this was smooth

Yes! ‘Hawaii Five-O’ reruns are on and it’s the Smooth Dog episode! Classic carguments about Bon Jovi and where New Jerseyites vacation plus jealous Danny instantly disliking Steve’s old friend, not to mention they’re both looking good, and I’m watching an episode I’ve already seen about 3 times instead of the new one I haven’t yet which is sitting on my DVR.🍍

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Aw you poor thing. Also what type of dancing do you do?

ballroom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (in case it wasnt obvious from hoW MUCh ballroom i like to stuff into trfl hahaha.) im only bronze level rn but i really love it, its super super fun omgggg :D

Connor McDavid - Coffee Boy pt. 2

(I’m getting through requests slowly but surely and someday, I will be caught up and will reopen the inbox. Someday.)

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You were nervous. You were beyond nervous, you were pee your pants and shake like a chihuahua nervous.

Your hands nervously played with the edges of your dress as you glanced at the clock. Connor would be picking you up for your date.


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