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okay but i am not kidding when i say find someone who appreciates you like carl appreciates ellie, or vice-versa.

someone who will cling onto every word and is delighted just at the sound of your voice, and someone you could listen to for hours and hours on end about any topic. someone you’ll dream up adventures with, and someone who makes your life an adventure. someone who makes something as gentle as cloud-watching or mailbox-painting a wonderful, magical experience. i’m telling you, this relationship is just so precious, so genuine, and exactly what people deserve in a partner

you deserve love like carl and ellie’s

When is Dex's Birthday?

There’s nothing on his wiki, but I think I remember seeing somewhere it was in October.

So what I’m saying is: Our angry pumpkin could be born on Hallowe'en.

And he hasn’t said anything, because he knows he’ll get chirped for it, so there’s no mention of it at the Hallowe'en party.

And he used to get teased for it as a child - about his red hair looking like a pumpkin, about how his ears made him look like a jack-o’-lantern, etc.

And when he finds out about Nursey’s birthday being Valentine’s day, he’s annoyed, jealous, and shocked.

(Side note: Nursey’s used to people thinking he should be romantic 24/7 because he’s a Valentine’s day baby)

And then, when he and Nursey get together, and the team find out their birthdays, they’re chirped for being Lovely&Scary, Cupid&Ghoul (etc. etc.)

i love being bi/pan, i love all my friends who are part of the lgbt+ community whether they be closeted or not, i love the allies who love and support us and amplify our voices, i love celebrities who are using their platforms to raise awareness and speak up about what we’re striving for and what we have to endure on a daily basis, i love exclusive lgbt+ spaces, i love being able to feel safe and accepted in these exclusive lgbt+ spaces.

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I hope its not too much but if you could do a scenario where hakuryuu hits on judar's s/o without knowing that she's his s/o?

Ren Hakuryuu

Hakuryuu was terrible at flirting. But, to be fair, he didn’t often put himself out there. His voice shook. His pick-up line was clumsy. His eyes were plastered to the ground in front of his feet. 

It was almost needless to say, but his attempt failed terribly. But, to be fair, they were already involved with someone. And, to be fair, they kept the relationship under wraps. Hakuryuu couldn’t have known that, but, Judar wasn’t fair.

Hakuryuu would never hear the end of it. Judar wouldn’t let him. Judar couldn’t decide what he liked better, critiquing Hakuryuu’s flirting techniques, or warning anyone in earshot of his homewrecker ways. Hakuryuu’s cheeks were perpetually flushed with embarrassment, rarely getting a few moment from Judar’s torments. 

Getting little respite, Hakuryuu increasingly considered shutting up Judar in a more…permanent fashion, just for a little peace and quite. Of course he would never do that but the though comforted him. And hey, they his s/o would be available….

So @audreyjensengivemeaheartattack made a thing and she tagged me in it, so here goes.

List five things that you like about yourself, then tag as many people as you can. If you get tagged more than one, do it again and add one thing to the list.

I like…
1. I like that I am a relatively kind person that does my best to make everyone feel loved.
2. I like that I am a good listener, and always willing to be there for anyone in whatever way I can.
3. I like that I have not let my family’s racism and homophobia in my heart, and that I am becoming brave enough to call them out on it.
4. I like that I am apparently the sweetest person ever and give great gifts
5. And I like… I like the person that I am becoming.

Very nearly didn’t get a snack this morning.
I have been over with A and the puppies since 9am, however it has been so stressful and I feel like I can’t do anything to help. But she has gone out now and I managed to pull myself together and get a snack, because skipping it and falling straight back into my “usual” routine will not solve anything.

otp tag:  list five of my OTPs from five different fandoms and tag ten different people

tagged by: @thesokovianaccords (look! I’m actually doing it! i’m sorry i’m so horrible at responding)

  1. John and Aeryn - the OTP to end all OTP. they first pair to cross universes for each other. he went down, she went up, and they met in the most beautiful of places
  2. Peggy and Steve - ride or die—both of them—and it’s all built on mutual respect for qualities no one else even saw
  3. Cosima and Delphine - it’s not the best or happiest relationship, but dammit if they don’t make crazy science together
  4. Oliva and Peter - it’s like they’re the only people in the world who understand each other
  5. Lyra and Will - I spend too much time thinking about how they could have stayed together

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otp tag:  list five of my OTPs from five different fandoms and tag ten different people

1) Steve Rogers/Peggy Carter (MCU)

They just…love each other so much???? Like I don’t even have words for how much I adore their relationship that is full of mutual respect and admiration. They sharpen each other and make each other better, and even with seventy years apart, they still care so deeply for one another. I am basically a puddle of Steggy feels all the time…

2) Percy Jackson/Annabeth Chase (PJO)

One of the original OTPs. Another relationship built on mutual respect and admiration (I think I have a type), with an extra dash of childhood best friends falling in love. I’m still not over the fact that Annabeth was Percy’s anchor to the mortal world and he never forgot her, even when he forgot everyone else…and they braved Tartarus together rather than be apart, like, could your faves ever?

3) Antoine Triplett/Skye aka Daisy Johnson (AoS)

The ship that almost sailed, only to be cut down by alien nonsense. They had this amazing connection and chemistry that could have been explored so much more, and it still could be, because I am firmly entrenched in my denial about Trip’s death.

(This is technically cheating, since they are in the MCU, but they don’t intersect with the movies so i’m counting it)

4) James Potter/Lily Evans (HP)

Another one of the originals, and this one is extra painful because we all know how it ends. I still breathlessly await the Marauders series that explores their relationship, because it has to come at some point…right?

5) Sarah Manning/Paul Dierden (OB)

I recognize that they are…dysfunctional…but I just can’t help myself. (I am forever bitter that Paul died tbh because they could have worked through it)

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Can I get a kiss?


lithe porcelain digits slip cautiously into his own, pools of sepia rise to meet golden irises. her mind wander, curiosity mindlessly AIMS her to a path that she is hesitant to take. her breaths are steady and SLOW, an upward curve of her lips as optics flicker briefly to his lips and complexion growing warmer as crimson color decorates her face. christine can see his uneasiness, perplexed, most likely wondering as to WHY she is staring at him for so long or as to why there was a different aura with their bodies so close, CRAVING a touch that was in her reach but coyness prohibits her to ACT

❝ Erik? ❞ voice faint and soft as free hand raises to rest unto unmasked features, fingertips grazing his skin before she halts briefly ❝ yes, but..may i try something.. something different ?  ❞ and before any words are uttered past lips of both man and distorted figure, she leans in and presses her lips against his own, eyelids fluttering closed, a shudder that runs down her spine and feeling that is.. indescribable, one she did not know whether she should be afraid of or embrace with childish glee. few seconds pass and she pulls away, small hum resonating in the back of her throat as she then remains silent, hand still entwined with his