this was so cute omg and i saw it irl

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Phil reblog one of your draws again! Congratulations 🎉

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Thank you to everyone who notified me and congratulated me :’)!!

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Sometimes I don't really realize how tiny Clara/Jenna is but the Abbey Road picture really brings it to light because lack of shoes and SHES SO FUCKING SMALL OMFG IT'S ADORABLE AHHHHH!!!!! Like I never saw Daleks as particularly tall (although I guess they are irl) so to see that she's actually tinier than a Dalek is just mind blowing to me right now I think I'm gonna die it's so cute omg

She smol. She so smol.

Since Jenna/Clara is normally in heels of some sort you don’t really see the height difference (and they usually prop her up on a box for filming), however there is one thing where I will always use as a reference for heights.

She smol. He tol.