this was so fun to make ngl!!!!

↳ happy birthday, ever!

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NCT Dream Reaction to Their S/O Being Under 5ft/152cm

Requested? Yup!

Summary: You’re! So! Smol! How adorable! (Also I’m going to assume you meant their s/o being short.)

Again I’m so sorry for the long wait Anon!!! I feel awful seriously. Anyway I am smol myself (I’m 5′0″), so this was really fun to make (I squealed a couple times ngl) -Admin Nine

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under the cut are  198  325 gif icons of the precious, little meme and possibly one of the most beautiful people i’ve ever seen, hansol ‘ vernon ‘ chwe as requested by me. none of these gifs belong to me, so all of the credits go to the original gif owners. however, i did edit and resize them all ( do NOT steal ). please like or reblog if you use !!

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i can’t believe zayn has to go out of his way and explain his mental illness in vivid descriptions just so people believed him and stopped saying he’s faking it. like…why is this even a case? why when it’s zayn it always comes down to this? is he not a human to some of you? ngl it means a lot to me that he is talking about this so openly bc for someone who suffers from anxiety too it makes me feel more normal and gives me a hope but. he really shouldn’t bare his soul to the whole world just bc some uglies lack of sympathy and compassion and think it’s okay to doubt someone’s mental illness, make fun of it or just assume it’s a pr move. how fucking ugly.

I just realized I never posted a shot of my Yuri Katsuki cosplay (not that anyone actually cares aha..)

I cosplayed Yuri to Midlands MCM last Saturday and it was so much fun and I met some really lovely YoI fans! 
Ngl I felt kinda self conscious at the beginning of the day because I was worried I’d look ridiculous as Yuri and my face just deciding to break out on me but people were super nice and omg I wanna cosplay Yuri more and more because of it? Like everyone was so nice and I didn’t feel conscious anymore
My plans are to make Yuri’s SCTM outfit next..need to lose some weight first though!
But yeah..have my Chubby Yuri cosplay!!! Thank you to @oohkaibaboy for taking photos of me!!!

anonymous asked:

ngl u and bats are super cute!! and this time im not even riddling. u two are adorable. so is ur son. have fun babes <3


Date! Jaemin

@jaeminiast I’m no writer so rip

-ok so it’s the last day of school before a holiday so you decide to spend it with Jae! Bc hes so busy with maybe debuting and stuff and he recently texted you that he was coming home!!
-so you go to his house first thing the next day bc holt shit he’s back!!!
-you guys go to his room and this kid has soooo much planned
-video games, snacks, movies, board games, drinks (soda wtf not alcohol he’s a minor) and blankets!!!
-you also see a lot of pillows so uk the only logical explanation is PILLOW FORTS
-“jaemin jaemin can we like make a pillow fort it’d be fun come on dude”
-“sure!” He laughs so u do and ngl u guys had a mini pillow fight in the process
-so it’s all done and now u guys are inside w the laptop and ready to play the movie with snacks and stuff
-and bc the fort is big u guys have enough space to lay down right
-so both of u are on ur stomach laying VERY close to each other non of u mind tho UT like ur blushing REAL HARD
-you guys decided to play mulan (I luv her 2 death)
-when it gets to the part where they sing I’ll make a man out of u you guys staRT TO YELL IT SO LOUD HIs mom comes in to scold you two but then see how cute u are so she’s like
-“;) aight u do u kids just don’t scream” and occasionally asks if u guys need a refill of snacks or drinks
-she thinks u guys are the cutest ahhhhhh
-anyway halfway thru the movie he puTS HIS ARM AROUND UR LOWER BACK AND U DO THIS GASP LIKE AHHHH YES!!!! but he thinks it’s bc u don’t like it
-so he’s like “ahhh I’m sorry I won’t do it again I promise” he’s so cute
-“nonono it’s ok I was just..,.,, um gaSPING AT MULAN!! YEAH THAT’S RIGHT!!! she’s so cool!!!!!!!1111!!!” And u kinda mumble “pls put ur arm back on my back I like it”
-he almost died man it was adorable so he’s like !!!!!!!cutie!!!!!!!! And like without thinking he goes to kiss ur cheek
-but then u see him getting close so you turn ur head anD IT’S A KISS ON THE LIPS AND BOTH OF YOU SQUEAL SO LOUD AND LIKE DIE ON THE INSIDE WITH A RED ASS FACE
-it gets kinda awkward but like a cute awkward and both of u are stealing glances and each other and giggling
-“ngl I liked it” u mumble
-“wbat?? Omg really?” hE HEARD U
-“um glad bc me too” BOIIIIIIII HE DID IT U GOT SO READ SO U HIDE UR CHEEKS W UR HANDS TO HIDE HOW RED THEY ARE “can we… uk..,,.,, kiss.,….. intentionally next time” HE WINKED @ U

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25, 31, 40, 47, & 53 😊

25: Height?

5′3″ I am Quite Small

31: Three random facts

I am the shortest member of my entire extended family bc my family is Tall, I play the cello and have for like twelve years now, I have always kind of disliked the colour pink

40: Favourite memory?

I used to go to a sleep away summer camp where they had a circus area and every summer I used to spend basically all day every day at the circus area and they had a flying trapeze and it was so much fun, oh my god

47: Turn ons

Intelligence, a sense of humour, smelling good, being taller than me (for boys, for girls ngl doesn’t matter, I just have A Thing about boys heights), nice hands, good hair

53: Five things that make me happy

My sister, my cat, @kurtwxgners and @put-in-writing, music, thunderstorms

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OMG HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY!!! You're by far one of my FAVORITE people and ngl you've indirectly gotten me into so many good things (Critical Role, BSD, Wolf 359) and I hope your next year on this floating rock is just as amazing as you! (Ps- have I said you're amazing yet? And talented? Bc you are like wow I LOVE your art style its so fun and bright)

You’re wonderful too thank you so much!!!!! Tomorrow I turn 18 so bleh that’s no fun because I’ve gotta do stuff more that actually involves making nerve wracking phone calls (pls chill social anxiety)

But I’m excited for the year ahead