this was so funny to me omg i had to photoset it


Today was the Freestyle Love 5 event! I arrived around 1 p.m., which is really late since the event was over at 3 p.m., but I still had a lot of fun and was able to meet all my friends for one last time, before I have to leave Japan. ;;n;;

I didn’t end up buying as much this time around, since the Rei/Nagisa and Rin/Ai sections were–as usual–very small, but I’m happy with what I have!

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omg your zayn photoset i love him so much :(( also can you tell me that drink story i don't think ive ever heard that one please

IT’S MY PLEASURE !! you can read the post from the girls here but i typed out the most important parts to make things easier.

“Basically, on Saturday night (8/23/14), @abby_hymore and I went downtown Dallas […] We decided to go to Plush, a club just down the street from the boys hotel. I figured if they were going to go anywhere that night, they’re going there. It was 1:40ish when Abby and I went to the bathroom. After we came out, right in front of us, I saw Zayn’s side profile. I automatically reached for my phone and Preston saw me and said "no pictures” I agreed because this is Zayn and no one ever sees him and he’s human. He turned towards us and smiled, it was that cute one he does where his eyes get all squinty.

We started dancing again but we were right in front of Zayn. There was a creep trying to dance with Abby and she kinda tumbled over. I was watching Zayn and he told Preston to help Abby. Before Preston intervened the creep left.

The DJ then started throwing dollar bills all over the dancefloor so I picked one up off the floor and without thinking, started approaching Zayn and put it in his shirt pocket. He looked at me funny and laughed slightly. Abby did the same thing but patted her hand on his chest and said “Here, save it up for something important.” He smiled and nodded genuinely agreeing with her. He had a drink in his hand and reached his hand out towards me. I was a little confused so I stepped forward and stopped. He gestured for me to come and take his drink and said “Here, for you.” I didn’t question and just took it. Me and Abby kept dancing and I turned towards him and motioned for him to come dance with us but he clasped his hands into a fist and bowed his head saying “Thank you but no thank you.” He left a few minutes later since the club was closing. I actually stole the cup with the alcohol still in it haha.

On the night of the concert, I brought a sign that said “Give Zayn $2 and he’ll give you his drink.” At the end of the concert Zayn saw my sign and went to Louis and explained the story and did the motions of us putting the money in his shirt  and tapped Louis chest and it was beautiful. [video]

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