this was so funny oh my god


Screenshots HOW DO WE BREATHE UP HERE? | Pit People #3! :D  

OH MY GOD I LOVE THIS GAME! xD It’s so funny and looks like it’s so much fun to play too. I would totally buy this game if I could because it’s so my humor and I love the characters in this game and the silly little voices they have too. I can’t wait to see the developers add to this game as they update it more because so far I think this game is absolutely fantastic! :D



their little skits omg i can’t take this, there are no eng subs but the 2ndhand embarrassment is real ahhhh i can’t watch them, why must they play diff kinds of boyfriends oh my god, it’s so funny

Timeless GTKY

(aka i totally forgot this was going on and now it’s midnight and i should go to bed but oops)

(above: crappy phone selfie of me)

1. First Name: Hilary

2. Something interesting about me: I am actually a historian (PhD student) and university history teacher, I write way too much, and enjoy having my life ruined by TV shows. According to me, I am funny.

3. Favorite aspect of the show: Oh my god so much?! I was just waiting for them to brush over/not deal with the question of diversity and historical racism/sexism and to go for the whole rah rah America’s great/people who destroy it are Teh Evul ™ approach. And for Flynn to be a fairly one-dimensional Eastern European villain. But then?! They actually dealt with this stuff and made it consistently a plot point and actual cinnamon roll Rufus got to be awesome??! OH MY GOD PROTECT HIM?!

And then I fell in horrible love with Flynn because he is obnoxiously my type, and went straight to the bottom of the Garcy dumpster and have lived there ever since and I have written so much fic over the last two weeks oh my god. Especially after that finale holy moses. SO MUCH. THE NEED IS REAL.

So what I’m saying is, that went downhill fast.

4. Which Timeless character are you and why? 100% Lucy. I am flattering myself with this somewhat, as I am not nearly as smart and/or as brave as she is, and nor do historical dudes fall in love with me on the regular. But I am as noted actually a historian and an academic who would completely complain about skirts being the wrong time period and there not being underwires in bras and whatever else nitpicky details, and I would also fangirl and cry if I got to meet my faves in history.

5. Time period/Famous person you would like to travel back to and render speechless in Lucy Preston fashion: Because I’m a medievalist, probably nearly any time then because I write books about certain medieval kings and yes. (My love for Richard the Lionheart is real, y’all.) Also the Golden Age of Piracy, for important reasons.

lance: HEY GUYS CHECK THIS OUT *plays the john cena song terribly on a recorder with his nose like in that one vine

keith: stop 

lance: why :(

keith: because *takes out a kazoo* i want in on this so we have to restart 

lance: *tears up* this is why i’m in love with you

@piierogi​ Realizing She Isn’t Making Any F***ing Sense Because She’s Been Awake So Long: A Verbal Memoir

“I just got a weird tickle in my throat. I think it was ghosts. I don’t like that Jasper can sense ghosts, they’re too–” [20 second pause] “What the f was I just talking about”

“I just had a daydream where you were being trolled by gamegrumps and there was a handpuppet nomming on your scalp and you’re like ‘why this’ “

“My wrist really itches, and my thumb, I wish it would stop. Have you considered this: stop. Just stop. #stopwristitch2k14 . Wait, no. Yes. Stop the itch two years ago.”

“Anywho here’s bupperball. Y’know, like, [to the final fantasy fanfare tune] BUP BUP BA BAA BUP BA BUP BUP BAAAAAA.”

O H M Y G O D…


I just happened to have the Mayor’s shorts in my inventory when I was setting up my grange display at the fall fair, so lol I thought I’d be funny and put them in and didn’t think anything of it…AND THEN…






♡ valentine’s day starters, fluff edition
{ the angst edition is here! }
  • “you are so cheesy.”
  • “i didn’t know you were a romantic.”
  • “oh my god. i can’t believe you did this.”
  • “wait, let me get a picture!”
  • “you are absolutely ridiculous.”
  • “i have the perfect day planned out.”
  • “i made it myself.”
  • “i made it myself, which explains why it’s a little burnt.”
  • “i tried making it myself, but i figured food poisoning doesn’t make for a very good valentine’s day present.”
  • “has anyone ever told you that you have a funny idea of romantic?”
  • “where are we going to put a bear that big?”
  • “did i just hear a bark?”
  • “when you said you were planning something big, i didn’t expect it to be this big…”
  • “i told you you didn’t have to do anything!”
  • “this might be the happiest day of my life.”
  • “how did you know my favorite chocolate flavor?”
  • “help me find a vase for these flowers?”
  • “this holiday seems like the best opportunity to ask you out.”
  • “i know a place that sells hot chocolate with heart-shaped froth.”
  • “i want to make you this happy for the rest of your life.”
  • “is today a good day to say i think i love you?”
  • “i think i’m in love with you.”
  • “i love you.”
  • “i love you so much. you know that, right?”
  • “…that’s for me?”
  • “…are those flowers?”
  • “…i didn’t get you anything, though.”
  • “you didn’t have to.”
  • “you alone are enough.”