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For the "I wish you would write a fic where..." thing: In a canon setting, except Stiles is older, went to highschool with Derek and was friend with him. He can be a deputy at the beginning, trying to deal with a newly bitten Scott, whom he considers a little brother, and the return of Derek, his friend from school and old (current) crush. Do you think it's a good idea?

So, turns out I love this idea more than anything, and I have so many ideas about this and how it would proceed, but I’m not rewriting the first season, okay. I’m not.

Stiles was very cold, very wet, and very tired, because it was midnight, raining, and he was out in the preserve looking for a body.

Half a body.

They had the bottom half, they just had to find the part they could actually ID.

East side clear, the radio on his shoulder crackled, and his dad’s voice responded for the pair of deputies to head north to meet up with the K9 team. Everything cool was happening on the northside, and yet Stiles was stuck on the southside of the preserve, with Jordan Parrish.

Jordan Parrish of unending optimism and energy.

How he got paired up with the newbie, he’d never know.

Okay, he would, because technically he was also a newbie, except he really wasn’t. Sure, he might’ve been somewhat new to being employed as a deputy of the Sheriff’s Station of Beacon County, but he’d literally grown up in that station; not one person there could say he was really a rookie.

“God, this sucks,” Stiles muttered, sweeping his flashlight back and forth across the wet and muddy ground in front of him. So far he’d found all of two dead rabbits and some dog shit someone didn’t clean up, so, real thrilling night here. Great search.

“Could be worse,” Parrish responded lightly with a shrug, and Stiles rolled his eyes at the darkness in front of him.

“Don’t say Afghanistan.”

The audible smirk in the following pause told him that was exactly what Parrish was about to say.

“I’d rather be a little damp than have sand in my boots, any day.”

“Yeah, well you didn’t step in that puddle.” Stiles’ foot was still freezing and squelched even more than the muddy forest floor beneath it.

It sucked that a woman died, yes, but Stiles was also having a rotten time.

Time passed, there were more updates of nothing found over the radio, a couple dog barks in the distance, and still they found no body.

Given that it was almost one in the morning and everyone Stiles normally talked to was either at home asleep or out in the woods with him on the radio, it took a second for his ringing cellphone to register beyond a mild annoyance that Parrish would have his phone on that loud during his shift.

“You gonna get that?” Parrish asked, and Stiles frowned at him for a second before realizing that was indeed his ringtone, and if someone was calling this late, it was probably something serious.

He only glanced at the caller ID for the briefest second as he answered.

“Yo, Scotty, what’s up?” He was about to add that he couldn’t talk right then when Scott’s panicked babbling steamrolled through his mind.

“Stiles! Oh god, you have to come get me! You’re in the preserve right? Because I’m pretty sure I’m lost, and something bit me, and—”

“Wait, hang on, you’re where?” He was tired, he was struggling to keep up with everything, and Scott was breathing like he would be needing his inhaler in about five seconds. “Why the hell are you in the woods, you know we’re looking for a body right?” he hissed into the phone, glancing briefly at Parrish, who was watching with raised eyebrows.

“Problem, Stiles?”

He shook his head, trying to act casual as Scott frantically rambled out,

“I’m by the west entrance to the preserve, I think? Stiles, I don’t know what the hell it was, but it came out of nowhere, and I’m bleeding, and I can’t find Erica—”

“Erica’s with you?” Christ, it just got better and better. “Okay, stay where you are, I’ll come find you and I’ll tell everyone to keep an eye out for Erica.”

That didn’t calm Scott down at all.

“You can’t do that, her parents would kill her if cops brought her home! You know how crazy they are!”

Stiles rubbed at his forehead. He was cold and wet and tired and now he was getting a headache. “Yes, because she has epilepsy, Scott! She could die out here.” Parrish was coming over, looking concerned. “Just stay where you are, we’re coming.”

He hung up with a frustrated huff.

“Scott’s out here?” Parrish asked, already heading south, so clearly that phone call hadn’t been as discreet as Stiles would’ve liked. At least he seemed to be going with it—despite appearances, not a total stickler for the rules. Good to know.

“And Erica. They went looking for the body.” They must’ve heard the call on the old police scanner in Stiles’ jeep. He needed to stop letting Scott borrow his car. And Scott needed to learn to stand up to Erica’s insane whims, because there was no way this wasn’t her idea.

They walked in silence for a second before Parrish said, “You know you’d do the same if you were their age, right?”

“Shut up.”

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NSFW: How Pentagon is in bed.

A/N: Hi! No one really asked for this but i did this thread on twitter the past week and i thought i could post it here and make it longer for the sake of all the Pentagon stans, right? kkkk

It contens M rated content so underaged people should avoid this. Also don’t read if you are uncomfortable with those topics. 

–Jinho ♡ 

•Mostly quiet lover 

•In the way that he is not really into dirty talk

•And he can easily hold back his moans

•But he is not shy at all 

•It’s rougher than you think 

•Gives the best oral

•He is used to be on top but can switch too

•His hands explore every inch of your skin


•Voice deeper than the ocean while doing it 

•Sexy wispers in your ear 

•Loves when you go down on him 

• Srsly, he would love that

• And puts his hands in your hair when you do it to guide you


•Has a slightly booty fixation so he grabs it a lot  

This motherfucker does it slow

• But at the same time hard


•Casual sex like

•In a minute you are making out in your house

• And it gets steamy and sweaty.

•So you suddenly are f***king and really don’t know why. Not that any of you complain.

•He’s into “spicing up” sex.

•So once in a while he would come to you and say “what if we use a little extra”

• And like this you (or he, even, because he would be up to things like this) end tied on the bed.

• Loves bitting your lips

• And when you do it to him too

 –Yeo One♡ 

• When he looks lowkey horny it’s because he is highkey horny 

• So he starts being touchy until things happen

• Pulling his hands up your legs 

•All about the foreplay in wich he would be preetty good tho

•Moany as fuck 

He starts with the soft breath  but eventually it would become loud (not to the point of screaming either) so… yeah, get a private place to do it

• Because honestly he is the one to keep this kinf of things for himself and no one else except you

•Getting a warm shower after that leads to the 2nd round 

• But that one would turn pretty chill and lovely


•He would be clingy in a daily basis so if he is clingy out off the bed then imagine on it 

•Easy to tell when he wants it 

•Because he really gets touchy, more than Yeo One

• In fact, he never tells you “let’s do it” with words but with actions like giving you a backhug and kissing your neck teasingly

•Masive switch. 

•He’s all over the place

•Energic lover 

• And also fuc***g eager


•Vanilla sex all the way

•Loves to leave kisses all over you like those ones that give you goosebumps because they go slow i don’t know if you get me

•Always finish saying “i love you" 

•Generally it’s you who have to start things unless he is needy

•Scratches turn him on  

•Summarizing: he is a sub 

• So easy to tease 


 •Into sexting

 •You have certain underwear that makes him lose it 

• And he sometimes makes you wear it on purpose like

• “jagi, can’t you wear that white one? It’s my favourite” 

•Really likes it when you moan

•Specially if it’s his name

•And it makes him horny as hell

•Another booty lover and worshiper

•Doesn’t fail, he always tells you that you look so good


• Always top 

•Tells you straight away when he is needy 

• -why are you looking at me like that?”

 + let’s just fuck right now

•Lowkey has a roleplay kink 

•Sends the members out of the house when he knows you are going to do it so he can go full with it 

• Because believe me, it would be noisy

•Love marks 


 •Starting in a slow and emotional way 

•With caresses in your back and smol kisses in your face

•And then getting excited in the way 

•You can taste the transition from when he is slowly touching you to when he just go impatient

 •A lot of kising, seriously, he barely leaves your lips 

 •A lot of licking too   

• The type to kiss your thighs

• Tends to let you ride him 

and he becomes a mess under you


•Good with his hands

•Also likes moany partners 

•Because it turns him on a huge lot

•Often goes down on you. And yes, he is fucking good at it.

•Like Yuto, lightly enjoys blowjobs 

•Tease? Yes he is one

•He doesn’t make you beg for shit but he may be making you a bit frustrated before getting what you want

•But he treats your really good and nice. Always ask you what you want and if everything feels right.

• He is soft, at the end. 

Bruised (Richie/Eddie) 3/12

Summary: It’s 1993 and the summer from many years ago is dead and gone. Many have drifted apart from the Losers club and its at the point where there is no club at all. The atmosphere is cold just like the winter months and the only blushes to be found are the ones that are caused from the piercing spikes of cold that heat skin up. Being a teenage boy is hard; especially for the two boys that now count each other as strangers. In which both boys make a plan, but both disrupt each others.

Warning(s): Mentions of Sexual Abuse,  mixture of fluff and angst throughout the series, homophobia

A/N: Listen to THIS beautiful piece whilst reading !! (right click on the video and press loop!). This isn’t my favourite part, but enjoy some Richie and Bev friendship time!

Part 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 |

Richie tossed and turned, the storm outside loud and frightening. The sound of the wind swishing through the air in ripples was very ear-splitting on this very night. He could barely sleep on this dark; cold night, too many thoughts were swirling inside of him.

His curls were matted against his pillowcase and his legs were tangled between his blanket, in order to get comfy. Which wasn’t working very well.

Richie smiled as he remembered the memories of today, how him and Eddie were reunited. Sure, it wasn’t the same as it was. But who says it can’t be in the future?

A sigh left Richie’s chapped lips as he began to settle into a dark abyss of sleep.


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You liked to think of yourself as a confident person.You definitely weren’t overconfident, because that wasn’t good, but you were just the right amount of confident… if that made any sense. See, it was basically in-between of ‘I want to fling myself into a black hole’ and ‘I’m the best person on this entire god damn planet’. 

At the moment, you were edging towards wanting the floor to swallow you up. Unsurprisingly, standing around with a donut in one hand and a cup of hot chocolate in the other while a bunch of lingerie-clad supermodels strutted around you wasn’t much of a confidence booster. You were a supportive girlfriend, and you loved accompanying Harry to his shows and interviews, but this was completely brand new to you! Sure, you had been to a Victoria’s Secret show before, but Harry was performing this time, which meant you had to hang around backstage and watch him prance up and down the catwalk while beautiful supermodels blew kisses at him and winked at him and - you know, things of that nature. 

Before you came around, everyone knew that Harry had a type. He’d never admit it, but it was true! As long as you were a long-legged, angelic looking model of some type, Harry would be interested in you. You couldn’t blame him for having a type, it was simply human nature. Of course, because of your dazzling personality and charm, you were able to hook the one and only Harry Styles. (One of your greatest achievements.) And you knew that Harry loved you, and you loved him just as much - maybe a little more. However, being surrounded by girls that Harry would definitely go for if you two weren’t together made you feel a little icky inside. You didn’t have any grudges against any of the girls, truthfully, because all of these insecurities were pretty much in your own head, but still! You didn’t have Kendall Jenner’s legs, Nadine Leopold’s abs, Camille Rowe’s… face. In fact, now that you were thinking about it… Harry had a fling with all three of those girls. (There were still articles circulating about how Camille and Harry were dating even though you were his girlfriend, so that was reassuring.) Wow, this was depressing. Harry basically downgraded when he got together with you. 

Well, you knew what you had to do now. Eat away your feelings until you were numb on the inside. You turned around swiftly to the concession stand, scanning over the sweets and pastries that were all calling your name. I wonder how many donuts I can eat in ten minutes. I guess it’s time to find out. You shrugged, reaching over and picking up a powdered donut, promptly taking a bite out of it and chewing thoughtfully. Plopping down on a plastic chair, you continued indulging in your first donut out of many, looking up to see Harry walking over. 

“Hey, you!” Harry chirped, picking up a baby carrot and dipping it in hummus. He was about to pop it into his mouth until he saw you sandwich an apple turnover in between two glazed donuts. “Woah, woah. Slow down there, love.” He laughed uneasily, taking your creation from your hands and setting it down on a napkin. There was no way in hell he was going to let you take a bite out of that monstrosity. “You only make diabetes-inspired desserts when something’s on your mind. What’s up?” 

“Nothing’s on my mind. I’m just hungry! Now, if you will.” You pointed to your creation that Harry had moved to the other end of the table. 

“Y/N, seriously.” Harry frowned, giving you his carrot instead. You inspected the vegetable in between your finger before looking up at Harry as if he was the craziest person alive. You? A baby carrot barely dipped in hummus? Not the greatest combination. 

“Harry, seriously.” You mocked, putting the carrot down and letting out a huff. You just wanted your apple-turnover-donut-sandwich. Was it too much to ask for?! “Nothing’s wrong, and you need to get back to rehearsing.” 

“If yeh don’ tell me what’s wrong, I’ll throw away your… whatever this is.” He threatened, picking it up and holding it over the bin. 

“I can just make a new one.” 

“Y/N, I know something’s wrong, just bloody-” 

“Fine! I’m…” You looked around, picking up another powdered donut and taking a huge bite out of it. “Infhecure.” You murmured through a mouthful of donut. You didn’t want to admit it. You hated admitting things and feeling weak and vulnerable. It was gross.


“Insecure.” You swallowed, reaching up to wipe some powdered sugar off your lips. “I’m insecure, alright? Having to sit back here knowing that there are a bunch of models out there blowing kisses at you and walking around in their tiny little pieces of lace that they call thongs.” You muttered, avoiding eye contact with Harry and taking another bite. 

“Y/N…” Harry let out a small sigh, a smile tugging at his lips. He bent down in between your legs, placing his hands on your knees. “There’s nothing to be insecure about, silly! You’re being ridiculous. Even though, yes, I’ll be surrounded by supermodels, and yes, they will inevitably be winking at me and blowing kisses at me because I’m just tha’ amazing-” 

“-you’re a dick-”

“-I’m only going to be thinking of you the entire time! Alright? If it were up to me, I’d have just you prancing around in a tiny little thong and a matching bra while I performed.” He joked, smirking a little when you scowled at him. “Don’t let this bother you too much, yeah? We’re in Shanghai, for crying out loud! Isn’t that exciting? And you get to shove your face with donuts all day, which I know is one of your greatest fantasies.” 

“Mm, you’re not wrong.” You sighed happily, popping the remainder of the donut into your mouth. Harry was right. You didn’t have anything to worry about. After all, Harry loved you and only you. He’d pick you over all the supermodels in the world. “I just can’t help but-” 

“You’ve got some powdered sugar on your lips, hold on.” You weren’t entirely surprised when Harry leaned in to press his mouth against yours instead of grabbing a napkin, your eyes fluttering shut as you kissed him back. Your hands instinctively reached up to cradle his cheeks, a giggle slipping past your lips when Harry squeezed your knees in response. 


“Mm-mm, not done.” Harry hummed, his hands sliding up from your knees to your waist as he began pressing kisses from your jawline to your neck. When Harry got like this, you didn’t have a say in anything. Which was nice, sometimes. But you were drawing a bit of a crowd and you could feel your face growing hot very quickly. 

“Hi, ladies.” You smiled at the small crowd of girls, giving them a small wave and trying to act as natural as possible even with Harry nipping at your neck. “Camille! Looking good! I mean, all of you look great, but-” 

“We’re going to my dressing room.” Harry suddenly pulled away and got up, grabbing you and effortlessly flinging you over his shoulder. 

“I’m looking forward to the show!” You gave the girls another wave accompanied with a friendly smile, giggling when Harry gave your bum a gentle swat. Maybe you didn’t have anything to worry about, after all. 


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Concrete is not fun to have a seizure on

I have epilepsy and lots of my teachers know about it. Its not a serious one where people need to hold me down when I have a seizure and put me in recovery position, all they need to really do is make sure I’m not around anything dangerous (desk I could hit my head on ect) one time I was in my social studies class and I could feel a seizure coming on, my teacher was horrible she hated me and when I raised my hand and said “miss I feel weird” she yelled at me.. after a few more seconds I new I had to get out of class because I was sitting right next to a student and I really didn’t want to have a seizure on him, so I ran out of class and sadly as I got out side I had the seizure on the concrete. The whole class was looking out the window yelling at miss to let them help me but all she said was “no, she’s just having a melt down, no one is leaving the class” if a good looking senior boy according to me my friend didn’t stop and pick me up on his way to class (I know right sadly I don’t remember him because I was unconscious) and take me away, my face would’ve been seriously messed up.

After my seizure I did have a huge gaze on my left check and on my legs and I really wish we could sue people in my country because my parents were not happy with this teacher for the rest of the year

Obi-Wan: [text] Great news, Anakin! The mission has gone exceedingly well, and I am set to return home this evening. 
Anakin: oh wow
[huge pause]
Obi-Wan: Is everything OK? I would have expected more excitement given that it’s 3 days ahead of schedule. 
Anakin: no im super excited its going to be so great 
Anakin: what time r u thinking
Obi-Wan: 9 or so
Anakin: oh 
Anakin: thats great im really excited 
Obi-Wan: You seem nervous
Anakin: what lol just excited no its gonna be so great y would u think im nervous
Obi-Wan: You’re saying “great” and “excited” a LOT, for one thing. 
Anakin: lol no im fine ur being weird this is really exciting 
Anakin: ive gotta run im doing some reports see u soon xoxoxoxoxoxoxooxox luv u

Anakin: [text] snips u there its urgent pls answer 
Ahsoka: Im in a class right now master
Anakin: tell them i said u can leave early its A HUGE EMERGENCY 
Ahsoka: Oh no! Are you safe? did we get called into a mission?
Anakin: im fine snips but i wont be if u do not come help me like SERIOUSLY RIGHT NOW
Ahsoka: OMG of course I’ll be right there hang on master!!! Should I comm rex and tell him to send reinforcements??
Anakin: yes pls bring over everyone you can ok NOW

Obi-Wan: [text] Anakin is texting you isn’t he?
Ahsoka: yes hes in trouble master kenobi 
Ahsoka: dont worry im getting some people together and we’re on our way to him I wont let you down 
Obi-Wan: Yes, well, I wouldn’t worry too much, Padawan. I have a feeling the only thing your master requires help with is the enormous mess he’s made of our quarters. 
Ahsoka: What?
Ahsoka: You think he’d call me out of a class and tell me to bring half the 501st to help him clean?
Ahsoka: Oh my god what am i saying yes he would 
Ahsoka: but how bad could it be in your quarters? You’ve only been gone a week
Obi-Wan: Search your feelings. 
Ahsoka: oh my god 
Obi-Wan: Yes. The last time I came home he was wearing a bedsheet as a tunic because he’d already run out of laundry and there was a hole burned through the wall that he claims happened on its own. 
Obi-Wan: I’d been gone for 2 days that time. I can only imagine what awaits me this time. 

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I know you wanted to do some matchups but can I ask for headcanons or a scenario👀?? How about a female reader was dared to go up to Bakugou to "confess" (they didn't know she really did have a crush on him) but she ends up telling him what she really thinks?? That she believes he's her number one hero because of his determination to be the best as well as his (brutal) honesty? She totally respects that and even though others doubt him she never would?

It’s totally cool, I really just wanted to write like… anything. lol. I decided to make this one a scenario because I had a good(?) idea on how to write it. It’s kind of shorter than I wanted it to be, but I added a bonus part for you! Anywho, enjoy!

How did you get yourself into this mess?

It was going so well, a simple sleepover with the girls of class 1-A. Then, Uraraka suggested truth or dare. Now, here you were, the next day, sitting in class anxiously as you wait for the bell to ring. As you wait for a moment alone with Bakugou. Oh boy, this would not go well. The girls giggled, all of them staring at you. The pressure was on.

The bell rang.

Everyone began to leave. You however waited. Waited for Bakugou to leave. When he did, you moved quickly, hoping to do this without other people around. When he was alone, you called out.

“Hey! Bakugou!” you yelled out nervously.

He turned around with his usual bitch face.


Well if that didn’t scare the hell out of you, you weren’t sure what could.

“I have something i-important to tell you” Aw man, you stuttered. Why did you have to stutter.

You thought back to the sleepover now. They couldn’t have known you had a crush on Bakugou. How could they? But this, was ridiculous. 

“Well, what is it?” he got impatient. 

You gulped, now or never.

“I really like you… More than a friend, and I know it may sound strange but… I think you are my number one hero. You’re brave and I admire that about you. You’re so honest, and you don’t care about what anyone else has to say. I know the rest of the class thinks you’re a hothead, but I really like that about you. When everyone else is doubting you, I’m routing for you. I believe you will be the best hero. You have the determination for it. I guess that’s why I have a huge crush on you,” Fuck! That was so much more than you needed to say!

You looked down, you couldn’t bring yourself to look at his face. You couldn’t even begin to prepare yourself for the huge rejection. You-

“Do you mean it?” He asked.

Your breath caught in your throat. All you could do was nod.


Did he just? You looked up. Did he seriously just- Wait. He was blushing.

“Well?” he asked.

You tilted your head,”Well? Well, what?”

“Do you wanna… go on a date… or something?” he asked.

You almost cried. You let out a small giggle before smiling.

“I’d like that, a lot”

He reached out and grabbed your hand, intertwining his fingers with yours before leading the way.

“Alright, then let’s go” he said.

Maybe, that dare wasn’t so bad after all.


The girls of class 1-A had been hiding and watched the entire thing. All of them had one thing on their mind. ‘Did (y/n) really have a crush on Bakugou?’ Well, all except for Momo. She figured it out right away.


Peter x Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: heavy suggestions of smut

“Der’ you have to eat something.” You sighed softly and rubbed Derek’s arm as you set a sandwich in front of him. “And you need to sleep.”

“I’m fine.” He grunted and you rolled your eyes.

“Derek…” you stared but a growl from Peter cut you off.

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The Most Annoying Thing

Summary: Reader is having a rough day and is extremely annoyed with Dean. Naturally, this leads to angry sex.

Word Count: 4000ish

Warning: all the smut, angry sex, brief rimming

A/N: Hope y’all enjoy some Dean porn! Feedback always appreciated! XOXO

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Can You Feel It? (pt 1/2) [M]

Summary: Yeo One is your true enemy. He tries to take over your student council duties daily. He’s always flaunting his popularity. He always has something smart ass to say to you or about you. So what happens when you find him tied up in the classroom after hours? You can do anything to him that you want. Revenge might feel great, but who would have the last word?

Warnings: Bondage, orgasm denial, various kinks, exhibitionism, all sorts of lechery. It’s all in good fun, though.

Note: Extremely dirty. I would like to apologize for writing this in advance. OTL Read at your own risk. I know Changgu would never be a jerk like this but wouldn’t it be fun if he was? Also, I know nothing about Student Council so I just made everything up! Hooray!

As I walked into the classroom on Friday morning I saw the usual sight. Changgu hadn’t picked up the materials for today’s class and instead he was sitting at his desk with his friends surrounding him, talking animatedly and laughing. No doubt he was telling fantastic stories about his latest date.

I shoved my way through the throng of overly tall boys who were his friends. “Changgu, did you get the homeroom materials for today?”

Changgu sighed at having his story interrupted. He looked at me dismissively, straightening his tie. “Can’t you do it?”

“Why would I do it? It’s your job, not mine.”

“But I’m busy right now,” he said, having the nerve to give me his stupid aegyo face – the one with the big innocent eyes and puffy baby cheeks. “Can’t you do it?”

He always does this. He expects to get away with everything. He’s always shirking his duties as Vice President simply because he is hot and popular and everyone likes him. If he thinks the same childish act he uses on other girls will work on me, he can think again.

“I have to prepare for the student council meeting. I have things to do right now. So you go do it. Also, I need the agenda for today’s Student Council meeting,” I said, sticking my hand out.

He’d better have done it or I swear to God. The school festival starts next week and I have too many things to do. Not to mention my own VP will be no help at all.

“Uh….” He said, scratching his ear and looking around guiltily.

All his friends began to snicker, knowing that he hadn’t done it and that I would get angry, as I always did.

“Did you not do it? Again?!” I cried. “How hard is it, Changgu?”

“I just got busy last night. I had a date with a very hot girl. I mean you should have seen her. I was just in the middle of telling everyone about it, but then you ruined it,” he told me, frowning dramatically.

“How can you say something like that with a straight face?” I questioned.

“Come on, you’re a straight A student, it’s nothing for you to write up the agenda right quick,” said E Dawn. “Right?”

I stared at him so coldly it made him visibly wither. I pointed a finger to Changgu. “This jerk right here is a straight A student too! And even if he wasn’t, he should do the things he’s responsible for, right?”

Everyone began to sigh and go back to their seats, complaining that I killed the fun and ruined their joy, calling me a killjoy and a warden. Changgu fake coughed into his hand while saying the word “Buzzkill!”

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Popcorn Date

Title: Popcorn Date

Paring: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,689

Warning: Cavity level fluff that turns smutty

A/N: I’ve been having this dream for months, thought I should share. The humming I talk about you can see in this video, just go to 17:05 and watch them talk about it, it’s pretty great. He does the humming thing again later on and Jensen can’t stop laughing. Anywho, enjoy dorky cute smutty Jensen!!

“Dude, just go ask her!” Jared nudged Jensen so hard he stumbled a little, falling into the side of Baby.

“Shut up! Come on man!” Jensen looked over his shoulder only to whip back around. “Shit, dude she’s coming over!” Jared started laughing before falling into a coughing fit as he tried to hold it together.

“Uh, hey guys. Jared you dying or something?”

Jared just shook his head, trying to keep a straight face. Jensen’s eyes went wide as he slowly shook his head, silently wondering what the hell had gotten into Jared.

“You guys sure you’re good?” you looked between the two boys.

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Toughen up

Hey y’all, just getting around to do some requests. So it’s first come first served kinda deal here. So here is the first one, I hope whom ever requested it… likes it. Thanks for requesting by the way, you’re a star.

Request- Hey, can I get a scenario where Jungkook is like the quiet and shy kid at school, but when tough reader arrives at school for the first time, he gets a crush on her and discovers the only way to get her is to turn into a bad boy? Angsty and fluffy?  

Okay so there is violence, strong language, so if that’s not your cup of tae… stay clear of this. 


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Jeon Jungkook was your average school student. He kept up with school work, was quite and never got in trouble at school, he was into sports, everyone loved him. He never put a toe out of line. Jungkook had six close friends and that was it. Like he talked to other people but he was shy, so talking to people he didn’t was a big no-no. Girls in his school often confessed to him, but he was never interested in any one. That was until you walked past him on the first day of term. 

He didn’t know who you where, but he wanted to know. He needed to know. You were unlike anyone he has met. You hand piercings all up your ear, Your hair was blue with a light purple flowing through it [Sorry, that’s what I want to do to my hair. -Admin Abe], you were beautiful to him. He couldn’t take his eyes off your radiant face and gorgeous curves. You walked through the hall like no-one else was there. 

“Hyung, who is that girl?” Jungkook asked Jimin, his friend, who was sitting next him. 

“That’s Y/N, she’s the new girl. She’s in our English class. Why?” Jimin leaned into Jungkook, who’s eyes never left your body, as you strode down the hall, your hips swaying from side to side. Everyone was looking at you, but you didn’t care, nor did you even notice them. 

“I have to know her.” Jungkook stated, finally looking at his group of friends. 

For the next couple of weeks Jungkook decided to observe you. What you did, what you liked, who became your friends. He heard a lot of rumor’s about you, but he didn’t care. You were tough. You stood up for yourself and for the people who couldn’t stand up for themselves. 

Jungkook remembers being in the cafeteria, when a boy from the rugby team started to punch and kick a younger, a lot less stronger boy. You strode up to both of them with a expressionless face. The boy punching the younger boy looked up at you. 

“Run along little girl.” He said, you scoffed. 

“Little girl, who me? Do you feel like a big man, that you can pick on someone younger? What makes you feel so good about yourself when you do this. Oh-” You chuckle.”-It’s cause you have a small package right? So you do this to feel big, like you have a big dick. Ahh, I see well, this still isn’t going to make your preform well in the bedroom. So why don’t you do me a favour and fuck off.” You smiled sweetly, the big boy ran off kicking a table out of the way. You helped the younger boy, picking up his books for him. He bowed at you and thanked you. The whole school was stunned. Jungkook was amazed. No one was able to stand up to him and you did it with just words. 

Every boy in school wanted to be with you and every girl wanted to be you. Well not the pink bitchy fluffy girls, who bullied girls. But they didn’t dare try when you were around. You were respected and feared all at the same time. But you didn’t give a shit either way. 

Your parents were believers of doing what you wanted. Dress how you want, be the person you want to, because at the end of the day life is short, so why pretend to be someone your not. What was the point in doing that… There’s not. So you dyed your hair the way you wanted, and be the person you wanted. 

Jungkook when walking to practice, would see you behind the gym smoking with your friends. The way your inhaled and exhaled the smoke, was arousing to Jungkook. He just wanted you. He didn’t want all those other boys looking at you, without knowing that your his. So how does he get you, with your I-don’t-give-a-fuck-attitude? Well he goes to the one person he knows every well with that attitude. Min Yoongi. 

“Hyung, I need your help!” Jungkook rushed into the room with his six friends. 

“Yes.” Five of them all said at once. They all looked at each other. 

“No, I need Yoongi-hyung.” The only one who didn’t say yes. He groaned. 

“What do you want Kook? I’m in the middle of something.” He was laying on the couch, with a neck pillow behind his head. 

“What are you doing?” Jungkook asked. 

“He’s ignoring Amber.” Jimin intervenes, Yoongi giving him a death stare. 

“She’s friends with Y/N?” Jungkook remembers seeing her with you a couple of times. 

“Yeah, so.” Yoongi closes his eyes again. Jungkook kneels at his head. 

“I want to ask, Y/N out on a date. but I don’t know how.” Jungkook whispers. Yoongi erupts in laughter, making everyone look at the both of them. 

“Yah, Kook no offence, but your a little to shy for her, no? Have you even talked to her. Like she’s really nice and all but, she looks for adventure and fun. And have your ever broke your curfew?” Yoongi chuckles. 

“Hyung, please help me get her. I have never liked a girl before and she’s just amazing.” Jungkook admits looking down at his knees. 

“I’ll help, but your going to have to toughen up kid. She gonna want some one to stand up for what they believe and her.” Yoongi looks at Jungkook, with a gummy smile. Jungkook jumps on him. “Get off, you heavy git!” Yoongi shouts, all the boys laugh. 

“I love you hyung!” 

Operation turn Jungkook into a bad ass phase one- 

So in this phase one, Jungkook under went some changes. For example his clothes, Yoongi said it was time for his ‘mommy’ to stop picking his clothes, so yeah that happened. So the all the boys where in on this operation, to get Jungkook the girl. 

“Okay judging by Y/N style, it’s safe to say she likes black and ripped jeans.” Jimin starts to pull out different clothes from the racks. 

“Jungkook try these on!” Taehyung shoves a pile of clothes at Jungkook, pushing him into the dressing room. Jungkook does as he is told, and tries the clothes on. They were back skinny ripped jeans, a plain black t-shirt, a leather jacket and a choker. He walked out of the dressing room, all the boys turned and started at him. It was silence for a bit, til Namjoon spoke up. 

“You’re a totally pantie dropper, Kookie!” All the boys cheered, making Jungkook go red. 

“Kook, there is a party on Friday. Y/N will be there without a doubt. So you in, or not?” Yoongi raises his eyebrows at the younger boy. 

“Hell yeah!” Jungkook chants making the other boys erupt in laughter. 

Yoongi and the boys set Jungkook with a new style, and give him pointers on how to act a little less socially awkward, as you were fun and outgoing. Yoongi bascially told him to grow a pair of balls and actually talk to you. Yoongi had explained how you like to just be who you are and that you were actually really nice, just sassy as fuck. 

It was Wednesday and Jungkook was sporting his new look, ripped jeans and a plain black t-shirt. It was simple but sexy. He knew that cause Hoseok told him so… He walked into English class late, Jungkook had never been late before. He walked to the back where you were sitting and sat beside you. Everyone stared at him, even you. Once the teacher started teaching, everyone turned around. You leaned into Jungkook, your lips inches from his ear. He could feel your breath on his ear. 

“Why are you sitting at the back? You never sit here.” You say smirking at him. He turns to you, leaning into you now, staring into your eyes and then to your lips. 

“I didn’t know you noticed me.” He smirks back. But inside he was dying, he had never been so close to a girl. And right now all he wanted to do was grab your waist and kiss you all over. And you look at him, he’s over the moon.  

“You’re kind of hard not to notice.” You winked and turned back to the teacher. You and Jungkook both sat at the back of the class grinning. 

It was lunch that same day, Jungkook was excitedly telling all the boys about English. When a fight broke out in the cafeteria, everyone was gathering around the two kids fighting. It was that big kid from last time, Jungkook recognised that it was the younger boy from last time too. 

“That bitch isn’t here to save you this time.” The big boy says, as he punches the kid again. 

“Who me? Awh, I’m not a bitch am I?” You winked at the smaller kid. You walk up to the big boy, he’s much taller than you. You brag over a car and stand on it. So now your the same height. “Look douchepants, did you not get the picture last time. Pick on someone your own size.” You poke him. 

“What are you gonna hit me little girl?” The pokes you back. 

“Little girl?” You scoff. “Look shrek, fuck off.” All the younger kids erupt in laughter. 

“You’re dead bitch!” 

“What are you going to hit me? Gonna do it! I said pick on someone your own size, now I am. I dare you to.” You challenge. He boy lifts his fist to take a swing at you, you closed your eyes. But it never came. You open your eyes to see Jungkook standing over the boy, with him on the floor crying in pain. Jungkook holds his fist. Jungkook grabs your hand and drags you out of the room. He walks you down til your at a quite corner. He presses you up against the wall. This was the first time you had butterfly’s, as he stares down at you. Trapping you with his arms against the wall. 

“Are you fucking crazy!” He finally speaks. He’s looking into your eyes intently. 

“Why did you stop that?” You ask. 

“No-one else was going to, you could have been seriously hurt you know. He’s a huge guy!” You look at his bloody hand. 

“It wasn’t your fight to stop.” Jungkook cups your face. 

“And what let you get hit?” 

“Yeah, I can handle my own shit.” You push him away, walking away from him. Jungkook grabs your hand. 

“I don’t want you to get hurt.” 

“Then stop, I’m not what you want.” You rip your arm from him and leave him in the empty hall way. Jungkook didn’t know what to say. He just had an urge that he had to protect you. 

Jungkook waited for you after class, but you skipped not giving him a chance to talk to you. You thought Jungkook was too innocent for you. 

Jungkook decided to stop trying so hard and enjoy his life. He cut classes with the boys, he actually had fun for once in his life let loose and he loved it. You had noticed him more and more, as he was coming on your scene. You didn’t like to admit it but, you always noticed him even before he started to actually live. But him in those black ripped jeans, fuckkk. 

It was finally Friday, which meant party time. Jungkook put on his party get up the boys got him. He was a pantie dropper. When he walked into the party, it was packed, girls throwing themselves at him. But he only had eyes for one girl, you. It wasn’t til an hour into the part Jungkook found you. You were outside smoking with Amber, Yoongi and a few unknown faces. You were wearing a little black dress that fir your curves perfectly, black converse and a choker. If people didn’t know that you both weren’t dating, they would think it. Jungkook walked past you, gaining his attention.He walked to a quite part of the back garden. You followed. 

“You look hot as fuck.” You say walking up to him. You offer him a drag from your cigarette, he happily takes it. He puts it in between his teeth, sucking in a breath and exhaling out his nose. It was such a sexy scene, his choker around his neck, as his dark eyes stared into yours. 

“I think you look sexy as fuck in that dress.” You smirk at his words. He grabs your waist, pushing you up against the wall, again. One hand by your side, as one stays on your waist. His eyes flicker from your lips to your eyes, as you do the same. 

“Have I brought out the bad boy in your, Jeon?” You bite your lip. Jungkook feels like his insides are burning. He smiles. 

“I think you brought out me.” He leans in, pressing his lips to yours. Your hands fly to his hair, and neck pushing him closer to you. Your lips start to move against his. He pulls away biting your lip. “Let me know you.” This is his way of saying, let me in and let me love you. 

“How about we get out of here, and go get to know each other.” You push your lips back to his, he smiles into the kiss. 

Jungkook had gotten his girl, and he also found himself. Thanks to the bad ass bitch that you are. Girl, you slay! 

A/N- I hope the anon that requested it, liked it. If you did please let me know. And everyone else who reads it too. I really loved this ask, I hope I did it justice! 

Thank you for reading! 

-Admin Abe x 

chocobros meets the sims 4

So at long last, my chocobro family is finished! They are as follows:

Noctis is Gloomy, a Loner, and Lazy (it’s not his fault, but it’s darned true) and his ambition is to become an ace angler.

Prompto is a Goofball, Clumsy, and Good, and his ambition is to find his soul mate.

Ignis is a Perfectionist, a Foodie, and Neat, and his ambition is to be the best chef there ever was… a Master Chef, if you will.

Gladio is a Bookworm, Athletic, and he Loves the Outdoors… and his ambition is to explore everything the world of the outdoors has to offer!

They’re all up to download on the Sims 4 Gallery under the name “Chocobros”; my profile name on there is MuggyQuasar.

I took the boys on a bit of an adventure myself, starting by building them a very appropriate home lot:

The first thing Noct wanted to do? Take a damn nap. I let him, because he’s Suffered Enough:

Ignis and Gladio were pretty exasperated about it, tbh:

“I just wish he’d take his responsibilities as the saviour of our world more seriously!”

And later, while Prompto and Noct bonded, Gladio… was Gladio, of his own accord.

I mean, we get it, big guy, you lift.

And then Prompto was… Prompto.

Noct got a huge confidence boost because he managed to put the fire out, but Ignis was super tense for the rest of the evening. You can’t take these boys anywhere.

But eventually, it all settled down and they gathered as a four around the fire for the first time:

And who knows where the world is gonna take them.

Bonus: where do they pee? 

Yup. The Bush.

Please feel free to download the boys and take them for a spin! Ignis does have the Snob trait in the uploaded version rather than the Perfectionist trait, but it’s easy to change that.

If people enjoyed this then I’m happy to post more Sims 4 Chocobro escapades! This was a lot of fun.

Sometimes revenge comes from being professional.

(warning: long story)

A couple of years ago, my husband and I moved to his hometown after spending time abroad and starting a business. We needed a job to make ends meet as we grew our business, so we both took a job as a server/bartender at a beautiful historic inn and restaurant in our town.

The bosses were an old couple. We realized pretty quickly that the woman of the couple wore the pants, and that she had no idea what she was doing. In addition to this, she was a real asshole. The place was horribly mismanaged, in a market where it was impossible NOT to make money. However, the hours were convenient since the restaurant was only open on a limited schedule, and we were the only servers who didn’t have terrible substance abuse issues, so we quickly became the de facto managers. We are both business minded people, and we started thinking that we could really run the place well if given the opportunity.

After being there about 6 months, we made the owners an offer to run the hotel and restaurant for a year for a small salary, but with the potential for a huge bonus at the end of the year, calculated as a hefty percentage of any increase in profit over the prior year.

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People are getting mad about other people comparing 17776 to homestuck like calm down!

1) the story format is similar: a surreal narrative is through the chat logs and is interspersed with weird images and videos. (The format alone has a huge homestuck vibe while still being incredibly unique!)

2) you are taking something very seriously when in all honesty the homestuck comparison posts are pmuch light hearted shitposting

3) it’s not a insult

Kai – To Love

Characters: Kai x You (Suel)

Type: Angst, Fluff

Word count: 1317

A/N: [8/9] And now Sehun is the only one left :)

“You’re mine now. To hold, to protect, to love. For a very long time, hopefully forever.”

Whenever I said that I would give that one person another chance, it was me suffering from it. So why was I still doing it? Why was I still friends with someone like Daesung when he was only searching for trouble? First the state, with endless debts, then loan-sharks, where he loaned the money to pay those debts and then his involvement in the mafia to get away from those loan-sharks. And who was suffering from all of it? Of course me. Why else would the mafia go all the way out to kidnap me in bright daylight?

Being knocked out cold and kidnapped, after a normal shopping spree was never on my bucket list in any way.

Well, at least it seemed like the mafia had a heart. I woke up on a bed in a room where the door was locked. It felt like half the day passed when someone entered the room and brought something to eat with him; it was a tall guy. He was handsome and lean, a smile on his face.

“Hey.” He mumbled. “I brought you something to eat.”

Sitting cross-legged on the bed, I titled my head to the side. “Who are you and why am I here?”

Chanyeol was his name, and he was more of a little child in an adult body than a murderous mafia member.

He spends a lot of time with me, made jokes, told me about funny situations he was a part of. I started to enjoy his company a lot. Maybe because he was so not mafia typical, he was like a best friend everyone would love to have. The best friends type with the infectious smile and bright laugh, even with a voice as deep as his.

Soon another boy appeared who was not that different from Chanyeol. In fact, both guys were quite similar and, not surprisingly, the best of friends.

His name was Baekhyun and he was way more mischievous than Chanyeol but not as much as Chen, the guy that appeared the next day to bring me breakfast.

I spend a week with them in total, in which I not only met those three members but all nine. Including him, the mafia boss Kai.

It was shocking, really. The moment I found out that they are supposedly the EXO gang I laughed to the amusement of those guys. They were just so normal and not as scary as how everyone described them to be. They weren’t even wearing black excessively.

But that was beside the point. I was stuck with them for approximately a week until Daesung actually got around with paying back the money he loaned before and I was set free after.

It was, just like my stay with them, a strange goodbye. They were not letting me see Daesung, rather forcing me to break off any contact with a guy who plays too much with too dangerous forces. They destroyed my phone in the progress and bought me a new one, including a new number and everything.

“Never, and I mean, never contact that guy ever again!” Baekhyun warned, his face serious for once.

“Seriously, he is a bad influence,” Chanyeol muttered, patting my head affectionately.

“And you guys are not?” I raised my eyebrows, teasing them.

“We are different, and you love us for it,” Chen smirked, before sighing and pouting after. “Now on a serious note; Daesung only came up with the money because Boss found his hiding place again, not because of you specifically. As much as that hurt, he is just walking trouble, too dumb to be able to protect you. Listen to us and don’t even think about going to him.”

“I won’t.” I smiled up at them, feeling my heart grow at their concern, ignoring any thoughts of Daesung and the said boss. “Not after everything he has done. I promise.”

“Good girl.” Suho came up, followed by Lay and Xiumin. “You will hear from us soon, hush now. You need to get back on track with college. You already lost a week of studying because of us.” Turning me around, he shoved me forward, animating me to walk into my apartment building. Waving to them for the last time, with a half smile, I went in.

Some weeks went by and I tried my best to get back to all the things I missed, it wasn’t as easy as I wished but at least manageable. Probably because the guys helped me, texting me whenever they could. Giving me small visits to check up on me, generally supporting me in any way. It was adorable how much they cared and how fast we bonded, but the only one I wished would come to visit me wasn’t doing it.

There was probably not a time where I didn’t ask for him, where they guys didn’t tease me about it or exchanged gazes thinking I wouldn’t know.

I soon let it be. He may have caught my eyes, yet I couldn’t keep looking for him if he wasn’t interested to see me at least. So I stopped asking about him altogether.

Walking back home from another tiring day at the lecture hall, I took my time reaching home. I was glad that it was finally the weekend, which meant more time to sleep and more time to study.

Walking into the apartment, I stopped opening the door as I found a note stuck to it. And it was far from hard to tell who has written it.

“Have fun with the surprise?” I muttered confused. “Byun Baekhyun, you are not even here but still able to irritate me. What a talent.”

“You don’t have any idea.”

Snapping my head up, my eyes widened. The door to my apartment was now open, a tall figure leaning against the frame directly in front of me. “He was bugging me to come here without being, and I quote ’a dumbass for letting Suel wait.‘”

“Kai,” I whispered. “Why are you here?”

Raising an eyebrow at my question, he leaned forward and took my hand to pull me into my home and through to the living room.

“I thought I was so attached to the thought of you because you were the only girl who was really normal around the guys, a real friend. So when you left, I went on with life and the job to notice that whatever I was doing the thought about your well-being or your whereabouts were constantly haunting me. I ordered the boys to not only text you, which they were obsessed with but to also ask you repeatedly what you planned for the day. So I send someone to really look after you and be sure that nothing happens.” I was sure that Kai would have gone on if it wasn’t for my expression he was slowly noticing. My jaw was dropped, my eyes huge as I was frozen in complete shock. It was a little too much information for me to comprehend.

“You ordered someone to stalk me?” Was the only thing I could splutter out then, letting myself down to the sofa.

“Is that the only thing you got from everything I said?” He smirked highly amused. “You have relations with the boys and especially me. An enemy or even a friend of EXO would be after you. It’s sadly something you can’t hinder in this kind of profession.”

“I-I don’t know what to say, seriously.”

“Don’t say anything at all.” He walked up to me, pulling me up and into his frame. “Because it wouldn’t change anything, you’re mine now. To hold, to protect, to love. For a very long time, hopefully forever.”

EXO Mafia Boss One Shot Series Masterlist

Rhetorical Ink Reviews: Beauty and the Beast (2017 Live Action)

**Careful for SPOILERS below**

I will be the first to admit that I’m a HUGE Beauty and the Beast fan. I had the book as a kid, wanted to be Belle, and have had a large fascination with the story and believe it spurned me into wanting to draw more.

So, the Live Action adaptation had HUGE shoes to fill for me before even going in. I tried to look at the film as a standalone and not judge it based on the predecessor…a VERY hard task when watching, I might add.

My best friend saw it with me and she loved it! What did I think? Well, putting ten thoughts alone would not do my favorite childhood movie justice. So instead, I am doing a Top Ten Likes and Top Ten Dislikes. Careful for spoilers!

My Top Ten Likes of Beauty and the Beast (2017):

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10. The set and costumes: Everything has layers and detail and colors that pop but also makes sense for the time period. I LOVED the costumes and even the yellow gown, considering the wardrobe “makes it” in this, grew on me quickly. As for the sets? They are beautifully ornate and have a classic “other worldly” look to them. I could watch the movie over and over to gawk at the scenery and character designs.

9. The Opening Scene: Nothing will ever live up to the deep voice of the narrator and the stained glass…but there was something so fresh about how we started on the Prince, how the dance unfolded, and how the Enchantress appeared. She looked gorgeous and the classic French scene was a welcome addition (more so than others…but we’ll talk of that soon). In any case, it is a worthy contrast from the beginning, when he’s surrounded by beautiful girls, to late when there’s only Belle.

8. Kevin Kline as Maurice: Kevin Kline is a fine actor, and he brings such a charm and dignity to the formerly bumbling character. I still like Maurice in the animated movie, but it makes more sense for Belle’s father to be an artist and hopeless romantic than a “world famous inventor.” Kline’s performance was a highlight for me and definitely added to the movie as a whole.

Originally posted by luuuuuke-evans

7. “Kill the Beast!” I’ll talk more about some other songs below, but this was by far my favorite number; this is EXACTLY what I was hoping for with this song in live action form. It does not disappoint. Speaking of “Kill the Beast…”

Originally posted by lukecastellan

6. We see Gaston and Lefou learning where the castle is: A big question I had as a kid was, “How did they know where to go to find the Beast?” In this, we get our answer. Lefou and Gaston actually follow Maurice to the woods, where he believes he can route them to the Beast’s castle. This backfires on him, but in any case we learn how Gaston and Lefou knew where to go in the first place.

Originally posted by wizardfrenchfries

5. Belle is more an inventor….and a teacher: It makes sense for Belle to be as learned as she is to be more of the inventor. I loved the little scene where she does her own laundry with the contraption she made and is trying to teach a little girl to read. After having to sit through a preview for a CGI movie where the boy character is an inventor and the girl, lo and behold, wants to just be a dancer…it’s nice to see “ahead of their time” people represented in a modern movie’s version of a classic time period.

Originally posted by bigbadroman

4. Lefou paying off the people to dance and help during “Gaston:”

It was a little tidbit to note for the film, but Lefou pays off the people to help dance in the “Gaston” music number; and Belle does pay for the food in the market she gets. It’s little touches like that which help to cement this story in a more “realistic” world.

Originally posted by chandelyer

3. The ensemble of side characters:

This entire cast was well-chosen. Josh Gad as Lefou? Perfection; he was born for the role! Emma Thompson as Mrs. Potts?  She’s about as close to Angela Lansbury as you can get for this role, I feel. Ewan McGregor as Lumiere? I was on the fence about this casting, but it works so well. Luke Evans as Gaston? He fits the part great. Sir Ian McKellan as Cogsworth? Again, I had no clue what to think, but he may have been my favorite in the whole side cast. Even Stanley Tucci and the Wardrobe’s actress were great choices. They really did a perfect job casting the side characters…but as for the main characters…

Originally posted by parkxiaowu

2. Dan Stevens as The Beast/The Prince:

This WAS perfect casting! I know they’ve altered the voice and distorted it to sound similar to the animated Beast. But seriously, the motion capture work on his face and his range of emotion are perfect here. It’s hard to believe, but I care more for his character as the Beast than the animated (for reasons below); plus, the main thing: He looks SO much better as the human Prince. From the opening to the end scene, he may be my favorite character, actor, and part of the film. Definitely a genius casting choice and excellent performance!

Originally posted by noplaceforsanity

1. All of the added scenes of Belle and The Beast learning about one another:

If I had one, minuscule complaint with the original Beauty and the Beast, it is that we don’t get many scenes of Belle and the Beast “falling in love” and getting to know one another. He saves her, gives her a library, and then they just sort of fall in love post-dance…obviously, it’s not a huge issue, since you’re pacing this out in movie format.

However, I feel this movie allowed more time for these two to connect. Also, they found common ground; first, with their love of literature, but second, with losing their mothers and how their father’s shaped who they were: The Prince’s with hate, and Belle’s with love. It was a beautiful duality and connection created between them and it helped to make the ending better and more satisfying.

Originally posted by partofyourtaleasoldastime

Of course, especially considering the movie is based on a staple of my childhood, it CERTAINLY has flaws, as noted below.

My Top 10 Dislikes of Beauty and the Beast (2017):

10. The obvious Enchantress:

I do like the twist of The Enchantress being Agathe, a character we see throughout the story…perhaps she’s keeping the magic strong? However, there are a lot of problematic elements of her being in the movie so much. For one thing, she saves Maurice, which is good, but then when Maurice confronts Gaston, she doesn’t do anything. She could have stopped all of our conflict! Also, at the end, while she shows up and it does make sense in a technical sense…she just vanishes. Belle doesn’t even see her…what was the point? In the animated movie, the spell was broken without her having to be there. Having her there didn’t answer questions; it created more! It just seemed awkward at times.

Originally posted by luuuuuke-evans

9. Gaston’s “post-war” blood rage?

While I appreciate them trying to flesh out Gaston’s character…this was their choice? He’s got post-war bursts of rage? I love how the animated movie treated Gaston just as the jerk-bro who becomes jealous and can’t stand that Belle chooses someone over him. Here, his villainous outbursts are “justified” by his post-war blood lust. It just seemed almost like a distraction and didn’t seem warranted for me. Gaston is a near-perfect villain. Let Luke Evans do a good job of playing him without trying to make him too complex. Gaston’s not smart enough for that.

Originally posted by luuuuuke-evans

8. The unnecessary additional songs:

Maybe I’m in a minority here, but I wasn’t crazy about the new songs. The Soundtrack of Beauty and the Beast is nearly flawless. Even the special edition with “Human Again” is okay. The Broadway songs they add…are okay. “Evermore” is not a terrible song (we’ll talk more about it below), but the song about “Sunny skies” and “Evermore” are not necessary to make the story better. If you wanted to include them in a “Director’s Cut,” that would have sufficed for me…I just didn’t see the need for them here…again, I’ll touch back on this point twice below.

Originally posted by jacobkowalskis

7. Don’t bring an arrow to a gun fight:

In the original, Gaston was a hunter, so it made sense he had multiple weapons at his disposal. It also made sense for the time period. And he hunted a lot of deer-like animals, so it seemed fitting that he would shoot an arrow at the Beast and then stab him with a knife….hunting tools for the type of game he hunted.

In this? We just full blown (literally) gun the Beast down. Gaston shoots the Beast three times in the climax. At the very least, he still uses a club like the original. It just seemed like overkill and to me, didn’t make as much sense as keeping like the original would have.

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6. The rushed beginning and scenes out of place:

The opening, I loved; however, once that scene was over, the first thirty minutes seemed SO rushed! They rushed through “Belle,” then moved some scenes around, and quickly went through the reprise! There wasn’t the “wedding proposal” scene with Gaston and Belle! I did LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the reaction of Maurice and Chip, but there were little scenes that were skimmed over and rearranged that just seemed to rush the opening and didn’t let us the audience “settle down” into the film. It’s not until we’re at the scene of Belle running away from the castle that the movie starts to slow down. The editing of the movie in those places was a little disappointing to me.

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5. Lefou and the lack of controversy:

Okay, so the last week has been filled with news stories about how Lefou is the first openly gay character in a Disney film. It was a huge source of controversy…but….in all seriousness……you wouldn’t really know that watching this film. It’s clear he cares for Gaston, but the animated picture portrayed that as well. He shares two seconds with a male character at the very end of the movie in a brief dance…but that’s it. All that press and controversy for a tiny scene that seems inconsequential. Eh. Come on, Disney. Commit or not; don’t try to play up something that’s halfway even developed.

4. The Enchantress’s book:

I loved the extra scenes with Belle and Beast developing their relationship over the course of a few scenes. However, one comes out of nowhere and does nothing to the plot as a whole. At one point, the Beast shows her a book the Enchantress gave him as a “joke.” It is able to take them anywhere you think of; and Belle chooses the room she was born in, where her mother dies of the plague. While I DO love a few things about this: the fact that it connects Belle and the Beast more, and it explains what happened to her…it’s never used again. The book is just a one-time only plot device. The scene it was used in was SO out of place! I would have rather Belle had known why her mother died and just talked it out with the Beast than having used this forced book that logically doesn’t fit in with the story.

3. The Beast’s Song, “Evermore:”

I don’t dislike “Evermore,” I don’t…but…in the animated movie, when Belle leaves Beast, he is so heartbroken. He lets out a howl of despair, knowing his only chance of happiness has left him, potentially forever. Here, he immediately bursts into a Phantom of the Opera style musical number. Maybe upon reviewing, I’ll appreciate it. But I loved how the original was so organic and raw…this seemed almost too Broadway and too theatrical.

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2. Emma Watson’s facial expressions vs. animated Belle:

I love the original because of the animation, mainly. The expressions and line work showed SO much emotion. Now, I like Emma Watson a lot as an actress. BUT, aside from the wolf scene on….her facial expressions are so subdued. This is most apparent in “Be Our Guest.” Belle in that musical number is in AWE! She is so excited, bewildered, and amazed…but here? She just smiles and watches the show. Granted, Emma Watson would have been watching a Green Screen throughout this; but STILL. She doesn’t even seem in shock or awe…and that I sorely missed in this film. Now, after the wolves attack Belle, Watson’s acting becomes more pronounced. I just wish she could have acted a little more in-character through some of the CGI numbers.

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1. The cut out comedy:

When I asked my brother if he was thinking of seeing the movie, he asked about the fight scene at the end:

Brother: “Do they have the part where Lumiere burns Lefou’s butt? Or Cogsworth with the scissors?”

Me: “No.”

Brother: “What?! How could they?”

There is so much physical comedy in the original that works; here, and yes, I understand that it is “physically” impossible some of the things they do, I still was hoping there would be more of the original comedy. For example, Cogsworth taking Belle on a tour of the castle isn’t even in the FILM! “If it’s not baroque, don’t fix it.” SERIOUSLY.

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The original is near-perfect for me. Still today, it is the better film. If you love the original and are expecting a closely faithful adaptation; they try, but it’s a miss there, because some of the best parts are either condensed or left out.

If you love Beauty and the Beast, but you’re comfortable with them altering parts and want to see new additions to the story? You’ll probably like this!

The original is still better though. If you don’t want to spend the $10 at the theatre, just wait until the DVD or Blu-Ray comes out and watch the original in the meantime.

If you’ve never seen the original Beauty and the Beast? PLEASE watch that one first; it’s better. If you’ve already seen the live action one? STILL go view the animated version; you’ll appreciate it more.

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The flyers

We got some quality frog interaction in that update! Here’s a little thing about that scene w the flyers. Dex is low key emotional. Idk. 

“All right, guys. I printed up these fliers letting people know the Samwell Men’s Hockey team needs a new manager. Lord knows poor Lardo can’t ask around with graduation a few months away. Y’all can use Frog Hour to get the word out.”

Dex looked down at the stack of flyers in his arms. At the top of the page was a black and white picture of the team, all of them in their uniforms, looking at the camera seriously. Not very representative, he thought. Under the picture, huge letters proclaimed, “Position available: Samwell Men’s Hockey team manager.” There was a section titled, “Responsibilities,” with only one bullet point, “Manage the hockey team.” Dex rolled his eyes. It was kind of misleading. This person would have to deal with a lot more bullshit than that. Thankfully, at the bottom was a number to call for more details.

“Anywhere in particular?” Dex asked.

“I don’t know. Wherever you think is best. Probably spread them out some.”

“Alright.” He, Nursey, and Chowder turned to go. Chowder pouted a little on the way out. Frog Hour was the break the three of them shared. It wasn’t really an hour; closer to two and a half hours. They usually used the time to get burritos at the place just off campus.

“What’s the plan?” Nursey muttered when they were out on the sidewalk. He shuffled the pages in his hands.

“We can still hang! We can start up by Faber and end down past the pond, and burritos are right there!” Chowder said. Frog Hour was one of the few opportunities they all had to hang out. Their schedules didn’t really line up this semester.

“It would probably be faster for us to split up,” Dex observed.

“Yeah! I’ll get the athletic places and North Quad.”

“Alright. I’ll do Lake and South quad.”

Dex turned to Nursey.

“I don’t know, man. I’ll hit up the science buildings? Maybe. I guess. East Quad?”

Dex raised an eyebrow.

“Brah, chill. I’ll find places.”

At the street corner, Chowder and Dex went one way, and Nursey went the other. Chowder and Dex were halfway down the block when Chowder spun around.

“Nursey! Meet at the South Quad Bridge! Burritos! Best friend time!”

Dex looked over his shoulder to see Nursey hold a thumbs up over his head.

Chowder spun back around. “He’ll be there. He doesn’t want to be a square,” he told Dex.

“The worst shape,” Dex said.

Chowder punched him in the shoulder in agreement.

Dex visited every building on his two quads. He posted a flyer to every bulletin board, taped them to phone poles. He asked cafes and coffee shops to post them in the windows. With every flyer he put up, he felt like another piece of his heart was chipped away.

Each time he posted a paper and walked away, another wave of nostalgia washed over him, memories of things that wouldn’t happen again after this year. Dance parties in the locker rooms to Ransom’s playlists. Waking up on the green couch after a kegster to the sound of Holster yelling upstairs. Sunny, cool evenings in the reading room with Lardo, sometimes passing a joint back and forth, sometimes not, sometimes talking, sometimes silent.

Dex knew that the Samwell Men’s Hockey team was not its players. Or its managers. The team had existed for decades, and players came and went every year. The team would exist long after the seniors –  and Bitty, and Dex, Chowder, and Nursey – graduated. But Dex couldn’t help but mourn this iteration of the team. The team would exist, but it would never be the same again.

Naturally, Dex’s sadness translated to frustration. 40 minutes passed, and Dex still had a quarter of his flyers left. It was still February, and the wind was cold on his ears and nose. His knuckles felt like ice cubes. Irritation simmered warm in his chest.

Dex stopped at another bulletin board, and Chowder walked toward him down the sidewalk.

“Okay! Founder’s has a flyer on every floor! In ever carrel! In every bathroom stall!” He told Dex over his shoulder.

“Great.” Dex tried not to snap. Chowder hadn’t done anything wrong. In fact, Chowder probably didn’t even need to be here. He already had dibs. “I put flyers up at high-traffic areas in Koetter Café, on bulletin boards on Lake Quad and…” He turned to see Nursey standing beside Chowder. He couldn’t keep the aggravation out of his voice anymore. “… why. Why do you still have all of your flyers?” he asked with a frown.

Nursey raised an eyebrow. “Oh. The spam thing seemed O.D. uneconomical. I’ve been handing ‘em out to managerial types.” He turned to a short girl with thick glasses and a red ribbon in her hair. “… Hey. Flyer.” he said simply.

“Neat!” she said, and walked away, reading the flyer as she went.

Fucking ridiculous. Dex’s face went blank, and he threw his stack of flyers over his shoulder.

“At least people are seeing them!” Chowder said. Yeah. More people had definitely read the three flyers Nursey handed out in the last minute than had read the 60 Dex and Chowder had put up in half an hour.

“Sup,” Nursey said to the next person he deemed ‘managerial.’ “Flyer?”

“Do you need help picking those up?” Chowder asked Dex.

“No,” Dex sighed, bending down. “I know you’d just pull some bullshit.”

Chowder smirked. “I was going to say ‘too bad,’ then help you anyway. But you said no, so…”

“See? I knew it.” Dex stood and straightened the stack in his hands. Chowder was grinning at him, and Dex managed to smile back. He turned to Nursey. “Yo, Nurse. How many of those have you given out?”

“Not sure. Probs approx 20.”

Dex’s mouth stretched into a thin line as he thought. They would probably get at least 10 applicants from all the flyers they’d posted and given away. Definitely more than the two they’d gotten so far from word of mouth.

Nursey came over and slung an arm over Dex’s shoulders. “It’s def enough. We’ll find someone. I liked the looks of that girl with the ribbon.”


Nursey rubbed his hand over Dex’s bicep and kissed his temple. “We’ll find someone. It’ll be alright.”

“You guys are gross,” Chowder said.

“Can we get burritos now?” Dex asked.

“Yeah,” Nursey grabbed his hand.

“Best bro burritos!” Chowder crowed. He bounced over and put an arm around Dex’s shoulder from the other side.

Dex smiled, the frustration draining out of him. Things would change. Things always changed. But for now, he was going to get burritos and hang with his best friends.

Nursey, Chowder, the entire team had his back, and he had theirs, whether they all were still a hockey team or not. Lardo may not be their manager next year, but the trust she and Dex had built would long outlast her title.

Some things were forever. Dex’s connection with his teammates was one of them. He just needed to remember that.