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Hi I love your writing and had this thought for a top ten. I have no idea if you are still taking top ten requests but I thought I'd give it a try anyway. So we all know what an amazing friend Phichit is but what I'd like to know is when Yuuri been amazing for Phichit. So top ten Yuuri is a great friend to Phichit moments. I know you have a crazy schedule so I would more than understand if requests are over!

Top Ten Times Yuuri Was a Great Friend to Phichit:

10) Every time Yuuri turned up to one of Phichit’s skating events, which was whenever he possibly could, and cheered him on like the world’s proudest parent from the sidelines

9) When the person Phichit was dating (who was a foreign exchange student) moved back home, Phichit got really down for a while and Yuuri bundled him up in a blanket, stocked up on ice cream and had a movie marathon to take his mind off it

8) Yuuri constantly indulged Phichit’s social media love by playing along with all his games and challenges. Especially the one that Phichit set up for the Yuuri fans following him called ‘Find Katsuki’ where he would post lots of normal looking pictures but with Yuuri hiding somewhere obscure in the background that you could only see if you looked hard. Like peeking out of the crack in the wardrobe door or sitting at the top of a tree hidden in the branches. It was a game Phichit’s fans loved to play because Yuuri was pretty inactive on social media so spotting Yuuri in photos was already a game at official events and the like and Phichit’s Instagram game made it extra entertaining. It also got Phichit a lot of extra followers. 

7) During exams, Phichit was usually pretty ok but sometimes he would get really stressed studying and Yuuri would provide him with a constant stream of energy drinks and food to keep him going

6) Yuuri held a special hamster funeral for Phichit’s hamsters when they died because Phichit was too upset to do it himself

5) Once Phichit ended up getting yelled at by Celestino for something and Yuuri immediately did something even worse to get Celestino to yell at him instead and get Phichit off the hook

4) Yuuri learned every single skate routine in the King and the Skater so that he could skate them with Phichit

3) Once Phichit was having a really bad day and Yuuri flew straight back from the competition he was at to spend time with him and cheer him up even though he was still supposed to be out of the country for a few more days because Phichit was more important

2) Yuuri learned Thai for Phichit so that he could comfort Phichit when he had nightmares and Thai was the best way to calm him down when he was still half asleep and scared

1) Yuuri absolutely destroyed anyone who was rude to Phichit. Once at a competition one of the older, more experienced skaters was being really nasty to Phichit and calling him and nobody who would go no-where and Yuuri ‘I’ve got more gold medals than all of you’ Katsuki overheard and walked up to Phichit like ‘you were fantastic, you totally deserved that medal’ before casually looking over at the other skater with a smile ‘oh hi…I’m sorry, who are you again?’

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I added in District 13 so that they can each be from a different District. Instead of two people being picked per District, I changed it to one.

District: 2 – Masonry
Weapon/Ability: Strength
Death: 10th to die
Cause of Death: Betrayed by Jeonghan
- Oldest Tribute.
- Was the strongest opponent, so everyone knew to stay away from him.
- Didn’t know which plants were edible, and so survived on meats instead. When he couldn’t find anything to eat, he was spoiled by Sponsors.
- Formed an alliance with Jeonghan to kill Woozi.
- Betrayed by Jeonghan who set up a trap and stabbed him.

District: 1 – Luxury
Weapon/Ability: Spear (Woozi’s), Trickery
Death: 12th to die
Cause of Death: Lost the final battle against Woozi
- Formed an alliance with Dino.
- Wanted him to win the Games. He was planning for the two of them to make it to the final round, and then let Dino win by killing himself.
- When Dino was killed by Woozi, Jeonghan sought revenge on him. He promised himself to win for Dino.
- He took Woozi’s spear, vowing to kill him with his very own weapon.
- Killed or betrayed anyone in his way to avenge Dino.
- Unfortunately lost the final battle.
- His death is considered one of the saddest in Hunger Games history due to not being able to keep his promise to Dino.

District: 9 – Grain
Weapon/Ability: Survival and Treatment Skills
Death: 1st to die
Cause of Death: Cornucopia Bloodbath
- Everyone knew he was done for when his name got picked.
- Too kind to kill anyone, so he was planning on just letting them all battle while he hid.
- Tried to grab a backpack at the Cornucopia, but was stabbed by Woozi.
- Probably would’ve gotten far in the Games if he survived the Bloodbath due to his skills.

District: 4 – Fishing
Weapon/Ability: Spear, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Identifying Edible Plants
Death: 9th to die
Cause of Death: Killed by Jeonghan
- Always had food because he was experienced in fishing thanks to his job at the District.
- Was able to make a full meal with anything he found in the forest.
- Everyone thought he was going to win because of his skills.
- Noticed The8 following him around, and pretended he didn’t know. Silently slipped out of view and attacked him from behind.
- Won in the battle against The8, who was already badly injured after the first blow.
- Killed by Jeonghan when he accidentally tripped and destroyed Dino’s grave. Jeonghan showed no mercy.

District: 6 – Transportation
Weapon/Ability: Knives, Climbing
Death: 5th to die
Cause of Death: Tracker Jackers
- Hid in the trees.
- Waved and made funny faces at the cameras, earning him gifts from Sponsors.
- Once ate a poisonous plant that slowly made his insides burn, but was sent antidote. Clearly a Capitol favorite.
- Died because he jumped onto a branch that had a Tracker Jackers nest he didn’t see.
- His leg got caught between two branches and he was left hanging upside-down while the Tracker Jackers stung him to death.

District: 13 – Nuclear Weaponry
Weapon/Ability: Crossbow, Hiding
Death: 8th to die
Cause of Death: Killed by Jeonghan
- A bag of luck.
- Wanted to form an alliance with Mingyu, who knew how to identify edible plants. When he died at the Cornucopia, he was left to guess on his own.
- Somehow guessed right for all the edible plants.
- Was able to blend in with the environment, and found great hiding places.
- Was injured by a fireball the Gamemakers threw at him. Didn’t have any Sponsors sending him medication, and so didn’t put up a fight when he ran into Jeonghan.

District: 3 – Technology
Weapon/Ability: Spear (formerly), Sword (presently), Strategy
Death: x
Cause of Death: x
- Victor/Winner of the Games.
- Faked looking weak in the Training Centre, and then showed his true potential in the Arena.
- Incredibly intelligent. Can make up a whole plan within ten seconds of observing his surroundings.
- Set up a trap for animals, but Dino got trapped in it instead. Decided to stab him, and in front of Jeonghan.
- Wasn’t caught or killed because Jeonghan didn’t have a weapon at that time.
- Got his spear taken by Jeonghan, and so found his way back to the Cornucopia to get a new weapon. Decided on a sword.
- Discovered that when you throw something at the invisible force field, it makes a boomerang effect.
- During the final battle, he launched his sword at Jeonghan and purposely missed. The sword hit the force field, then came flying back and stabbed Jeonghan’s back.

District: 5 – Power
Weapon/Ability: Traps
Death: 2nd to die
Cause of Death: Cornucopia Bloodbath
- A bundle of sunshine.
- Stole the hearts of Sponsors during his interview. Admired for being able to smile despite being in such a terrible situation.
- Specialized in making traps, would’ve been able to find many things to eat in the Arena if he survived the Bloodbath.
- Panicked and reacted late when the gong resounded. While trying to run towards the forest, he was shot with Wonwoo’s crossbow, who accidentally fired it when rushing to grab it.

District: 12 – Mining
Weapon/Ability: Identifying Edible Plants
Death: 3rd to die
Cause of Death: Cornucopia Bloodbath
- Loved by the Capitol for being so charming and handsome.
- Ate anything served at the Capitol while promoting.
- Food and water were his top priorities for the Games. He memorized all the edible plants and berries, and planned to find a stream of water right away.
- Had Sponsors lined up to send him things.
- They unfortunately never got to send him anything because he died at the Bloodbath. Got confused and terrified at the Arena, and died by turning a corner and accidentally running into Jun’s spear.

District: 11 – Agriculture
Weapon/Ability: Staff, Wushu
Death: 6th to die
Cause of Death: Killed by Jun
- Skilled at martial arts, made sure to show this to the other Tributes in the Training Centre.
- Was sent many things by Sponsors because of his cute interview before the Games.
- Always found a clean stream of water, but was too scared to eat any plants in fear of getting poisoned.
- Knew Jun could hunt and identify edible plants, and so followed him around while stealing his food every now and then.
- Got caught by Jun and put up a fair fight, but his injury prevented him from attacking properly.
- Fainted in the middle of the fight due to blood loss, and Jun finished him off.

District: 8 – Textiles
Weapon/Ability: Bow & Arrow, Tactics
Death: 11th to die
Cause of Death: Killed by Jeonghan
- Adored by the Capitol due to his variety skills, and everyone was rooting for him to win.
- Got really far into the Games because of his Sponsors.
- Was able to stay out of everyone’s radar, and stole their food without them knowing.
- Didn’t kill anyone. Used his bow and arrow for hunting instead of killing.
- Whistled with the mockingjays for the watchers’ entertainment.
- Was caught for the first time trying to steal Jeonghan’s food. He tried to attack with his bow and arrow, but missed him and got stabbed in the heart with his spear.

District: 10 – Livestock
Weapon/Ability: Bow & Arrow
Death: 4th to die
Cause of Death: Mistook Nightlock for berries
- Volunteered to save his little sister.
- Pinpoint precision with his bow and arrow. Shot animals right in the eye.
- A quiet Tribute who mostly kept to himself to avoid confrontation.
- Wanted to win the Games for his little sister, but made a foolish mistake by mistaking Nightlock for berries because he was starving.

District: 7 – Lumber
Weapon/Ability: Slingshot, Speed
Death: 7th to die
Cause of Death: Killed by Woozi
- Youngest Tribute.
- Luckily found a slingshot in the backpack he managed to get at the Cornucopia. Had really good aim, and was able to shoot down birds with a rock.
- Formed an alliance with Jeonghan.
- Considered him his older brother, and to a certain extent, his mother.
- Died in Jeonghan’s arms.

thank you for your request!!

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I'd just like to say: Chloe coming into the Dupain-Cheng bakery specifically when Marinette's on cash register duty and asks the names of pastries she already knows but just wants to hear Marinette talk, and eventually Marinette catches on but does nothing because she enjoys talking to Chloe



Words: 1968

Sabine smirked as she pulled a tray of croissants from the oven. “Marinette. I think your favorite customer is here.”

Marinette finished tying her apron behind her back and was pulling her hair up and away from her face as she got ready for her register shift. “Who now?”

Sabine jutted her chin towards the front of the bakery and Marinette followed her gaze, allowing herself a sigh and a small smirk when she saw who was meandering near the counter. “Stop teasing, maman.”

“It’s not teasing,” Sabine said. “She comes only on the days when you’re working and seems rather enchanted with all of our palmier flavors. Moreso than anyone else I’ve ever seen…”

“Oh hush, maman!” Marinette blushed, gently tapping her mother’s shoulder. “It’s nothing like that.”

“Don’t keep the poor thing waiting,” Sabine smiled as she carried the croissants to the counters in the back. “She must be eager to see you if she came right when your shift started.”

Marinette puffed her cheeks out and headed to the counter where Chloe Bourgeois was waiting, leaving her mother laughing and grinning behind her. 

It started when Chloe had to come into the bakery to order a huge commission of mini-cupcakes for a dinner she and her father were holding. Because Chloe loved being difficult, Marinette had to take out all of their sample books, explain all of their flavors, all of their frostings, all of their fillings, and all of their options for garnishes for close to twenty-five minutes before Chloe was satisfied. Marinette thought Chloe was making her explain herself so much for the sake of being annoying until she came in the next day asking for detailed descriptions of all the chocolate cakes they had on display for no other reason aside from her being “curious about your selection of dark chocolates.” Marinette’s father was too close by at the time for her to tell Chloe to buzz off, so she humored her for twenty minutes before Chloe settled with just buying a regular old palmier and left without buying a single cake. 

It was maddening, and for the next couple of weeks Chloe would come into the bakery when Marinette was working and ask her to rattle off all that she knew about their pastries, breads, cakes, rush orders, and catering plans….only to leave without having bought anything she had shown such a deep interest in. 

It was ridiculous to think Chloe had a passion for baked goods, otherwise she’d bother her parents about this. It wasn’t as if Chloe was using this as an opportunity to make fun of Marinette seeing how she was oddly quiet and attentive whenever Marinette spoke. It wasn’t until last week that Marinette had finally picked up on the obvious. 

Chloe came just to hear Marinette talk. 

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I'd love to make a request if they're open. So Lay (exo) was wearing a nice red suit earlier this week and I had the idea of what If the reader sent him a red panty pic while he was at a movie premier telling him to hurry up and get home~ a sexy, body worship, smut please ^_^


Sighing softly, you picked up your phone clicking the middle button so that your lock screen would light up. Smiling at the image of your boyfriend Yixing on the cover you felt your insides churn. He was everything you could have wanted and possibly more at this point. The unicorn that was a big dimpled cutie or so sexy that your knees were weak either way. Pressing the palm of your hand against your heated cheeks you tried to calm yourself down fanning yourself as you felt your nipples getting hard under your red lace baby doll dress. Yixing was at a movie premiere tonight, and you were a bit upset that you couldn’t go with him. It wasn’t anything against you he was just trying to keep you safe because of his crazy fans so you had to opt out and stay at home. And you felt a little bad on your part because you feared his fans and you couldn’t be there to support him but you were trying to protect him. So, once you found out that he was wearing red you went to a lingerie shop that you loved buying a red lace get up for him. And now your mind was dancing with thoughts of how to tease him. Opening your phone, you took a multitude of photos posing in different ways and playing with the self-timer. You even pushed the red thong between your pussy lips taking a photo of them as well and spreading your pussy lips wide you snapped a picture of your most insides feeling unashamed about it. Once you were done with it all you sent the photos to him, shutting your phone and getting up from the bed going to the mirror to check your light makeup and red lipstick. Hearing the vibrations of your phone rattle against your sheets you counted to ten slowly taking deep breaths with your eyes closed before you opened them and went to your phone to read the messages. You expected Yixing to be flustered or nervous but instead what you got was a great surprise.

{Text: From Baobei}

Baby.. I’m so needy and I want to make love to you when I get home. Make sure to keep that on.

After seeing that message you were a pit of feels writhing on your bed with want and need. You didn’t touch yourself because you didn’t want to ruin it for him and you didn’t drink because you knew one would lead to two and before you knew it you would be drunk off your ass and not remembering anything and Yixing probably wouldn’t have wanted to touch you. It was hard waiting and wondering because seconds turned to minutes and minutes turned to hours. It was torture but finally after some time you could hear the door knob twisting slowly in the silent house. Your breath hitched and toes curled voluntarily at the sheer thoughts of what he would do to you. After a few more moments your bedroom door was being pushed open and in walked Yixing. Hair jelled back, red suit on his body with a white under shirt. He looked incredible. Your breath caught in your throat just watching him, and the smirk he sent your way as he shut the door had you clenching the sheets for dear life. Yixing sat down some items on the bed walking towards you he started to massage your feet sitting on the bed beside you. Sighing softly, you felt the built-up tension escape from your body, his sweet cologne hitting your nose with just the right amount of a distinction. He looked up at you leaning down to kiss against your ankles.  He bit the skin softly smiling a dimpled smile at you he kissed up your legs slowly until he was pressing wet kisses against your thighs shifting against the bed. He moved to pull back taking off his jacket he crawled over you spreading your legs wide as he pressed his forehead against yours kissing your lips softly.

“I missed you.” He mused out letting his fingertips draw imaginary circles on your parted thighs. You mewled softly at his touch your eyelids fluttering as you pressed your forehead back against his.

“I missed you. So much baobei.” Yixing smiled wider loving when you used that endearment for him. He reached his hands up to untie the bow in front of the baby doll dress that kept it together exposing more of your smooth skin and your red bra.

“Let me make it up to you.” He leaned down kissing at your stomach.

“Are we not going to talk about your event?” You asked squirming softly pressing your hands onto his shoulders.

“I will, after I make your pussy talk.” Yixing was cute for fans and sometimes sexy but behind closed doors he was a beast with a kinky side and you loved hearing him talk to you like that. Groaning you nodded your head sitting up to press your lips against his. He moaned into your mouth letting you lead the kiss but he kissed you back sucking on your bottom lip. Your hands moved to undo his shirt buttons slowly. Revealing his toned muscles, and abs. Once you had the shirt undone you pushed it over his shoulders and it fell down his body. He let your eyes roam over it, your hands started to feel at his skin because you could never get enough of it. Yixing pushed you back after some time, his hands pulled off your baby doll dress and the bra unsnapping it and throwing it on the floor creating a pile of your clothes. He pressed his bulge against your clothed pussy gently grinding his hips down against yours as his lips cascaded around your neck. He sought out every spot making dark hickeys on your skin. His hands felt over every curve and dip of your body leaving nothing untouched by his warm hands. He let out tiny groans from how your hips bucked back against his, the thong not leaving much to the imagination. He groped your breast, flicking his fingers over the nipples and pinching them pulling them and watching them pucker up under his ministrations. He let his tongue lick and flick across your collarbones sucking more hickeys onto your skin before he moved his lips down farther to lick against her nipples. He flattened his tongue to lap at your flesh, your back arching off the mattress as you pulled at his silky locks crying out his name. He took his time sucking on your supple breast, cupping them like they were delicate in your hands he worshiped your breast licking around your nipple and sucking hickeys onto your skin.

Once Yixing felt it was enough he moved his tongue down father dipping it into your belly button to lick against that spot of your skin before he pressed your legs open against the bed. He looked down at your glistening center before he looked up at you. Thumb pressing against your wet clit he rubbed the pad of it against you watching as you moaned and squirmed for him. “My baobei. Here waiting for me, all alone and needy. You’re such a good girl for not touching yourself. I want to make you feel good. Do you want that? Can Yixing make it better?” He asked teasing you and your hips rolled as you nodded your head. Taking that as a yes, he leaned his head forward flicking his tongue gently against your slit making it drip more. He pulled his thumb back to press at your entrance his tongue dancing around your clit pressing it roughly against your bud. He moaned tasting you how your wetness fell against his tongue. He softly nibbled on your clit as his thumb playfully pushed in and out of the entrance before he pushed it back to insert his tongue instead. He was thrusting his tongue in and out slowly, flicking and twisting his tongue just the way you liked it. He let his hands keep your thighs pressed down and spread against the sheets. Curving his tongue, he sought out your spot he fucked it letting his tongue pick up the pace with your increase in volume. Your legs tightened up and your hands gripped harder at his locks and you held onto him for dear life feeling your stomach tighten up. Your orgasm was quickly approaching and with needy whines you warned him, eyes glazed with lust and need. Yixing only held your gaze, reaching his hands up to grab at your breast he fondled them as he dug his tongue deeper giving you a silent okay to cum. He continued to eat you out until you were bucking your hips and squeezing your pussy around his tongue cumming on the thick pink muscle. He moaned sucking on your essence cleaning you out and trying to suck you dry he pulled back licking over his lips smiling down at you sweetly and you hated these moments because he was pure seduction and a tease all at once.

Yixing took his pants off stepping out of them before he stepped out of his boxers moving to crawl back on the bed and against the headboard scooping you up in his arms. You got the hint when he made you straddle him and you smiled softly grabbing at his dick. You rubbed the tip of his dick against your dripping folds up and down your slit to tease him and get him wet. He groaned laying his head back against the headboard, full of need but he let you take your time with him. You were soon pressing his tip against your entrance and with his help you were sliding down onto his shaft taking him inch by inch both of you releasing a sound of approval. Your hands wrapped around his neck playing with the hairs at the nape of his neck. Yixing kissed up from your breast to your neck and under your jaw sucking onto the skin once again. Not wanting to waste time you started to slowly ride him, lifting and dropping yourself on his dick your hips wound against his every now and then. Yixing met your thrusts wanting to help as much as he could, his legs spread and bent keeping him upright. Your lips met again, his tongue asking for permission inside of your mouth which you gave him. Slowly your tongues ground and slid against each other and he sucked on your muscle deepening the kiss. His tongue flicked against your cheeks, the ridges of the top of your mouth and over your teeth. It was a deep heavy kiss that left you breathless and had you moving a little bit faster. Of course, you both didn’t want to go too fast taking your time to enjoy each other finding where one ended and the other began. Each snap of your hips caused a new fire to burn inside of you. Sweat dripping from your bodies, your skin glistening as the light danced onto your bodies above you. Your bodies slid against each other, your breast against his chest as the kiss was finally broke, a thin line of saliva connecting the two of you. His face was red with pleasure, his eyes meeting yours before he leaned forward to lick up and down against the valley of your breast. His hands moved up to dance up your back and grip at your shoulders. He pushed harder into you pounding upwards as he kept the same slow heavy pace dragging his hardened dick in and out of your soaked pussy that sucked him in deeper. Your hands gripped at his hair, your hips pushing down against his both of your voices increasing in volume. Your stomach clenched again signaling that you were about to meet your end and you were dragging your lover with you. Yixing groaned against your skin starting to snap his hips a little faster getting impatient as his own orgasm threatened to erupt at any time his dick throbbing with need inside of you.

“Yixing!” You released a loud wanton moan of his name, before a louder one sounded of. Your voice full of pleasure lips quivering and hips erratically bouncing you came on his dick your essence releasing all over him and your wetness trickling down to his balls. Yixing groaned feeling you clamp around him, his head rolling back as his lips parted and his eyes shifted shut.

“Fuck Y/N..” He called out your name slamming himself up with a few more thrusts before he buried his load inside of you. He held you down onto him with his hands on your shoulders, his arms locking you against your body. You took deep breaths to calm yourself down. You kissed against his lips softly laying your head on his shoulder his hands slowly trailing up and down your body as his cum trickled down your pussy. Your skin was buzzing and you felt like you were radiating as the peaceful bliss carried on between you two in the room.

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Hey hey ♡ I have a little request for you since I fell in love with your writings. How would the RFA, Searan and V react if fem!MC would call them "master" ? I'd love a NSFW version :)

okay so the context for this is basically MC works at a maid cafe and ‘accidentally’ says that to them 

also NSFW lmao i can try but- y’all know i’m bad at sin xD


  • he walked through the door expecting the more than normal “hello” from MC but
  • instead it was “Good day, Master~”
  • one of those big anime “EHHHH?!” things
  • he can’t even form words like omfg what the heck just happened? 
  • he immediately starts blushing because he’s really turned on and he just covers his mouth in embarrassment 
  • Knees weak and slightly shaking he makes his way over to MC and just literally f a l l s into her arms cuz he’s so. damn. lightheaded from MC’s simple, less than provocative words
  • “M-MC.. please give me a heads up before you do something like that, my heart can’t go from doki doki to heart ATTACK.”
  • MC: ??? did i do something do i need to call ambulance


  • He just came back from a run
  • Nice and sweaty… steamin’ hot, really.
  • Anyway he’s like taking a sip from his water bottle when he opens the door 
  • “Welcome, Master!”
  • he just cHOKES 
  • he’s over there like coughing cuz water almost got into his lungs all the while MC is still pouncing around in her fricken (work) clothes
    • which is hella kawaii btw 
  • and he’s feeling it man
  • it’s now or never 
  • so he promptly recovers from his coughing fit and picks up MC bridal style 
  • “EW you’re getting my costume all sweaty and gross”
  • “How can you say that to your “Master”?“
  • *MC’s face turns flush red when she realizes what her slip up has now caused
  • weoo not complaining for what’s to happen next though ;))


  • I thought we promised to keep it PG 
  • but not today honey, not today
  • Jaehee was working (the usual) 
  • MC brought in some coffee so she could stay alive awake
  • and as she sets down the cup, MC just asks as if it were natural
  • “Master, would you like me to draw a cat on top of your latte?”
  • The only thing Jaehee could see atm was MC in a freaking a kitty lingerie outfit
  • she’d never liked cats more before
  • snapping back into reality she saw MC’s face staring at her dumbfounded
  • cuz she ain’t a perv like u baehee 
  • And she gives Jaehee a peck on the lips before she gets pulled under by Jaehee’s naughty, naughty thoughts


  • it was Sunday morning and he was playing with Elly as usual
  • MC was in the kitchen making some kitty shaped pancakes for the two of them but what Jumin didn’t know was that MC dressed up as a maid for the fun of it (since he never got to see her in it)
  • “Master~ breakfast is served” she announced as she left the kitchen looking SUPER ADORABLE in her outfit 
  • Jumin just stares at her and a sly smile begins to form on his lips
  • “Did you wear that for me?”
  • MC gives him a little wink and
  • He snickers a little and leaves Elly to play alone
  • *kabedon MC against the wall*
  • you can choose a pose (but tbh i think pose #4 is just perfect)
  • “would i get in trouble for ripping this?” he says has he tugs roughly at her skirt


  • so he was just playing on his computer and suddenly MC just spins his chair around
  • his eyes widen at the sight of her in a maid outfit
  • “How do I look, Master?”
  • then he starts getting r e a l e x c i t e d
  • to MC’s dismay, he decides to hold a maid outfit challenge
  • and they literally have to Skype call all of the RFA to get votes
  • also did i mention Zen voted for Seven lmfao
  • sorry MC, no sexy time for you - Seven’s just… being Seven


  • He was just tryna get some new socks okay
  • little cinnamon bun innocent as hell but
  • he accidentally walked in on MC changing out of her work clothes
  • “M-MC?”
  • unconsciously she answers “Yes, master?”
  • whoop 
  • there he goes, red as a tomato
  • “M-master?”
  • MC looks at him kinda confused like why is he so red-
  • ohhhh
  • so she decides to play with this cute bby a little more
  • she leans in real close man so close he can feel her hot breath on his neck
  • “Or should I say… my saviour?”


  • MC just came back from work and he can’t see her outfit because he’s freaking blind ok
  • but he can smell her perfume
  • “MC, you’re home!”
  • he walks over to give her a hug
  • “Yes, Master~”
  • he kinda stiffens like 
  • what did she just say?
  • MC goes in for a tight hug and he can feel all the frilly fabric 
  • and his breath hitches a bit because she smells like cotton candy and 
  • he’s suddenly a little choked man he’s gotta loosen the non-existent tie around his neck to calm the f down
  • and he like clears his throat a little
  • BUT THEN MC goes in for a kiss and he just cannot anymore 
  • “MC let’s go to the room to finish this”

LOL i wanted to add pics cuz it’s more fun lmao 

also sorry this is very SFW

~Cherry L.

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i was wondering if you could whip up some fluffy hcs for the egos (in that amazing way of yours) because I love fluff and the egos. it's totally fine if youre busy or if you don't want to, I just thought I'd ask. thanks love 💕💕 - 🌱anon

i’ll see what i can do! 💚

  • wilford is always the last one to get out of bed in the morning. either dark has to go in and wake him or yandere goes to jump on him so wilford can bring him to school.
  • king of the squirrels enjoys laying on the couch with his head on another’s egos lap as they watch television. it’s one of the only times that king is calm and quiet.
  • dr iplier is the only one who has seen the host without his bandages.
  • dark and wilford seem to be the more parental™ of the egos. dark makes sure that everyone is in balance while wilford makes sure that everyone’s happy and content.
  • blue google tends to update at the worst possible times. that’s why he’s never allowed to cook anymore, since one time he ended up rebooting in the middle of making dinner and ended up burning the food. 
  • king can pretty much only say “i’m king of the squirrels”, but the host understands him perfectly and they have quite normal conversations.
  • ed is the only ego that actually has a kid, so he has a bit of fatherly instincts and tends to keep an eye on yandere and king of the squirrels (since i headcanon them being younger than the others).
  • the host enjoys playing little jokes. his favorite being curling up with a book and seeing which of the egos notice first.
  • the only time bim ever really gets mad is when he can’t hear the tv when the news is on. he loves watching the jim twins deliver the news and weather reports.
  • google oliver and bing have gotten pretty close over the while, bonding over the color yellow and constantly sending memes back and forth to each other. blue google disapproves. 
  • wilford tends to make sure everyone’s properly dressed in the morning before they go off to do their thing. wilford gets all excited when he gets to tie dark’s tie and bim’s tie when they’re dressed in their suits.
  • dark is the only good cook in the whole house. he pretty much spoils everyone at dinner each evening. each day he makes an ego’s favorite meal. they’re treat.
  • friday nights are typically movie nights for the egos, and sometimes it’s absolute chaos whenever they try to decide on which movie to watch. one time things got so bad that wilford shattered the tv with the remote.
  • when home alone, bim tends to sing disney movie songs and dance around in his boxers.
  • google’s body can change temperature, so during the cool nights, everyone just gathers around google for warmth. wilford falls asleep and ends up snoring loudly every time. 
  • dr iplier has a secret affinity for painting. he hangs his artwork at his office at the hospital or in his bedroom. it helps add a bit of color to the house.
  • dark enjoys putting on performances on the grand piano in the living room for the other egos. they in turn, enjoy giving dark song requests.
Prince For Hire

Alfred would do anything to make his daughter happy, and by the looks of the cute prince there might be something in it for him as well. Usuk. //

Alfred always tried his best to be a good single father. Perhaps this was because of the opposition he faced, the court dates he had to go through, and the awful letters he’d received from his ex-wife’s family. He’d gotten most of the time with his daughter Amelia, against the odds. He had her all week, and she only spent weekends with her mother.

Still, he always felt like he was being judged on his parenting capabilities, so when Amelia requested to have Disney characters attend her birthday party, Alfred was quick to say yes. He’d themed her whole party around the arrival of the princess and prince, from choosing the color of the streamers to the flavor of the cake. The balloons had princesses on them too, and messages like ‘Happy Seventh Birthday!’ The event was held in the backyard, and Alfred had set up party games and played Disney songs from a CD player.

Amelia had lots of friends, she was an energetic and friendly little girl, so it was easy for her. The backyard was crowded with roughly twenty kids, boys and girls alike. There was a huge stack of presents next to the cake, the most colorful one being from Alfred himself.

At promptly two-thirty, The 'carriage’ pulled into the driveway. What it truly was was a large van with princesses painted on the sides, and a phone number underneath. The doors opened, and two people stepped out. One was a woman with styled, golden hair, and a shimmery pink dress that faded to blue on the bottom. She had a small, simple crown on her head and elegant makeup.

Amelia had looked on the website, and chosen Princess Aurora and Prince Philip duo. Speaking of which, 'Philip’ stepped out of the driver’s side, adjusting his red cap. He was short, and slender, with dyed brown hair curled a bit messily. He had quite a bit of makeup on himself, to resemble the character. His eyes weren’t the accurate brown, though, they were vivid and green, which in Alfred’s opinion was an improvement on the character’s design.

Alfred approached the two, shaking their hands and introducing himself. “Hey, right on time!” He smiled, and 'Philip’ nodded.

“We are always on time, sir, wouldn’t want to disappoint the birthday girl. Amelia, was it?” He answered.

Alfred nodded. “Yeah, yeah, Amelia- hey, your accent’s pretty good!” The prince for hire had a strong English accent, and although Alfred couldn’t remember whether Philip spoke like that or not, it was a nice touch. The Prince gave a half-amused snort but didn’t say anything more. He and the princess adjusted their makeup in the back of the van, then went into the backyard, smiling and waving happily.

The children were quick to flock to them, all chattering excitedly. Most of the attention was on the princess, which was to be expected. 'Philip’ kept his friendly demeanor, helping himself to a small paper cup of fruit punch, leaning back against the house.

Alfred watched him from a distance, stomach in knots. Costume or not, the prince for hire was cute, at least, he was cute in his makeup. Alfred was sure he was good looking with or without it, though, and after gathering a bit of confidence, he walked over.

“Hey there!” He greeted, the prince nodded his head in reply.

“Hello there sir. Your daughter looks like she’s having a good time, doesn’t she? I’m glad.” He smiled, but not the pretend prince smile. It was genuine, like he actually was happy for Amelia. Alfred leaned on the wall beside him, clearing his throat.

“So, uh, what’s your real name, anyway?”

“As long as I’m here, It’s Philip.” The prince replied, chuckling. “Sorry, but, I’ve gotten scolded by parents before, for 'shattering the illusion’ or something like that. Parents are sometimes quite…micromanaging. I mean, I understand that it’s your child’s birthday, but, if one more frantic mother tries to adjust my shirt..” He chuckled, and Alfred smiled, laughing under his breath.

“Ah, I mean, you don’t gotta worry about that with me, and um, you don’t have to keep up the act. Must be annoying to have to keep doing that accent.” Alfred nudged his shoulder.

“I’m afraid that’s how I actually talk, Mr. Jones.”

“Oh! Cool!”


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anonymous asked:

I know you have so many prompts right now, so no rush on this. But could I request something where Frank has a dog and because said dog has pretty much adopted Karen as his second owner, Karen often times takes care of the dog when he's away/busier than usual. And it doesn't take long for someone to start putting two and two together about who the dogs main owner is.

YES!! This turned into a monster of a fic tbh (3.5k words wtf), but I hope you enjoy anyway! ^^

week one–

It’s closer to midnight than sunset when Karen’s unlocking her door, shuffling inside and leaning back against the solid wood tiredly to kick off her heels. As soon as she’s sent the second one flying somewhere towards the back of the couch, something furry and solid knocks against her shins. She yelps as it starts licking one of her knees.

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peraltuki  asked:

hEy there, chip I could eat, chip I'd love to eat :~))) If request are not open I apologise and you can just ignore this one 🙏 So what about mc being in the roof of her house, she has been there since midnight and it's almost morning already, so rfa + v&saeran get worried she wasn't in bed last night but they found her in the roof and join her watching the view or whatever you want them to do there *grr* Thank you 🌸💕

Omg why ily so much

I hope you like it, dork :3


  • He saw the time and he almost jumps!
  • Oh god, he’s playing LOLOL until now…Better go to bed, you always said to him to not game too much!
  • But when he sees the bed…WHERE ARE YOU?!
  • Oh god, you woke up and saw him in games and you go away?!
  • So he starts to look for you, he’s almost crying…
  • After some minutes looking for you…He’s crying.
  • He searched everywhere, but not the rooftop, he doesn’t believe you were there…
  • But he goes anyway, and when he saw you there he ran to you almost falling!
  • So clumsy…
  • He hugs you crying on your shoulder “MC YOU’RE ALIVE!”
  • You’re surprised by it, Yoosung must learn that is not safe to almost jump on people on the rooftop!
  • “Of course i’m alive Yoosung!” You laugh and he looks at you, you look at the view again “I was…Enjoying the view”
  • “Enjoying the view?How boring” - This was what he thought about it.
  • But he didn’t say anything, he just looks at the view with you…
  • A boring thing that he’s doing for 2 hours from now…When he sees the sun, he almost jumps…Omg, you two are there until now!
  • And he can see you’re tired, he smiles, holding your hand “Let’s go back MC…I can see that you’re tired…”
  • He’ll sacrifice some time in LOLOL just to see the view with you again.
  • The boring thing is one of his favorite things now.


  • MC is not here in the bed yet?
  • OMG
  • Protective Zen activated!
  • He starts to run searches for you, looking even under the bed!
  • He starts to think that something bad happened to you!
  • But then something in him clicked…The stars!
  • He always remembers that moment, he always says that very moment was one of the happiest days of his life…
  • So he goes there.
  • And then he finds you.
  • He sighs, relieved that he was right…He got closer to you “MC…Is very late, you should be in bed by now…”
  • You just smile looking at the stars “They are really beautiful Zen, you were right to be a little fascinated by them…”
  • He smiles…Looks like you remember that moment too.
  • “I can’t even look at them now…My eyes are always locked on you…” He said, smiling ad you look at him and laugh.
  • You hold one of his hands, just like that day.
  • That smile only got bigger on his face…And then he did something that he didn’t do that day…
  • He kissed you.
  • A passionate kiss, while he was pulling you even closer.
  • After that kiss, you two look at each other and laugh.
  • Zen gave you the same smile that he gave you that night…
  • That made you froze for a while, but then you gave a big smile to him…Now he’s blushing…
  • “…It’s better if we go to the bedroom ” He holds your hand running
  • “ZEN…!WAIT!” You yelled while you’re being dragged, laughing


  • She has a flashlight right now, looking for you.
  • Why she can’t find you?
  • Well, if someone is here meant danger, she’ll kick the person’s ass.
  • Don’t even try her.
  • She sighs almost calling Luciel to tell him that you were missing and she was very worried…
  • But then she remembers that she didn’t check the rooftop…
  • That would be silly…But hey, she needs to test all the options.
  • When she gets there and she saw you, she got relieved and confused, why were you there?
  • She was going towards you when she realizes that you were looking at the view…Oh ok, this is understandable.
  • She never gets time to do this, but it must be pleasing…But she doesn’t understand why you’re doing this at this hour?!
  • She sits by your side, you look at her and smile, and look at the sky again…You didn’t  even said a single word.
  • And Jaehee keeps her eyes on you…She never thought that love would get to her, she thought it was silly…
  • But now she is in love.
  • She can’t even think her life without you.
  • Wow…Why is she having those thoughts right now?
  • After some while, Jaehee holds your hand and keep enjoying the view with you…
  • She would even bring some coffee, or something, to you guys, enjoy even more that view.
  • You fell asleep there, Jaehee finds it so cute, she took a picture of it…So she can appreciate it later…
  • She picks you up in bridal style, she already knew that you were going to sleep first, she’s familiarized with “no sleeping”.
  • She carries you, she’s pretty strong, and then she puts you to the bed, lying there too, hugging you before she could sleep again.
  • She loved that experience…She might want to do it again with you…But not so late!


  • You were in one his houses, you guys were on a trip.
  • The place was beautiful, so you couldn’t even sleep, you get out of your bed and go see this view.
  • Jumin was sleeping at that time.
  • When he woke up and didn’t see you by his side, he almost contacts all the security so they could search for you…
  • But first, he decides to look for you himself.
  • After looking everywhere he reminds of the rooftop…Well, he will check it, for precaution.
  • If you’re not there, he’ll call the security.
  • But for his relief, you were there, he sighs “MC what are you doing here? Is late, i got worried, you never know what can ha–”
  • “ I was enjoying the view.” You smile looking at the view, cutting Jumin before he could finish his lecture.
  • He looks at the view, he didn’t quite understand why you were there enjoying the view at this time...But he was worried about your safety in that roof.
  • So he sits beside you, just so he can wrap his arms around you, if you want to enjoy the view, he’ll let you do it.
  • Both of you are there to spend this trip the best way possible, and if you like this, you can have this.
  • And he loves to enjoy this view…Especially with you.
  • Hours and hours were wasted while you and Jumin were talking and talking about the view, life, love, and Elizabeth.
  • You fell asleep, smiling, he looks at you, and then he sighs, in his life he never smiled…But with you, he always does this without even realizing.
  • He picks you up, carrying you carefully to the bedroom…
  • He’ll build something to you sees the view even better than before, maybe it’ll be really safe so Elizabeth can join too…
  • But after that he realizes something…
  • He’s a very happy man.


  • He’s kind of worried about you, it’s so late and you’re not even in bed.
  • He knows that because he’s not going to bed so early, like always, but you always sleep early.
  • Well, you always go first.
  • He was searching for you, he even got out to see if you were outside.
  • When he was outside, he looks at the sky…It was beautiful…And then he smiles.
  • He has an idea where you must be.
  • So he goes to the roof, and there you’re, looking at those stars.
  • He just sits by your side, he holds your hand, smiling, looking at these stars.
  • “One day we will go there MC…It’ll be beautiful…” You laugh and then you look at him.
  • “We’re not shining stars…” He laughs and looks at you too.
  • “This i know…I never said we are.” He got a little closer to you “But you brought to light in my life like them…And you bring me joy…Like them. So i can pretty much say you’re my shiniest star!” 
  • You just smile and look at the stars again.
  • And now he’s just looking at you…Little did you know that your smile is the light of his life.
  • After some time you guys just lay on that roof, and after some more time you two sleep, cuddling under all those stars.
  • This will be something of you two now. 


  • He didn’t feel anything in the bed with him…So you’re not there.
  • His vision is blurry, but he can see that nobody is beside him, so this was a confirmation.
  • V’s really worried right now, he thinks the worst happened to you…
  • Or you decided to leave him… Which was understandable to him.
  • He was walking through the house, calling your name, yelling the loudest he could.
  • Until he listens to you calling him back, he smiles, relieved.
  • But he got worried again after he realizes that you were shouting from the roof!
  • V didn’t know how he get there or how he did it so fast, maybe it was because the thought of losing you…Made him do that.
  • His vision is so blurry, but he can see you…Well, just a little.
  • “MC….Please, what are you doing here…?!” You can feel the desperation in his tone, you just laugh and answer “Enjoying the view.”
  • Oh… So he was so worried for nothing? Actually, he’s worried still.
  • But you grab his hand guiding him to sit by your side, you sigh, “It’s just so beautiful…”
  • …You must be talking about the view, he believes…It’s a pity, he can’t see it. 
  • “Can you describe to me?” You look at him, he just smiles at you “…Please?”
  • So this goes on with you describing what you’re seeing…And what you’re feeling from it.
  • He loves to see the passion in your tone…He can even imagine the scenario.
  • Nothing can compare to you.
  • This looks like a dream, and he’s every day scared that it might be…But it’s not.
  • You’re with him, and he wishes that this moment lasts forever.


  • Even if he doesn’t want you to know it, he’s very concerned about you.
  • And he’s always afraid that someone might have done something to you. So when he sees the time…And you, not in the bed…He almost had a heart attack.
  • He gets out of the bed, looking for you, he sighs not finding you…He put some pants, a shoe, and a sweater so he can get out…Is cold.
  • He gets out, calling you, yelling, then he listens to you yell “HERE!”.
  • He looks to the rooftop, he can’t see very clearly, so he’ll have to go there.
  • When he’s there, he sees you, and with that grumpy face, he walks towards you, sitting by your side.
  • You’re enjoying the sky…He loves to see the sky too, but…He likes to see you even more.
  • But you’re with a fucking dress in this cold!
  • “It’s too cold here MC…” You laugh, before you could say anything, you feel Saeran putting his sweater on you.
  • You look at him, and then you smile, he blushed a little with that grumpy face, but then he holds your hand.
  • After some minutes you two just keep seeing the sky, talking about it. And after some more minutes, he looks at you, and his attention is all in you.
  • When you made a question and you didn’t get an answer you look at him, you two kept looking each other, until he almost jumps on you, giving you a kiss that took all your breath away.
  • After some while, you’re laid down in the rooftop, and he’s on the top of you, kissing you still.
  • Now this place is warm.

anonymous asked:

Howdy hey there my homie! I'd like to request Saeran spotting his demon mother when he's out and about with MC one day. (Let's say she's alive because otherwise this wouldn't work;;;;) Whether or not she sees him is up to you. I know this'll be HELLA angst and I already feel like 'hello satan' over here so if possible could it end on a reasonably sweet note? Thank you and I'm sorry in advance(;´Д`)

holy shit my first saeran request i think ive been blessed by the gods okay look

ps i made her look kinda like the twins but not exactly. i hope this is okay????

i love this boy. and he is the Angst Queen okay

here we go. shit.


“Saeran! Are you ready to go get ice cream?”

“Yes, MC. Be there in just a sec.”

Saeran ran his fingers through his now-tomato colored hair, completely different from the white with cherry tips from merely a month and a half ago. He glanced up to the mirror in front of him, looking at his softened features. Electrifyingly blue eyes gazed back at him, and his eye bags were extremely prominent from his complete lack of sleep. He had so many nightmares, it scared him sometimes to sleep at night. He knew you noticed it, but you were completely silent.

The cracks in the mirror were also prominent from where he used to ram his fist against it.

He looked down to his scarred knuckles as he had a minor flashback to the times before he had reunited with his twin.

Saeran shivered. Not a good time.

Grabbing his jacket as he left his dark room, he headed to the front door to meet you.

You smiled as he reached you, and you held out your hand for him to take. He looked to you, blushing faintly, but he took your hand anyways. With you leading the way, you walked out the door.

You guys ended up staying out for a while, just eating ice cream at the closest parlor. Saeran had opened up a good bit in the last hour or so, laughing at few jokes here and there, and even making a few of his own. He’d never actually admit it, but was having a great time.

When you had decided to leave after filling up on chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, two sundaes and three cookies (you saw him slip one away for later), Saeran was still being more lighthearted than usual.

It had been a good day for the both of you. You did admit, you spoiled the hell out of the boy, but it was worth it. He deserved every bit of it.

The two of you were just making small talk while walking in the park the parlor was located in when Saeran suddenly stiffened.

“MC. We need to leave. Now.” Saeran immediately stood, pulling you up roughly and practically dragging you to the park’s entrance.

“Saeran? What’s wrong, are you alright-”

“MC, just please trust me, we need to-”

“Did I just hear Saeran?”

Saeran’s eyes visibly darkened with anxiety and his entire composure tensed with the woman’s voice that said his name. He held your sweater sleeve tightly, knuckles turning white, his face unreadable.

“I’m sorry, you’ve got the wrong person.”

“I don’t believe I do. I know that face when I see it, I know that name, I know that cursed red fucking hair when I see it, you fucking idiot. I can’t believe you’ve actually made it this far in life, I thought you were long dead by now with that weak-ass immune system of yours.”

You immediately whipped around, standing face to face with the ugliest bitch you’d ever met. You stood a few inches shorter than her, and she had extremely choppy shoulder length dark brown hair. Her eyes were golden but dull, and she had a smaller build and an ivory skin tone.

“And who might I be speaking to?” You put your hands on your hips, staring her down. She rolled her eyes.

“Sun-young Choi.”

Your heat rate immediately quickened. This was his mother. After hearing the name, you recognized her features immediately. You looked to Saeran; he had turned now, looking to you with the pleading to leave.

In all honesty, Saeran was so afraid she’d hurt you like she hurt him. He didn’t want anything to happen to you. He was so afraid, god, no please don’t hurt them, don’t-

“This man may be your biological kin, but you are in no position to interact with him. You have no right to interfere with his life right now, you didn’t have that since the day you decided to use them for blackmail and abuse them.” You poked her right in the chest, pushing her backwards as you spoke. “I’ll have you know that ‘that fucking idiot’ is one of the smartest people I know in my life, right there next to his twin brother, who is a genius, by the way. They both have higher intelligence than you’ll ever have. And Saeran has done so well, you wouldn’t even begin to imagine.”

Saeran watches in amazement as you verbally assault his abusive mother, going on and on about him and Saeyoung. It made him so happy that you would defend him in these types of situations.

God, he knew he never says it, but he loves you so much.

“I hope you’ll look back on your life and regret everything you did to these two wonderful boys. We’ll be taking our leave now.”

MC grabbed Saeran’s hand and started to walk off, and he stumbled along behind as you once again led the way towards the car.


“Yes, Saeran?”

“T-Thank you…so much. I don’t really know what I would’ve done if you hadn’t been there…”

“Saeran, don’t even mention it. She’s hurt you before. She still sometimes hurts you mentally, I can see it. Please, I don’t want you to think of her anymore, okay? I’m here to protect you. Saeyoung is here to protect you. The RFA is here to protect you. We love you, Saeran.”

“I-I love you too, MC.”

MC simply smiled at him before lacing their fingers with his.

“C’mon. Let’s go home and watch some movies, yeah?”


That night, Saeran didn’t have any nightmares when he finally fell asleep under five blankets and an arm wrapped around you. 

And the next morning, you watched as Saeran handed Saeyoung the cookie he had saved for himself and mutter a very quiet ‘I love you.’ Saeyoung just smiled and gave his brother a not-too-overwhelming hug.

anonymous asked:

I have a request! :D if you dont mind could you do how MTMTE Rodimus , Rung and TFP Optmus would react if they accidentally walk in on their human 'naked'? (see i could not decide to do completely naked or just in their underwear but i thought i'd let you decide. Whatever you feel comfortable with :) ) I have been wondering about this tbh lol

I’m gonna go with s/o in their undies



  • Roddy doesn’t knock ever. He lets himself into your habsuite only for you to scream, startling him. 
  • Why are screaming?! Are you hurt?! You yell at him to get out but he refuses. Not until you tell him what’s wrong.
  • Once you explain he doesn’t get what the big deal is. Um, your intimate parts are still covered, why does it matter??? 
  • You rant about how inappropriate he’s being and he finds the whole think confusingly hilarious. The huffier you get the funnier Rodimus finds the situation. Your face is red and you’re stomping, about the throw a tantrum.
  •  Rodimus rolls his optics and says he’s sorry. He leaves, but not before he mentions how adorable your polka-dot undies are.


  • Unlike some people, Rung usually knocks. He was just exhausted and forgot this time. As soon as he hears your cries for privacy he’s wide awake.
  • He yanks the door back shut and apologizes frantically. He didn’t see anything!! (not much, anyway…)
  • His glasses are fogged up and his frame is about to overheat; he tries to keep his fans on low so you don’t hear.
  • When you open the door he apologizes again but you wave him off, saying you shouldn’t have freaked out. 
  • Later, you find out Rung has a thing about lingerie. Especially lace.

TFP Optimus Prime

  • It’s hard to find a somewhere in the base to change, so Optimus really wasn’t walking in on you per say. That doesn’t make him feel any less guilty.
  • You squeak, covering yourself with your arms, and Optimus whirls away. “My apologies,” he says stiffly. “I was unaware you were… undressing.” 
  • He leaves you to it, but doesn’t go far in case someone walks your way. Neither of you would like you to be caught in your -ahem- undergarments again. 
  • Afterwards, he makes sure there’s a place for you to have privacy while changing. Even if it’s just some curtains or a cleared-out closet.
  • When get comfortable enough, Optimus loves to see you in cute undies. It doesn’t even have to be lingerie. Patterned bras, colorful boxer shorts, panties with the words across the tush. He thinks you’re absolutely adorable in them.

illneverrecover  asked:

Hello! I love your writing and would love to request a little ficlet/scenario from you, if possible! I'd love to see your take on the RFA & Saeran drunk dialing MC and saying "I love you" for the first time? (or vice versa, MC calling them and saying it). <3

This one was very fun to write. Had I not gotten sick I would have been much quicker and the quality would be better, but I hope you enjoy it as it is nevertheless :3

In which drama never happened and MC had months to get to know everyone going after anyone in particular…until now…



He’d been jogging around the part, enjoying the cold air of the night cooling his heating body. It was quiet, empty and peaceful, nothing but the music from his headphones to be heard. Zen had been completely engrossed in the song, quietly humming along when suddenly in broke off. For a moment he wondered whether it was his headphones, when suddenly the music was replaced by his ringtone. A call then, but not just any. You were calling. He fished out his phone from his jogging pants and instantly accepted the call. “Hey, gorgeous, what’s up”, he asked, a little out of breath as he was still running. “Zen. Zenny. ZenZen. Zennyboy. Prince Charming. The fairest of them all”, came your reply, words slurred into the phone. He couldn’t help but laugh, cheerful and breathy. “Are you drunk, by any chance”, he asked. “I don’t get drunk! I get awesome.”

Zen laughed again, utterly amused at your state. You were so obviously drunk and yet denying. It was kind of adorable and yet worrisome at the same time. Hadn’t you said that you didn’t drink, let alone get drunk like that? Was everything alright? “MC, is everything alright?” There were undefinable sounds coming from your end of the line when suddenly you spoke again: “I’m peachy!” You did sound peachy, but Zen couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something you weren’t telling him. “What are you doing right now, gorgeous? Nothing dangerous, right”, he asked, slowing down a little so he could make out exactly what was going on. You just chuckled. “Nothing dangerous, I promise. Just lying in bed, thinking about you.” The rustling of sheets…so that is what he’d heard just now. Zen smirked. “My Lady, that is quite the naughty thing to say to a man. I told you we’re all beasts and one could misunderstand your words.” 

“And what if I meant them?” Zen tripped and stumbled, barely able to keep himself on his feet. He froze for a moment, taken aback by your words. Did you mean it? No, that couldn’t be. You’d never made such advances before and he’d been mercilessly flirting with you since the day you joined RFA. Maybe it was just your drunk mind pulling a prank on the two of you. He was ripped from his thoughts by a loud sigh from you. “I knew I shouldn’t have called. Saying I love you over the phone is really not romantic, right? Silly me”, you said, chuckling sweetly like it was nothing while Zen was bordering on having a heart attack. “MC I - “, he spoke quietly, ready to return the sentiment when suddenly you cut him off. “Oh shit, bladder is acting up. I gotta take a whiz. Bye bye”, you sing-songed, blew a kiss at the phone and ended the call as abruptly as you’d started it.

Zen stood there for a good minute, fingers still pressing against the earplug like he was trying to hear you better when you’d hung up a long while ago. His heart was beating so rapidly in his chest Zen feared he might faint from it. He walked to the nearest bench, slumped down onto the cold wood and buried his heated face in his hands. You’d just told him you loved him in the most unromantic way possible. You were drunk, you did it over call and you didn’t even let him reply because you had to pee. None of it was in any way sweet or nice like he’d always imagined it so why…why on earth did he feel like the air had just been sucked out of his lungs, stomach filled with those little, fluttering butterflies he hadn’t felt in years?!


His phone went off in the middle of a round of LOLOL. At first he considered not picking up. The fight was at its peak and if he let down his guild members now they wouldn’t forgive him for ages and he might have to make it up to them by giving away some of his rare items. It’d happened before and Yoosung was still salty about it. However, as he glanced as his phone to see who was calling – to determine just how important the call was – he caught a glimpse of your name. Without a second thought he reached for his phone to pick up. In the chat you’d mentioned that you were going to a friends Bachelorette party and while Yoosung didn’t know much about what went on during those parties, he knew that alcohol was generally involved. A quick glance at the time told him it was already pretty late and Yoosung got worried that something had possible happened to you.

When he picked up he was greeted by loud music in the background, shrill laughter and you desperately trying to shush everyone while suppressing your own chuckle. “Oh shit, he picked up. Shut up everyone”, he heard you hiss, quiet as if you were covering your phone to muffle the sound. He frowned for a moment but then your voice was back and this time obviously directed at him. “H-Hi, cutey-pie”, you spoke, voice slurred and followed by laughter form not just you, but all the women with you. “How you doin'”, she asked, for some reason earning even louder laughter from her friends. “I’m fine, just playing some LOLOL, but how are you? Is everything alright?” There was some muffled talk in the background with you trying to shush your friends once more before you yet again returned to the phone to talk.

“So my friends and I were playing truth or dare, you see, and I picked dare”, you spoke, obviously drunk. So much so that sometimes you needed multiple attempts to say a word. Yoosung was having a hard time following, especially as he was trying to game at the same time. The phone was tugged between his shoulder and ear to keep his hands free. It was uncomfortable, but he couldn’t just hang up on you. “Okay, sounds like fun. As long as you’re alright, I’m glad”, he said. “No, no, no, wait”, you said quickly. “Don’t hang up yet. I still have to tell you something important.” There was loud snickering in the background and Yoosung was getting the feeling that he was being pranked. Usually Seven’s calls started much the same and it always ended poorly for him somehow. “Listen, if this is some sort of -”

“I love you, Yoosung.” You broke into a fit of chuckles while Yoosung could practically feel his brain breaking apart at the same time. “The girls had me – hey, no, give me back my phone. Don’t be like that”, he heard you say, your voice getting quieter and quieter with every word you said. Instead the music and laughing were getting louder. “Goodbye, cutey-pie”, the all screamed into the phone, laughing manically before the connection was cut and Yoosung was left completely speechless, without the chance to so much process what you’d just said, let alone reply. His eyes were trained on the screen of his computer, watching his guild being slaughtered as his character stood motionless in the middle of the battlefield. All of them were cursing Yoosung and he knew he’d have a lot of making up to do, but he just couldn’t care. Not when the one girl he’d been secretly crushing on for months had just admitted to loving him. And the idiot he was he hadn’t immediately said it back!


You’d been very quiet in the chat for a while and Jaehee became increasingly worried about your well-being. Whenever she asked you, you either avoided the question or gave her some half-hearted answer about some minor thing that was bugging you. She knew better though, knew that there was something much, much bigger that was making you feel so down. The worst part about it was though, that she had no idea what the possible reason might be. Everything seemed perfectly fine. Everyone in the RFA loved you, the cafe was doing great, you hadn’t fought and if anything the two of you living together made the situation much more relaxed and fun. You shared the rent and the chores, reducing the stress levels in both of your lives a lot. Jaehee didn’t know what to do anymore. Usually she was all for respecting peoples privacy, but she was legitimately worried for you.

After yet another failed attempted of asking you Jaehee turned to the RFA members. In the chat she told them about the situation and everyone agreed that you had been acting rather strange. However, when she asked for a reason no one seemed to know what was going on either and she left the chat not the smarter. That was until about two hours later she got a call from Zen. Apparently he’d been worried too but as opposite to Jaehee, you’d actually opened up to him. Apparently you’d just broken up with your boyfriend of multiple years and despite the whole thing not having been a messy break-up it still hurt to let go of something like that. Jaehee thanked Zen for sharing that with her – as she felt glad to finally know what was up – but didn’t in any way prolong the conversation, instead ending it rather soon, surprising both Zen and herself at the same time.

Jaehee didn’t fully understand her behaviour either. Usually she would have rejoiced at a call from Zen, done anything to make it last longer. This time, however, she felt somewhat bitter and disappointed instead of cheerful like the usually would. Upon thinking about it Jaehee realized it was because of you. She was hurt because you’d chosen to tell something as important and monumental to Zen instead of her. She thought she was your best friend and yet you went to Zen first. What had she done wrong? Were you mad at her? Did you possibly have feelings for Zen and wanted to let him know you were on the market?! For some reason that one hurt her the most. She couldn’t exactly pinpoint why, but it did. That day she didn’t join any chats either.

She didn’t feel like talking to anyone until she saw your name flash on the screen of her phone and just couldn’t hold back. With a sigh she picked up, ready to hear what you had to say. “Heeeeey Jaeheeeee”, you called into the phone and it didn’t take a genius to figure out that you were intoxicated. Which in itself was quite strange, as you usually never drank, let alone to excess. “MC, Zen told me about your break-up. I am sorry you’re so hurt by it.” What followed was a bitter laugh on your part and a snort like it was the most ridiculous thing you’d ever heard. “I’m not hurt by it. I was the one who broke up”, you laughed. Now that part had Jaehee rather confused. “But then…why haven’t you been in the chat and why are you drunk”, she asked you. “Because I’m in love with you.” Such a simple reply and yet it shook Jaehee to the core. Especially when she realized that…she felt the same? She hadn’t been jealous of you talking to Zen, she’d been jealous of him talking to you. “Oh…I think we should talk about this when you’re sober. I would like to say it back with you remembering it.”


Jumin had told everyone that he was on an overseas trip, so they should refrain from calling him. So when his phone went off, in the middle of a very important meeting at that, he was admittedly rather irritated. At first he didn’t even consider picking up. Jumin didn’t even look at his buzzing phone. If this deal didn’t go through he would be in big trouble with his father, as he’d been very adamant about what an important client that was. Funnily enough it was actually the client that looked at Jumin’s screen and smiled at him, telling him to pick up. He’d seen your name and figured you were Jumin’s girlfriend. While his assumption was wrong, he was right in thinking that Jumin would care for your call. Somehow, over the course of the last couple of months, Jumin had completely fallen under your spell. He’d never dared to voice as much, always remaining at a comfortable and polite distance, but whenever you reached out to him he found himself compelled to follow your call.

When he picked up the phone, a gentle smile on his face, the first thing he heard was you singing. It was loud and off key, like you weren’t really trying. Turns out that you were just really drunk. He liked the occasional glass of liquor himself, everyone knew of his love for wine, but he was also very clear on setting certain limits. You’d just overstepped one. “MC, are you alright? Is everything okay”, he asked, frowning and trying to ignore everyone at the meeting staring at him. He could hear gasps and nervous screeching from the other end of the line, quiet cursing as you apparently turned down the music a little before finally returning to the phone where Jumin had been waiting. “H-h-how much did you h-hear”, you asked between hiccups. Your voices sounded a little off as well and not just slurred. It was almost strained and Jumin deduced that you’d been crying.

“You were singing that song we danced to at the last party”, he replied, face now somewhat pained. He was just happy you couldn’t see it. The way he knew you, you would have worried. It was a little embarrassing to show this side in front of clients, but he’d been asked to pick up the phone and he could hardly hang up on you when you were in such a state. “You… you re – hic – member”, you asked. Jumin was surprised to realize that he felt physical pain upon hearing how shy and sad you seemed to sound in that moment. What was going on? “Of course I remember. It was a lovely evening, but that doesn’t matter right now. You’ve cried, haven’t you? What happened, MC. You know you can tell me.” He’d expected a lot of things. Everything from a death in the family to you having been fired or such. Never in a million years had Jumin considered that he was the reason for your painful tears, but as it turned out, that was precisely the case.

You went on explaining how the song had come on and how you’d somehow broken down crying because of it. “I’ve been in love with you for so long now and I though…I guess I hoped that-that you felt the same, but you never made any advances and I - oh God, what am I doing? I’m so sorry, Jumin. You’re on a business trip and I’m drunk dialing you. I’m so sorry. I should go. Please forget I ever called. Bye.” You hung up so fast he hadn’t even been able to beg you not to. You were in love with him. In your most vulnerable and honest state the first thing on your mind was to call him to tell him you loved him. Had he known of your feelings you wouldn’t have been crying in the first place. Well, luckily there was more than enough time to remedy that. Jumin instantly got up, frantically gathering his things. “I am so but I will have to cut this meeting short. The woman that has bewitched my body and soul just admitted to loving me and I find myself in dire need to return the sentiment.”


In hindsight he should have seen it coming. You’d tried to talk to him many times over the course of the last couple of months, but while the moment had never been right time and you’d never actually uttered the words he should have been able to deduce them. What was his mastermind good for if he couldn’t even understand as much as the most basic human emotion? At first he’d been happy about it, as he still considered himself a dangerous person for anyone to be around, let alone someone as kindhearted, fragile and breakable like you. Then days of not really talking started to turn into weeks and Seven found himself rather lonely.

He tried to evaluate what had happened, why you’d suddenly stopped talking to him when you still seemed to be alright with talking to everyone else. Even more surprising, however, was the fact that he could not for the love of him understand why it hurt him so much. He’d perfected letting go of people over the years. His job demanded such petty relationships, as everything else was dangerous. However, he started to realize that despite his better judgement, he’d formed a deeper bond with you. One he could no longer ignore as it threatened to consume him. He missed your silly message sessions of just exchanging memes, missed the two of you teasing the rest of the RFA members together, missed your phone calls late and night talking about the silliest things. He missed you and there wasn’t a single robot he could build that would change that.

He attempted to reach out for you once, in a weak moment late at night after yet another exhausting and draining day at work. He’d called you multiple times, dying to just hear your voice for a minute. You didn’t pick up. Not only that, but you even pressed away his call. In that moment Seven realized just how much he’d apparently fucked up your relationship. The problem was though, that he wasn’t quite sure what he’d done. Surprisingly, however, he needed to know though, urgently, and so he went through all your texts and chats and calls to find the reason. Seventeen times. You’d asked him whether you could talk in private and in person seventeen times and every single one of them he’d been bury with something ‘more important’.

At that moment he couldn’t even feel hurt about you ignoring him. He brought it upon himself. Despite it hurting, Seven gave up on reaching you in that moment. He was about to make peace with the fact that you’d never talk to him again when his phone chimed with the ring tone he’d picked for you. When he picked up you sounded drunk…and frustrated? “Now listen here, smartass, because I have something to say and this time I won’t let you off the hook”, you started. Seven tried to stop you, begged you not to say the words he knew you wanted to say, because he knew he wouldn’t be able to resist and it was just too dangerous.

“Shut up! I’m so tired of your excuses so you’ll listen. I love you, Saeyoung. I love your shitty jokes, love your dumb mistakes and silly glasses. I love every last thing about you other than the fact that you’re trying to push me away all the time. What’s up with that? Anyway, I’ve had it. I know that you know where the apartment is so tomorrow at eight sharp you’ll come and pick me up with a bag of Honey Buddha chips as a gift, you’ll take me to the arcade, let me beat your ass in everything and kiss me goodbye at the door after setting a date for our second date. Understood?!” And really, who could say no?


The thing is, most of your communication happened over the phone. It had all started out with that one fateful text that had led you straight to the RFA. After that your life had been turned upside down and so had his. In amidst all the drama – and his fable attempts to kidnap and recruit you for Magenta – you’d somehow managed to bond. Messages exchanged here and there, but a connection had gradually been build. To the point where he’d been willing to accept your help over his own brothers for the longest of time. You’d been the phone who’d gotten him into a mental institution and for the first couple of weeks texted him very single day just to check up on him. He’d never replied and yet you’d never lost your calm or kindness. If anything you’d showered him in it even more, never giving up on him like everyone else in his life had. 

Somehow he’d fallen for you over the span of a couple of months and while he didn’t allow himself to pursue you, he eagerly waited for every message of yours. Still, Saeran didn’t reach out to you for a multitude of reasons. One of the reasons being that he didn’t feel stable enough to start the relationship with you that he wanted. Then they actually took his phone away in the clinic and despite missing your messages, Saeran didn’t stop them. He had long way to go to be the man you deserved and he would have hated it had he craved and texted you back before the due time. Luckily it was no longer an issue and when he was released a couple months later and got his phone back the first thing he did was check for messages. You’d texted him every day, without fail and Saeran eagerly read through every single one of them, smiling down at his phone as he did.

Of course he would later deny ever having done so, but he knew better. However, he hadn’t quite reached his goal yet and so once more he decided not to reach out. Not when he still had a long way to go. Another couple of months passed. Saeran had joined his twin in the agency, working as both a hacker as well as a field man depending on what they needed for the case. His doctors had deemed him mentally stable, he was earning good money on a more or less proper job and he finally felt like he was in a good place in his life. Of course his first through had been to call you, as you’d made all of it possible. The thought of being with you had kept him sane over the past couple of months. There was nothing else he desired to achieve other than having you in his life.

When you called a mere hour later it was almost spooky, even to him. It felt like you had some sort of connection and the thought alone made Saeran laugh out. Still, it seemed like a sign. Him realizing that he was stable with you calling right after had to mean that it was alright to go after you and so he picked up the phone. Admittedly he hadn’t thought that you’d be drunk out of your mind, but at least the conversation was funny that way. “MC, I think you should really consider sleeping it off”, he’d suggested after you attempting to serenade him for the third time, assuring him just how much you loved him. “Who are you? My Mommy?” For someone who’d played mother hen for him and the rest of the RFA for so long you sure sounded judgemental. Saeran couldn’t help but laugh.

“No, but I’d like to be your boyfriend”, he’d replied easily, smirking as he waited for your reaction. “Wait…what?” You’d sounded so utterly confused, it had been extremely hard not to burst out laughing. In fact, Saeran had been forced to cover his mouth, take a deep breath to calm himself. It was almost as if you hadn’t even considered the possibility he might return the feelings. “Nothing, just go to sleep goddamn it ”, he’d said attempting to sound stern and failing miserably. Lucky for him you were drunk enough that you’d not notice.“Jeez, fine. Bye mom. Love you.” He’d hummed, hung up the phone and that was that. Come morning he would definitely tease you about that conversation, but he wouldn’t be any less pleased about it. After all, he’d just officially made you his.

Let’s talk about an Alma Lives AU - just for a moment.

So, like, let’s say- let’s say Kanda is able to talk him down. He still kills everyone else in the lab, the project is still ended, but he doesn’t try to kill Kanda, not really, so Kanda doesn’t end up killing him back. Instead, Alma collapses in the middle of the room, cries his eyes out, and still doesn’t tell Kanda about their past lives because he’s realized that Kanda doesn’t remember, not like he does. And Kanda doesn’t cry, but he covers his eyes and doesn’t look at the dead bodies all around them.

They’re taken out of the lab, and both of them are all sharp edges and bared trauma. Kanda is still reluctant to speak, because he hasn’t killed his best friend but he’s still lost nearly everyone else he knew; Alma, meanwhile, is still tight and angry and secretive, reluctant to fill in the gaps for Kanda like he normally would. (Noise, whose experience is affected almost not at all, guides them both because being under Tiedoll has taught him a thing or two about handling traumatized children.)

They’re assigned to Tiedoll, the best with children and the most comforting, and in some ways it’s the same but in many ways it’s different. At first, they’re both quiet, they keep to themselves and each other, and they distrust him just for being a part of the Order - but of course, Tiedoll doesn’t care for the Order. He cares for them. So they get used to him, and then they get used to everything else.

And this, see, this would be one of the best parts of an Alma Lives AU - Kanda and Alma discovering the world together.

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hi!! i'm new to your blog and have been binging on your imagines (i love them) haha. i really like the idea of the rfa ( + v and maybe saeran too if that's possible, i mean, can't leave them out !!) accidentally meeting mc before the party and if it's possible i'd like to request them accidentally meeting an artist mc painting in a paint and sip studio, if that's okay? thank you sm ^^

Oooooh I’ve never heard of that. Sounds fun! 
Italicized writing means MC is talking, and V’s has spoilers about his route~
Also, I’m so sorry anon but I didn’t include Saeran because there was absolutely no good way to write it. Like, I could not make any sense of how or why he would be at a paint and sip after recruiting MC but before the party? There was no way I could make that make sense. I’m sorry. I tried! D: 
~Mod L 

♡ One of the clubs he tried joining was a painting club 
♡ Initially he wasn’t that good, but he was convinced to stick with it 
♡ He actually got pretty good at it, and his friend convinced him to go to a paint and sip studio 
♡ He was really nervous because he didn’t think he was good enough, but tried it anyways 
♡ He also wasn’t super into drinking, so he kind of just had his glass with him but wasn’t drinking much
♡ All his friends wanted to be towards the back of the room, so his spot was a few spaces behind yours 
♡ When he first saw you he thought you were absolutely gorgeous, but especially so when he watched you paint
♡ You were so focused on your work, and it showed in the beauty of it
♡ He realized halfway through he hadn’t pained a single thing and fumbled to catch up 
♡ He was already nervous enough and so now having to rush meant his art wasn’t the best it could’ve been 
♡ One of his friends noticed and couldn’t help but tease him for it 
♡ “Jeez Yoosung, you have to focus on your art man!” 
♡ Hearing his name got your attention and you turned around immediately 
♡ He tried to hide at first because he was blushing so much from you noticing him but you were able to help him realize it’s you
♡ He’s over the moon and spends the rest of the day with you

♡ One of his directors invited everyone from a play he was on to go, and he wasn’t super excited about it 
♡ He wasn’t an artist, and he was mostly going to please the director 
♡ Also alcohol 
♡ Alcohol always helps
♡ When he got there he was way more focused on the wine than the painting, but he eventually he had to pick up a brush 
♡ As he focused in on painting you noticed him from only a few spots down, and you recognized him from the millions of selfies he’d already sent to you 
♡ You were so shocked you accidentally bumped into someone, spilling wine all over yourself 
♡ That caught Zen’s attention, and you were looking back and forth between him and trying to apologize to the person you bumped 
♡ He pieced together that you were focused on him, and went over to help clean up the wine 
♡ “You’re eyes can’t seem to leave me. I know I’m handsome, but you’ve got to be a bit more careful~” 
♡ Cue a groan from his coworkers 
♡ He just assumed you were a fan until you managed to stutter out who you were
♡ He couldn’t believe it at first, but as soon as you explained that yes, it really was you he couldn’t have ran out the door with you faster

♡ After quitting her job, she was still trying new things to see what other hobbies she’d love 
♡ She wasn’t planning on going to this, but rather saw the poster and made the spontaneous decision to go 
♡ Which was very rare but so exciting for her 
♡ She saw you while everyone was setting up, and she couldn’t help but think you were absolutely stunning 
♡ Once everyone began painting she focused in on her art but couldn’t keep you out of her mind 
♡ She couldn’t see you from her space, but that didn’t stop all the thoughts about you 
♡ She wondered if you noticed her, or was looking at her painting and if you thought it was any good 
♡ Even though she couldn’t see it she was positive yours was gorgeous 
♡ You had in fact noticed her, and you thought it was her but you couldn’t fully tell 
♡ Once everyone was done you hesitantly walked over to her, and soon as she noticed you approaching she felt her heart skip a beat
♡ “Jaehee?”
♡ When you said her name you almost gave the poor girl a heart attack
♡ Once you both realized yes, it was in fact each other Jaehee was so excited to meet you
♡ She messaged Seven to make sure it was safe to take you out for the rest of the night, and that’s exactly what he did 

♡ His dad had invited him to attend for him to meet his new girlfriend
♡ Jumin was not happy about this, but to make his father happy he agreed to go
♡ The wine helped
♡ His father’s girlfriend insisted on going to a regular sip and paint rather than a more expensive one or renting out the entire place, which brought Jumin a certain amount of relief that she didn’t seem to be using his father for money 
♡ He had a conversation in the messenger with Yoosung and Jaehee that he was going, but you didn’t read the log until you were walking in the door 
♡ When you looked up lo and behold there he was 
♡ He was looking over the wine selection, and he seemed dissatisfied with what he was seeing 
♡ You walked up to him, and rather than immediately introduce yourself you decided to talk to him for a bit first
♡ “You know, this white wine is fantastic”.
♡ He didn’t see you approach him, so he was taken aback by your sudden words but you wouldn’t be able to tell from his face
♡ “I’ve never heard of this brand before. It must be-”
♡ “A commoner brand? Yeah, it’s not that expensive, but just because it’s cheaper doesn’t mean it’s worst~”   
♡ Jumin gave you a confused side eye, and you just winked as you took a sip of your wine 
♡ He decided to take a sip, and was pleasantly surprised at the taste
♡ “.. You’re right. This is a rather crisp wine. Thank you for the recommendation. But I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure of an introduction?”
♡ He was surprised at himself for being so willing to meet an absolute stranger with no business relation, but something about you just caught his attention
♡ When you introduced yourself, it suddenly made complete sense 
♡ He insisted on leaving the sip and paint, with the excuse that there was no way you were safe from the hacker there 
♡ And he said an early goodbye to his father and took you back to his home

♡ Vanderwood was upset 
♡ For a job Seven insisted they needed to go undercover to a sip and paint 
♡ He thought it was incredibly unnecessary, and was upset he had to go too
♡ “Agent, don’t we have more work to do on the computer? And don’t you have that RFA girl to watch over?”
♡ “Vanderwoooood, I told you a million times. I can do the work quickly, and we need to be here to gather information. Also, she’ll be fine so long as she doesn’t leave the apartment~ I told her not to. She’ll read the log and stay put, and everything will be fine!”
♡ You did not read that log
♡ You were getting ready for the sip and paint 
♡ When Seven and Vanderwood entered and Seven saw you, his jaw just about dropped through the floor 
♡ He immediately took Vanderwood out and explained that everything, in fact, was not fine and you were in there
♡ Vanderwood almost killed him on the spot 
♡ “We need get her out! But we have to be subtle!… Listen, come back inside and just follow my lead, okay?” 
♡ Vanderwood didn’t trust Seven at all but went with it anyways 
♡ You were set up right next to the wine table, and Seven scooted the two of them up until they were right behind you and then shoved Vanderwood into the table
♡ “O-Oh my god, I’m so sorry, I think my friend has had too much to drink, oh no oh no- Uh, miss, can you help me carry him out?” 
♡ Not recognizing Seven you offered help and both of you helped carry Vanderwood out 
♡ Seven has a bruise from where Vanderwood dug his hand into him
♡ When you were all out and Vanderwood was pissed at Seven you had no idea what was going on
♡ While somehow not getting killed by Vanderwood Seven explained himself and introduced the two of them, and decided the safest thing to do was to just take you back to his home with him 

♡ V was walking home when he saw the poster for the sip and paint
♡ He couldn’t help but be reminded of his mother, and thought about the last time he’s ever painted 
♡ His eyesight was only getting worst, and he figured if he was ever going to do it it would have to be soon 
♡ Despite feeling very conflicted about it, he decided to do it 
♡ As he entered he chose a spot to set up, coincidentally right next to you
♡ His eyes weren’t able to make out the images of you very well, so he didn’t recognize you but you felt so familiar to him
♡ But he shook the feeling off and tried to focus on the painting 
♡ As he painted he felt frustrated that he couldn’t get it just right, and halfway through was feeling completely distraught 
♡ He accidentally mumbled out loud, “Ah, this was a mistake,” before softly setting his tools down to leave 
♡ “I think it looks nice”.
♡ You had whispered to him, so initially he wasn’t sure he actually heard you
♡ “I mean, half the people here have had too much wine and yours looks like a Picasso compared to theirs”
♡ But he couldn’t help but chuckle at your joke, and decided to pick his brush back up and continue 
♡ You two continued with small chatter as you painted, and V found he was genuinely enjoying himself in your company
♡ Time flew by quickly as you two quietly talked and painted, and before either of you knew it it was time to go 
♡ V realized then that you two never properly introduced yourselves, and as soon as you said your name everything clicked in his head
♡ He then became very worried about why you weren’t at your apartment, and walked back you back home safely

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Are you doing the b99 head canons still? (I'm sorry I saw in in some tags and thought it was a really great idea, but if I'm too late that's ok:)) Cause I'd really like to see someone write some head canons for when Amy's pregnant and her and jake go to get the ultrasound and everyone's just really proud and happy and it's just a nice idea :))) You don't have to though, don't feel pressured if you don't feel like it!!

• Amy looked at every ultrasound clinic in town to find one that had an open slot at a time when nobody would be working. She was determined to make sure she could share this moment with everyone.
• Amy scheduled the ultrasound at 2pm. Jake was afraid he’d be late as usual so he made get there at noon. He was afraid Amy’d be uncomfortable in his smaller car so Terry offered to drive them in his minivan.
• Terry offered to give their child Cagney, Lacey, and Ava’s hand-me-downs. They don’t care if it’s a boy because honestly who cares if a male infant is wearing pink clothing. Jake: “F*** gender roles!” *puts hands on Amy’s belly* “I’m so sorry our baby had to hear that kind of language, but I feel very strongly about this issue”
• Since they showed up so early, they stop at a coffee shop near the clinic. Amy drinks water, and so does Jake. Jake gave up alcohol and caffine while Amy’s pregnant so she won’t be the only one suffering.
• Amy: “Jake, you can order coffee. You’re doing more than enough to help.”
Jake: “You’re about to squeeze a tiny human out of you. I should ask Charles to kick me in the groin as hard as he can while you’re in labor so we’ll be suffering together. The pain you’re going through is worse than anything, even worse than growing up without a dad.”
• Jake gets quiet and starts thinking to himself. Then he starts whimpering, then full on sobbing. Amy panics, asks what’s wrong. Jake chokes out “I always hated my dad for leaving me and mom. I know I’ll never do that to my family. I’ll always be there for my kid.”

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anonymous asked:

Hey hi! Lovely, I have a request and don't feel pressured to do so but I'd love if you do it, I love if you write about mc and Jumin married and working together at c&r and a new boy enters to work there and he likes you and starts to flirt A LOT with mc and Jumin is super jealous, if you are not interested to do it thanks anyway and sorry for disturbing you, I love ur fics!

No no, I’d love to do this! It sounds really cute! I hope I’m able to bring it to life as you hoped! Thank you and have a spectacular day! :)


You and Jumin had been just about inseparable since your marriage, always somehow in contact whether with entwined hands or chattering quietly to one another.

So much so that you found yourself working at the C & R company. 

He’d always ask for your advice on subjects, coming to the delighted realization that you had a peculiar talent when it came to business.

So when a new potential employee was to be directly interviewed by Jumin, he asked for you to accompany him.

The candidate was a young man, long muddy hair tied into a large bun, strands curling about his ears. 

His amber eyes were drenched in nervousness when he had stepped in, dipping his head politely as he saw Jumin.

Yet he appeared much more comforted when he saw you.

The worry became murky and faded in his gaze, his glances always somehow reverting back to you, only to snap away when your husband began to speak.

“You’re Mr. Eun-Hui I presume?” Jumin stood up from his seat, reaching out a hand for him to shake.

He promptly returned the gesture, mustering a weak smile. “Yes sir, that’s me.” 

“I’m Jumin Han. It’s a pleasure to meet you,” He turned to look at you, his words softening with compassion as he mentioned you. “This is my wife MC, she’ll be helping me decide whether or not you’ll be hired.” 

You greeted Eun-Hui contently, shaking his hand with a light smile.

And red began to sprinkle his cheeks. 

The three of you sat down, and Jumin began to ask the questions, his eyes narrowed, expression cold and unreadable throughout. 

The only time he would brighten is when you’d chime in, a grin always tugging at his lips.

Eun-Hui’s gaze would become wider than dinner plates whenever you’d speak, listening as if it may be the most important information he’d ever hear.

Until eventually, it was done. 

You said goodbye to him, watching a flicker of disappointment strike his features as the two of you specifically, said goodbye.

“So, what’d you think of him?” You asked, tipping your head curiously. “I think he’d make a good addition to the branch!”

“He seemed attentive, and he looked to be a very quick thinker. He thought of his answers in moments after all.” 

“Maybe he had cue cards.” 

He chuckled. “Cheating an interview like an exam?” 


He smiled warmly, pressing a kiss to your nose. “We’ll do some further in-depth checks but I personally think he has a decent chance.” He admitted. “Don’t you think so?”


And so the next few days had merely felt like double checks, going over certain things that all soon came to the same conclusion.

He was hired.

He had been offered to come back for results a little while after.

Yet the timing hadn’t exactly been the best.

A last minute conference meeting had occurred for a sudden change in the branch’s exportations, Jumin nearly racing to and fro about the office, scrambling for supplies. 

“What do you want me to tell Eun-Hui?” 

He ran his fingers through his hair tensely, cursing beneath his breath. “That.s right…um…” He looked to you, frowning apologetically. “Do you think you could assign him his first project? Show him around and his workspace? I’m so sorry darling I wish I could be there I just-” 

You held his cheeks in your palm, pressing your lips to his own, Jumin himself melting.

“I’ll be fine, don’t worry. I’ll see you when you’re done with your meeting. Don’t stress out, okay?” 

He sighed, laughing weakly. “Thank you, I”ll let you know how it goes love.” 

You had departed as he left his meeting, you yourself heading down to the main hall, finding Eun-Hui waiting anxiously in his seat, tapping his feet against the tile floor.

He had appeared almost amazed when he saw you, shooting upwards, beaming.

“Hi! MC right?” 

“That’s right, Eun-Hi right?” 

He snickered, red rising to his features. “That’s me!” 

“Well, I’m here to tell you, you’ve got the job!” You quietly clapped for him as a meek congratulation. “We’re happy to have you here. I’m sorry my husband couldn’t join me, he had a sudden meeting he had to attend. But he instructed me to give you a tour of sorts. I hope you don’t mind it just being us.” 

“Oh!” He lit up like a firework. “Not at all!” 

“Good, let’s get started then?”

“Yeah! I’ve been really excited about this truthfully,” He said. “You’re one of the nicest people I’ve met here honestly, it’s…it’s made me really happy to work here.” 

“Really? I’m flattered.” 

“Will we…be working together? Like partners?” 

“No, we won’t. If anything I’m partners with Jumin. Wherever one of us goes the other followers!” 

“I hope you don’t mind if I’m like that too for awhile.” His words gained a silvery tone, leaning just a tad closer. 

“I know it’s hard for new people sometimes to become accustomed,” You explained. “So I’ll be happy to help you if I’m able. But you might have a better chance with Jahee. She knows this place from top to bottom.” 

“I think I’ll stick with you.” 

“That sounds like favoritism.” You raised a perplexed brow, curling about the hall, making your way down the various cubicles, giving content hellos to those you passed. 

“It just might be.” 

You held your breath at his response, clearing your throat as you approached his quaint workspace.

“Well uh…here’s where you’ll be getting your projects and such done,” You gave him a document. “This specifies your first project with instructions and how to get started. Though, I’m sure you won’t have much trouble.” 

“That can’t be it, is it?”

“No, I don’t expect you to just have to figure your way around.” You joked. “I’ll give you a basic tour.” 

And so you began showing him about, his honeyed words only growing sweeter and his movements seemingly only aimed at getting closer to you. 

It was peculiar, to say the least. 

Until you came to Jumin, who had been searching for you, finally finished with his meeting.

“Ah hello dear, I hope everything’s been fine?” 

You scrunched up your nose, stepping beside him instead, attempting to grin. “It’s gone well.”

“I’m glad to hear that, I trust you’re prepared to begin working Eun-Hui?” 

“I am, MC has made sure I feel very welcome here.” He claimed. “I’m happy to know that there’s someone here I can get along so well with.” 

“I find it difficult to believe MC could ever not be an absolute joy,” Jumin curled his hand with your own, squeezing it fondly. “It’s good to see that belief only proven to be true.” 

“I don’t know what else you expected,” Eun-Hui shrugged, his attention shifting back to you. “MC?”


“I was wondering if you’d be able to help with some details of the project tomorrow? Over coffee?”

“Over coffee…?” You stretched your mouth. “I don’t think-”

“I’ll join you,” Jumin stepped in. “My schedule is more or less free tomorrow, and as I personally assigned you the project, I think I’d be a more suitable person for you to ask questions.” 

He hesitated, eventually swallowing hard and confiding. “Uh…okay. That sounds good. MC, you’ll be there?”

“I…I mainly stick with Jumin so yes, I will.” 

“Good!” He almost bounced. “Can’t wait!” 

And with that, he left.

Yet not without flashing you a wink.

And Jumin noticed.

He noticed right away.

“What was that?” He questioned. “Was he…flirting?”

You alone were still in shock, jaw nearly dropping.

“I…um…I don’t know. He was acting kind of odd while I showed him around but…maybe he’s just trying to make some connections?” You snapped up to look to him. “B-But I didn’t return it or anything!” 

“I know you wouldn’t dear,” He rubbed a gentle thumb over your knuckles. “But I certainly hope he was just trying to gain connections,” He scowled. “for his sake.” 

Yet the next day only proved your hopes to be nonexistent. 

You had met him at a nearby coffee shop just outside the company, Jumin sticking close to you, almost always keeping an arm wound about you, especially around Eun-Hui.

He had burst to you when you both arrived, yet his focus only aimed at you.

“MC, glad to see you could make it!”  

“Hello.” Jumin glanced at him, his height only emphasized in how he towered over the new employee.

“Oh-right…” He scoffed. “Hello, sir.” 

He twisted back to you, suddenly reaching out to intertwine your fingers, nearly pulling you away from Jumin, had it not been for his clasped hold.

“Here, MC I wanted to talk to you,” He smoothed his voice, giving a coy grin. “alone.” 

It took less than a second for Jumin to intervene.

“Excuse me?” He snarled, moving between the two of you, causing Eun-Hui to stagger back just from his presence. “What exactly do you think you’re doing?”

“I uh-” 

“Keep your hands off of my wife if you want to keep your chances of even filling out a resume,” He growled. “Did you think I was an idiot?” 

He didn’t respond, staring at you, as if you’d defend him.

Jumin let out a deep breath, catching on to the others staring confusedly at the scene.

Instead, he peered down, curling his lip, as he spoke.

“My office. Now.” 

They had left in silent, fury practically engraved in your husband.

And once the door to his office was shut, all you could do was wait.

But eventually enough, Eun-Hui left without a word, only giving you another glimpse before rushing off, fear entangled in every movement.

You advanced into Jumin’s office, finding him standing at his desk, his nails digging into the wooden surface. 

“How’d it go?”

“I fired him. That’s the short version,” He huffed. “The long version is…I yelled a lot. He seemed afraid of his own shadow when I was done. Needless to say, I’m not in the best mood.” 

You turned him to face you, sinking against him, your head buried into the crook of his neck.

“Thank you,” You whispered.

Jumin’s arms snaked about you as if you were the most precious treasure, weaving his fingertips through your hair. 

“I should be thanking you,” He hummed. “You could’ve spurned all of his advances, but you didn’t.” 

“Why would I?” 

He weakened, clenching tighter onto you.

“I…I know I’m not always the best person, I hardly even knew what that meant before I met you. But you could’ve been with anyone who easily would outmatch me-” 

“No. No, I couldn’t have.” You shifted up, ruffling his hair delicately. “There’s no one that could outmatch you. Even if you don’t think you’re the best person, you’re the best person to me. That’s something no one can change. I promise you that.” 

He was in awe for a few seconds, dumbfounded by your words.

Yet ultimately, he tipped his forehead against your own and spoke to you with love laced words.

“You’re the best person to me as well. There’s no competition. There never has been.” 

feacygeab  asked:

Hellonio👉 I saw that requests were open and I'd kill a man for some headcannons about MC totally DESTROYING all of the RFA members + V in an intense game of Monopoly. Pretty please with honey Buddha chips on top?

What started off as an innocent suggestion to spend time together slowly turned into an emotional bloodbath. Your opposition didn’t seem to think their decisions through and almost all at once, you owned the board. Victory seeming so close, yet so far. Yet they thought they still had a fighting chance and charged on…

He wasn’t entirely confident at this point, but determined to see it through. Although he made some terrible decisions beforehand, like selling you his shares of the railroad. He let his love for you interfere and that was a naive move. And it was evident to him when he saw you buying house pieces for your empire, then laughing maniacally. He really just thought it was cute, until your competitiveness was getting the best of you. He still had a few hundred dollars so he held out hope, thought maybe you’d have some mercy on him as he bargained for even just one property you owned.
“Even just one of the first few,” he pestered, giving you puppy eyes, knowing full well that was your weakness.
“Fine,” you said, selling him a small property for an outrageous amount out of pity.

Little did he realize that he basically ended up with nothing but a stupid little property that wouldn’t bring back enough money to save him. It’s no wonder he ended up losing right after that turn, landing on one of your properties and having to pay for more than he had. Although this bankruptcy wasn’t real, it sure felt like it was when you started gloating.

Or so he thought, owning at least some property in each section, but not enough to build on. He thought that could at least stop you or stall some time while he thought out a plan to take you down. But while he was thinking it out, you were slowly taking all his money. Soon enough, he was only left with a few hundred and still no solid way to stop you. That is until he remembered your only weakness.
“MC,” he said as he took a hold of your chin to look directly into his eyes, “why don’t we put this game to rest.”

Your mind clouded for a minute, thinking of all the possible things he could hint at, but knowing that he’s just trying to play you like a fiddle. You can’t allow this, you can’t let your hard work go to waste. Immediately you pull away and continue your treacherous take over, using his same dirty tactic to take his property. Before he knew it, the game ended with nothing but absolute tension between you two, making the next few days difficult and passive aggressive, until you two decided that it was just a dumb game. To you, however, you’ll always remember this win and use it against him.

She tried to play it off, pretending that this wasn’t gonna get to her. But as the game kept going and you were gaining speed and property, she knew she had to put an end to this. She had never seen you so competitive, it was almost frightening to see what lengths you’d go to win. At first, she wanted to let you gain some momentum, since she had played and dominated this before. She did not, however, expect you to gain almost all the property and build on them, making it so that at every turn, she had to fork over a large sum of money. As the game went on for hours and her patience running low, knowing she didn’t have enough money to go on, she thought that maybe you’d lighten up.
“MC, can we maybe call it even and end it here?”
“Hmmm,” you’d hum, hand on chin with fake thought, “no. Now keep going and accept your fate, unless you want to be a loser by default?”

She definitely wasn’t happy with what you said, but your words definitely got to her. And as she soldiered on, knowing her fate, she accepted her loss. She was glad that you seemed to soften up, but definitely didn’t appreciate the gloating that came after the apology.

He didn’t want to lose like this. He wouldn’t really care for winning a game, but he was the heir of a big company. If he couldn’t win this, then how could he successfully money manage and make business decisions. As he saw the end nearing closer and closer, he only kept turning on the charm. Trying to cut deals with you for property with his seducing words and touch. At every turn, he’d inch closer to you, whispering in your ear about how good you were at this and how he wishes to end this sooner with another activity. But his offers were weak, absolutely nothing compared to the defeat you were about to see on his face, but you decided to humour him.
“How about,” you said lowly, running your fingers up his arm and to his chest as you paused, “you suffer the consequences of your bad decisions.”

And with that, you ended your turn by buying out the last of the available property, successfully owning the entire board. You watched the rest of the game in comfort, knowing that you could see that glimmer of hope in his eyes diminish and frustration taking its place. After what felt like forever to you, but too soon for Jumin, you won. You noticed that he seemed more upset than usual about losing, which you thought wasn’t normal for any other game.
“Hey,” you almost whispered, placing one hand on his back and the other on his inner thigh, “how about we do that other activity you suggested.”

Saeran left the game in the first hour, knowing he couldn’t take you after seeing how fierce the competition was. Saeyoung, however, kept on, thinking it was cute that you were so competitive. And cute that you thought you could take him on. That was until you started claiming territory. Soon enough, you had an empire (a monopoly, if you will) on the game, ready to claim everything that was his in every turn. He tried to do the only thing he could think to do, which was cheat. Pretend he didn’t see how much he owed you, steal money from the banker, lie about his own property tax. You weren’t buying any of that and called him out every time. And soon enough, he accepted what was to come, but not before completely throwing the board off the table, destroying everything you worked so hard to gain. You stared at him, mouth agape with disbelief at what he’d done.

“Oops,” he shrugged, faking innocence. And you two didn’t speak for five days, having Saeran send messages between you two until you two finally decided to be adults about this and play another round for true glory and honour.

He intentionally threw the game at first, knowing that it would make you happy to win. But you caught on pretty easily when the first game ended in half an hour. It wasn’t until the fourth game that he had started taking it a little more serious. But as soon as he saw the determination, he knew suggesting the game in the first place was an absolute mistake. You were sneaky, only taking some property at first so he wouldn’t have a chance at building on it. And although you had some mercy on him and gave him a chance by donating some property to him, you quickly shut that down by making him pay your property tax. And soon enough, he was left with nothing but loss.
“How about next time we play something less competitive,” he paused to think, “like Jenga, or Scrabble!”

You scoffed thinking about how he didn’t think you could turn those as competitive. V was left to think whether he had opened a can of worms by introducing a weekly game night.

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It's @maruthor and I'd like to request some... uh... Jason Todd nsfw? 😏 Like maybe he's frustrated and just needs to let it out? It's aggressive but he's still considerate and of course, he's got consent from his s/o

So I tried! Not too sure how successful I was!


You were sitting on the couch when your boyfriend slammed into the apartment.


“Fucking, Bruce!! I don’t know who he thinks he is! Getting in my damn way”

You slowly set down your book. When Jason gets in moods like this, there was only one sure way, other than killing people, to get out his aggression.

“What’d he do this time?”

“Got in my damn way! Again! I had him, Y/N. I had the Joker in my sight, and he send the fucking kid to stand in my way!”


“The Replacement! He fucking knows that I won’t shoot the kid again! Put the bra right in the line of fire!” He turns desperate eyes on you, “Baby, please …”

Slowly you start to pull off your shirt, “You know my answer’s always yes, Jay. You don’t even have to ask”

Jason reached out, pulling you into a tight hug, “I love you. You’ll tell me if I hurt you?”

“Always, Jay”

He picked you up, his hands cupping under your thighs, “I’m gonna fuck you, sweetheart, and I’m not gonna be nice about it”

You grin, running your fingers through his hair, gripping it and yanking his head back, “Give it your best shot, Jaybird”

He growled, quickly walking into the bedroom “You’re gonna regret that challenge”

You gasp when Jason throws you on the bed, quickly crawling after you and pinning you to the bed. Je smirked at your shocked expression. Biting kisses were peppered along your throat, you arc up, exposing even more of your throat to Jason.

“Please …”

“Did you want something, sweetheart?”

“Don’t tease, Jay. Want you to fuck me. I know you want to, bet you don’t want to wait. You want it rough, I know you do”

“I hope you aren’t attached to these panties”

Your eyes widen when Jason reached down and actually rips your underwear off, “Damnit, Jay!”

“You’re lucky you aren’t wearing a bra, of that would be broken too”

Straining up against his hand, you make his put effort into holding you down. You hook your legs around his hips, “Take off your pants, Jason. I thought you wanted to fuck me”

Reaching down he opened his pant just enough to pull out his cock, “Maybe I don’t want to take them all the way off. Maybe I just want to fuck you, then go back out”

You lean forward and nip his bottom lip, “You really think you’ll be able to leave after this?”

“You’re the one who won’t be able to walk, not me”

Your retort turns into a gasp when Jason reaches down and slides two fingers into you. At the same time Jason lens down and mouths at your right nipple. “I want you to keep your hands right here, Y/N. If you move them I will tie you up.”

“I won’t! Promise! Just, please …”

It’s almost scary just how well Jason knows your body. His mouth on one nipple, while one hand plays with the other, and then his hand between your legs, you know that you are practically gushing at this point. You just want him to give you his cock!

Almost like Jason can read your mind, he pulls his mouth away from your chest. With another smirk Jason flips you over and grabs your hips, yanking them up, before he slides inside you in one thrust.

Your eyes widen and your hands fist the sheet, “Jason!”

He chuckles, “I told you not to challenge me, but you just couldn’t help it could you?”

He thrusts hard, the sound of skin slapping against skin fills the room, “Oh God! Jay!”

“Yeah, that’s right. Say my name, sweetheart. Only I can make you feel this good, isn’t that right? No one else has ever fucked you this good”

“Just you! Just you, Jay! Your cock feels so good!” Bracing yourself against the headboard you rock back to meet his thrusts. Jason tightened his hands on your hips, and know that there will be bruises tomorrow but right now you really don’t care.

“I’m gonna mark you up, baby. Everyone’ll know you’re mine”

“Yes, yours, please! Mark me up. Just yours, Jay! Please”

Jason growls, he’s almost violent with his thrusts, not enough to really hurt, but definitely enough for you to ache for completion.

“Do you wanna cum, Y/N?”

“Yes! Please let me cum! Please, please!”

You can feel the older man sucking more marks into your back and neck as one of his hands reaches around you and flicks over your clit. You don’t know which way you want to go, either into his hand, or back on his cock.

“I want you to cum for me, sweetheart. I want to feel you cum on my cock, can you do that?” You nod frantically, at this point you’ll do anything, “Good girl”

Jason started thrusting faster, bringing both of you closer to the edge, “’m so close, Jay”

“I know you are, baby girl. I am too. I want you to cum, can you do that for me?”

Letting out a cry your orgasm tears through you, Jason swears and fucks into you harder. Each thrust causing you to shake and clench down around his cock. A dozen thrusts later, Jason stiffens and groans above you, you can feel his release filling you.

You groan and flop down on your stomach once Jason releases you, “You’re lucky I’m on birth control, asshole”

“You’re ruining my afterglow, Y/N. I just want to cuddle now; can we do that.”

You chuckle and roll over so your head is resting on Jason’s chest, “We need to clean up first”

“Later, we can have round two in the shower”

“What makes you think you deserve round two?”

Jason just chuckles, and you press a kiss to the underside of his jaw. Jason has bad days when he needs to let out some aggression, and those are the days where you two always seem to have to best sex.

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Ooohhh how about a oneshot where reader is the only one who can get through to Loki when he is in a rage or jealous or when he struggles to control his jotunn powers etc. Thanks my love ✨💙

Pairing: Loki x Reader / Thor x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: language

A/N: thank you for this request, darling! Also, this might have a part 2! :)


“I’m coming! For fuck’s sake,” you rushed to the door of your apartment and opened it, extremely angry at whomever was on the other side and rang the bell about 50 times since you’ve woke up from the sound.

You were a little surprised to see Nick Fury standing on the other side of the doorstep.

What the hell?” 

“Wasn’t sure you were up,” he shrugged, as if it was the most normal thing to do in the middle of the night

“I was up after the first time you rang the fucking bell. That’s usually what fucking happens. You don’t have to press the fucking button 49 more times,” Steve would certainly have his fun with this sentence. But you were so mad right now.

“I need your help,” he walked past you.

“It’s 2am. And by the way, sure, do come in,” you were having none of it right now. All you wanted was to snuggle under the warmth of your blankets and sleep for a few more hours.

“It’s about your Asgardian.”

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