this was so cute ;;

an all or nothing kinda guy
  • Otabek: are you gonna go on a date with me or not?
  • Otabek: are you going to kiss me or not?
  • Otabek: are you my boyfriend or not?
  • Otabek: are you taking my hoodie or not?
  • Otabek: are you going to visit me in Kazakhstan or not?
  • Otabek: are you coming to meet my parents or not?
  • Otabek: are you moving in with me or not?
  • Otabek: are you getting a cat with me or not?
  • Otabek: are you washing the dishes or not?
  • Otabek: are you ready to spend the rest of your life with me or not?
  • Otabek: are you saying 'I do' or not?

This episode’s old and has been mentioned before, but after Lance comes out of the healing pod he starts flirting with Allura 

And then you see Keith after, while everyone just looks done/tired with Lance, he literally just looks jealous and pissed off saying: “Classic.”

But if you think about it, Keith is probably annoyed that Lance doesn’t realize that they just had a “bonding moment” and then to make it even worse Lance completely forgets about the bonding moment…LOL I just feel so bad for Keith here.

He’s probably so stressed out because everyone else is getting all the love and Lance doesn’t even remember that he defended him against Zendak and “bonded” with him too. 

(And to make it even better he was so impatient waiting for Lance to heal because he probably thought: “Hey, we had a moment, maybe we’re friends, I actually kinda care about him and his well-being now.” But then Lance just comes out and doesn’t even acknowledge Keith and it’s actually really sad?)

(Look how excited he was when Lance comes out, Keith barely ever smiles!)

This just makes me feel really bad for Keith because he’s probably not used to having connections/moments with people like he did with Lance, so he probably felt really horrible when Lance forgot. 

He really valued that bonding moment…He’s not even real and I just wanna give him a hug tbh. 

anonymous asked:

So, you think Louis is gona stay and help look after the kids now while Lottie and Tommy are on holiday

I have no doubt that Louis will help with the kids, but I need to say something because I’m confused by a lot of stuff I see about Louis, Lottie, and the twins (including other asks I received today). This fandom realizes they have a dad, right? Dan is a person who exists. So is Fizzy, the older twins, Dan’s sister, their grandparents, and probably other family members and friends who can help out if needed. I realize that Lottie and Tommy help with the younger kids a ton, but this fandom sometimes seems to have the misguided belief that they are single-handedly raising Doris and Ernest and that’s quite insulting to Dan and the other members of their family who help too.