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Best Friends. -Stiles Stilinski Smut-

i deleted the request but ugh,it’s been a long few weeks.


This was a submission by an amazing writer!

“Seriously? You’re bringing that?” You looked down, giggling at his trusty bat laying across his lap as he drives.

“Are you freaking kidding me, Y/N? Dread doctors? The beast? Ring any bells?” He said, giving you an annoyed look.

“We’re coming to this stupid thing to let loose. Besides, Scott’s going to be there, too. I think his claws and fangs have a better chance of protecting people,” I laughed, but Stiles almost looked hurt, but soon perked up when we pulled up to the huge bonfire that had been built.

“You get the beer, I’ll get the bottle of Jack.” Your best friend said hopping out of the jeep.


You were sitting by the fire with Kira and Lydia when you hear someone yell your name. Already a little drunk,you look up and see Theo.

You did not like him. It could have been the way Stiles talked about him but whatever the reason you just couldn’t stand him. He walked over but you continued your conversation, ignoring the boy standing over you.

“Can I talk to you for a sec?” Theo asked, you looked over to see Stiles in a serious conversation with Scott.

“I guess.“ Y/N said, just out of pure curiosity. What would he want from a little human? Y/N stood up, dizzy, you stumbled looking over once more at Scott and Stiles who were still deep in conversation. You walk to the parked cars with Theo, being cautious. He suddenly spins around and grabs you, pulling you in he crashes his lips into yours. "What the hell are you doing?!” You practically yelled at him.

“You know you want this.” Theo said with his evil smirk.

“No fucking way, creep!” You exclaimed trying to get out of his grasp. Then out of the darkness,you hear someone yelling at Theo from behind. He instantly pushes you away as Stiles appears behind you.

“Back the fuck off, Theo.” He said holding up the bat.

Theo smirked and winked in your direction.“Maybe some other time princess.” He says walking away.

“What the hell was that?” Stiles asked when Theo returned to the fire. Everything was so fuzzy, you didn’t realize how drunk you were. You didn’t reply to the adorable boy in front of you. You just looked at your best friend in the whole world, who just came to your rescue. His crazy brown hair lightly blowing with the wind. his beautiful chocolate eyes looking down at you in wonder. He furrowed his eyebrows as you stood there not answering his question. Y/N didn’t know if it was the alcohol or just adrenaline of what just happened, but you didn’t care. You reached up grabbing his cheeks, and pulled him down and gently kissed his lips. They were so soft that you didn’t want to let go. Your head spinning, you take your lips off his.

“I-I’m sorry.” Y/N mumbled coming back into reality. He looked at you, and moved a piece of hair from your face.

“Don’t be.” He said and dove in for another kiss. This one more passionate than the last. He slid his tongue along your lower lip as he pulled you in closer, practically begging for entrance. You gladly obliged as you let a small moan escape your mouth. Your tongues exploring each others, he pulled away from the kiss.

“I can’t believe this is finally happening.” Stiles whispered in your ear. You lift your head up more giving him better access to your neck.

"Me neither.” You moaned. He trailed kisses from your earlobe to your collarbone as you run your hand through his hair,lightly tugging at it. He spins you around up against a parked car, and once again attached his lips to your neck. Your hands drift from his hair to the now obvious bulge in his pants. You rubbed it through his jeans and holy fuck. You could not believe his size. He quickly pulls up your shirt, and kisses down your neck to your now exposed breasts. All you could think was thank god you didn’t wear a bra. He let out a low growl before putting one breast in his mouth and worked the other with his long slender fingers. You moan at the pleasure he is giving you. Him. Your best friend. That you’ve known since 3rd grade. You quickly pop open the button of his jeans and reach in and grab his now fully hard member.You slowly start to pump through the thin material.

“Holy shit, Y/N” He moans and tips his head back. You smile as you attach your lips to his neck. He looks at you and kisses you again, almost impatiently as he undoes your jeans and rips them down along with your panties. He takes a step back for you to kick them off. He smiles at you with that perfect smile. You pull his boxers down making his cock spring to life. He gives you one more quick kiss.

“Are you ready?” He moaned in your ear.

“Fuck yes, Stiles. Fuck me” You whined. He lifted you up by your hips. He lined himself up with your heat and slowly entered his tip inside of you, making you gasp at the feeling. He laughs against your neck as he slowly pushes his cock fully inside of you, then pauses to kiss you once again giving you time to adjust to his size.

“You okay?” He asked.

“I will be when you start moving” You giggled. He slowly starts thrusting into you, kissing and nipping at your neck.

“F-fuck Stiles!” You moan out.

He takes this as an invitation to speed up. He starts thrusting faster and harder slamming into you over and over until you feel the sensation building up in the pit of your stomach. He lets go of one of your hips and moves his hand and puts his thumb to your clit, rubbing it in circles. This quickly draws you closer and closer to your climax.

Stiles kisses back up your neck to your earlobe “You wanna cum for me, don’t you baby girl?” He moaned almost breathlessly.

Him saying that in his sexy raspy voice sent you into your orgasm. The feeling in your stomach finally burst in pure pleasure. Your head spinning in circles as you muffle your scream into his hoodie. Hearing that, Stiles let himself release moaning your name. He rode out both of your pleasure until he became too sensitive and pulled out of you, lowering you to the ground. He placed his forehead on yours

“Holy shit, Y/N” He growled out loudly.

You give him a gentle kiss on his swollen lips before you begin gathering your clothes that were lost in the process. What just happened? You fucked your best friend. That’s what happened. You guys try to gather yourselves as best you can and walk back to the fire like nothing happened, him winking at you once in awhile. You joined back with Lydia, Kira and Scott. 

“What the hell just happened?"Lydia said. You still a little lightheaded, just realized you’d been gone since Theo asked you to talk.

"Nothing, but that prick,” Gesturing to Theo,“Needs to stay the hell away from me.” You say harshly.

“What? He was all over her Scott. I told him to get lost, then we talked.” Stiles tried explaining himself. Scott looked at you as you looked down to try to hide your crimson cheeks.

Scott looked back to Stiles and sniffed. You snapped your head back up. Shit.  Can he smell arousal? Oh fuck. You glanced at Stiles who was smirking at you from ear to ear. Scott just rolled his eyes, directed Lydia and Kira back their seats by the fire.He quickly looked directly at you and Stiles.Stiles grabbed two beers, gave you one, and you guys joined your friends once again, laughing the night away.

thexluckyxduck  asked:

I hope you don't mind me bringing this to you but I think you might see similar to me. A few of my SPN friends talk about how manly Jared is but I really don't see it myself. To me he acts, I don't want to say feminine, but very 'soft' I guess is a good word for it. The best example I can think of the hand fanning he does when someone mentions Jensen being hot. Back aroun season 4/5 he was huge and seriously build but now he's slimmed down a ton and maybe that makes it more apparent.

Hello, dear miss!

*catches the hot potato* IT BURNS! *juggles the potato and grimaces*

Alright, the potato has cooled enough for now. Gosh, these questions are hard. I have my headcanons of their personalities, but writing them down without leaning on stereotypes too much is so difficult. Here’s the last time I tried.

Okay, let’s get onto your message now! Let me start by saying that I agree with you. There, I said it. I think Jared is pretty effeminate and I find it glorious. I know all of that fanning, ass-shaking, dancing and flirting is probably meant to be a joke, but… I can’t help but think he’s feeling confident enough to let a glimpse of his real self shine through.

I, too, feel confused when people describe him as a bear of a man or something similar. I’m sure there’s a side to his personality that is very macho, but I really can’t imagine that part as the dominant one. His clear admiration of big, toned guys kinda tells me that’s his ideal for others, perhaps not so much for himself anymore.

Anyway, these things are open to interpretation and this is just my view of the man (whom I haven’t even met, by the way). I like to think of personalities as patchwork quilts - they’re made of many parts, some contradicting the other and still forming a whole.

I firmly believe different people bring out different characteristics from us. I can tell you I’m vastly different with collagues than I am with my SO. The latter brings out my happy-go-lucky side with a side serving of silliness while my collagues see me as a solemn and rude bastard. *shrugs* We humans are mysterious.

I think Jensen brings out the effeminate and silly side of Jared quite beautifully. It’s just how I see them and I can’t unsee it anymore. Thanks for the tricky question, sweetheart! I hope your day treats you well. *eats the potato*

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before sleep talk #1: sexuality n stuff

hiya so idk if anyone is even going to see this or want to read the whole thing but i wanted to start something new. and i really want to use tumblr more so i decided to start it on here. 

i’m basically nocturnal and sleep from like 7 am - 2:30 pm ish (blame homeschooling lol) so i decided every morning before i go to bed, i am going to just make a huge tumblr post and write my thoughts down, kind of like an open diary. i just want to be open with the people who follow me. so yeah, let’s a-go!

so today is March 5th and a lot of things have happened to me tonight. nothing physical, like i didn’t grow an extra set of feet, or break an ankle or anything, but mental and emotional things happened tonight. and from those happenings i got the idea for this posting/diary type thing. seriously though, i only get good ideas from the times between midnight and 3 am. i don’t get my brain.

so idk really how to talk about this so i’ll guess i’ll just go in chronological order of when this all happened or whatever. if that even makes any sense.

back a long long time ago, virginia made out with a girl. WHAT OMG????!!!! shocker i know lol. but yes, back in around 4th or 5th grade (idk what that is in other countries i’m sorry i’m uncultured) there was this girl. i’m not going to name her real name because idk if anyone who knows her is going to read this and idk if she’s comfortable with me telling people this. i haven’t talked to her in years. but anyways, me and her got really close and i slept over at her house a lot. we were the best of friends. seriously, we were so close. and then one day we kissed. i don’t even remember how it started or who kissed who first, but it became something we did a lot. we kissed in her backyard behind a tree, we kissed in her bed, we kissed all over. (not like all over on our bodies, all over in geological terms, ya nasties) it was just kissing, don’t get your minds in the gutters, we were like 12. years past, she moved, and i completely brushed off the whole kissing thing. i always just told myself that we were so young, we were just curious, i told myself we were practicing for boys. because that’s what  people would say if they knew. 

but a few years later, i was watching tv or something and there was a lesbian couple in whatever show it was. and for some reason that sparked my attention. i just stared for a while and was like woah, why do i feel like i want that so bad? i had the biggest crush on the one character. she was so beautiful, and her personality sent me over the moon. she was someone i looked at and was like “i could picture myself being your girlfriend. i could picture holding your hand, i could picture kissing you, i could picture it all, with you.” and that confused and scared the hell out of me because of course, she was a girl. 

i was raised in a 100% hetero home. and a christian home. and a “being gay is a sin” home. so when i started having those feelings i got scared. i got so scared i cried for like three night in a row because i was afraid of my own attraction. i was afraid of love, because it was with a girl. i was afraid my family would disown me. i was just so scared.

so of course as most closeted people do, i pushed the feelings away, and made sure to come across as only “heterosexual”. my town isn’t the most “gay-friendly” either so that just made me want to push the feelings even farther away from myself… so i did. 

now don’t get me wrong, i like boys. so dating boys, and having crushes and talking about boys with my friends, was never really a problem. it was so easy to be seen as straight for me. i just had to pretend, and damn did i do a good job.

a tumblr user actually messaged me about how i tweeted on an old fan account about liking a girl, and then how i said i’m straight in a video. although, i actually didn’t really clarify on my sexuality in my videos. i just weaseled my way around it because i’m a sneaky closeted snake. but yeah, as you can see, my not-straightness came out a lot on my fan account, because nobody who i knew irl knew about it. so i was comfortable there.

so yeah, yadayadayada, fast forward to the end of 2015. i was homeschooled, so i was away from the people who i feared would judge me. my family showed a bit more support towards the lgbt community, (a bit meaning they still think it’s a sin but they are just like do whatever makes you happy now) so i was less afraid there. so… the feelings came back. and i had no idea what to do.

i googled things like “i’m confused about my sexuality, help” and “am i gay”, watched just about ever buzzfeed video revolving around lgbtq+ people, and of course, talked to people who are part of that community. 

and now fast forward a little bit to today. today i am still confused. still questioning. still closeted. but tonight, i came to a realization. i am in love with love. regardless of gender, race, or whatever. i don’t care what’s in between your legs. i don’t limit love because of gender. so whatever that makes me, that’s what i am. pansexual is what google says, but idk if i really want to be labeled as anything but human. summing it up, i am attracted to all sorts of humans. female, male, trans, non-binary, etc.

so yeah that is what has happened tonight. and with that came a lot of tears and lots of chills. 

i don’t know when i’m going to tell my family, or friends, or whatever, i just know that i have told myself, and really that is all that matters. and honestly, they’ll probably just figure it out on their own, or someone will show them this post. but regardless, this is who i am. this is not a phase. my attraction is not just “experimenting as a teenager”. this is who. i. am. 

anywhos, this is a lot longer than i thought i was going to be and i’m tired so i’m going to end today’s talk here.

hope you’re all well, and if you made it this far and actually read that all, woah thank you. hope you all have a great day/night/evening/whatever. 

love you bunches.

Virginia :’)

RG Veda thoughts #1

So let’s talk about RG Veda!

As CLAMP’s earliest and oldest work (it started before I was born I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING) I’ve been increasingly surprised by just how much I’ve been enjoying it. Given it does start out very seriously, but before long you get to see a lot of CLAMP’s trademark personality slipping in and really letting you connect with the characters more than you could before. It’s nice to see that their silliness and self awareness started so early in their career. 

Of course, because this is CLAMP, their other trademark content pops up a lot too. And by that I mean horrible tragic sadness of every possible kind. 

Because CLAMP. 

Due to that, and also to avoid spoilers for anyone who might want to read this later, I’m putting everything behind the cut. 

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Hey everyone!

So as some of you know, today was a rough day for me. The worst bit being a full fledged panic attack resulting in me throwing up from anxiety in a parking garage, panicking because my hands went numb and bawling my eyes out in front of my boss. I came home feeling like a complete failure but all of the messages from you guys are absolutely overwhelming. I literally was crying from how touched i was and reading them to my mother, I coudn’t believe the support. I just wanted to put a HUGE HUGE thank you out there to everyone who messaged me it seriously helped me, I’m screenshotting all of them and i’m going to write them down for future reference, seriously you guys lifted my spirits SO. MUCH. 
Also, I’m glad to be posting this to let some of you guys know that just because I run an advice blog with Benji does not mean i have all the answers! We all have those days. 

Thank you again, I love each and every one of you.-Ellie 


I love you all so much. Seriously, I don’t say it enough, and I’m sorry. You have been here for me whenever life decided to crap on me, or whatever. Remember when I took a huge hiatus because I feared for my life enough that I wrote letters to everyone I knew? There was a message for you guys, too. That’s how important you are to me.

“My followers on all my tumblr accounts, man, I’ll miss you. I’m sorry for letting you down like this, really, I am. See you later.”

Is that weird? To write letters to all the important people in my life when there is a fifty-fifty chance of my death? Probably. I wanted to be prepared. I still have the notes saved, I just couldn’t bring myself to delete them.

Though I know I’ll never lose affection for people and things that went before. I know I’ll often stop and think about them. In my life, I’ve loved you all.

A look into the complicated brain of Agent Washington

Lets take a walk down memory lane to how he was during Project Freelancer. He was huge dork. There is no “formal” way to put it the man was a dork. He acted like the new kid, and was treated accordingly. He was eager to do things. He was a high ranking soldier but was not taken very seriously, case and point York’s comments of “You make things worse.” and “Are easily the worst on the team.” He may have been joking but Wash’s body language showed that he didn’t take it that way.

Epsilon killing himself inside of Wash’s head, along with a few other things basically rewrote his personality. We don’t really seen any of Wash after Epsilon, but before he was sent to blood gulch. However we do get a scene right before he’s sent to blood gulch. Where he is speaking to the director about something never happening again. There Wash does not speak with much emotion, like he is reciting something from a script. I believe it is implied here that some brainwashing, and manipulation went on while was was in prison.

We see this personality change very strongly in the Recovery One miniseries. He has to detonate North’s armor after North is killed by the Meta. Wash shows very little emotion towards this, despite North being one of this closest friends during PFL. His lack of emotion is shown again when he kills South.

We see the “cold” and “ruthlessness” side of his personality more in the seasons 5-10. Most notable in season 8 where Wash becomes one of the main antagonists, along with the Meta as they take over Valhalla

Once it dives into the chorus Trilogy things start to be a bit different. While he still is a little cold and hard headed. Wash takes on his responsibility for the blues.Leg day, and training were a thing he did it in the best interest of his team. He starts to banter with Blue team a bit more

In seasons 12 and 13 he starts banter more, and even begins to show small bits to his dorky pre-epsilon self. He shows that he really cares about his crew, asking if someone has made Caboose and lunch and making sure he’s taken his meds. As well and giving a small pep talk to the the crew before the crew went up against Hargrove.

Wash may not be any where close to man he was before Epsilon, but he sure as hell has come a long way since.