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Jan 15, 2018

Today’s prompt is Marine/Chill

(I’m supposed to write Sailor instead of Marine, but idk what made me write marine at that time, my bad)

You are free to create anything (traditional art, digital art, cosplay, meme, fics, musics etc) as long as it’s relevant to Danny Phantom and the prompt of course. Tag me too @earthphantom, so I can reblog it.

Yeehaaa, tomorrow’s the last day of Phashion Week 2018. Also, tomorrow’s theme is Freestyle(you’re free to draw any outfits you want the DP characters to wear but not their canon outfit).

Of his name, and whence it came.

As the great empire of Solheim flourished in days of yore, so did a number of certain bloodlines. How utterly apropos that those names thrived, and remained a constant from the Old Calendar Era into the Modern Era. However, unlike most that are seen nowadays – one was effectively marred.

The family name of Scientia originates from when Ifrit, then benevolent and deemed blessed in all his names: The Infernian, Eternal Pyreburner, Lord of Inferno – the God of Fire – chose to not only recognise, but reward a select few of humanity (and his worshippers) for their passion. In an act of his love for humanity and for their unending appetite for so much more, Ifrit blessed them with the knowledge of fire as to encourage these mortals to continue their stride towards knowledge overall.

Thus, in that blessing the name Scientia (lit. knowledge, des. science) was both born, and would later be disgraced.

As the power of knowledge led to prosperity, and technological advancement within Solheim, the faith of mortals did eventually waiver. This blatant disregard to Ifrit’s benevolence, and eventual rejection of him is what scorned the fire God. Wrathful by this betrayal of the mortals, is how and why Solheim came to a fiery end. Not all of those who were blessed by Ifrit were involved in this flippant notion, and shunning of him. It is from these, that in modern times there are still those who show the Pyreburner proper worship. However, those who had proclaimed greatness over the gods, were undeniably persecuted by their fellow mortals, and that this likely escalated to affect those in association and/or those who still held faith.

As such, there is obviously an acute awareness of what disobedience against the empyreal can result in, in addition to a reluctance to share personal details of one’s religious beliefs due to this point of historical conflict upon the star. Even after such a period of time, to demonstrate certain traits or to be named after the Pyreburner does still carry a stigma. It ought to be known, that despite the known stigma: Ignis’ name (lit. fire, fig. passion) was given to him out of continued respect for Ifrit. For all intents and purposes, Ignis has been previously deemed by his relatives to serve as a stellar example of how one may embody passion and knowledge. Due to the origins of his family, there is an emphasis on intellect within his family hierarchy, and it is for this reason that his Uncle Cinis (lit. cold ashes) is deferential to him.

With this in consideration: Ignis is personally a proud, and confident fellow. However, he typically restrains himself through his humble, and polite wording, as he is incredibly aware of his social standing and has been from a young age due to his highly specialised education. As such, he has gained what may oft be seen as a subservient nature, however it ought to be noted that in actuality: it is a mindset that has been installed and reinforced upon him over the years, which oft does not align with his personal opinion.

This has had lasting effects on his personal self-worth, more-so due to his fealty being to that of the Lucian royal family, and to the one who is supposedly the chosen King of Kings. Lest the Six and Twenty-four strike him down as they did the Pyreburner, should he have the gall to voice his true opinion at times which could come into conflict with not only the gods, but the power of the royal line.

Ultimately, this leaves the notion of potentially being ostracised, and disgraced to a greater extent (than to how his surname was marred long before his birth) continually at the forefront of his mind.

1.5 Draft Status

I finished the second “new” chapter I need to write before doing an actual second draft. I have two more left. One SHOULD be short, if I can stop my stupid villain from monologuing, and I’m going to try to finish it by the end of the day.

The other was previously known as The Plot Hole.

(FYI, I’ve been tagging these posts as 1.5 draft in case it’s relevant to anyone.)

me: i’ll track this tag so i can see more content relevent to my interests

Tumblr: you wanna see one post over and over? you wanna see the same post every day? every day for the rest of your life?


My parents didn’t do anything wrong. They both work two jobs. I’m on scholarship at St. B’s, and I get good grades. We’re a normal American family.


Save Rock and Roll is the fifth studio album by American rock band Fall Out Boy. It was produced by Butch Walker and released April 12, 2013

Speak your language day

Une des choses que j'aime le plus en français, c'est les expressions qui nous paraissent normale à nous qui sommes habitués mais qui ne veulent absolument rien dire si on les traduit dans n'importe quelle autre langue.

One of the things I like the most in French are the totally weird expression which seems normal for us but don’t mean anything in any other language

( and YES I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten weird looks from English friends because: no, “ It’s like peeing in a violin” isn’t something that make sense in English)

So yeah in honour of this day, here are some of my favourite ( with approximate traditions )

- être copain comme cochon / friends like pig -> being best friends

- “ t'es con comme un balais” / “you’re as dumb as a broom” -> you’re a fucking idiot

- “vas te faire cuire un œuf!” / “ go and Cook yourself an egg” - > fuck off

- “ Elle pète plus haut que son cul” / “ she farts above her ass” -> she’s full of herself

- “ on s'en fout comme de l'en 40” / “ It’s as relevant as the 40’s ” -> I don’t give a shit about that

- “ je vais péter les plomb!” / “ I’m gonna break a fuse” -> go crazy

- avoir le cul bordé de nouilles / to have one’s ass filled with noodle -> be lucky

- “ça casse pas trois pattes à un canard” / it doesn’t break three legs to a duck -> it isn’t that extraordinary

And my favorite:

- “ouais c'est ça et mon cul c'est du poulet!” / “yeah right and my ass is made of chicken” -> I know you’re lying

Feel free to add, in French or in your language!

someone left a comment in their tags on my last drawing of the DA girls that just said ‘i love arm’ and ive been thinking abt it for days….. like same… i love arm too. heres some more arm sketches for you

Today is the last of only three days that you can say that one of the Emo Trinity singers is in his 20s, one in his 30s, and one in his 40s.

UPDATE: since this gained far, far more attention than I thought was possible seeing as this was mostly a shitpost, I feel like it is my duty to add that this was posted on April 11, 2017. It is no longer relevant (but by all means, continue to reblog to prove you were alive for such a glorious moment in history.)


HEY EVERYONE who love 19 days and recognize my existence

I change the way I colored this little comic a little bit, especially on the lighting effect. Hope it gives a pleasant feeling while reading it. I drew this on Krita, and the text tool is shitty so I ended up writing the dialog with pen tab :(

I usually included some rant along the fanart I made, and this one is going to be a reaaaaally long rant (okay, maybe not, but still) so I’m putting a tab below to help you skip the rant lol

PS: I hope you’re not scared seeing He Tian’s body *sobs I had hard time configuring the body without references :’(

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A Guide to The Adventure Zone metaplot

So recently, I re-listened to the entirety of TAZ in prep for the ending and took notes; as we head into the finale next week, I wanted to share them! This is a comprehensive look at every plot thread, bit of foreshadowing, and yet-unresolved ideas as we head into endgame. This involves heavy spoilers through the most recent episode (66) and assumes you have already listened or read the content before.

The full is under the cut!

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kagerou project — never lost word (失想ワアド)

the story of myself, one that’s rather difficult to tell.

music   jin
art   sidu

crawls out from under my grave IM HERE!!!!!!! can u believe there’s a new kagepro song!!! aaaaaAAAAA i did this as fast as i could so it’s probably not the best and i’ll definitely be going back to make edits but for now i just need everyone to cry w/ me bc god im so in love??????????

just a reminder (bc this is very relevant in the song!!!) that kido’s first name tsubomi literally means “flower bud” in japanese!

please do not repost or use my translations without asking for my permission first. thank you!!♡

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