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this is your daily reminder that you all are unique people with ur own special traits, or talents, or knowledge about anything, even if it sounds not relevant to you. do you know how thick an insect cocoon is, or how to make a fake apple? cool, you something someone else doesn’t know! if you dont believe ur uniqueness is worth something, dont give yourself up! one day it will pay off and you will be happy you didn’t erase what makes u what u are! ball ur fists, raise those motherfuckers, and ur the ruler of this world, especially of ur own life! thank u for being on my dash, you are wonderful!

28/03/2017, @gradblrchallenge day 23 

No picture today because virtually all I did was read and meet a friend for coffee (both of which I really liked). 

In other, random news, my reading today included references to both Alexander von Humboldt and Stephen Maturin (go watch Master & Commander if you don’t know who he is, or, even better, read the books), which made me happier than it should have (because, strictly speaking, neither are actually relevant for my PhD). And I’m beginning to develop another niche interest, this time about ecology and medicine in the early modern Caribbean. As you do.  


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When I first saw that the Dewpider family were spiders, my immediate thought was this:

These are jumping spiders, and sadly these photographs are extremely staged. These spiders do not naturally carry dewdrops on their head for any reason, but they’re still cute enough, and slightly relevant enough, that I wanted to share.

More relevant, perhaps, is the Diving Bell Spider. These spiders, like most spiders, cannot breathe underwater. And yet, unlike most spiders, they spend most of their entire lives underwater, only coming up for air once a day. They can do this because these spiders bring air bubbles underneath the water with them, like little bubble scuba helmets:

Looks a lot like Dewpider and Araquanid, right? The Araquanid family, however, is the opposite: they can only breathe through water, presumably through some sort of gill system. So, to live on land they must bring a bubble of water with them.

A Diving Bell Spider’s abdomen is covered in tiny hydrophobic hairs. Hydrophobic, meaning “afraid of water”, refers to a material that repels water: so when these spiders go underwater, water stays away from their abdomen and a bubble is created. This is only the start of their bubbles, however. The larger “bell” bubbles which encase their whole bodies is created by their webs: their silk is thin and nearly invisible (like most spider silk), and so spinning cocoons allows them to build much larger bubbles of air.

The interesting part is that they won’t suffocate in these bubbles: despite the small amount of air trapped in these bubbles, the oxygen can replenish itself even while they’re underwater: oxygen from the water can enter into the bubble, while the water will stay out. Because of this, Diving Bell Spiders only need to surface about once per day.

Even though Araquanid and Dewpider have bubbles of water and not air, you can imagine the process is probably similar. Their heads must be covered with tiny, hydrophilic hairs which attract water. Then, spinning a thin net of silk allows them to keep larger bubbles of water with them at all times.

Araquanid and Dewpider’s bubbles are surrounded by their nearly-invisible spider silk, which keeps the water close to their heads so they can spend extended periods of time on land.

18.01.2017 – I had my first dissertation supervision today in Emma, which was so v helpful. I spent all day in the geography lib reading relevant literature and trying to finalise preliminary hypotheses/methodologies/foci, and my supervisor managed to help achieve this all in 25 mins. Exciting to know what I’m doing now with more clarity!!

Okay, okay, I know that we’ll find out the context for this pic

in the new episode in a few days’ time, and really, whatever it is, it’s not that relevant and it’ll def be a fun scene anyway but can I share a thought?

While I’m 100% willing to believe that Phichit would accidentally catch Victor and Yuuri having a moment and snap a picture of it while he’s at it, does anyone else feel like the red background in the picture is a little too solid?

Like, it has no shadows, no texture, no nothing. What am I getting at?

What if people started making Victuri merchandise in the YOI universe after this

went public?

Like art prints, and body pillows and God knows what else and Phichit just happens to find that somewhere and snaps a picture?

That would be so meta.

Rick and Morty: The Experience

What you think you’re getting when you start watching Rick and Morty:

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What you actually get:

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dan has a lot of pent up anger towards bread

i drew this a while ago and realized i forgot to post it here! my third grade self is proud of me for finally doing a proper art for my favorite series.

Happy ASOUE Day, guys! we finally made it!!


“The deadly thing in my job is to attach too much meaning to everything. You have to have a sense of humour about yourself…I’m definitely trying to figure this all out as I go along, how to craft a career. As things get bigger, I have days of depression, sitting in the house and wondering ‘What are you doing? Is it even relevant?’

I was checking relevant tags to my interests and accidentally stumbled across what I think might be the blog of my doppleganger time clone, a teenage Canadian girl posting a bunch of stuff about wrestlers, beefy dudes, motorcycles, and Hex. I just wanna be like “Hello, it’s me, your days of future past self. Someday you can have all the things I have, a motorcycle and a beefy wrestler husband and a job getting paid to draw Hex”

the loft was heavy with navy blue as the sun set, all contrasted by the flickering light of yellow gold candles close to the windows and scattered throughout the living room. the light was catching on the tight lines between magnus’s eyebrows as he stood near the window, a glass of whiskey in his fingertips and a darkness underneath his eyes. it had been about an hour since magnus had stepped through a portal back into the loft after a day spent halfway across the globe, negotiating the unlawful imprisonment of a warlock in the london institute. the warlock was free, but magnus’s shoulders still had the tight clawing pain of stress clinging to them. his neck was tense, his jaw tight and his whole body felt like it had been straining against his anger for entirety of the day. which was because it had been.

the alcohol was numbing his tongue, thick, warm and fuzzy but it didn’t seem to be doing much else for the rest of him. all he could think about was sinking into bed but his mind was abuzz, flipping through too many thoughts, too many feelings. he knew the minute his head hit the pillow it would only get worse. all of those thoughts would grow into a roar that would make it impossible to slip off to sleep. so he brought the glass to his lips slowly and took another long sip, the silk of his shirt shifting, a huge sliver of his chest showing as he took another slow, heavy breath.

when it happened, he felt it. that familiar tremor in his wards, the shift of a certain person through his lofts protections. it made his eyelids dip just slightly but he was too lost in his own thoughts to acknowledge it, turning and heading back over to the bar cart to pour himself another whisky. he was just pulling the top off of the decanter when he heard the click of the door and then when he finished pouring himself a glass, the thud of footsteps slow across the floor echoed towards him. so he was ready when alec pressed up against him, arms sliding slow around his waist, his chest pressed to his back. “hey you.”

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