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Jamie and Tyler fic recs?????

the list is incomplete, and tbh maybe not up to date with newer fics. I haven’t read many recently, nor are there many to read 😅 but okay, here are some of my favorite fics!! 💕

Laid Back by Rest and titaniumsporkery (4.3k) college au / camboy au

Just Adds Fuel To The Fire by strippedofnaturalcharm (10.3k) a hotel AU where Tyler’s the spoiled heir to the fortune and Jamie’s the long-suffering manager. this fic is super near and dear to my heart. I love it and the characters so much. pining?

If You Like Piña Coladas by strippedofnaturalcharm (12.9k) A cruise ship AU where Jamie is awkward, Tyler is loved by everyone, and lots of piña coladas are consumed. !!!!!!!!!!! pining!

Romantic Motherfucking Best by lightgetsin (13.8k) Jamie’s supposed to boyfriend this shit right up, and Tyler wants to see that. this is cute and funny

Little Boy Blue and the Man on the Moon by ukiyo91 (16.4k) Or, in which Tyler Seguin gets pregnant, gets some perspective, and ultimately, gets his man. this is the first ty/jam fic I ever read, and I couldn’t have been more happy with this introduction into the fandom. mpreg, pining

and there’s always time to change your mind by Nuanta (40.4k) So he takes a deep breath and posts the picture to his Twitter, along with the caption, “O captain my captain, always so good to me,” and waits for the resulting implosion. a fake dating fic!!

Kingsmaker by elisera (54.2k) How to crown a king. look man, I probably think about this fic every day ever since I read it the first time. be sure to read all the of works in this verse! pining, modern royalty, a/b/o dynamics

Look at the wonderful mess that we made by sherlockelly (89.5k) Tyler has always felt relieved that ‘Jamie’ could be a male or female name, it makes hiding his sexuality a lot easier. Jamie’s not been so lucky. soulmate au!!!!!!!

A Different Kind by Nuanta (118.2k) A story about defying convention, learning to trust, daring to hope, and proving them wrong. it has dragons, enough said. okay, for real, have you ever read a fic that makes you want wrap it around you and use it as a blanket? or like, one that if it were published as a real book the front and end would be worn and maybe a little torn but out of love and being constantly in your hands bc you’ve read it over and over? that if it were a book it’d be on your bedside, maybe you’re not reading it atm but it gives you comfort that it’s right there for whenever you’re in the mood? that’s how this fic is for me. all of Nuanta’s fics are glorious if I’m honest. pining, a/b/o dynamics, slavery, SLOW BURN, bonding, death, fluff

I hope you enjoy these! if you guys have any recs to give/add pls tell me!!

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I'm reading 'The Robot Who Could Feel Pain' because you rec'ed and boooooi, I love it so much, so I'm wondering if you cold rec something else you're reading now? (or something you have read?) Thanks <3

uhmmmmm I have 8 pages of subscriptions on Ao3, and more than half are still active. And I got seven alerts this morning, which was just, you know, the best

So. That is Not a Cow is going to be the death of me and I will love every second of it. But you Must read the first part first or you’ll be so confused. 

Reverting to Type is stuckony and kidnapping and has several of my very favorite tropes in it. 

Possessed by Light is Tony went missing after Avengers 1 and involves the mind stone and a lot of pain. 

And if it’s up your alley, Broken by @not-close-to-straight is even better than ncts’s already excellent writing standards have me accustomed to. 

Handle With Care is almost done and is also a delight. 

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hello pls help,, i read that allura/pidge/lance sleepover fic which was SO CUTE BTW thanks for rec'ing it and now i'm craving more sleepover fics,,, ot at least fics where the team hangs out together and do fun stuff,, i checked the "group hangs" tag but unfortunately there's nothing in there :( if u happen to know fics like that, pls let me know, thank you so much ❤❤❤

i feel ya! here are some team bonding fics (there’s some more in our truth or dare tag <3)
- Vallie

Bonding Moments by dabnyfantown (1/1 | 3,115 | Teen and Up)

“Alright, alright. It’s my turn now. Fuck, marry, kill…Sonic, Bowser, or Crash Bandicoot,”  

“PIDGE!” Hunk screeched in protest, while Shiro simply shook his head in amusement.  

“What?” She responded, feinting confusion. “Isn’t that the point of the game?”  

“Well yea,” Lance cut in, “But you’re suppose to say like.. Hot celebrities or something.. Not your weird furry fantasies.”


The team has some bonding moments, and so do Keith and Lance

Two Truths and One Lie by miraculousstorytelling (1/1 | 2,294 | General)

While half of the team is out on a supply run, Lance suggests the remaining team play a game to pass the time.

Operation Slumber Party by lovelyomelette (1/1 | 1,661 | Teen and Up)

The ship was dead in the middle of space. And all the five paladins could do was wait. Have you ever tried to sleep alone when terrified?

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how come i've never seen anyone rec Blends by rvltn909? please tell me you've seen it rec'ed before? IT'S SO GOOD. LIKE SO, SO GOOD. I CANNOT EXPRESS JUST HOW MUCH I LOVE IT. i know there's a whole lot of coffee shop au's in every fandom but this one truly stands out. i mean it. do yourself a favour and read this gem.

I HAVE NEVER SEEN IT RECCED BEFORE. BUT IT LOOKS AMAZING. I have a problem starting fics that are so long, but I’ll definitely put it on my list for when I have more time. 

Blends by rvltn909

It did inspire me to start a masterlist of coffeeshop/shop au fics, though. So that’ll be coming soon. :)  And Blends will definitely be on it. 

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Hi! Can you please rec me some wolf!au's? I've been looking for some but I don't think I'm looking at the right places(??) The tags on ao3 keep showing me fics from other fandoms TAT please help me ;; P.S I really like your blog and all you've rec'ed have been the best fics I've read! <3


Okay so, there are no (pure) wolf AUs for this ship, but there are a few ABO fics. I’ve already complied a list here, but I’ll update the list below ^.^

We Can Be Golden, Why Don’t We Show Them? by hato96 on AO3 (complete | 37,097 | T) 

“Your eyes..I remember those amber eyes. Those same yellow-orange orbs that gazed at me before. You’re the one who saved me.”

Registered Alpha by Little_Dimples on AO3 (complete | 12,690 | M)

Jimin has to order an alpha online. It’s required that every unmated omega order an alpha during their heat so nothing dangerous will happen to them. Jimin honestly doesn’t want one but he’s turning 20 and his heat is scheduled to come in a couple weeks and there’s nothing he can do. When his alpha gets there, Jimin doesn’t know if he can handle him.

Rejected Alpha (sequel to Registered Alpha) by Little_Dimples on AO3 (complete | 9,548 | M)

Namjoon is really nervous. It’s his third year applying to be an omegas registered and his second time getting rejected. But third lucks a charm right? Seokjin is so different then the other omegas he’s used to, he doesn’t know if what he’s doing is right at all. Will this year be another rejection?
(This fic’s main ship is not Jikook)

Mafia AUs

You also asked for mafia AUs ^.^

The Jeon Family by staycute1234 on AO3 (complete | 30,499 | M)

Jungkook is the heir to Korea’s biggest mafia group, and Jimin is a innocent employee that catches his eye.

Tattoos and Heartbreaks by kookmiin on AO3 (6/? | 8,035 | E)

Jimin is your average college student but there are some bumps in the road and new things he’s willing to experience

The Silent Angel by swagybear98 on AO3 (4/? | 7,819 | M)

Jungkook is a mafia boss who run the underground world while Jimin is a mute high school student who is just trying to survive in the cruel reality.
Jungkook found a badly injured and unconscious Jimin on the road while driving home from his workplace.

You Don’t Fuck with Me by authorskookies on AO3 (complete | 2,242 |  M)

Jeon Jungkook was a spoiled brat with too much power, and if only he wasn’t who he was, Jimin would definitely teach that kid a lesson or two.

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Is there a list for all the prequel books? And I'll def read the ones u rec'ed first but do I need to have watched the Clone Wars (Tv version) first? Ugh... Imagine Shmi when she got that response

You’ll find a list of all the SW Books here (it’s ordered by date and Legends/Canon). If you’re looking for a more specific time period let me you and I’ll try to rec something more specific <3 I don’t know how much the Clone wars books will make if you haven’t watch but totally should because TCW is freaking awesome!!!

btw, Shmi was relieved to hear Anakin was well. She wasn’t upset with the Jedi nor she held any grudge. Shmi is better than all us!

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can you rec some draisy fics? both smutty and plotty

Oh, my darling, you bet I can! 

Draisy is the apple of my eye, my sun and stars, the smutty center of my heart

There is nothing I love more than seeing my three favorite boys (Draco, Harry, and Blaise) fuck each other senseless

I actually have a Draisy rec list here! However, it is very heavy on the smut and very lax on the plot (unless you consider being meticulously prepared for two cocks an essential plot point, which I certainly do)

I haven’t read any plotty Draisy fics, but I did some research, and I found some that look interesting! 

  • Unwanted Bonds (CelticKitsune, 190.5k): Harry Potter, even at age fifteen still has a problem with accidental magic. Harry finds himself bonded to two Slytherins and his life seems to go from bad to worse. Or is this just a blessing in disguise?
  • The Crying Game (Mrs_Malik69, 15k, WIP): Harry Potter has uncovered secrets about himself and his family that will bring about change to his group of friends. Returning to Hogwarts to complete his 8th year, Harry has decided to drop the mask of the Gryffindor Golden Boy and be his true self, leading to a new life and new love. (Warning: not complete, it has a slight Avengers crossover)

So like I said, I haven’t read any of these longer ones, but you should feel free to check them out and let me know how they are

Have fun, and enjoy the sexy poly lovefest! 

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I'm having a bad day ;_; do you or any of your followers know any fluffy Tae fics? <3

I’m so sorry to hear that, sweetpea :c hopefully your bad day will end soon and you’ll feel alright again. I can’t do as much as I’d like to from here, but I’m sending you hugs and the mental image of me literally k i c k i n g your bad day’s ass it won’t stand a chance against my will to make you feel better ♡

I’ve always had a hard time finding good taemin-centric fics (even though I know I forgot a lot of them after not checking on them for a long time), plus I’m not sure of which pairings you like, so? I’ll rec you some general/ot5 fluffy/funny fics if you don’t mind! it’s a No Sadness™ zone I promise~

function generateBuddies() {
- an /extremely/ cute fic of ot5 as desktop buddies;

natural causes
- (rec'ed this one before but.) ot5 as the five elements;

- (another I’ve rec'ed oops) this one has me laughing to tears every single time & if you haven’t read it yet, pls do it you won’t regret it;

fold your paper hearts and wear it on your sleeves - fandom!au

♥ creativity
- jinki created four people in his lifetime, each one different from the next, each one taking something different from jinki to make themselves real. // centered around taemin at the end because he is… special. it’s just beautiful.

laying waste to popular belief
- it just would have been nice, is all, if it could’ve always stayed that way.

unknown - fandom!au

feeling lucky
- taemin-centric, hints of 2min

and if you like or don’t mind 2min, I’m a big fan of kitty kitty (sickeningly. sweet. cuddly. and warm.); surprise! (a birthday wish comes true and it isn’t what taemin expected. at all.) and warmth. and if anyone else has recs, please feel free to add on! now here - have some cool & cute taem gifs 

and get well soon, okay? (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

also I have NO IDEA if I have rec'ed this here before - but Humbug by Snegurochka is legitimately my favorite Christmas drarry fic that exists. It’s a reselling of A Christmas Carol, which is one of my favorite Christmas movies, PLUS the smut is so, so, SO good. Feat. grumpy Scrooge Draco and ADORABLE pining!Harry. Pls read. Pls tell me when u read. I want to discuss.

I am on mobile, could someone reblog and link to the ao3 version??? It would be greatly appreciated!!!