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requests for southern raymond (@grenadinekisses) and shenid (@s3tok41b4)!! i put so much effort into these lol,, if i get more requests i might have to tone it down a bit for time’s sake. but nevertheless these were so fun to do,,,

and if you can’t already tell, im trying my best to experiment with different brush presets


“there’s a song i want to show you.” you stated, holding out your hand for his ipod. Baby gave it to you and waited while you scrolled through the list, found the one you wanted and hit play. the song “im having your baby” started playing and he smiled, “i like this song.”

you laughed, “me too Baby.”

“why did you want to show me this?” he asked, taking a sip of coffee. 

“look at the title closer.” you answered.

he looked down at the Ipod for a moment then back at you, you could see the moment it clicked in his eyes. a huge smile appeared on his face and he hopped from his chair, arms open for you, “we’re having a baby!?”

you jumped into his arms and he wrapped his around your waist, spinning you around, all the while shouting “we’re having a baby!!”

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