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summary of hamilton songs

act 1

alexander hamilton: explains that he’s an orphaned immigrant from the caribbean that collected money to sail to the us. basically telling us his backstory.

aaron burr, sir: aaron burr is introduced and he tells hamilton that he should “talk less and smile more” or in other words shut up. and we are also introduced to john laurens, marquis de lafayette, and hercules mulligan, who end up being close friends of hamilton’s (everything rhymes)

my shot: basically hamilton’s (and the revolution’s) anthem. “i’m just like my country i’m young scrappy and hungry and i’m not throwing away my shot”

the story of tonight: hamilton, laurens, lafayette, and hercules mulligan drink and sing about how everyone will join them for the revolution (this song totally does not foreshadow any sad events whaaaat)

the schuyler sisters: angelica, eliza, and peggy schuyler are introduced. they sing about how lucky they are to be alive during the revolution and angelica tells everyone she’s been reading ‘common sense’ by thomas paine “AND PEGGY”

farmer refuted: hamilton fries samuel seabury (an innocent loyalist)

you’ll be back: king george iii sings about how he loves america and he is going to keep them no matter what he has to do (he is basically a possessive ex boyfriend) “and when push comes to shove i will send a fully armed battalion to remind you of my love”

right hand man: george washington is introduced (he is a fuckin badass) and hires hamilton as his right hand man and denies burr

a winter’s ball: burr is salty washington picked hamilton and not him. they’re also reliable with the LADIES

helpless: eliza schuyler falls in love with hamilton and they get married

satisfied: angelica schuyler reveals that she met hamilton first and she is also in love with him, but she let her sister have him because it would make her sister happy (angelica slays this song)

the story of tonight reprise: the four dudes sing about how alexander isn’t poor anymore and burr reveals that he is sleeping with a married woman

wait for it: burr explains why he waits for things in life and sits back while hamilton is reckless and impulsive (burr kills this song)

stay alive: the war is not going well, and washington promotes charles lee as general and not hamilton, and lee talks some shit about washington so laurens challenges him to a duel. “I’M A GENERAL, WHEE!!”

ten duel commandments: explains what you have to do before a duel and such. laurens shoots lee.

meet me inside: washington is pissed at alexander and sends him home. also hamilton doesn’t like being called son

that would be enough: eliza tells alexander that she is pregnant, and tells him that all she wants is for him to stay alive and come home at the end of the day

guns and ships: lafayette raps hella fast about how they need hamilton to win

history has it’s eyes on you: washington tells hamilton not to fuck up (this song gives me chills)

yorktown the world turned upside down: hamilton uses a strategy that helps them win this battle and make the british surrender “WE HAD A SPY ON THE INSIDE THAT’S RIGHT, HERCULES MULLIGAN!” (also the end of this song gives me chills)

what comes next: the king doubts that the us is going to be able to hold their own government

dear theodosia: burr and hamilton are singing to their children about how much they love them (this song is cool bc it’s like the one thing burr and hamilton agree about)

{tomorrow they’ll be more of us: this song isn’t on the soundtrack, but hamilton learns that john laurens has died and he sort of pushes it away and doesn’t acknowledge it (which since hamilton had an opinion about everything, most likely demonstrates an even greater loss. there are many people that believe that hamilton and laurens had a deeper relationship than just friends; hamilton’s letters to laurens were in some ways more flirtatious than those to the opposite sex) he ends the song by simply saying “i have so much work to do”}

nonstop: hamilton got farther faster because he “writes like he is running out of time” and he goes from lawyer to secretary of the treasury (also there is an amazing harmony at the end of this song that gives me life)

act 2

what’d i miss: jefferson is back from france ready to fuck shit up (jefferson is one of my favorites)

cabinet battle 1: jefferson and hamilton debate hamilton’s new financial plan and washington says he needs to get it through congress or he is gonna get fired (EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY)

take a break: angelica and eliza want alex to take a break but he says he can’t bc he needs to get his plan through “my dearest, angelica” “my name is philip, i am a poet…”

say no to this: hamilton is seduced by mariah reynolds and her husband extorts him (HAMILTON WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY NO TO THIS)

the room where it happens: jefferson, madison, and hamilton compromise that jefferson and madison get the capital (DC) and hamilton gets his plan. burr is salty that he didn’t get to be part of the compromise (the dance number at the end is amazing)

schuyler defeated: burr changes parties to “seize the opportunity he saw” but hamilton took it a different way. “i swear your pride will be the death of us all, beware, it goeth before the fall” (FORESHADOWING)

cabinet battle 2: jefferson and hamilton debate the involvement of the us in the war between france and england (EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY ROUND TWO) “you’re nothing without washington behind you” (FORESHADOWING) “daddy’s callin”

washington on your side: burr, jefferson, and madison are salty that washington is on hamilton’s side for most issues “southern motherfuckin democratic-republicans”

one last time: washington resigns and has hamilton write his speech (he leaves right before shit hits the fan too, lawd. as soon as washington leaves everything goes downhill for hamilton {referred to in my last FORESHADOWING comment}. BUT CHRIS JACKSON’S VOCALS ARE AMAZING)

i know him: king george makes fun of john adams’ height and again doubts america’s self governing abilities (his laugh at the end gets be every time)

the adams administration: john adams fires hamilton and hamilton roasts him “sit down, john, you fAT MOTHERF********”

we know: jefferson, madison, and burr go assuming some shit and hamilton decides to be dumb and show them he used his own money, not the governments, to pay for his affair with mariah reynolds (which they had no idea about before this incident) “ya best g'wan run back where ya come from!”

hurricane: hamilton’s solo. he realizes that he has wrote his way out of pretty much every bad situation he has been in, and that’s what he will do for the affair with mariah reynolds. “overwhelm them with honesty… this is the eye of the hurricane this is the only way i can protect my legacy”

the reynolds pamphlet: (SHIT HAS HIT THE FAN!!!! I REPEAT SHIT HAS HIT THE FAN!!!) hamilton writes the reynolds pamphlet to confess and protect his legacy. “well he neva gonna be president now”

burn: eliza sings this emotional song about how alexander broke her heart. “you forfeit all rights to my heart…”

blow us all away: philip hamilton challenges george eacker to a duel bc he was talking shit about his father. eacker fires early

stay alive reprise: philip dies with eliza and alexander by his side. (heartbreaking part is when eliza is counting in french and you hear philip try to say it with her but dies in the middle) (also, in the live version, eliza screams in agony after he dies)

it’s quiet uptown: eliza and hamilton reunite after their son’s death. “they are standing in the garden, alexander by eliza’s side, she takes his hand… it’s quiet uptown…” “forgiveness… can you imagine?” (I CRY EVERY TIME)

the election of 1800: the race is between jefferson and burr. hamilton steps out of his emotional bubble to snub burr one last time (aka he endorses jefferson instead) “can we get back to politics” “please?”

your obedient servant: burr and hamilton are writing sarcastic and passive aggressive letters to each other. they agree to duel.

the world was wide enough: burr gives reasons why he decided to shoot alexander. also a very emotional song. hamilton has an emotional monologue. (“eliza… my love take your time. i’ll see you on the other side.”) “they won’t teach you this in your classes, but look it up: hamilton was wearing his glasses. why? if not to take deadly aim? it’s him or me, the world would never be the same. i had only one thought before the slaughter: this man will not make an orphan of my daughter.” (aaron burr actually said “the world was wide enough for both hamilton and me”)

who lives, who dies, who tells your story: eliza told hamilton’s story for the 50 years she lived after he died. she says all the things she did, including establishing the first private orphanage in new york city. “i helped raise hundreds of children, i get to see them growing up. in their eyes i see you, alexander…” (by this point i am an emotional wreck)

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I need to ask you. Favorite character. I need to know. (I'm so happy you finally watched it :D *evil laugh*)

Favorite character for Gravity Falls is difficult to answer. What first attracted me to the show before anything else was the wide variety of interesting, entertaining, memorable, and lovable characters. Jesus “Soos” Ramirez, Dipper Pines, and Grenda all speak to my heartstrings. But I think I have to go with Grunckle Stan as my favorite. Stan Pines is such an amazing character.

Lots of spoilers forthcoming. First time I’ve posted that for GF! Whee!

“Stanford” Pines initially seems like such a transparent, simple, easy-to-understand character. He’s a big, tough, money-obsessed grouch of a great uncle who is always wheedling his way out of the law. He is a big liar, but at the same time, he’s not difficult to comprehend. His in-character companions and audience members know that he’s trying to swindle his way out of something else. He is not the mushy gushy lovely dovey type, but a bit brazen and blunt.

And he’s hilarious for it. He has such character every time he grumbles about something, shouts at something, whines about something, or lies about something. He is a quite a memorable and unique character for this alone.

And yet that is just the first layer of Stanford Pines.

Beneath that exterior is something else: a heart for the kids. The more you watch the show, the more you really see how much he does care for Dipper and Mabel… and for Soos and Wendy, too. He might seem cold, harsh, and unsympathetic at times, but he has a big heart underneath all of it. The second episode where everyone fishes makes that initially obvious. Dear Thor, there are so many episodes that showcase his internal big heart. “Dreamscaperers” is a great example. Stan begins by telling Soos how much of a pathetic wimp Dipper is. But he’s hard on Dipper to try to toughen the kid and make his life better. Stan has an enormous heart in Dipper, sees himself in the boy, and wants to guide him to a better life. 

Then there’s the start of “Not What He Seems.” Stan outright enjoys spending time with the kids! He laughs along with them when they shoot fireworks or even throw water balloons in his face. He’s enjoying some great, genuine family bonding time.

He’s a lot deeper than that initial grouch. He’s a dork too. And that caring dork is just as lovable as the grouch. It makes Stan into someone very deep, relatable, and three dimensional.

And he’s even more than I just described now. There are even more layers to Stanford Pines!

From season one, we see Stan do some questionable things. He slips behind the vending machine pretty early on. The season one finale makes it really obvious how much he’s doing behind Dipper and Mabel’s backs. He’s a man with a lot of mystery behind him, too.

It’s so much fun watching season two and seeing that mystery and intrigue build. During “Not What He Seems,” the twins and audiences alike become shocked to learn about Stan. Our initial impressions and our growing love of him is put to question. We’re not sure what to think of him anymore, especially when we learn that “Stan Pines” is dead.

For me, “A Tale of Two Stans” is such a gratifying episode. It ties together so many plot threads that were begun even in the first episodes of the first season. We learn about the author of the journal. All the show’s visual cues, even ones as minute as the six-fingered glove Grunckle Stan wears at one point, suddenly make sense. New parallels are created, such as the question of whether or not Mabel and Dipper will be anything like Stanley and Stanford. It’s incredible writing through and through.

And we come to understand exactly why Stanford Stanley Pines is the way he is. We see his life story. And while I thought Old Man McGucket’s past was a huge and emotional plot reveal, it was nothing like watching “A Tale of Two Stans.”

We see a familiar personality in Stanley Pines when he is a kid. He’s a brash, crude kid just like he becomes that brash, crude uncle running the Mystery Shack. However, there is much that is different about him. He’s happier, more optimistic, more idealistic, less skeptical, perhaps even a little more honest. He hasn’t been weighed down by years yet. Over time, as situations pan out between his brother and him, we see him grow into the man he is in present day. We see those hilarious infomercials where he sells “Rip Off” band-aids and other hacks. And we see him hit his life’s low. He cannot get settled, he cannot make money, and he’s banned in most of the country’s states. These negative experiences make him gruffer and less friendly. And then we learn how the Mystery Shack is built, why he’s such a suspicious character, and it all makes sense how he has become the Grunckle Stan we know today.

It makes sense why he’s such a money hoarder. For many years, he could not make anything at all.

It makes sense why he can be so sensitive around Dipper and Mabel, but at the same time, seem to try to keep his distance. He’s carrying a lot of pain inside him after losing his brother.

It makes sense why we see him sometimes so friendly around Ford, and sometimes so hostile.

I also find it fascinating how he “becomes” his brother.

He lies about his name because people believe he is the kooky scientist in the woods. Over time, he adopts Stanford’s name permanently and even “kills himself” in a faked car crash. There’s huge symbolism in that faked death: he’s leaving behind his old way of life and entering something new with the Mystery Shack. But the more and more he lives in the Mystery Shack, the more he shows some of his brother’s traits. Stan needs to wear glasses over time… incidentally the same ones we see Ford wear. Stan starts investigating the paranormal as his brother once did. And though Stan talks about how he isn’t smart… he goes on a thirty year quest diving into a deep, intellectual mystery. 

This is a really, really cool character.

And I haven’t even mentioned yet how awesomely he kicks butt.

Serious this guy is so amazing!!!

I was hooked on him when I first watched “Tourist Trapped” and saw him as the owner of a tourist trap. I’m even more hooked on him now that I’ve learned about him. And I imagine we’ll only learn more and see new sides to him in future episodes.

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Hi !! First of all, I'm in love with Feast for a king ( even if my friends now think I'm a kinky fuck because of the sex scenes I showed them ) and I absolutely adore your art style!! As for my question, I was wondering if you had any tips for newcomers on creating their own webcomics?? I apologize my writing's all over the place but thank you !! I can't wait for more updates !! Have a nice day

THE SEX SCENES HAVENT EVEN BEEN THAT KINKY YET EVERYONE C’MON!!!!! ITS JUST TENDER DICK IN CHEST WOUNDS. Well thank you for enjoying my comic so much. I don’t really know what advice to offer that isnt the same general things you hear again and again. I know hearing certain things like, assuring u that drawing indulgently is good and all that but I wanna wonder if I can challenge myself to give some more Hardcore Actual Realtalk Advice for making comics. I’m not even sure if this is great for newcomers lmao.. but these are things I try my best to “teach” myself whenever I work. Its more about the mentality of the entire work rather than focusing on one specific aspect of making comics, so, keep that in mind this isnt exactly supposed to be presented as.. well its sorta advice-y… its just.. like.. some major things I think about when I work, things I tell myself and try to improve teaching myself with. In fact, evne trying to articulate this process to you is basically a writing exercise to myself with figuring this shit out.
Its a lot to read but if you want to be my guest!

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