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fikiweek day 2: cliché or original

wish that you could be
only mine
be only mine
I can’t let it go, I don’t know
what you’re doing to me
you’re so fine
oh, you’re so fine (x)

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gwanjuprince  asked:

I've always wondered how bts would react or one of the members if I asked them a question on their opinion on two guys loving eachother romantically. Like idk their views on lgbt and all but I want to kno, Like you kno how the fans can ask them a question during meet and greets, well I always wondered what they would say if I asked them that during fanmeets. Would they answer it? Would they be fine with lgbt or against it, would I even be allowed to ask that, would they be allowed to answer?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Personally, if I were a fan meeting them and only got a brief time to speak to them, this would not be my question. I would prefer to ask something more meaningful to them and to myself. Not where they stand on LGBT topics. (Not to discredit the importance.) But please keep in mind that Korea is a very conservative place. –SN

Do The Trick Or Treat by ShippingThings

“Aren’t you a little old to be trick or treating?” Carmilla purrs, starting the conversation with her hand resting against the edge of the door as she stares condescendingly at her classmate.

The ginger girl’s grin is automatic and toothy and her eyes light up like bright blue Christmas lights. “Probably.” 

So in one of the other wards there a older male nurse, super funny and a really great guy to work with. He’s same age as my dad and “flirts” with literally /everyone/ at work. But in a silly and totally not serious way.
(He’ll never do it if people are uncomfortable or anything like that)
While we work in different wards, we still cross patch quite often.
So today when I went over to fetch something from the other ward, he saw me and skipped down the corridor to hug me

I obviously hug him back, and then I notice our Plaster Technician coming up the korridor too.

The nurse grins at the Plaster Technician and goes: Ha! You wish you were me!

Plaster technician fakes this heartbroken look, so I ask if he too wants a hug.
He nods and accepts, leaning in to kiss my cheek in the process.
Meanwhile the nurse makes this utter noise of disgust and fake horror at the gesture.

Plaster Technician: You’ve gotta kiss the ladies properly. Make them /know/ they’re worth the world!
Plaster Technician: I know. That’s why you only get hugs and /I/ get to sneak a kiss
Nurse: Who want’s your sloppy kisses anyway? /Disgusting/
Plaster Technician: Hey. the ladies love my kisses. My stubble makes them swoon!
Nurse: Listen here you no good womanizer, I will end you.
Plaster Technician: Oh my dear. Please do~

At this point I just rolled my eyes and left them to fake argue until they found another nurse to pretend to fight over.

Nami: Zodiac Analysis

@bittersweit here’s Nami’s zodiac.

Nami: Cancer sun, Aquarius moon, Gemini rising.

The sun sign is the basic self, the moon sign is the inner self, and the rising sign is the outer self.

Nami as a Cancer sun: Now, when you think of Nami, Cancer traits don’t immediately come to mind. But I think that if you observe closely, you can see she does show many, though it’s more subtle.
A typical Cancer trait I see in Nami is her caring nature. Though her greed and self-reservation instincts tend to overshine this, think back to Alabasta, where she spent a lot of time with Vivi. She showed a lot of care to her, and showed a subtle protective instinct. She shows a similar instinct to her crew. Another example of her caring nature would be when she donated a portion if her treasure to Lola, having obviously grown close to her.
Nami also shows great intuition, another Cancer trait. She is an expert navigator due to her ability to partially use her intuition to predict weather patterns. Honestly speaking, the crew would be long gone if it wasn’t for Nami’s intuition.

Nami as an Aquarius moon: A key trait of an Aquarius moon is that they are both independent and fiercely loyal. They are highly dedicated to their goals, which Nami shows as she spent 8 years putting herself in danger to rob pirates and collect money. Though Aquarius moon is stubborn and unsympathetic, this is counteracted by Nami’s Cancer sun, making her extremely stubborn, but also very kind to her close friends. Now, the Cancer sun-Aquarius moon combo can be very quiet and reserved, but I feel this is counteracted by her rising sign.

Nami as a Gemini rising: A key trait of Gemini rising is that they are very perceptive of their environment. As the other half of Nami’s extremely goid navigation skills, I feel that when in conjunction with Nami’s intuition, it makes her a master at observing her surroundings, further amplified by her time as a thief.
Another Gemini trait is how clever and well informed they are. Nami shows this trait because, at the age of 10, she could draw some of the most accurate maps of her island. She is also able to pick up information very quickly, as seen by how easily she learned to use a waver in Skypeia.
Gemini rising is very sociable, but also very flighty, quick to leave disadvantageous situations. This is at odds with her loyalty and her caring nature, because when she grew partially atrached to Luffy and his crew, she struggled with doubt and guilt for her betrayal.

Do you guys have any thoughts? Let me know!!!

My mind is doing the thing where it can’t focus again, and as much as I want to continue rping, I think I’m going to give it a rest for now. Thanks guys for keeping me company~.