this was really really hard

Here’s a quick rundown of everything Namjoon is doing in these English language interviews:

  1. Translating the questions for the whole band 
  2. Translating the members answers back 
  3. Making sure that questions are sufficiently answered (often going above and beyond by replying with complex concepts)
  4. Monitoring if a question should be answered by the whole group, directed to a certain member, or answered by himself 
  5. Making sure to get as many members as possible speak up throughout the interview
  6. Pushing members to speak in English if he knows they can do it
  7. Doing all of this live so it is in real time, no hesitation
  8. Doing all this alone

So please don’t forget that not only the band but the fandom owes a lot of gratitude for the attention and dedication he has given to international fans for years :)

anonymous asked:

Does Priya have any behavioral issues because of her life as a street dog before you got her?

She has some quirks, but it’s tough to say where they come from – hard to know what might be tied to her experiences as a former street dog, vs. what is just stuff that pops up with dogs sometimes. (I lean toward the latter interpretation mostly.) She has some dog-reactive / dog-selective quirks, but that’s not uncommon for dogs in general. She has some resource guarding tendencies, which I can imagine were probably nurtured in her first year of life when she literally scavenged for a living – but resource guarding is an awfully common behavior for dogs who’ve lived in homes their whole lives too. She also countersurfs (surfbort, surfbort) and has crashed multiple holiday dinners, but that’s more about human failure to remove temptation.

i love green day with my whole heart and it’s great green day recognises their disabled fans and does more for them but as an autistic fan i want to know when the fandom will recognise this bands complete disregard for the fact they casually use the slur “r*tarded” in their lyrics

I feel like people don’t love and support each other openly nearly as much as they could. I think that’s because of the fear of others seeing you or perceiving you strangely, as if you are obsessed etc. We are so stifled as a society here in America, I get anxiety over even saying hello to my neighbors. 

After studying happiness, and traveling to some more remote places in Japan, as well as looking into how people live in other cultures, I just wish we could express more openly, touch more openly, be more open. I don’t mean romantic love, which has somehow become way too important, overshadowing every other kind of relationship that we begin to take them all for granted sans blood relations- I’m talking about that platonic, close bond. 

We need more of that. Everywhere. 

Things like politics, beliefs, values, fears that other people hate or will reject us, and a history of growing up without peace, has really stifled a lot. Yes we say we are at peace, but are we really? Or are people all always fighting some sort of war. 

Until you are able to just exist peacefully, don’t you think that peace is a word you shouldn’t technically be using? 

I’m seeing the hand surgeon today about my continuing pain in my finger.

May get an injection in the finger to calm it down, but I’m super nervous about it because the injection is supposed to be very painful and of course there is a small risk of injury (as with anything) and this is my right hand so if something happened to it my life would be terrible because I’m an artist.

So, send good vibes my way? I’m trying not to panic but my appointment is about an hour and I’m totally panicking.

  • Friend: Did you do your homework last night?
  • Me: I don't dwell on small, unimportant things like that when I should be focusing on living my life to the fullest.
  • Also me: *Writes a 10 page essay on why BTS should film a 5 hour movie explaining what the fuck was happening in all of their music videos*