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Hi, i just wanted to let you know that i love your art of your tiefling character, Kiru! Shes so cute and i love your art style. I also wanted to let you know that she was the inspiration for an NPC in my friend's campaign that im playing in. Shes an NPC ruler of House Sietta, and shes adorable and a favorite of all the players. I just wanted to let you know that your art really inspired the character to be who she is and I just wanted to let you know and also to thank you!

Kiru needs to recover for years after hearing feedback this sweet and unexpected.

But so do I!?? Seriously, this is so cool and sweet and AAaa!?

I’m so glad you shared this and I had to read this like 10 times just to make sure I read it right, ha ha! THANK YOU, I wish you and your pals happy gaming and exciting adventures!


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Where does this notion that Zarkon and Honerva were "good" before they went into the rift come from? Like, Zarkon is always talking about power and I think glory for the Galra empire, and Honerva was already obsessed with getting everything she could out of the rift. Like, yeah coming back as quintessence zombies probably does stuff to you, but I don't get this idea that things were fine with them before they died like you don't seem to?

I guess part of it is maybe the fact that so much of s3e7 was a love story? Genuine, reciprocated love and devotion is… a weird thing we’re not used to seeing in villains since it’s all too common in works of fiction to go “This person is a bad person so they’re not allowed to have any wholesome or seemingly wholesome relationships.”

But I mean… Zarkon and Honerva so easily come to adore each other because, frankly, they’re both very ambitious people who never really had that many restraints about getting what they wanted. That strength of will, that hunger for power, and the fact that they had so much to offer each other- Zarkon’s resources and powerful political standing, Honerva’s bleeding-edge research and brilliant mind- drew them together.

They bonded the way people tend to bond- over finding common ground. And it just sorta comes back to, they enabled each other in incredibly dangerous ways.

Every time Alfor goes “hey, maybe this is bad, I don’t know if we should be pushing quite so far with this research, there are obvious consequences”- he talks to Honerva, but Zarkon intercedes- he either goes to stand behind his wife, or shouts Alfor down.

And part of it is how we hear people like Coran discussing it- how, I think everyone wants to kind of ameliorate their personal guilt that they didn’t see Zarkon and Honerva for bad apples before everything went too far. They want to separate the people they used to call friends, that Alfor presented his infant daughter to, that Allura may have known like a surrogate uncle for most of her life, from who they became, even when the seeds of that person were always there.

They were always ambitious. They were always cold. And in Zarkon’s case… he was never a person who could actually let go of people. We see it with Alfor, we see it with Honerva, we see it with the Black Lion.

Zarkon was not a white knight in shining armor who was consumed by darkness. He was a deeply flawed antihero and when met with someone who was his match in every way, the two of them spiraled downward, fast.

And I personally kinda resent the quintessence being framed as a scapegoat, especially when the writers have said that it more amplifies what’s already inside of you- and we see nothing corrupting about Voltron, that’s pure energy itself, and another entity born of the rift.

Especially because Honerva may have been overexposed, but Zarkon? Zarkon wasn’t exposed until his helmet broke in the rift. Every step he took down that path was his own. The only part you can possibly contest- his behavior after death- is consistent with who he was before.

The Kadena Theory (you definitely didn’t come here for)

“She had not known the weight until she felt the freedom.”

- Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter

so like, i don’t know how/why this theory even crossed my mind, but you remember how way back when the Kadena ship first set sail and everyone was (reasonably) all up in arms over Adena cheating on her girlfriend with Kat?

yeah well, on most shows, at least the ones i’ve recently seen, there’s usually some kind of narrative backlash for when a character cheats—like they get caught and it’s embarrassing, or they get doubly dumped, or they learn the hard way that cheating is bad, etc—in order to teach the audience, if not the character, that cheating is an immoral act and sooo not cool, dude.

like, in my viewing and writing experience, cheating is mostly used as a cheap plot device to stir up unnecessary drama (i’m looking at you, Grey’s 👀), but on The Bold Type, with Kat and Adena, Adena cheating on Coco didn’t entirely…end…badly?

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Hey! Can I get some Tomco fluff where Marco gets insecure about his height because he's so small compared to Tom (due to teasing at school)? Tom tries to comfort him, but it doesn't work, so he just shows Marco the benefits of having a tall boyfriend by giving him piggy backs? Which Marco then becomes addicted to. XD

Awww this was such an adorable idea!!! I loved it so so so so so much!!!! I hope you like the story!!!! Sorry it’s sort of short, but I think it’s cute and had a fun time writing it!!!!

Marco slumped down on the couch and mumbled. Tom just gave him a little smile and snuggled up next to him. “What’s the matter, Mar-Mar, you’ve been muttering all day.” Tom giggled, reaching up to bop the human’s nose. Marco pressed his lips together and Tom rolled over so he was looking at his human in the eyes. “What’s the matter?” Tom asked.

Marco sighed and looked at his boyfriend. “Am I short?” Marco asked with a little scowl. This made Tom laugh and Marco threw him a look. “It’s not funny! Stop laughing.” Marco nudged him. Tom quieted his giggles and marco crossed his arms. “Seriously, I’m afraid I look like I’m still a child.” Marco huffed.

“Well we are still children.” Tom pointed out. “You look like a fifteen year old kid.” He leaned against Marco. “That’s how it works.”

“Almost everyone in my grade is taller than me.” Marco huffed. “Even you! You’re like, way taller than me and it’s embarrassing. I feel like everyone is looking at me like I’m a hobbit.” He rambled. This made Tom burst out laughing and almost fall off the sofa chair.

“A hobbit?” he asked, laughing hard. “Marco, you don’t look like a hobbit, okay? Let’s clear that up now.” Tom was still laughing hysterically. “And second of all, who cares what those other people say? You’re my short boyfriend and I love you for it.” Tom jumped and over and enveloped Marco in a tight hug.

“Tom, cut it out.” Marco tried not to let his smile slip onto his face. But Tom pulled away and gave Marco a kiss on the nose, causing the human to blush deeply.

“No! Never! I love you too much to cut it out.” Tom giggled. “Besides, I like your size. If you were taller than me I couldn’t scoop you up like a princess and carry you around.” He laughed, picking up Marco and spinning him around. Marco laughed and kicked his legs.

“Alright, alright, put me down.” Marco laughed. Tom held Marco’s waist and picked him up, lifting him and setting him down to stand on the chair, so he stood much taller than Tom.

“See? You seem pretty tall to me.” Tom winked. Marco rolled his eyes and fell forward on Tom, letting the demon laugh and carry him around on his back. “Maybe I should just give you piggyback rides everywhere.” Tom smirked. “This is working out fine for me.” He held tight onto Marco’s legs so the human wouldn’t fall.

“Yeah, I could get used to this.” Marco snickered, resting his chin on Tom’s soft hair. “And if you carry me around like this, then I won’t look so short either.” He decided.

“How’s the view up there?” Tom asked with a smile and wink. Marco shrugged.

“Not too different.” Marco admitted. “But I can look down and see your cute little face right there, so that makes it pretty great.” He cooed, reaching down the touch Tom’s cheek gently. Tom smiled and his ears flicked, purring at Marco’s gentle and loving touch.

“Okay well, I’m glad you like it up there because I’m gonna take you everywhere like this.” Tom laughed. Marco laughed as well when Tom took off out the door and carried Marco down the street with him on his shoulders.

“Oh come on Tommy, let me down.” Marco laughed. Tom agreed and set Marco down, and as soon as his feet were on the ground Tom leaned forward and gave him a deep kiss.

“I love you Mar-Mar, I love your hair and eyes and smile and I love how nice you are to me.” Tom rambled. “And I love your ideas and how sweet and understanding you are. ANd I even love how short you are.” Tom teased, ruffling Marco’s hair. Marco grumbled and pulled Tom down by the horn so he was at the same height as him. Marco then smiled and gave Tom a kiss, holding him close.

More shin cause you enjoyed that pic i submitted to you -uzi-boozii

notice that tuff of hair/fur on his fluffy wolf form, he looks like he’s pouting as well (no eyepatch too, so maybe he just has a dark void as an eye in his wolf form, lmao)

those chibis are adorable!! look at him run!


Puppy Love

Characters: Dick Grayson  (Nightwing), Koriand'r (Starfire).

Requested by: Anonymous.

Synopsis: Dick x Kori fluff.

Warnings: Sexual references. Quite a few.

A/N: I’m not entirely sure what I was going for here.
Hope you like it!

Tags: @lastbeliever @riddlemethisbatboy @barnes-and-parker

“It’s just so little and adorable!” Kori squealed, clutching the stray puppy to her chest that Dick had found on patrol.
“That’s what she said.”
Kori flashed a quick glare at Dick and shook her head dissaprovingly. “You have a cute nose Dick Grayson-don’t make me break it.”
Dick cocked his eyebrow. “I’d like to see you try.”
“It will bring me great pleasure.” Kori replied in a flirty tone, “but until we decide what to do with this puppy, we must be responsible, to set an example.”
“What’s the dog going to learn from us? How to disclocate a shoulder?”
“I’m sorry about that, again. I suppose I can get what you call ‘wild’ during se-”
“Not what I meant and not important right now.” Dick shrugged, and bit his lip to stop himself from laughing at the memory. That was an interesting story to explain. “I’ll call around. See if I can find a good home, or at least a pet rescue centre.” Dick fiddled with his phone and searched the internet for local places to send the puppy.
“I think we should call it Changeling.”
Dick snorted. “Don’t name it, Kori. Or you won’t want to say goodbye. And why Changeling?”
“I thought it would be funny. Is it not humorous?”
“Yeah,” Dick awkwardly laughed. “It’s kinda funny.” Dick brought the phone to his ear and walked out of the room as he tried to get a hold of someone.
Kori played with the puppy, making baby noises, kissy noises, and rubbed it’s belly. “Oh, you’re so cute.” Kori pouted, “I wish we could keep you.”
“You know why we can’t.”
Kori got a fright and had her hand raised and a starbolt ready. “I know. But it’s still possible.”
“It’s just too hard, though.” Dick sat opposite Kori on the floor and teased the puppy with a tie from a dressing robe and laughed as it chased while barking with its high-pitched voice.
“I know.” Kori leant back to rest on her hands with her legs crossed in front, “any lucky with centre of rescue pets?”
“No, it’s a bit late for them. Or, you know, too early.” Dick gestured to the rising sun coming in through the window.
“I forgot you were still in uniform.”
Dick laughed as he looked down at himself, still in the black and blue suit. “I forgot too. Hang on.” Dick bounced up to go get changed.
Kori picked up the puppy and followed silently behind.
“Jesus, Kori!” Dick covered his chest with his arms as he spotted Kori in the reflection of the mirror that hung on the wall of their bedroom.
“Why are you covering your body, I’ve seen every inch of you. Even those inches are very cocky about. No pun intended.”
Dick just stared wide-eyed. “Still, this was a nore private moment.”
“I still don’t understand why humans insist on clothing.”
Dick mumbled to himself about finding a way to stop her discissing that permanently. “I’ll take the dog in a couple of hours. It’s young. It’ll find a home soon.”
Kori looked at Dick with her biggest puppy dog eyes and pout, “can’t we keep it. Please, please, please!”
“We can’t, Kori. I hate to be the rule enforcer here, but we agreed no caring for other life within our home for another 3 years.” Kori started whimpering and Dick sighed. “One week. Maybe we can find a friend who can take cafe of Changeling and still see it.”
“Yay!” Kori placed the puppy on the bed and flung her arms around Dick’s neck and smothered his cheek in kisses.
“I need to learn to say no to you. You get your way so easily.”
Kori chuckled.


i often have a hard time separating my dreams from reality bc my brain does this thing where it makes my dreams relate to stuff that’s happening now in my life or things i’ve seen and stuff (current events y’know) and it’s so real. so detailed.

so i sometimes have dreams where they’re so real, i think it actually happened. and i can’t tell which parts of it were real and which weren’t. unless i think super super hard about it.

which i just did recently, and this dream in particular made me wanna cry because i only just remembered it and how sad it made me:

last night i had a dream where there was this cute video of a girl coming up to one of the bts members and hugging him after they won an award (they were dating and he finally announced that they were happily together)

he kissed her forehead and he looked so happy it was adorable, i felt so happy for him

(i didn’t see what the girl looked like tho lmao)

but there were a bunch of hate comments on the video and like, it all spiraled to bts having a lot of lowkey depressing songs (lowkey meaning you wouldn’t know it was a sad song unless you paid attention to the lyrics) in their newest album abt heartbreak and stuff

and a lot of the album was written by that member

it’s bc he was heartbroken that armys would react that way to someone who made him genuinely happy and put so much pressure on her life and the boys’ career that bighit made them break up “for the greater good”

he was heartbroken and just- not the same guy anymore. EVER.

it was sad i wanted to cry (i woke up in the middle of the night with some tears in my eyes guys, it was a nightmare)

i can’t explain how it felt exactly?? but i could feel his pain. i could feel his hurt and the songs.. OMG THE SONGS-

i cant remember how they went but.. i couldn’t even understand it (cause it was in korean). however, i could still feel how emotional the lyrics were. the feelings behind it. i could still feel the member’s pain and heartbreak and- geez i cried so hard, man.

i think i had this dream bc of all the talk abt joonie being in love and how sOMe people (not armys, lemme tell you-) are being petty abt it.

srsly if the man’s in love, let him be in love. if they make him happy, i’m happy. just- whY WOULDN’T YOU WANT THE BEST FOR HIM??? FOR ALL OF THEM???!

OBVIOUSLY if this is how you react to him being happy then you wouldn’t have had a chance anyway. if you actually love someone you’d want them to be their happiest no matter what - even if that means YOU’RE NOT IN THE PICTURE. (which- if you’re a true army YOU STILL ARE. just because joon is in love with someone doesn’t mean anything else?? like, he still loves army too and armys still make him happy and proud, so in a way, you’re still included in his happiness even if not directly or by being in a relationship with him)

just stop being petty and don’t ever try to bring the baby down. you’re not his parent, you’re not his spouse, you’re not his significant other or anything else like that. you are a fan and that is a privilege that you should cherish. he’s a GROWN ASS MAN. he can make his own decisions AND he can have his own feelings and emotions because HE 👏 IS 👏 HUMAN 👏

no one knows for sure if he’s in love or dating someone!! so none of this confirmed, of course. i know that, don’t worry…and tbh we don’t NEED to know. it’s their lives, they can keep things private if they want. we DO NOT have the rights to try and pry into their personal lives! this may not be happening now, but if it ever does happen:

just support and love them with all you can - to the best of your ability.

don’t let things like this affect you and DO NOT be a shitty human being and try to ruin someone’s happiness.

and also go stream “Her” too, thanks

Newsies High School Teacher AUs P1

This first one is JackxKatherine, and tomorrow will be DaveyxReader. Please message me with other ships I should include because I have so many ideas for all the Newsies!!


-Jack is the art teacher that every single student absolutely adores

-He started off just teaching basic drawing and painting classes, which were so insanely popular
-He had to bring in beanbags and pillows for students who didn’t he didn’t have enough tables for, the students were more than happy to sit on the floor if it meant they could be in his class
-He always starts off with a lesson plan but as his students start to develop their own ideas, he lets them do basically whatever they need to do, going around and helping each person individually
-One day he’s on his way to lunch and sees a student in the middle of a panic attack. Jack immediately rushes to their aide and helps to calm them down, they explain that they’re just so stressed with all of the ap classes and a lot of parents don’t let their kids take fun electives like art because it’s not beneficial to college or their futures
-That day Jack sits down with the school administrators and gives up his free period to teach a new class called Art in STEM, where he teaches honors and ap students about the geometry and psychology of artwork while giving them a class to just relax and find creative outlets
-Jack is just a really good guy
-He gives up his lunch period to help kids who are struggling with their artwork
-He’s literally always in the art room
-His class room looks like a tornado flew through it at all times
-Paints and pencils and paper are just strewn about, and half the fun of the class is trying to weird objects Jack has lying about
-When no one needs his help, Jack works on his own painting and all the students guess every day what this huge canvas is going to end up being until one day halfway through the semester, “holy shittt is that ms plumber??”
-Immediately becomes the hottest ship of the school

-It was indeed Ms Plumber, but Jack made his students keep it a secret until the last day of school when he unveiled it to her, she cried.
-She teaches journalism, sociology, and media studies to upperclassmen
-Shes the teacher who tries to act strict and tough the first day of school, but by the second day she bursts into first period ten minutes late because “omg you guys I was driving here and on my way I saw the cutest little kitten”
-Everyone loves her
-She spends lunches working with people who have writers block because there is so much writing in her class but it’s all worth it
-With Jack spending every second of the day with his students, Katherine has one person a day go down to the art wing to make sure Jack is still alive and eating enough, everyday that student returns with a tiny cartoon of her
-They’re just so in love and the students love it

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Baylee Levine☺️

1. She loves flowers, but hates the outdoors.

2. Sunsets are her favorite thing to look at.

3. She writes songs and stories quite frequently.

4. She doesn’t care too much for makeup, but she’ll do it if she has to for a special event.

5. She will never tell you how many boys she’s kissed (mostly because she’s only kissed one).

6. She’s had the hugest crush on Jayson forever (don’t tell her I told you).

7. She’s wide-eyed and adventurous (which is adorable, by the way).

8. Her favorite colors are orange and green.

9. She’s one of those girls who will just casually bring sushi to school one day and a gas station donut the next.

10. She regrets shaving the side of her hair, so she’s trying to grow it back.

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Ok ok could I get all might/yagi toshinori x chubby reader I'm all for the self-shipping! 💙💛❤

A/N: I’m all for self-shipping as well! And I love writing for chubby readers seeing as I am one myself. The reader isn’t a hero and I decided to just write a short fluffy drabble. I’m sorry it took me so long to write this and I hope you enjoy! 

Warnings: Mentions of the reader’s weight and people being rude because of it. Super cheesy and horrible.

Originally posted by osakaxkobe

People often times wonder how yourself and THE All Might had gotten together, seeing as the two of you appeared to be so different. Himself being the extremely muscular number one hero, and you being a chubby and adorable average person, your relationship had become public rather quickly. For the most part, the publicity was pretty positive, just fans of your boyfriend supporting your relationship and complimenting the two of you. 

Every now and then, however, there were times when the public was not so nice. Obsessed “fans” attacking you for your appearance, saying that you, “weren’t good enough” for a hero like All Might. Though those statements were few and far between, they always seemed to be the ones that stuck with you. However, just two words from the love of your life always seem to calm the anxieties that came along with the cruel words of people.

All Might may have been known for his strength but to you, he had an even more impressive ability, the power he held in the two words, “You’re perfect”.

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-just wanting to (brag) share!- I've been having the worst time in my first year of uni, anxiety, stress, you name it I had it. I talked about it to my gf and she, without letting me know drove 4 hours from her uni to mine, helped me clean up my dorm, organize my binder and now its just a cuddle netflix and pizza fest. (She's a year older than me and so has a bit more experience when it comes to uni life aka she saved my entire academic future in an hour) (I'm a really happy bf right now)

this is so so adorable, you hold onto her!


Harry shaking my life while making his shake.
ffs why is he so distracting?