this was so gr999

since it’s thanksgiving, i wanted to say thank you!! thank you so much for 1k followers and thank u all for being super sweet! i started this blog because these boys wouldnt get out of my head and now here u all are sticking with me and my slowness. i’ve met so many gr999 people since i started and i cant thank them and bts enough for being incredible people 💖

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ofst4rs  asked:

im cryin ok so i obvsly dont know much abt harley but from what ive seen your harls is so!!! bamf??? like in both kickass way and just general way. she doesn't take shit from anyone, she does what she wants, and she enjoys herself doing it. she'll call people out if she needs to and she's so smart in reading situations?? im love ok pls keep portraying her as u are bc uNF MAN

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[[Ahhhhh!!!! Okay Okay but but but your Peter is like? So good? And I? Can’t help but love the fuck boy that he is?  And just—– her and Peter are like? SO GREAT. I want them to have all the adventures and steal all the things, and TBH even though Harley is like >:|||| I wanna see Peter woo the pants off her cause???? They’re so gr999. And just!! THIS MEANS SO MUCH?!?!??!?! AND I WHOLLY APPRECIATE IT uwuwuwuwuwuw. tl;dr YOURE FAB AND PETER SHOULD BUG HARLEY ALL THE TIME.]]

okay so!! today’s my 2 month anniversary, nd as of yesterday, somehow i have 100+ followers!!!! i,,, honestly dont know how that happened but im rlly rlly grateful!!!!!! tbh i’ve always been hesitant abt doing follow forevers bc i was never close w anyone i followed, esp mutuals,,,,,, but thankfully that’s changed, nd i wanna give some love to my favorite ppl!!!!

  • @sanhaw​ - deni,,, my beautiful raptor angel,,,, i honestly lov u so much nd i cant imagine what id do without u!!! u make me 1000x happier nd im not sure who i was before u,,,, uve inspired me nd made me look forward to waking up every day!!!!! u rlly are too good for me okay,, rip,,,, ure so talented nd amazing nd anyways yes im sure if youngjae met u hed think ure gr999 nd nyways i lov u so so so much!!!!! thank u for making me so happy nd motivating me okay ily
  • @jiminniesuga​ - cindy u beautiful soul,,,,,,, thank u for being such a wonderful nd sweet person?? bless,,,,, thank u for being so open to me nd screaming over yoongi nd jimin w me!!!!!!!!!!! its nice to know im not the only one being ruined :’)))
  • @min-fructose​ - rose!! wow i remember when i found out we were mutuals nd id internally scream over ur blog,,,, but now we talk nd??? ure so cool nd so sweet to talk to!!!!!! rophi ftw;; let’s always kick chem’s ass together!!!!

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