this was really hilarious

Korra can't make contact with the past Avatars any more but they're still in the Spirit World

Ok but what if Korra and Asami see Aang and he’s asking all about Tenzin and Kya and Bumi and Katara and Zuko and he gets really excited that they found Toph and he thinks it’s hilarious that she’s just been hiding in a swamp this whole time and he wants to know what his grandkids are like and he wants to know all about the new airbenders and about all the bison and about how Pema’s doing after having four bender kids and

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Hey! Have you ever thought about an AU where Sakumo was restructed along with the rest of the Hokages and Kakashi is horrified when he figured out that his Father and the Snake Sannin used to have a relationship together?

I had not, but that would be…really tragic but also really hilarious. Talk about the very worst way to figure out your father one had a thing for the quasi-mad scientist. Yikes.

TalesFromThePizzaGuy: Life as a Delivery Driver..

Can be a fun but crazy job haha. I work at a restaurant that’s open late night in Los Angeles as a delivery driver. We deliver anything from pizza, deserts and pastas. I’m actually just getting off my shift and somehow stumbled upon this Group haha. We get a ton of celebs and crazy shit and always wondered how it might be for other people out there. Any crazy or cool or awful stories? Only two I can think of that was really cool and hilarious haha.

One time I made a delivery to a house during the day to some really nice house right where Beverly Hills begins. It’s like 2pm and they order a bunch of food and when I come in, I talk to some tall African American dude talking to some girl. I didn’t pay it any mind until I walk in. I see a bunch of guys coming out of the pool through the screen door and as I set the food down, they’re all getting dry. They give me a nice tip and as I’m about to leave, I realize it’s Samir Nasri (back when he was in Manchester City) and some of his friends! I flip out, his friend laughs at me and we got a photo together haha then as I walk out I realize the guy I talked to in the beginning was Yaya Toure and I’m like holy shit, but by the time I realized it, he was gone haha but definitely a fun moment!

Another hilarious moment was when I made a delivery in Hollywood. Some regular middle eastern dude who was drunk had some really hot girl (escort) come up as I was going up also. We’re both waiting at the door and this dude opens and he had already tipped me but then proceeds to tel the girl, “no tip for him?” He then makes her kiss my hand and I was like hahaha what the fuck is going on. Then I left. It was funnier than explained I think but still funny shit haha

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[Radio] JB, Jinyoung, Mark (GOT7) - You Were Beautiful (DAY6 cover) @ Hongki Kiss The Radio 170323

This is both really good, and hilarious. Mark kept making me lose my shit; I swear, he’s trying to be my bias right now. Props to Jinyoung and JB for a) keeping their shit together (mostly) and b) really doing a great job. BamBam, Yugyeom, and Youngjae’s cover of BIGBANG’s Loser was, uh… way less serious than this. lol

So, I’m not becoming an Ed Sheeran blog, but after watching the new video of Rupert Grint pretending that Ed is just his alter ego (which is hilarious) I stumbled into this.  

Really funny coincidence.  Ed NEEDS to wear his glasses!


hp quotes // “‘Oy, you! 'Arry Potter!’ shouted a particularly grim-looking dwarf, elbowing people out of the way to get to Harry.
Hot all over at the thought of being given a Valentine in front of a queue of first years, which happened to include Ginny Weasley, Harry tried to escape. The dwarf, however, cut his way through the crowd by kicking people’s shins, and reached him before he’d gone two paces.
'I’ve got a musical message to deliver to 'Arry Potter in person,’ he said, twanging his harp in a threatening sort of way.”

i can’t stop laughing about how many people have seen vox machina together in their entirety

and at least some of them have to have noticed that every single member of the party wears a single stud earring on one ear but never saw them actually use the earrings to communicate

so they’re just out there, assuming that the saviors of tal’dorei decided at some point that the only true way to express their friendship was for all of them to go out and get identical friendship earrings


joshua birthday countdown: d-13

sh!t josh says (in english) [ cr. 1 / 2 / 3 ]