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why are people so oblivious to the fact that the citizenship process is not that easy?????? It can take up to a DECADE to become a legal citizen, people have to hire lawyers, people have to spends thousands of dollars, people have to go years without seeing their family in the country they came from and people have to memorize information about America I probably wouldn’t even memorize if I tried….like idk why dumbasses think it takes 5 minutes,, the system makes it hard for a reason

certain states try to restrict what a food card can buy so much, and it really fucks disabled people over, for instance some states either don’t allow for microwaved meals to be bought or are trying to make it so a food card cant cover them, which is absurd because … if you’re disabled it’s kind of fucking hard to cook a full meal for yourself, if not impossible.

Restrictions on poor people’s diets is violence. Just because someones poor doesn’t mean you should police how they should eat. Would you fucking want to live on nothing but rice and beans for the rest of your life because you’re disabled and thats all you can afford?

would you want to never have any sweets or easy to eat snacks because you’re too poor and too disabled to afford such things even for your birthday or special occasions. Or would you want to only be able to afford frozen/canned vegetables never being able to taste a fresh salad or even a fucking apple?

Because lawmakers think poor people, and especially poor disabled people don’t deserve fresh fruits and vegetables, snack foods, cake, and the list goes on. 

We are people who cannot work because we’re disabled and you are punishing us for it. Some of us need easy food to eat, some of us need fattening food to eat because we’re underweight, some of us need special diets due to allergies, and restricting what all people on food cards can eat can get people killed.

can i get a round of applause for *insert marginalized group here* y'all are awesome and im not just saying this bc i want validation and compliments for this incredibly easy entirely preformative activism (if i can even call it that). please reblog it so i can have even more attention and more people will see what a complete narcissist i am. k im gonna spend the rest of the day jacking off and reading call out posts about steven universe fan artists instead of doing any kind of activism that would actually make the world a better place.

Simplicity👌🏼🌿 as much as fancy meals are nice sometimes, the more in-tune with my body I become, the more I just love simple, wholesome meals like this ~ and they sure are satisfying and delicious. Not to mention easy to make + so cheap⚡️⚡️
On that topic, a NEW POST is now up on my blog about being vegan on budget with all my best tips🤗 the link is in my bio!

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I like dark warm colours but my room and wardrobes are white and I can't repaint because I rent. Any tips for how I could warm the place up a bit?

Room anon back! My room has a couple decent sized windows, a loft bed, & it’s pretty open (but rn it’s kinda cluttered & messy haha). I’d like to make it more cozy, & I really like nature so I’d like to add some nature-inspired touches too? (ps you’re a sweetie :D)

So I got these two messages at once and I think I can make a joint post to help you both. 

How to warm up a white room or any room in general. 

  • Choose a colour scheme. In the case of the white room it should be easy because you only need to add a colour to the preexisting white. Since you’re going for warmth I would obviously advise you go for a warm colour (yellow/red/orange - or you can even use cooler colours as long as they are not too cool: e.g. mauve, dark blue, olive green). The colour scheme i used for my old room was a mixture of warm yellow/plum/wine colours :) Btw, choosing a colour scheme doesn’t mean repainting or changing furniture. You can do it by changing small things in your room (curtains/bedsheets/other small decorations around the room).
  • Fairy lights. Maybe instead of plain fairy lights you can choose multicolored ones to add even more colour to your room. Like these:

Also the ones in the centre are meant to look like flowers. So something like that would definitely add a nature-vibe to your room (they also sell fake ivy that you can hang around your room if you want). I think fairy lights look great when they’re framing either a door or a window. If you’re worried about fire hazards they sell battery charged fairy lights.

  • Curtains/rugs/bedsheets. Basically, just changing the preexisting curtains and/or rugs to your colour of choice (I also think curtains with a floaty material add a magical touch to your room). I’m not sure if the person renting can make these changes, but if you can, I think it would definitely add that warmth that you want.
  • Crates. This is more for the nature-inspired anon. Wooden crates as storage space for books/etc, or as your bedside table are a cheap and tasteful option to give your room a rustic vibe :D I think they’re also sold for reasonable prices on different online stores.
  • Accent Wall. If you can’t paint your wall you can easily make an accent wall out of anything. Some of my favourite options for cheap/non permanent accent walls include: 

Throw/tapestry wall hanging.

Chalkboard Walls. Basically removable chalkboard wallpaper which you can use to draw on or even use as a planner! They sell in all kinds of sizes online so you don’t need to get one that takes up an entire wall if that’s too much for you.

Big ass map lol. This one might be a particular thing of mine. But I LOVE old looking maps as decoration. So if you can find a big ass map to take up part of your wall or if that’s even your kind of thing i’d definitely go for it.

  • Finally, I realize this might not be doable for you. But if it is, a canopy/mosquito net over your bed increases your room’s cozy score by +1000. It’s science.

I hope I could be of some help :) If not, you are always welcome to ask for advice xx

four seasons.

four seasons and 100+ episodes in.

Steven has questions and simply wants direct answers about what his mom did. he is living in a house with his mom’s closest friends. those closest friends are his mother-figures. they were there to see and feel and breathe and smell everything Rose ever did. they literally hang out 24/7.




not only that, but with the way the writing goes:
steven left in the dark = audience left in the dark

JUST… GIVE US… content…

- mod s

why does america refuse to accept the metric system i don’t understand. why are we like this. it’s so easy. it makes sense. nothing about what we use makes sense why are we pretending

I work for my city’s art museum for their community Outreach program. Basically we go out to schools and festivals and set up tents and tables and do art projects with the community to encourage museum attendance. Usually everything is hunky dory but every now and then you just get the most nonsense fucking people.
Like this one time we were working a local fair and we were doing a project with watercolor pencils (draw with the pencil, add water, works like paint. Easy peasy) and since we’re arts and crafts based we often get a lot of small children who we have to walk through the steps of doing the project. So no biggie, about halfway through the day this family comes up to the table (two parents and a little boy) and I go over and greet them and ask them if they’d like to make art and the little boy gets really excited so I’m showing him how to use the watercolor pencils so he can make his project. He says ok and starts working so I figure he’s fine (note: our job isn’t to stay with each kid while they make something, just to get them set up and answer questions) so I start talking to another group of people. After they leave I can see this little boy is visibly upset, his parents aren’t directly near him, which isn’t that uncommon I figured they were talking to my boss or getting free museum passes. So I ask him what’s wrong and he shows me his picture which is very muddy. Like he put all his colors down and then just used the water everywhere and it blended everything together. So I tell him to use the water really carefully and let him make another one. He starts working away happily and I start greeting more people, after a bit I hear him slam his hands down on the table and scream that it isn’t working. (which, by the way, the watercolor pencils did exactly what they were supposed to, his picture actually looked pretty nice but I guess he just didn’t understand how watercolor works and it wasn’t what he wanted) at this point he’s crying and yelling about the pencils not working right, and me and another coworker are trying desperately to calm him down and tell him it looks beautiful and things like that while frantically looking around for his parents who are fucking NOWHERE TO BE FOUND and this kid is screaming and crying at us about the art supplies doing what they’re supposed to do. It took us like 5 minutes to flag down his parents who had wandered like 6 booths away from us and couldn’t hear their wailing offspring.
Like I get it our setup is kind of a break for parents, they can sit off to the side and their kid will be entertained with art and they can have a breather but it’s NOT. A. FUCKING. DAYCARE. KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR CHILDREN.

How to give Not Today views while you’re asleep

So I don’t know if anyone’s thought of this yet, but here’s an easy way to get bts a lot of views. I’m not certain it works 100%, but it’s more views than none.

First of create a playlist with 2 or 3 songs, like this:

Replaying one song on repeat sometimes doesn’t give it all the views, while playing a few in between will. And if you’re too lazy to create a playlist, just use mine, HERE.

Make sure you’ve got the repeat playlist button on.

Then push on the mute button on your keyboard. Youtube will still register as having the sound on, so the views will count. Now just keep your laptop/computer/tablet running all night and generate views while you’re sleeping. Just make sure you’ve got your laptop/tablet on a charger, or it’ll run out of battery long before you wake up.

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This may seem a little off topic but I was wondering if you can give me advice on writing a paper

* don’t edit until you’re finished, which may be difficult because most times we’ll write a sentence and say that it doesn’t sound right, then spend 15 minutes tweaking it (only to throw it out completely later on…) so at least, only edit until you’re finished with the paragraph

* frequently check out synonyms of words, it’s important that you don’t repeatedly use words in the same paper and it’s just best to expand your vocabulary by using words you wouldn’t typically go for (as long as it sounds good and makes sense)

* conduct as much research as you possibly can, even if it’s not a research paper..I’ve graded my fair share of essays and it’s very easy to tell when a student doesn’t really know what they’re talking about


Lisanne: I mean you could say that but it could have been. Anyway, I should be getting back. I just really hope you remember how lucky you are Ms. Philomel. Dan’s so considerate that it’s easy for a woman to want to snatch him away. 

Silvia: Excuse me? 

Lisanne: I’m just saying, you should be careful, having such an open husband could make any woman uneasy. Anyway, I’ll see you soon, Ms. Philomel? I need to be in the meeting with, Dan. Do have a pleasant afternoon. 

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Hello! Not a thing you need to reply to, just been thinking of you lately and hoping you're doing okay; the world is pretty stressful lately, but I want you to know how many excited people there are out here waiting for the new Ducktales with glee. I have a feeling your team's take on these stories is going to be exactly what people need this coming year. Best of luck with everything (maybe Gladstone can spare you a little), and remember to take care of yourself- we're all behind you!

Aw, thank you so much, @modmad !We’re working hard to make something we hope you’ll like. It’s not always easy (ESPECIALLY with everything going on), but it is always worth it.


Beethoven - Symphony no. 6, “Pastoral” 

The “Moonlight” sonata, the “Tempest” sonata, the “Emperor” concerto, the “Heroic” symphony…the turn into the 19th century, the shift into Romantic aesthetics, made it easy for Beethoven’s audience to ascribe extra musical ideas and meaning to his absolute works. Publishers found it an easy way to catch people’s eyes, hit their hearts and imaginations with images and emotions that they feel the music is “supposed” to convey. What makes Beethoven so popular is how his life and work had immediately become shrouded in myth, legend, stories that were intriguing and moving enough to get people to want to hear the music, to see if they can find the extra musical meanings. The Pastoral Symphony is one of the few, rare times that Beethoven purposefully tried to recreate programatic ideas and images into his music. The work premiered alongside the fifth symphony and the fourth piano concerto, a staple of his “middle period”, or his “heroic” period. The symphony’s story is a walk through the wilderness, probably inspired by Beethoven’s love for nature and his frequent walks along the countryside near Vienna to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and obligations. We start out with big smiles walking along the green pastures of a sunny day, feeling the wind against our skin, the warmth of the sun on our clothes. We then come across a brook, watch the water flow, the grass sway in the wind. Then we come across a few people living in the country in a lively dance. Maybe a wedding ceremony? Or just dancing for fun? All that is chased away as dark clouds come overhead and thunder crashes, lightning flashes, and rain pours down over the fields. But once the storm passes, a shepherd is heard singing a happy song, and everyone is at peace again. This symphony was influential to the Romantics who came afterward, by reaffirming that it is alright to use “absolute, structured” genre, like the symphony, to convey extra-musical ideas and emotions.


1. Erwachen heiterer Empfindungen bei der Ankunft auf dem Lande (Awakening of cheerful feelings upon arrival in the countryside): Allegro ma non troppo

2. Szene am Bach (Scene by the brook): Andante molto mosso

3. Lustiges Zusammensein der Landleute (Merry gathering of country folk): Allegro

4. Gewitter, Sturm (Thunder. Storm): Allegro

5. Hirtengesang. Frohe und dankbare Gefühle nach dem Sturm (Shepherd’s song; cheerful and thankful feelings after the storm): Allegretto

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Hello witch mama! So I'm starting my own herb garden and as you hold so much knowledge I was wondering if you had any information about the best overall herbs for a herb garden?

Ahhhh, these questions make me wish I had paid more attention as a child! (I grew up with 7 different gardens, one of which was an herb garden– WHY didn’t I listen to what my dad was saying??? hahaha) Here is what I remember –

basil and sage are really easy to grow, basil grows well even in a window. mint is wonderful but DO NOT plant it around your other plants bc if i remember anything it’s that mint will take over your herb garden so fucking fast and will choke out your other plant babies, so plant some mint in a pot and keep in in the pot lol. it’s also really important to pay attention to the needs of each plant, some grow well in shade and wet ground, some don’t grow well in super wet soil and need to be really sunny. ours was half sun half shade and it moved nicely through the day with the sun. a planned out herb garden can be incredible. but a lot of people neglect learning the conditions each plant needs & what can grow together and what can’t (keep a little journal!) and then just don’t think they have a green thumb, but they just aren’t attentive! 

I’m going to find some articles for you – 

8 Best Herbs To Grow In A Beginner’s Herb Garden
Herb Gardening for Beginners
Secrets to Herb Gardening for Beginners

This makes me want to call my dad and just be like “DAD PLEASE GIVE ME ALL YOUR PLANT AND HERB KNOWLEDGE THAT I REJECTED AS A CHILD”