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after midnight

“You’re my best friend.”

Pairing: Shawn Mendes x female character
Rating: Mature
Words: 3126

A/N: This is loosely based on some lines in Blink-182’s song After Midnight, and you should listen to it bc it’s a great tune. I started this ages ago and forgot about it and when I found it I loved it. I also snuck in requests - 3 from this and 79 and 148 from this. I hope you like it ^^

His hands are under her thighs, keeping her close, and her chest is pushed against him, her arms around his neck. Shawn walks lazily through the dark, moving carefully so as to not let her fall.

“You know, I wouldn’t do this if you weren’t my best friend,” Shawn slurs.

“I know,” she grins and turns her head on his shoulder to place a messy kiss on his cheek.

“I can’t believe you’re making me do this,” Shawn sighs, pushing up on his toes with force so that she moves higher up on his back, then stalks on slowly along the trail.

“You wouldn’t have had to. This is your fault by the way, you had it coming,” she accuses.

“How is it my fault?” His head snaps to the side and he stumbles, almost falling, but his hand takes hold of a low branch just in time.

“Well, you decided it was a good idea to take a shortcut through the woods while we’re both drunk this late at night and I’m wearing heels that are higher than Wendy was when we left, so it’s only fair you help me out by not letting me trip and die.”

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Where did you get the idea you can sit around all day doing nothing?

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Jay Park Reaction to: You Smiling When You’re About to Cry

Anon: Ay ay ayyy. I was waiting until your request were open and they finally are and I’m so so excited. Can you do jay park’s reaction to you smiling when you’re about to cry? ( like the one you did for winner? )

a/n: ay ayyy ok so I had this done ages ago but forgot about it so it was just sitting in my drafts, collecting dust for a while. aha (: oops (: (: my bad (: sorry, anon!

Jay Park: Doesn’t want to push you into anything. If you’re not ready to talk, then that’s fine. But he does wish you trusted him more. He’ll let you know he’s here for you, when you need him, but in a lighthearted way so as to not upset you even more.

“Ayyy, babe, have I ever told you how good I am at listening? I’m a world class listener. These ears were made for it. They’re ready for you when you need ‘em.”

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Josephine: I have requests for information on your lineage from a few interested parties at the Winter Palace.
Cullen: Andraste preserve me! Feel free to use those requests as kindling.
Leliana: No, I shall take them. I want to know who pines for our commander. We can use this to our advantage.
Cullen: I’m not bait!
Leliana: Hush! Just look pretty.

- Dragon Age: Inquisition

Okay, I drew this over two weeks ago and then I completely forgot to post it, I’m so sorry. Also I wasn’t even dating Cullen at the time this conversation happened, but it was probably one of the things that swayed me towards him.

Hey! So I know im supposed to be on a semi-hiatus, but I just realized that my 1 year anniversary was yesterday! I also realized that in a whole year on tumblr, I have never made an edit of a male sim (that wasn’t a sim request/sim download). So, I guess in celebration of my first year, I present my first male sim!


They say it’s fine if things don’t work out because there are 7 billion other fish in the sea. But I don’t want 7 billion other fish. I want you.

requested by @halebnichorelloharlivyforever

Plumber in Shining Armour (Mats Hummels OS)

A/N: Morning lovelies,
This one is for Mikaela, a wonderful girl who has requested Mats OS ages ago. I hope you are still around and will read it eventually, and that you will forgive me for making you wait this long; I am really truly sorry.
This is just a random, cute story and I hope you guys like it. Even if you hate it, please leave me your feedback, I would love to know what you think, I feel a little rusty tbh lol.
PS: I don’t even know what is with this title, I forgot how hard it is to come up with a proper one. Please excuse my extremely poor sense of humor. :(
Anyhow, enjoy xo

“I swear I’ve never met a woman as messy as you, Mikaela,“ Mats commented disapprovingly as he rose from her couch where he was sitting with his legs resting on her coffee table, pretending not to watch Pretty Little Liars marathon which was on. He marched to the kitchen and picked up a wet towel lying in front of the sink, but dropped it even faster once he realized it was soaking wet.

“Why are you leaving wet towels all over your kitchen?!” he exclaimed in disgust.

Mikaela appeared in the doorway, putting on one of her earrings. “Please don’t touch that. It’s bad enough that my family is coming over tonight and my sink is leaking, I don’t need any other mess around here.”

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A/N: Someone requested this to me and I forgot to save their message. I’m so sorry to that other person!

Pairing: Reader/Dan

Scale rating: Much Fluffy

Summary: Dan and Y/N reveal their relationship to subscribers. It gets mixed feelings.

You really didn’t understand. You understood that there were lots of Phan shippers out there. You knew Dan and Phil didn’t care about it. You honestly didn’t care either. You knew nothing was going on between the two friends. That was mostly because you and Dan started dating ages ago. You both tried keeping it a secret because you worried about reactions. Every video you did together, every time you hung out, it remained a secret. You felt back lying to your subscribers when they’d done so much for you. Yet, you didn’t know whether they’d accept it or not. Phil said that you two shouldn’t hide your relationship. The dark-haired boy understood the hesitancy, yet thought it was stupid to keep it.

‘It’s like diving into a pool. You won’t know if it’s cold unless you jump in. That’s what my mum says anyways.’

That’s when you both made “Secrets w/ Y/N”. Dan disguised it as a ‘telling secrets’ video. He talked about how he’d broken a vase and blamed it on the family dog. You told people how you’d secretly stolen your teacher’s answer book so you could cheat on a test. The video was filled with embarrassing stories and funny reactions. Then, Dan ended the video with a bombshell. He said he’s secretly dating someone. You acted as if you didn’t know and asked who she was.

“Well, she’s this really amazing girl with (your hair color) and pretty (your eye color). She and I have a lot in common. We hang out a lot and do stuff together all the time. I feel so different when I’m around her. She makes me feel good about myself. I spend less time in the black void that is an existential crisis and more around her. I can tell her anything and she doesn’t judge me,” he said. “I’m pretty happy with her.”

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New Friends (N.M)

Anonymous asked: Can you do one where Y/N lives with Madison and the boys will pick her up to go somewhere and at the same time madison leaves Y/N goes out too. So they leave the house together and when Nate sees Y/N, he can’t get his eyes off of Y/N. And he asks madison who she is. And she tells him that she is from paris and works in the fashionworld and stuff yeah and then something with nate and YN. Maybe they ask her if she wants to go with them wherever they are going. Sorry if my english isn’t good

“Y/N I’m going out with the boys today do you want to come?” Madison yells out to me from our lounge.

“Um I can’t I’m sorry I need to go into work and help with a shoot” I reply a bit sad. I have never meet them before and I really want to.

“Okay that’s fine maybe another time” Madison replies.

I walk into the lounge and hug Madison from behind.

“Your such a good friend, I’m glad I meet you in Paris before I came here” I say.

“Well I’m glad I meet you too” Madison says back giggling, while turning around.

I decide to get ready after about an hour of just lounging around doing nothing.

I walked into my wardrobe and picked out a pair of faded high waisted jeans, a grey v neck knit crop top, underneath the crop top I added a black lace bralette. I put on a pair of black chunky heeled sandals along with a black trench coat. I decided on my Givenchy backpack and put my purse that had an eye on it inside, I put on my black Daniel Wellington watch along with a silver chain cuff. Before I left with Madison I grabbed my cat eyed glasses.

“Madison I’m leaving” I yell out walking to our front door.

“Okay” she yells back walking out.

I hear a knock on the door and quickly open it to come face to face with a group of boys, I step to the side to let them in.

“Hi guys” Madison says hugging all of them.

“Okay I’m gonna go now Madison see you later” I say to her while waving to the boys.

Nate’s POV:

Jack knocked on Madison’s door and it open shortly after.

Standing at the door wasn’t Madison but a very beautiful girl. She steps to the side and smiles the most beautiful smile ever. We all walk in and say our his to Madison.

“Okay I’m gonna go now Madison see you later” she says walking out the door and leaving.

“So Maddie who was that?” Sammy says. No not some one else who is interested.

“Ohhh that’s Y/N, she comes from Paris , involved in the fashion world of you didn’t notice” Madison replies.

Damn though Y/N is fine.

(8 hours later)

We were all chilling at home about to leave to go get food when we hear rustling and Y/N walks through.

“Hi guys” she says with her french accent.

Oh god I think I just died a little. Maybe I should ask if she wants to come.

“Hey Y/N do you want to come with us to get food?” I ask nervously and everybody else nods.

“Sure she replies.

This I going to be a good time.

Hope you guys like this new update
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I actually write this ages ago but forgot to post it for you guys😂😂


So I got a request ages ago to write about the instance where Seungri pulled TOP and Daesung from fireworks on stage. I wrote this little drabble FOREVER ago and somehow FORGOT to post it! Sorry it isn’t very long at all but here you go to the many people who requested this.

They were way too close to the end of the stage, that much Seungri knew. If they didn’t move, the both of them were going to catch a face full of fire. They had practiced this stage before, so they knew that the fireworks would go up during that part of the song. Seungri watched carefully, ready to step in if they didn’t move soon. As G-Dragon and Taeyang moved towards the back of the stage but the other two didn’t Seungri decided to move them himself.

“Hyung, stay back here,” Seungri pulled TOP towards the back of the stage.

TOP didn’t say anything but he looked at Seungri slightly confused and obeyed him. Seungri then rushed over to Daesung and did the same.

Then the fireworks went off and Seungri flinched. He knew how terribly painful it would have been for one of his hyungs if they would have been hit, He still remembers how much it hurt when he was struck by a firework and how it had burned.

Daesung smiled at him and gave him the thumbs up before returning his attention to the audience. Seungri tried to do the same but his hands shook the rest of the performance. He tried to be playful with his hyungs but his heart wasn’t in it. Even when the other members who try to play with him, he would smile half-heartedly at them and try to turn his attention to something else.

As he got ready to leave the concert his hands shook so hard it took many tries to get his damn pants buckled. He had assumed that the members had gone to their respective homes but was surprised when all of his hyungs came bursting in.

“Ri, what’s wrong?” G-Dragon asked, “What happened?”

“Does your stomach hurt?” Daesung pressed on his stomach gently.

“You promised us that if you were having problems that you would tell us.” Taeyang scolded.

“What? No! Everything’s fine.” Seungri sniffed and looked away, “I was just worried about you guys that’s all.”

“Ri,” TOP sighed.

“You all need to be more careful on the stage!” Seungri exclaimed, “Trust me, fireworks hurt like a son of a bitch and you could be seriously burned!”

Seungri wiped his forehead and scowled at Daesung.

“And you furthermore! You need to rest your voice!” Seungri glared, “What happens if you permanently injure your voice and can never sing again! Do you not want to be able to sing or speak when you’re older?”

“Everyone needs to stop trying to strip me on stage!” Seungri continued, “Last time I almost lost my pants! Can you imagine how much trouble I’ll be in if that were to happen!”

Seungri let out a frustrated huff and made sure his lower lip didn’t jut out so it didn’t look like he was pouting. Then he heard very quiet laughter and looked at the members. Their expressions ranged from TOP biting his lips to keep from smiling to G-Dragon who was covering his mouth trying to quiet his snickering, all of them were clearly amused.

“This is not funny!” Seungri protested.

“No, no you’re right it isn’t funny.” G-Dragon agreed but was still laughing.

“You’re very mature Seungri.” TOP teased, “Such a grown up.”

“Of course I’m a grown up!” Seungri said indignantly, “I’m twenty five!”

Then they laughed louder and Taeyang hugged Seungri and gave him a good natured shake.

“Thanks for looking out for us.”

Orange Breath (Iori Enjo- Soulmate Swap Series)

OH MY GOSH. I am so pleased to have finished this finally. This is like day 4 of working on it (well… day 3 if you don’t count my nap day with hubby yesterday) I lost a good chunk of it after I got distracted and started internet browsing and closed out my browser. So i had to rewrite the beginning. The old beginning had a lot more behind the history of the swap and such, and since I was so pissed I lost it that I didn’t rewrite too much involving the pesky history fluff background details the second time around. Also. Iori kept autocorrecting to Tori, and Nagito kept autocorrecting to Nugget. By the time this was finished I was so annoyed with them I wanted to clobber the two. 

This is for mrszala who requested AGES ago (omg I’m sorry) another version of my Soulmate Swap fix featuring Daichi. (if you’re interested you can find it here)

To mrszala: I hope you like it :) I messaged you back about a character but tumblr must have ate it :( and then i forgot about it for awhile but no matter it’s all done now! If I remember correctly Iori was one of the top, so I hope you don’t terribly mind I chose him. Enjoy!!

Here’s the prompt that inspired the first story (but you definitely don’t have to read Daichi’s to understand this one)

Prompt: at a certain age/one night a year everyone swaps bodies with their soulmate and have a limited time to leave hints/clues.

*one last note. Some of you (aka prolly nobody) may notice the age change difference with the swap. Since Iori’s character isn’t as dependent as daichi’s is on an significate age difference, and having a 7 year difference between MC and Iori would be kinda weird with no just reasoning I upped the swap age to 25.

(okay this intro is really long. omg I’m sorry. I’m shutting up now)

“FINISHED. NOW STAY AWAY ORANGE BREATH.” These words have haunted your thoughts these past four long years. Tonight was finally your one chance to uncover their meaning. But of course life couldn’t be so simple. Your next screenplay was due in two days and you were way behind. Your 25th birthday would involve a constant flow of caffeine, minimal amount of sleep, and lots of writing. Miss this deadline and your ass was so fired. Your name blackmailed all across Tokyo ruining any possible future opportunities. You should be stressing out more, your whole livelihood was on the line.

But something more was already stressing you out. It was your 25th birthday in a matter of minutes. Tonight was your turn to swap and find out why your soulmate already despised you. Was it even possible for a soulmate to loathe their other half? They hadn’t even met each other yet though. How could he even dislike you that much before knowing you? You pout as you frantically keep typing away. You didn’t even have time to stop to sleep and eat right, it was bad enough that you were already losing a couple hours to the swap. You wouldn’t have him here to help you this time, as he did with his own swap those four long years ago.

You had been a senior in college. Well almost. At least you would be after you hand in your last research paper for the semester. The topic you chosen was all about celebrities and their newfound vast sphere of influence. The paper turned out to be much more difficult that you believed it would be. Thus you ended up procrastinating until the night before its due date. Even with all your caffeine intake you somehow managed to still fall asleep about midnight. You awoke a couple hours later in a frantic panic attack. Your class was seven hours away, precious time wasted, your paper was… done…?  Was it possible to sleep write? You read the paper over with care, your brain still fuzzy and confused from the long nap. The first half you easily remembered, it had your cheerful positive outlook. Celebrities founding charities and supporting fundraisers. Visiting sick children in hospitals to create awareness of rare illnesses. After which it soon darkened. This you definitely don’t remember. This made celebrities sound so… evil and conspiring. Especially slanted against the women! The falsified scandals. The secret under the table deals. Sleeping around with superiors. Doing anything possible to stay in the headlines. This just couldn’t be your writing. Then you spotted something new that wasn’t there before. An orange was sitting next to a copy of Revance’s latest album. A popular band that debuted almost 6 years ago. Your friends were gaga over them, but they weren’t your taste in music, so you definitely wouldn’t have one of their albums. A yellow sticky note stuck to the album, odd… it was your handwriting:


Sleep deprived, confused, and with a forged research paper you did the only sensible thing. Took to the internet. You searched awhile with no results and almost gave up when you found a reddit forum compiled of similar events all around the world. People waking in places they weren’t before. Notes that they don’t remember writing. Directing them to people they didn’t know. Things around them disrupted as if someone had been looking for something. The only similar circumstances was that it was everyone’s 25th birthday. More confused now than ever, you had no choice but to leave it for now and sleep finally. After sleeping minimal hours lately since it was finals, your body was craving some much needed rest. And to be honest, you were grateful for the finished paper, even if it wasn’t what you would have written. Now you could sleep before your last class of the semester.

The next day you fretted as you handed in your paper. For sure the professor would be able to tell it wasn’t your work? Would you forced out of university? Your parents would die of shame.

Your stress was all for naught. Your professor praised your work. Pleased to see you finally embracing the ‘reality of life instead of idealized fantasies’. They were a fool believing such nonsense over common sense. But you weren’t stupid enough to fight them. You passed! You wouldn’t be out on the streets a haggard beggar, all alone in the world.

You confronted your friends before you all left campus for summer break. It was possible they managed to mimic your handwriting, and the whole event was a joke. Laughter. Even louder laughter. Oh yes and now tears and laughter. What was so hilarious about suspecting them of finishing your research paper… oh. Never mind. You definitely should have kept the orange breath tidbit to yourself though. To this day your nickname was still orange breath. They knew you had a slight orange juice addicted when you stocked up after the store had that ridiculous cheap sale. Okay yes, perhaps you did go a tad overboard buying so many, your room had so many high stacks of boxes leftover. You’d have to lug them all back home for break. But still, they didn’t have to tease you with that dumb nickname!

You glanced at the clock still furious typing away. 11:59pm. You were frantic to complete your current train of thought before who knows what would happen. The soulmate swap as it was now referred to, and it was finally your turn. Your heart swooned at the potential before you. Your soulmate had to be four years older than you, a trait you definitely found appealing. A sexy older swoon worthy gentleman? Yes please! Your hope soon darkened as you remembered the reality. He must have found you appalling. Why else would he tell you to stay away? Well no matter, unless he had voodoo up his sleeve he couldn’t hide tonight. At least as far as you knew. Oh you hope he couldn’t stop it, you were quite anxious to finally get some answers.

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for the anon from like a million moons ago so sry this took ages: Can I request a super angsty Tony oneshot where reader catches him cheating on her and debates on leaving the Tower and the other Avengers get really protective of her and won’t let Tony near her? You can make it fluffy at the end but I just want lots of angst for the beginning. lol

When you first saw the pretty blond girl exiting out the door, you just assumed she was one of Pietro’s latest flavors of the week. You felt like someone had slapped you as you heard Tony’s voice down the hall, “Bree, you forgot your sunglasses,” jogging out shirtless as both you and Bree stood in the doorway. Tony’s face turned white, stopping dead as he saw you in the hall. For once, he had no smart remark.

“Y/N, this - it’s not - I,” he stammered as you stared at him numbly. Bree quickly grabbed the sunglasses and hurried out the door, sensing the inevitable explosion.

You couldn’t help it, angry, hurt tears sprung up in your eyes as you thought about all the conversations you had with Tony when you started dating, about how you didn’t want to deal with another lying or cheating fuckboy and that he promised to be there and be loyal. You thought he was, God, you thought he was.

“Y,N,” he said again hurriedly. “I swear, that was nothing, she’s just a work associ-” he didn’t get a chance to finish before your palm struck his cheek with a sickening crack. You knew when he was lying, could sense it in his tone and his mannerisms.

You felt yourself shaking not only with the sting of betrayal, but with adrenaline. “Go fuck yourself,” you hissed in a low, deadly tone and turned to power walk down the hall to your room.

“Baby, let me explain,” Tony pleaded, reaching to grab your arm and recoiling immediately when you raised your hand again.

“TONY DO NOT FUCKING TOUCH ME,” you yelled, your voice cracking. “I am not your baby, I am CLEARLY not your anything.”

Tony swallowed, his own eyes sparkling a bit. “I know it was stupid, as soon as it happened I regretted it, you weren’t going to know-”

You let out a wild laugh. “Yes, because fucking some other girl and covering it up is SO much better. Fuck you, Tony. All that bullshit about you loving me and only me. I’m done. You know what I’ve been through and yet you’re just like all the other assholes I’ve dated.”

Tony glared at you and despite your rage, something in you seemed to deflate.

“Pretty sure I never hit you or called you any of those names that those assholes did. Dammit, Y/N, I’m admitting I made a mistake which is more than they ever did for you.”

You felt like he had slapped you. “So cheating is the lesser of the evils and I’m supposed to fall down in gratitude because you didn’t punch me yet?” You smiled wryly. “Fuck you, Tony. At least the others knew what kind of men they were. This, us, it’s over.”

You both jumped as the automatic doors to the living room swooshed open, Natasha, Thor, Wanda and Pietro walking in from training and chatting. Natasha quickly looked at you and Tony and her eyes narrowed. “What happened?”

You swallowed hard and as you looked at Tony, all you felt was hurt. With as much venom as you could muster, you spat out. “Be proud of me, Nat. I broke up with a cheating fuckboy.”

Pietro and Thor were instantly in front of Tony as Wanda took your hand. “You what, Stark?” Pietro asked, the anger in his voice obvious. “You dare be disloyal to Lady Y/N?,” Thor snarled. “You didn’t even deserve her to start.” “Guys, stay out of this,” Tony snarled back. “Or what?” Pietro quipped, shoving Tony forward. Natasha stepped between them. “Not that you don’t deserve to have your ass kicked, because you do, but boys, let’s focus on making sure Y/N is ok.”

They turned to gauge your expression, but you and Wanda had already disappeared.

Wanda and you had sat in her room for about 10 minutes before Natasha came in, her expression soft as she looked at your tear streaked face resting on Wanda’s shoulder as she rubbed your back consolingly.

“Hey, Y/N. I’m really sorry,” she said, sitting cross legged on the floor to grab your hand as you sniffled.

“I fucking hate that this is hitting me like this. Like honestly, the fuck was I thinking dating him?”

Wanda stroked your hair consolingly. “This is not your fault. You were thinking he would be loyal, like a man should be. He’s still just a stupid boy. You did nothing wrong, beautiful,” Wanda said adamantly.

Natasha nodded in agreement. “We’re not just saying that to make you feel better. Even if we didn’t know him, cheating is bullshit on any grounds.”

You wiped your eyes and sat up. “Thanks, you guys. It just sucks. And, um, would you guys be willing to help me look for an apartment? I obviously love you all but I just can’t be where he is right now.”

They both nodded sadly. “We can put you in Cap’s old complex if you want. Landlord loves anything or anyone to do with the Avengers,” Natasha said with a small smile.

Natasha and Wanda easily extracted miscellaneous belongings out of the room you had started sharing with Tony a few months ago, but you were a little less stealthy. Picking up a pair of your Nikes, you moved to leave the room and froze when you saw Tony in the doorway.

“Can we talk?” He said pleadingly.

You shook your head and moved to exit the door, but Tony stayed where he was, blocking you.

“Move, Tony,” you said irritably, tears springing to your eyes again.

Tony stayed where he was. “Y/N, please, I know I’ve done a lot of stupid shit but this was by far the stupidest.” He swallowed. “I didn’t plan for it to happen and I knew it was a mistake and I know you don’t care right now but I love you. Please, stay and lets talk.”

You bit your lip but your response was the same. “Tony, move,” you said louder this time. Before he even opened his mouth, he was shoved by a familiar blond figure. “You have no say in what she does, Stark. She doesn’t want to talk to you.” Pietro said firmly. “Cmon, princessa, my sister is waiting for you in the car.” You tried your hardest to not look back at Tony as you walked away and failed, clapping a hand to your mouth once in the car to muffle your sobs as you remembered how broken he looked with a tear running down his face. But how could you trust him again?

After a few days of incessant texts and voicemails (you knew he would’ve went to your new apartment if the whole team didn’t essentially have him under surveillance to prevent it), Tony stopped contacting you. You figured the team had told him to just leave you alone. Still, the silence really did seem to make things final, and even though you were the one who had ended it, you still felt hollow.

It was to your surprise when you heard frantic knocking at your door, coupled with Tony’s voice as he called out your name, the panic in his tone tangible and installing ice into your heart. You grabbed a knife off the counter and looked in the peephole quickly to see a very disheveled, frazzled looking Tony. You opened the door quickly. “What’s wrong?! Is someone after you?” You asked, unable to keep the concern out of your voice.

Tony nodded his head and your heartbeat sped up rapidly. “It’s a highly trained team of professionals. I snuck out of their clutches in order to fulfill my quest of making amends to the glorious queen that I wronged! Alas, they are in full pursuit.”

You stared at him, your mouth slightly agape as he gave you a small smile. “Had to find a way to talk to you. You’re too good of a person to not help someone in ‘danger.’”

You didn’t know whether to be angry or impressed. You were a little bit of both. You clenched your hand around the knife and Tony’s smile fell. You took a deep breath and dropped it and you could see him sigh with relief. “Just because I decided not to stab you doesn’t mean I’m not still beyond pissed off and hurt, Tony,” you said icily, but you couldn’t help but admire the lengths he had taken to get here.

“I know, Y/N.” He stood up but sat quickly back down as you sat down in the armchair across from him, resting your chin in your cupped palm.

“Talk,” you said bluntly.

Tony looked at you nervously and you could feel the sincerity in the words he proceeded to speak thawing your frosty demeanor – much to your chagrin.

“I know I fucked up. Bree never meant anything. She was over seriously for some work stuff and I don’t know how it all happened … But I went with it. I missed the attention, I guess. I know that’s messed up, especially when I had the world’s most incredible human by my side … Obviously I’m an idiot and you have the right to proceed to tell me that 1000 times,” he looked at you and took a deep breath.“ But I’m an idiot in love. And I’ll never be able to make excuses for what I did, or convince you to trust me again or forgive but I’m going to be hoping everyday that by some miracle, I’ll be able to at least be able to see you every now and then. Even if it’s just as friends. I just miss you, Y/N,” he finished quietly.

You swallowed hard and met his gaze, thinking back to all the things you had done together that still made you smile. What he had done to surprise you, cheer you up, your banter, how he’d hold you when you had nightmares.

“Tony,” you started with a sigh. “I really want to trust you, but I can’t right now. It’s going to take time,” you said slowly as he nodded sadly. “But,” you continued. “I think I can stand to see you in small doses and we can see how things go. Even just as friends.”

Tony smiled. “Thanks, Y/N. I know it’s more than I deserve. I really hope I’ll be able to show you how much you mean to me. Since I obviously didn’t do a good job when I was lucky enough to have you.”

“I make no promises Tony. What you did was fucked. But maybe if you buy me a lot of those blueberry muffins I like from that Russian bakery, I’ll be more open to the possibility.”

He stood up and you led him out the door with a smile and his promise to bring you a billion muffins. You shut the door. While you would never be ok with what he did, maybe he really would find a way to earn your trust back. But even if he didn’t, at least you still had free muffins.