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Monster of the Deep: FFXV - Meeting Gladio

This didn’t really transfer over through the video as well as Ignis’s did (plus I didn’t get as close) but Gladio made me feel so tiny! I’m looking up at him too lol

Gladio: Well, that should do for now. So, you here to test the waters too? Me? I call ‘em like I see ‘em. It isn’t every day I see one of ‘em all the way out here though. You must be the real deal. Hope I didn’t scare you or nothing. Just figured I’d say hey to a fellow fan of the great outdoors. My buddy’s big into fishing, so I thought I’d give it a go myself while I’m out here. You’re welcome to stay and fish for awhile if you don’t have anywhere else to be.

this is the most pointlessly specific desire ever and i couldn’t even tell you exactly why i want it but i’d fuckin love to have a sequence in stranger things s3 where will listens to “under pressure” by queen and david bowie

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A twitter kaylor posted a screenshot of a conversation they had with their friend who doesn't like/know Taylor and that person wondered if Taylor was gay bc they said she "sings about guys but the images she paints are always about girls" and that rings so true. They said she never paints masculinity into her lyrics & that she uses male pronouns but no male descriptors. Like there is so much gay subtext in this album that anyone who really listens knows it.

I know, she’s a friend of mine and I’ve seen them. They have a point and coming from someone who doesn’t like Taylor or isn’t much interested in her lyrics says everything. The male pronouns are just a cover, but if you switch them to femal pronouns, the subtext and the whole picture make way more sense. All it takes is a critical, unbiased POV or just an accurate analysis, that goes beyond the usual paternity test coming from media and *some* fans.

“a life story poem using only the suffix “tion” to rhyme”

initial sights perception
brought definite attraction
there were complications
but also determination
and after some hesitation
things became romanticisation
then just mere affection
became life time dedication
after marriage vows affirmation
came blessed copulation
and we achieved multiplication
from then on total dedication
to motherly devotion
and fatherly education
had trials and tribulations
and family complications
but with determination
saw off assassinations
traveled to many destinations
happy family vacations
many many celebrations
but life didn’t give just simplification
instead threw in many manifestations
careers false accusations
and deaths that brought cremations
leading to utter devastation
truly testing our dedication
to our oaths affirmations
but there’ll be no capitulation
true love our salvation
and what ever complication
will come in future occasions
they only really give affirmation
to our life long loving relations


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Hello amazing person! Can I have a dialogue batch for this if you will? :D-Persons A, B, C&D are exorcists and have come to realize that the phenomena has been following/hunting them as they travel (they thought they were hunting it.)

//Pfft, hey! Of course you can!

“It’s like a messed up version of hide and seek where we thought we were the seekers.”

“I think it’s playing with us. Drawing out the game.”

“This is testing my patience, if you ask me.”

“I hate to admit it, but I’m scared. I thought we were a step ahead- we were really just a couple behind.”

Evie- Brother Bonding Time Headcanons

Requested: By anonymous: HC About Evie having a little brother exactly like her in auradon and have sibling bonding time? (Name should be the guy version of Evie’s)

Warnings: none

Notes: Ended up being short and I didn’t give the brother a name simply because I couldn’t think of one and didn’t really need one. Hope that’s alright 💙💜💙💜


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Pretty much all of their bonding time is either studying or designing.

Neither of them really need to study for any of their classes, especially chemistry, but it’s better to be safe then sorry.
Plus they just go more in depth when they study together.

They’ll always have big study sessions when there’s a test coming up.
There’s paper, pens of every color, and sticky notes are all set out when they study.

These sessions always just end with them sitting on the couch or lying on the bed just talking because studying was way to easy.

Though most of their bonding time ends up being designing and filling out requests.

They will banter back and forth about what they should design next, whether this fabric is better to make the dress or this one.

Both have their own signature style or thing that bleeds into all of the designs.

They bond over their shared personalities and opinions.
No one ever sees the looks they give each other, it’s like they have their own language.

They’re extremely close, so bonding time is pretty much any time they’re together.

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I have a question. A friend of mine told me she has been in a coma for 8 days and could go home a few hours after waking up. After some reading on the internet that sounds really weird to me. How was it for you?

After a few hours?! That does sound weird. It might be different for medical induced comas since they’re technically just prolonged anesthesia and not comas but when you “naturally” fall in a coma you usually don’t just get to go home a few hours later. 

I had to go through several tests to find out if I have any permanent damages and if yes what kind. I had to stay days just for tests and monitoring.  And there’s rehab, physical, intellectual, and psychological, which in most cases is mandatory after a coma.

And just a note: Even after “waking up” it’s not like you there right away. I can’t remember about 2-3 days after actually waking up.

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Do you think being autistic would disqualify one from becoming an astronaut? :'( I was just looking at an article about the psychological screening astronauts must go through. I guess having a meltdown in space would be pretty bad, but someone with a Spin about space could be a really good candidate. Sigh...

This depends on where you are. For the European space agency, any mental illness or disability of any kind is enough to disqualify you. It appears to be the same for the Canadian. My searches didn’t turn up anything for other space agencies (mostly because I didn’t look), but I suspect they are probably similar.

The US is apparently really not at all open about what does and does not disqualify you regarding medical tests which is… kind of weird because that’s the hardest thing to pass and they’d save themselves a lot of work if people who weren’t qualified knew ahead of time. They just mention that you have to be able to have your vision correctable to 20/20 vision and that lasik is ok. (Which is obviously not the only requirement or it wouldn’t be called “stringent” )

But, after some searching it appears being autistic would likely disqualify you since this is one of the things I found (

The interviews are to answer the basic question of “would I want to go to space with this person?” They also aren’t looking for hyper focused individuals. They want people who can do a little bit of everything. Things they consider are:

  • Why do you want to be an astronaut? Is it a passion or just because you think it would be fun?
  • Can you fix things? Can you fix a car or a computer?
  • How well do you communicate?
  • How well do you cope with others and respond to change?
  • Would this person be a good representative of NASA?
  • Does this candidate have a personality that is too intense?
  • Are you a team player?
  • Who are you as a person?

However, if you really want to work with the space agency of whatever country you’re from, there are plenty of ground jobs you could look into and I’m sure you’re qualified for some of those.


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that was the shortest most useless chapter of hss ever omg did pb really think we were gonna spend diamonds on a couple we know nothing about

FUCKING YES to the Payton and Frank thing. I’ll get to that in the latter half of this half, but I actually liked this chapter because it really brought out how divided the school is now. Like, we saw it in the chapter before Maria’s birthday, but now we’re really seeing it. But you’re right, that was super short. And they’re still teasing this “oh, are Maria and Michale dating/cheating” and “Emma’s lying about something, oh noooooooo” BS.

As for Frank and Payton, I just posted something about it before you sent this ask lol. But I H A T E what they did right here. PaytonxFrank existed solely in HSS tests which not that many people got. Did they really expect people to spend diamonds to keep them together? Oh, they’ve been having relationship problems? No, they didn’t! They’ve been cute all throughout the book with no real substance. They did this drama just to add more fuel to the Isa fire and so they’d have a diamond choice for a super short chapter. God forbid.

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don’t @ me but hand massages are definitely a thing™ like you come home after a big test and your hands are cramping or you’re writing an essay for class and you’re experiencing really bad writers cramp and sam just comes in and rubs the tension out of your hands and kisses from your fingertips to your knuckles on each finger



I love playing with my overdramatic friend.
Having a pocket lucio is not the same as a mercy or an ana…


Laugh Emotes ft. Bedouin Pharah and Winged Victory Mercy