this was so hard to color and it still looks bad


You and I are standing on the same stage. Surely you’re prepared to get kicked off.


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Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour Evil Edition Cover Art Revealed!

After what seemed like ages, the final colored edition of the epic Scott Pilgrim series seems to be pushing ahead. 

We got a tease of the regular edition oh so many months ago, and Bryan Lee O'Malley decided to stop torturing us and release his art for the coveted evil edition. The colors are front and center in this one, with the purples and pinks giving off an almost-retro vibe. The fact that Gideon is sharing the cover with Ramona (done up in her Subspace slave outfit, no less) speaks volumes about both of their characters, and I think it was a wise (and sexy) choice on BLOM’s part. 

Plus, come on, who doesn’t love that high difference?

Still no word yet as to when this bad boy is going to be available (or what sort of goodies die-hard fans have to look forward to in the Collector’s Edition), but I’ll definitely be picking this variant up. Not only is Volume 6 my favorite of the series, and Gideon one of my all-time favorite villains, but this is easily the best cover Bryan has drawn out of any of his books.

Do you guys dig this cover as much as I do? 



look at this crappy thing I did.

VOID!Zack Watterson, Gumball’s alter-ego/alter-name, appearing in ‘The Name’ from season 3. He was vaulted out of Gumball’s mind at the end of the episode, but if you compare his disappearance to Rob’s body being stripped away, you can see he’s been sent to the Void, not gone for good.

So what if he came out again, just all disfigured like Rob? This is my (completely terrible and unoriginal) answer.

Um, it’s kinda sorta traced from the show, mostly, because it was an experiment in style of ‘how would a 2D character disfigured by the Void look like?’ The answer is… we don’t know, but I did this thingie! I used .jpeg coloring selection errors splattered over his face, like what happens on a particularly bad TV signal, on many parts of his body. I could have done more to change him up, honestly, not too pleased with this, considering just how disfigured Rob was, I’m considering finding some Season 1!Gumball pieces to replace his legs or even uncover some even earlier designs for Gumball to give him a more unique appearance, but I will explain the main feature of disfigurement I settled on for his ‘calling card’ or just his general ‘look’.

The sunglasses he wore in school are part of his eyes now, one just corrupted and the other literally the sunglasses in the shape of what his eye would look like. He can move his eyebrow like before, but it’s still the sunglasses frame.

Personality wise, I don’t think he’d change. He still thinks he should be the ‘real’ Gumball, since he’s way, way cooler than Gumball will ever be… so yeah, same modus operandi. You can’t get much worse than Zack already is.

Uhm, so long story short my 6 year old computer is freezing a whole bunch and doing weird shit and while I’ll have some expert friends looking at it, its obvious I’ll need to buy some new parts, probably either motherboard or hard drive of both. But I’m already having a hard time paying my bills since they need me less right now at work, but I still go to school full time. That’s the main reason I haven’t had commissions open at all, but I need to make an exception because I am….kind of unsure if I can last much longer without taking on extra work. ;w;

So uh. Y-yeah. I don’t like begging but if you guys could reblog and spread, it’d help me out, and hopefully I can replace the parts before something bad happens to my desktop.

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ok now it looks like this is going to be much better than sticker star, not that thats at all hard to do

the battle system at least seems to be improved. cards dont seem to get used up for good, only get their colors drained, which you have to repaint before using again. kind of like how you needed fp for certain moves in paper mario 64 and ttyd, and theres even a color gauge to measure how much more you can do that which reinforces the similarity

one of the ways you fill the color gauge appears to be defeating enemies, so theres actually a purpose for fighting them and thats a major improvement over sticker star

we still dont know anything about the story though. the presence of the bowser tape from sticker star suggests he’s going to be the main villain, which would be a disappointment since i loved how ttyd/spm had him either try in vain to prove he’s the Real Bad Guy or actually join your team. i guess there could also be other reasons for his tape to be stuck to things though, and it’s not like pm64′s story wasnt good even without an original villain

Jonghyun/Taemin; Top Chef; PG

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Drift, still looking for that contact, for someone with four eyes he’s bad at finding things.  He gets to be more colorful than Rodimus because he’s gots feathers.

Hes a Pazuzu because before I actually knew who Drift was I thought he was a Seeker sans wings so I incorporated that into his Mythical design.  Where did his wings go?  He had a hard childhood and defected from the Decepticons, so who knows?

Who’s next?  Who knows!?