this was so funny haha


Shiro wonders if this is really worth it or not


Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington on Jon and Dany’s romance

EDIT: kit burped which was why he apologized and asked to start the interview again sdjfhfjkfdh here’s what he really said: (lmao sorry for the confusion dhkfgf honest mistake but its so funny even as a shipper)


When you’ve never seen a car get towed before🚗

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  • Lance: (phone starts ringing)
  • Shiro: (looks at who is calling)
  • Shiro: (laughs) You still call your dad 'Daddy'?
  • Lance: (answers call and makes direct eye contact with Shiro)
  • Lance: Hey, Keith
  • Shiro: (chokes on drink)

This started out as a fun take on the dancing scene, then it became the “Just a friend” agreste joke, and finally it ended up being a very bad reveal….. (these doodle animations miiight be getting out of hand haha)