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Accidentally Exposed - Josh Dun Smut

A/N: Thank’s for 500, here’s a long ass Josh Dun smut to celebrate.


Pairing: Josh Dun x Reader

Type: Smutty smut

Word Count: 4.6k

Warnings: Blood, nudes, sex, the fun stuff


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“I understand,” you say through gritted teeth. “Thank you for the consideration.” 

You push the end button and throw your phone onto the carpet of your apartment frustratedly, wanting to scream but also crawl under the covers and cry your eyes out.

You were a newly graduated student from a photography college and had big dreams to have your own photography company, but that wasn’t going so well to say the least. Right out of college, you moved straight to the heart of California, hoping to land as much as an internship with a company. Your resume was online and on many websites, but you barely got offered jobs, to which you weren’t even interested in. And when you applied to companies, you were rejected. Since you had to pay the bills, you had landed a job as a bartender, earning less than minimum wage to pay for your rent. You were past the state of angry and sad. You were loosing hope and money at rapid pace. 

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Paper Cut (Percival x Reader)

A/N: Hi!! Wow I haven’t written a Percival one for so long but I mean I only written one before so yeah haha anyways, I hope it’s alright. I got excited writing this because I love Graves and it’s just nice to write something a bit different haha😊 Enjoy!!

Request: if you’re still asking for requests, could you write a percival graves one where you get hurt and hide it from him but he finds out and gets angry but then it’s just really fluffy?? i’m a sucker for fluff and i need more graves x reader stuff. please and thank you ! 😊❤️

You entered the building, wincing slightly at the wound at your side, ignoring the pain as you headed up to your office, needing to do some paper work for the case you just solved involving wizards using the dark arts. You had gotten into a fight with those dark wizards and one of them managed to get you on your side.

Sighing, you sat down at your seat, pressing against your injured side to see how bad it was, jerking your hand away as you felt the pain shoot through even though you weren’t pressing that hard. You took in a deep breath before sorting and filling up anything necessary for the paper work.

When you were done, you grabbed the folder and headed straight to your superior’s office. Knocking on the door, you waited for him to ask you to enter before walking in.

“Good morning, Mr. Graves, I’ve finished the paper work for the case I worked on yesterday,” you greeted, looking at the man sitting behind a desk, signing some papers. He looked up at you passed him the file.

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maelstrom [ jimin ]

noun : a powerful whirlpool in the sea or river ; a situation or state of confused movement or violent turmoil.

you don’t know if you want to hit him or kiss him.

pairing: park jimin x reader
genre: fluff
type: college au
word count: 2,101 words
warnings: none
author’s note: happy birthday to my other half #rat @dreamscript whom I love very much despite her swerving ass that goes from jimin to namjoon to inseong and maybe back to jimin someday if he’s lucky. you’re so rad and wonderful and gorgeous and memetastic, and you meme so much to me, and i’m so glad that I sent you a message a little over a year ago screaming over your writing. I heavily based this on your recent messages lmao and I apologize because I know nothing about naruto (but i think it means whirlpool in japanese, hence the title lol) but anyway ily neo phoenix congrats for surviving another year!! *cue congratulatory pterodactyl screeches*

You enjoy being a part of the UN Conference Club your college hosts very much. But do you enjoy the people in the club? Maybe not so much. First of all, how can some people be so dumb? And second of all… well, there does not really need to be a second of all because stupidity covers all of it.

During the three-day conference, there is a historical crisis committee for the Spanish American War where the main focus centered on how to avoid the war entirely in 1898. On the first day—which is the most formal day—the attorney general, Inseong, immediately requested $1.2 million dollars to fund biotech companies to end tuberculosis. In response, someone asked if he knew just how much $1.2 million dollars amounted to in 1898. He insisted that he knew and that it was only a small price.

It was equivalent to 7 billion dollars today.

And he had planned to fund that entire sum of money that into biotech companies, which were most likely nonexistent back then.

How did this kid even win Best Delegate? Granted, his face paled considerably when the 7 billion dollars were announced, and he revoked his statement, but still.

Thus, there was example number one of idiocy.

Example number two?

Park Jimin and his ridiculous antics.

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I’m your boyfriend, after all. // Haechan (Lee Donghyuck)

Originally posted by haenyan

Style: Drabble set

Genre: Fluuf, fluff and more fluff… so much fluff I almost made myself throw up

Warnings: None~

Words: 3.590

a/n: My bias ♥︎♥︎♥︎ I originally wasn’t going to post this since I ran out of ideas/the formatting is weird but then I saw all the rumours floating around him :’( Please try not to believe any of them until an official source says otherwise… he doesn’t deserve all the slander he’s getting!! Let’s all support him through this rough time! (also sorry for not updating frequently… school stuck a knife up my ass lol) 

if you enjoyed this, check out my doyoung college au here!

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Business Partners- Part 1

Prompt/Summary: Your business partner invites himself to your sister’s wedding

Pairing/Characters: Tony Stark x Reader, Natasha, Clint, Coulson, Sam, Steve, Bucky, Scott.  Everybody

Warnings: cursing, drinking, reader is going to be a bit of an idiot later on.  You should work on your communication skills.  ;)

Word Count: 2085

Author’s Note:  I am cutting this down to the wire. But this is my submission for @bionic-buckyb 5000 follower celebration!!!!  I claimed the fake dating AU.  As of posting this, the end isn’t finished.  So I plan on eating pizza at home and try to get it done by the deadline.  (I’m going to come back and tag people)

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Who You Are (Part 2)

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Word Count: 2,781

Warnings: swearing, violence, mentions of alcohol use (I think that’s it?)

Summary: You are on a mission of your own when you get caught by a certain superhero.

Part 1 

There was never a time in your life that you thought you would ever come in contact with a superhero. Nonetheless The Spider-Man. Sure, you had seen him on television many times over the past seven years—since he first appeared as a superhero— but seeing him in person was like nothing you could have imagined. He was pretty lean compared to the other superheroes, but you could see the definition of his muscles through the tight suit. You could tell from your position that he most likely nearly towered over you. As you were scanning him up and down, he let out a cough.

You could feel the burning of your cheeks as you looked back up at the white sockets, where his eyes would be. You could suddenly feel the pressure of the flash drive sitting in your hand and slowly bring it slightly behind you, while keeping your eyes on him.

“Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?”

“Do you think you can be more original?” You snap back at him. He’s quiet for a moment, but you can’t tell what he’s doing because of the mask that covers his whole face.

“I think you have something that doesn’t belong to you,” he finally says.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I guess we are doing this the hard way then,” he suddenly webs the wrist holding the flash drive and pulls you towards him so you are chest to chest. His left hand is holding the wrist of your fisted hand, and your face is inches from his. Your breath hitches and before you realize it, the flash drive is gone. It’s then your teammates begin to speak.

“Y/N? Do you have the flash drive? Where are you?”

The only thing you can utter comes out as a soft whisper, “Spider-Man.”

“Shit. I knew this would happen,” Rick groans, “Ida we’ve got to go.”

You break from the spell and rip your wrist out of his hand. Anger bubbles within you and you take a couple steps back.

“You guys aren’t serious!” I scoff.

“Sorry Y/N, but we can’t get caught again.” You hear a quiet click and you know they are gone. Fuck.

“Some friends you’ve got there.”

“We aren’t friends. I’ve only known them for two months.”

“I’d hate to send such a pretty girl to jail, but you broke the law,” Spider-Man reaches to grab your arm, but you flinch away.

“You don’t know what this company has done to thousands of people. They’ve lost their jobs, their money, even their homes. We were just trying to give the people their money back.” You try to explain, but the police are closing in on you and soon enough you’re being handcuffed. They lead you out of the building and you keep your head down. Once you reach the doors, you glance back to see that Spider-Man had already disappeared.

You rubbed your sore wrists from where the handcuffs had sat before they were taken off. You decided to clasp your hands together in front of you as you wait for the detective to come and talk to you. Your eyes scan around the interrogation room, noticing specifically, the large rectangular two-way mirror on the left of you. What have you gotten yourself into?

Your attention is drawn away by the sound of the door opening. In comes a tall man in a black suit. You study him. You can clearly tell that he’s been working this job for many years by the tired lines across his face, and the slight graying of his hair.

“Good afternoon Miss L/N. My name is Sergeant Stan Carter,” he says as he closes the door.

You don’t say anything and continue to stare blankly at him. He comes towards the other side of the table you are sitting at and sets down a folder with your name on it.

“Trying to rob from Oscorp wasn’t a very good idea for you and your friends. In fact it was pretty stupid.” He stares at you pointedly. “Speaking of your friends, where are they?”

Although you are angry at them for leaving you, you stay quiet. You didn’t want to say anything that you may regret or get you into anymore trouble than you are already in.

“It mustn’t have been hard to get you to work with them. From what I have here, it looks like your father lost his job from Oscorp. So, you did this for what? Revenge?”

You try not to let the Sergeant’s words get to you. He didn’t know what they are doing. No one outside of Oscorp did. You had the opportunity to help someone else’s family, but you failed. This is why you didn’t do field work. You always fucked up.

“Says here your mother is gone. Left you before you turned one…that must’ve been hard knowing your own mother didn’t want you.” You began to clench your jaw, and your hands moved to form fists.

“I understand that you were also quite the outcast at school. Kids said you were weird. So is that why you joined that little band of amateurs? You felt accepted for once?” He taunted. At the point you had enough. You shot up from your seat and slammed your hands on the table; but before you could get a word out, the door opens once again.

“Sergeant. There’s a Nick Fury here to see you,” a petite woman in a cop uniform interrupts. She sees me standing over the Sergeant and looks to him and asks, “Is everything okay in here?”

“Everything is fine,” he dismisses her. He sighs and stands up. “We’re not finished here.” You sit down and put your head in your hands, slightly pulling on your hair in frustration. Sergeant Carter doesn’t come back in for another twenty minutes, but when he does, he opens the door and growls, “Well…it looks like we won’t be continuing this conversation. You’re off the hook.”


“We’re done here. Your stuff is at the front.”

You stare at him with disbelief before standing up and walking past him, through the door. The female police officer introduces herself as Officer DeWolff. She guides you to the doors where your personal belongings were being held and sends you on your way. Once you reach outside, you immediately notice a man with an eyepatch leaning against a black SUV staring directly at you.

“Y/N L/N. My name is Nick Fury, I am the director of a government organization called S.H.I.E.L.D. I would like you to take a ride with me.”

“I don’t know who you are, why should I just hop into a strange car with some guy who claims to be part of the government. What would the government want with me?” You can’t imagine what they would want with you. You had stayed on the down low with your powers all your life. There’s no way they could know.

“Just get in the car,” he says as he opens the door.

You humph and hop into the passenger seat, crossing your arms. He closes your door, and walks around to the driver’s side, gets in, and starts the car. He pulls away from the curb and starts driving away from the jail.

“May 5th, 2013. A 16 year old who was paralyzed from the waist down from a car accident was suddenly able to walk. She went to your high school. As a matter a fact, she was one of your closest friends.”

You try to keep a poker face when he brings up your only best friend. “I don’t understand what that has to do with me.”

“You were the last person that saw her before she got out of bed and started walking.”

“So what? You think I did something to help her? That I healed her paralysis? That’s impossible.” You scoff, rolling your eyes.

“September 27th, 2015. A man claims a young girl cured his blindness and gave him his sight back. He just so happened to be your neighbor, whose children you babysat.”

“You must be mistaking me for someone else.”

“Then prove me wrong.” He glances at you and raises his eyebrow. You stare at him with disbelief and sigh.

“What do you want me to do?”

“I want you to join my team. I think you could be a vital asset to the Avengers. You could be saving lives.”

“What if that isn’t something I want to do?” You weren’t a hero. You didn’t even know if your powers were a gift or a curse. When you healed someone, a little part of you suffered from it. You’ve gotten nosebleeds, severe headaches, and even a seizure. The more you used your power, the more damage you did to your body. Could you really do this on a daily basis?

“You don’t have to decide now. I’ll give you a month to give me your answer.” Fury continues as he pulls up to your apartment building. He turns his head in your direction, “Do we have a deal?”


A week had passed since you spoke with Director Fury. You still couldn’t make a decision, so instead you procrastinated by carrying on with your daily routine, going to school, calling your father, and working your part-time job as a bartender.

After a long day at school, you were ready to settle down on the couch and watch a little bit of t.v. before heading off to work. As you walked into the kitchen, you passed your old-school landline phone and saw the light flashing, letting you know you had a voicemail. You walked over to the phone hanging on the wall and pushed the button. You were not expecting to hear him completely drunk.

“Hi honeyyy, I jus wan’ ed ta talk to ya. I miss youuu soooooo mush. Okayy, byeee.”

You were shocked. He rarely ever got drunk, but when he did it was because— You jogged over the the calendar hanging on your pantry door and looked for today’s date. Today marks the day of your mother's’ “disappearance”. You had never known her. Dad says he doesn’t know what happened to her. She just didn’t come home one day. He called the police department and put out a missing person paper. The police investigated, but the whole trail was cold. They assumed that she left willingly.

Your father hasn’t taken it well since. You quickly get your purse and sweater and rush out of your apartment door. Since the subway wasn’t a far walk from your apartment, you decide to take a train to Queens where your father lived. The ride there felt longer than usual. You sat in one of the seats closest to the door and put in your headphones. You decided to look around the train and noticed brown eyes staring back at you.

He was wearing a t-shirt with some nerdy science pun, jeans, and his hair was parted on the side, which was kept in place by hair gel. He realized you saw him staring and blushed, looking down at his feet. You smiled slightly before looking away.

The train came to a stop and you walked quickly out, making your way towards your fathers home. Just as you had reached his street, you heard a loud explosion and screams. You turn toward where the sound came from and start running as fast as you can. When you get there, there are many people lying in the streets wounded, others running, and the arrival of police and firefighters. You feel something swing past you, and you turn around to see Spider-Man making his way to where the explosion took place.

“Help me! Please! I need help!” Screams a woman straight ahead of you. You pull up the hood of your sweater so it hides a majority of your face and rush towards her to find that she has a deep laceration on the side of her stomach. You quickly place your hands where she is holding hers and tell her to move them. You can feel the thick warm blood coating your hands as you close your eyes and focus on slowing the flow of blood.

“I need a paramedic!” You shout once you accomplish your task. One of them hears you and starts rushing towards you and the woman. You back away as he and his partner take over for you. You continue to help others that are injured, not healing them completely, but making sure they were stable. All of a sudden you hear a crashing sound and see Spider-Man fighting something you had seen before, but not quite the same.

The creature resembled Venom. Venom was once a man until an alien parasite called a symbiote gave him spider-like powers—much like Spider-Man’s. Unlike Spider-Man though, he killed anyone that got in his way. This creature was not Venom. His symbiote gave him a blue suit. This new guy was red.

Spider-Man and the creature are in the middle of the street, hundreds of feet from the injured civilians. Spider-Man goes to punch the Venom look-a-like, but is stopped short when his fist is engulfed by a larger, red hand a foot away from the creature’s face. He then throws him into the side of a bus. Spider-Man hits it so hard he leaves a large dent before falling onto the ground. The creature runs towards him, but before he could attack, Spider-Man shoots a web at a street lamp and swings away to the top of a car. Agitated, the creature roars and picks up the bus, throwing it at Spidey’s position. He tries to swing away again, but it’s too late. Somehow he gets up and shoots webs with both of his hands at the monster’s arms and goes in for what looks like a drop kick. The creature catches him by the throat and then throws him through a building. He lets out another roar and then disappears, swinging away into the darkness.

You waited for Spider-Man to come out, but he never did. You became worried, even though he had put you in jail the week prior, and take off towards the building. You have always admired what he did. Saving lives no matter the cost. You couldn’t just leave him. As you came close to the building you felt a sharp pain in your head. Dammit. I’ve healed so many people, what if I can’t help him? You ignore the thought, refusing to give up easily. You make your way to the doors and immediately start climbing the stairs. The lights of the ceiling are torn out, furniture, paper, and glass are scattered all around the floor.

You spot him laying on top of a broken cabinet, not moving. You do your best to get through the mess and once you get to him, you kneel down and feel his chest for breathing. You glance down his body and see cuts and bruises peeking out of his torn suit. You look back at his head and see the mask is still on. You hesitantly reach your hand towards the bottom of his mask and slowly start to raise it.

Your movement is stopped short when a hand suddenly grabs your wrist, yanking it away from his mask. He raises his head to look at you, but doesn’t say anything.

“I’m sorry,” you whisper to him. He must not still be sure of you because he doesn’t release your wrist.”

“You’re the…girl from the Oscorp…robbery,” he winces as he tries to speak.

“Damn, I was hoping you wouldn’t remember me,” you say teasingly.

“I could never forget a face like yours,” he replies. A smile begins to grow on your face.

“I can help you if you let go of my wrist.”


“Let go,” he releases you and you put your hands over his chest. You close your eyes and feel a tingling sensation running through your arms to your hands. You don’t stop until he suddenly sits up and says, “You’re bleeding.”

You shakily raise your hand to your nose and wipe away warm liquid. You look down at your hand to see a tiny pool of blood, and glance back up at him before the most painful migraine comes over you. You feel your eyes roll in the back of your head and blackness fills your sight.

Part 3

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Prompt: Mathew Grey Gubler smut. You are a guest star on criminal minds and you play a role that involves you kissing a another man, Matthew gets jealous and asks you to come to his trailer and well smut happens if you do this thank you

Pairing: Matthew Gray Gubler x Reader

Word Count: 1918 words

Warnings: none

Author’s Note: liked this prompt so much, just had to write it tonight. It’s 3 am and I just finished, so I’m terribly sorry for any spelling mistakes but I’ll have to check them later. Basically the reader is a guest show on criminal minds, playing the love interest of Shemar, when she goes off script and things get more heated as Matthew is watching, and then meets her in the trailer for some revenge. Hope you enjoy! My inbox/ requests are always open xxx


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A Wild Night in Vegas -- Part 10

I feel like I say this with every chapter, but Ish and I enjoy this AU so much. It’s helped keep us sane in crazy days of stress and confusion and all sorts of things. Hope you like this chapter!

Catch up on all previous installments on my Master List

Fraser Bairn Watch: Month 4

Things were definitely beginning to change inside her body. She could feel it, even as she watched the changes. Her belly was beginning to really grow now, no longer appearing as if she’d eaten too much. Some mornings she would steal Jamie’s phone before he woke and flip through the photos he had of her belly. There were only a few of them, since they’d found out late, but he kept them in their own folder in his phone.

That was one of the best things about this situation. No matter how she was feeling, how many times she’d thrown up, or how many evenings she fell asleep halfway through her meal, he was happy. He was overjoyed to watch her grow.

She wasn’t getting as sick this month, though it still happened. Jamie was so good about making sure whatever had triggered her sickness didn’t make it onto the grocery list for that week.

He came home, several bags of groceries in his hands and a small bundle of flowers.

“You’re going to spoil me, Jamie Fraser. If you’re not careful, I’ll start expecting flowers every month.”

With a wink and a kiss on her cheek, he went to set the bags down. As he put their groceries away, she set the roses up in the vase where the previous three had been.

“Four roses for four months,” he said, coming up behind her. “Because I love ye more than my own life and I thank ye for carrying my bairn.”

The following day, she went to work as she usually did, armed with a cool water bottle and several frozen washcloths to help keep her cool. She’d had an idea brewing in her mind, but she hadn’t figured out how to execute it yet.

Jamie had done so much for her, given up so many things for her, and steadfastly held true since before she had moved out and back (if she was honest with herself), and she wanted to figure out what she could do for him. He wasn’t a materialistic man, he didn’t need things. She wanted to do something else, take him somewhere closer to home, but still have it feel like a getaway.

There were quite a few options that they could afford that were nearby, but she hadn’t been able to make a concrete decision yet. As she finished her shift, she watched a young family wander through the gardens. The man and woman held hands as they walked, their eyes content as they looked at each other. Their little girl toddled around them, eager to explore everything around her. Both parents looked at their child with such tenderness and fondness that Claire felt tears pricking her eyes.

The whole drive home, the image of the young family played in her mind’s eye. When she walked in the door, she stared around the front room with her mouth open. She wasn’t a messy person by nature, but with her odd cravings at times, she ate food just about everywhere. Jamie never complained about it either, which was comforting. Frank had hated if she’d had a snack somewhere other than the kitchen table.

But the entire apartment, from what she could see, was spotless. The carpet was freshly vacuumed, she could still see the lines in it, and everything had been dusted. When she put her bag down and headed into the kitchen for the extra washcloth Jamie kept frozen for her, she noticed that he’d even mopped and wiped down the counter. The bathroom was also probably wiped down and scrubbed as well, if he’d gone to this much trouble.

He was moving about the kitchen as if some exciting tune was playing that only he could hear. As he did, he hummed something she didn’t recognize. Sometimes when he was in a really good mood, he’d hum or chant something he’d heard growing up in Scotland. Given the cadence she thought this thing he was humming might be along those lines.

A pot sat on the stove, Jamie stirring its contents. She thought she smelled chili powder, but wasn’t sure. He had a few other bowls sitting out on the counter filled with a few different things and she realized what he was making. Meatless taco salad. It was something he’d tried a few weeks back and she’d loved it. None of the things in it had made her sick or given her heartburn.

Watching him swaying to his own music, an overwhelming sense of fondness flooded her and she began weeping.

“Claire?” He turned suddenly, surprised to see her standing behind him and noticed the tears flowing down her cheeks. “Christ! Are ye alright lass?! The bairn?”

Unable to form words, she just stared at his blurry image and wept.

“Is it something in the kitchen bothering ye? I thought it was alright last time and ye liked it so much… If it’s too much I can make something else.”

“No! No don’t do that!” she said, suddenly finding the words. “It’s just… You’re such a good man, Jamie. I know you had training at work today and you still had the time to come home and clean our whole apartment and make dinner. I just… I’m just…”

When the words fled from her mind again, she reached for him and brought his lips down to hers. He was surprised at first, but quickly melted into her embrace and returned it.

“I love you too, mo chridhe,” he whispered when she let him go. “Are ye sure the bairn’s alright?”

“Yes,” she said, spreading her hand over the small swell. “We’re both alright. I was just a little emotional. These goddamned bloody hormones. I’m sorry.”

He shook his head, laughing, and went back to them stove.

“Dinna apologize for that, Sassenach. It comes wi’ the territory of you being wi’ child.”

She smiled. “How long until dinner is ready?”

“Only a few more minutes. Just need to heat the beans and corn back up and throw it all together.”

The idea that had been forming in her mind came suddenly to life and she knew what she needed to do.

“Alright. I just have a few things I need to do on the computer.”

Before she turned away, he took two steps toward her and stole another kiss.

Sitting down at her desk, she opened up her laptop and began researching Lake Mead. It was about an hour from their apartment and would be a perfect thing for them to do. They could get away without really going anywhere and have some time just to themselves. She knew Jamie would love it.

Friday night, she snuggled up to him and began playing with the hairs on his chest.

“Have you any plans this weekend?”

“Ah… No, I dinna think so. Why?”

“What if we went to Lake Mead for the day tomorrow?”

Craning his neck, he looked down at her, brows raised.

“Oh? For the day? We dinna have a boat.”

“No, but we can rent one.”

He leaned down and kissed her forehead.

“Aye, I’d like that verra much, Sassenach. Thank ye.”

“Well, this is sort of my way to say thank you actually. You’ve done so much for me since I told you I was pregnant. You’ve taken such good care of me, so I’ve got a whole day planned for us.”

“Have ye now? Been planning this for some time, then?”

She shrugged.

“Not really. It’s been brewing in my head for a while, but it only just fell into place.”

“I look forward to seeing what ye’ve planned for us, then.”

With a smile, she hugged him tightly and relaxed into sleep.

The following morning, she packed a few things into a large bag and they drove out to Lake Mead. They picked up their rental boat and Jamie set out to find a spot of beach just for them. It was hot, but being out on the lake was more fun than she’d expected. She stayed under the awning with him while he drove the boat around.

He looked good out here, dressed only in his swim trunks as he’d shed his shirt as soon as they’d gotten on the boat. She wore the only swimsuit she owned, but had put his shirt on over it.

“It’s a beautiful day,” he said, staring out at the blue water.

“It really is. I was worried it might rain, but it looks like the sky has cleared up.”

“Aye. Thank ye, Sassenach. This is a verra nice thing to do.”

They ate lunch on the beach, laying out on the towels she’d brought with them. It was too hot to be too near each other, but they were comfortable this way.

“We canna make love on a public beach, can we?” he asked some time later.

Claire snorted.

“This corner might be secluded, but it’s not that secluded. See?” she nodded to someone flying by on a jet ski.

He sighed.

“Someday I want to take ye somewhere and make love to ye on a beach.”


“Dinna ken. Something I’ve never done and I suspect ye havena either. Always thought it would be verra romantic to do that.”

She smiled at him.

“You really are a romantic at heart, aren’t you?”

“Aye, maybe I am. Ye said ye had other plans for us today?”

“I do. We’ll need to head back soon so I can get started on our dinner.”

Nodding, he helped her up and gathered her into his arms for a very thorough kiss.

“Then let’s return the boat and head home.”

On the drive back, she dozed off a little. Jamie woke her when they got back to their apartment.

“Can I help ye wi’ the meal?”

“No, you can’t. Go and read or watch TV or something. It’s my turn to appreciate all that you’ve done for me.”

Pursing his lips, he grunted and went to the couch to read. She got to work on a full dinner for him. Pan-seared steaks, his favorite garlic mashed potatoes, and cheesy broccoli. The last time he’d had cheesy broccoli had been over a month before and it had ended with her vomiting in the bathroom. But she knew how much he’d loved it, so she made it for him.

When the meal was all done, she set the table and looked proudly at all she’d done.

“Christ Sassenach, this looks amazing!”

“I hope so. It’s all your favorites.”

“And the cheesy… Claire, ye dinna need to cook things ye canna eat.”

Shaking her head, she motioned to his seat and he took it.

“This is something you like, Jamie. I wanted to do this for you.”

“It isna fair for me to eat it and you to-”

“I made you these bloody cheesy broccoli to say thank you, damn it! Will you not just eat them?!”

He blinked and looked down sheepishly.

“You’re right. I’m sorry, Sassenach. I appreciate that ye made them for me.”

“Good. Now eat up. I have one last thing planned for tonight.”

After they finished, Jamie insisted that she leave the dishes for him to take care of the next day. Reluctantly, she agreed.

“So what are we to do next? Dessert, perhaps?”

The glint in his eye made her giggle a little.

“Maybe later. How are your shoulders?”

He moved them stiffly, as if his shirt didn’t fit him quite right.

“Still sore. But no’ so bad as they were a few days ago. Ye’ve a good touch.”

“Lie down on the bed. Take off your shirt and trousers.”

As he did, she caught the wince he tried to hide. No matter what he did, all of the tension and soreness from his work ended up in his broad shoulders. He lay down on their bed arms folded beneath the pillow she’d moved for him.

“I’m glad we did this today,” she said, running her hands up his back.

He shivered a little, gooseflesh rippling over him

“Aye, me too. It’s always good to get away wi’ you. Helps to get away from the city and the strip. Sometimes I think…”

Squeezing the bottle of oil, which she’d gotten specifically with this in mind, onto his back, she began to work it into his muscles.

“Think what?”

“You’ll think I’m daft.”

“I live with you. I already know you’re daft.”

One blue eye opened a crack to glare at her. She smiled at it and started digging her fingers into his tense back.

“Weel now I’m no’ gonna tell you.”

“Please? I like to hear what you’re thinking.”

A knot in his lower back gave way and he let out a deep sigh.

“Weel… Sometimes I find myself thinking that if the whole world fell away, I would be alright. Because I have you.”

Again, she felt tears in her eyes.

“Oh Jamie, that’s very sweet. I couldn’t think you daft for that.”

“Thank ye, Sassenach.”

Working slowly, she released the knots in his lower back and middle back before reaching his shoulders. His breathing was slow and even, but he wasn’t asleep. She climbed onto the bed and held herself above him to get a better angle.

Putting as much pressure into her hands as she could, she compelled the knots to release. Closing her eyes, she imagined the muscle held beneath his skin. She thought of how they should look, how they should feel, how they should move. Kneading and pressing in the places her hands told her, she continued until she felt the tightness give. Jamie let out a mighty gasp, his body flinching beneath her.

“Oh… Claire that…”

“Did it work?”

“Aye, lass. It worked verra well. I dinna think my shoulders have felt this good in weeks.”

With a pleased smile, she got off the bed.

“Good! That was the whole point of doing this, after all.”

Jamie rolled onto his back, staring up at her. His eyes drooped, but they glittered with desire and mischief.

“Though, now that ye have me thinkin’…”

Claire snorted, already opening the bottle of oil again.

“What? Are you going to tell me your cock has a certain stiffness as well?”

He smirked at her and shook his head.

“It doesna yet. But I think other bits of me could use yer touch.”

As she looked his body over, she thought it would be most enjoyable to start from the bottom and work her way up, skipping sensitive areas. With the majority of his body now covered in oil, she felt her own desire stirring. How could someone be so perfectly formed? In the waning light of the room he looked like a sculpture of a Greek god, in the living flesh.

Her eyes darted down to his crotch and she smiled. Living flesh indeed. Flesh that she needed to feel. Hands back on his chest, she made the mistake of looking up to meet his eyes.

She was drawn to him by some invisible force. He made no move for her and said nothing. Yet he compelled her to bring herself closer. Was it the eyes? Perhaps. But it was also more than that, as if his soul was calling to hers and it was calling back.

Before she even realized how close to him she was, her mouth found his. Both of his arms came around her waist then and pulled her up onto the bed. Feeling his body beneath hers shortened her breath.

At some point, he’d begun to pull her jeans off. Forcing herself to get off him for a moment, she stood and finished what he’d started. Jamie was not one for remaining idle, though. Hopping to his own feet, he pulled her to him and kissed her hard.

His skin was smooth to her hands, oiled as it was. She couldn’t help but smile when his hands found her buttocks, squeezing them excitedly. Then he pushed her panties off before removing his boxers.

“I must have ye now, Claire,” he said, voice strained with his desire.

“Then have me,” she answered.

He brought her back into his arms and began to tug at her shirt. She shied away from him, pulling it back down. His brow furrowed at her, eyes narrowing in question.

“Just leave it.”

“And no’ see your beautiful body in all it’s naked glory? I think not, Sassenach. Off wi’ it.”

Reaching for it again, he had her stomach exposed before she started to pull it back down. For a moment, she thought about insisting, but that would lead to questions. Instead, she lifted her arms so he could take the last bit of covering from her.

He laid her down on their bed, pausing briefly to kiss her stomach. Then he moved back up to kiss her lips.

“Thank ye, Claire, for all you’ve done today. Taking me out for a day on the lake, cooking me a verra fine dinner, even wi’ things ye couldna eat. And then ye tend my body? I’ve never kent a woman like you.”

“I don’t think there’s ever been a woman quite like me before,” she sighed before stroking his face. “Or a man quite like you.”

“I’m glad I found ye.”

She opened her mouth to say something back, but was cut off by his sudden thrust. Whatever she’d done to help relieve the tension in his back and shoulders had clearly made him feel better. He moved with a frenzy she hadn’t felt in some time, like he was making love to her for the first time.

Her legs couldn’t lock around him, constantly slipping off his body from the oil as much as his vigor. She let her head fall back onto the pillow. His lips visited her neck, biting gently. Her back arched off the bed in response, hands clawing at his back uselessly as they slipped and slid against his skin. Lifting her head up, she bit his neck in kind, spurring him to rear up and continue his merciless attack on her body, hands exploring every piece of her as she did the same.

Overwhelmed by the animalistic feelings aroused in him, he pushed on, growling into Claire’s ear, “Ye’re mine, mo nighean donn. Now and forever, yer mine.”

He gripped her hips to hold her body in position while he continued on. The end was coming nearer, her body preparing for that release it needed desperately. Taking a grip on his hair, she pulled him back down to her and bit his shoulder hard to mute her scream. Then he too cried out, his own body bucking against hers.

They lay together for several minutes, neither able to move after the climax faded. Jamie gave her a very sweet kiss before rolling onto his side. She curled up in his arms, observing the bright red mark she’d left him.

“Sorry about that one,” she said quietly, poking it.

He hissed a little.

“Dinna fash. Was worth a little pain to hear ye squeak like that.”

With a contented sigh, she pressed her ear to his chest and let his steady heartbeat sing her to sleep.


The following night, Jamie was nudged awake by his wife. Grunting, he forced his eyes open.

“Are ye alright?” he mumbled. “The bairn?”

“We’re alright. Would you mind… Maybe going and getting us some hot wings?”

“Are ye daft? I dinna even ken what the time is.”

With a heavy sigh, he looked at the clock on her bedside table.

2:31 AM

“Wings? Ye want hot wings? Now?”

She smiled sheepishly.

“Pregnancy cravings?”

“If ye start craving pickles wi’ yer ice cream, I’m moving out,” he said, swinging his legs over the side of the bed. “But if it’s hot wings ye need, it’s hot wings ye’ll get.”

“Thank you, darling.”

“Anything for you.”

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he tried to ignore the clock inside his car. He drove around for nearly half an hour until he found a place that was open and sold hot wings. As he pulled up to the window, his phone buzzed.

Hello darling. Could you maybe pick up some cheesy chips too? Thank you!

The speaker squacked and a woman yawned.

“What can I get you?”

“I’d like an order of hot wings and cheesy chips, please. Thank ye.”

“One order of hot wings and one order of nachos. That’ll be-”

“No, miss. I’m sorry. I mean cheese fries.”

“Hot wings, nachos, and cheese fries. That’ll be…”

Jamie rolled his eyes. He was too tired to argue with the woman at three in the morning.

He tripped several times as he went up the stairs to their apartment, but he kept the food from dropping. She was in bed, wiggling like an excited puppy. Her nose flared when he walked in.

“Did you get nachos too?”

“I forgot to say cheesy fries rather than cheesy chips, so she thought I meant nachos. But I got you proper chips too.”

Laying out a napkin on the bed, she pulled the things out of the bag and began shoveling them into her open mouth, still wiggling happily.

“Why did it take you so long?” she asked, licking hot sauce from her fingers.

“It isna easy to find a place that sells hot wings at three in the morning.”

When she smiled at him, he sighed and wiped the sauce from her chin.

“You’re a good husband.”

His heart leapt, hearing her say that, though he chose to keep that feeling to himself. Instead, he stole a cheesy and slightly spicy kiss from her.

“Here,” she said, setting the nachos out. “Share with me.”

“I wouldna dream of taking a pregnant woman’s late night cravings,” he said with a chuckle.

“Well this pregnant woman is sharing them with you. You went out at three in the morning to get them for me.”

With a nod, he gave in and split the nachos with her. They weren’t bad, he thought. When she finished, he gathered up the wrappings and took them to the kitchen trash.

Despite how tired he was now, the look of satisfaction on her face was worth it. He slid back into bed beside her and held her close. Her breath smelled like all the things she’d just eaten, but he didn’t mind.


After she showered in the morning, she went out to breakfast. Jamie beamed at her and kissed her cheek.

“Morning, Sassenach. Sleep well?”

“Very. Thank you for going out last night.”

“Dinna fash. Glad I got ye what ye needed. Oh! And it’s Monday. Ready for yer weekly photo?”

She was a little surprised he wanted to take it right now. It was usually something he did after he got home in the evenings.

“Oh, um… Sure, I guess.”

Going to the same spot she always stood in, she tentatively lifted her shirt to expose her growing belly. It felt heavier somehow, like a lead weight had settled in her stomach.

“Look at ye! Finally looking verra pregnant. Christ, you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen!”

Verra pregnant.

Those words echoed through her mind all through her classes that day and through her short shift at the gardens. She’d known that she would get bigger, of course, she wasn’t stupid. But she wasn’t sure she liked how she was starting to look now.

She was nursing a mug of tea when Jamie came home.

“Sorry I’m home late,” he said, locking the door behind him.

“It’s alright. I just had some leftovers for dinner.”

“Are ye alright?”

She finished the tea and nodded.

“Yes, we’re both doing just fine.”

As she reached to put her mug in the sink, Jamie made a move to feel her stomach. It was something he’d done regularly since finding out about the baby. But with her newfound discomfort, she shied away from him, backing into the wall.

A hurt expression moved over his face before he stepped back. Unable to meet his eyes, she maneuvered around him to her desk to attempt studying while he ate his own leftovers for dinner. When they went to bed that night, she chose to wear a long night dress. It felt a little old fashioned, but the cut of it hid the new shapes of her body.

Jamie observed her new sleeping outfit with lifted brows, but he didn’t say anything. He only gathered her into his arms and held her as they went to sleep. She let him rest his hands on the bump, the deep-seated awful feeling she had at pulling away from him before tugging at her heart. She knew the coming days and months would bring more changes. All she could hope, for now, was that she’d grow to accept and embrace them.

The Audit

**Long story short, I found my old fic LJ/archive from 2005, and decided this absolutely needed to be posted.  It’s ridiciously bad, so much so that I found it hilarious.**

Author: PiecesofScully (in 2005)
Rating: R
Timeline: Unclear

Scully set the phone down in its cradle, a look of complete confusion spreading across her face.

“Who was it?” Mulder asked, as he typed on the computer. His eyes were still glued to the screen, and his fingers pressed rapidly against the keys on the key board.

“The accounting office. They said they need to speak with you about questionable purchases with a bureau credit card.”

“I’m being audited?”

“Sure sounds like it.”

Mulder continued typing for a few seconds, unphased by the news of a surprise audit….until it hit him.

“Oh….shit…” he muttered under his breath. He stood quickly, grabbed his jacket, and headed towards the door.


He stopped suddenly and turned back to Scully.

“Do you want me to come along?” She asked, sitting at the desk with her reading glasses on.

He shook his head. “Nah, I’ve got it. You stay here, and maybe we could go grab some lunch afterwards.”

Scully nodded, accepting the offer, and Mulder left the office, speed walking to the elevator.

How do I explain this one? He thought to himself as he pressed the ‘up’ button. Sorry, Mr. Accounting Man, Agent Scully and I were in need of a good humping and my credit card was declined, so I used the bureau’s card instead.

The doors opened and he stepped inside shaking his head. As the doors closed, all was silent except for the dull clank of shifting gears and one word being muttered over and over again.

“Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit…”


“Agent Mulder, I’ll start from the beginning. I’m going to need you to explain every purchase on the date of May 26th, 2000.” Mulder nods, his hand quickly wiping a bead of sweat that had escaped his hairline and began a quick slide towards his nose.

The young, squirley looking accountant shuffled through his notes and pulled out the sheet of paper he’d been searching for.

“$76.56 was spent at a restaurant called La Fleur, which is located in Sterling, Maine.” The accounting agent glanced at Mulder, waiting for his explanation, but the agent just stared back offering nothing of the sort.  “$76.56 is a lot to spend on a dinner, especially when I have documents saying that you and Agent Scully were on vacation, not investigating a case.“

Mulder cleared his throat. "Well, yeah, we were on vacation, but a case fell into our laps almost as soon as we’d arrived. We were hungry from driving all day, so we stopped at the only restaurant that was open and accepted credit cards.”

“I have no record of a case file being processed on the date of May 26th.”

“I have yet to finish the report, actually.”

“But $76.56, Agent?”

Mulder shrugged. “The food was expensive.”

The accountant nodded, then exhaled a long sigh. “I’ll say.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

*One month ago*

Mulder finished the last bite of his chocolate desert, just as Scully had finished hers. The server must have been watching them closely, because just as Scully set her fork down, the bill was slipped onto the table. 

Scully smiled at Mulder, a lazily wide grin. Either she was a little tipsy from those 2 glasses of wine, or those oysters were finally kicking in.

He slipped his credit card into the small leather pocket of the folder, and the waitress took it away.

“You wanna head back to our room after this?” Mulder asked, reaching across the table to take her hand in his.

Scully shook her head. “Actually there is a store across the street I wanted to browse in first. Maybe get a little something for tonight.”

His eyes glowed with excitement. He’d seen the store she was referencing when they’d pulled into the restaurant’s parking area. It was a lingerie/sex-toy store. Naughty Time something or other.

“I’ll go see what’s keeping the waitress with the receipt.” He brushed a kiss on her temple, and walked to the front counter.


Their waitress turned to him, his credit card in her hand. “I’m sorry, sir, but your card has been declined.”

Mulder stood there, stunned. “That’s impossible. Could you run it through again?”

“Of course, sir.”  She slid his card through the machine again, and after a short pause and a quiet beep, she shook her head. “Declined again, sir. Perhaps you have another card you’d like to try.”

Mulder pulled out his wallet and searched the card slots. License, library card, blood donor card, bureau credit card….bureau credit card…. He paused for a moment, then hurriedly handed her the bureau credit card. She took it with a large smile on her face, then passed him his receipt to sign when it was approved.

“All set, sir. Have a lovely evening.”

Mulder nodded, and walked back to Scully. She stood, allowing Mulder to help her with her jacket.

“Everything ok?” She asked.

He linked his fingers with hers. “Everything is great.”


“Ok,” the accountant said. “So, next comes the fun stuff.”

Mulder’s eyebrow pulled a 'Scully’ and rose. The accountant shrugged, then shuffled his papers.

“The next purchase on the list was $26.25 at a grocery store, also located in Maine. Now, because you and Agent Scully had already eaten quite an expensive dinner, I was ordered by my supervisor to look into the items that were purchased in this store. Those items are,” he paused to look closer at the receipt. “…whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and a 4 pack of AA batteries.”

“I know what this looks like-”

"Fraternizing is strictly prohibited, Agent Mulder.”

“I realize that Agent,” he glanced at the younger agent’s tag, “Smooter. But that was for the case we were working on.”

“Really?” Smooter asked, his tone dripping with sarcasm. “What was this case you two were investigating exactly?”

Mulder sat back in his chair, a cocky grin on his face. “That’s classified.”

“Interesting. Well, I’ll tell my 'super’ that, and he can take this matter to….AD Kersh is it? Yes, he can take it up with AD Kersh if you’d prefer.”

“Fine, Fine!! I’ll explain.” Mulder rubbed his eyes, then leaned forward in his seat to get closer to the accountant. “You know we investigate the paranormal right?”

“Yes, I am aware of that.”

“Well, this case falls under that category as well. You see…” Mulder licked his lips then cracked his fingers, attempting to buy some time, “We were called by a source we have in Maine. He’d said he’d been hearing some strange stories about young men that had gone missing.”

“The point, Agent Mulder.”

“I’m getting there. Well, these young men had happened to go missing while…camping….in the woods. We needed the batteries for our flash lights.”

“The bureau’s flash lights take D batteries.”

Mulder nodded.  "Imagine our surprise when we got to the woods and discovered that. Luckily, one of the flash lights still had enough power to aid us on our journey.“

"And what about the whipped cream and chocolate syrup?”

“It was rumored that whatever was taking these men had something of a sweet tooth. So, Agent Scully and I bought those because they were cheap. We were in a hurry and didn’t have time to be choosy and search for specific candy bars or whatever.”

Smooter nodded rapidly, seemingly eating up every bit of Mulder’s story.

“So, Agent Scully and I high tailed it into the woods with only one working flashlight, and sunday toppings.”

~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The disappointment of being at a grocery store and not a sex toy store must have been written all over his face, because Scully nuzzled his neck and whispered, “I have big plans for us tonight. Trust me.”

Mulder nodded, shooting her a smile, and followed her closely through the store. His spirits lifted after seeing her grab a can of whipped cream, a bottle of chocolate syrup, and a pack of batteries. “Scully, why the batteries?”

She smiled at him deviously. “Just trust me Mulder.”

That look could make any man go weak in the knees, cause his heart to skip a few beats, and claim temporary insanity. Which is what must have happened because before he knew it, he was whipping out that bureau credit card again.


“Okay, agent, there’s one last purchase I have to question. There was a $45.15 purchase made at a Naughty Time Novelty. I am extremely curious to see how this plays into everything. Now, because the store wouldn’t give out the list of what was purchased, I need to ask you what was purchased and for what reason.”

Mulder chewed on his lip then sighed. “We walked out of Meijer and we were talking intensely about the case. So intensely, actually, that we both didn’t realize that we’d just walked through a huge swarm of bees. Agent Scully felt something on her pant leg and swatted it off, not realizing it was a bee, and then it stung her finger. She wears this ring that she got from her mother years ago, and that was the finger that happened to get stung. It started swelling almost instantly.”

“Agent Scully has an allergy to bee stings?”

“Uh…yeah…So we ran into the nearest store, which just happened to be that novely store. We explained what happened to the girl at the counter and she grabbed a large bottle of….lubricant….and poured the contents all over Scully’s swollen finger. After a few tries, we got it off. Cindy, the girl at the counter, then took a mint flavored lubricant and spread it on the bee sting, insisting it would take down the swelling.”

“Did it work?”

“Well, we can’t say for sure. We put ice on it when we got back to the motel, so it could have been the ice that did the trick.”

“But where does the $45.15 come in?”

“We had to pay for the lubricant.” Smooter’s jaw dropped. “They were jumbo sized bottles.”

The accountant sat back in his chair and crossed his arms over his chest.

~~~~~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mulder eagerly followed Scully to the showcase of battery operated toys. There were so many different sizes and colors, different shapes and gadgets. There was one gadget that was blue, and it had two rubber rings connected by a small battery pack.

“That’s a 'for him’ toy. One loop goes around the penis and the other goes around 'the boys’. It vibrates.”

Cindy clearly knew her products.  Mulder just stared at the blue rubber contraption. Visions of using it and it cutting off circulation and 'it’ possibly falling off invaded his thoughts. “No, thanks,” he said with a shrug. “We’re here for her.“ He pointed to Scully.

He was surprised to see the excitement spread across her face.  Her eyes even had a twinkle in them.  

"Um,” she pointed to one of the hundreds of vibrators spread showcased along the wall, “could i see that one?”

Cindy pulled it from it’s case and handed it to Scully. “That’s The Dolphin. It’s a huge hit because it’s so pretty.”

Mulder studied the toy in Scully’s hands. It was pretty. The first 1 ½ inches were a tart blue rubber, then the next 3 inches were white pearls that traveled around the girth of the toy, and then more blue rubber. Scully passed it from hand to hand as if testing the weight, then ran her finger along the 3 inch rubber dolphin that seemed like it was about to soar off the dildo.

“What’s that for?” Mulder asked, pointing to the dolphin’s beak.

“It’s the clitoral stimulator,” Scully answered matter of factly.

“I’d suggest that you purchase some lubricant if you do get a toy. We have flavored ones such as peppermint and strawberry. And we have others for special purposes, such as 'Like a Virgin’, which tightens the vaginal muscles, and a few that make him last longer. I’d suggest the peppermint flavored lube. It’s great, and a real fan favorite.”

Scully smiled. “Wonderful. We’ll take that and The Dolphin.”

Mulder stared for a moment, as if in shock. The entire moment was so surreal, like a wet dream come true, buying sex toys and flavored lube with Scully. At the register, he eagerly passed the girl the bureau’s credit card.


“That is…incredible. So after all of this, did you solve the case?”

Mulder shook his head, and sat back in his chair. “No. It remains unsolved.”

They both sat in silence, Smooter amazed by the story, and Mulder amazed that he believed the story. Thank god he was new to the bureau.

“I’ll write my report and submit it to my super, and I suggest you do the same.”

Mulder muttered ‘yeah’ and stood. "We done here?”

“Yes, Agent Mulder. All through.”

Mulder turned and walked out of the office without another word.


Mulder walked into his office to see Scully still sitting at the computer.

“Finally,” she said, standing.  “I was about to go solo to lunch, you were taking so long." 

"Are you done with the computer, Scully?”

“Yeah, you need it when we get back?”

“Uh, yeah. I’ve got a case report to write up.”

“Which one?” She asked. “I thought we were all caught up…”

“I’ll explain it at lunch. Let’s go.”

The End.

Long Live The Queen

My entry for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing‘s SPN Hiatus Writing Challenge 2017 - Week 2

Prompt: “Are we completely sure that’s how it’s supposed to look?” 

Summary: The reader has a business marketing magical drug experiences to customers and Rowena doesn’t understand why she would use her talents on something like that.

Word Count: 984

Warnings: Drug use, kinda?

A/N: I was bored at work and as soon as I saw this week’s challenge I just had to write this one. I based the reader off of one that I used for episode 11 of my Season 12 Challenge because I just loved her and there was so much potential with a reader like her! Also, one of my drabble requests was for a Rowena drabble, so here’s a Rowena drabble!

“You, my dear, are going to get your wee self killed one of these days.”

“But it’ll be fun,” you grinned up at Rowena. “Besides, you’ll just find a way to bring me back because you know that I’m too adorable to be dead for too long.”

With a petite huff, Rowena turned and strolled around the room. While she carefully examined the sigils you’d painted on the walls, you finished mixing the paint for the last round of symbols.

“And what are you going to call this scam?”

Scam. Please. You were providing a service. “I haven’t quite decided yet. Something about a carnival fun house, probably.  I’ll know more once I test it.”

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Not That Biased

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / JB / Jinyoung 

Rating: PG

Word Count: 2,210

Summary: You work at JYP as an analyst and are assigned to help a group of idols with their new collaboration song. Both Junior and JB are assigned to the project, which is very distracting since you bias Junior. All of this would be fine though - if only that Im Jaebeom weren’t such a pain in your ass.

Originally posted by jinyaung

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Auston Matthews - Part 1

No explicit content 

This one is a bit long, but I need to outline a few things in order to have a better story later on. 

Since this is my first post, please give me feedback but either commenting or messaging me. 

               “Y/N, what are you still doing here?”

               I jumped and looked over my shoulder at my professor and boss, Mrs. Poe.

               “You should be home, Y/N, it’s your winter break and here you are sitting in an empty office on campus when you could be at home spending time with your family.” Guilt poured over me even as Mrs. Poe dragged my chair away from the desk and my computer.

               “I know, but I need to prepare for my meeting next week. I barely scratched the surface on what we might go over.” I try to scoot my chair back to the desk but stop short when Mrs. Poe levels me with a glare.

               “You do not need to prepare for anything, Y/N. This meeting is for how they will help you and conform to your needs, not the other way around,” she reached out, closing my laptop and folders littering the desk and begins to stuff them into my bag. “Besides, you are the only person I know who doesn’t need to prepare for anything regarding the topic. I hardly know what more I can teach you that you don’t yet know.”

               Warmth washed over me as Mrs. Poe’s compliment sunk in. I stand and help her finish picking up my things.

“You’re right. Always right,” I smile down at Mrs. Poe, coming in at 5’10’’, I tower over little 5’3’’ Mrs. Poe, but that doesn’t stop me from being slightly afraid of her.

               “I know. Not get going home, be safe on your travels to Toronto and call me after the meeting and tell me how it went,” she rests her hand on my arm and gives me a slight squeeze. “You will be just fine, I’m so proud of you.”

               I feel tears start to well in my eyes and quickly look down at my coat, taking extra time to zip it, gaining my composure back. Pushing the thought of this possibly being the last time I see Mrs. Poe for the next six months.

               “Thank you, Mrs. Poe. I would have never made it this far without you,” I smile at her again and lift my bag to my shoulder digging my car keys out of my purse. I have never been good at goodbyes, I’m too overemotional of a person.

               “I know that too, now get going. Be safe on the roads,” and with that Mrs. Poe turns on her heel and walks down the hall to her office. Apparently she isn’t good at goodbyes either.

Two days later

               I slide open a facetime call from Alex, grinning at her when the connection goes through.

               “Hey, how’s the trip going so far?” I ask, settling down on my bed. I glance at the background in Alex’s screen and notice the snow. “Not in Arizona anymore, make it to Toronto?”

               “Not quite actually, we made a bit of a pit stop,’ Alex smirks at me and moved the phone closer to her face, blocking my view of her surroundings. “But, we will be there soon enough.”

               “Pit stop for what?” I ask, sitting back up and eye her smile warily, there is something off about the way she’s smirking at me through the phone.

               “Oh, just to pick up something,” Alex can’t hold her laugh back anymore and giggles, looking at someone I can’t see.

               I hear my families’ two dogs start barking downstairs and but are promptly quieted by my dad. 

               I scowl at her, “Why are you being weird? What’s going on?” I get up off my bed and glance out my window to see what my dogs were barking at when I see a SUV sitting in my driveway and several familiar faces laughing up at me. ‘What the…?” I stutter as I meet Alex’s eyes, not through the phone this time but actual Alex, standing down in my driveway. I toss my phone onto my bed and bound downstairs to meet Alex and her family at the door, my parents already letting them inside.

               “What are you doing here?” I exclaim and throw myself at Alex, hugging her tightly before moving on to Breyana.  

               “Getting you of course,” Mrs. Matthews says, pulling me into an even tighter hug. “It’s been too long, Y/N.”

               I smile and hug her back just as tightly. “What do you mean getting me? I’m your pit stop?”

               “Ding! Ding! Ding!” Alex yells and I laugh.

               “You guys! Why didn’t you tell me?” I can feel more tears welling up as Mr. Matthews wraps be up in his arms as well. “I’ve missed you all so much.”

               “And we missed you, hence us kidnapping you and bringing you to Toronto with us. Save you some money and we get to spend time with you!” Breyana says, beaming at me. “Alex’s idea.”

               “Did you know about this?” I ask my parents, both of them grinning at me.

               “Obviously, Alex called last week and laid everything out for us, we were just ordered not to say anything,” my dad explained and my mother nodded along.

               “We called and canceled your flight, and I packed your bags this morning.” My mother said and opened the closet door in the hallway to reveal my already packed and ready to go bags. Leave it to me to not even notice my clothes were missing out of my closet.

               Mr. Matthews checked his watch and said, “We do need to get going. We have a five hour drive to Toronto and holiday traffic to deal with.”

               After a brief goodbye and sweep through my room to grab my schoolbooks, and a few other things, I’m packed into the back seat with Alex.

               I met the Matthews’ when Auston lived in Ann Arbor and played for the USHL, Alex was a few years older than I was but we immediately hit it off and became inseparable, resulting in me spending several of my spring breaks down in Arizona and making my own spot in their family. Funnily enough, I had never even met Auston, only seen him play a few times when Alex was in Ann Arbor to visit. But I had him to thank for bringing Alex into my life. 

               Coming from a family of hockey players, mostly only college level, hockey had been bred into me. Being from Ann Arbor, I was a Detroit fan, and knew a lot about the game and had been following Auston since he exploded in Toronto. Which resulted in becoming even closer to the Matthews’ family.

               As we got closer to the border I started looking up hotels in Toronto, a difficult task with the outdoor game and World Juniors currently being held in Toronto.

               “What are you doing?” Alex asked, looking over my shoulder at my phone.

               “Looking for a hotel room to book, I was originally just coming to Toronto for a day, so I didn’t need to reserve a room. But now being there for a couple days, I’ll need one.” I said, still scrolling through the listings.

               “Don’t be ridiculous, Y/N,” Mrs. Matthews said from the front seat. “You’re staying with us.”

               “What? You already have a hotel booked?” I ask, glancing up at her.

               “No, we are staying with Auston.” She said as if it was the most obvious thing. Which it probably was.

               “What? I can’t stay with you there, I’ve never even met him. You don’t need to do that.” I stutter, an uncomfortable feeling settling into my stomach. I didn’t like the idea of taking up room at someone’s home that I didn’t even know.

               “Yes you can, and you will. Auston is fine with it. We even got you an extra ticket it to the game.’ Mrs. Matthews glances back at me, daring me to try and say that I’m staying at a hotel again.

               “Oh,” is all I manage to say, clicking my phone screen off and spend the next couple hours talking to Alex and Breyana while trying to ignore the uncomfortable feeling unrolling in my stomach.

anonymous asked:

I had this idea for a Wolfstar story, like "I'm a teacher and you are the librarian in the school I work at, and you keep sending me these terrible books and random stuff like empty folders or trash cans with my students. What the heck, dude?" It's just an idea, but it would be pretty cool if you wrote something with it.

Sirius loved his job as the art teach of a primary school. He usually enjoyed the job anyway because he got to help little kids discover art and introduce them to the best rock and punk rock bands of all time, which he often had playing in the studio while they drew.

But his job was especially awesome because his Godson, Harry had just started at the school. Sirius loved Harry and getting to hang out with him every day was such a treat. 

His job was also pretty sweet at the moment because they’d just hired on a hot new librarian. Sirius didn’t really go out for reading all that much, but he could appreciate the librarian, Mr. Lupin, because he was painfully attractive and clearly had no idea.

Sirius had Born To Be Wild playing through the speakers at the tiny sprogs shuffled into his classroom. Harry waved at Sirius enthusiastically and took his usual seat right by Sirius’ desk. “Hey Uncle Sirius,” Harry said, handing over a folder. “Mr. Lupin asked me to bring this to you.” 

“Oh, thanks Harry,” Sirius said, taking the garish bright yellow folder and feeling his stomach fill with butterflies as he opened it.

He was immediately let down when he found it empty. “Hey Harry, did you drop what was meant to be in here?” Sirius asked, flipping the empty folder around, looking for anything written on it. 

“No, I promise I didn’t,” Harry said, crossing his heart. “Mr. Lupin requested that you put something in it for him.” 

Sirius blinked for a moment and then wrinkled his nose. What kind of horseshit was this? What was he meant to put in there? 

He had all the kids draw a picture of their favorite animal while Sirius considered what to put inside the folder for Mr. Lupin. They’d only met a few times in the teacher’s lounge and flirted a bit over coffee. 

Making up his mind, Sirius drew a picture of two cups of coffee with steam rising from the top. For the moment it was the best thing he could think of. He shoved it into the folder and handed it back to Harry. “Give this to Mr. Lupin when you see him.” 

“Sure!” Harry said, taking the folder and filing out with the rest of his classmates.


The next time Harry came in for art class, Sirius looked at him expectantly. Instead of another primary coloured folder, Harry placed a book on Sirius’ desk. Sirius picked it up and made a face. “Mr. Lupin asked you to give me this?” 

Harry nodded and took his seat.

Sirius stared at the book, “If you give a Dog a Doughnut,” and wondered just what Remus had meant by giving him this. Was it meant to go along with the coffee drawing Sirius had done? Doughnuts and coffee? 

Perplexed, Sirius began to read the book, hoping for some kind of clue as to what Remus was trying to tell him. Deciding he was never going to figure it out, he settled for drawing himself as a big black dog with a doughnut in his mouth. He actually quite liked the drawing. 

He carefully folded it up and gave it to Harry to give to Remus. 


The next time Harry came into the room, Sirius didn’t even have to ask what Remus had given him. Harry was struggling to carry a rubbish bin into the classroom. He set it down next to Sirius, huffing and puffing from the excursion. 

“Mr. Lupin said -” 

“Yeah, yeah, I know,” Sirius said, waving him towards his seat. He cocked his head and studied the rubbish bin. Was this some kind of crack about his art? Or maybe a joke about him being a dog so he must eat our of the rubbish bin? 

Sirius decided that Remus Lupin was the most confusing person he had ever met. 

Sitting down, Sirius began to sketch, his hand flying over the paper as Somebody To Love blasted over the speakers. It felt appropriate. 

When he was done, he didn’t give it to Harry. Instead he slipped it into his own pocket and made his way to the library once his class was finished. He found Mr. Lupin sitting behind his desk and Sirius dropped the rubbish bin loudly by his feet. “I believe this is yours?” Sirius said with a quirked eyebrow.

Remus laughed. “I was wondering what I was going to have to do to get you to come visit me,” he teased, sitting back in his chair.

“Oh,” Sirius said, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. “So it wasn’t a joke about me being a dog?” 

Remus grinned. “It wasn’t meant to be, although I’m sure you’d make a wonderful dog. It was just the weirdest thing I could think of to send with little Harry.”

Sirius reached into his pocket and pulled out the picture he had drawn, unfolding it and placing it down in front of Remus. “I thought it might be appropriate for our first date.” 

“Our first date?” Remus echoed, lifting up the picture and studying it for a moment. “Is this meant to be your and me picking apples?” 

“Yeah,” Sirius said with a lopsided smile. “You know, like in the story you sent me. There’s an apple orchard about two hours north of here. I thought we could go, pick some apples, have a nice time. Two hours getting to know each other, some good tunes, good company. What do you say, Lupin?”

Remus bit his bottom lip and then smiled. “I think it sounds lovely,” he said, looking up at Sirius. “And about damn time.” 

Criminal Minds AU Episode 1: Losing Control

-Episode Guide-


Part 1

Getting inside the mind of serial killer is one thing. Getting inside the mind of my genius twin brother, however, is a completely different thing. Working at the Behavioral Analysis Unit out of Quantico is everything I had hoped it would be and more—studying behavior, delivering profiles, not to mention kicking tons of criminal ass. With the help of the best team anyone could ask for—and yes, that includes my genius twin brother—we bring down the worst of the worst and get inside the twisted heads of some of the most dangerous and prolific serial killers of our time.

My name is Special Agent Allyson Reid and this is my story.


“…and with this area of low pressure pushing into the area, we could be seeing quite a few more days of rain. Maybe even a snow shower or two as temperatures dip down into the high 20s with the arrival of the weekend.”

The reporter on the news channel continued with the evening weather report, but he barely noticed it. He’d barely noticed it since he first came into the house. Sarah had been busy watching television when he arrived. Family Feud had been on. He could tell that she really enjoyed that show. In fact, he had to ring the doorbell several times to tear her away from the set. But once she opened the door, the cheers, claps, and calls of “Survey says!” were lost amid her screams.

The screams had subsided over the last hour, but he doubted she had much energy left anymore. Not after what he had done to her. If she had any brains at all, she would be thanking him. A girl like her, sitting inside on a Friday night, eating junk food and watching game show reruns on television? Who was going to fall for someone like that? Who was going to be able to give her the release he had just given her? Again, and again, and again…

A muffled sob rang out from behind him. He turned around, staring at Sarah through the slits of his mask. He didn’t know why he was still wearing it. She wouldn’t be able to identify him. Not after he finished with her. Perhaps it was because by keeping it on, she still had hope that he wouldn’t kill her. She still had hope that he would eventually leave. And he still had exactly what he wanted from her: control.

“Please,” she cried, her voice barely more than a whisper anymore. “Just tell me what you want.”

He smiled as he leaned over her on the bed, pushing her matted, dark hair out of her face, her tears and sweat mingling with the blood from the blow he’d given to subdue her. If she had just let him into the house in the first place, he wouldn’t have needed to be so forceful. He wouldn’t have needed to tie her to the bed. (Actually, that part was all for him.)

“Shh…” he said, placing a finger on her lips, wiping a trickle of blood from the corner of her mouth with his thumb. “Savor this, Sarah. You’re never going to have another night like this.”

She started crying, turning her head away from him. He disgusted her. She couldn’t even look at him anymore. After what he’d done for her. After what he’d given her. She didn’t deserve him. She didn’t deserve anyone.

“You’re never going to have another night like this,” he repeated as his hands found her throat. “Never, ever again.”

Her sobs cut out as he tightened his grip.


Tak. Tak. Tak. 

Allyson Reid groaned and rubbed her aching eyes, willing the letters and numbers on the screen to start looking more like coherent words and less like the jumbled mess that had currently formed in her mind. How long had she been working on this report? One hour? Two hours? Half a day? (A brief glance at the clock revealed it had only been about fifteen minutes, but it definitely felt longer.) Maybe if she just rested her eyes for a few minutes, the time would go faster…


Allyson hurriedly jerked awake as what sounded like a small avalanche came cascading down on her desk. The source of the noise turned out to be a stack of folders, and the culprit—as she already had guessed—was none other than her “rather hilarious” (his words, not hers) coworker, Derek Morgan.

“Damn it, Morgan!” she cussed, straightening herself and lightly smacking the back of her twin brother Spencer’s head to make him stop snickering. “You scared me half to death!”

“Well, that’s what happens when you get caught snoozing on the job there, Street Fighter,” Morgan replied with a grin. “What’s got you so tired?”

“None of your business,” Allyson replied casually, reaching for her energy drink only to realize, to her immense disappointment, that it was empty.

“Ooh, someone’s cranky in the morning,” Morgan said.

“You have no idea,” Spencer replied, resulting in another smack in the back of his head from his sister.

“So what? You keep her up all night discussing your Star Trek theories, Reid?” Morgan asked as if needing to remind everyone of the fact that the team genius was also a huge nerd.

Allyson rolled her eyes as she got up to grab another can of Monster from the staffroom fridge. “Okay, first off: I’m a Star Wars girl. Everyone knows that. And secondly, like I said, it’s none of your business.

“I’d lay off her, man,” Reid said as Morgan opened his mouth to argue. “Until she’s consumed half of that four-pack she brings to work every morning, she won’t tell you much of anything.”

Well, he’s got a point there, Allyson thought to herself. But even if she had already had her usual two Monsters (curse her brother’s eidetic memory for knowing how much of this crap she really drank), she wouldn’t tell Morgan the real reason she was so tired. She hadn’t even told Spencer that the nightmares were coming back. It had taken so long to convince him last time that they had really stopped. At least she was getting better at not screaming at night as much. The apartment walls were thin and, given the fact that their bedrooms were right next to each other, it didn’t take much to wake her brother up.

“All right, keep your secrets,” Morgan said, grabbing his stack of files and settling himself into the desk in between the twins. “I know all about those special nights,” he added with a wink. Allyson rolled her eyes, but couldn’t completely hide a smirk.

The lighthearted banter, however, was short-lived as the door to the Communications Liason’s office opened and Agent Jareau emerged, holding a file and looking distressed in the way only a tricky case could do. She glanced briefly at the three of them before giving a defeated sigh and tucking a long strand of blonde hair behind her ear.

“Bad, JJ?” Allyson asked, even though her face had already answered the question.

“Bad,” she replied sadly. “Conference room in two.”

Looks like I won’t be finishing that report after all, Allyson thought as she, Morgan, and Reid got up and headed towards the conference room. As they neared it, Reid leaned over and half-whispered in her ear, “You aren’t having ‘special nights’ like Morgan suggested, right?”

Allyson nearly choked on her drink as she fought to stifle a laugh. “Even if I was, I doubt I would be telling you that, little brother.”

“Okay, again,” Reid began in that know-it-all tone of his. “Just because you were born first doesn’t mean I’m your ‘little brother.’ We are still technically the same age.”

“Well, I’m six minutes older so that means I make the rules and I say it does,” Allyson replied.

“Yeah, but I’m seven inches taller than you,” Reid interjected (which was true; he’d inherited their mother’s height). “So if anyone should be referred to as ‘little,’ it’s definitely you.”

Allyson started to retort, but, realizing it wasn’t worth it, merely shook her head. “I’m too tired to do this.”

“Well, that’s a first,” came the voice of their superior Jason Gideon as he entered the conference room, a newspaper tucked under one arm and his reading glasses perched on the end of his nose. “You’re never too tired to give your brother crap.”

“Guess I’m full of surprises,” Allyson said with a smile as JJ began passing around case files.

“All right, everyone, settle down,” came the commanding tone of their superior SSA Aaron Hotchner (more commonly referred to as “Hotch” by the members of the team). “JJ, whenever you’re ready.”

Despite the fact that she dearly loved her job (and not just because it gave her a chance to give her brother shit every day), Allyson always found herself silently dreading these board meetings. Granted, they had gotten better over the years (once the demons in her past weren’t quite so prevalent in her mind), but every once in a while, a case would be presented to them that brought unpleasant imaged back into her mind. (Almost like her nightmares last night had been telling her something.)

It was this tragic back story that ultimately pushed Allyson into wanting to join the BAU in the first place. She’d been no stranger to picking fights with the bad guys ever since she was a little girl. And she owed all of that to her brother. With an IQ of 187, an eidetic memory, and the ability to comprehend 20,000 words a minute, Spencer was a certified genius (even though he claimed that intelligence was not something that could be accurately measured). But considering the fact that her twin brother had graduated high school before she even started it, Allyson didn’t really know what else to call him.

Unfortunately, most of the kids in the Las Vegas public school department didn’t see it quite the same way. And a lot of the 10th graders weren’t too keen about having a 12-year-old in their class (who was noticeably smarter than them), and they weren’t too shy about beating up the wimpy nerd any chance they got.

Sadly for them, they didn’t know about Allyson.

Sick and tired of watching bullies take advantage of her brother, Allyson set about learning several styles of martial arts, as well as basic self-defense. By the time she was in junior high, she was practically untouchable. And after Spencer came home from school bruised, bloodied, and crying one too many times, forcing her to put three members of the varsity football team in the hospital, they thought twice about messing with either of them from then on.

Despite their young ages, the Reid twins made it to the FBI fairly quickly. What Spencer lacked in physicality, he more than made up for in brains—hell, the boy had three PhDs before he was even old enough to drink!—and while she wasn’t at quite the level of genius as her brother, Allyson’s combat skills rivaled almost everyone in their division. (Morgan still refused to admit he didn’t just “let her beat him” the last few times they sparred.) When the two of them put their heads together, they were unstoppable.

As was tradition in the BAU, members of the team typically went by their surnames—Agent Jennifer Jareau being the exception as she preferred to abbreviate her alliterative name into merely “JJ”. However,  because Spencer had started about six months before Allyson and had already been coined “Reid,” Allyson merely went by a shortened version of her first name (because everyone agreed that saying “Reid” and “Other Reid” was just too confusing). But she didn’t mind. With the amount of books her brother had finished in his short lifetime, “Reid” seemed like a much more appropriate nickname for him anyway.

The folder on the table in front of Allyson was, as usual, filled with images that made her heart heavy. This particular case file involved pictures of two women, each laid out on the side of a dirt road, wrapped in a blanket and dressed in nothing but their undergarments. Dark bruising around their wrists, ankles, and necks indicated they had been restrained and strangled. Their attire, Allyson sadly realized, most likely meant they had been assaulted as well.

Why today of all days?

“Sarah Lawrence, age 23, and Danielle Markinson, age 26,” JJ began, projecting photos of the two victims on the screen behind her. “Both women were discovered in ditches off the side of the road. Sarah was discovered early Saturday morning, Danielle about two days before. Both were beaten and sexually assaulted.”

Even though that much was obvious, it still was never easy to hear. “Were they covered like that?” Allyson asked, gesturing to the blankets.

“Yes,” JJ replied. “Their bodies were wrapped up in the blanket, but our unsub left their heads exposed.”

“So he wanted the bodies to be found?” Morgan asked.

“It’s possible,” Hotch said.

“Covering them could be a sign of remorse,” Gideon added.

He wasn’t very remorseful when he raped them, Allyson thought savagely.

“The bruising on their wrists suggests they were restrained,” Reid said.

“And on their neck,” Morgan began. “That means—”

“He strangled them,” Allyson finished, noting how her voice temporarily broke on that statement. She really hoped nobody else noticed.

“Yes, both women were strangled to death,” JJ said. “But that’s not all. These two women aren’t our unsub’s only victims.”

“Are there more bodies out there?” Morgan asked.

“Not exactly,” JJ replied. “There aren’t any bodies because the other victims aren’t dead.” When everyone continued to look confused, she elaborated. “After details got out about Sarah Lawrence’s death, other girls started to come forward, all claiming to have been raped by the same man. Their stores go as far back as six months.”

“Is there proof to back it all up?” Hotch asked.

“Those who agreed to rape kits all tested positive for assault,” JJ replied. “And the more recent victims had bruising that matched Sarah and Danielle.”

“So something changed that made him go from assault to murder,” Morgan said. “A stressor in his life.”

“The assault alone wasn’t providing him satisfaction,” Gideon replied, sounding (as usual) like he was reading the unsub’s mind. “Killing them provided him with the release he was lacking.”

“Were any of the previous victims able to give a physical description?” Reid asked. Allyson saw him glance towards her, but she pretended at first like she didn’t notice. She knew what he wanted to ask her, but now was not the time.

JJ sadly shook her head. “A lot of them have suppressed the memories of that night. Those that do remember say that he kept his face hidden.”

“Well, two bodies in two days means he’s escalating fast,” Hotch said. “We need to act fast before we risk another body. Wheels up in thirty.”

There was a scraping of chairs as everyone closed their case files and headed for the door to grab their things and get any last minute tasks taken care of before they headed to the jet. Allyson took a bit longer, waiting until most of the team had left before closing her own file. Okay, deep breaths, Ally. You’ve done cases like this before. It’s going to be fine.

She got to her feet and barely resisted the urge to scream as she noticed a tall figure standing behind her.

“Damn it, Spencer! You scared me!”

“I’m sorry,” Reid responded. “I didn’t expect you to be so jumpy.”

“I’m not jumpy,” Allyson retorted. “I just didn’t know you would be standing there.”

Reid fell silent as if suddenly second-guessing what he had wanted to talk about. Allyson decided to put his mind at ease.

“You can relax, okay? I’m fine.” She hoped that by saying the words out loud, her mind might actually start to believe them. “We’ve handled assault cases like this before.”

“I know,” Reid said. “But I also know this time of year is difficult for you. And I know you haven’t been sleeping well lately.”

“Well, neither have you,” Allyson replied. “You think I don’t notice the living room light on at 3:30 in the morning?”

“I like reading at night. It’s easier to focus.:

“Mhmm…sure,” Allyson said, smirking slightly.

Reid hesitated for a minute. “Have you talked to Hotch—”

“No,” Allyson replied hurriedly. “And until it starts to affect my work, he doesn’t need to know.”

“It might be good to tell him.”

Allyson took a deep breath. As much as she wanted to be mad, she knew her brother was only looking out for her (he had this annoying habit of doing that). 

“Look, I understand your concern and I appreciate it,” she began. “But I wouldn’t have taken this job if I couldn’t handle it.”

“I know,” Reid said again. “I just don’t want you to try to handle everything by yourself.”

Allyson groaned. “Why do you have to do that?”

Reid frowned. “Do what?”

“Care like that,” Allyson replied. “It’s ruining my image of being the troubled agent with the dark and mysterious past.”

Reid smirked. “Well, you’re my twin sister so that image is already way out the window.”

Fuck! BOOM! Auch.
  • Series: Overwatch
  • Pairing: Boombox (Junkrat x  Lúcio)
  • Chapters: 10/10
  • Words: 19.270
  • Subject: Soon after you are born, on the palm of your right hand a text will appear, a tattoo if you want to call it that way. That will be the first sentence your soulmate will tell you upon meeting you.
  • Check it also on AO3 + 2 bonus oneshots

It’s here! Finally finished the Soulmate AU! Ten chapters of… probably too much Junkrat’s point of view… you are warned for the stream of thoughts, now enjoy.

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Training to be a leader pt. 2

Originally posted by complete-fandom-trashhh

(Eric x reader)

Imagine: Eric training you to be a Dauntless leader - part 2

part 1

I dragged my tired self into Eric’s office for the second time this week. My eyes scanned idly around the room. I had never really realized how organized everything was. Of course it would be. Ex-erudite, I thought to myself.

A cough brought my attention back to the man sitting at his desk with the usual scowl on his face.

“I need you to go and get something from Tori. She’s up at the control room, you have 5 minutes,” he said, before turning back at his computer.

“Excuse me?” I asked, questioning the relation between this task and my leadership training.

He looked back up at me and raised an eyebrow. I could tell he wasn’t expecting me to respond back to him, but now that I was almost a leader, I felt like I had a newfound confidence, which allowed to me to say whatever I liked to Eric. And I liked it.

I stood there with my hands on my hips, while we both waited for the other to say something.

After a while, he looked at his watch and replied, “You have four minutes left.”

I rolled my eyes, let out a sigh and walked back out the glass doors that I had entered less than 5 minutes ago.

“It’d be smart to run, Y/N,” he called out after me and I waved a hand in dismissal.

When I made my way up to the top of the control room, Tori was sitting there with a large cardboard box at her feet. 

“Hey, Y/N, have you seen Eric?” she asked me.

“You mean the devil? Yeah, I just had training with him and I was left lying on the floor in the gym for 10 minutes.” I complained, knowing she would understand.

She gave me a sympathetic look and I replied with a shrug.

“Oh well, I’m ok now, but he sent me up here to get something from you?”

“Yes, well he was supposed to collect these from me, but I didn’t know he was sending you to get them,” she replied uncertainly, “the box is quite heavy, are you sure you’ll be able to carry them? I would help, but I’m supposed to be…”

‘No no, it’s fine, you can go, I’ll be fine” I cut her off, knowing that a grumpy Eric would be waiting for me downstairs. She smiled with a slight sign of relief and headed down the stairs. 

I motioned towards the box and tried to lift it. Wow. It was real heavy. Thanks Eric. There was no way I was going to be able to get this huge box back to his office in less than 2 minutes. So I didn’t even bother trying. It was nice to finally be able to not obey Eric without fearing the consequences.

After what felt like an eternity, I dropped the box of who-knows-what in front of Eric and collapsed onto the floor again.

“I thought I asked for it in 5 minutes. Not 25.” He stood up and walked over to me with a disapproving look.

“Well, I’m so sorry,” I snapped back at him. “What in the world is in this box?”

“None of your business.” He turned back to his desk. “Get up, you have things to do.”

At first I was surprised. He let it go that easily? I was sure nothing good was going to come out of this.

I pushed myself up and sat on his desk as he turned around to reach something behind his desk.

‘Get off my desk.” He said turning around and handing me a large stack of papers in a cream colored folder.

I slid off to grab the folder, but not before eyeing him with a look of defiance and rebelliance that I knew he would hate. And I was right. The moment he realized I was messing with him on purpose, he seemed to snap. I smiled. But not for long.

“File these in alphabetical order,” he ordered. “And you’re not leaving until you’re finished and I’m happy.”

Before I could say another word, he huffed and walked right out of the office, leaving me utterly confused, tired and speechless all at the same time.

CEO!Hyuk Smut {Requested}

My goood my fingers hurt. This is pretty long so im sorry in adavance. But yes. This is the smut you are looking for. -Admin Tink

Warnings: Office smut, d/s dynamic, spanking, dirty talk etc etc.

You were sitting at your desk doing computer work when you received an intercom call from your boss’ office.

“Y/N, I would like to know my schedule please. Be in my office in 5.” He said through the intercom. You sighed and pushed your hair from your face and pushed the button to replied.

“Yes,Sir. I also have your coffee ready for you”


You got up and fixed your skirt, slipping back on the heels that were killing your feet since this morning and made your way to his office with files in hand.

Your boss is Han Sanghyuk, A young CEO of Han Enterprise. He took over the company after his father retired and you were just so happening to be looking for a job as he was looking for an assistant. You’re friend that worked here insisted that you apply for the job and after the interview, the rest was history.

Mr.Han was a pretty decent boss. He wasn’t really rude or strict with you and was easy to work with. He was younger than you so he would often call you ‘noona’ and you would occasionally act like one towards him, calling him Sanghyuk when you fell into the ‘noona’ role. Despite the rumours, he wasn’t a total playboy.

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Bonnie & Clyde: Pretty When You Cry

Bucky x reader AU

Notes: smut, angst (ish), fluff, swearing, mentions of prison sentence, mentions of criminal activity

(Bonnie & Clyde inspired AU)

Lana del Rey - Pretty When You Cry

Summary: Your husband, James Buchanan Barnes, is trouble. Beautiful, dangerous trouble. After a prison sentence of 34 months, he is finally released and seems to have taken his time to think about what is truly the most important thing in his life.

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“m'Sorry, baby girl” he whispered, gently planting a kiss on your temple.

You shook your head, “I liked it, I missed this”

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Wanted (Wonho pt.1)

Genre: Romance, Drama
Pairing: Wonho/Shin Hoseok (Criminal/CEO), You (Federal agent)
Rating: PG-13 (for now ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

Shin Hoseok, formerly known as “Wonho”, is a criminal-turned-business man with an outstanding record for law breaking. 

And you had a history with him. 

As much as you wished for the past to remain in the past, a recent high-profile crime suddenly forces you back into an unlikely partnership with the terribly charming and mysterious Shin Hoseok. 


Being a field agent was never a walk in the park, but it was only until three days ago did you realize that things have officially gone to shit. 

You can still recall your supervisor’s desperation as he spoke of a severe security breach, where private information of every leading politician in your country has been stolen in less than an hour

And that is just absolutely ridiculous and terrifying in the least.

Just more stress to your already stressful workload, and you knew it will only be so long before military secrets become exposed and the possibility of another civil war comes at stake. And this might just be the worst case scenario for you and your team, which means no clues, no leads, just all around nothing in regards to the perpetrator. Yes, you worked for the nation’s foremost security force, yet you had absolutely no idea about some petty hacker. Pathetic right?

But you weren’t completely out of options, or option, in this matter. It’s not one you’d ever wish to consider, and it certainly fazed you when the first person to pop into your mind was a man whom you wished to never see again. 

Shin Hoseok. A man whose reputation precedes him. That name itself has become some magic spell that leaves you with an adrenaline rush with a side of headaches. It’s not that you hated his guts, you simply loathed his…attitude. Perhaps it’s because you’ve bumped heads with him on too many occasions. And every single time, the way he’d look at you and crook his goddamn lips always left you in a baffling state of unrest. And that’s barely the tip of the iceberg for his risque behavior around you, a government agent.

In short, Shin Hoseok wasn’t just a handful. He was a unique one.

However, that was all in the past, and the former criminal moved on from dealing foreign weaponry to corporate marketing. A strange development in your opinion, but you were just glad for him to be finally off your case. Except that didn’t last long.

They say desperate times call for desperate measures. So here you are, sitting in a large office of a seven-story building that’s solely owned and conducted by the criminal-turned-businessman, Shin Hoseok. 

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