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I respect the fuck out of Solange for this and I suggest any black person who has access to these services does the same and support black businesses!


Did you know we have over 21 Black-owned banks in the U.S? In 2013, HBCU Money published a list of Black-owned banks and credit unions. In light of our country’s recent tragedies, here’s what they found and what you should learn. Let’s wake up and realize where we should really be putting our hard working dollars.


Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Founded: January 28, 2000
FDIC Region: Atlanta
Assets: $35 404 000


Location: Los Angeles, California
Founded: February 26, 1947
FDIC Region: San Francisco
Assets: $385 055 000

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Founded: October 3, 1994
FDIC Region: Atlanta
Assets: $294 572 000


Location: Savannah, Georgia
Founded: January 1, 1927
FDIC Region: Atlanta
Assets: $41 573 000


Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Founded: June 18, 1921
FDIC Region: Atlanta
Assets: $392 286 000


Location: Newark, New Jersey
Founded: June 11, 1973
FDIC Region: New York
Assets: $340 301 000


Location: Mobile, Alabama
Founded: February 19, 1976
FDIC Region: Atlanta
Assets: $63 244 000


Location: Chicago, Illinois
Founded: June 20, 1977
FDIC Region: Chicago
Assets: $59 842 000


Location: Detroit, Michigan
Founded: May 14, 1970
FDIC Region: Chicago
Assets: $215 924 000


Location: Danville, Virginia

Founded: September 08, 1919
FDIC Region: Atlanta
Assets: $38 882 000


Location:Tuskegee, Alabama
Founded: October 11, 1991
FDIC Region: Atlanta
Assets: $63 127 000


Location: Chicago, Illinois
Founded: November 09, 1970
FDIC Region: Chicago
Assets: $84 948 000


Location: Chicago, Illinois
Founded: January 01, 1934
FDIC Region: Chicago
Assets: $140 148 000


Location: Washington, DC
Founded: August 18, 1934
FDIC Region: New York
Assets: $342 524 000


Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Founded: November 16, 1972
FDIC Region: Dallas
Assets: $545 019 000


Location: Durham, North Carolina
Founded: March 01, 1908
FDIC Region: Atlanta
Assets: $304 809 000


Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Founded: February 12, 1971
FDIC Region: Chicago
Assets: $91 490 000


Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Founded: August 02, 1982
FDIC Region: New York
Assets: $590 624 000


Location: Chicago, Illinois
Founded: January 02, 1965
FDIC Region: Chicago
Assets: $573 168 000


Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Founded: March 23, 1992
FDIC Region: New York
Assets: $67 930 000


Location: Houston, Texas
Founded: August 01, 1985
FDIC Region: Dallas
Assets: $68 125 000

Source: FDIC

If there aren’t any Black-owned banks near you, you can support Black-owned businesses both online and in person. Black Exchange (formerly Afro-Arts) has hipped me to so many Black-owned businesses. It was through them that I found Philadelphia Printworks which makes a dope James Baldwin sweatshirt that I practically live in. I also found Belle Butters through them and it has my natural hair flourishing.

If you’re on the go and want to see what Black-owned businesses are near you, download WhereU. The app is a directory of local Black-Owned Businesses and has information for the United States, the UK, France, and Canada! It’s user-based so you can add any Black-owned businesses you haven’t seen on the app!”

Should I Make Friends With A Famous Writer?

Every semester one of my former professors invites me to speak to her creative writing class about making a living as a creative professional. At the end of my talk students ask questions. Usually the questions are about finishing work, motivating yourself, or getting published.

But this last time, a student asked me a new question. “Should I make friends with any famous writers? Would it help my career?”

The general wisdom on this is that it’s best not to bother folks who are famous and incredibly busy. They have many demands on their time and lots of people clamoring for their attention. I mean, sure, if you meet Neil Gaiman at a party and you hit it off and he invites you to have a drink and you talk all night - well, I’m not going to be the one to tell you that you’re not allowed to be friends. Anyone who has read about the lives of famous writers runs into the fact that many of them knew each other, wrote letters and collaborated. It seems only natural for a student ask to join that club.

But the whole question overlooks a vital point. The famous writer is already in the room. The famous writer might be your classmate. Or the lady in the back of the room. Or the couple with the podcast. Or the guy who writes terribly, but burns to get better. Or the quiet woman who takes her knitting to class. Or your friend, who can’t afford classes, but who writes furiously with a baby on her lap.

There was a time, years ago, when I was sitting at a bar with friends who weren’t published, but who were grinding away at a novel. Now there are Hugos and book deals and talk about television shows. But back then, none of them were famous. They were just people at a bar. People who were working, who made things that no one noticed. At least, until someone did.

Before you reach out to a famous writer and ask them to be your friend, think about becoming friends with the people around you who are working hard. The people who persevere beyond the point of reason. The people who fail, get up, and try again. Know that the famous writer you are looking for just might be you.

| Makorin Week | Day 1 - Flowers/Warmth |

- I knew it! The flower crown suits you!
- I’ll finish you off right after i’ll finish this, i’m telling you.

it’s kinda about how Rin’s playing games and Makoto’s all cute and flowers and. well.

Elie Wiesel

“Night” was published in 1960. I think a lot of people don’t understand how hard it was for people to talk about the Holocaust because now we’re inundated with Holocaust narratives in everything from Hollywood movies to children’s books and video games. But the cultural trauma and the collective silence surrounding the Holocaust was very, very real. My dad was born in the Bronx in the 50s and he remembers the weird status of the Shoah: everyone had been touched by it but no one really felt like they “owned” it. People whispered about it but no one talked about it. You would sometimes walk into a shop or laundromat and everyone working there had a number tattoo.

Wiesel was sneered at by a certain type of academic for being a conventional writer and by portions of the left for being a Zionist. In either case, we were to understand that he was a “bad” survivor unlike the “interesting” survivors who wrote more avant-garde prose (Paul Celan, etc) or the “righteous” survivors who did not advocate for the state of Israel. We were to understand that Wiesel was “bad” because he paved the way for insipid Holocaust romances like Schindler’s List and contributed to a general cultural sense that Jews were aggrieved victims (which like…..they were).

It’s true that Wiesel believed he was a victim, that he was willing to tell and retell the story of what happened to him, and that he understood “Never again” not only as a generic slogan of humanitarian goodwill but as a promise to the Jewish people. I think that was extremely important for Jews like my grandfather, who fled Europe, to hear, although it may be hard for us to have the historical perspective to understand why that is. It’s also hard to imagine that we’d have the language and reference points to talk about genocides in Rwanda, Bosnia, etc, without his work and the work of other survivors.

Anyway, rest in piece, Elie. Your memory will be a blessing.


Being a writer is hard.  Being a writer who wants to get published is really hard.  It takes a lot of work, a lot of dedication, and more research than anyone ever wants to believe.  Not only are you doing research to write your stories, but once you’re done, you’re suddenly faced with the need to do research on how to get published.

That’s a rabbit hole that’s easy to fall into.

The first step?  Find an editor.  And I don’t mean an editor who works in a publishing house—we’re still a long way from that bit.  No, the first kind of editor you need to find is a freelancer.

A freelance editor is going to take your manuscript and help you get it to the point where you can send it where it needs to be—whether that’s a self-publishing platform, a literary agent, or the unsolicited manuscript pile at a publishing house.

You can’t send an unpolished manuscript to any of these places.  That’s where the freelancer comes in.

But how do things work when you’re working with a freelance editor?  Let’s face it: there’s only so much time you can invest in researching how this all works.  And you don’t want to put money into something when you’re not entirely sure how the process goes.

So here’s a little crash course on how editing tends to work with freelancers—and with publishing houses.

Keep reading


This is it - the last fic rec list this month. There have been plenty before and you can see them here, or even this index right here.

This is a list featuring 15 fic finished/published this year. To be perfectly honest, I had such a hard time picking fics for pretty much all the lists since they are really very small (15 fic tops), but I limited myself on purpose - see what happens when I don’t - and also because it’s easier to read all the fics on a smaller list.

Anyway, I’ve already started thinking about another fic rec month, but it won’t be out for a while. In the meantime, enjoy!

Angles of View by petals42_tumblr (rosepetals42) (8k, T)

Derek Hale is Superman.
Stiles is Lois Lane’s cameraman.
They get closer than they are supposed to.

AKA: A Superman!AU in honor of Tyler’s recent casting.

Balance by StarsAmongStones (11k, T)

Everyone Stiles has ever been engaged to has met with a suspiciously awful fate.

(He really does just have bad luck. Fortunately Derek has terrible luck too. They cancel each other out.)

Constantly on the Cusp by alisvolatpropiis (41k, E)

Stiles is gay, out and proud, and a Beacon Hills deputy. Derek is a firefighter and war veteran who thinks he’s straight; or, Derek and Stiles have lots of semi-public hate sex on the road to Love.

Criminal Minds!AU by illusemywords (55k, M; series, 2 parts)

Stiles Stilinski has been brought in for questioning about someone leaking confidential information about a major weapons company. He gets the choice between going to jail and working with the Behavioral Analysis Unit. 

Disappear Here by AgnesBlue (29k, M)

Stiles was quiet.
“What?” Derek said again.
“My first heat is coming up soon,” Stiles said at last.
Derek closed his eyes, disinterested. He knew where Stiles was going with this.
“I was thinking…hoping, really,” Stiles said. “Maybe you could stay with me during that time.”

Wounded in a fire that killed off his entire family, Derek wants nothing more than to be left alone as he finishes off his senior year in high school. That all changes when omega Stiles Stilinski asks him to help him through his first heat.

Find Me Sitting Poolside by TroubleIWant (14k, T)

“Oh, and you’re the Hales!” the host exclaims when Stiles slides the sign-up sheet back. “Or, Hale and Stilinski, I guess. For now.” She gives them a conspiratorial wink. “I have to say, we are just pleased as punch to see an adorable couple like you attending!”

Stiles tosses an arm familiarly around Derek’s shoulders despite all the bags hanging off them, and gives him a squeeze. “I know! We’re pretty much the cutest. Right, honey?” He shoots his Alpha a shit-eating grin.

Derek bares his teeth in what’s probably supposed to be a smile, except that it isn’t, in much the same way that they are supposed to be a couple, but aren’t.


To track down a rogue Alpha who’s endangering their pack, Stiles and Derek must go undercover at a Hawaiian couples retreat. Of course, this does mean that the two of them have to fake a relationship well enough to fool their supernatural hosts, or risk getting kicked out. Sharing a bed, hanging out poolside, tracking down a murderous Alpha… should be easy, right?

In This World or the Next by Lissadiane (21k, T)

Derek wakes up to the smell of frying bacon and brewing coffee on an ordinary morning in his ordinary life, but he can’t help but shake the feeling that he’s forgotten something important. It probably has to do with the three wishes he’d been granted by the fae after saving the life of their fairy prince, and possibly also the sheriff’s missing son.

In which Derek Hale learns that sometimes being given what we want more than anything else has disastrous consequences.

Our Puddle is Deceptively Deep by calrissian18 (10k, E)

They start out in a literal tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.

Something about books and their covers by countrygirlsfun (23k, M)

Derek decides he’s going to court his neighbor.

Stiles decides he wants to be courted.

The ensuing relationship, while lacking sex, has no shortage of love.

Taught by Experts by unpossible (29k, T)

“Let me get this straight,” Stiles says. “You’re going to be publicly dating someone else.”

Those That Bump In The Night by bleep0bleep (28k, T)

A boy’s head appears upside down, hanging off the bed. “Is anyone there?” he calls out curiously, looking right at Derek’s eyes.
Caught, then. The protocol for being deliberately seen by a child is just to look as strange and fearsome as possible. No one would believe them, anyways. But Derek is tired, and he’s been running and scared, and now he just kind of flickers, curling out a tendril of dark smoke, hoping that he’s a little bit scary.
No such luck.
The boy’s eyes widen. “Oooh, are you the bogeyman?”
“Bogeyperson,” Derek says, before he can help himself.


When Stiles was a boy, he had an imaginary friend named Derek. Ten years later, Derek comes back, and is very, very real.

Tore a Line in the Sun by stilinski (45k, T)

 "If you’re watching this, you’re probably some kind of sentient life form responding to my distress call – well, it’s not really unofficial distress call because, well, the hardware for that is kind of crushed, but I’m definitely in distress, so that should probably count for something.“

 The young man on the screen sighs and rubs his face, jerking his hand away with a hiss. He’s bleeding, Derek realises: there’s a gash across his brow and the knuckles of both hands are bruised and bloody, and that’s only what he can make out between the cracks in the glass and the frame of the camera.

Ultra Violet by ElisAttack (17k, T)

"There’s no way he’s a quarian. Least of all the quarian prince we’re supposed to be escorting.” Erica whines, and Derek wonders why he named her his staff lieutenant, she has no tact whatsoever.

“I’m sorry, but you must be a level 4 friend to unlock my tragic back-story.” The prince jokes. “And call me Stiles, even I can’t pronounce my actual name.”

Or the one where Derek and his crew are assigned to be the glorified babysitter of an alien prince, and everything is not as it seems.

Worlds Apart by siny (93k, E)

Derek Hale, Heir Prince of Betonia and Italy, meets Stiles Stilinski, college boy.

Worse Things (I Could Do) by Dexterous_Sinistrous (6k, T)

And then everything was frozen, completely quiet.

“It broke,” Derek uttered in bewilderment.

Stiles turned his head to look at Derek’s hands, his arms still holding him close. “How … how could it break?” He questioned as he leaned forward some. And sure enough, the wrapper and condom were torn in half.

Derek released a sad, dejected sigh, sinking further into the seat. A soft blush heated his cheeks as he stared down at the broken condom. “I bought it in the seventh grade,” he finally stated in embarrassment.

Contest WINNERS!!

JUDGING THIS CONTEST WAS REALLY HARD AND BEING IN TRANSIT MADE PUBLISHING THE RESULTS EVEN HARDER BUT HERE IT IS, WE GOT OVER 100 GREAT ENTRIES. however we soon realized that many of you are burdened with the curse of being TOO CREATIVE. even tumblr hobbyists who go out of their way to be as uncreative as possible still manage to be more successful than some theatrical movies, and i think thats beautiful. above all i hope with was a good exercise in how to not create a narrative.

THIRD PLACE: NIGHT OWL by @sh2nurse​!

The masterfully crafted mess of a story really struck a chord with us, in that it honest to god sounds like a very real cheap bizarre film we would uncover from the bowels of imdb. So congratulations on crafting something so incohesive its believable to exist, something like Spider’s web: A pig’s tale or Cinderella: Once upon a time in the west comes to mind, personally. also the kevin james segway bat is great.


Congratulations, we feel like this pitch really encapsulated the laziest, most stale, generic children’s animated movie that could be made today. You really succeeded at isolating the generic alleles from a movie’s genome and incubating them in a festering petri dish of G rated mom viewers. You could not pay me to see this movie in theatres. I think i would fall asleep halfway through watching it, and that deserves my praise.

FIRST PLACE: CHEEZED OFF by @synthaphone​!!

We felt like this entry could really be a real B+ movie with a competent budget that could actually exist. The kind of movie that barely tried, but was a huge miss and still bombs at the box office, in other words the kind of bad movie that really fascinates us the most here. The main character really looks like the most grating kind of bad and I already know i’m going to hate him irrationally throughout the film, so congrats for accomplishing that.



The judging process for this was so hard we very quickly agreed we just had to give out special mentions to our other finalists.

BORNEO by Anonymous(please come forward you magnificent person) as zoology nerds, this entry struck a personal chord. Just the premise of white tigers being released into the wild and an evil tiger-eating orangutan is amazing and makes me weep. also the effort put into the dvd sleeve was incredible.

HUSTLING VERMIN by @ apersonplaceorthing. i love the character models so much, its just so endearing and very reminiscent of over the hedge

ROCKIN ROBIN by @draconym i love these birds, theyre so bad. the girl bird is amazing, however we were hesitant to give a place award without a write up. also my mom who loves minions said it was ugly so thats a positive achievement.

MAXWELL DOGGINS by @sasquartz that pug…and that lady..they are beautiful

A PLATYPUS TALE by @itoruna-the-platypus we really loved this one and genuinely enjoyed the designs, however we felt that platypuses are TOO ORIGINAL

BIRDS OF A FEATHER by @finimun​ again feels like a bad movie that could really exist, im thinking something like the tier of free birds. we actually liked the idea of the hunting dog villain, for like, an actual interesting idea which inherently made it less generic though.

PAY DIRT by @mongoosefangs we really like the designs and terribly cliche evil corporate plot, but the commentary is definitely my favourite thing. 

RUFF LIFE by @joshnewberry, @kludges, @kittybf i really admire the effort that went into this, considering it took 3 people and 3d modelling. i also love the dan avidan, however i cant see how a movie starring dan would be anything less than amazing (my mom saw this entry too and asked if it was a real movie so congrats on that)

HIGH STAKES by @psychicpumpkinpi​ very great generic story, i especially love the writing for the female love interest, you nailed the trope good job.

CONCERNING PRIZES, personally i would love to do a stream as i make the prizes, however that means it may take more time for them to be out, so i guess its up to you to decide

mekabbii asked:

As a black woman, I’m concerned with prejudice I will face when I try to find a publisher. I don’t write black literature at all but my name is Tameka so they will most definitely know I’m black. What will publishers assume? I am unsure if I should take up a pseudonym or not. It helped plenty of authors get publication before but taking a new name is a bit hard. I mean, it’s how I’ll be remembered.

Sigh. Tameka, I’m really sorry that we live in a society where you even have to think about things like this.

My first instinct is to say, “No! Keep your name! Challenge society!” but as a white person, I know that it’s not my place to say things like that. (That being said, I think the only person who can really answer your questions is you—at the end of the day, you have to go with what feels right to you.)

But hopefully, with this post, I can give you and others some resources to help develop an answer to this question.

More information about pseudonyms:

More information about diversity (or lack thereof) in publishing*:

More information about African Americans in publishing:

More information about sexism in publishing:

Also, I hope that it’s okay that the image I included above is of Toni Morrison, one of my favorite authors. (Toni Morrison isn’t her birth name, but it’s also not a purposefully chosen pen name—Toni is a nickname comes from her confirmation name, and Morrison is her married surname.)

Okay. I’ve tried to answer this ask really carefully and sensitively, but please, if anyone finds that any information I’ve included is wrong/offensive/misleading/anything else, please let me know.

Also, if anyone has a story to share about their experience with a pseudonym, as a minority in the publishing industry, or any advice that they’d like to share with Tameka, send us an ask and I’ll include it at the bottom of this post.

How to Write a Query Letter

Dear Mr. or Ms. AgentName (which is spelled correctly because I did my freakin’ research),

This is a brief Personalization Paragraph where I explain why I chose you, specifically, to query, because I did my freakin’ research and didn’t just pick your name out of a hat. For example, I recently saw you present at a conference and you mentioned that you love science fiction with a strong literary voice. I believe my manuscript fits that bill.

This is me launching directly into the description of my manuscript, which is written similarly to book jacket copy – old book jacket copy that actually gave you an idea of the book, not new copy where they just post an excerpt. This paragraph is the hook, where I introduce you to the main character and their inciting struggle in a concise way that intrigues you and makes you want to keep reading. Check out this blog for effective queries.

Now that I’ve hooked you, this paragraph will give you a rundown of the MAIN PLOT THREAD ONLY and what the core of the story is. This is what moves everything forward. It’s the conflict. The meat. I won’t include subplots or extraneous characters, interesting though they may be. This has to be short, sweet, and gripping. It should feature a creative taste of what I’m capable of without being gimmicky.

One last paragraph, if necessary, to give you a taste of the novel’s biggest conflict point, or a hint at the climax. Can’t be too generic. Reveal enough to show how the story is unique and make the reader excited to know what happens.

THE NOVEL TITLE is a cyberdieselcorepunk novel, complete at 80,000 words. The voice and character will appeal to fans of RELEVANT COMP TITLE and OTHER RELEVANT COMP TITLE. These are my relevant credentials, and only my relevant credentials, like that I have an English degree and am a member of a national writer’s organization. I’ve had short stories published in THIS MAGAZINE, if appropriate. This is a simultaneous submission, which means you’re not the only agent who has this query letter and it’s professional to let you know that.

I am including the first ten pages of my manuscript in the body of the email below, NOT as an attachment. This is so an agent can have a look at my work without committing to a request right away, and can better decide if my style suits them.

Thank you for your time and consideration. This entire letter should be no more than 500 words. If it’s longer, I’m being too wordy somewhere. Agents see literally thousands of these. Attention spans are short.

Your name
Your contact number

(Note: this is one method, but it’s not THE ONLY method.)


“― you giant, stubborn, righteous idiot.”

the glorious hug scene from chapter 8 of @dracze​’s fanfic half way across. my mind went to a line from tkj that goes something like “he’s afraid of falling” and it makes my heart feel heavy

EDIT: i darkened the background bc dramatic :D

It takes a pro-active effort to convince people from marginalized groups that they’re welcome in any industry where their presence isn’t well established. That’s hard to understand if you’re part of the majority and are used to seeing people like you in the business.

People in the majority tend to assume that any effort to extend an invitation to minorities - any action that affirms their welcome - is unfair. In fact it’s a fair and equitable corrective to decades of institutional affirmation towards the majority.

In simpler terms; any publisher who says “we’re just looking for the best talent” without making an active effort to court minority talent is really only looking for the best straight white male talent, because they’re the people who know the industry has a place for them.

—  Andrew Wheeler, comicsalliance

So I got my volume 2 of R.U.S.T which will be available around february.

Unfortunately the publisher did a mistake with printing and the colors are wrong. So it’s really hard to read it in dark scenes… Not sur it is worth buying it. The colors were the only thing that save the book.

“Maybe we need some kinds of revelations to help us see things in a better way. I know I do everyday. Even when you think you have everything in order, that’s when sometimes you begin to lose sight on what is truly important. I think the time I feel I want to give up is the time I am faced with a revelation or a change that proves that life can go on.

I read a quote today about boundaries and compassion and it really hit me hard. I think people have a hard time with this.

"Compassionate people are boundary people…..The heart of compassion is really acceptance. The better we are at accepting ourselves and others, the more compassionate we become. Well, it’s difficult to accept people when they are hurting us or taking advantage of us or walking all over us. This research has taught me that if we really want to practice compassion, we have to start by setting boundaries and holding people accountable for their behavior.” - Brene Brown

That’s when you need to set boundaries, that’s when you need to be honest and to open up and to explain why it is important to be kind to one another. I know I am only human and I am sure I’ve made mistakes and hurt others along the way that I am accountable for but I can’t let it get in the way of me becoming a better person or trying to be a better person. Each step I take is necessary for my life and my goals. Forward is the only direction to go.“ - Joanna Strafford, Tangled 

Photo source: henrrydelavega

Quote: Joanna Strafford, Tangled

Click here for my book!


Journal Accepts Paper Reading “Get Me Off Your Fucking Mailing List”

A paper that largely consists of the words “Get me off your fucking mailing list” repeated 863 times has been accepted by a journal that claims to be peer reviewed. The move might appear to offer hope to scientists struggling to get marginal work published, but really just exposes the extent of scam publications pretending to be contributing to science.

“Publish or Perish” is more than a catch-phrase for scientific researchers. With rare exceptions, such as those working for secret military projects, research scientists need to publish regularly if they hope to advance, or often just keep, their career. High impact journals such as Science and Nature help most, but getting into these is hard and even less prestigious journals can be a challenge.

This has created a market for bottom feeders with impressive sounding names and absolutely no standards. For a fee, they will publish anything. Unscrupulous, desperate or very naive scientists can pad out their CVs and hope no one notices the quality of some of the journals they list.

No one goes into science to do this kind of stuff though, so these “journals” spam email lists  in the hope the suggestion will arrive in a moment of weakness.

Dr Peter Vamplew, a computer scientist at Federation University Australia got one too many invites from the International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology and hit back with the seven words repeated over and over, along with headings, pseudo-citations, a flow chart and graph.

Read more at IFLS.


Nacin, an ingredient in energy drinks, could give you hepatitis, new study finds

You really can have too much of a good thing. Case in point: The niacin, aka vitamin B3, in energy drinks could lead to acute hepatitis. On Tuesday, a case study published in the British Journal of Medicine revealed that a previously healthy man contracted hepatitis after he went hard on energy drinks. Certain energy drinks have more nacin than others.

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I finally FINALLY drew fanart from one of my favorite fanfictions from my favorite fanfic author author in general. :) 

@thelastpilot I hope I can draw more stuff for all of your fanfictions, I love every single one of them, they’re incredible! The stories are always written in perfect character, the ideas are clever and new, and you have an amazing talent for developing characters in your fics so that they learn and grow while still maintaining who they are. And with all of that, you make me laugh really hard. You have a pretty fantastic humor. XD 

Thanks for all the amazing stories you share with us, they’re wonderful! <3

I hope someday you can publish some books, I know I’ll be one of the first people to buy them! <3


This is from (well okay, this scene hasn’t EXACTLY happened yet, but this ship is appearing) The Weight of Jade, which is a sequel to Won’t Tell a Soul.

And you all need to read it ASAP.


Ok so story time: I started laughing really hard when Troye said he ended up making cookies for his next video cause I had these TRXYE cookies planned as MY next video! I know these are different types of cookies but how crazy is that?

I was a little nervous to share this earlier, but it was fun to make so I really hope you guys like it! <3