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Get To Know Me Meme: Current Celebrity Crushes [1/5] Robin Tunney

I thought, you know what? I’m never going to please everybody, so I’ve just got to be true to myself.”


2/? G O T 7 ~ HP AU.
[random sorting] : jaebum | hufflepuff
“  Jaebum makes the pride of his house ; incredible keeper, he’s also the captain of his Quidditch team. Extremely hard-working, he’s a typical Hufflepuff : unafraid of toil and kind even though he rarely shows his feelings (except when it comes to show his love for his cat, Nora). Jaebum’s considered as one of the best keepers in the History of Quidditch but he never boasts about his skills because he’s genuinely humble.  ”

My Bottom!Erwin is almost finished and I’m really afraid I’ve drawn his dick a “little bit” too big.

Actually, the dick is what defines him… He is hung like a horse. He looks like a porn star! No wonder Levi doesn’t want it inside himself, it would tear him apart! It’s almost longer than Levi’s underarm!

I’m laughing so hard because it looks so ridiculously huge…

fml i just recorded a video but my stutter is so fuckin bad it’s so hard to edit it all out fuckin anxiety can fuck OFF i don’t even usually have a stutter im just having a bad day what the fcuk

I feel like I should make this known

I don’t post much. Partly because most of the things I did post was CC finds and now I have a separate blog for that, but I can’t really edit much right now, start a story, do recolors as I am severely sick. It’s hard for me just to be awake and I am failing school due to it. I go to the doctor again soon, I think they’ll be doing an ultrasound but I’m not sure. I am in severe pain and am so sorry I am not as active as others. I love talking to anyone and everyone, that’s easier to do. I can share my thoughts but I can’t be creative at this time. I really am sorry for any disappointment, I try to be as active and friendly as possible when I am online to the best of my ability


Let writers, traditional and digital artists, gif makers, edit makers, and anyone whom I have forgotten know that you appreciate them!

Clicking that LIKE HEART takes a nanosecond.

But don’t stop there! It only takes a few seconds more to REBLOG and add some tags.

And why not make it a triple, because COMMENTS are golden.

My FIRST ATTEMPT at “digital painting”, AKA “Why, Oh WHY did I choose such a hard reference pic?” :P

After months of trying, I’ve figured it’s nearly impossible to emulate Copic Marker’s unique “translucent” look in the digital realm.
So I thought, “Why not go for a completely different look for my digital art?”

The tutorials I looked at did the complete opposite of what I usually do in analog, where I draw and ink the final lines FIRST.
Instead of adding shadows, this method keeps on adding light, and details last.

I think this way might be faster than Copics IF I ever get the hang of it.



It excites me. The thought of it. When I realize the woman beneath me .. is capable of what she did. She can seem so cold. At least she used to. Now I know the secret in her head. And it makes me so hard. And so angry. And she likes it. Since you came back, our.. Fucking has become almost murderous. It exhausts us. To think.. I have this wicked.. wicked thing beneath me. And its my life-long duty to punish her. It exhausts us both. Beautiful exhaustion. And in the morning.. I read The Gazette. She eats her toast. The sweet little bird.


Hey lovelies, just dropping by to let you all know that I’m going on a hiatus for about a week or so I want to say, just to work on myself and take a break from the blog since writing has been becoming hard for me lately.

I honestly don’t want to stop writing for you guys because you’re all so sweet and wonderful to me, but running this blog has been draining my energy and I’ll admit that I was this close to stop writing altogether because of it. That, and also because I’ve never really been a hundred percent satisfied with most of the things I’ve been producing recently (and I actually had to go back and edit a few pieces after I’ve already posted it because I wasn’t entirely happy with it). But not to worry, I’ve actually been in this spot before and I always find that a little break from the blog and writing will do me some good.

So, until then everyone, please take care of yourself and stay safe 💜💜💜

anonymous asked:

Hello there. first thank you very very much for your hard work. I love this page. i am always, really always here. I searched, but coudn't find any stories, where ron is a death eater. Can you please help me?

Hi! The Anti-Ron tag is a good place to look.

Also, here is a list of Anti-Ron/Ron Bashing fics.

❤️ @refictionista


@ellesjourney said: I know there are some where he becomes a death eater in the aftermath of a Voldemort victory, so you might look under Voldemort Wins too.