this was saved in microsoft word

when your job is office-based you don’t develop many skills that impress other people in an emergency like knife fighting or fire lighting or how to hotwire a car, but at 7am this morning my dude was desperately trying to send a 2 page exam to the printers for school and it was all automatic so if he sent the whole 300 page PDF they were going to charge him 1000 Euros and it wasn’t a clever enough programme to let you select pages to print. He was sitting there panicking in his pyjamas with no idea what to do and I was all *cracks knuckles* ‘move over babe, I got this’ and in 2 clicks I had extracted pages 13 and 14 and saved them as new documents and his printing cost went down to 3 Euros and he looked at me like I’d just done MAGIC 

I mean wait till he sees what I can do in Microsoft fucking Word

Shortcut Keys I Use the Most While Writing

In General

  • Ctrl + S = save (Don’t care if the document I’m on autosaves. I am too much in the habit of doing this and don’t plan to ever fall out of practice.)
  • Ctrl + Z = undo last action
  • Ctrl + Y = undo last undo action
  • Ctrl + End = jump to the end of the document
  • Ctrl + Home = jump to the start of the document
  • Ctrl + Left Arrow = jump text cursor one word over to the left
  • Ctrl + Right Arrow = jump text cursor one word over to the right
  • Ctrl + A = select all text in document
  • Shift + Directional Arrows = select a segment of text
  • Ctrl + Backspace = delete word to the left of the text cursor
  • Ctrl + Delete = delete word to the right of the text cursor
  • Ctrl + X = cut selected text from document and place in clipboard
  • Ctrl + C = copy selected text from document and place in clipboard
  • Ctrl + V = paste cut/copied text from clipboard into designated section of document
  • Ctrl + B = bold
  • Ctrl + I = italics
  • Ctrl + U = underline
  • Ctrl + F = find certain text

In Google Docs

  • Ctrl + Shift + Y = dictionary
  • Ctrl + Shift + C = word count
  • Alt + Shift + 5 = strikethrough

In Microsoft Word

  • F7 = spellcheck
  • Shift + F7 = thesaurus
  • Shift + F3 = cycle selected text through ALL CAPITALS, Initial Capitals, and no capitals
  • Ctrl + E = justify center (align text to the center of the line)
  • Ctrl + L = justify left (align text to the left margin)
  • Ctrl + R = justify right (align text to the right margin)

In Microsoft OneNote

  • Ctrl + Hyphen = strikethrough
  • Ctrl + Period = bulletpoint
  • Ctrl + N = new page in current tab
Today, I fucked up by attempting to print over 18,000 pages.

At the school I go to there are printers for the entire student body; however, every student has a limit of how many pages they can print. This limit is supposedly enormous. I have been told by seniors (I am a freshman) that the limit is around 1000 pages.

During my English class yesterday, we got a chance to work on our essays, which were due today. I had already finished mine and was bored, so I held down CTRL and Enter in my Microsoft Word document because I wanted to see how many pages I could create. After about 9000 pages I got bored again and saved my work and closed Word.

Today, I got to school and then realized that I hadn’t printed out the essay yet, so I went to a school computer and sent it to the school printer, but it didn’t print. I tried a few more times, but it still didn’t work. Then I emailed it to my friend and he tried to print it. Guess what? It didn’t print.

My friend then noticed that the document had over 9000 pages that I totally forgot about. It was a sudden moment of realization that I had hit both mine and his print limit in a matter of minutes even though nothing had actually printed.

We went to a teacher and explained the situation (with emphasis on me being an idiot) and he said it would be $10 each to reset our limits.

So on Monday I will be coming to school with $20 because today I fucked up.

TIFU: Internet`s best fucked up stories are here.


Since school is about to start for me and many, many others, I decided to do a post about apps I use for school to help anyone looking for apps to help them out in any way.


  • Google Apps

Most of my classes in school require something to be done online, whether its an essay or a presentation or whatever. I like to use google apps like Drive, Docs and Slides to save and write and create everything I need for school. I feel it’s a lot better (for me at least) than Microsoft word and Powerpoint.

  • Forest & FocusNow

I know this is very popular in the Studyblr community and I completely understand why. I use this almost everytime that I study or do school work. It gives me better motivation to study and it’s cute.
Forest is a paid app, but there are ways that the app will plant real trees in areas that need it. FocusNow is a free app if you don’t have the ability to buy Forest. It still works just as well.

  • TED

TED Talks are so amazing. I love to listen and watch them when I have free time. It helps me feel productive when I’m not doing anything since I’m learning and feeding my mind. 

  • Duolingo

Since I’m not taking a languages class this year, I decided I want to practice my Spanish. I’m still rusty, but I would love to continue.

  • Dictionary

Of course I need a Dictionary app. It’s what I use for all my vocab.

  • iHydrate & Plant Nanny

It is so important to stay hydrated and I know for sure that sometimes it’s hard to do that during the stress of school. I use these two apps to track my water intake and motivate me more to drink. iHydrate lets you track all liquids, not just water. And Plant Nanny is just adorable, watering a plant while you water yourself.

  • Apple Apps

Just ones that came with my phone I use often. Notes, Calculator, Reminders- all self-explanatory. Podcasts is the app I use all the time. I love podcasts so much and listen to them all the time. My faves are NightVale, Kings Falls AM, Serial and RadioLab. I’m always looking for new podcasts to listen to, so if you have any suggestions, please tell me!

And of course, you need games on your phone. I just have a few to pass times and sometimes I play them if I need to calm down or need to relieve stress and anxiety. 

Merged, Two Dots, Dots & Co, and INKS are games that are beautiful, simple and so perfect and calming. 

And the rest are just fun games I play purely for fun. (gotta catch ‘em all!)

So that’s all for now. If during the school year I find any other new apps to use and love, I’ll update you on them. Also if you have any requests on posts, message me please and I’ll be happy to put in my input.

(Graphic made with Canva.)

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How I Take Notes

I was recently requested to write a post on how I take notes at university, specifically, how I use my iPad for my university studies so here goes!

The first app I use is Microsoft Word for iPad which I use to take notes in lectures and seminars. I save all documents onto the online cloud One Drive meaning I can access all my files on my laptop instantly. 

The format of my notes is pretty simple. I use Calibri Light in font size 12. I simply underline my titles and subheadings. My title (usually the lecture title/topic) always goes in the middle and then I split my document into 2 columns. I do this as I write my notes as short bullet points so therefore they don’t fill the whole line so it not only looks neater to have two columns but it also saves paper!

I always make my notes on what the lecturer is saying rather than copying what is on the powerpoint slides as these are available for me to access before and after the lecture so I can add this detail in at a later date, whereas you can’t hear the lecturer over and over (unless you get permission to audio record!). I try to be as concise as possible so I don’t miss anything, you can always add detail in at a later date. 

As far as printing goes, I don’t print these notes unless I’m doing an assignment on that topic as then I prefer to have a physical copy to highlight/make physical notes on. But other than that I save all my files in folders on One Drive but also on my laptop. 

A secondary use I have for my iPad is reading Journal Articles which means I can have them next to my laptop as I work and I don’t have to spit screen my laptop. Not a necessity but I like working this way. This also means if I want to quickly read an article for a seminar I don’t have to use my laptop, I can just quickly use my iPad and read it anywhere really easily. 

I hope you’ve found this useful! Are there any other posts you would like to see on this topic or anything I do at university? Leave me an ask! :)

College Papers

How to write an essay:
Step 1: open Microsoft Word
Step 2: open the 24 tabs you have saved about your topic
Step 2: stare blankly at computer screen for twenty minutes
Step 3: begin questioning life choices
Step 4: start ugly crying
Step 5: turn on Netflix and watch Jessica Jones instead
Step: 6: try not to think about your future going down the toilet

Reblog and Save A Life:

Recover an Unsaved Word Doc (or any current Microsoft Office File):

Recover and Unsaved CS6 PSD (not illustrator):

I just know I’ve lost like 50 ish files to the void for both these programs and well it fucking sucks.

If you’re like me and can’t make a mind map on paper to save your life but would still like to make them, then this guide’ll help you!

Step 1. Open a Word Doc.

Step 2. Click on Insert > SmartArt > Relationship > Radical Cluster.

Step 3. Enter your text.

Step 4. Add extra parts by going to the Toolbox > Plus. To add sub-parts, click Toolbox > Plus > Right Arrow.

Part 4. To change the colours, in the SmartArt tools, click Design > Change Colours > Pick a colour.

Step 5. To change the style of the mind map, click on a SmartArt style next to the Change Colours option. 

Now you have your finished mindmap! However, there are other options for your mind map available, as listed below. Remember: You can move the textboxes around to look the way you want them to.

Basic Radical

Cycle Matrix

Converging Radical

Horizontal Hierarchy

The Adventures of Jared Pada-Don't-Text-Me!

Jared (3:00 AM): just gunna stand there n wtch me burn? dats allright i lke the weigh it hurts.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (8:00 AM): …Not this shit again.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan (11:34 AM): I’m not even on your show anymore.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan (3:22 PM): I’m going to come to your house and kick your dogs.