this was really just a test

Picked up my insulin prescriptions today. Thank fuck for Medicaid:

Your insurance saved you $384.79 - a month’s worth of long-acting insulin

Your insurance saved you $319.99 - a month’s worth of short-acting insulin

That’s over $700 per month for a life-saving, absolutely mandatory medication, to treat a disease that is considered random - as in, you don’t “cause” your type 1 diabetes. You didn’t eat too much sugar, your parents didn’t bone the wrong person, you’re just unlucky.

There is no other treatment for this disease than insulin, and off insurance, which our government is currently trying to destroy, it would cost seven hundred dollars to survive it for a month. And that’s just insulin - that doesn’t take into account syringes or test strips, or insulin pump supplies like infusion kits, or the “optional” things you’re really supposed to have like alcohol wipes and sharps containers.

I also picked up a Glucagon kit, which is an emergency sugar injection kit for when your blood sugar is so low you literally cannot function. Without insurance, it would have been $442.99.

This is absolutely horrifying, and so many people don’t understand what it would take for a diabetic to stay alive. Our current capitalistic health system is untenable, and if it gets any worse, so many people are going to die.

Here’s a disturbing thought…

Tadashi created Baymax to help take care of people, yet if he really wanted Baymax to be able to reach people and help a lot, he would have made multiple so that there wasn’t only one… Baymax didn’t need anything else, he was ready to help, so there was no reason why Tadashi couldn’t have made multiple and sold them/done something with them. What if he made Baymax specifically for Hiro? We already know that Baymax kept saying that Hiro was his patient, not anyone else, combined with the fact that Tadashi kept all his videos of his testing on Baymax… Besides, he showed Baymax to Hiro just before he died. 

The movie talks about deep themes such as depression and loss… What if Tadashi wanted to go back into the fire, not to save the professor, but to take his life? He’d suffered a lot of loss in his life, his parents died and his little brother had no motivation to take care of himself or do anything. What if Tadashi wanted to die and left Baymax for Hiro to take care of him?

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can a band/celebrity/tv show etc. be a special interest or is it limited to things like activities? i can't find resources on this and i think i could be on the autism spectrum now that i take some self screening tests and i just. i'm kinda lost here dude. sorry for bothering you

anything can be a special interest! there are no limits. you can have a special interest in a tv show, a character, a writer, or broader things like trains, film, or… really anything! i have special  interests in tv shows, filmmaking, playing cards, lock-picking, tattoos, some bands, even politics is kinda a special interest of mine. so, yeah, you can have a special interest in whatever :) 

mod a 

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Do you have any tips about dealing with sex repulsion? I'm VERY sex repulsed, but I look at stuff on this sight sometimes to test myself/train myself to like it. And every time, I get disgusted by it. But recently, I'm watching more and more intense things and it is getting really bad. Right now I feel like I'm going to vomit and yesterday I had what I'm pretty sure is an anxiety attack. A friend told me that this is really unhealthy but didn't have any tips to stop. Do you? Please.

Just try to avoid it as much as possible if you’re uncomfortable. Don’t force yourself into anything. I don’t think you should be training yourself to like it if you don’t like it. Block any users you need to, and you can also install plugins to hide posts. I use one called Tumblr Savior.


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This isn't a hc but can you imagine if Jeremy chose "sexy anime female" as his squip because I do sometimes

Jeremy would be dying, especially when the high pitched cutesy voice would tell him not to masturbate. Sexy anime female version has a really short skirt and would bend over just to make Jeremy uncomfortably aroused to test his self control. After the SQUIP he tells Michael who never lets him live it down.

“Can I pick the pizza topping?”


“Why not?”

“You like pineapple and you’re a dirty weeaboo.”

“That had nothing to do with-”

“It always does.”

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I absolutely love your art, what got you started? (I hope you're having a lovely day, btw)

Huehuehue, thank you uwo

What got me started with art? That’s super far back, honestly. I remember being little and drawing Powerpuff Girls fanart and Pokemon stuff. I can’t really remember what I drew before then, but that’s kind of where it started. I used to watch Batman the Animated Series a lot, too, which got me into doodling with crayon or anything I could get my hands on. 

In the margins of books, on school tests, sidewalks – didn’t matter. I wanted to draw on everything. Of course, there was a time where I didn’t really draw anything, and kind of just played video games all of the time. But in middle school, I started drawing again when I got really heavy into anime (everyone has that phase, and I don’t think I got out of mine until about 11th grade in the academy). 


watch has been kinda messed up lately, it keeps saying the beginnings of my runs are slower than usual (I really don’t think they are but who knows) and have zero elevation (not true obvi because I stop where I started). whatever, I should learn to run by effort anyways. I did throw a tempo mile in there at mile 4 just to test the waters. i forgot how much tempo effort sucks when it’s hot out lol.

refueled with an omelette from a diner and what was meant to be a healthy dessert, except that then I piled a lot of Oreos on top. and so it goes

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Hey! I just wanted to say I really enjoyed reading Testing the Waters! It was some top-quality smut, but I have to ask why you chose the safe word to be spaghetti - any reason in particular? I found it really funny!

i asked my friend who started the spaghetti joke how i should respond to this ask and they told me to just put this image

so there u go

I was tagged by @kataracy to this and she called gio, michelle, & me a fidget spinner. basically we represent the ends of a fidget spinner

🎀 - Are you named after someone? I think I was named after Stevie Wonder’s child. He said “life is Aisha, the meaning of her name” in Isn’t She Lovely, and my dad loves that song and thinks of me whenever that plays.

🎀 - When was the last time you cried? I think earlier this week. There was this test in my bacteriology class, and everyone failed but I was so close to passing. I was just really clumsy when answering and I forgot to put the values of crystal violet to use, so I failed. I was just really disappointed that I couldn’t help it. Ik, really petty, but yeah

🎀 - Do you like your handwriting? Meh, it’s okay. I can read it. But it really isn’t consistent, so sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad so like meh.

🎀 - What is your favourite lunch meat? I really love barbecue. Like, probably, nothing can top barbecue for me.

🎀 - Do you have have kids? No, I’m in my 3rd year uni, and it’d really fuck all that if I had a kid. But in the future, I’d want one but really far back into the future.

🎀 - If you were a different person, would you be friends with you? I think so, because generally, I pick friends who have similar interests with me because that way, things are smoother. Plus, Kataracy’s answer to this was legit. I do it too. I think if I met myself, would I be proud of me? And sometimes, I’m just thinking probably not yet, but soon.

🎀 - Do you use sarcasm? No, only Michelle uses sarcasm.

🎀 - Do you still have your tonsils? Yes, and I won’t let them leave them me.

🎀 - Would you bungee jump? I’m hella afraid of those things, but I’d probably try it out of impulses so… I mean, I tried the fastest rollercoaster in the world on an impulse, I’d do this to.

🎀 - What’s your favorite cereal? Frosties. Michelle says they’re called Frosted Flakes. I’ll come with receipts about how they’re called Frosties here soon

🎀 - Do you untie your shoes when you take them off? No, I also don’t really wear trainers a lot since I’m usually wearing Toms or doll shoes, but knowing me, I definitely do not untie them.

🎀 - Do you think you’re a strong person? Emotionally? No. Physically? No. Mentally? I thought I was then I entered 3rd of medical laboratory science as my major in uni, and realized that I was weak as shit.

🎀 - What’s your favorite ice cream? I’m pretty basic so I just like chocolate and mango. In Gelatos, I really like tiramisu and this like thick chocolate flavor from Baskin Robbins.

🎀 - What’s the first thing you notice about someone? If you mean physically, it’d be their face. But usually, I don’t notice people much that way, I notice the way they’re talking and their intellect.

🎀 - What’s your least favorite physical thing about yourself? Eh, probably my face because I don’t have a clear face anymore. I used to but then, I haven’t been sleeping properly, and I’ve also not been drinking enough water soooooo

🎀 - What color trousers and shoes are you wearing right now? I’m wearing Adidas sweatpants right now with purple socks, so… I just woke up so, this is what I sleep in lol

🎀 - What are you listening to right now? Generally, I’m listening to LANY a lot, but currently, OneRepublic’s album called Oh My My.

🎀 - If you were a crayon, what color would you be? Uhhhh, I’d like to be white because I really don’t wanna be used. Like, I’d also want to be my fav color which is sea grey but like uhhh i cant choose dam

🎀 - Favorite smell? lmao i like the smell of hospitals FOR SOME FUCKIN REASON. i also really like the smell of antiseptics and certain lysols. i like it when things smell “clean” so im always like disinfecting stuff because i love the smell lmao

🎀 - Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? My dad, yesterday. he wanted me to like attend my cousin’s graduation on wednesday and i rly tried to refuse

🎀 - Favorite sport to watch? Azula playing Kuai Ball. (idk i never actually watch sports like when im on tv, im usually just watching documentaries so i never even watch other shows anymore)

🎀 - Hair color? BLACK idk ive been thinkin of coloring em but like, my uni is Hella Strict

🎀 - Eye color? dark brown

🎀 - Do you wear contacts? no i thankfully still have 20/20 (hah) vision and i feel like wearing em would be too tedious

🎀 - Favorite food? TOO MANY. I love shrimp, i love bbq, i love chinese food, i love like a lot of things ok TOO MANY

🎀 - Scary movies or comedy? Comedy is my favorite, really. I watch them quite a lot, but my other fav is sci-fi. yall should watch interstellar

🎀 - Last movie you watched? I rewatched Moana for the nth time lmao i still have consider the coconut in my head

🎀 - What color shirt are you wearing? white im always wearing white

🎀 - Summer or Winter? winter bc i fuckin hate the summer heat

🎀 - Hugs or kisses? hugs i love hugs

🎀 - Book you’re currently reading? Urine and Body Fluid by Susan King Strasinger. I have to study soon because I have exams tomorrow.

🎀 - Who do you miss right now? eh probs my 2 year old brother hes v cute and jolly

🎀 - What’s on your mouse pad? i dont use computer a lot bc i cant be assed but its a v basic mousepad on the table like literally just black

🎀 - What’s the last tv program you watched? Genius on NatGeo. It talks about Einstein’s life story and I love that

🎀 - What is the best sound? The sound of my bacteriology prof telling me “very good”

🎀 - What’s the furthest you’ve ever travelled? I went to Saudi Arabia abd Qatar before it was gr8

🎀 - Do you have a special talent? UHHHHHHH i guess my sheer ability of fucking everything up is amazing

🎀 - Where were you born? Idk what hospital man LIKE I JUST KNOW I WAS BORN IN THE PHILIPPINES IDK

I’m tagging: @senshiofthewild @seyaryminamoto and anybody who wants to do it!!

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Hey Harley . I'm here in Chiang Mai. It seems like almost everyone is just fucking with each other. You find this one great guy and he's everything you ever wanted then you find out he's really close with a girl who seems to be fcking around and he's friends with people who fcks around. It seems to be hard to find a serious relationship here .what are your thoughts?

Sounds like you are learning a lot here about human behavior.

Just because someone is friends with a player doesnt mean they are. Maybe they just enjoy someone to ride and eat with?

Looking for a longterm partner is like bike shopping, SO many options and many look like something they are not once the road gets steep and rutted. 

Best call of action is ‘Test ride, then decide’. Dont get offended if the bike of your dreams was just ‘cheap and nasty’ or ‘not want you really wanted’.. Move on. :)

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Aside from the Legion character you recently made, how often do you actually play New Vegas that much or do you mostly just draw it?

ive been making a mod so i test it out in game periodically! so its not gathering dust or anything. otherwise i havent really sat down to actually play it in a while. i get side tracked pretty easily, i wanted a food mod so now im focused on that.

Guys I need suggestions for possible code names for Shiro in the BatPaladinAU

I need some suggestions because
The barebones summary of when I’m using them is just saying
Shiro never decided on a codename and tested out a bunch and I was going to list some and honestly all I could think of was “nightjar ” and mockingbird would work for foreshadowing his hair but

Help me out here for ideas

Idk if I should @ people or not (reply to this if you want to be @ ed if I ask for ideas for this fic again)


I love playing with my overdramatic friend.
Having a pocket lucio is not the same as a mercy or an ana…

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Please talk about the mummy returns

pristinepastel said: Hey, i know you like the first mummy, but what about the mummy returns?

I HAVE RETURNED…after like a day. 

but what the people want, the people get!


aka the only sequel that is 1000% just as good as the first one. like holy shit. 

ten years later and we meet our heroes again. rick and evie are happily married, going on adventures, and evie’s dream of becoming a respected scholar has come true and they’ve made a tiny human! 

the only unrealistic part being that they only had one kid, i mean they are still all over each other ten years later and you’re telling me they only had ONE kid.

okay. sure jan. 

but boy o’ boy is that one kid awesome! 

alex o’connell. this kid is literally:

  • 50% evie super-klutz-genius. 
  • 50% rick screams-at-things-that-are-illogical-to-scream-at. 
  • 50% uncle jonathan’s sheer dumb luck and wit. 
  • 10% i’m really bad at math. 

you get the point. HE’S GREAT. also the actor passed on harry potter because, JUST LIKE ME, the mummy 1999 was his favorite movie and he just HAD to be in the sequel. alex is just such a smart-ass little shit. that much like his mother, accidentally brings about the apocalypse by opening something he shouldn’t have:

Originally posted by rafikecoyote

ARDETH BAY TIME LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. he has a much bigger role in this one. GOD BLESS. (because he was supposed to die in the first one, but test audiences loved him as much as we do, so they kept his fine ass around) he still looks prettier than everyone and is still so done with white people once again. 

*after almost being killed on he bus* “this was my first bus ride.”
*after realizing they’re gonna make him fly again* “why can’t you people ever keep your feet on the ground?”

he’s just such an awesome A+ friend goals, because while he probably needs to go be with other medjai to prepare for battle against anubis’ army (yikes), he stays with the fam to rescue alex. it wasn’t even much of a thought for him really, rick and evie just batted their eyelashes and he was like: *sighs* “these white people are always messing my shit up, but they are my white people.”

Originally posted by lestatscherie

jonathan: still beautifully the same as ever. witty, clever, and would do anything for his family. 

“be quiet alex! if there’s going to be any hysterics, they’ll come from me!”

“if you see anyone come running out screaming, it’s just me.”

when he boasts about being a good shot and ardeth is internally like “i’m gonna die.” THEN HE SAVES ARDETH. hell yeah.

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rick: he’s still screaming at things. BUT IN DAD MODE. he’s the ultimate dad.

“you, lighten up. you, big trouble. you, get in the car.”
*sweetly* “honey, what are you doing, these guys don’t use doors.”
“knowing my brother-in-law, he probably deserves whatever you’re about to do to him, but this is my house and i have certain rules about snakes and dismemberment.”

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evie: still a super-klutz nerd, but with C O N F I D E N C E. little baby librarian is now a honey badger of ASK ME IF I GIVE A FUCK! and also a re-incarnated princess

“no harm ever came from opening a chest.”

rick: “i swear that kid gets more and more like you every day.”
evelyn: “you mean more attractive, sweet and devilishly charming?”

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we meet izzy, another one of rick’s ex boyfriends, who is a much more reliable mode of transportation than previously mentioned murder buses. 

imhotep: still emo. still wants to make out with his gf.

anck su namun/meela: hella good villain. she bomb af and 100% wants to take over the world. amazing. she actually has like a really cool role this time too!!! like so much screen time. 

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the rock…i mean the scorpion king, he’s another emo villain with goofy cgi rendering and like 4 million terrible made-for-TV spin off movies that you are lying if you haven’t watched at least one of them and felt that utter disappointment. but who cares the rock is pretty. and this was his first acting role and the reason we have him where he is today. 

thank you mummy returns for giving the world actor rock johnson #blessed

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normal action movie sequel romance: same guy. different girl. repeat of first movie’s romance. hehehehhehehehhEHEHEHEHHEHH. 

not here bitch. 

rick and evie’s love has only grown stronger. they still bicker like old ladies at bingo night. the still look at each other like they hung the moon. they’re still disgusting jonathan because they CANNOT KEEP THEIR HANDS TO THEMSELVES. one kid my ass. they still support each other and protect each other like crazy. they love each other so much and it’s so healthy and pure and there is some good in this world mr. frodo.

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the bottom line here is. what’s the point of watching the mummy 1999 if you aren’t going to watch the mummy returns immediately after?


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I need the story of the Underground Shakespearian Ring

Okay, so the school I went to for 9th grade had this really bizarre grading setup that I still don’t understand- for some reason, instead of the teachers writing up and grading tests and exams and the like, all the work was sent to an unknown third party for them to grade??? It made no sense.

Now, for the most part, the school had decent teachers, and they would just teach the curriculum correctly and then you wouldn’t run into problems with the grading. My English teacher was not one of those teachers.

So like, she hated me pretty early on- she was my homeroom teacher and thought it was disrespectful that I slept in homeroom in the mornings (I was on sleeping pills and they never wore off completely until around 10am), I never had the vocab homework in on time (someone kept breaking into my locker and stealing my vocab books I had to buy a new one like five times), she thought it was “inherently pessimistic and stuck up” when she caught me reading a book called ‘Ninth Grade Slays’ (it was about vampires, not her?), and during our Greek Mythology unit I kept correcting her about the name pronunciations of the gods (she pronounced Hephaestus as Hepatitis one time holy shit). 

Anyway, her feelings on me aside, her teaching skills were shoddy at best. But I had had way worse teachers, so had the rest of the class, and Greek myths are pretty straight-up in what’s going on, so no one really had trouble with the third-party tests.

Then we get to the Romeo and Juliet unit.

Now, fun fact: Shakespeare has always come pretty easily to me. Like, to the point where I sometimes forget/fail to understand that other people have an incredibly hard time translating his works. (I told this whole story to my friends in the school I went to for 10th/11th/12th grade and when the drama department put on ‘Midsummers Night Dream’ one year, more than half the cast tried to get me to translate their scripts and monologues for them lmao).

So, anyway, I’m just a girl, reading Romeo and Juliet and digging how it’s going…and then the teacher starts ‘translating’ it.


I cannot sift through all the bullshit this woman was spewing, but let’s just say that my favorite part is during Romeo’s spew about Rosaline, there’s one part where he says something like ‘with cupid’s arrow/she hath diane’s will’, and the teacher was taking this to mean Rosaline was a Super Lesbian who was breaking the law or something and running away with her lover Diane, which would be a rad storyline, sure, but like…I’m just raising my hand like “Um Ma’am, Diana is the Roman goddess of chastity. What Romeo meant is that she told him she’s sworn off love and is probably becoming a nun?” and this woman just got. So angry. Like, excuse me, you are a student, you’re here to learn, so you clearly don’t know anything about this (I read Romeo and Juliet for the first time in like preschool whoops). Anyway, she continues on making up her own plot to the play, and I…well I was basically Hermione Fucking Granger at this point I couldn’t just sit there and listen to someone be this wrong about something omfg??? She just got angrier and angrier and stopped calling on me after a while.

So for a couple lessons I’m just left to seethe quietly, but one day after class this girl I knew since grade school came up to me and was like “Could you…? Tell me what the hell we’re supposed to be learning?” and I didn’t even like her but I liked the validation of being someone’s Chosen Teacher so I wrote out a summary for her of everything we had covered so far so she could actually write a comprehendible essay for our homework that night.

But THEN the during the class when we got our essays back, she made a HUGE DEAL, like ‘oh Molly, it wasn’t bad enough that you’ve been failing this course material, now you have to drag your friends into it by trying to re-write the play?’ (l m a o). Like this bitch had literally tried to fight me on ‘Paris is the guy Juliet’s father wants her to marry’ and she didn’t even put a grade on my essay where I said the play only ended in tragedy because of how young and naïve the kids were, that if they had taken a breather and thought things through it probably would’ve been fine (it was a damn good essay and I stand by it). But anyway, she’s trying to make me out to my classmate’s as someone who’s trying to sabotage their education for laughs.

This backfired on her.

See, it dawned on people one by one, that she was only teaching the wrong material -> so they wouldn’t know the right material -> so when they eventually would take the exams they would only have her crazy answers -> which the third party graders wouldn’t know about -> everyone fails this course that’s like half the overall grade of the year.

Most students consider that a problem.

So suddenly the class has decided I’m the fucking Shakespeare Whisperer or something, and one by one start begging me for help. At first I was confused, because as I said, it’s so easy for me that I didn’t realize literally the entire class was lost out of their asses here. omfg. So I was really getting hassled here but I didn’t want my entire class to fail you know???? So I started meeting with people during study halls or texting them after school so they knew what was going on. And then they started telling people in this teacher’s other classes, including upperclassmen who were lost as fuck, so this was quickly spiraling out of control on my end, but overall people were really starting to understand the plays better!! So I was feeling really great.

But then, the teacher noticed that none of the homework getting handed in to her matched up with her crazy translations, and knew I was the sole person to blame (naturally). She literally tried to get me suspended over this, she went to the school’s disciplinarian!

Note: This guy, Mr. C, knew I was a God damn angel- my science class was off the charts, inappropriately awful, so every time one of our science teacher’s wanted to give the entire class detention, instead of calling Mr. C up to the class room as was the rule, they’d send me down to get him so he’d know to write up every student except for me. So when my English teacher dragged me in there he was looking her like “What on Earth could this girl have possibly done to piss you off?” 😂😂

And when she explained he looked at her for a very long moment, glanced at me with a signature ‘Office’ Reaction Face™ , turned back to her and was like “You want her suspended…for starting a study group?” and I was CHOKING.

So that really pissed her off and they started fighting and this was a very overworked and Done man so at some point he gave up and was like “I’m not suspending her but fine we can put a ban on the study group if you leave my office” omfg. So all the other students get notified and now they’re back to freaking out about the upcoming exams.

So like two days later, I’m at lunch, complaining about this to one of my friends who had a different English teacher and thus no problem, and I’m on this whole angry rant (Because I’m pissed, a bunch of kid’s grades are gonna get fucked up because of this! They just wanted to do well! I just wanted to help them!) and my friends staring at me quietly the whole time and when I finish I’m like “What?” and she’s just like “…Molly did you literally start up Dumbledore’s Army in our fucking school?” and I died on scene.

But then I started thinking about the comparison and I was like? You know fucking what? If Harry Potter can get those kids to pass their fucking DADA test I can help kids pass their fucking English Exam. Bring it the fuck on, Umbridge.

So I started Spreading The Word that anyone who needs help with their Shakespeare course can still get help, we just all need to meet up once to hash out the details. After some back and forth notes and deliberations, we ended up meeting in the school library, which was hilarious for a few reasons:

1) It was directly across the hall from this teacher’s classroom.

2) It was actually a converted janitors closet, way smaller than all the other classrooms, and there were like 50 people shoved in there; Not exactly an ideal Room of Requirement

3) The library carried no Shakespeare texts, but had the entire Harry Potter series on display to see when you first walked in

But anyway, despite the fact that we were literally three feet away from her door while we were doing this, our teacher was none the wiser of the meeting. We worked out a game plan- everyone writes out bullshit essays that align with what the teacher’s expecting. After she grades those and gives them back, they get them to me- slipping them in my locker, handing it to me discreetly in the halls or in another class, what have you. I then try to power through the dizzying amount of confusion radiating out of the teacher’s mouth and onto these papers, and more or less write out better translation of what was going on in whatever scene they covered, what the highlights they needed to know were, stuff like that, and then slip it back to them in similar discreet fashion (so the teacher/disciplinarian wouldn’t see me and get suspicious ; also because I was like 15 and wanted to feel like a super cool secret agent). They would then keep my copies and use them as study guides for the upcoming exams, where they would then answer all the questions correctly, the way the third party graders would mark correctly, and pass the exams + the bullshit essays would get them high marks in the teacher’s homework grades. The teacher never caught on to what was happening, just thought her students finally started paying attention to her.

All in all, it was a complicated mess, but it fucking worked. I don’t think anyone failed their exams that year. Will I ever be cooler? No. I think I fucking peaked when I was 15.