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Metanoia [Jimin]

{{ noun // the journey of changing one’s mind, heart, self or way of life }}

Things get interesting when the good girl falls for the bad boy.

Slight Angst, Mostly Fluff. Hogwarts AU. 5,268 words.

❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁

There is a boy with casually tousled orange hair, glittering dark brown eyes that hold untold secrets, and plump, rosy lips that are more often than not curved into a smirk. He wears the standard Hogwarts uniform, but somehow he makes it look like it came straight off the runway with the loosened scarlet and gold striped silk tie, white untucked collared shirt with the top few buttons undone, and fitted black pants that do plenty of justice for his legs.

Park Jimin is, without a doubt, a living paradox; after all, how can someone so angelic looking be so sinful?

He’s a natural born heartbreaker with girls falling undeniably in love with him, even after they swore they never would. He’s a walking cliché: the bad boy who has countless rumors of how he beat up so and so last week or three days ago, who has a different girl for every day of the year, who every girl wants to be the one to change him– the one who would be his last. But, it’s simply all a game to him and any girl falling victim to his ways is just another pawn piece that’s so easily replaceable. And if you aren’t careful enough, you might be thrown onto his chessboard.

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Request: Hello, I really love your writing!! And I also really miss Matt the radar technician! So I was wondering if you can write a modern!matt where the reader and him are close friends that have feelings for each other and she sticks up for him bc he gets picked on. Idk something like that. But yeah! You always know how to make your stories amazing! Thank you!!

A/N: I’m so glad I received Matt requests bc I miss that son of a bicth……thank you, anon, for the request! Enjoy :) [gif not mine]

Word Count: 2.5K+

Warning: None

Matt was, what you called, your average ‘nerd’. His glasses were as big as his head, the silver rims and thick lenses that hugged his nose. His attire was always neat and in place–although the opposite went for his bright blond hair. Now that was a mess. It was hard to keep the curls looking nice. Brushing them weren’t an option and neither was jelling it, so he let it be.

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”When I first had the idea to start the Productivity Project, it started with this - how do different people, around the world, start their days everyday, and how does that affect the rest of their day? I thought that if I could learn more about this, I could figure out how to make the most out of the few minutes before you leave for school so that the rest of your day could be even more productive. And so, the project was born. So without further ado, the post that started it all.

What is a morning routine?

Simply put, it’s something you do everyone morning, day after day. You most likely have one, even if you don’t know it. For example - for most of my life (and even some days still) mine looked like this: wake up, panic, throw on clothes, blame someone for not waking my up earlier, run out the door. Definitly not doing anything to make my day more productive.

How studyblrs spend their mornings:

Abby (yours truly), 17, wake up time: 8am, night owl

“My day starts with drinking a cup of chai while I scroll through Twitter. Then I take my dogs out to feed them, throw on some workout clothes and grab my bag that I packed the night before, and head out for my Pilates class. I’ll usually eat a granola bar or some yogurt on the way, and I do my makeup after Pilates to save time. Starting the day with a workout really wakes me up, so on the days that I don’t have class I’ll do yoga instead.”

Isabella, 18, wake up time: 7am, morning person

“Wake up, get a blanket and curl up at my desk and check emails and school notifications, then i make tea/coffee and read or prepare for tests/exams.”

cyatheajpeg, 17, wake up time: 6am, morning person

“1. Wake up, get dressed, pack bag 2. Meditation (5-15 mins) 3. Morning pages (10-20 mins) 4. Goal review (5-10 mins) 5. Stretch (5-15 mins) 6. Read (10-30 mins) 7. Bullet Journal (as long as it takes)”

nessie, wake up time: 8am, morning person

“First thing in the morning, I drink a glass of water. Then I do a very easy, quick yoga routine and meditate for 5min. My breakfast is always a healthy one. Low-sugar! And that’s it. It helps getting your cardiovascular system going and prevents a low because of sugary food, which normally occurs about 3-4h after the breakfast.”

How to make the most out of your morning

  • First thing’s first, give yourself plenty of time.

There are few things worse than waking up three minutes before you have to leave. A rushed morning is not how you wanna start your day, so do what you have to do to get up on time. Set multiple alarms, set it early enough to hit snooze a couple times if that’s your thing. Save time by setting everything out the night before, so you’re not running late because you couldn’t find socks.

  • Get plenty of sleep

This is a little different for everyone, but most people need around eight hours. Obviously this isn’t always possible, but get in as many hours as you can. Find a night time routine that will help you get to sleep faster and be as consistent with your bedtime as possible.

  • Make it productive

If you get even one or two little things done, it can help your productivity so much for the rest of the day. Try making up your bed and tidying up your room after you get dressed, or knocking one quick thing off your to-do list.

Build your perfect morning routine - some questions to get you started

  • Figure out how much time you want it to take - are you willing to wake up early to have a slow morning, or do you want a few extra minutes of sleep?
  • How do you want your morning to make you feel? Relaxed? Energetic? Prepared?
  • What are the basics you have to get done?
  • What are the things you want to do?
  • How can you set yourself up for a productive day?

For more tips and to see my answers to these questions, read below the cut!

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Make A Promise

AN: For sheakia-solo bby’s birthday!  Sorry it’s a little late, but I had family over and stuff and I tried to make it good.  :)  It is so fluffy that I should be ashamed of myself but I HOPE YOU LIKE IT AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND HERE IS A TKOF NALU ONESHOT FOR YOU!!  Also found on ff here.  :)

Summary: In which Natsu is suspiciuosly much more nervous for a “job” than usual…

“I can barely focus on this,” Lucy muttered, impatiently pushing her bangs back as she tapped her pencil against her temple.  Roughly, she flipped a page in her textbook.  Of course, she needed to be able to focus on this; she needed more information for her senior thesis.  Finish this, a few hellish exams, and she was home free with that degree and a nice job at Fairy Tail right out of college.  

Beside her, cross-legged on her striped bed, Natsu put down his laptop, beginning to twirl fire within his bare hands.  “Why’s that?”

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