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Hello, Rae!!! I thought this might make you smile, just now my mum saw your art and she got me to scroll through your art tag because she loves it so much :D I hope you've had a great day <3

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thank you so much scout. that is so freaking sweet. ❤️❤️❤️

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This was supposed to be really cute, but it just turned really weird in the end…I had less than five hours of sleep. Honestly, I wanted to draw more Baseball player!Yoosung bc of @pwoo so blame/thank her for this mess LMAO.

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modern inej & kaz hcs?

[cracks knuckles]

- kaz is either a VERY successful businessman (that may or may not have smth to the side bc we all know kaz has dollars where the hearts of the 😍 emoji would be) or a street boss… there’s no in between
- inej probably runs some errands for him in her spare time like you know… spy on his rivals, slash some tires, threaten someone (in a nice way) and has a yoga studio where she’s one with her inner self and peace
- kaz respects tf out of here and even if he’s filthy rich he’d never treat her as anything less than a goddess on earth which inej totally is and we all know it
- inej’s told him that she wants to have her own income and she doesn’t want any presents from him and prefers to have that money given to charity instead
- even so, kaz still gives her small but expensive gifts from time to time - on her birthday, on their anniversary, on important days and they’re always meaningful
- a golden case for her to keep her knives, a very luxurious frame for that one family portrait inej still keeps
- kaz’s a busy manTM but he always finds some time for inej and takes her out for lunch or something sweet in between meetings
- inej LOVES to tell him about her yoga classes and her eyes shine so bright kaz’s food always gets cold before she’s finished bc he’s just so Mesmerized
- kaz used to think tv is stupid and time-consuming - time he could spend earning $$$$$
- but inej got him hooked on netflix and now he literally can’t stop watching tv shows
- while we’re on that topic NO ONE can convince me his fav tv show isn’t lucifer like… you just can’t
- they have their get togethers with the rest of the gang every friday /despite wylan being a very busy businessman himself/
- they’re mindful of each other and they take it slow bc they know there’s no rush and it’s enough for kaz to see inej getting ready for class
- he lets her fix his tie sometimes and the feeling of her knuckles brushing his collar send goosebumps down his spine but it’s not a bad feeling AT ALL
- kaz brekker, a true wallstreet menace, melts at the sight of inej wearing his (t)shirts in the morning or even doing the most mundane things like making coffee, leaning on the fridge while she’s microwaving something for breakfast, just THE most simple things make him go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- they go on romantic dates like a pair of highschool sweethearts: lazy ice cream dates, movie nights, slow sunday walks in the park
- in fact, their first hand holding (without kaz shaking, without inej getting anxious) is at the cinema, probably during some really intense scene
- kaz doesn’t even realize it at first but then he hears inej laugh in the dark and it’s the purest, most amazing sound so he looks at her
- and there they are, fingers intertwined, no sweat or red spots, no panic, no water lapping at his feet
- their first kiss is very gentle and chaste and intimate while they’re laying on the coach: inej is in sweats and a ratty old tshirt, kaz’s hair is ruffled and unkept and his tie is loose and crumpled in her hand when she pulls him down to her
- he places his thumb on her neck, where he can feel her heartbeat and remind himself that yes, this is real and yes, you are safe and yes, THIS IS INEJ and she’s kissing you back and her lips feel like crushed velvet and spicy candy
- inej has a LOT of kitchen knives but kaz only smirks whenever he sees a new package on their front door saying “CAUTION: SHARP OBJECT INSIDE”
- inej is a modern feminist and she goes social gathering that could help a minority in need or just help someone who really needs it
- kaz always accompanies her but not bc he’s scared for her safety… if anything, it’s the safety of those who try to stop her from speaking her mind
- in the end, it may take them YEARS to get fully accustomed to each other’s presence but it doesn’t matter bc they have their freedom and they have each other and that’s the only thing that matters

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Sleepless Nights Pt. 5 (Newt x Reader)

Chapter 5

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 6 Part 7 Part8


Dedication to @thesniffler (bc they’re freaking amazing and so sweet and supportive ilysm) @newt–artemis–scamander (bc they are super sweet) @internetoverdose01(you’re so supportive ily??) @i-ship-it-ironically (you’re sweet, ily) @macyl0819 (same goes for you) @rosiebeck (and you agh) @blunish101(here’s part 5 ;))



Word count: 3000+ (I’m so sorry. Oops)

Warnings: Some smut ( little explicit, not too bad and very brief), jealousy, angst, drinking (wait until you’re of age kids.)


You couldn’t help but be nervous about tonight because although you were much more comfortable with social interactions like this than Newt was, they still overwhelmed you occasionally. You were, however, a little excited about the prospect of having fun and forgetting about everything for a night.

You’d wasted the day with various little tasks, having small, slightly awkward run-ins with Newt. After this morning, your feelings of getting over him were only reinforced. You hated feeling so unworthy in comparison to the gorgeous older Goldstein sister and while you knew that wouldn’t go away, maybe they’d be severely diminished if you didn’t feel like you were always losing some competition with her.

It was almost time to go so you charmed on an iridescent dress that scooped low in the back and came just below your collarbones in the front. You smiled down at the gentle caress of satin swishing against your knees and went to the living room.

You were knocked breathless by the sight of Queenie and Tina. Queenie had her usual soft curls though, although the light was glancing off her hair in prettiest way, a halo of luscious locks framing her face. The pale pink of her dress matched the light blush of her cheeks as she smiled at some compliment Jacob gave her.


Tina looked marvelous in a knee length, black dress that hung off her shoulders in a suggestive way. The deep color complemented her skin, making the smooth creamy skin look amazing.It made you want to crawl back into bed and stay home, just sleep the night away. You couldn’t help but admire the sheer beauty between the sisters. You felt plain in comparison, despite the gorgeous dress you had on.

You heard a click and turned, watching as Newt came down the hall, stopping dead in his tracks when he saw them. He looked about the same, having not dressed up, although, he always looked fantastic in the layers upon layers of clothes he usually wore. The look on his face is what sent your mind scrambling; eyes wide with slightly parted lips, his gaze darting around the room. He finally swept his gaze to you, lingering around your face.

Tina came up beside you, black dress swishing and glittered, catching the light as she lightly touched Newt’s arm.

“Ready to go?” Her fingertips rested against the wool of his coat, featherlight touches. With glowing cheeks and an almost forced half smile, he smiled, hesitantly starting to the door.

Queenie glided out, fingers linked with Jacob’s and Newt standing by the door. He held it open, glancing around when you and Tina passed through before shutting it firmly behind him.

The walk to the bar was fairly uneventful, though the chilly air nipped and bit at the exposed skin. All you could do was wrap the jacket (you’d barely managed to grab it) tighter around your shoulders, craving chocolate liqueur and giggle water. Together, they equaled drunken, carefree laughs which is exactly what you wanted.

The smell hit you first, alcohol pouring through the room. There was a steady murmuring seeping from the room, rowdy and quiet people mixed in the crowd. Though getting jostled, you could see the Goldsteins’ sister’s eyes light up as they made their way to the bar, somehow procuring seats.

You followed them along, slipping off your jacket among the sweltering bodies around you. Almost instantly, Newt and Tina sat besides each other, conversation beginning easily as he complimented her and her dress, smiling in a way that made his eyes crinkle in the corners. Next to them, Queenie and Jacob leaned against the counter from their seats, fingers still intertwined between them as he watched with affection in his eyes as she ordered something.

You plopped down besides Newt, sighing as you leaned your head in your palm. Somehow you’d ended up a 5th wheel.

“Bottle of chocolate liqueur and a shot of firewhiskey, please,” you muttered, tossing the curious elf some coins. With a raised eyebrow, he wordlessly handed a bottle to you, an amused smirk playing upon his lips. A shot glass clinked onto the counter beside it.

You grasped the glass and tilted it down your throat, wincing slightly at the sting. A warm feeling shot through you, filling each vein. You twisted off the bottle cap and pressed the opening to your lips, chasing the bitter taste with something sweet.

Newt turned towards the bar, looking around for you and showing just how unaware he was. He caught sight of the open bottle of alcohol in your hand and a small frown creased his face.

“What are you doing?” He asked, lifting his hand as if to take the bottle. Your grip on it tightened and you took another drink, long, heavy, and deep.

“Celebrating.” You tossed the word at him, an edge to your bland, monotone voice. You peeked at him sideways and saw Tina’s hand lightly resting on his arm.

“Go celebrate with your girlfriend,” you muttered, a sneer creeping into your words. You gulped greedily at the bottle,trying desperately to drown the ridiculous jealousy.

He turned to you fully, the corners of his lips pulled down and eyebrows furrowed as he lifted a hand to the bottle.

“Y/N, are you alright? What–what’s wrong?” His gaze darted around, meeting your eyes occasionally. Already you could feel the alcohol clouding your judgement as you felt your eyes lingering on different parts of his face, especially his lips.

“Nothing, absolutely nothing,” you spit out, voice brusque as you reprimanded yourself. “Just get back to chatting with Tina. I’m sure she’s missing you dearly,” you said, voice mocking and dripping with sarcasm. You could hear the slight slur in your words, but shoved it aside.

He flinched slightly, not used to seeing this side of you whatsoever. He dropped his gaze, face flushing as he turned back to Tina, his hand ghosting against your leg in an accident. You saw him retract his hand up into his lap, flinching away from you, as if disgusted.

You rolled your shoulders, stress tensing the muscles, and sighed. You didn’t mean to snap at him; the fire whiskey was still running through you, the artificial courage coming out in the wrong way.

You saw him, still frowning, order two shots of Dragon Barrel Brandy and drink both. He winced at the taste, shaking his head before continuing to talk to Tina. Eyes widening, you placed the bottle onto the counter, unsure if you’d seen that right. He was never one to drink, ever.

You sat there, head in your hand while taking sips. Both the couples looked incredibly dashing together, not to mention enjoying themselves. You saw the way a loose smile played its way to Newts lips, the way Tina’s attention clung to him, the way Queenie gave Jacob a light peck.

You were never going to experience that, the way someone could be so fond of you. The sweet and loving gestures. Your breathing hitched painfully, throat tightening as soft tears gently ran down your face. You hated being unwanted. You hated being replaced.

Your thoughts were cut short by a tall lad placing a hand on your arm. You whirled around, hastily wiping away the tears and pulling your arm back as you swayed drunkenly.

“Excuse m-me,” you slurred, raising an eyebrow at the man. He grinned, a sly smile that made you uneasy.

“My, you look lovely. What are you doing all alone?”

The denial stuck in your throat, chest tightening at the realization that you were, indeed, alone. You turned away, facing the counter as you guzzled down more of the drink. You just wanted to forget for a night.

“Not sure. Friends got tired of me, I guess,” you mumbled, ignoring the way the magizoologist to your right suddenly looked up at you, bewilderment plastered all over his expression. You were about ⅔ of the way done with the liqueur bottle, the chocolatey taste lingering in your mouth, and that’s all that you allowed to matter at the moment.

“It’s a shame, pretty gal like you shouldn’t be left alone,” he flirted, eyes dark as they roamed down your body in way that made squirm.

“She’s not alone, actually,” came a firm voice as you felt fingers hovering above the small of your back. Newt’s voice seemed to waver slightly, his body swaying almost imperceptibly.

“Who are you? The boyfriend who forgot her?” The tall lad sneered, chuckling darkly. The fingers at your back pressed firmly against you, fire exploding wherever his hand touched bare skin.

“Didn’t forget ‘bout her, not that it’s your business.”

“Well, I suggest a Brit like you,” he sneered in contempt, mocking Newt, ”hold tight onto a girl like that. It’s a surprise you did this well.”

He stalked off, shoulders held high as if he’d won something. You shrugged off the hand at your back, chugging the last of the chocolate liqueur and stood up, stumbling to keep steady.

“I coulda done it m-myself,” you muttered fiercely, glaring at Newt. “I didn’t n-need you to come swo-o-o-o-oping to the rescue.” You dragged the word “swooping” out drunkenly, voice intense and bordering on yelling.

“Why are you y-yelling?” He shrunk back, eyes a little unfocused as he looked away. “I w-was– I just w-wan– I-I—”

“Nevermind,” you interrupted, voice quiet again as you looked at the confused stares of your friends. You stumbled to the door, listening to them gather their stuff and follow. You couldn’t walk home alone because assuming you could even find it, you shouldn’t be left alone to walk all that way in your state.

Queenie couldn’t, for the life of her, understand why you’d blown up. Granted, thoughts of insecurity and doubt had swept through your mind and you’d been confused as to why he had stepped up when he was talking to Tina. You didn’t want to talk to the man anyway, yet you had gotten upset when Newt had interrupted. She just couldn’t understand.

Unaware of Queenie’s thoughts, you staggered on, tripping every so often and holding tightly onto your jacket. You didn’t realize the tears streaking down your cheeks or the way Newt’s eyes lingered on you, itching to be closer. Once inside, you went directly to the room and closed the door, unzipping the dress quickly. You’d barely thrown off the dress and started pulling on pajamas when the door opened again, Newt stumbling past you with eyes glued to the ground.

You froze, eyes wide as he took off the layers and leaving him in only his slacks and shirt. He glanced around and froze, expecting you to be in his case. He stood for a moment, eyes roaming over you before his face went beet red and he turned around, facing the wall as he cleared his throat.

“I’m terribly, terribly sorry,” he whispered fervently, voice husky and tinged with something. His voice wavered and his hands twitched as he stared at the ground. Almost unconsciously, you started to him, clumsy and tripping from the alcohol still saturating your veins.

You needed to kiss him already. Your skin was still on fire from where he’d touched before and as much as you didn’t want to admit it, you had enjoyed it when he spoke up at the bar.

“Its….it’s alright. You can, you can t-turn around,” you murmured, voice low and rough. Hesitantly, he spun, swallowing hard when he saw you were still topless except for a bra. You dropped the shirt unceremoniously to the floor and took a small step to him, chest heaving.

You heard him inhale sharply and felt a small shiver run down your spine. He stood still, unmoving except for the ragged breathing pouring out of him. You took another step and another and another until you were right in front of him, his eyes darting everywhere except to meet your gaze.

You could feel his eyes on you, a ghosting touch that sent sparks run through you. The sharp smell of alcohol lingered on his breath, fanning across your lips as you got ever closer.

His eyes, wide in surprise, were dark and his body was tense. Carefully, you lifted your hand, running your fingers along his jaw and edging closer.

“Please. Please just pretend you want me for one night,” you whispered, not giving him time to respond as you closed your eyes and kissed him. Your lips pressed hard onto his, hand going to tangle in the auburn hair.

Suddenly, he was everywhere. His hands gripped your back and pulled you flush against him, your chest heaving against his. His fingers danced across your skin, his own breathing staggered and erratic. You ran your free hand along his chest, fumbling with the buttons as he backed up. You lost your balance and suddenly you were on top of him, him running sloppy, intense kisses along the edge of your jaw and the tender skin of your throat.

His hands ran along the dip of your waist, feather light touches up your ribs. A soft moan slipped past your lips and you felt him shudder beneath you, fingers gripping harder. Finally, you managed to get the buttons undone and slid your hands into the shirt, feeling the dips and ridges of scars. It was electrifying, feeling his skin against your with his lips pressed against you.

He kissed a tender area where your shoulder sloped into your neck and a surprisingly loud groan forced its way past your lips. You rolled your hips against his, relishing in the way he writhed and squirmed beneath you. He rolled, hovering above you now while you slid the shirt off his shoulders. You grabbed the back of his head, bringing him back down to your lips as he slid a hand down your body to the waistband of your pants.

You placed a sloppy, needy kiss against his throat, the soft skin slick with sweat. His fingers danced along your hips, your skin sensitive to each touch. You latched your lips against his neck, sucking and kissing greedily. Your hips bucked roughly against his at the low groan that poured from him, his fingers finally dipping teasingly beneath your waistband.

He barely grazed your clit, but it sent you writhing, moaning and squirming under him. You bit against his neck, kissing softly along and around it as you gripped his shoulders. You ran your hands along the numerous scars, happy through your drunken haze that this was finally happening.

His fingers dipped low again, moisture seeping through and onto his long fingers. Staggered moans slipped through as you clawed lightly against his back, impatient with the teasing. Your back arched and you cried out, chest heaving when he slid a finger in. It was a foreign feeling, one you hadn’t felt for quite a while and you bucked against his hand, groaning as his lips peppered clumsy, rushed kisses on your chest and up your throat.

He pumped his finger, curling it deliciously as he looked at your writhing body. His eyes were dark with lust as he kissed along your jaw, a soft groan slipping out when you tugged on his hair, hips lifting towards him. Moans filled the room along with the sound of gasping and wet, greedy kisses.

You brought his lips to yours again and he could taste the chocolatey alcohol on your mouth. Almost immediately, he backed away, pulling out his fingers from your pants and standing up. You whimpered from the loss, sitting up to look at him. He was a mess; his hair was tangled and unruly, shirtless with rumpled pants, lips swollen and red, his skin slick with sweat and numerous bite marks and faint bruises littering his chest, shoulders, and neck. But Merlin’s beard he was absolutely gorgeous.  

“What’s wrong, what are you doing?” You asked him, worry coloring your slurred voice as he frantically started pulling on his shirt and grabbing his clothes. You got up, putting on your shirt and placing a hand on his arm. He flinched away.

“I c-can’t d-do this. It’s n-not okay,” he started, shaking his head and looking away. You crossed your arms over your chest, everything suddenly much more focused as you took a step back.

“What do you mean it’s not okay?” You asked, your voice dangerous.

“I c-can’t do this. We’ve b-been. W-we’ve been d-drinking and it’s n-n-not alright. You’re not y-yourself—”

“You mean I’m not her.”

“—and you’re n-not– What?”

“I’m not Tina. That’s the problem, isn’t it,” you said quietly, not listening to his excuses as your body shook. He looked bewildered, probably at the prospect of being caught.

“What? N-no, that’s a-absurd. You’ve been d-drinking and I-I-I—”

“Get out.”

“What? Y/N,” he pleaded, face scrunched as he tried to explain.

“Get. Out,” you snarled, anger simmering. “Get out and don’t come back. I’m done with this. I’m done with always being replaced and never, ever being seen. I am done with always being on the sidelines while you fall in love with different women, sitting around waiting for you to remember your BEST FRIEND. I’m done with it. With all of it. You can finish your manuscript on your own.”

“Y/N, p-please. That’s n-not wh-wha—”

“Get out. Please, please, please just get out before I humiliate myself further,” you whispered, voice thick with tears as you stared at ground, waiting for him to leave.

“Y/N… P-p-please, I… Alright,” he mumbled, hesitating for a moment before going out to the living room.

Within seconds, heavy, ugly sobs were ripping themselves out of your chest as you sank to the floor. You buried your head in your arms, quietly crying as you thought over what you’d just said. You dragged yourself to bed, the one unrumpled and neat, and laid there, tears streaming from your raw eyes.

With alcohol and sorrow dragging you down, you slowly fell into the abyss, sleep capturing you as you did.


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so I met frank iero yesterday… holy shit I’m still freaking out because he’s basically my idol and ahhhhh everything people said was true he’s so sweet and calming and I told him how much his music means to me and he smiled and I’m so happy. Oh and the concert was amazing too and ughhhhh I just wanna go back and do it again

  • what she says: I'm fine
  • what she means: literally the turnabout musical crew is a total gift to humanity first off the fans have been dreaming for so long of actually getting to see the show and when they finally had a venue they livestreamed it so anyone anywhere can see it which is so sweet. The chat was amazing everyone was freaking out at the same time literally from like twenty minutes before it would begin everyone was there and waiting and excited and the cast totally did not disappoint plus all the costumes were so perfect and you could tell they put a lot of effort into seriously making it the best it could be not to mention Charley running the livestream was so awesome and kind and for a phone the quality was so amazing also their gumshoe literally saved up his data so everyone could save it seriously the entire crew is so perf that's such a gumshoe thing to do speaking of characters who literally popped out of the game itself Payne/the baeliff are totally amazing and canon not to mention their Larry literally waltzed right out of PW and hopped on stage and he is completely perfect ngl everyone was so hyped during its gotta be the butz TBH please tell Larry I love him furthermore Phoenix and Maya and Mia and von karma and honestly everyone have singing voices that made me weep honestly I can't believe it I mean there had to be some supernatural stuff going on for such perfection to be present all at once everyone have it their all and it was so amazing especially all the memes that came up ngl the fact that April May was just introduced with "leg" was comedic gold so was literally every word out of Redd White's mouth or the fact that everyone in unison had to caption 600,000 volts with rip Maya. Everyone's acting was so perfect and on point and seriously redeemed 2016 especially the irony of having the show in December 2016 this musical is so perfect everyone in it is so perfect the entirety of turnabout musical is so perfect like von karma level perfect. care to explain this three (and a half) hour gap because I do not have the words to express how splendiforous it is/was
  • tl;dr tell everyone remotely related to turnabout musical I love them