this was so bizarre i'm crying


hello everyone!!! 

i’m excited to announce that my inprnt store is now open!!!

you can buy some of my art as prints, cards, and even phone cases!!

and as a way of thanking you all for your support i’m offering a 10% discount on print orders over $20!!! just use promo code  O5OCPQRW at checkout, but this deal ends on thursday 8/10!!!


Does anyone wanna be my friend?!?!??

Like… I need more friends to talk about real nerdy stuff… I don’t care if you’re weird or likes opposite stuff because I’m weird & I’m into so many things (I can’t even count how many ships I’ve drowned…)

Im obsessed with everything I see
speak english and japanese
have a list of gay/hetero OTPs
I draw fluffy doodles, read smutty fanfics and I cry a lot.

pretty open minded so wanna hear more stuff about other Fandoms too😊
Massage or DM me cos I’m bored af😂


The Evil Within themed Instagram dump [x] 

(plus an Oscar Connelly body-horror shit post that got bizarrely rendered?)

I’m so damn hyped for Juli Kidman Part 2 ok. Especially for Sebastian and Kidman as being mutually supportive and damaged partners trying to help each other Not Die.

Guys their partnership is so damn important to me it makes me cry

I had a really vivid dream that my mom was trying to drag me to Nepal to ride yaks for two months and I really didn't want to go

So somehow I escaped into the spirit world and she tried to summon me back with a bunch of mystics but I kept evading her by changing my spirit attributes and focusing on memories that we didn’t share to alter my astral form.

It was…

Really bizarre but actually really tense CUZ I REALLY HATE CAMPING AND I DONT WANT TO RIDE YAKS FOR TWO MONTHS and I felt betrayed, goddamnit.

What kind of person forces you to ride yaks for crying out loud??

A monster.

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I'm crying! 😂 My bf and I just discussed what shows the Sons would watch. And he insists that Happy would watch something like 'Downtown Abbey' because it would be so bizarre that it's totally a thing he would do. 😂 What do you think?

That is a headcanon I can get behind!!! Happy Lowman the Downton Abbey fanboy. 

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Rich and Strange (14): Rhythm

It’s good to feel the ocean again.

It’s not as immersive an experience as the last time Noriaki was in the water, to be sure. Letting the incoming tide splash up and against his ankles is a far cry from the total submersion he is so much more accustomed to; but in light of his transformed body’s need for oxygen, and his own clumsy attempts at swimming that single instance he’s tried it since his change, he’s more than content to linger as he is, at the fringes of the water that has been his world for so long without trying to force himself back into an environment that doesn’t seem to want much to do with him, now. It’s enough, he tells himself, even as the ache of familiarity twists itself to sink into the center of his chest; it’s enough to have this much, with the damp of sand under his feet and the cool of the water catching to stick his pants against his calves and the briny smell of the shore filling his nose with every breath he takes.

“There’s a big one coming,” Jotaro says, his voice steady from where he’s pacing alongside Noriaki, his fingers barely touching the inside of the other’s wrist to guide them forward without restricting Noriaki’s options for movement. It’s not a demand, not even really a suggestion; but Noriaki reacts anyway, turning away from the waterline he’s been walking along and reaching to close his hand around Jotaro’s wrist so the other can lead him towards the drier sand farther up the beach. There’s a roar from behind them, the sound of water rushing heavy over itself, and Noriaki turns back just as the breaking wave spills up over the sand to wash around his ankles and sweep around his feet to sink him down into the give of the surface beneath him. Noriaki can feel of the water winding in around his feet like it’s trying to pull him with it, as if it can sense his original form and is urging him back home, back to the cool blue of the water before him and the peaceful hum of the life he used to live; and he stays where he is, with his fingers against Jotaro’s wrist and his feet flat in the sand, and when the water slides away to retreat to the sea it leaves him where he stands, with the air spilling in to prickle a chill against the wet of his bare feet.

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If you could marry any fe character who would it be and why?

well i’m married in uhhhhh real life so i really don’t have a reason to marry a fire emblem character even if the possibility did for some bizarre reason arise

but also like 85% of fire emblem characters are children

so idk i’m feeling crazy tonight, enough so to answer this.

and i’ll say frey. i mean i even named a cat after him :3c

A window shows a lot of things
and sitting on a train
I'm thinking about all the unknown things I see - all the people I will never people and I realize there are billions of people on this earth but its so bizarre that you could practically live next to stranger without ever meeting them 0r without every seeing them smile
And I find it so funny the way you easily you can get to know someone. 
And how eventually you discover their favorite song
their favorite food
or the one thing in the world that makes them cry
and how all that can just start with a simple hello.
—  hello (302 out of 365)