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Regarding wolfy looking dogs, my pup is a husky chow mix and is frequently mistaken as being a wolf mix to the point that the woman i got him from claimed his mother was part wolf. He's a wonderful dog and he's registered simply as a spitz mix, but I worry over the amount of people who insist he is a wolf dog (including my own mother) and how I could protect him from false claims?

I’d suggest getting an Embark test, since they’re the most accurate for identifying wolf content (plus, you get a ton of really interesting information on your dog’s genetics and the history of those genes). That way if there’s ever an issue you can immediately have a decently respected test to pull out. It might not protect you entirely, but it’ll be a buffer. 

Also, y’know, just be super straightforward whenever anyone calls your pupper wolfy or talks about “wolfdogs” about why that’s wrong, and do everything you can to clarify misinformation so the people around you and your dog stop spreading it 

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What do you do on an everyday basis? Do you work or study? Tell us a day in the life of Bonny!

Always studying
Always working
Sometimes playing 🙈

There are so many things that goes into working online that people don’t realize.

Just a little upload since you’re curious this week has been really good! Everyday this week I have been testing two recipes a day for our new ebook with Tim and filmed two new videos 👏🏼

Today I’ve been creating a new banner for my YouTube channel so that mainly involved watching tons of tutorials on YouTube because the font and photo I’m trying to use are a bit complicated, and also have edited half of my new video “top vegan places to eat in Sydney”.

Just about to hop off the computer and test a new recipe for tonight’s dinner 👅

There is always something to do that why I can get behind with videos but my aim now is 3 videos a week.

-A full what I eat in a day
- a vlog
- a sit down question/chat or a work out video.

What do you guys think in terms of what videos you want to see each week? I want to get into routine and film on certain days of the week.

Yewwwwww 😘

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Any fics where there is intercrural? Or like one of the (PHIL TOPS) fucking the other's thighs like that shit. I know I've read one on twinkdan but i wanna know if there is more idk abt. Thank lovelies!

Efficient“We really don’t have time to get up to anything.” “Wanna test that theory?”

Like Brothers Only Closerphancest and thigh fucking.

The Summer - Dan Howell has spent the last three summers at Camp Bergamot, but it’s never been quite like this before. This year, he faces a summer full of new friends, a new relationship, and an entirely new view on his own sexuality. Perhaps Camp Bergamot should be renamed camp self discovery for all the changes Dan has gone through, but one thing’s for sure - despite all the hiccups and the drama, he just might have found the love of his life.

Please Don’t Tease - Dan can’t come until he begs, which he most certainly will not.

Feel Good Inc. - Dan is your local sexually ambiguous religious boy. Phil is your local bad boy that sleeps with anyone that’ll have him and sins as if second nature. Then there’s also the poor original character that gets caught between them and their ridiculous amount of sexual tension. Threesomes, eh?

Mark Me Up - Phil’s going crazy, because its already hot in the room they’re broadcasting in; but not being able to give Dan little touches— just skimming a hand over his arm, or running a finger down the tendons in his hand is so fucking unfair. Casual, affectionate touches.

What’s even more unfair is what Dan looks like right now, hair mussed from the humidity and shirt constantly riding up to show pale stretches of skin.

Stuck In A RutAlpha!Phil goes through his first rut with help from Omega!Dan.


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Ok literally I check your blog everyday it gives me life I love you so much you have so much talent!!!❤ I don't know if you are still do the random/small au, but if you are could you do one for namjoon??

  • scientist!namjoon 
  • is too long for his lab coat,,,,but keeps forgetting to buy a new one in a bigger size
  • keeps really messy notes. like horribly messy none of the other scientists can ever understand his data but somehow namjoon reads it just fine
  • would rather spend a summer afternoon in the lab running tests on dna and solving math problems than going to like idk an amusement park
  • refers to animals by their scientific names out of habit,,,really it’s not even that he’s showing off when he points at an sea otter and goes “what a cute enhydra lutris!!” everyone is like a encyclopedia nutrients??? what’s he talking about
  • you’re a fellow scientist who works with namjoon and you’re more of a mathematical science person, you like doing equations
  • so you and namjoon get along great because you’ll stay hours and hours in the lab trying to figure out new ways to solve unanswered theoretical problems and debating on your data
  • everyone teases and calls you the couple of the lab because you’re stuck together, huddled over your notebooks so it looks like your faces are close together 
  • but you and namjoon are both too shy so every time you’re teased you both just hide in your lab coats collar like hUH,,,what,,, no ,,,,
  • one night namjoon is really rEALLY excited because he shows you a whiteboard full of numbers and letters and he’s like “i think i solved one of those theories!!!” and you’re like  NO WAY
  • and he’s like ,,,,,,i honestly think i did i might scream,,,,im so happy,,,,,
  • and you’ve never seen namjoon so excited about anything. sure he can be hardworking and serious but the smile,,,,,,,,,,,,,on his face,,,,,,wow,,,,,are those dimples??? those are cut- NOT THE POINT
  • and so you go over his math, making sure to not miss a thing and namjoon keeps pacing back and forth in excitement because this is a BREAKTHROUGH
  • but then,,,,you find it,,,,,,he missed one decimal point and adding it,,,,basically makes the whole equation useless
  • and when you turn to namjoon with a grim look on your face his big shoulders drop and the dimples disappear
  • and he’s like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,it was too good to be true wasn’t it?
  • and you don’t want to completely crush his mood but you can’t lie so you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,,namjoon don’t be sad,,,,um,,,,scientifically it’s proven that physical contact is good comfort so im going to hug you now???? is that ok????
  • and namjoon blinks and you open your eyes, trying hard to suppress the heat in your face
  • and namjoon is like,,,,,,,,,,,,,o,,,,ok,,,,,okay
  • and he moves toward you and you wrap your arms around his torso and,,,,ok he’s so big and warm,,,,,,,,,maybe,,,,maybe he’s ,,,,,way cuter than you ever thought?!?!?!?!?!?!
  • and namjoons hand rests on your lower back and it’s like,,,,,a little awkward but also,,,,,,,you know??? baby steps
  • and when you pull back you’re like “!!!! do you feel better?”
  • and namjoon is like yes,,, thank you but science also says there’s something that’ll comfort someone even more,,,,,,,,,
  • and you’re like omg what is it tell me
  • and namjoon is scratching his neck and murmuring ,,,, “A….kiss,,,,,,”
  • and you jump a bit because a????? kiss?????? well,,,,,ok,,,,you’ll do it because of science!!!!!!!!! obviously not because namjoon is adorable and when you kiss him his lips are soft and you are secretly super thankful he didn’t solve the theory because if he did you’d probably not be kissing right now - oh his hand is pulling you closer,,,,,, 
Peter Maximoff Imagine “Sleeping Beauty”

Pairing: Peter Maximoff x reader

Requested: no

Warnings: slight cursing

A/N: I’ve written this a while ago. NOW THIS IMAGINE IS REALLY SHITTY! There is a request that I swear I DID NOT forget about. It’s just the very end of the term and after all I failed my chemistry test and I’ve barely had sleep this week and this is another reason why I can’t write anything worth your attention. And sorry for this shit… But if you somehow managed to like it let me know)

Originally posted by teriarty

(Gif isn’t mine)

It was lunch break. You and your boyfriend Peter were sitting together.

You yawned. “I’m soooo fucking tired! I want to die!” 

“Told you that you shouldn’t watch tv shows at night, but you never listen to me” Peter took a sip of his drink

“Shut up” you yawned again and looked at your watch “You know, I have some time until the beginning of the next period. I think I should take a nap”

“Okay, if you’re leaving me like this I’m going to go and prank Scott and tell him that it’s your fault” Peter smiled at you, little demons in his eyes were waving at you. You were in love with these eyes.   

“Deal!” you kissed him and stood up “Will see you at the next period” 

“Just don’t oversleep!” speedster shouted at your back 

“I’ll set an alarm!”

As soon as you entered your room you collapsed on your bed, burying you face into a soft pillow “Just ten minutes” you whispered to yourself 

As Peter thought you overslept your next period. He came to your room and knocked on the door. Just in case. There was no answer so he came in. 

He saw you on your bed curled into a ball under a blanket. He laid down next to you, wrapping his hands around you. He lay like this for about ten minutes and then it was the time for the last period. He decided to not wake you up. 

He placed a quick kiss on your head and left. 

After the last period Peter got too busy annoying Scott, so he forgot to check up on you, but when he did he found you still sleeping in the exact same position he left you. 

Now the silver haired boy was starting to get worried. He touched your forehead to make sure you didn’t have temperature, but it seemed fine. He shook you by your shoulder. “Hey, Y/N. Wake up sleeping beauty..” no response. “Come on Y/N” you didn’t even move. “Y/N wake up!” Peter shook you roughly. Suddenly he felt something on your hand under the blanket. He raised the piece of fabric. What he saw shocked him. 

He saw green vines wrapped around your body like some kind of cocoon. He tried to rip the vines, but as he touched them they burned is hands and only wrapped more tightly around you. 

A second later Peter was running around school looking for Frank, but he only found professor Xavier. 

“Professor! There’s something wrong with Y/N!” 

“Peter, calm down and show me where she is” 

After professor came to your room he examined you and vines around you.

“What’s wrong with her?” Peter couldn’t hide his anxiety. 

“Everything is alright. She is just in some kind of hibernation.” Professor said calmly, still looking at you. 


“Yes. She probably was too tired. Now she rests and she can’t control her powers that’s why there are vines. There is no need to freak out. She will wake up eventually”

“Eventually? How long is eventually?”

“From several days to several weeks, depends on how tired she is, for how long she hasn’t had enough sleep?”

“Couple of months” 

“That’s a lot. Just let her rest”


A week and a half has already passed but you were still sleeping. Peter visited you everyday. He was just laying besides you, talking to you, he even slept with you. It happened spontaneously. He just fell asleep near you and the next night and after that night, soon it became a habit. 

You were having an awesome dream. You were in a big library, reading and reading and reading. These books were magical. Everytime you opened a book you teleported to the world the book was about. And then there was the last book. After you finished it light started coming from everywhere, blinding you. Suddenly you were in your room. 

“Fuck! I’m late!” You tried to move but something held you in place. “Shit! Not again!” 

Peter was in history class just looking out of the window and doing everything he could do except listening to the teacher. Suddenly he heard professor’s voice in his head ‘Peter, she’s awake’ 

Immediately world almost froze. Peter stood up and started running to your room. He didn’t even knock, he just bursted into your room. 

“You’re awake!” he rushed to you and hugged you tightly. 

You buried your nose in his neck. “How long did I…” you were interrupted by Maximoff “Twelve days” 

“Fuck!” you giggled


It was already 1am but you still couldn’t fall asleep. Of course you couldn’t! You were sleeping for twelve days! Peter nozzled besides you. It was unusual, sharing bed with somebody, but knowledge that it was him made you feel more comfortable. 

You placed your head on his chest, his arm immediately wrapping around you “Hey, Peter” You poked a sleeping boy in the shoulder. “Peter” you whispered

“What?” he whispered sleepily, his eyes still closed

“I can’t fall asleep. Let’s go to the beach” a little smile appearing on your face

“What? Y/N it’s like 1 am” Peter turned his body to you, holding you tighter 

“Pleaseee” you whimpered, your lips against his cheek. 

“Nooo! We have classes tomorrow!” Speedster mumbled into your head

“pleeeeaseee” you raised your head and started covering his face in kisses. 

“Ugh..fine, anything for you” 

And you two really went to the beach! It was a magical night!

“You know what I’ve just understood?” You two were sitting on white sand, pressed to each other. 


“I’m madly in love with you!”


Yard Sales

In Radiation Springs Yard Sales are the backbone of the local economy.  Ya see, when you’ve got a bunch of people that spend most of their days scavenging for anything they can eat, they’re bound to come across stuff they won’t eat. That’s where the Yard Sale comes in. Anything to make some scratch.

Now this ain’t your Grandpappy’s Yard Sale neither.  You’ll find things for sale in Radiation Springs you’re probably not apt to find down at the local Flea Market or Thrift store.  I’m talkin’ weird things, like really weird things.  But who am I to judge. One Wastelander’s trash is a nuther’s next meal.  Just be sure keep your Geiger Counter and CDC Test Kits handy if you intend to do any binge shopping round here.

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I need some help. I'm learning Korean but I don't really know how 2 study. Even in school I never knew how 2 study I just kind of read over the review & hope I remember it for the test or most of the time I never really study at all. because I don't really know how or any study methods that actually work for me. & I see different posts saying 2 find the best study method that works for you but truthfully I don't really know any study methods to that work for me 2 help me improve & remember. 😔😔

Have you tried apps like memrise/quizlet to make your own vocab lists?
Have you tried finding articles/songs/books in korean and translating or understanding them by looking up vocab?
Have you tried youtube/ttmik/other listening resources?
Have you tried looking for korean learning books that involve subjects youre interested in?
Have you tried exploring the korean internet based on your hobbies?
Have you tried chatting with koreans through penpal sites/apps?
Have you tried watching variety shows without english subtitles and looking up the words you dont know?
Theres honestly soooooo many things you can do with a little creativity.
I dont really believe in “methods.” Just do something to keep yourself learning.
Think: what do i spend my free time doing? Then do whatever that is, but in korean.

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Hello! Can you please write about Ren, Eiichi, and Camus having an s/o who's nervous about a test? Thank you!!!

I can relate to this so much! I myself have test anxiety >///<

S/O with test anxiety

Ren Jinguji 

Ren never really took school seriously, so when he heard about your nervousness about an upcoming test he would brush it off at first thinking it was just lack of confidence. Once he sees that you are genuinely torn up about it, he would clear his entire schedule and give you all of his attention! He will help you with reviewing and testing your memory if he can. However, he will make sure you do not over work yourself and get enough rest. He will often make you take breaks and offer a ‘massage’. He will even cook your favorite meal for you, of course he wants his little lamb to be well fed! Don’t worry about your test, little lamb! Ren will be there for you every step of the way.

Eichi Otori

Eichi is very smart and understands the importance of exams! If you are having trouble with a certain math problem or memorizing a term, he knows all the tips and tricks to help his Angel out! He doesn’t care how long it takes, he only wants the best for his Heaven sent Angel. While he himself has experienced anxiety from tests, he knows exactly how to help you out. He will make a cute study nest for you to do all your work and be comfortable. While you study he will go on snack runs for you and bring any extra supplies needed. Neck feeling stiff? He has you covered! In the end, he knows you have have nothing to worry about because you are an amazing person anyways! 


GLASSES Oh boy. If Camus even catches a hint of someone taking an exam nearby, he will go into full senpai-mode. He believes exams are of utmost importance. When he finds out his s/o has an upcoming exam, be prepared for major study sessions! He will not allow you to go out anywhere until you know the subject in and out. Though he means well, he might become frustrated time-to-time when you don’t understand a problem that quickly. However, he will try to pace himself and be understanding. If you are feeling stressed, he will make you some of his famous tea to keep you well hydrated and relieve any pains and aches in your body. After you passed you exam, he will reward you will lots of sweets and pastries! 

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I was wondering, just because it's been bothering me a bit, can Aromantics date? Because I'm Aromantic but the thought of a romantic relationship sounds really good to me, I just don't have an ideal partner and probably wouldn't actively be searching one out.

Yes aromantic people can date, if they want to they can to and no one is stopping you if you wanted to have a relationship, just tell your future partner your boundaries and test out what you’re comfortable with and what not

- Paula

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Okay, so, either my messages aren't sending are I'm being ignored by my friends, so I'm sending this to a random blog in my feed to test it. Please respond.

sometimes messages just don’t make it because tumblr’s code is absolute garbage. i think i remember seeing a while back that 4 or more dots wouldn’t make it through but 3 or less would?? something to that effect??? if you use a lot of ellipsis it might not go through.

also on a personal level i get a shit load of messages on the daily and most of them i don’t really know what to say to so it could be that you’re getting drowned out?? if that’s not a possibility then maybe they just aren’t checking their messages often? i know on mobile it’s a hassle and a half to remember to regularly check my inbox since i dont get any kind of notification for it :/// im a bad friend lol :///

anywho here’s yr response have a kitty

our 500% official in-writing diagnoses are: autism spectrum disorder and unspecified mood affective disorder

and honestly i wonder how often people even have specified diagnoses? (read: how often people All About the professional diagnoses were just told by a psych “yeah I think you have X, definitely” while their notes still say ‘unspecified’. “diagnosis” can refer to a few different things, etc.)

maybe it’s just cause our psychs (therapists and psychiatrists alike) were all at least moderately opposed to the DSM and the idea of rigid diagnostic categories

but everyday therapy-going and med-getting really didn’t lead to a diagnostic process beyond just some general screening questionnaires. the autism diagnosis we sought out and involved this whole testing process thing. im sure we could sit someone down and get a specified bipolar diagnosis, but… why? it’s really just billing codes, in the end.

there is actually one day billed as Major Depressive Disorder. i dunno what was up with that one.

and a couple with infantile autism, presumably because their database wasn’t yet updated to the DSM-5 codes. but that’s also pretty great, cause i always thought the DSM-IV would give us PDD-NOS, or potentially Asperger’s, but definitely not infantile autism. :V

- Ace

20 things about meeeeeee

hallo sorry omg this semester is teeming with tests and i barely have time to do anything ;-;-;-;

OMO TYSM to the peeps who tagged me ily pls accept my sarangs @haechico @pepperonibecausedoyoung @why-jaehyun <333333

Rules: Answer the questions in a new post and tag 20 blogs you would like to get to know better.

Nickname: umm my name is really bad for nicknames but my bff calls me yara-poo ?? she needs to stop tho | ‘yarzies’, radwin/radlose –> ok so my last name is rad***(lol cant give away too much info :’) and i campaigned for like student elections so i was like AYY RAD-WIN!! but then i lost and everyone called me AHAH RAD-LOSE and i am still in trauma

Gender: female ~~

Star Sign:  O M L I always see people like  “rising sun “ “something moon” like brooo what even iDKK i want to know how this is configured ;;;;; im a libra tho lel

Height: ummmmm its like >170cm but <175cm so i wanna say like 172/3cm ?? idk i should check lel

Time right now: 12:06 am

Last thing googled: ok dkm “how to check your google history”

but the actual last legit thing i searched was “how to use while loops in java”


Favorite solo artists: TAEYEONNN, Ariana Grande, JB, Alfred Reed, Gustav Holst(i lovveee classical/band music so much adhja)

Song stuck in your head: MONSTA X - BEAUTIFUL im literally on my knees for their first win istg this song is 1110/10

Last movie watched: i never watch movies but i think the last one was Kimi No Na Wa and lets not talk about that because im starting to cry thinking about it

Last TV show watched: umm im watching The Liar and His Lover rn lol Joyyy ajhfgs shes so pretty 

When did you create your blog: ohhh i got like that “congrats your blog is 1 year old email” like two weeks ago so um yeah 1 year 2 weeks old

What kind of stuff do you post: probably 97% nct, 1% other kpop groups, 2% memes/relatable stuff that applies to my life/things that i feel are important to be shared 

When did your blog reach its peak: i actually only started using my tumblr after i realized there was a ginormous slew of kpop fan accounts here and i needed a will to live so yeah probably in january i started following and reposting everything

and then semester two came along and now i barely have time to live

Do you have any other blogs: nuuu 

Do you get asks regularly: no lol im a lo n e

Why you chose your url: bro what even you can choose urls?? im still a N00B pls

Following: 686 i shit you not probably 95% of them are nct fan accounts

Posts: 644 (in which most of them happened in the span of a single month)

Hogwarts house: shitshitshitshist i dont read/watch hp pls

Pokemon team: Mystic aka best team

Favourite coloUrs: black and any dark shade of a colour(esp blue, purple + green)

Average hours of sleep: sorry what is sleep? i have insomnia + a really unhealthy shit-ton of school work so on a good day 7/6 hours but for example yesterday i had 4 hours

Lucky Numbers: 9 idk thats the day of my birthday but i never really invested in a lucky number sooooo

Favorite characters: fictional? uhhhhhhhhhhhh barbie lol

What are you wearing right now: a sweater and shorts(because i live in canada where you have to be cold + hot at the same time because our weather goes through more moodswings than me on my ppppppp)

How many blankets do you sleep with: one but it has to be the furriest heaviest warmest thing ever or else im cold(even in the summer)

Dream job: if we’re talking realistic, probably a dentist/forensic scientist/some sort of person that specializes in chem + drugs

if we’re talking about stfu jobs, like the camera crew/translator/some backstage person at SM ent or any company

Dream trip: um hello?  (south) K O  R E  A 

TAGS: @taebreez @kookies-for-taehyung @1aeil @donghyuckstudies @taeiloves @jaehyyunn :^)

I’m apologizing in advance if I’m a bit out of it for the next few days, weeks…whatever. I got my blood test results back and things really aren’t that great so I’m pretty down about it. Who knows I may not be as active or I may be overly active on here to try and distract myself. I’m just going through some things right now and it’s gonna take some time to get out of this slump. Thanks for understanding!

I’m doing a proofreading/testing gig where I have to take an online test as a variety of fake students to make sure the results display properly, and I’m finding myself feeling really bad for the fake student who has to score zero on every test.

(Also this task is going to take longer than their estimate and I don’t know if they underestimated or I’m just being slow. /o\)


You really have to risk everything, you have to take chances and take on projects that are pretty diverse. Just because you do film, don’t limit yourself. You should also do theater because it puts you out there in a terrifying way in front of a live audience and it really tests your skills. The more flexible you are, the more the longevity of your career is going to sustain itself. That’s what actors want. We don’t want to blow up for two years or five years and then be done.


Hunk shown being proud abt his cooking skills, Hunk sharing his food with his friends as comfort/support, Hunk sharing his knowledge about certain recipes, Hunk as a genuine foodie with an articulate taste

Me: The Good™ Content 👌👌👌👌

Hunk only in the sidelines askin bout food thinkin bout food hey what are y'all talkin bout here look im eating food