this was so hard it's not even funny

So monsta x fansites were waiting for the boys at the airport but Tom Cruise came out of the same exit before monsta x so the fansites took pictures of Tom Cruise IM LAUGHING SO HARD

Some even changed the name of the preview HAHA

Good boy (Kihyun’s fansite) -> Tom Boy

Here My Dear (Hyungwon’s fansite) -> Here My Tom

CONCERT EXPERIENCE: Seeing my bby live (June 16) - Honeymoon Tour BARCELONA!

I can’t believe it’s been nearly 2 months since i saw her. I gotta say that it was the most magical night of my life. Actually, june 16 was the BEST day of my life. I remember that the night before seeing her, i couldn’t sleep (nothing helped) and i was way too stressed and excited. My friends from the UK and the USA came to Barcelona so we could see her together and i love how i shared this unforgettable experience with all of them. We were all too happy because we were seeing of ray of light together. Ariana came to barcelona some days before with the whole crew so we went outside and started looking for her hotel, some lucky fans got to talk with jones and met ari’s dogs. They also saw Joan walking the dogs. Sadly, i didn’t meet them because i was so shocked and unable to process the fact that i was seeing ariana that night. Queueing is way too stressful and we were so tired. We were in the line 4 hours before the doors opened so we ended up sitting on the floor eating some food we brought for the show. The doors started opening at 7.45pm and we all run to get the best view (general standing problems) and we enjoyed the guest’s performace. She was cool and was incredibly talented. AND THEN THE LIFT PULLED ARIANA UP AND MAN, SHE WAS THERE. My friends and i started screaming and crying like crazy just like the rest of the arena. We brought our ‘Barcelona’s dick is in flames for you’ t-shirts. I don’t think i’ve ever cried this hard. She’s a dream and i felt like i was living in a dream. That dream lasted for 2 hours but okay. I loved how everyone was singing with a lot of energy and how they knew all the songs. We were singing them louder than ariana was, haha. Her smile is the most precious thing ever. And i knew she was tiny but in person, she’s even more little. I just wanted to get on stage and hug her. She interacted a lot with us, the crowd, during the show and idk, somehow i felt very close to her. I love when artists are like that, they make you feel close to them. I think my favourite part of the show was when she sang the way and why try. The way is such a CLASSIC. Why try live is MAGICAL. It’s the epitome of magical. The mimu gloves bring the experience to a whole other level, omg god bless. When the show ended, i started crying again. Ugh i hate how good things come to an end. I can’t wait for Ariana to come back to Europe again. I miss her so much, it’s crazy. The honeymoon tour is her first tour since she debuted as an artist but i hope she comes more times for her next tour (i’m already saving up haha…i’m ready but i’m not at the same time). It’s crazy how close i feel to her, i feel our bond is unbreakable. I love her so fucking much. And  every day that passes i love her more and more. Sometimes it’s overwhelming, sometimes it makes me sad cause i wish she was here with her but overall it makes me so happy. It’s crazy how much happiness a person can bring to SO many people. You’re one of a kind, Ariana. You inspire me, you make em happy. I’m so glad to be part of the loves and to be part of your life. I’m sure it’ll be like this for many, many years.

I’ll always be right there, like your song with Big Sean says.  

The signs as tumblr blogs

Aries: really grungey and dark

Taurus: cutesy with helps pastel colors

Gemini: deep and meaningful, think meditation

Cancer: a hot mess and a half

Leo: very artsy and inspiring

Virgo: a blog dedicated to Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio

Libra: funny posts

Scorpio: the *I’m trying so hard to be tumblr its not tumblr anymore* blog

Saggitarius: a fashion blog

Capricorn: do you even have tumblr?

Aquarius: a mix of everything

Pisces: you ship everything and anything

i kinda fell in love with hetalia cause of the dub

I cant watch that anime with the sub. Its way to fast, i have to pause it. and since its japanese stuff, a lot of the jokes/references go over my head. Hetalia being a very quick, fast, anime really is hard for me at times cause i have reading problems.

The hetalia dub can be really racist and sexist and IT HAS TOTALLY MADE ME GO “UH DID THEY REALLY SAY THAT”

But a lot of the non-racist/sexist humor is so funny. I really wish they’d take out more of the racist and sexist humor, cause the dub would be even better. Like i love the fucking accents- i think romano has to be my favorite accent.

i just wish they’d chill with the racist humor cause it did turn me off sometimes or made me cringe. But the dub has some really gold moments, and if it wasnt for the dub, i wouldn’t be able to watch the show.

I JUST WISH THEY MADE IT LESS PROBLEMATIC cause some of the humor is so gold ugh but like

You dont need racism and sexism to be funny.

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top 3 niall tweets

YAS THIS IS GOOD OKAY OK this is hard though bc all of them are gold niall is a genuinely funny person with a gr8 sense of humour and on twitter its even better i love hearing the thoughts that come from that boys head

1.  @NiallOfficial: @Louis_Tomlinson hahaha! Ooh I don’t know where I’m goin ! Oh let me look at my compass I MEAN COME ON he is so fucking funny omg andl ouis wouldve hated him so much for it rip this makes me laugh every time i see it fuck

2. @NiallOfficial:  Guess what Im doin today ?
@NiallOfficial: absolutely nothing literally me tbh fuck i love him so much he honestly makes me laugh so much and he did it over two tweets too

3.  @NiallOfficial: still in bed at half 2 ,well the real reason im still in bed is coz all my boxers are dirty and if i stay in bed,i dont havta change them h honestly he is the cutest thing ever and also #same

special bonus round just because i love him

4.  @NiallOfficial: I dont like jet lag! He’s evil ! He just threw a bucket of water over me t wake me up at 6 am!oh no that was a glass of water I spilt  #wee

5. @NiallOfficial: Funniest thing ever! Massive clap of thunder just came, and I’ve never heard screams like it ! And 100’s of girls running everywhere hahah!

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im reading a fanfic and hawke’s calling anders a bunch of pet names and its really funny 

“And Hawke, turtledove? Really?”

“Kitten,” he says. “No, even better, love kitten. Tiger. My very favorite pastry. Sweetcheeks. Honeycakes. Buttercup.”

Love kitten? Pastry? Hawke, please. Stop being ridiculous.”

Unstoppable - Lianna la Havas

Song requested by t-hekids


“You sure you can still handle the wild?” Michonne teased as she and Rick walked on an empty dirt road heading for a nearby town.

“Ha, very funny.” he shot back.

On a day when the sun is shining but its not too hot, its hard to not be in a good mood, even when the whole world has gone to shit. Rick and Michonne volunteered to go out on today’s run for supplies leaving Maggie and Glenn in charge with Deanna.  Rick has not been on a supply run in what seemed like ages, the walls of Alexandria seemed to be closing in on him. So he offered to go on today’s run, confident nothing will go wrong when he was gone.   He asked Michonne to come with because after Daryl, they worked best as a team,  at least that is what he would say if asked.  Rick’s relationship with Michonne was easy, but being in the safe zone now things between them had shifted.  She was no longer just a fellow survivor, or co-parent, she was much more to him beyond what she had done for his kids. He found himself watching her sometimes, his favorite thing being her laugh.  Her smile could light up an entire room. There was a side to her that he was getting to learn more about and he jumped at any opportunity for them to be alone together.

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i dont think you guys understand how funny i think i am- i will cry over my own joke from laughing too hard it happens like everyday- and im pretty sure its not even my jokes that get people to laugh (because they arent funny) its the fact that im rolling on the floor covered in tears laughing at my own joke that i think im so funny

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So... Lilo is real now? Noses touched, their dicks where practically touching.. Flirting with each other Louis' face whenever he's with Liam..

i think louis knows what he’s doing but its funny cause liam probably doesn’t even realize, like he could be hard everytime he thinks of louis and just think its a bro thing. someone’s gonna tell him one day and he’s gonna be like “what?! that’s not gay!!”

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Can you imagine if boyfriend has a group whatsapp chat? All the shenanigans that will happen in there! Minwoo will constantly tattle on the members, hyunseong is always clueless because he forgets to check, youngmin probably mutes the group

maybe thATS WHY HYUNSEong is rarely seen hanging out with them because they all make plans on the whatsapp chat aND HYUNSEONG JUST..NEVER CHECKS IT…and he knows he should but he does that thing where youre afraid of all the stuff you missed that your brain goes “OH .. WELL…miss some more …..” schrodingers whatsapp…schrodongers whatsapp….(im laUHGING SO HARD THAT WAS ONE OF MY BEST JOKES)

youngmiN GOD…HE ONLY IS IN THE 95ER GROUP CHAT REALLY….muted BFs from day one..he doesnt have time for this jocularity ….he has cat video to watch, funny dog pics to look at 



Donghyun checks it compulsively so he can have peace of mind


it makes me laugh so hard when ppl try to use my love for one direction to undermine my intelligence or competence or whatever because it’s like …honey…let me sit you down…. and tell you a few things about me ….. 

when i was 14 i started going to new york fashion week every season simply because i was a talented fashion blogger who got my name out there

i’ve been writing for the huffington post since i was 14, in addition to countless other online publications

an essay i wrote was quoted by howard gardner (a v important academic in the field of progressive education, he came up w he concept of multiple intelligences, etc) in his most recent book when i was 15

i’ve won dozens of awards for my writing and some for my art

i got into all 10 colleges i applied to 

i could literally go on and fucking on. if you want to find some reason to hate me, go ahead, but if the best you’ve got is “he loves one direction,” i’m sorry your life is so miserable

I really want to post this painting once it’s done because I’m really proud of it but i know it won’t get as much attention as my dumb shit because who even cares about hard work on this site, so long as its lol funny right????