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I Saw You & I Saw the World

Lafayette x Reader

Modern AU

Author(s): Lil Laddie

Words: 1499

Warnings: Swearing (i think), kissing, alcohol, cheesy af

Request:-Soulmates AU reader/Lafayett (world is black and white) - Drunk Confession Au - Prompts: 6, 8, 29, 19 (all prompts together in one shot) -PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE :) - @bittersweetbarnes

6: ”I wuv you so mu-” “Oh my god are you drunk?”

8: “___ YES!” “____ NO!”

29: “C-can you hold my hand?”

19: “Stop calling me cute!” “Sop doing cute things!”

A/N: Hey lovelies! I’m sorry, I’ve kind of disappeared off the face of the earth since the new year. I just had some shit I was dealing with, but now I should be back into the grove of things. I want to apologize about how long this took. It took much longer than it should have! But I hope you like it, it’s a tad cheesy and I’m sorry about that. We are going to be cracking down on requests this next week so they can be open again soon! I hope you all are having an amazing day and I hope you remember how much we love you! Love y’all!

“Come out with us tonight, (Y/N)!” Angelica whined tugging at your hand.

“I don’t know, I’m not really in the mood to be hanging out at a bar all night.” You shrugged, not finding the situation appealing at all.

“But Alex and his friends are going! I can already tell you’ll get along with them. It’s going to be fun.” Eliza pouted.

“Bars always have those creepy drunk guys, I don’t want to go.” You sighed, trying to ignore their pestering as you looked at something on your phone.

“What if your soulmate is there?” Peggy asked, making your head shoot up and your phone fall from your hand.

This had been a sensitive subject for you the past few months. You had realized that you weren’t getting any younger, yet the world was still black and white. There was none of the beautiful colors Eliza ranted on about since she met Alex. You craved to see the vibrant colors and the person that would get to see them for the first time with you.

“Peggy…” Angelica warned, trailing off.

“Help me find something to wear.” You said, walking towards your closet.

“(Y/N), you don’t have to go…” Eliza said softly.

“I’m coming.” You stated, your eyes filled with determination.


The bar was a local one that Alex knew the owner of. Once you got there, you wanted to turn and walk right back out. It was full of loud and obnoxious men that were scattered across the room. It was not a welcoming sight.

“I’ll go get us drinks.” You muttered, feeling a pair of eyes watch you strut to the bar.

You ordered the drinks, the feeling of someone watching you never left. After a couple minutes of waiting at the bar, you could hear footsteps approaching you quickly.

”I wuv you so mu-” You turned to see a poofy haired man grinning at you, a drink in his hand.

“Oh my god, are you drunk?” You interrupted him in distaste, but then something magical happened.

The room began to light up with all different kinds of colors. You gasped in shock and amazement. You craned your neck, trying to see every single shade of each color. The beauty around you blew you away.

“It’s amazing, right?” The man watched you with a smile, not seeming completely drunk like you thought he was.

“I’m (Y/N).” You grinned, extending your hand.

“It’s nice to meet you, mon cheri. I am Lafayette.” Lafayette grabbed your hand placing a light kiss to the top of it with a wink. “But you can call me Laf.”

“Lafayette, that sounds familiar…” You trailed off, trying to remember where you had heard that name before.

“I am one of Alexander’s friends. Eliza has told us a lot about you.” Laf’s gaze never left yours, ignoring the amazing colors around the room to focus on you.

“Oh! That makes sense.” You blushed, looking down at your hands.

Lafayette chuckled at your flushed cheeks, finding you absolutely adorable.

“What?” You demanded, your head snapping up to look at him.

“Nothing, you’re just cute when you’re embarrassed, mon ange.” Laf shrugged, smiling once he saw your cheeks heat up again at the pet name he called you.

“I’m not cute.” You mumbled looking away.

“You did it again! You’re so cute!” Laf smirked as you grew more flustered.

“Stop calling me cute!” You almost yelled, catching the attention of your friends in a booth across the room.

“Then stop doing cute things!” Laf retorted just as loudly as you, your friends laughing at the two of you.

“Oh God, they’re staring at us now.” You grimaced, trying to fight down the blush on your cheeks.

“Then let’s get out of here, mon amour.” Laf suggested, catching you off guard.

“But we just met and what if Angelica and Eliza worry…” You trailed off, not sure if it would be safe to go off with a man you just met.

“You’re my soulmate, you think I would ever hurt you?” Laf asked softly, his eyes becoming more gentle as he stared at you.  “Trust me.”

“I’m not so sure…” You breathed out, still feeling a bit uneasy about the idea.

“It’s either that or I’m probably going to get super drunk here. Then you won’t get a very good chance to get to know me.” Laf lied, he obviously was going to ignore drinking and focus on you. He just really didn’t want his friends to ruin his first moments with you.

“You wouldn’t…” You trailed off, glaring at Laf’s seemingly truthful face.

“LAFAYETTE YES!” He raised his voice once again, throwing his arms in the air.

“LAFAYETTE NO!” You protested, giggling at the weird face he was making at your response.

“Do you want to get out of here now? I promise it will just be talking, nothing to make you uncomfortable.” Laf said, his voice growing soft again as he closed the small space in between the two of you.

“Okay.” You whispered, his face inches from yours.

“I’m sorry to ruin the moment, but I’d rather our first kiss wasn’t in front of our gawking friends.” Laf said, his eyes studying your lips that were so close to touching his.

“How do we get away without them following us?” You asked, studying every inch of his face.

He was a handsome man, from his smooth dark skin to his soft brown eyes. His neatly trimmed beard was brushing against your cheeks and lips, the skin tingling where it was touched. This man was beautiful and somehow he had managed to be your soulmate and only yours.

“We sprint out of this bar on the count of three.” Laf interrupted your thoughts, breaking his eyes away from your soft lips to your eyes. “Ready? 3…2…1…GO!”

Laf grabbed your hand, sprinting through the door of the bar. Your friends could be heard shouting after you and stumbling to catch up. Luckily for you, Lafayette was fast and he easily pulled you along with him.

Laf and you laughed as you rounded the corner to a street with shops lined on either side. You let go of his hand, looking at the beautiful sight in front of you. The shops were lit up with bright lights and neon signs.

You gasped in awe as you studied each of the different colors coming from the shops. As you studied your surroundings,  you were completely oblivious to Laf being just as captivated by your face as you were with the lights and colors.

“(Y/N)…” Laf said, you turned to face him nervously rub the back of his neck. “C-can you hold my hand?” Laf stuttered, looking sheepish.

“Of course.” You grinned, interlacing his fingers with yours.

Feeling his hand wrapped tightly around yours, gave you the chills. You couldn’t completely describe the feeling, but it was like everything in your life suddenly fell in place. The worries you once had, melted away into a calm peace. You were supposed to be there with him and only him.

“This feels so strangely right.” Laf muttered, looking at your hands in wonder.

“I know exactly what you mean. It’s hard to explain.” You smiled, looking at his face that was now inches from yours.

“Now that our friends aren’t here…” Laf trailed off, moving his hands to lightly cup your face.

You giggled, closing the distance between your lips quickly. You melted into the kiss, never having felt such an amazing feeling. You felt safe here, in his arms. It was as if nothing could ever hurt you while they were wrapped around you. They were a safe haven you had never had.

The whole world faded away around you and it was just you and him. The man you had dreamed of for years was kissing you and nothing else mattered. You could feel him smile into the kiss and couldn’t help but hope he was feeling the exact same way.

He pulled away, still cupping your face as he studied it. “I can’t believe I got someone as amazing as you for my soulmate, mon amour.”

“I think I’m the lucky one here.” You giggled, brushing off his compliment

“I mean it. You are extraordinary and I barely know you yet. We were meant to be since the beginning and I know we just met but…” Laf paused a small smile on his face. “Je t’aime, (Y/N).” Your breath caught in you throat as he said these words.

“Je t’aime, Lafayette.” You said, grinning at the man in front of you.

You had just met him and already you were in love with him. He was your soulmate and you wouldn’t want it any other way. This was the start to a love that you couldn’t even imagine in your wildest fantasies. It was one to trump all fairytales and miraculously, it was yours.


Request: Could you write an Alexander x reader where reader is a friend of Angelica and she invistes her to a walk with Alex, Laf, Herc and John and the reader thinks Alex is really cute and he likes her too and they talk and he flirts a bit and he gives her his coat bc it’s cold and just something very cute and fluffy.

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Time period: Modern

Word count: 2,158

Warning: None

A/N: So this one took a bit longer than I expected to post, mostly because I couldn’t decide if I wanted to do this in modern time or hamiltime. Thank you to the anon who requested this for being a super sweetie. I hope you enjoy!

For as long as you could remember, fall was your favorite season. You didn’t know what it was. Perhaps it was the cool breeze. Or the dazzling shades of reds and yellows that touched the green leaves and lit the forests alight with beauty. It was a fascinating season for whatever reason, one that made your heart swell with joy.

It was a particularly chilly fall morning that you got a call from your closest friend, Angelica Schuyler, inviting you to join her and her friends on a walk later that evening. She told you about her friends before, though it seemed she spoke most about a man named Alexander than the other three men she’d told you about. She told you that he was charming and kind, and very passionate about what he does. She’d also made sure it was clear that he was currently not dating anyone

You accepted her invitation, more than happy to see Angelica again. Besides, It couldn’t hurt to meet a few new faces and form some new friendships.

In your excitement to leave home and meet with Angelica, you had stupidly left your coat on your bed. On the walk there, you tried convincing yourself it wouldn’t be cold enough for you to need it, though you quickly found out you couldn’t have been any more wrong. But you were already near the park Angelica asked you to meet at and you didn’t want to risk turning back to fetch the coat and end up late.

When you reached the park you spotted a group of people, all unfamiliar but one woman in a peach-colored dress. You felt a wide smile creep onto your face as you found your feet speeding up on their own, excitement rushing through your body. You called to Angelica, attracting the attention of the men surrounding her. She stepped past the men around her to reach you. When you met she brought you into a tight hug. When you pulled away she took both your hands in hers.

“I’m so glad you could come,”  She told you, face alight with joy, “especially with how busy you’ve been. I almost thought you’d say no in favor of working on homework or something.”

“I could never say no to this. I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages.”

“I know! I’m so excited to see you again. I’ve been wanting to introduce you to my friends for a while." 

Angelica pulled away from you and offered her arm to you. You smiled and looped yours around hers as she led you to the group patiently waiting for you two. You examined the faces before you, all unfamiliar. You frowned slightly when you noticed the absence of her sisters. 

"Eliza and Peggy aren’t here?” You questioned, turning to look at her again.
“They couldn’t make it,"She told you with a slight frown, "But they wanted me let you know how much they miss you." 

"Well, tell them I miss them too. I feel like I haven’t seen them in years,” You said as you neared the group ahead

“So this is the friend you’ve told us about,” one of the men before you, the shortest of the group, said as you reached them. As your eyes traveled to meet his, you instantly felt your cheeks heat up. The man who had joined your conversation, with his long hair, warm brown eyes, and cocky smirk, was ridiculously cute. 

“This is (Y/N),” You heard Angelica say, pulling you from your thoughts, “(Y/N), this is Alexander, John, Hercules and Lafayette." 

You had only barely caught the names of the other men joining you this evening when Angelica introduced the cute one, Alexander. He was the single one

Lucky you.

You smiled sweetly at them, raising your hand to give them a small wave. 
"It’s so nice to meet you all,” You told them when they greeted you with a chorus of hello’s.

Alexander turned to Angelica, a sly grin on his face. “You never told us your friend was so beautiful,” He said as his eyes met yours. 

Angelica rolled her eyes, though she wore a smile that told you that she wasn’t bothered by his comment. If anything, she seemed to enjoy Alex’s flirting with you. You tried to keep your embarrassment hidden, looking down at your shoes when you knew your cheeks began to burn pink

“I suppose I didn’t,” Was all Angelica said in response as she gestured to the path ahead of you, “Shall we?" 

You smiled and nodded as she pulled you ahead of the others. They hurried to catch up to you. You noticed John move to take the place beside you, but he was quickly pushed to the side by Alexander so he could make room for himself. Lafayette took the spot beside Angelica, Hercules beside him. 

Conversation flowed easily among the group.  You recalled bits of information Angelica had told you before, using it to spark conversations. They, in turn, asked questions about you. As you walked, another breeze blew by, sending a chill down your spine. You tried to hide it, mostly because you didn’t want Angelica to worry. However, as you shivered, arms crossing over each other in an attempt to say warm, Angelica wasn’t the one who noticed.

"Are you cold?” Alexander  asked you as the others were preoccupied with some other conversation. You smiled at him and shook your head, trying to brush off the subject and listen to whatever Lafayette and John were now arguing about. Alex didn’t seem very convinced.

“I can feel you shivering like a chihuahua,” He told you as he started stripping off his jacket, “Here, take this.”

He held his jacket to you, but you shook your head quickly, trying to decline the offer.

“No thanks, Alex. You’ll be cold without that, I couldn’t take it.”

“I insist.”

After a moment of hesitation, you sighed and took his jacket by the arm. Something told you he wasn’t going to take no for answer.

You slid your arms into the sleeves, immediately feeling warm and cozy. the green jacket was a bit too big for you, the sleeves ending well past your fingertips, but you enjoyed it regardless. The distant scent of his cologne wafted into your nose and you subconsciously wrapped the jacket tighter around you. You were so zoned out that you didn’t even notice the eyes on you until you heard someone laugh.

“Uh-oh, looks like (Y/N) is gettin’ cozy in Alex’s jacket.” You heard John tease. Your eyes snapped up, only to realize the group’s focus was on you, giving you amused looks. Alexander had a wide grin on his face, one that let you know he was rather pleased with the situation. Your eyes trailed down to watch the path beneath your feet, avoiding everyone else’s gazes.

“It’s warm,” Was all you said as you hugged the jacket closer. Everyone laughed, and you pulled the collar up over your nose to hide your blush.
You glanced up at Alex, noticing a small blush creeping onto his nose and cheeks to match yours.

“Just let me know if you get cold and I’ll give it back…” you muttered, attempting to avoid getting embarrassed any farther. 

Angelica laughed softly at your embarrassment and started talking about her sisters. You sent a look her way, silently thanking her for changing the subject. The evening moved on from then but you stayed relatively quiet only adding to the conversation when someone asked you a question. 

You focused mostly on the leaves around your feet. The crunching sound they made as you stepped on them, the mini tornadoes they formed as the wind picked them up and carried them across the park, the fading colors dancing around each other as they landed in the grass. It wasn’t until a vibrant orange began to paint the sky that you realized how late it was getting.

You looked over at Angelica, who was listening to a story Lafayette had to tell about his time in France, and gently nudged her with your elbow. She turned to you with furrowed eyebrows as she waited for you to speak. You didn’t notice you had gained Alexander’s attention too.

“It’s getting late, I should really get home. I still have a lot of work to get done, and I still have to make dinner.”

“You’re going so soon?” Alexander asked before Angelica could respond, gaining the attention of the other three. You turned your head to look at him, giving him a small smile. 

“Unfortunately. I still have a ton of work to do,” You told him, unsure if he’d heard you say so before. Alex nodded, understanding your situation completely.

“Will you let me walk you home?” He asked you, hopeful. You smiled shyly, but shook your head as you moved to take his jacket off.

“That’s nice of you, but you don’t have to do that.”

“But I want to,” He said, almost immediately. You felt your heart leap and you nervously glanced at Angelica, who smiled at you encouragingly. When you turned back to Alex, your eyes meeting his, your stomach began to churn with nerves. 

“Alright, then. That would be nice." 

You watched as happiness spread across the man’s features, eyes shining with excitement.  

"Great! I’ll see you guys at home,” Alexander said to his friends before turning to Angelica, “See you later.”

“Bye, Angie. Tell your sisters I said hey,” You reminded her, before turning to the others with a bright smile. “It was so nice meeting you all." 

With a wave, you and Alexander turned to walk back to the exit of the park, your friends saying goodbye as you walked off.

"So, what do you think of my friends?” Alexander asked after a moment of silence in an attempt to make conversation. You giggled, slipping your chilled fingers into the pocket of your borrowed jacket.

“Interesting. Hyper.” Alexander laughed at that, nodding in agreement as he shoved his own hands into his pockets. 

“Yeah. They can definitely be a handful.” He told you. You raised an eyebrow, your lips quirking into a small grin.

“Oh, and you aren’t?” You questioned, earning a surprised look from the man beside you. You laughed softly.

“Don’t think Angelica didn’t tell me about the time you almost got in a fist fight with Thomas Jefferson after a very heated debate. Or the time you and your buddies got kicked out of a bar because you got too drunk and started dancing on tables. Or how you made her and Eliza come pick you up and two AM. Or the time-”

“Alright, alright. I get it,” Alexander chuckled, “I’m a wild child.”

The rest of the walk home went smoothly. Despite just meeting Alex, you felt safe around him. You felt like you could trust him. And it didn’t feel awkward with him either. Conversation seemed to come naturally to the two of you, almost as if you had been friends for years prior. 

“Well, this one’s mine,” You said with a slight frown as you stopped in front of your apartment and turned to him. While your legs hurt and you were happy to be home, you knew you didn’t want to say bye to Alex just yet.

“I had a lot of fun, (Y/N),” He said, smile wide. You nodded in agreement and began shrugging off Alexander’s jacket so you could return it, but you were quickly stopped. “Keep it. We’ll see each other again, right?”

"Absolutely-” You said before realizing you sounded a little too eager. You huffed, crossing your arms as you shrugged your shoulders. “-I mean, yeah, sure. Whatever,”

You leaned against the door frame, trying to act nonchalant. But when Alexander chuckled, your facade quickly dropped. It was like his happiness was contagious.

“Good. I look forward to it." 

The two of you exchanged numbers and, as you pocketed your phone, you felt a burst of confidence run through you. You grinned and pressed a quick kiss to Alexander’s cheek, watching as his cheeks turned a light pink color. You giggled at his stunned silence before waving goodbye and turning to your door. 

"Thanks for walking me home, Alex. Get home safe,” You said as you opened the door to your apartment and stepped inside. Alexander quickly said goodbye once he came to his senses, and you waved before closing the door.

You stood there for a moment, the smile on your face unable to drop as your heart rate began to slow down. You hugged Alex’s jacket close as you glanced out the window, watching red and orange leaves drift onto the balcony of your apartment. 

For as long as you could remember, fall was your favorite season. Maybe because of the cool weather and vibrant colors. 

Or maybe it was because Fall was the season you met Alexander Hamilton.

Jackets AKA the four times the Hamilsquad was confsued and the one time they finally got it : Lafayette x reader

Prompt : Hi, could you please write a Lafayette x reader fic where the reader complains that she is cold, so the whole Hamilsquad offers her one of their shirts or a hoodie to keep her warm, but the reader accepts Lafayette’s because she’s ‘secretly’ crushing on him. Then can it end with a bunch of fluff and a confession from the reader and Laf, please? Thank you for considering my request, I hope you write it! xoxo

BTW : I hope you like this, it was a really cute prompt. Also I got a little carried away


Number One: 

“Herc turn down the AC it’s so cold in here, how can you stand it,” you overexsageratedly whined at your friend sitting next to you in the car. 

“Well it’s not my fault you’re always cold (Y/N), and you have a jacket anyway,” he stated 

You huffed and turned around in your seat looking at the window, the city was beautiful. It was cold out with some scattered fluries that floated down the classic scene. 

“Do you want my jacket (Y/N),” He finally said after a small pause

“No, it’s ok you can keep it,” You responded with a small smile at his bewildered expression. 

“Are you sure? You can have it if you want I don’t mind,” He responded still fairly confused. 

Number Two:

The five of you finally reached the movies after what seemed like quite a while, mostly due to all of you being smushed into the too small car. You piled out and into the movie theaters. 

“Ughhh, why does it have to be so freazing in this movie theater, sersiously have they ever heard of heating in this place,”  you complained reiterating the same point you had been making in the car, this time to another member of your clique Alex. 

“Would you like my jacket, you do look cold my friend,” he replied with a hint of conern in his voice. 

“Oh- You don’t have to do that, I can manage, but thank you Alex,” you responded reckoning the same notion of before. This of course was warrented with the same response as Hercules. Alex was equally as confused as to why you did not want his jacket. 

Number Three: 

After the end of the movie, all of you, epecially Alex where restless from sitting still and found out that there was a ice rink near by that would be the perfect activity due to the weather. You and John where putting on your skates as Herc got his and Alex and Lafayette stumbled onto the ice. 

“I thought the movies and car where cold, but that is nothing compared to this, this is cold,” you told him slightly less complainy the usual. 

“You can have my jacket if you want to, I have another one I can wear,” he told you. 

“Thanks, but I will be fine, just gotta get moving around a little,” You told him back. His face was just the same as the others before him, who you turned down and look at you befuddled as you stepped onto the ice. 

Number Four: 

The ice rink was full of falling down and trying to skate, by the end all of you had some new bruises and a bucket load of memories. The five of you decided to walk around after words, with no real destination in mind, and lets just stay it was cold as hell. 

“it is like hell froze over up here jesus,” You exclaimed 

“Would you like mine amie,” He said handing you his, it looked so soft and warm, and it made you want to curl up into a ball and sleep. You took it and slipped it on, it was a couple sizes to big but it felt like heaven. 

“Wait! so you turn down everyone elses jackets all day, but then just take Lafs no questions asked,”  Alex somewhat angerly exclaimed. 

“I don’t know, I just wanted to wear it,” you said blushing, not because of the new warmth of the jacket. 

“AW do you have a crush,” John said practicly swooning

“No, no no,” You responded embaressed. 

“(Y/N), can I talk to you away from these hooligans for a second?,” Laf asked causing you to nod and walk away with him, “ I have something I want to tell you and I need to do it before I back out, as you say,”

“I need to tell you something to, and I need to say it now or else I probably never will, Laf, I like you not as a friend, and today I really realised it and that’s why I wore you sweater. I like you,” you mumbled 

“(Y/N) I like you too, that’s what I was going to say,” he beamed picking you up and spinning you around before placing a kiss on your forhead. 

“AWWWW, You guys are such a cute couple,” John Exclaimed from behind a bush before getting yanked back by Herc 

Cute Things in Today’s Bam4Ham at the White House
  • Oak almost knocked down his mic during Alexander Hamilton
  • Daveed is soooooo smiley
  • Anthony is hella nervous like omg someone get the poor boy some water
  • Pippa snaps like right up next to her and Chris’ mic
  • Lin is wearing JEANS
  • Lin is permanently jammin
  • Oak, Anthony, and Daveed are so all hype for Leslie’s rapping part in Alexander Hamilton
  • Pippa’s little head bobs o m g
  • Daveed and Anthony are lit fam they are so ready
  • Tommy Kail is an angel and I love him
  • Anthony my smol rap of sunshine is so cute and perfect please end me
  • Daveed flipped his hair during Laf’s part I am actually dead
  • If I ever hear Anthony say sex again I’ll have to kill myself
  • Daveed. Like just Daveed he is so happy to be there
  • Daveed shook his hair out ohhhh myyyy god
  • Have you ever seen 3 bros that are just super supportive of each other and are like omg bro yeah I can’t wait to watch you succeed. That’s Oak, Anthony, and Daveed
  • Lin’s little ‘wooooooo’ during Oak’s part for Herc
  • Daveed patting his bicep during ‘Mr Lafayette hardrock like Lancelot’
  • ‘Laurens I like you a lot’ ‘Heyyyyy’
  • Oak covering his mouth after ‘show me where the ammunition is”
  • Anthony is a lil jumping bean

please go watch this oh m god  ➙ (x)

Mullette Bridal Shop AU Headcanons

So I have this modern au in my mind where Herc and Laf own a bridal shop. 

  • Hercules designs and makes the wedding dresses/tuxes
  • Laf designs and bakes all the wedding cakes
  • They are the classiest bridal establishment in Manhattan, celebrities like George King have shopped there
  • Hercules will fight anyone who says “you probably don’t have this in my size” 
  • Laf takes his baking very seriously, and does not neglect the taste for the appearance: “It would spoil the wedding if they swooned over a pretty cake for hours then found it to be inedible once cut, non?” 
  • Hercules frequently gets Laf to model his new dresses or suits he’s designed, sometimes while he’s sewing them
  • “I’m sorry, your body just makes a perfect mannequin!”
  • “I do not know whether to be flattered or offended, mon chou” 
  • Herc usually ends up destroying the initial product in a rush to undress his bf and fuck him in his workshop tho oops
  • Alex and John tried to pull the friendship card to get their wedding stuff for free but Herc was having none of it
  • “If you think I am about to give you two assholes a $1,300 outfit out of the goodness of my heart, you are-” Herc sighed, “Probably right.”
  • Laf can frequently be heard screaming in anguish from his kitchen if he places a single chocolate button wrong 
  • “Laf, cakes are for eating. Nobody cares if it’s missing a patterned dot from the left side.”
  • “How dare you?!” 
  • Herc eats all the “reject” cakes Laf tosses out. (i.e., the cakes that are missing one chocolate button or one icing rose that bleeds too far into another) 
  • The irony of them owning a bridal shop is that they have been together for ten happy years and have never gotten around to a wedding of their own… supplying such events has given the two men an insight into the true meaning of a partnership, without all the material necessities


  • “I am gonna bake your cake so hard, babe-”
  • “Yes, yes Hercules, roll it in the oven for baby et moi, ah, zut!
Height Difference

Lafayette x Reader 

Note: I loved this request so much because I love height differences between people and I don’t even know why?? But seriously this one was so cute I loved it! Also since I haven’t been on in a couple of days because of the blackout here where I live I have a Peggy Schuyler and another Laf fic coming out after this to make up for the time lost!

Request: Can I get a Lafayette x reader with 89 and 204 where smol insecure potato thinks she’s home alone and can’t find a shirt so uses Las and is singing then Laf knocks on the door and cute awkward lil fluff? Reader is way too short for Laf though thanks!

Prompts: 89. “I didn’t know you could sing.” And 204. “Is there a special reason, as to why you’re wearing my shirt?”

AU: Modern

Word Count: 643

Originally posted by jauhegui

When you wake up and find the other side of the bed empty you figure your boyfriend Lafayette has just gone to the bakery down the street to get some fresh bread for breakfast.

You stretch and look around the room for the shirt you had been wearing the night before but you can’t spot it anywhere you notice one of Laf’s t-shirts hanging off the end of the bed. Once you get out of bed you scoop up his shirt and pull it over your head.

You almost laugh at how long his shirt is on you, it reaches all the way down to your knees and feels like a dress on you. As you make your way towards the kitchen to turn the coffee machine on, you start to sing that song that you just can’t get out of your head. You don’t like to sing around people, the way they stare at you makes you feel uncomfortable. You’ve never even sung around Laf even though you’re completely comfortable around him.

As you make your way around the apartment, waiting for the coffee singing at the top of your lungs you don’t realise that Lafayette is standing just inside the doorway, watching the way you sing and look out the large windows. He watches you with a smirk on his lips, he can’t get over how adorable you look basically drowning in his shirt and your hair still messy from sleep.

“I didn’t know you could sing” you pause in your tracks when you hear the accented voice behind you. You look over your shoulder slowly and see Lafayette grinning at you.

“How long have you been standing there?” You ask, your voice small as he chuckles and makes his way over to you.

“Not long amour, not long at all” he murmurs as he comes to stand in front of you, and his arms snake around your waist. “Is there a special reason, as to why you’re wearing my shirt?” he asks and you look down from his eyes.

“Um well… I couldn’t find my own shirt and I yours was just sitting there and I guess that I just assumed it would be okay if I wore yours because you’d already be wearing one and you wouldn’t need this one right now” You mumble quickly in an attempt to explain yourself.

You feel the way his body shakes as he chuckles against yours, and his hand slips under your chin to tilt your head up to look at him.

“Amour it’s okay, you look adorable in my shirt. You look like you’re drowning in it” he points out as he leans down to kiss you. You have to go up on your toes to make the stretch a little less painful for him, given the massive height difference between the two of you considering you only just come up to his chest.

“You should sing more often, votre voix est comme celle d’un ange” he whispers against your lips. 

You feel the blood rushing to your cheeks and you’re glad that from how close your faces are, he can’t possibly notice that you’re blushing. 

“I don’t know what you just said Laf” You admit, you know that even though you don’t understand it the comment was most likely something sweet. He tends to mostly speak to you in French when he’s showering you with compliments.

“Your voice is magnifique” he tells you and you smile against his lips. That one, you did understand.

“Oh, um… thank you” You mumble, not really sure how to accept his compliment.

“Come on, I bought croissants for breakfast” he slips his hands down to the backs of your thighs and lifts you up, your arms wrapping around his neck as you press a kiss to his stubbly cheek. “Sing more for me mon amour”


i draw serious things….i promise…

@hubris-but-no-writing wrote a short fic and i just… *sigh

Please Don’t Go

Lafayette x Reader
Words: 586
Request: May I get one w/ Laf where he takes the reader out drinking, & they have a fun time - until they get home. Laf drives her home, and puts her in bed. As he’s about to leave, the reader starts talking about all her shitty problems & gets rlly depressed

I actually finally wrote something. What a miracle!!11!1!11

i got my hair did today and it’s closer to grey I’m so happy. it looks cute af. also it’s halloween but because i have no friends that wanna invite me to go anywhere, I’m literally sitting in bed writing requests in an Eleven costume. What a meme.

Anyway, more requests to write so talk to you all soon!


“So you’re going to make me forget everything that happened with one drink? Impossible,” You slurred, giggling.

“It’s not impossible though! I’ve done it so many times. It works very well,” Lafayette stated, gently wrapping his arm around you.

“Literally, I’ve had so much vodka tonight, that… oh my god, your hair is soooo nice!” You slurred, grabbing onto Lafayette’s ponytail. He chuckled quietly.

Lafayette had invited you out as a way for you to celebrate your exams. You had gone in with the intentions of only having a few drinks. But you had no self-control, especially when it came to food or vodka.

After only twenty minutes, you had downed half a bottle of vodka. And while your throat was burning and the room was spinning, you felt incredible.

“I should probably get you home. I think you’ve had a few too many,” Lafayette stated, standing from the bar.

“Nooooo! There’s no such thing as too many. Let’s staaaaaay,” You slurred, tugging on Lafayette’s sleeve. He shook his head, picking you up and throwing you over his shoulder.

“Please, mon ami ivre, we have to go,” Lafayette stated. You pouted, whining loudly as he carried you back to the dorm.

“Is there more alcohol at home?” You mumbled, hanging limply over Lafayette’s shoulder.

“I’d assume so, but you won’t be having any,” he stated. “I need to get you to bed.”

“But bed is boring, and I want to party. With youuuuuu,” You slurred, giggling and hiccupping.

“You know; I regret taking you out. I didn’t realise you would be this fou,” Lafayette stated.

“Fou Fou! Like my cat, foo foo?” You asked, giggling more. Lafayette put you down when he reached your dorm. “I need the key,” He said, biting his lip.

“Oh my god I totally know where that is! It’s in my undiessss,” You slurred, giggling more.

“Can you get it for me?” He asked, raising his eyebrow when you shook your head. “Why not?”

“Underwear fishing! It’s a game where you get the key, and I party!” You exclaimed, smiling wide. Lafayette sighed, unbuttoning your jeans and grabbing the key.

“Je vous déteste tellement en ce moment,” He mumbled, unlocking the door.

“I don’t speak love,” You slurred, stumbling into the dorm. You ran into a wall, falling back and laughing loudly. Lafayette helped you up, moving you to your bed quietly.

“It’s not love, it’s French.” Lafayette replied, pulling you out of your jeans slowly. He took off his jacket, wrapping it around you and tucking you in, “Goodnight, mon ami ivre.” He pressed a light kiss to your forehead, going to leave,

You quickly grabbed his wrist, shaking slightly. “I thought you were going to stay,” You whispered, your bottom lip starting to wobble.

“I’m afraid I can’t. I have work in the morni-“

“Don’t leave like they did. Please don’t go.”

Lafayette frowned, biting his lip as you started to sob.

“I never wanted to be left alone. I didn’t think I did anything wrong,” You whimpered, starting to cry more. Laf grabbed tissues from the side of your bed, handing them to you before climbing in next to you. He wrapped his arms around you, rubbing your back.

“It’s okay. I promise everything will be okay,” he whispered, kissing your forehead again.

“Will you stay?” You whispered. He nodded.

“But please, get some rest,” He replied quietly, laying you down gently. You closed your eyes, snuggling into Lafayette’s touch.

“Thankyou Laf,” You whispered, falling asleep slowly.

“Goodnight, mon amour.”

Sweet Sweet Revenge (Prank Wars, Part Three)

Note: Here’s part 3 to Prank Wars with Laf! I love writing these, they always turn out so cute! :D

Word Count: 866+

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

Warning: Badly translated french (as always) and language

AU: Modern

Lafayette had been acting weird for the past couple of days. You barely saw him throughout the day, and when you woke up in the mornings, you found that he had already awoken and left the bed you two shared. Every time you two were in the same room, he acted fidgety and a little nervous. You weren’t sure what he was up to, but you were sure it wasn’t good.

It was Day 3 of Lafayette’s weirdness, and you decided that you were finally going to speak up about it. You walked up to him as he sat on the couch on his phone.

“Alright, spill. Why have you been avoiding me?” You asked, throwing your hands out frustratedly.

“I haven’t been avoiding you.” He stated, putting his phone down. His voice was a little softer than usual.

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French Roast

Ship: Lafayette x Reader

Request: “Ayyy fam hook me up w/ some Laf x reader? Reader works at a cafe and Lafayette always comes in and flirts with them and they write cute nicknames on his cup. Bonus points for bad/hilarious pickup lines.” - anonymous

Triggers: coffee puns

W/C: 1508

A/N: Nobody asked me to but I used Taylor The Latte Boy as inspo for this because I’m a fucking dweeb

Peggy Schuyler gripped your arm, forcing you to drop the cappuchino you were working on. You groaned as you watched the drink stain your white shoes. “Damn it, Peggy!” you spat in a low voice so the customers wouldn’t hear. She helped you clean up the spill, more anxiety growing in her voice, “Sorrrrry!” she stressed, “I think I broke the dishwasher, it started bubbling and then I heard the dishes start clanging and I don’t know what happened-” You sighed and gave her a warm look, “I will take care of it” you promised. Peggy was constantly in distress whenever you had a shift with her, she just couldn’t the hang of things. “Besides I’ve got to make sure everything is working before our horrible excuse for a manager shows up” you scoffed.

“Lee as a manager is a joke anyways. You should’ve been the one promoted, Y/N” you heard Dolley Payne say from behind her register. You smiled while handing her the finished cappuchino. “If he keeps leaving his shifts early I might as well be” you joked. Dolley laughed before Peggy slammed into your side, tugging your arm.

“Ow! What is it Peggy?” you asked sharply.

Your friend winked, “French cutie is here on schedule” she whispered.

Your eyes darted to the clock. 8:11 am. Dolley moved away from the cashier, pushing you into her place, “Go get your flirt on, Y/N” she nudged. Your jaw was left on the floor while the girls scattered behind the counter, pretending to make drinks as they giggled. You sighed, they did this everyday and you still hadn’t learned how to escape it. Or maybe I don’t want to … you realized as the tall frenchman approached you, his curls in a tight bun and face in a wide smile.

You smiled, greeting him as he approached the counter. Wow, eager much? You scolded yourself. His bright eyes pretended to scan the menu, even though he always got the same thing. “How are you, Mister um” your mind started going on red alert, had you never learned his name? “Mister.” you stated. It’s perfectly normal to call someone ‘Mister’, right? Without a last name included? You pondered.

He said, “Fine and my name’s Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette.”

You raised your eyebrows, blurting out “Wow”

“But you can call me Lafayette” he blushed, “m-my name’s Lafayette and I’ll take a latte with extra foam” he asked, his kind eyes showing his embarrassment. You smiled while putting in the order, hoping Dolley and Peggy weren’t too busy eavesdropping to make his drink. He stood there, both of you smiling at each other until you heard someone clear their throat. Both of you began to make flustered sounds and Lafayette awkwardly stepped to the side, nervously patting his beard. Or slapping himself. You couldn’t tell.

“Hi,” You smiled at the new customer, “How are you?”

Lafayette shuffled around on his heels, waiting for his drink and looking at you from the corner of his eye. Say something, Gil. Tell her how pretty she looks or how well she handles the coffee cups … He shook his head, That would sound creepy don’t say that, cher Dieu… He snapped back to reality when you put his drink in front of him.

You blushed, “Sorry it took longer than usual, hope we didn’t make you latte”

Lafayette raised an eyebrow, “I’m sorry, what?”

“Like, you’re late.” you explained, wanting to shrivel up into a ball, “I was saying I hope we didn’t make you late because of how long it took because you see my friend Peggy is still in training and she doesn’t know how to use the foam machine so when you said extra foam she accidentally-” Lafayette put his hand on top of yours, slowly pulling the cup towards him, “You’ll have to teach me more of those jokes, mademoiselle.” he whispered.  You let go of the cup, stammering a response. He smiled with a wink and quickly took his drink and left the shop, his long legs bumping into multiple people at once.

He looked down at his cup that read “La Baguette” and smiled.

You ran your fingers through your hair and looked at Dolley and Peggy, who were both giggling. “What do you think, Dolley?” Peggy asked while misspelling names on cups. Dolley smiled as she accepted change from a customer, “Well if you ask me - Y/N needs to do a better job at espresso-ing her feelings” You rolled your eyes, “Har, HAR”

“It’s 8:09” Peggy announced in a singsong tone. Even as you told Peggy you didn’t care, you couldn’t help but check your reflection in the coffee pot. Dolley smiled while shaking a jar of coffee grounds in your face, “Oh come on, Y/N - everyone knows you have cofFEELS” she laughed. Peggy and Dolley high-fived.You ran your fingers through your hair, laughing nervously.

8:11. You heard the bell of the door opening and pushed Peggy out of the way of the register. Dolley snickered behind you. Lafayette greeted you with a smile, his eyes looking extra tired this morning. “Hi, how are you?” It was routine to start off orders like that, but you were genuinely interested in the tall boy’s mood. His eyes met yours and his smile brightened the coffee shop.

“Incredibly tired, my boss is frustrated and we’re understaffed” he laughed.

You nodded in understanding, already making his double latte. “Well, BREW can do it!” you comforted, while mentally slapping yourself in the face. He chuckled, the sound of it making your heart skip. Blood rushed to your face as you added extra skim to his drink.  Lafayette began digging in his pocket, and you stopped him “Keep the 3.55” He smiled, “Wow - where have you BEAN all my life?” the frenchman laughed.

“Serving coffee” you answered as you gave the drink to Peggy so she could add foam. The poor girl spilled on herself, but you decided to ignore the mess and focus on Lafayette. He WAS the customer, afterall. “What’s your favorite coffee?” he asked you during his wait, not taking his brown eyes off you for a second. You tried to control your heartbeat while thinking.

“I really love espressos but I can’t have them, they keep me up all night” You admitted.

The frenchman laughed, “I could keep you up all night”

You blushed, stuttering, when Dolley came to your rescue saying “Triple latte is ready” You grabbed the drink, about to scribble his name on it before he put his palm over it, lowering the drink and grabbing your attention.

Lafayette leaned over the counter, “Would you like to go out after your shift, mademoiselle? I’m free whenever you are” You opened your mouth to respond, but were interrupted by the customer behind him clearing his throat. Peggy raised an eyebrow, scolding the other customer. The frenchman’s face fell as you took longer and longer to respond, and he moved to the side. You quickly scribbled on the cup and shoved it into his hand.

“Hi, how are you?” you asked the next customer in a monotone.

Lafayette sighed and took his coffee out of the shop, angrily walking to his car. George Washington was waiting in the driver’s seat, impatiently tapping his foot. He looked up and sighed in relief, happy to see the frenchman approaching.

“Sorry, sir” He mumbled to his boss while climbing into the passenger seat. George put his hand up, “Don’t call me sir so much, son, we’re friends.” he said while starting the car. “Don’t call me son” The frenchman mocked. George sighed, pulling out of the parking lot. Lafayette put his drink in the cup holder and leaned back in the seat, a frown still on his face.

“What’s wrong? You’re always happy when we come here” his friend asked him with stern eyes. Lafayette shrugged. “What’s that on your hands?” His eyes shot open and he looked at the cup, noticing that he smudged your message. Lafayette hit George in the arm, shouting in happiness and french.

“I’m DRIVING!” George shouted. The frenchman shoved the latte in his friend’s face, “EYES OFF THE ROAD, PÉRE!” he shouted. George drove the car onto the side of the road, angry drivers honking at him. He took the cup from him and read the note.

‘LafaYES - Pick me up at 3?’ was scribbled. George raised an eyebrow at his friend, whose smile was extra cheeky.

He raised an eyebrow,“I suppose someone has to find that accent endearing…”

anonymous asked:

Concept: Lafayette leaving a cute post-it note on Alex's laptop everyday. It's always in French, and for once it's not sexual. It's just something small so that his little cabbage knows that he loves him

This is so sweet.

I’ll do you one better and offer that Laf likes to pack Alex’s lunch for him (since he forgets to eat) and it’s nothing crazy, just like oodles of noodles and carrot sticks and a pudding cup. and he will always put a note in his lunch. Sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are sweet, sometimes they are sexy but it does remind the cabbage of Laf’s unending devotion. Sometimes Laf will even get John to draw a doodle for the note instead. 

Bless you anon

No Use Denying (Lafayette x Reader)

Can you do a modern/collage au Lafayette x reader were the reader Hamilton’s little sister, is much shorter than everyone and just came over for collage and Laf is crushing hard on her and Ham thinks it’s halirous

Request by anonymous

“Come on, guys, (y/n)’s gonna be here any minute,” Alexander urged, hurrying his friends along the walkway, “I promised her we’d help her move in.”

“Without consulting us,” Lafayette pointed out.

“Oh okay, were you really going to refuse my little sister help moving in?” Alexander retorted.

“Hey, I’m joking!” Lafayette laughed, holding up his hands defensively.

John chuckled and slung his arm around Alexander’s neck, waggling his eyebrows as he asked, “So, is your sister cute?”

“Ohh, that’s dangereux, John,” Lafayette warned with a chuckle as Alexander gave John a withering look and shrugged his arm off.

“She’s really short,” Hercules commented, being the only one who had met (y/n), since he and Alexander had been friends in high school.

“Perfect armrest height,” Alexander quipped with a smirk, turning the corner to the main parking lot and looking around, “Okay, I told her we’d meet her here.”

“Alex!” an excited female voice called.

A couple of rows down, a girl with (h/c) hair and a wide smile was standing next to a car, waving her arms over her head.

“(Y/n)!” Alexander called, setting off at a jog to envelop his sister in a hug.

The rest of the group caught up and (y/n) turned to them, still grinning.

“Hercules!” she sang happily, hugging him, too.

“Hey, (y/n),” he said, lifting her off her feet, “Welcome to college!”

“Alright, so (y/n), this is John,” Alexander introduced, pointing.

“Hi John,” (y/n) said with a wave.

“What, I don’t get a hug?” John teased, earning a smack on the back of the head from Alexander.

“Kidding! I’m kidding! Nice to meet you, (y/n).”

“Ignore him. And this is Lafayette,” Alexander continued, pointing out the Frenchman.

“Hello!” (y/n) called.

Whoa. Ok. So she was really cute. Lafayette was blindsided by the girl’s prettiness. It was a second before he realised that he was staring and cleared his throat awkwardly.

“Hi,” he responded.


“Ok, well let’s get you moved in!” Alexander exclaimed, popping open the trunk of the car.

He grabbed a box and started off towards (y/n)’s dorm, calling over his shoulder, “Number 18, right?”

“Yeah,” she called back, “but you’ll need the key!”

Alexander was already too far ahead to hear, and (y/n) rolled her eyes as she groaned, “Same old Alexander.”

“I’ll take it,” Hercules offered, holding out his hands while he and John got their own boxes out of the trunk.

“Thank you so much, guys,” she said earnestly, handing Hercules the key.

(Y/n) went to the trunk to grab a longer box, but it had gotten wedged in, and she was struggling.

“Here, let me help,” Lafayette jumped to her service, pulling at the other side of the box to free it.

After a bit of manoeuvring and tugging, the two of them finally pulled the box out of the trunk.

“Whew, thanks,” (y/n) sighed, hoisting the box up as Lafayette grabbed another one.

“No problem,” Lafayette replied.

The smile (y/n) flashed him numbed his mind, and she had taken several steps towards the dorm before he came to his senses and caught up with her.

“So, Lafayette, I’ve heard lots about you,” (y/n) spoke up.

“You have?” Lafayette asked, slightly nervous.

“Yeah, well, you guys are just about all Alex talks about when he’s home,” she laughed, “Where are you from in France?”

“Uh…near le Puy-en-Velay,” Lafayette responded, and then, seeing (y/n)’s uncomprehending expression, “Not Paris.”

(Y/n) laughed, further enchanting Lafayette, “Sorry, I guess I don’t really know French geography.”

“That’s alright,” he said with a grin, “Most americaines don’t.”

“Well, maybe you can teach me sometime,” she suggested, swinging open the door to her room, “I am taking French this semester; it would be great to have tutor.”

“Uh…ah…” Lafayette fumbled with his words as she walked into her room, leaving him alone in the hall as he finally found his voice, “Oui, that would be great!”

“Seriously, (y/n), how many boxes did you bring?” Alexander asked as (y/n) added the one she was carrying to the pile.

“Enough,” she shrugged, “You were the one who offered to help!”

“Pretty sure mum would kill me if I didn’t,” Alexander remarked, ruffling (y/n)’s hair.

“You know she would,” (y/n) replied with a giggle, shoving Alexander’s hand away.

“Come on, let’s finish unloading,” Hercules cut in with his booming voice.

He stopped at the doorway, where Lafayette was leaning against the doorframe.

“Hello? Earth to Lafayette!” Hercules waved his hand in front of his friends face.

Lafayette jerked back to his senses, realising he’d been staring at (y/n) again.

“Right! Let’s go!” he responded, a little too enthusiastically.

They walked out to the parking lot again and Alexander caught Lafayette’s eye, shooting him an amused and questioning look, a goofy grin plastered across his face. Lafayette rolled his eyes and turned away, but he knew he was in trouble. He’d met (y/n) all of ten minutes ago, and he was already hopelessly infatuated.

“Admit it. Admit you have a crush on (y/n),” Alexander coaxed, grinning wildly as he walked with Lafayette to the library.

“Shut up!” Lafayette shot back, shoving his hands in his pockets.

“Aw come on! Are you embarrassed because she’s my sister?” Alexander pursued the topic, bumping Lafayette’s shoulder with his own.

“I don’t have a crush on her,” Lafayette said resolutely.

“There you are, Laf!”

(Y/n) poked her head out of the door to the library ahead.

“I was wondering if you were gonna make it!”

“(Y/n)!” Lafayette called, countenance immediately brightening, “Oui, I’m coming!”

(Y/n) gave a thumbs up and disappeared back inside. Alexander gave Lafayette a smirk and repeated his last statement, “‘I don’t have a crush on her’, huh?”

Ce n'est pas ma faute (it’s not my fault) you volunteered me to teach her French,” Lafayette shot back with a glare.

“Well, yeah, what’s a best friend to do?” Alexander responded as they reached the stairs to the library.

“Try to make his friends inconfortable (uncomfortable)?” Lafayette grumbled, causing Alexander to laugh.

“Exactly!” responded Alexander as Lafayette walked up the stairs, “Have fuuuun!”

Lafayette shot a glare over his shoulder as he walked through the door. (Y/n) had gone back in to sit at their usual table, French textbook open in front of her. The sight of her brought a smile to Lafayette’s face, and the thought came to mind that it was kind of stupid to lie about his feelings for the girl. He was crushing on her hard, and he wasn’t hiding it well.

Bonjour, mademoiselle (hello, miss),” he said, sitting in the chair beside her.

Bonjour (hello),” she responded with that dazzling smile, “Ça va (how are you)?”

Ça va très bien, maintenant. Et toi? (I’m doing very well, now. And you?)” he asked.

Très bien (very well),” she replied.

D’accord! Allons-nous commencer (Alright! Shall we begin)?”

It had been months now since school had started, and Lafayette was still trying hard to deny his obvious crush on (y/n). John, Hercules, and especially Alexander all thought it was hilarious and teased him about it constantly.

“So are you ever gonna ask her out? Or are you too scared of Alex?” Hercules questioned with a smirk as the group walked back from class.

“I’m not scared! And I’m not in love!” Lafayette defended himself.

“Whoa-ho, no one said anything about love! Are you in love with her, Laf?” John teased.

“Shut up!”

“Come on, Laf, living in denial like this can’t be healthy,” Alexander joked.

“Aren’t frères (brothers) supposed to be protective of their sœurs (sisters)?” Lafayette asked, glaring.

“Aw, but this is fun,” Alexander responded, grinning.

Just then, Alexander’s phone rang. He turned the screen to Lafayette to show that it was (y/n), waggling his eyebrows before answering it.

“Hey, (y/n), what’s up?” he asked.

There was silence as he listened to his sister talk, and then, “You already called a tow truck?”

This got the group’s attention, and Alexander whispered to them, “(Y/n)’s car broke down and it needs to be towed.”

There was another pause as he listened to (y/n).

“Yeah, okay. Where exactly are you?”

Suddenly, a scheming expression came over Alexander’s face and he shot a grin at Lafayette.

“You know what, I’m kind of in the middle of something right now. Would it be alright if I sent someone else- say Lafayette- to pick you up?”

Lafayette glared at Alexander and shook his head, but it was no use. Alexander was giving him a thumbs up and saying, “Alright, I’ll send him right away. Let me know when you’re back!”

He hung up the phone as the other two burst out laughing.

“There’s a damsel in distress awaiting you about twenty miles straight south on the highway, Laf,” he declared pocketing his phone.

“I hate you,” Lafayette responded, heading to the parking lot.

“Go get her, Lafayette!” John called out behind him.

“Thank you so much, Lafayette, I owe you!” (y/n) said for the third time as they sped down the highway back towards the school.

“(Y/n), it’s no problem,” Lafayette insisted, “I’m glad to help!”

“Yeah, well…thanks,” she said again.

Lafayette gave her a reassuring smile before focusing on the road. He was happy to help (y/n), of course, but his friends’ teasing kept playing over and over in his head. Maybe he really did need to stop denying his feelings.

“Hey, Laf? Are you okay?” (y/n) asked.

“Um, yeah. Pourquoi (why)?” Lafayette answered a little too quickly as he turned off into campus.

“You seem a little…anxious?” (y/n) said, leaning forward in her seat.

Lafayette remained silent, thinking for a moment.

“(Y/n), I need to talk to you about something,” he said finally.

“What is it?” (y/n) asked, sounding worried.

Lafayette pulled into the parking lot and parked the car before turning to face (y/n). Oh boy. Now was the time to do it. (Y/n)’s expression was concerned as she watched him closely.

“Look…(y/n)…” he began slowly, but (y/n)’s eyes urged him on, “You’re vraiment incroyable-I mean, really amazing- and tu me rends hereuse- I mean, you make me so happy- and I just can’t keep denying that je t’aime bien...I mean-!”

“Lafayette,” (y/n) cut him off, grinning from ear to ear, “It’s alright. I like you, too!”

“I…comment (what)?” Lafayette asked weakly.

“I like you, too,” she repeated, leaning towards him, “I thought you’d never notice!”

“I…I didn’t…” Lafayette said, understanding finally sinking in as he leaned forward, “But I’m glad to know.”

“Well, now that that’s settled,” (y/n) said in a soft voice, “Can I kiss you?”

Lafayette was only too happy to oblige. Leaning over the centre console of the car, he kissed her softly on the lips. The kiss was sweet and gentle. Both had been dreaming of this moment for so long, and it was perfect.

That is, until loud voices approached the car.

“Oh, they must be back, I wonder- whoa, what the hell?”

Lafayette and (y/n) pulled apart to find Alexander, John, and Hercules arriving at Lafayette’s open window.

“Whoa whoa whoa,” Alexander was saying to Lafayette in a warning voice, “Okay, look, this was funny when it was just you pining after her, but, guys…”

“Thanks, Alex,” (y/n) sang, leaning over Lafayette and rolling up the window.

Lafayette just gave Alexander a helpless shrug and turned smiling back to the girl who meant so much to him.


Note: Okay, so this wasn’t requested, but I came up with this idea at like 1 am last night, so I wrote it because I knew it was going to be short and sweet…so yeah. There’re probably some mistakes because I didn’t really edit much at all. Something cute and fluffy with Laf because I haven’t had time to write lately. Sorry ‘bout that. I’ll get to it soon, I promise!

Word Count: 755

Pairing: Lafayette x Reader

Warning: None, pickup lines, stars, FLUFF

“This is nice.” You breathed, cuddling up against your boyfriend, Lafayette, as you two laid out on a blanket in the middle of an empty field, watching the stars.

“Mmhm,” He agreed, pressing a kiss to your forehead.

“We should do this more often.”

“I agree.” Laf said.

A couple of moments later, he spoke up again.

“Do you see that formation over there? The one that looks like a triangle?” He asked like a kid in a candy shop.

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Lafayette x Reader: Modern!AU (Part 2)


Words: 1320

Warning: hangover, implied throw up, implied smut (okay I know I said no smut but there was no way I couldn’t do this)



“Hey man hey, I literally just found your blog but holy cow, I’m totally down to clown with a part 2 for the Lafayette x Drunk!Reader. ٩( ᐛ )و Pretty please? IT WAS REALLY CUTE, (Sorry I didn’t get the reference though >.<)”

“um so like part 2 of that laf fic plEASE?????? thank you i love your writing ur gr8”


“I need a part two of the laf x reader. Omg it was so good i need know what happens next.”


“part two part two part two part twoooo”

“part two pleaseeeee”

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The slow pulsing headache caused you to push yourself to sit upwards as you woke up, but the blinding white light consumed your line of sight and you put yourself under the large blanket once more.

After blinking a few times, and using your hand to wipe the crust from your eyes, you sat up and squinted around the room, getting used to the light.

The lights source was coming from a tall lamp across the room– wait, you didn’t have a lamp across from your bed at your apartment, where were you?

As you started panic, you shoved the blanket to the side and threw your legs over the side of the bed, standing up.

A wave of nausea hit you, the hangover taking effect, and you groaned as you clutched your stomach. How much did I drink? What happened last night? You asked yourself.

You remembered ordering a couple rounds of shots for yourself at the bar, paying for it, and getting in an uber. Then, knocking on the door of an apartment, you couldn’t remember the number, but you’re surprised the person took you in.

Footsteps grew louder as they made their way towards the room you were standing in, and your stomach twisted as you were getting quite anxious. You sucked in a large breath, as you were getting ready to blurt out this long apology to whoever strangers house you made yourself comfortable in.

“Hey, princess,” someone said opening the door. You recognised that voice, so you looked up.

You let out the biggest sigh of relief, “Oh thank god, Hercules, its you.”

Hercules smiled, “Well, yeah, who else would have paintings of horses all over their guest bedroom?”

You looked around, nodding, he did have more than three on one wall, “Oh. Yeah…”

He walked over and handed you the glass of water that was sitting on the nightstand, you hadn’t even noticed it before,

“Drink up, after that I’m taking you towards the bathroom.”

You gladly sipped the water, before following him out of the room. Hercules took the glass from your hands as you entered the bathroom.

“I’m sorry for, you know, intruding your home last night. I mean, for all I know you could’ve been sleeping! I don’t remember much, so I’m sorry for anything that happened. I really shouldn’t have been drinking in the first place,” you kept rambling until Hercules stopped you.

“Hey! You’re fine, nothing bad happened. And I wasn’t sleeping.”

“Oh thank God.”

He left the bathroom to make breakfast, also not wanting to see what kind of art show you would be showcasing in the toilet.

After you were done, you walked into his kitchen and wiped your mouth off with some paper towels before throwing them away.

“So, uh, if I didn’t wake you up, and you were already up, who was keeping you awake?” You said, wiggiling your eyebrows.

Hercules rolled his eyes, “It was Lafayette; I was Face Timing him. Speaking of, he’s going to be over in a few.”

You didn’t ask why, just gave a small nod, before getting some cereal down for yourself.

When you mentioned Lafayette, is got some sort of ‘déjà vu’ feeling. Maybe it was from last night, maybe you butt-dialed him. You hoped Lafayette didn’t actually see you, or hear you, for that matter, last night. You didn’t want to embarrass yourself in front of your crush of all people.

You sat down, and ate your cereal across from Hercules, who was texting someone, until the doorbell rang.

He stood up, mumbling an ’I’ll get it’ under his breath, and he opened the door to reveal Lafayette standing there.

He was wearing one pair of his pink sweatpants, with the waistline of his Mickey Mouse underwear showing, and his hair in pigtails.

Hercules said nothing, just moved aside got him to come in, in which he did.

You were slightly taken aback by what he was wearing, and you turned around toward the door,

“Hey, Laf.”

“Hello, mon cherie.”

You felt your cheeks burn up and you turned back to your cereal, when Hercules spoke up,

“Oh, John just texted me. He… needs me to… come over… for something…” He grabbed some shoes, and left.

“Do you think he realises he’s still in his pajamas?” You said, glancing back.

Lafayette walked in the kitchen and sat in the chair across from you, digging into the untouched portion of Hercules’ toast.

There was just silence, as you could feel Lafayette staring at you. You didn’t know how to react, so you took your bowl and put it in the sink after rinsing it out,

“Are you okay?” You looked back at him while putting your hands on the counter behind you.

“I think that question should be directed at you, considering your hangover,” Lafayette shrugged.


“You know, the how you say– aftermath of when you got intoxicated, confessed your undying love for me in a long rant, and then said that you had dreams about sleeping with me.”

You felt like you were going to cry, Lafayette was now standing directly in front of you, practically cornering you into where the counter and fridge met.

“I… have to go, I just remembered I need to go move to Alaska with my mother,” you said quickly, ducking under his arm and leaving the room.

“Y/n, wait!” Lafayette called after you, but you were already leaving the apartment.

You stopped at the end of the hall, and turned around, ready to take your embarrassing rejection so you could get it over with.

When Lafayette caught up to you, he held your forearms lightly, bringing you closer to him,

“Could you just listen to me?” He let out a breathily laugh before shaking his head, “Y/n, mom cherie, mom amour, whatever, I love you. I love how you sing to yourself all the time, I love how you stick your tongue out when you’re concentrating, I love how you’re so passionate about the things you favor, I could make a whole list about how I love everything about you.”

You just looked down at the ground, “Do you really mean that?”

“Yes, of course.”

You bring your head up and smiled, and you pulled his face down and kissed him as his arms wrapped you.

Before it could get any farther, Lafayette pulled away, “How about we go to my apartment and fulfill your dreams?”

You were quite confused at first, but two and two together and started letting out small laughs while nodding your head. Lafayette took your hand, and lead you down the stairs.

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is john an artist in your verse? a cute aftercare idea could be coloring books. john being really into it, shading and squinting closely, and giving laf and alex suspicious pouty looks when they aren't coloring as passionately as him~

This is so cute.

He is a graphic artist. 

I can see this. Also having a special sketch book for aftercare/little space

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- laf squishes and pinches alex’s chubby cheeks all the time and it makes him giggly bc alex is so cute

- when john squishes alex’s lil tum alex gets rly exasperated and annoyed until john starts making out w him

- herc makes alex healthy meals bc sometimes alex forgets to eat well ((in which i am alex and need a herc))

that’s all i got sorry 

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Hi Mama! The idea fairy visited me and wanted me to tell you this! It only works if John and Alex speak Spanish in your 'verse (I would do the translations for you if that's an issue) Baby Johnny code switching and Laf/Herc being so confused and Laf trying to respond in French (semi successfully) and desperately trying to get nonverbal Alex to translate. I like mayhem as much as you like angst. Your stories are super inspiring and just so good like agdnforndgsksmrvjl 😘

:O That would be so cute! And it would be quite the opportunity for angst! Just imagine a stressed bby Johnny who doesn’t even realize he’s speaking another language and only getting more stressed because everyone looks so confused and scared! I love it!


In no order

  • History Has Its Eyes On You Pt. 4
  • Please do more Hercules and Madison ones! ( please) and maybe one with Lafayette?
  • @cupcakequeen1999 Hey can I have a John Laurens x reader where John Laurens is like an EXTREMELY powerful warlock & he lives w/ his human wife (the reader) & she is attacked on her way home 4 being his boo so John decides to wreak TERRIBLE vengeance? I 💗 angry!John!
  • Groff’s sister preference
  • can you do a super fluffy-ish laurensxreader fic where he tells a joke or something and reader is like “god, i love you” and then realizes she said that out loud and john is like “what did you say?” and they like confess their love for each other? it would make my life better
  • all i want is some really fluffy readerX laf, john, or alex (whoever u feel like writing about) where maybe their parents are bffs so they grew up around each other and something really cute idk do with it what u want. just make it fluffy enough to make me squeal out loud
  • I’m this weird person, so may I request a King George x Reader? The plot is completely up to you, but if you may, I do prefer fluff. ^^’
  • hi! could you maybe do a Phillip x Reader where the reader is the daughter of Jefferson or Burr, and either their parents catch them together? that’d be great!
  • uh…hi…I was just wondering, maybe you could a write a platonic Lin x Reader prank war-type fic? i just think it would be a cute idea hehe love your writing btw! ❤️
  • idea that Philip finds out he has a three year old daughter with one of his mistresses but that his mistress left the girl on the doorstep and at first he’s like pissed then learns to take care of the girl
  • @cupcakequeen1999 Can you do a John Laurens x reader where he actually survived the war & becomes a vocal political opponent of slavery? Like he would be at the constiutional convention like “Y'all hoes a bunch o’ hypocrites” with his black wife (reader) there like 😊
  • are you gonna make another part to Say no to this? if not, can you?
  • @meavenel Oh hi! I’ve got a request uwu How about “famous person and fan meeting at the red carpet au” or “one’s blind and falls in love with the other’s voice AU” for Okieriete? ;o I just love him so much and theres rarely any fics of him
  • @imkindapassionate-kindasoulless
  • I HAS IDEAS……. what if the hamilsquad adopt a child who was abused (reader) and their biological parents were the Reynolds and Alex is shook, lets say he cheated a bit ago with maria…….
  • Well since you’ve seen Heathers I has a request. Could you do a Jefferson x reader based off the songs life boat for the reader and meant to be yours for T. Jeffs :)) I’m really happy now

Hey I got this idea that the hamsquad finds out the reader is from the future and John is kinda upset that she lied to him and everything but in the end everyone forgives her.

Hellooooo !! I was wondering if you could do 4.“Is that my shirt?” with Thayne Jasperson ? :D

Hi! Could I possibly request a Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader, with the reader being Irish? & very obviously so, with her accent, very into her country, & likes to talk about the Irish rebelling against the British like the colonies before them? ^_^