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Instructions: Draw your favorite character in your last outfit and answer questions.

Since my favorite character is Remus Lupin, I drew Remus in my Tuesday’s outfit ^^

- Favorite color: Light blue
- Favorite music artist: Placebo, Muse
- First fandom: Harry Potter (first, one and only)
- Favorite TV show: Orange is the New Black
- Favorite Manga/Anime: I don’t normally read manga/watch anime, so my favorite is either Death Note or Yuri!!! on Ice (both are very different so it’s hard to decide)
- Hobbies: anything creative basically :D drawing, writing, playing music, writing music, poetry, design, photography, filmmaking, etc. My favorite of all though is lying in bed, eating ice cream, and watching a good film/show hehe

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Jyn, if you’re listening… my beloved, so much of my life has been wasted. I try to think of you only in the moments when I’m strong, because of the pain of not having you with me… Your mother. Our family. The pain of that loss is so overwhelming I risk failing even now. It’s just so hard not to think of you. Think of where you are. My stardust

Prove It || Jack Maynard Imagine

“Would it be okay if I called you princess?” A voice whispers into my ear. I laugh rolling my eyes.

“What do you want Maynard?” I ask turning around to face him. We’re stood in a basically empty library, I was previously glancing over the many shelves.

“Go on a date with me?” He says grabbing my hand in his softly.

“We’ve been through this,” I say shaking my head averting my gaze from him and back to the many books. I pull my hand away from him to pull out a story.

“Yes,” He begins,“But I’ve also explained to you that I’m not that guy anymore.”

“Prove it,” I say crossing my arms over my chest, silently challenging him.

“Fine,” He says spinning on his heel, walking away from me.

What has gotten into that boy?

It had been a few days since the encounter with Jack at the library and I hadn’t seen him since. Joe and Conor have both tried to call me, but each and every time I would decline their calls. But today the both of them had been calling me constantly.

“Fucking hell,” I mutter under my breath answering the phone, “Hello?” my voice thick with annoyance.

“Finally,” Conor’s voice comes booming through the phone, “Have you been online today?”

“No?” I ask skeptically.

“Open your laptop and log into twitter,” Doing as he says my eyes trail over Jacks most recent tweet.

It’s a screenshot of a note that he had written on his phone. It reads,

There is this girl. She’s the most beautiful, smart, kind, funny. She’s perfect in every way imaginable. Her H/C hair, Her beautiful smile, her lips, her nose, her arms, her legs, her hands, her feet, Each and every part of this amazing human is absolutely perfect. Her eyes, her gorgeous H/C eyes, it’s my favorite color. She’s my best friend. She’s the single most intelligent person I know. But she has one fault… she doesn’t realize how amazing and beautiful she is.

My eyes well with tears.

She gets prettier and prettier each and every time I see her. She’s outstandingly gorgeous, but that’s the least interesting thing about her. She makes me laugh so hard that my sides ache, Smile so big that I feel that my cheeks are going to tear in half. She’s an absolute weirdo, but that’s one of the main reasons I like this girl.

“Y/N?” Conor’s voice breaks my thoughts.

“I need to talk to your brother,” I say distractedly, Searching for a jacket.

“No need, he’s outside your door.” Conor hangs up after that. Placing my phone down on the counter top, I rush over to the door, opening it at lightning speed.

“Jack,” I breathe, Eyes raking over his bashful face, and down to the bouquet of roses. My hands come up to cover my mouth.

“Okay, I’m going to ask you this one more fucking time,” He laughs making me laugh, “Y/N, you are my best friend, Will you please be my girlfriend?”

I bite my lip nervously, taking a step forwards towards him I place my lips on him softly.

Comfort (Jonathan Byers x Reader)

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Request:  Hello, darling!! Could you pls do a x reader where the girl gets trapped in that tree like Nancy and they go to the girl’s house for a sleeping and Jonathan tries to comfort her and they end confessing their feelings and making out so hard?? Idk if this make any sense. Anyway, thank you!  - Anon

Okay so the beginning of this one SUCKS so I recommend skipping down to the part where the reader comes out of the tree

F/C: Favorite color

On your search for finding Will Byers, you and his older brother Jonathan (whom you had school with) were walking home after practicing both of your shooting skills.  You had wandered off into the woods when you thought you heard something out of the ordinary.  That assumption led you to a large tree with a trunk that was covered with a weird, slimy substance.  Being the naturally curious person you were, you got down on your hands and knees and started to climb through.

Behind you you could hear Jonathan calling your name and wondering where you were, but you were lost in your own world as you climbed through the tree.  Once you were fully inside, you stood up and observed your surroundings.

This was odd.  It looked exactly like where you had come from… only… colder.  You didn’t hear a sound.  No birds in the trees, no squirrels rusting around, nothing.  You cautiously began walking around wherever it is you had just wandered into.  You turned a corner, and what you saw before you caused you to freeze in your tracks.

It was some sort of humanoid monster.  It had no hair, no visible ears, and when you looked a bit closer… no face.  The thing was tearing apart and eating a deer.  Your heart was racing, but you didn’t dare run, for fear it would hear you and try to kill you.

You slowly took a step back.  Unfortunately, your foot landed on a twig and snapped it in two.  You froze.  The monster immediately stopped eating and shot it’s head up in your direction.  In was ten times more terrifying face-to-face.

The creature let out a growl and lunged at you.  Choosing flight over fight, you screamed in fear in hopes someone (especially Jonathan) would hear, and bolted as fast as you could back to the tree where you entered.

Only, you soon realized you had forgotten exactly which tree that was.

After all, you were in the woods.  Just then, you heard something off in the distance.


Jonathan, you thought.

You pressed your back against a large tree and stayed as silent as you possibly could.  You could hear the creature’s low growls and the leaves crunching under its feet from somewhere behind you.

Far off to your left, you saw the tree.  You didn’t really have much of a choice.  You sucked in a deep breath and sprinted towards it, not daring to look behind you.  The monster emitted a piercing roar and chased after you.  

“JONATHAN!” you screamed.

“Y/N!  I’m right here!”

The monster was right on your tail.  You reached the tree and speedily ducked down and began climbing through it.  You were so close to escaping, but suddenly the creature latched onto your foot.

“JONATHAN!” you repeated and managed to stick a hand out of the tree.

You felt Jonathan clasp onto your wrist and begin to pull.  You tried kicking the creature off your foot.  Jonathan pulled harder and stronger and pulled you out of the tree last-minute.  You immediately latched onto him and he did the same to you (Even though you were covered in that weird slimy stuff.  He was extremely relieved you were okay).

After five minutes of Jonathan holding you and trying to soothe your shaky breaths, you meekly asked him if we would come home and stay the night with you.

“Of course I will,” he answered.

You two walked hand-in-hand to your house.  Once you got home, the first thing you did was lead Jonathan to your bedroom and then take shower. (Your parents were off on a trip and had no clue that Will Byers was missing).  It felt good to get all that slimy stuff off of you.

Once you had finished your shower and changed clothes, you walked into your room to see Jonathan sitting on the floor fiddling with his fingers.  He looked up as soon as he heard you open the door.

“Oh–uh–hi…,” Jonathan said softly.

“Hi… you know you don’t have to sit on the floor, right?” you said laughing, trying to lighten the mood.  You sat on your F/C bed and patted the spot next to you.

Jonathan nodded and stood up, sitting down next to you.  Both of you stayed silent for about thirty seconds.  You were both still processing exactly what had happened back in the woods.

Suddenly, you felt Jonathan slowly lay a hand on top of yours where it was resting in your lap.  “Are you okay?” he asked you.

You sighed.  “I will be.  What I saw… it gave me some clues as to where Will might be,” you answered quietly and flipped your hand over to interlock your fingers with Jonathan’s.

“Do you want to talk about it?”

You shook your head and shuddered at the thought of the monster ripping you apart limb by limb in its massive jaw.  “Not today…”

Jonathan nodded understandingly.  “Okay.  Do you want to try and get some sleep?”

“Yes.  That would be nice.  Thank you, Jonathan.  For agreeing to stay with me,” you said and lay your head on his shoulder.

Jonathan wasn’t used to being touched like this before by a girl.  But it felt… nice.  “O-f course.”

Aw, he was shy.  You picked up on that pretty quickly.  “You’re really cute when you’re shy, you know that?”  Jonathan turned beet red and turned his glance down to where he was holding your hand.  You leaned over and quickly pecked a kiss to his cheek.  Jonathan still said nothing.  “Come on, talk to me,” you said softly.

Jonathan finally looked up and met your gaze.  Out of nowhere, he boldly said, “I think you’re really hot.”  Jonathan wasted no time in locking your lips together in a lust-filled kiss.

You responded immediately, bringing your hands up to run your fingers through his fluffy hair while his hands roamed your waist.  Jonathan glided his tongue over your bottom lip asking for entrance which you gladly granted.  His tongue roamed your mouth freely, tasting every bit of you.

You both pulled away breathless.  “Wow.”  That was all you could say.

“That was amazing,” Jonathan replied.

“It was.  Would you… be my boyfriend?” you asked hopefully.

Jonathan showed a smile full of pure happiness.  “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to hear those three words.”

“Sooo is that a yes?”


“Good.”  You leaned in a pressed a quick kiss to his lips.  “Now let’s try and get some sleep.”

You flopped down on your bed and burrowed under the covers.  Your new boyfriend followed suite.  You slung an arm around Jonathan’s torso.  (You didn’t want to cuddle up to him completely, ya know, since you literally just became his girlfriend three minutes ago).

Jonathan liked this.  He’d never felt someone hold him so he knew he was safe before.

Eventually you both fell asleep peacefully; no nightmares.  You woke up the next morning feeling something warm pressed against you.  You looked over and saw Jonathan, he must have moved during the night.  He looked so peaceful when he slept.  His breath was slow and even and his hair flopped over his face.  

“Morning sleepyhead,” you said softly.

“Morning…,” Jonathan groaned tiredly.

“When you’re awake, come downstairs.  I hear you’re a very good cook.”

Please let me know what you thought of it and what I could do better next time!

we’re jerks okay


Okay! So there has been criticism previously over Rowell’s characters and the fact that sometimes their world can seem distant and aery-faery, yet I think if anyone tries saying it’s similar with Carry On I’ll go haywire. 


  • Struggles with family 
  • Is INSANELY intelligent
  • Red hair? Doesn’t care
  • Racial representation 
  • Born to an untraditional powerful magician to a non powerful magician marriage
  • She really doesn’t care what everyone else thinks about her
  • Simon Snow is her best best best friend - her notes are addressed to him. 
  • Tells things honestly 
  • Is a feminist
  • Has a long distance, American, magic boyfriend and is learning spells from him in spanish
  • Constantly wins over people’s pride because she’s so wonderful
  • Saves Simon from the Humdrum even BEFORE the book begins
  • Is completely accepting of SnowBaz and sexualities 
  • Has to deal with her lesbian, pixie roomate and her girlfriend who leave pixie dust everywhere


  • Bisexual representation
  • The fact that he doesn’t really think sexuality defines him in any form
  • He feels unable to fulfill the prophecies put on him
  • Has to constantly deal with the Mage’s utilitarian, shit
  • Has to constantly deal with being the solution to MULTIPLE wars
  • Fucks up all the time, and is scared of hurting those around him when he does
  • He IS angsty
  • He ‘goes off’ (gets extraneously angry) 
  • He IS an idiot and a massive dork
  • He IS lovable lmao
  • Never had any parents he knew of 


    • Real life angst bomb
    • Real life neat freak
    • YES he is a vampire, but he doesn’t want to drink human blood and is never really tempted by it
    • Is really self conscious about being a vampire
    • Is not at all self conscious about being gay 
    • Feels like a disappointment to everything he touches and everyone in his family because he’s gay and a vampire 
    • Makes compromises and does his best to not kill people, so forgive him
    • Has fleeting, sexy, violent thoughts that he can’t help and gets embarrassed by
    • Constantly excuses himself awkwardly to drink blood 
    • Constantly excuses himself awkwardly to eat food because he’s self conscious about his fangs when he eats
    • Loves his step mom 
    • Has to deal with his mother’s death
    • Teases his younger step sister about magic tricks 
    • Smokes
    • Feels like his life can only go downhill besides the fact that his whole life is so promising
    • Has super human strength, but makes other people do things for him while he just sits back
    • Has to make up for his mother’s moderately racist rule as headmistress (principal) 
    • Plays fucking VIOLIN and keeps everything in the bathroom neat and organized
    • Suffers from suicidal thoughts


    • Doesn’t want to be a prize to be won
    • Complete rebuttal to your average female character
    • Struggles with feelings towards the Mage
    • Struggles with trying to find her own path
    • Never feels accepted in the world of Mages, besides theoretically being perfect
    • Doesn’t really give a shit if she’s judged for using/not using beauty spells and is proud in her femininity 
    • Struggles with fitting into the magical world when all her friends are actually Normal
    • Likes pink and doesn’t   f u c k i n g   care if it’s stereotypical because it’s just a color that she happens to like
    • Feels like her parents want her to marry the perfect magician, and would rather not be a happy-ending-prize


    • The book deals with overcoming militaristic rules
    • Making up for the past’s mistakes
    • Resent, guilt, death of loved ones
    • Never fulfilling your destiny
    • Trying so hard to fix the past’s mistakes that you make more mistakes
    • Becoming crazed with fixed ideas that don’t need to be followed
    • Dealing with the effects of dissolving laissez-faire
    • Dealing with the separation of family members
    • Racism/Class divide
    • The book has modern things like wifi
    • The spells are easy to memorize
    • Casual references to people with disabilities
    • Portrays corruption of the kind in trying to know what’s best for others

These are tips for future Nicole fr past Nicole who made a lot of mistakes this school year ┗(•̀へ •́ ╮ ) so I hope at least some of you can relate to this stash of tips I have kept for myself in my notes for incoming Senior High levels!

& keep your papers organized (please)

Write tiny notes on the given activity sheets instead of putting them in your binder notebook (ok my own preference tho!!) bc one paper = topic is better than multiple messy papers = one huge topic!

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Hey guys~! Trying out a new type of sale for the month of April~! This is my ‘Never Before: Character Sale’! As the title eludes, the ‘catch’ for this sale are characters that have never been drawn before! ♥

These will be $40 (for 1 char. + 1-4 items) - Paypal OR Google Wallet ♥

If you’re interested, send me an email with these bullet points filled out ~
- height + body type +face shapes (top heavy, bottom heavy, etc.)
- hair, flesh, eye colors (scars, tats, freckles etc.) 
- basic personality traits, posture (things that better suggest how they’d pose)
- clothing and aesthetic (armor, nudity, its all welcome!)
- up to 4 hand-held items. Nothing too big!

- additional notes are awesome C: Just please don’t overwhelm me! ^^;

Sometimes it’s hard to describe things, or you’d like to be as accurate as possible; so reference images are absolutely welcome! (Quality will be similar to what you see above. Usually better, never worse)

I usually respond to emails in small groups, so if you don’t hear back from me right away, please be patient ;u; I will post when I have gotten through all the ones for a day and if I didn’t respond to you THEN please message me ♥

I’m taking 40 of these for now, and depending on my speed and stamina, I’ll do a few more~

————————- ♥ —————————

Email me at - Please title it ‘APRIL SALE’ So I can more easily find them!

Any OC’s, self-insert characters and species welcome! ♥


#literally everyday

C: Some black men make it so hard to be for them because they continue to play games, unconsciously practice colorism, say that they are woke and a good God-fearing man, but literally do the opposite and feel that they can talk to woman any type of way when he doesn’t like the honest truth that she is giving. I’m not judging, just stating facts. For example, if I’m defending my friend by telling this guy to not worry about it, and he had some nerve to say don’t talk to me like that with attitude.


F I R S T. he touches you and you light on fire. your wrist blazes where his fingers meet your skin. the burns don’t show, but it’s hard to breathe with ash in your lungs. it’s so hard to breathe. you’re suffocating daily. S E C O N D. it hurts to watch him. he shines. he’s brighter than the sun, he’s too beautiful for your eyes. it’s hard to look at him. it’s even harder to look away from him. you’re going blind. T H I R D. your ears are tuned to his voice. you could pick him out in a sea of thousands. his voice makes pretty singers who sing pretty songs sound dull. his voice makes everything else sound ugly. F O U R T H. the color of his eyes is blue enough to drown in. he is turning you into a clichéd love-wrecked being. you’re drowning, always sinking. down, down, down. F I F T H. you know him. you love him. through a thousand lifetimes, across millions of stars, you’d find him, you’d never leave him. you love him, till death do you part. 
( S I X T H. he loves you, too. )

five things you know and one thing you don’t. (insp)

Opposites Attract

Request: One were you have been married to Gabriel for centuries and the other angels let it slip in front of the Winchesters and they want to meet you and they are surprised because you are so soft spoken and kinda not like they thought

A/N: This was an anonymous request, but I hope they like it! From the way this was worded, it seemed like it would be hard to tell the whole story in the second-person, so while it’s still a reader-insert, I’ve tried third-person to write this one. Hope it didn’t turn out badly!

Author: Holly

Characters/Pairings: Gabriel/Reader, Sam, Dean, Samandriel

Word Count: 2,817

Y/N = Your Name; E/C = Eye Color; H/C = Hair Color


            The Winchesters had a poor habit of getting themselves in up to their throats, no matter what was going on in the supernatural world. If there wasn’t a furious horde of demons chasing after their blood, and there weren’t Leviathans framing them as serial killers, and there weren’t crazy relatives of God somehow threatening their lives, then they were just putting themselves in danger in other ways.

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“She use to be my Queen.” A Bellamy Blake/ Roan imagine series part 6

“I think I still love Bellamy.”

Bellamy flinched at your confession. He quickly ran out of the Ark as Clarke sat next to you with wide eyes.

“What?!” She whispered. You burst into tears as you clutched her tightly.

“I-I don’t know what to feel, Clarke.” You cried as you held you gently. Your heart felt heavy. You truly liked Roan and he was wonderful but he wasn’t him. You sniffed as you carefully collected yourself as you wiped your eyes. You were at war with your own heart.

“(Y/n) you cannot be stressing out. It could harm the baby.” Clarke said as you looked down to your bump with nothing but love in your eyes as you carefully placed your shaky hands on your bump. You laid back on the bed as you closed your eyes. You felt a kick in your stomach as you gasped. Clarke shot up with worry.
“What’s wrong.” She asked as you pulled up your shirt over your protruding stomach.

“T-they kicked…” You whispered as you grinned wildly. You sniffed in happiness as you placed her cold hand on your place you had just felt the kick. You giggled softly as she smiled brightly.

“Oh little one…you are so loved.” You whispered absentmindedly as Clarke watched.

“Can we get Roan?” You whispered in awe. She nodded as she grabbed a walkie talkie. In a matter of mere minutes Roan was barging in as you didn’t say anything.

“What is wrong-” You placed his large hand on your stomach. The baby immediately kicked at his hand as he gasped. He looked up at you and you smiled as he chuckled heartily.

“Oh strik won.” He whispered as he kissed your head. You both stared down at your bump with loving grins placed on your faces.

That night Abby came and checked on you before dismissing Clarke as she sat next to you with a sigh. You looked at her as she didn’t look at her.

“Abby…what’s happening…really.” You asked quietly. She swallowed hard as your breath hitched.

“There is no cure…is there?” You whispered as she nodded carefully. A shiver ran down your spine as you thought about how your unborn baby wouldn’t get to see Earth. You closed your eyes as you imagine how they would look. If they were a little girl you could see her…big blue eyes like her daddy’s, she’d have (Y/C/H) in braided pigtails so small and timid. You could see a miniature Roan, with your color eyes as he followed his father, mimicking him as he puffed out his small chest to be ‘tough’ like his dad. You smiled in your sleep, unaware of the dark figure in the corner of the room. Bellamy stood as he watched you smile in your sleep.

What could you be dreaming about? Could you be dreaming about when you and him were happy? Bellamy could only revisit old memories of when you were both happy.

It had been weeks after landing and you and Bellamy had been soaking in monsterless water as you splashed him giddily. He gave a mighty splash as you gasped. You hair getting wet as you faked being angry as you swam away from him. Bellamy’s face fell as he swam after you. He grabbed your leg and dragged him back to you. You immediately turned around and splashed him as his jaw dropped. You giggled as he wiped off his face. His hands flew to your sides as he began to tickle you. You giggled beautifully. What he wouldn’t give to hear that giggle again.

“Bellamy.”  Abby whispered as she stood. He slowly came out of the corner.

“Don’t tell Roan.” He begged as she nodded sleepily. “Go sleep. I-I got her.” He whispered as she shook her head.

“Abby.” He raised a stern brow as she sighed before laying on the cot adjacent to (Y/n). Bellamy slowly sat next to (Y/n) as his hand ghosted over hers.

“I didn’t mean to make you leave that night.” He whispered. He shook his head. “I didn’t mean for any of this to happen.” He apologized selfishly. He sat and watched her for a few hours as he watched her stir every so often. His eyes fell to her bump once she turned to face him.

He heard footsteps and Abby immediately woke up as Bellamy hid behind a curtain.

“Is she awake?” Roan asked as Abby shook her head.

“We’re leaving for the island.” Raven told Abby as she nodded before she looked over her shoulder to the curtain.

“Let’s go.” Roan crouched eye level with (Y/n) before kissing her forehead. “I’ll be home soon my queen.” (Y/n) merely rolled over as Roan chuckled. They left and Kane entered for his ‘shift’. He was more than happy to volunteer to watch over his sleeping daughter. She stirred as she sat up. Grinning as she saw her dad.

“Hey dad.” She yawned sleepily. Kane smiled as he hugged her.

“How’s my little grandbaby.”
“They like to kick me now.” You chuckled. You looked at your dad with big eyes.

“I know…Clarke told me.” Kane sighed as he rubbed her knuckles as tears welled up in her eyes.

“I still love him dad.” (Y/n) whispered as he held her head.

“I know you do honey…I know.”

“I love Roan too though…” You whispered sadly as you looked at him. “But Bellamy was my first love…” Kane nodded as you cried freely.

“I love this baby more than anything in the world…” You whispered as you felt another kick. Kane’s hand happened to be on the spot as his eyes widened.
“You use to kick that hard you know…I remember you looking up at me with your big (y/c/e) and gurgling. I know that whatever decision you make….you’ll make the right one.” He whispered as he kissed your head. Images immediately flooded your mind as you remember Bellamy doing that all the time throughout your relationship. It was one of your favorite things. You thought hard about you choices as you laid back down. 

What the hell were you going to do?  


Requested by anon <3
Prompt:  Hey there~! I was wondering if maybe you’d do an 11 x reader where she has a tattoo of his real name on her wrist (you know the whole soulmate tattoo au?) If not that’s ok too c:
A/N: wtf i didnt know about this au?????its so cute/???help????


The typical British day – cloudy, gloomy and cold – peaked with bright sunlight and your heart spurred in your chest when you opened the back door. He  grabbed your hand with an excited grin, without even a greeting, his long strides proving hard to keep up as with a giggle a tired ‘Doctor!’ escaped your lips as you eagerly followed him out of your home and to the TARDIS standing in your yard. The time machine wheezed, behind the tinted glass colorful lights shone out and reached your face. He fiddled with his keys in his spare hand, sending you a glance – his eyes shone with stars as he took in an excited inhale of cold air.

“I-I…You will not believe what I found, (Name)!” The eagerness in his voice drove him to quickly open the TARDIS’s door and fumbling a few times he finally got the key in. It was a matter of luck, good or bad you didn’t exactly realize at the moment, but when his eyes landed on the hand he was so tightly grasping the smile dimmed on his face, lines of worry knitting his brows together. A single glance was enough to make your heart drop. He flipped your wrist up and his jaw tensed. On your soft skin was an imprint of his name, a tattoo one got when fallen in love.

You inhaled sharply, your cheeks set ablaze as even the tips of your ears started to sting and you glanced away – the pad of his rough finger glossed over the tattoo, carefully examining it as if it was a delicate work of art.

“…When?” The Doctor asked quietly.

“When, uhm, when you took me to see the Andromeda Galaxy.” You replied lamely, hoping it was a sufficient answer. What you didn’t expect was to see a shadow of a joyous grin pull on his cheeks, his tender eyes locking yours in place. For a heart stopping moment you watched, out of breath as in his green iris shimmer mischief. The Doctor’s expression turned pleased as if he was flattered. In a moment of conflict he tried to convey something, something that would not leave his lips. Recoiling, he nodded.

“Well then…” He suddenly broke the silence, “Perhaps I shall show you mine as well…But later!” He was suddenly back to his old self, jittery and hyper, “Now! Space! Space awaits us, dear (Name), we have no time to waste!”

Requests are opened!

Show You - Zen x Reader SMUT!!!

Request from anon. “ I would like request some smut with Zen about his s/o who is self conscious about her small assets.”

Word Count: 1866

TW: Really badly written smut!!

Genre: s m u t/fluff

A/N: This is my first time fully writing a sex scene?? It’s probably like really bad. Hopefully my next will be better. Sorry sorryyyy (A warning will be placed before smut starts.)

A sigh escaped your lips as you scrolled through your phone. You knew it was unhealthy, but you couldn’t look away. Every second with every picture would bring yourself down even more.

About a year ago, Echo Girl had almost ruined Zen’s career. She accused him of sexual harassment when he rejected her. When he rejected her for you.

Of course, karma served her right and all was cleared up at last year’s RFA party. Zen had officially announced your relationship and the two if you moved in together. His career flourished. Echo Girl was brought down to the level she deserved. Everything had gone right.

So why were you so upset?

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