you havent seen those, watch them omg.)  as i wrote in some tags i kind of felt a lot of secondhand embarrassment when i was watching this bc phil looked soooooooo uncomfortable in a lot of these outfits? and fair enough–whether it was too small or revealing in ways he wouldnt normally go for or geared at teenagers rather than a 30-year-old man or jst overall unflattering, a lot of these outfits just didnt work for him and thats exACTLY why 1. i rly appreciated how dan completely ditched his snarky dark prince of sarcasm attitude to just uninhibitedly voice support and enthusiasm for phil with every single outfit, like he was out there truly being phil’s biggest fan and encouraging him to be less shy and just lighten up a little bit and he was making phil laugh the whole time and like … i die??? but also 2. i rly appreciated that phil made this video at all, knowing it would probs take him out of his comfort zone in this way. sdjfsdfsdflksdf it was jst such an important video on so many levels idk if ill ever be able to stop talking about it 

small ways to improve your bullet journal:
  • bring a ruler everywhere you bring it
  • maybe dedicate a page or two towards working on improving your handwriting. look up pangrams (definition: a sentence that includes every letter of the alphabet at least once) and practice writing them slow and steady. look at handwriting you like online and make a conscious effort to slowly change your handwriting over time. 
  • add in a little color, if that’s your thing! I personally like using washi tape, stickers, and highlighters.
  • keep it consistent– it’s hard to look back on lists to see if any of it applies to today when your colors and symbols keep changing. make sure you have a key in your bullet journal so that you know what symbols to use for different types of things.
  • find out what works for you! I personally print out a calendar every month because I feel like drawing my own out, even with a ruler, isn’t neat enough. maybe you draw yours out, or maybe you don’t find a monthly calendar useful. find what fits your schedule best!
  • try out different weekly spreads to see which kinds work better for you. you can see a lot of different weekly spreads in the bullet journal tag here on tumblr!
  • keep track of your habits. maybe this isn’t for you, but I personally use my bullet journal to help keep track of whether I’ve taken my meds, if I’ve had enough water to drink, if I’ve gotten at least 10 minutes of sunlight, and how many hours I’ve slept.  I find that this keeps me accountable and I’ve been healthier since I’ve started!
  • lastly, use it! sure, you might mess up or want to rip pages out, (I know I sure did!) but in the end, a bullet journal that has things in it that help you is a TON more useful than an empty notebook sitting around with good intentions!

anonymous asked:

Hi I'm new to tumblr and v confused so sorry if you've already been asked this. Would it be possible to marke a pixel art tutorial? I love yours so much <3

oof here it goes:

So I’m just gonna show my process when I make pixel art!

Also I make these on Paint Tool SAI using a Binary brush!!

First I sketch the outline then I add the basic colors on a different layer

then I toggle the Preserve Opacity thingy on my outline layer

(doing that will only affect my outline when I color over it and nothing else outside the outline) Then I color it so it would look lineless and cool

then I merge the layers when I’m done bc i think its easier to edit

then I cover up the mistakes, clean up the edges, and add more details to the drawing!


note: I used Overlay when shading