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Lets Be Alone Together

Summary: Or the Bartender!Bellarke series you didn’t realize you needed.
Rating: T (for language) — later installments will definitely hit the E mark

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Author’s Note: Sooo, this chapter was hard for me. Not for any terrible plot reason, but because it’s like the in-between chapter. The set up, filler episode, if you will, for things to come. Just some fun, light flirty, heavy emotional finding type stuff. I hope you enjoy! Thanks again for your amazing support! Always, not beta-ed. My bad all around.

Night Fifty-Three: A Bud Light Lime

She drops her keys back into her bag as she deadbolts the door from inside the bar. Originally she had intended to come pick up her paycheck and head back out, but when Miller texted her that the bar was closed for the day she figured it would be the perfect place to finish prepping for her finales. So after finalizing her summer plans with her friend via Skype she had packed up her books and headed for her second home.

When Clarke had started here she had only been looking for a place to help her make ends meet. She’d been a bartender before, but in a rather hipster type place with shady business practices. Several employees —including the owner — had burned her and so this time she was going in with a strict business only policy. And then everything changed.

And that everything could be summarized pretty simply by —

“Bellamy?” She asks when she sees her co-worker leaning back at one of the pub tables with his feet propped up atop the vacant pool table.

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Asylum 14 - Jared M&G stuffs

So I was lucky enough to win a ticket to Jared’s coffee lounge at A14 on Sunday. I was completely shocked! I didn’t say anything, I was firstly way too shy and get nervous talking in front of a group of people (even though its tiny compared to a panel!) secondly I’d lost my voice, and so I felt kinda self conscious as it was hard to talk loud enough to be heard.

Anyways so a couple things that happened:

- When I first arrived in the room I sat down in the first seat I could find. Suddenly everyone is looking at me funny and they tell me I can’t sit there….I’d decided to sit where Jared was meant to sit. I was in Sam cosplay so I was like erm yeah totally just getting into character there erm -walk of shame- Then the CL got postponed anyway as they hadn’t yet finished the J2 photo op.

- He showed up about 10-15 minutes late and blamed it on Misha and Jensen as he’d been doing the J2M ops :P

- Jared briefly talked about Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s dog at the beginning. For those who don’t know, Jeffrey had to leave the convention early as his dog was sadly being put down. I won’t go into detail about what Jared talked about that.

- This led to a few members of the group talking about their pets. The girl next to me talked about her cat and mimed the cat scratching….on me. So I was like huh what and must have looked scared or confused because Jared starts laughing and says “She’s like what are you doing?!” He jokingly says to actually demonstrate what the cat did….and the girl actually scratched my arm. Not very hard or anything, but I was still like argh. Jared was like “no no no, I was kidding!”, still laughing and was just saying he found it funny because I got scared the first time. So yeah. Moose laughed at me :P But it was funny and all in good spirits.

- Some people told Jared that UPS had lost their Always Keep Fighting shirts. Jared wasn’t pleased to hear this and is going to contact represent to make sure those people receive a shirt.

- Osric Chau was mentioned a few times. J2 carried him to the finish line at tough mudder as his knees gave out. Also just talking about how he enjoys being quirky after a strict upbringing.

- Jared was wearing the Moose&Squirrel Always Keep Fighting shirt and modelled it for us.

- We got a snake impression which was rather hilarious. This was when he talked about Yellow Fever and how scared he was of the huge snake :P

- Jared’s shoulder is now completely fine. He said that he can’t lift as much as he used to and can’t throw as far as he used to but otherwise its fine.

- Small anecdote about going to see fans while filming the 200th. He brought the EMF detector and showed them how it works (someone in the lounge had been there), before the props lady ran to take it off him :P

- Talked about Stephen Amell and how they met but I can’t actually remember what was said. I’m helpful

- Jared talked about a few of the episodes he found most challenging and the ones he worked hardest on, he mentioned The End, Heart and Sacrifice. He said how beat up he felt after filming sacrifice due to the heavy content, and even Jensen told him he looked, as he described it, like shit.

- Someone asked if the wedding photo in the french mistake was real, which it is. Jared also mentioned he doesn’t own an alpaca (but wants one XD ) and that he still has the cowboy picture from the episode in his garage. Several people suggested putting it in Misha’s trailer, but Jared was scared about what Misha would do with it :P He and Gen were going to keep the Andy Warhol style paintings but had no idea where to put them, so sold them for charity at one of the US cons.

I’m pretty sure more was said, I’m just completely exhausted and sad that the con is over. But it was amazing to just sit and listen to him for half an hour, I wish it could have lasted longer!

I was tagged by the amazing jojonghwans for the top ten biases. Thanks for tagging me! I love you and your blog! LOL Okay so Lets do this! WEEEEEEEEEEE~~~~~

1. Infinite- Sunggyu

2. VIXX- Leo

3. Uniq- Yixuan

4. BTS- J-Hope

5. BAP- Daehyun

6. Madtown- Buffy

7. Monsta X- Shownu

8. C-Clown- Rome

9. GOT7- Jackson

10. JJCC- Simba

I didn’t know if I should put girl biases but I’m happy I didn’t because it would’ve been so much more complicated and enjfkenfkscn. But if I were to add girls, CL and Hyolyn would definitely be up there. DO YOU KNOW HOW HARD IT WAS FOR ME TO DO THIS!!?!??!?!? I stan too many groups lol. Thanks for tagging me though. This was fun LOL

Ummm I guess I would tag voodoo-and-a-pinch-of-exo angel-seulbi omgcalypso miss-neverland jiminsole and anyone else who would like to do this. Just say I tagged you. LOL

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i ALWAYS ask myself who stans for kyungsoo more: kai or chanyeol ? its so hard to say. he seems to actually interact with chanyeol more to me though.

i think so too, it seems like they hang out a lot, even chanyeol’s mum loves him! but also if kai says he’s not quiet you just have to know how to approach him it must mean they talk a lot.

but it’s so funny cause they both remember stuff about him but he’s so clueless like ??? (and there’s jongin again being kyungsoo’s subs and unnecessary captions)

OK Im gonna be serious for a second because this episode is the first to ever legitimately make me cry and its been a journey for me to get here but series 2 has been so fantastic so epic so emotional that Im really finding this hard to think of letting go.  I think because my love for the show has grown fairly quickly and intensely in this second half I suddenly realise how little there is left and Im so excited watching the finale trailer Im literally overcome with emotion and I enjoyed tonights ep so much even Jason (who isn’t my favourite but man I feel he has grown on me tonight) and just this show deserved so much better than being cancelled because its up there making me feel all the things making me love all the characters and wow even though I freely admit I only begun to care this much during the second part HOLY WOW am I glad I stuck with it but at the same time Im gonna be incredibly sad to see it end especially without a proper resolution.  Defintion of unfair is Atlantis being cancelled when its this strong. 

Noah was whining earlier because he wanted to play on my phone, and I gave him a firm “no.”

My response? I gave him a hard dose of reality. “You are my child. My two year old. Not my teenager. You are not entitled to anything in life, and that includes my phone. Had you asked nicely, then possibly, but don’t expect to get whatever you want whenever you want it, or to take the things you want in life from others. And whining will get you no where except on people’s bad sides.”

He put his finger in my mouth and walked away.

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why are you trying so hard to be a system its really obvious. the typical asocial protector and super excited child alter who uses tons of exclamation points and then the staple problematic male alter its so funny you think youre an actual system when youre literally just copying every other fake ass system

lmao I don’t even have anything to say to this

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Thanks for your hard work on Chouchou Nannan~ I don't suppose you're interested in picking up Sougou Tovarisch are you? Its so funny and adorable and I'm not sure if yuriproject is planning on translating more

Hi Anon! Thank you! We’re glad a lot of people have been enjoying it.

We have our fill of Jin and a fair few other things, but you should know that things move slow when it comes to scanlating. All the chapters of Comprehensive Tovarisch are being worked on Yuri Project publicly, with translations done not even two months ago. I’d say give it some time; it’s clearly not a priority project for anyone but it looks like it’s being released whenever the team is able to work on it.


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What's goin on with jared????

Well, the short version is that he sent out this message on FB/Twitter yesterday and then flew home early from JIBCON 

That’s pretty much all that we’ve heard from him, but the fandom, being amazing, has been really supportive. Then today at the closing ceremony for JIBCON Jensen explained that basically Jared just burnt himself out - not surprising, considering he works so hard, goes to all these cons, spends time with his family, AND has spent the past couple months working so hard on the Always Keep Fighting campaigns. Sounds like it just came to a head and he needed to take a step back and recover for awhile. (You can watch Jensen’s explanation yourself here

Basically, he just needs a lot of love and understanding - which I feel like the SPN fandom can totally give! (If you want to join in, you can reblog this post or one of the many many like it that i’ve seen)