this was so hard it's not even funny

Things I have learned from episode 11

- my reaction will take some time

- it is hard to play with bugs

- Nevra likes the hug 

- Nevra has some kinks 

- Nevra means everything he says even if he flirts and it seems funny

- No matter what you do, you end up spying with Karenn anyway -> so why the hell even have the whole “ should I or should I not? “ dilemma in the first place?

- Karenn loves gossip

- Karenn loves it if you love it as well

- Karenn and Nevra may be siblings and they may not be-> thanks >.>

- Chrome 100% has a crush on Karenn

- Karenn is aware and uses it well

- that will come to bite her one day

- Ewelin is too busy to even talk -> T.T

- Angry Ewelin is a sight to behold

- Ezarel is his old sarcastic self

- someone is fooling with  Jamon and when Jamon finds out who it is they are dead

- Valkyon is still hard to talk to T.T

- Leiftan doesn’t mind an invitation to a date ;)

- Leiftan is never short on compliments

- he even buys a freaking necklace for you

- Nevra doesn’t like it when you think that something may allow you to go home

- if you finish Purral mission you get free incubator -> I expect nothing less in the future, kitty

- Purriry is pretty and knows how to sell

- I am lucky I went for 420 instead of 600 mana *phew*

- Huang Hua is a woman , hot as hell and flirts with females

- the old man is her follower and Ezarel  2.0

- Ezarel and Feng Zhi ( or what ever his name is ) are bffs by the end of the episode -> you cannot possibly tell me otherwise

- Valkyon is a poor baby who needs a hug >.<

- Ezarel needs to chill

- Ezarel loves it when you call him “ moron “ 

- Huang Hua and Miiko, sitting in a tree ~ ~ ~ 

- Alajea is a total Huang Hua fangirl

- Chino knows how to create pretty outfits

- Chino’s art is amazing

- I love illustrations with other characters -> Now, do not stop just with this episode Chino ^-^

- One illustration with Leiftan makes up for none with the boys in my case

- even when not there ??? still gets mentioned -> infamous indeed

- drop the bomb, some people have feelings for mc -> at least 4 - duh

- Merry is a sweet child and he will always be the sweetest brownie in Eldarya

- this episode likes my mana -> I used up 3194 mana

- the ending of episode 11 is like one of those tv show cliffhangers I can’t deal with !  -> the episode is resolved, thank you for watching. We will be back in half a year. -> Excuse me, I need some drama…

- episode 12 better be action packed for Gods sake

You guys.
I am so fucking grateful. That is all. I’ve spent this day on the computer, running errands, eating leftover Thai food, building magnetic cars with B-man, watching my house not clean itself, and about to plan some yoga classes. Oh. And I’ve spent a great portion of the day laughing and crying at the same time. What started out as belly-aching laughter turned to sobbing tears. From funny to sadness and circling back to gratitude.
Life is ordinary magic. All of it. Sometimes I think I forget to say this out loud. Thank you, life. You are simple. Even when its hard. You teach me to Be. This is love. You are so fucking contagious. Be big in your love, be big in your life.
Sending you all mad-wild-in-your-face love today. If nobody has told you: I love you. That is all.

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Flowing Water, Lingering Magic

Emma decided that she couldn’t stay put now. Her mother had already mustered the courage to face her fears, so she tried to look up to her and do the same. She picked up the hook, gently as if it was about to break in two, and went into the bathroom. The more she looked at it though, the more her despair grew. The red colour everywhere in the Underworld air distorted all colours so she couldn’t really distinguish how much blood there actually was on it.

God, blood on it… his blood…

She grabbed the edge of the sink with one hand as the other held on to the hook. She breathed and swallowed hard, not sure of what might come out if she kept thinking about it. When was the last time she ate anything anyway?

She raised her gaze and looked into the mirror. She couldn’t cry again, she had to be strong for the family that had followed her here, for the man who was waiting for her to save him, for herself who just wanted to get over it with.

She looked down at the hook again and turned on the tap. She started rubbing at the metal as water ran down on it but only the least bit of blood was cleaned away, staining her fingertips. No matter how hard she rubbed or how much soap she poured on it, most of the red stains stayed there as if they were permanent.


She turned off the tap and set the hook on the counter. She didn’t even know how to take blood stains off of metal, and what kind of metal was it anyway? Did the laws of nature and chemistry still exist in the Underworld?

She sighed and closed her eyes to stop tears from spilling. She opened them after a few seconds and washed her hands. She shouldn’t run away from it, but she needed to put her thoughts in order. And with a panicked girl in the living room, her mom out there fighting her own demons, and a wild beast probably coming at them at any moment, it really wasn’t an easy task.

She had to leave the hook behind when Cerberus attacked and she hated every moment of it.


Emma followed her parents as they entered the loft hand in hand. One last look at the smiles on their faces was enough to push her forward. She entered the bathroom, the hook still lying on the counter right where she left it. She picked it up, gently but this time with more confidence, and swiped her free hand over it. Her magic glowed around it and within seconds all the blood was gone. It looked good as new.

She held it up and smiled. She was going to find him, and whatever state he was in, he had enough fight left in him to hope. She felt it herself. She was going to find him.

She held the metal with both hands for a few moments before carefully stashing it in her back pocket and joining the others in the living room.

(i apologize in advance for this probably stupid post bc im more just vomiting all my thoughts onto this and idk if it even makes sense,,) 

so i’ve been thinking and…

this scene was obviously great. i cried at it, you probably cried at it. everyone cried bc fucking finally dazai acknowledged akutagawa jESUS FUCKING CHRIST. its pretty funny too, how getting noticed by precious senpai made him faint (akuchan u dork,, i love u) but like…. how does akutagawa even feel right now?? 

no like seriously, i really am wondering how he feels now. it doesnt seem to be addressed in his later appearances after this chapter (and if im wrong pls feel free to tell me bc im not bothered to go through the other chapters rn tbh). he’s literally been working so hard just to gain dazai’s approval, he’s gone through hell for this. and now he finally got to hear the words he’s always wanted. and yeah thats great and all, but like…. what do u even do when u finally get the one thing you’ve spent all ur life working towards??

idk like… is he at peace with it?? is he fine now?? i honestly cant imagine that after everything he went through, he’ll just be Super Fine™ now. like ‘aight u told me im stronger now thats all i needed kthxbye’ idk i just dont feel like thats something you can just get over so quickly, even if he got what he wanted. 

akutagawa seems to be constantly improving, so i feel like he’s just gonna need to gain dazai’s approval again and again. 

or maybe im completely wrong, who fucking knows. not me, clearly. anyway, thats all i wanted to say bYE

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I had the weirdest dream last night where goku and chichi were being really snarky with each other and it was really cute???? Like and I wanted to share it with you. Basically they were talking about how they had gotten married, and goku just chuckles and goes "I can't believe you said yes even after I knocked you unconscious out of the ring" and chichi just smiles cheerfully and replies "well I DID hit my head pretty hard" and gokU JUST PAUSES AND LOOKS OFF WITH A FUCKIN THOUSAND YARD STARE


ahh, thank you for sending me an awesome message like this, its so fun to read!! this sounds like something a comedy show would include in a script or something, actually! I wish *my* dreams had that much of a storyline xD lol

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Taylor looks absolutely nothing like Harley and we all know Taylor wouldn't bc Harley isn't a victim and that's all Taylor knows how to play :))))

i just laughed so hard its not even funny 

1) taylor doesn’t look much different than margot robbie (aka tall blonde and cute)  and with some bleached hair and lighter skin she would be able to look just like her. just take a look for yourself :)

2) this is the most ignorant thing I’ve ever read in my life and i cannot believe you took the time out of your life to say this to me. its not even worth proving you wrong lol

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Mun, what are your ships?

// shizaya and thats really it like idk tom and vorona i find cute but like no one else seems too ship it, just i dont even ship shincelty cause shinra is a lying dick so its kindA unhealthy inb4 shizaya is unhealthy too, the difference is shizaya isnt canon 

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Such an attention whore who is so need and annoying bitch pls u not even all that special


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Not to be rude or anything ( i swear this sounds like its going to be mean but i dont mean it that way) but wouldn't it be easier to just delete and block the anons that you dont like instead of posting them? I just hate to see anyone being bullied on their own blog

if they came back at this point then i would probably block them but it doesn’t really affect me that much when it happens, it’s funny to send it to my friends and laugh abt it… i didn’t even publish half of them i just published a few so any other rude ass people would be deterred from coming in my inbox. if i was more sensitive i would;ve blocked them. also im a fire sign so its hard for me to just block people without getting the last word in even though im aware that its pointless

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im that hoseok and jungkook anon that was contemplating on stanning both if you remember and its so funny to see you spam me with gifs of them and then a few days later swerve super hard but like i dont eveN BLAME YOU BC I SWERVED TOO WHOOPS








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the salty af munday meme

  • ❀ What has made you completely lose your chill?

I think I need more sleep or something because this question made me laugh too

Ah but the answer is a little less funny,, I got really uh upset after seeing a lot of negativity on dash one day! Like really really upset??? It wasn’t even at me though so I don’t really know why I reacted so strongly but I did aowienaowineaowen 

( So let’s just keep spreading love, yeah? Since this fandom is absolutely lovely and I adore you all very much! )

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eridan for the ask meme!

  • Do you love/hate/don’t feel strongly about this character?

love !! so mUch!! hes my favorite homestUck character okay. its fUnny becaUse before i read homestUck, my friend (aka sol) was trying to get me to read it and so he showed me this fan art someone did with all the trolls and i was like “WHO IS THE PURPLE ONE I LOVE THE PURPLE ONE” and he started to scream becaUse eridan is my patron troll also and it was jUst a good time, i loved him before i even know who he was.

  • What’s your favorite trait of this character?

heck, this is hard i love everything aboUt eridan. bUt, if i had to chose one, its his vocabUlary. his vocabUlary is so…fUnny. hes so smart! and silly! and jUst gosh everything aboUt him is good and pUre. 

  • What’s your favorite moment/even involving this character?

powwoww, thats all im going to say. 

  • If you could have one power/attribute/etc. of this character, what would it be?

his smarts. i want his brain? hes really intelligent! 

  • Have you ever pictured this character naked?

nononononononononononononononononononononononono ew 

  • When did you fall in love/hate with this character? I you don’t have any strong feelings toward them, why not?

i loved him way before i even read homestUck. tbh he was the reason i actUally read homestUck i jUst really wanted to learn more aboUt him becaUse sol wasnt going to tell me anything !! i kept asking and he refUsed to answer anything becaUse he didnt want to spoil anything for me. (btw gUys im a fairly new homestUck ive only been here since like janUary or febUary and jUst finished homestUck like a month ago) 

  • Who’s your OTP for this character?

eridan x happiness and a redemption ark