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AoEx Boys Helping Their S/O with Painful Cramps: 

(Requested by @thiscityneedsyounow! I hope these are okay! And I hope you feel better soon sweetie!! ) 

Rin Okumura! 

  • he’s at a loss
  • totally caught off guard
  • and a little scared ?
  • he knows that girls get cramps on their periods…but…he doesn’t KNOW
  • you’d have to walk him through it - but he’d do whatever you ask 
  • You want chocolate? Sure - he’ll go get it. 
  • A heating pad? Definitely. No problem. 
  • You want him to rub your back? No big deal. 
  • Need more pads/tampons or pain killers? Just tell him which ones to get and he’ll get it. 
  • (he’ll text you pics of the different ones at the store until he finally has the right one)
  • also he’s always down for cuddling so if you just need affection - he’s THERE 
  • he’ll wrap his tail around your waist and nuzzle against you and its so cute and warm and lovey dovey  

Yukio Okumura! 

  • he’s a 
  • he KNOWS what to do 
  • he’s already got everything you need 
  • likes giving you little facts about this or that revolving around a period 
  • “Did you know that chocolate actually helps ease period cramps because-” 
  • “Yukio - stop. Please don’t talk about it.” 
  • “Well, okay Y/N. But there’s no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed of it - its totally normal and - “
  • “YUKIO”

Ryuji ‘Bon’ Suguro! 

  • oh geez
  • big gorilla lookin muthafucka buyin pads/tampons at the convenience store with THAT expression ^ 
  • he doesn’t honestly have a problem with it 
  • but he has to keep up appearances - you know?
  • constantly worries about you though 
  • if you’d let him he’d wrap his arms around you - his hand lightly holding the heating pad/hot water bottle in place against your abdomen 
  • presses soft kisses to your shoulder comfortingly 
  • stays quiet usually but if you just want to hear his voice he’d recite sutra 

Konekomaru Miwa!

  • bless his sweet little ol heart 
  • he’s not prepared in the slightest 
  • feels useless cause he doesn’t know how to help 
  • probably prays about it when your napping or whatever 
  • is willing to run around and do whatever you say so that he can be of use 
  • its sweet
  • he’s kinda like a puppy 

Shima Renzou! 

  • he ALREADY KNEW when this day would come
  • he’d noticed your habits in class and stuff before ya’ll had become a thing 
  • and could pinpoint approximately when you would start 
  • its kinda creepy Renzou 
  • but he always offered you a water bottle and he always knew when you wanted chocolates and he always kept a supply of pain relievers in his bag when he knew this day was approaching 
  • now that ya’ll are a thing - he’s still the same 
  • he’s still ready for it and he spoils you days in advance 
  • bringing you your fave flowers or a teddy bear and something chocolate 
  • when the cramps happen - it shocks him that they’re so bad 
  • but he stays chill and rubs your back and does whatever you need him to 

None of them ever say anything if there’s blood on sheets/blankets/clothes/towels. They just let it be. They might text their mothers (or girls they know, ex: Shura) and ask how to remove the stains - and if they can’t they might just throw out whatever it is and get a new one (unless its something important to either of you - in which case they just don’t speak about it and eventually they don’t even notice it anymore to be qh). 


Q9) how would you express your feelings for the wings tour ahead of you in a 2 line poem (with wings/윙즈)?

for those coming to the wings tour~~
Je t'aime (I love you)

the wings tour is
a killer concert

receive my wink. receive my wink ARMY
Isn’t this really too much. how do you do a 2 line poem with wings..

I’m ready to have fun

the wings tour is already ahead of us?
I reeeeeally love you~

Je t'aime (I love you)

wings concert tour
are you ready to have fun

trans; @hobuing
sc; naver

lost thoughts

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Title: lost thoughts

Pairing: Kim Minseok/Reader

Genre: Soulmate!AU.  You hear your soul mate’s thoughts inside your head since the moment they/you are born.

Summary: The sound of his voice inside her head brings a smile to her face or a frown to her features. If only Minseok wasn’t so teasing maybe things would be a little bit easier.

If only her mind could shut up for three seconds, she would be able to study.

And she really meant those words, without caring that she liked neither this topic nor studying whatsoever, but she really needed to pass this exam, yet, the voice on her head kept singing hit songs, thinking about food and some other dirty thought that would cross their heads. Not that she had two voices inside her head, one coming from a male and the other completely hers…but it was rather something she was born with. All her life she had heard the voice of her soul mate and she’d like to think it’s beautiful –and in some way it is- but at this point, it was annoying. She had heard his voice as a kid, mostly talking about how he had lost a game with his friends and asking who she was, then when he was a teenager he would be colder…slightly lost in the feeling of going through puberty and finding new lovers, and now…the man that she recognized as Minseok was nothing more than doing anything to get her riled up.

From what he thought, she could tell that Minseok was a pretty vivid and lively person. Sometimes he thought about his friends, giving them presents or teasing them as a way of showing them his love. Other times, he simply thought about food and how grumpy he was because he was hungry. From what she knew, he was on summer break at this moment and she was taking classes in the summer, hence why she was so mad because he was doing this on purpose. Back when they were both children, they didn’t know that they could have a full conversation with their thoughts, but now that he learnt that he could talk to her and hear her just from thinking…he used it to his will.

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"no. no, no, no — you really don’t want me as a soulmate." with jason todd please? for the angsty soulmate thing?

okay, so I wanted to do something a little different with this, because I don’t want to just use the same au for every prompt, you know? so for this one shot I’m going with an au where everyone feels an invisible magnetic pull towards their soulmate, and it gets stronger the closer you get to them. (not gonna lie, I’m reading the night circus by erin morgenstern right now, and this au is heavily based off of that book but with a soumate-y twist lmao) I hope that explanation makes sense.

jason’s backstory is also cool for this because it lets me think about what would happen to the soulmate bond if one person died, so here’s your official content warning for angst, character death, and some minor medical body horror.

prompt is from this list!

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Hey. I was woundering if you take requests right now? If so I would love some comfort after a long/hard day from Ignis/Cor/Nyx. Like coming home from work and feel a little out of not, no big deal, but it would be nice to have someone to hold you, cuddling when going to bed. <3

Okay, after my sinful, self-indulgent break from filling requests last night (I went back to read what I wrote and GOOD LORD I DID NOT I HAD IT IN ME xD), I’m back to fulfilling your requests. Anon, I adore this prompt and I am sooo glad that I have the opportunity to write cavity-inducing fluff for ya’ll! <3

Ignis: From the moment you leave work, all you can think about is jumping in the shower and then falling into bed. You are so tired from all the mind-numbing work that you’ve done throughout the day. It’s not that you dislike your job- as a matter of fact, you absolutely love your job- it’s just that… your work can be both mentally and physically training at the best of times.

You allow yourself a small smile as your gaze falls on the front door to Ignis’ apartment. He gave you a key not long ago, after your landlord decided to suddenly sell off his property. Rather than having you find an entirely new home, your boyfriend had just casually passed a copy of his apartment keys to you and helped you move your stuff into his place.

A tired smile fixed onto your face, you fish your keys out of your bag and stick them into the appropriate locks. The door clicks open and you push yourself in, quietly shutting the door behind you. You proceed to lean your back against the front door and slide down, a heavy sigh escaping your slightly chapped lips.

“Y/n? I made your favourite dinner tonight,” you hear Ignis call out from the kitchen. You grunt as you haul yourself up and you practically throw your handbag onto the couch as you pass it. You wrench your blazer off your shoulders and haphazardly hang it onto the back of one of your dining room chairs and proceed to unbutton your blouse, wanting to be free of the stifling material

You just wanted to be comfy in your pyjamas. Was that so much to ask? You unleash another long suffering sigh and make a beeline for Ignis, who was busy serving out his five-star meal onto your plain cutlery. You whimper quietly as you slide your hands between Ignis’ arms and around his toned abdomen. You hear Ignis chuckle in response.

“Tired?” he asks you, his voice rumbling through his body and into your ear. You press the side of your face further into his muscular back and whimper loudly this time in response. Ignis sighs and gently back tracks the two of you towards the dining table, placing the plates down onto the table and then turning slowly so that he was now facing your pouting face. “Oh come now, none of that please- we’re having fish on sticks tonight- you were craving those a week ago.” Ignis reminds you.

“Ugh, feed me please?” you say, not caring that you sound needy. Ignis merely smiles patiently and waits for you to settle onto your chair before picking up one of the skewers of fish before holding it out to your mouth. You lean forward and take a small bite, a genuine smile forming on your lips. “This is amazing!” you exclaim softly. Ignis’ face breaks into a positively shining beam- which is very rare of him to show- and leans forward to press his lips gently to yours.

Your eyes widen momentarily before you sigh softly and lean into the kiss. Ignis is the first to pull away, replacing his lips with his fish. You giggle at his childish attempt at situational humour and take another bite. As he retracts the fish from your lips, you tilt your head at Ignis and look upon him with a fond expression.

“What is it darling?” Ignis asks, his tone level. You shake your head and reach out for his free hand across the table.

“Nothing. Just… thank you. For everything.”

Ignis lifts your hand and presses soft kisses on your knuckles before lovingly nuzzling your hand with his slightly stubbled cheek. “It’s always a pleasure, love.”

Cor: Cor’s waiting for you outside of your workplace, his strong arms folding tightly across his broad chest. His facial expression is stern and he regards you with clear, steel blue eyes as you walk down some steps towards him. Tired from your long day at work, you manage to stumble down the last of the stairs, and Cor immediately lunges forward to help you, his stern expression changing to one of concern.

You flush beet red at your blunder and try to shake Cor off as he helps you with your handbag. “Cor, you don’t have to-”

Cor shoots you a soft glare and shakes his head, taking your hand in his own battle-hardened hands and pulling you towards his Crownsguard issue car. “I won’t have you refuse my help. Not when you can barely walk down ten steps before you begin to collapse.” Cor ended the small argument before it even started. You frown petulantly and let Cor push you gently into the passenger seat of the car. He shocks you when he ducks in after you, wrapping your seatbelt gently across your body and clicking it into place. Before he fully pulls out from the car, he presses a feather light kiss on your brow. “Take a nap. Please. You look absolutely wrecked.”

You gape at Cor as he shuts your door. The moment he settles into the driver’s seat, you sass him. “Gee, thanks for the confidence boost marshal, I really needed it.” You roll your eyes, trying to pick a fight. You just needed to let off some steam. You wanted to argue with someone, and Cor was pretty fiery when he got annoyed.

“My apologies- I just mean that you look tired after a long day at work…”

“Are you saying that I’m not strong enough to take a whole day at work like you? Is that it?” you accuse Cor, almost automatically. You hear your boyfriend sigh out of exasperation, and you feel slightly bad. Cor’s hand suddenly comes to rest atop your thigh and he begins to rub small circles onto your pants covered leg with his thumb.

“No, I’m sorry. If you don’t want to nap, you don’t have to nap.” Cor relents. You shoot him a smug grin, feeling absolutely terrible inside for your vindictive behaviour, and turn to face your window.

You don’t know when your head started to lean against the cool glass, but the lull of the drive and Cor’s gentle massage on your thigh has you falling into a deep, dreamless sleep. When you next wake up, you’re in your favourite pyjamas and your hair is damp- but you do not recall having a shower. You also feel a very hard and warm chest sidled up directly against your back, as well as arms encircling your waist from behind.


It was always Cor.

Your eyes tear up at your terrible behaviour towards him earlier that evening. Despite you being a complete bitch to him, your boyfriend- who probably had much better things to do than to bathe his weak ass girlfriend and then put her to bed like some invalid- cared for you with tender and loving respect. Your breath hitched in your chest and you let out a low keen as you began to cry. Tears fell down your face and your chest rose up and down as you hyperventilated.

“Y/n? Hey, what’s the matter? Do you not feel well?” Cor asks you a barrage of questions, concerned for you. This makes you cry harder. You feel like such a terrible person.

“I-I’m so s-s-sorry! I’m s-such a pain i-in the a-ass…” you sob, pressing your face into your sheets. Cor’s hand is strong and reassuring on your shoulder as he guides your body to face him. You shake your head in deep regret for your earlier behaviour and bury your nose into Cor’s bare chest. He sighs and pulls you closer, petting your hair and silently willing you to calm down. Once your sobs begin to die down, Cor presses a kiss to your messy, damp hair.

“You want to talk about it?” Cor asks you, his low voice rumbling through his chest in a comforting manner. You shake your head.

“I’m just tired. I didn’t mean to-” Cor lifts your chin so that your head was tilted up towards him, and he seals both your lips with a passionate, slow kiss. You gasp and shut your eyes, wondering whether Cor could taste the salty tears on your lips. Cor pulls away after a few short moments and smiles down at you, tenderly wiping away your remaining tears.

You stare into his safe, clear blue eyes. Cor smiles at you. He really smiles at you.

“I know.”

Nyx: You arrive home extremely late and extremely tired. You can’t get your mind off the workload waiting for you the very next day, and your headache is absolutely killing you. You throw your handbag down next to the front door and groan as you flop down onto the couch. Burying your head into the couch pillows, you let out a frustrated scream.

You were so damn over it all!

“Babe, what the hell?” Nyx’s startled voice calls out to you from your shared bedroom. You gasp and look up from the pillows, your eyes comically wide as you witness a very sleepy Nyx walking out of your bedroom. He’s shirtless and gorgeous and amazing and you’re just…

“A mess,” you whisper before shaking your head, a bitter smile on your face. Nyx runs a hand through his hair, fiddling with his braids, before flopping down on top of your prone, face-down figure on the couch. You muffle a yell and squirm below him in vain. “Get off me Nyx, I am NOT in the mood for your games!”

Nyx immediately jumps off you at your annoyed tone, but not before pressing a soft kiss on the base of your neck. The contact sends shivers down your spine.

“Sorry baby- you okay?” Nyx reaches out to help you sit up beside him and you take his help gratefully. You nod your head tiredly and proceed to lean your head against your boyfriend’s shoulders.

“Yeah, just so freaking tired. I’m so behind at work-”

“But you stay back late every day!” Nyx exclaims softly, a frown forming on his handsome face. You sigh and pat Nyx’s knee apologetically.

“I know darling, I’m sorry. It’s just hard to juggle all the cases I get. There are so many homeless people around Insomnia, it’s terribly hard to find them all suitable accommodation and healthcare.”

Nyx rolls his eyes and leans forward to press a chaste kiss to your lips. He then stands up and pulls you up along with him. You groan at the sudden movement, but then squeal suddenly as you’re hauled up into his secure, strong arms.

“Nyx, put me down! Now!” you demand, kicking your legs slightly. Nyx sighs and shakes his head at your difficult behaviour.

“No, let me take care of you. Please?” he asks you for permission, his blue eyes looking absolutely angelic. You consider his words for a few moments before rolling your eyes and resting your head against his chest in mock defeat.

“Fine, do as you will, my hero.”

Nyx smirks down at you, thoroughly enjoying the nickname.

“Knew you’d come around.”

Nyx places you on the bed and turns you around so that your tummy was on the bed. He slowly lifts up your blouse and you begin to squirm in protest. “No Nyx, please, not today- I’m tired!” you protest his sensual touches. Nyx chuckles from above you, straddling your hips between his legs and letting his calloused fingers brush against your soft sides. You shiver tiredly at the contact.

“Babe, trust me- you need this.”

You open your mouth to protest further until you feel a delicious pressure run down your stiff back, courtesy of Nyx’ talented hands. You sigh out in relief and begin to relax as he continues to massage your back.

After a few moments of light caresses and touches, you’re feeling relaxed and extremely sleepy. You squirm a little beneath Nyx, and he immediately gets off you and lays down beside you. There’s a tender smile on his handsomely rugged face, and he cards his fingers through your slightly greasy hair.

You only just realise you haven’t yet had a shower.

“Oh shit- let me up, I’m disgusting!”

Nyx shakes his head and pulls you securely against his chest. “No, you’re perfect. Now go to bed, you have a big day tomorrow.”

You frown against your boyfriend’s chest, but that frown turns into a smile as you feel Nyx’s knuckles continuously brush down your back in a relaxing caress. You feel Nyx’s smiling lips add pressure against your cheek. You sigh and press a tender kiss against his bare chest- just above his heart.

“I love you.” You suddenly confess.

Nyx chuckles. “I love you too, now shut up and sleep before I find a way to shut you up.”

Usually you’d take his remark as an invitation, but today you just shut your eyes and settled into the warmth of your boyfriend’s caring, gentle embrace. After all, he was right, you did have a big day ahead of you tomorrow!

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Could you possibly illustrate Carl and Negan battling in a water gun fight? It's ok if not, I would understand! I love you and everything you do ❤️

Lololol, totally!! 
No leather jacket, I think we need to see more Negan only with his white T-shirt. 
Though water gun fights sound like fun, I doubt Carl would enjoy it. 😅
//Shot me, I am not used to draw whole figure.

By the way. Guys, I am able to draw almost anything if it isn’t too wrong, nsfw or above my skills! I am glad you respect me, of course, but no worries.  <: I am always glad if you give me ideas!