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LGBT litterature

A lot of us read fanfictions because we don’t find published books with plots and characters that meet our expectations. And by that I mean stories with characters that are not white cishet persons, with a plot that does not revolve around the identity of the main character. Or only sex.

These stories almost don’t exist outsides the Internet. You almost don’t find them in stores, in libraries and the medias don’t talk about them. And the Internet is BIG. I mean, really big, it’s really fucking hard to find something here, and if you don’t know the thing exists.

So here you go, that’s what I know.

Less Than Three Press is big publisher of LGBT stories. They have  Alex PowellSasha L. MillerIsabella CarterMegan DerrJulia Alaric, and that’s only some of my favorite authors. They have long books, short books, stand alones, series, black characters, asian heroes, awesome women, loving poly relationships, and more!

You want something by genre?
Fairy Tales
Science Fiction
Urban Fantasy

By orientation?
Bisexual & Pansexual
Genderqueer & Trans

By type of book maybe?
Box Sets

You speak another language than Engligh?

Or you don’t have money because we don’t all have that?
Free Reads

Dreamspinner press has tonnes of new, young authors who wrote amazing stuff.  I don’t know what you like, but they have a book for that, that’s almost certain. I mean, look at that:

They also have books in Dutch, Italian, French and Spanish! And they have Sam Argent, August Li, Andrea Speed, Mason Thomas, and Madeleine Urban, author of the Cut&Run series.

And let’s not forget DSP Publications, a new imprint of Dreamspinner  focus on LGBTQ genre fiction, more than romance.

They also have Harmony Ink! Mostly romance, this time.

And then we have Riptide Publishing, focused more on serial books and universes. They have  KJ Charles and do I really need to speak about this author?

We have also Ninestar Press, look at this logo please, it’s so pretty. You can find romance stories within all the lgbt+ spectrum here.

You also have Lovelight Press!

And probably many other I don’t heard yet about. And some LGBT books are edited by major mainstream publishers, with, of course, Penguin Random House, who edited Captive Prince (but who didn’t edited these books at this point).

Oh, and I am French, you are French speaking too? Great, let me introduce you to Reines-Beaux. Because they published LGBT books, too!

If that’s not enough, think of Smashwords, a website for self publication, used by amazing authors such as Jordan L. Hawk. Useful if you want to publish your work!

That’s a lot, no? No, you are right, we need more, and you can find more, here with a non exclusive list of LGBT and LGBT-friendly editors.

And if it’s too much of a mess for you to find your way and dream book into it, remember that Goodreads and its tags are your best friend.

And I am, too, if you want to talk about books.

Should I Make Friends With A Famous Writer?

Every semester one of my former professors invites me to speak to her creative writing class about making a living as a creative professional. At the end of my talk students ask questions. Usually the questions are about finishing work, motivating yourself, or getting published.

But this last time, a student asked me a new question. “Should I make friends with any famous writers? Would it help my career?”

The general wisdom on this is that it’s best not to bother folks who are famous and incredibly busy. They have many demands on their time and lots of people clamoring for their attention. I mean, sure, if you meet Neil Gaiman at a party and you hit it off and he invites you to have a drink and you talk all night - well, I’m not going to be the one to tell you that you’re not allowed to be friends. Anyone who has read about the lives of famous writers runs into the fact that many of them knew each other, wrote letters and collaborated. It seems only natural for a student ask to join that club.

But the whole question overlooks a vital point. The famous writer is already in the room. The famous writer might be your classmate. Or the lady in the back of the room. Or the couple with the podcast. Or the guy who writes terribly, but burns to get better. Or the quiet woman who takes her knitting to class. Or your friend, who can’t afford classes, but who writes furiously with a baby on her lap.

There was a time, years ago, when I was sitting at a bar with friends who weren’t published, but who were grinding away at a novel. Now there are Hugos and book deals and talk about television shows. But back then, none of them were famous. They were just people at a bar. People who were working, who made things that no one noticed. At least, until someone did.

Before you reach out to a famous writer and ask them to be your friend, think about becoming friends with the people around you who are working hard. The people who persevere beyond the point of reason. The people who fail, get up, and try again. Know that the famous writer you are looking for just might be you.

| Makorin Week | Day 1 - Flowers/Warmth |

- I knew it! The flower crown suits you!
- I’ll finish you off right after i’ll finish this, i’m telling you.

it’s kinda about how Rin’s playing games and Makoto’s all cute and flowers and. well.

Elie Wiesel

“Night” was published in 1960. I think a lot of people don’t understand how hard it was for people to talk about the Holocaust because now we’re inundated with Holocaust narratives in everything from Hollywood movies to children’s books and video games. But the cultural trauma and the collective silence surrounding the Holocaust was very, very real. My dad was born in the Bronx in the 50s and he remembers the weird status of the Shoah: everyone had been touched by it but no one really felt like they “owned” it. People whispered about it but no one talked about it. You would sometimes walk into a shop or laundromat and everyone working there had a number tattoo.

Wiesel was sneered at by a certain type of academic for being a conventional writer and by portions of the left for being a Zionist. In either case, we were to understand that he was a “bad” survivor unlike the “interesting” survivors who wrote more avant-garde prose (Paul Celan, etc) or the “righteous” survivors who did not advocate for the state of Israel. We were to understand that Wiesel was “bad” because he paved the way for insipid Holocaust romances like Schindler’s List and contributed to a general cultural sense that Jews were aggrieved victims (which like…..they were).

It’s true that Wiesel believed he was a victim, that he was willing to tell and retell the story of what happened to him, and that he understood “Never again” not only as a generic slogan of humanitarian goodwill but as a promise to the Jewish people. I think that was extremely important for Jews like my grandfather, who fled Europe, to hear, although it may be hard for us to have the historical perspective to understand why that is. It’s also hard to imagine that we’d have the language and reference points to talk about genocides in Rwanda, Bosnia, etc, without his work and the work of other survivors.

Anyway, rest in piece, Elie. Your memory will be a blessing.

i know there’s like a joke about being a “starving artist” out there and how it won’t make you money but like we really should talk about how there’s a serious economy inaccessibility in art because even with having a relatively “cheap” art (i only need writing utensils), with 5000+ poems, that’s about 1500 hours of hard work which is unpaid. i work in “the real world” in two jobs, at minimum wage, and am a student full-time. i keep writing out of love for it, and the vague and desperate hope somebody one day might discover me and publish me so i can actually make money. plenty of us will never get there, and we’re pretty grateful the internet gives us a place to be heard even without being financially equal. i will probably, realistically, have to stop writing at some point. although it is my breath, it doesn’t put bread on the table. as far as the world is concerned, all of these poems don’t add up to “work” at all.

it’s the hardest thing in the world for a creative person to rip themselves out of their talent in order to survive. it feels like a part of yourself is being torn from you. and we do it. we work at starbucks and smile when you shout about how “these aren’t the normal size names”, we work as waitresses and serve you politely when you whisper to your kids “stay in school”, we stock shelves with food that we will not be able to afford and nod gently when you turn to your husband and hiss “that’s why you don’t get tattoos.”

actors, painters, poets, dancers, musicians. except we can’t be those, not really. and we’re laughed at for that. we all should have known better. artists starve. the occasional one of us is remembered once we die. many of us know that we will fade. we chase our dreams even though someone better - or not even better, just better selling - will erase our trail completely. we jump out of warm beds to pen bad poems, we coat our bodies in writing, we leave the shower to sketch, we sit in achingly early hours just working at it. and that is love. a love that cannot feed us, cannot house us, is just love.

and yet we are laughed at for it.

★ The Future of School Idol Festival: Second Part ★

Preceding the large-scale update that will bring in Aqours on 7/5, new information on the coming update will be published for the second week in a row! This time we’ll be talking about “New Card Features”, “Member List” and “Music”.

SSR Rarity

A new “SSR” rarity will appear with the update! SSR will appear in Honor Student scouting as a rarity between SR and UR. Due to this, SR appearance rates will be increased in parts of scouting.

Changes to “Skill Level”

When you practice with a Skill Up support member or the same card, you’ll now get EXP points to level up your skill rather than just a skill level up all at once. Your skill level will increase once you gain enough skill EXP to take you to the next level. This also means you’ll be able to use Skill Up support members on any card, regardless of rarity!

※Skill Up support members must still be of the same attribute as the card you’re practicing them with for the Skill EXP to increase

※The amount of Skill EXP you gain isn’t affected by Super/Ultra Success when practicing 

New Center Skills

UR center skills, in addition to their current effects, will now give extra bonuses when you build your team using a certain unit, year group or set.

Partner and “Favorite Points”

“Favorite points” are also now being added. Favorite points is a mechanism that will be able to list the members that you use the most frequently and bond points in total. Favorite points will rise with your partner (girl on your home screen) and the girls in your team when playing a live.

Card Display Switching Function

A feature to switch the display of your card between their idolized and unidolized forms. You can play with them any way you like!

Increased Ease of Using Member List

Initial number of Member List spaces is being changed from 90 to 120. Due to this, the challenge where your reward is extra member spaces is being abolished. 

※After the update, the reward for the challenges where you would previously get member spaces will be love gems. Players who have already completed these challenges will receive the love gems post-maintenance.

The maximum number of member list spaces can now be increased to 1000. When buying extra member list spaces, players will now gain 4 instead of 3 per love gem.

※Customers who previously bought member spaces with love gems will be given 1 more per each gem spent (with the maintenance) to make up for this change.

Support members will also be moved to a new page and will no longer take up a member list space. (See image below!) New filtering options will also be added to the member list.

Above: Hot leaks. Check out the pretty Riko SR in the top left corner there is no escape from school uniforms and new cool R set! Possible OP outfits….?


EXPERT songs will now be moved permanently to the “Hits” section. With this, EX songs will no longer only be available for limited times. You can play them whenever you’d like!

※All the goals you’ve cleared up until the update (S score, FC, ect) will be carried over when EX is added to hits.

For the new difficulty “MASTER”, four songs will be added monthly. They’ll start with µ’s songs. Have fun!

µ’s and Aqours

You can switch between µ’s and Aqours music by switching between “µ’s Mode” and “Aqours Mode”. You can play with any team in either mode, but Aqours members will help you score higher in Aqours mode and µ’s members will help you score higher in µ’s mode.

Aqours music will not be unlocked by rank.

Random Selection

Random select are songs from the Hit section added to the B-side section. These songs are automatically chosen, and change daily between smile, pure, cool, μ’s, or Aqours song. (From /u/euni_2319 on Reddit)

Random Selection songs will fill up your Reward Box gauge faster than normal songs.

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There Are Over 21 Black-Owned Banks In The U.S.

Saint Heron writes:

Did you know we have over 21 Black-owned banks in the U.S? In 2013, HBCU Money published a list of Black-owned banks and credit unions. In light of our country’s recent tragedies, here’s what they found and what you should learn. Let’s wake up and realize where we should really be putting our hard working dollars.

Keep Reading.

mekabbii asked:

As a black woman, I’m concerned with prejudice I will face when I try to find a publisher. I don’t write black literature at all but my name is Tameka so they will most definitely know I’m black. What will publishers assume? I am unsure if I should take up a pseudonym or not. It helped plenty of authors get publication before but taking a new name is a bit hard. I mean, it’s how I’ll be remembered.

Sigh. Tameka, I’m really sorry that we live in a society where you even have to think about things like this.

My first instinct is to say, “No! Keep your name! Challenge society!” but as a white person, I know that it’s not my place to say things like that. (That being said, I think the only person who can really answer your questions is you—at the end of the day, you have to go with what feels right to you.)

But hopefully, with this post, I can give you and others some resources to help develop an answer to this question.

More information about pseudonyms:

More information about diversity (or lack thereof) in publishing*:

More information about African Americans in publishing:

More information about sexism in publishing:

Also, I hope that it’s okay that the image I included above is of Toni Morrison, one of my favorite authors. (Toni Morrison isn’t her birth name, but it’s also not a purposefully chosen pen name—Toni is a nickname comes from her confirmation name, and Morrison is her married surname.)

Okay. I’ve tried to answer this ask really carefully and sensitively, but please, if anyone finds that any information I’ve included is wrong/offensive/misleading/anything else, please let me know.

Also, if anyone has a story to share about their experience with a pseudonym, as a minority in the publishing industry, or any advice that they’d like to share with Tameka, send us an ask and I’ll include it at the bottom of this post.

How to Write a Query Letter

Dear Mr. or Ms. AgentName (which is spelled correctly because I did my freakin’ research),

This is a brief Personalization Paragraph where I explain why I chose you, specifically, to query, because I did my freakin’ research and didn’t just pick your name out of a hat. For example, I recently saw you present at a conference and you mentioned that you love science fiction with a strong literary voice. I believe my manuscript fits that bill.

This is me launching directly into the description of my manuscript, which is written similarly to book jacket copy – old book jacket copy that actually gave you an idea of the book, not new copy where they just post an excerpt. This paragraph is the hook, where I introduce you to the main character and their inciting struggle in a concise way that intrigues you and makes you want to keep reading. Check out this blog for effective queries.

Now that I’ve hooked you, this paragraph will give you a rundown of the MAIN PLOT THREAD ONLY and what the core of the story is. This is what moves everything forward. It’s the conflict. The meat. I won’t include subplots or extraneous characters, interesting though they may be. This has to be short, sweet, and gripping. It should feature a creative taste of what I’m capable of without being gimmicky.

One last paragraph, if necessary, to give you a taste of the novel’s biggest conflict point, or a hint at the climax. Can’t be too generic. Reveal enough to show how the story is unique and make the reader excited to know what happens.

THE NOVEL TITLE is a cyberdieselcorepunk novel, complete at 80,000 words. The voice and character will appeal to fans of RELEVANT COMP TITLE and OTHER RELEVANT COMP TITLE. These are my relevant credentials, and only my relevant credentials, like that I have an English degree and am a member of a national writer’s organization. I’ve had short stories published in THIS MAGAZINE, if appropriate. This is a simultaneous submission, which means you’re not the only agent who has this query letter and it’s professional to let you know that.

I am including the first ten pages of my manuscript in the body of the email below, NOT as an attachment. This is so an agent can have a look at my work without committing to a request right away, and can better decide if my style suits them.

Thank you for your time and consideration. This entire letter should be no more than 500 words. If it’s longer, I’m being too wordy somewhere. Agents see literally thousands of these. Attention spans are short.

Your name
Your contact number

(Note: this is one method, but it’s not THE ONLY method.)


“― you giant, stubborn, righteous idiot.”

the glorious hug scene from chapter 8 of @dracze​’s fanfic half way across. my mind went to a line from tkj that goes something like “he’s afraid of falling” and it makes my heart feel heavy

EDIT: i darkened the background bc dramatic :D
Bilingual brains better equipped to process information

Speaking more than one language is good for the brain, according to new research that indicates bilingual speakers process information more efficiently and more easily than those who know a single language.

The benefits occur because the bilingual brain is constantly activating both languages and choosing which language to use and which to ignore, said Northwestern University’s Viorica Marian, the lead author of the research and a professor in the department of communication sciences and disorders in the School of Communication. When the brain is constantly exercised in this way, it doesn’t have to work as hard to perform cognitive tasks, the researchers found.

“It’s like a stop light,” Marian said. “Bilinguals are always giving the green light to one language and red to another. When you have to do that all the time, you get really good at inhibiting the words you don’t need,” she said.

The study, which will be published online in the journal Brain and Language on Nov. 12 was one of the first to use fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) to test co-activation and inhibition in bilinguals. Co-activation during bilingual spoken language comprehension, a concept Marian pioneered in 1999, means that fluent bilinguals have both languages “active” at the same time, whether they are consciously using them or not. Inhibitory control involves selecting the correct language in the face of a competing other language.

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So I got my volume 2 of R.U.S.T which will be available around february.

Unfortunately the publisher did a mistake with printing and the colors are wrong. So it’s really hard to read it in dark scenes… Not sur it is worth buying it. The colors were the only thing that save the book.

I REALLY need your help *crying*

I hesitated a lot to publish this post, it’s really hard to ask something like that but… my phone is broken, definitively. I already do not have enough money for food or rent (I earn like $50/week and have no other income but my readings). And now I lost my phone, my only way to communicate with some members of family and friends who stayed in France. One of the tool I had to get job interviews. Or to walk back home by night (because that can be pretty scary). So I am screwed. A lot. Because I do not have the money to buy a new one. Not even to pay the rent or the internet.

This is where the favor comes, I would be so grateful for any reading you could order, or any donation you could do, to hopefully be able to by a new phone.

You can order a reading here, or donate here (sorry I still don’t know how to set a donation page). I would be eternaly grateful even if you could just reblog this post to spread the word.

Thank you if you read this <3


It takes a pro-active effort to convince people from marginalized groups that they’re welcome in any industry where their presence isn’t well established. That’s hard to understand if you’re part of the majority and are used to seeing people like you in the business.

People in the majority tend to assume that any effort to extend an invitation to minorities - any action that affirms their welcome - is unfair. In fact it’s a fair and equitable corrective to decades of institutional affirmation towards the majority.

In simpler terms; any publisher who says “we’re just looking for the best talent” without making an active effort to court minority talent is really only looking for the best straight white male talent, because they’re the people who know the industry has a place for them.

—  Andrew Wheeler, comicsalliance

This utter lack of diversity is gross. It is inexcusable. And it is really, really embarrassing. Book Expo America is the industry’s flagship event, and the statement it is making on the industry’s behalf is that we believe that what readers–the kind of devoted, passionate readers who fork over thirty dollars to spend a summer Saturday in a convention center–want out of a book event is an all-white, heavily celebrity line-up. (See Kelly’s piece for a bunch of terrific links to pieces that address the problem of diversity in publishing with greater depth.)

Readers deserve better than this. It is not hard to do better than this. The wonderful, diverse list of books being given out by volunteers all over the country today for World Book Night is proof.

So what happens now? Book Expo will likely respond with another apology and promise to do better. But it’s too late. The damage is done. “We’re sorry” is no longer acceptable. It is clear that diversity is not a priority for ReedPop and BEA. Either they are not thinking about it at all, or they are actively choosing against diversity because they believe they can make more money with an all-white line-up. These are not our values at Book Riot, and so we will not be supporting, promoting, participating in, covering, or encouraging our community to attend BookCon. We can’t control ReedPop and BEA’s choices, but we can control this. No diversity = no support.

Maya Angelou famously said, “When you know better, you do better.” Book Expo America and ReedPop should know better. It’s time for them to do better, and to do better from the start.

—  Readers Deserve Better Than BookCon BY REBECCA JOINES SCHINSKY

“Maybe we need some kinds of revelations to help us see things in a better way. I know I do everyday. Even when you think you have everything in order, that’s when sometimes you begin to lose sight on what is truly important. I think the time I feel I want to give up is the time I am faced with a revelation or a change that proves that life can go on.

I read a quote today about boundaries and compassion and it really hit me hard. I think people have a hard time with this.

"Compassionate people are boundary people…..The heart of compassion is really acceptance. The better we are at accepting ourselves and others, the more compassionate we become. Well, it’s difficult to accept people when they are hurting us or taking advantage of us or walking all over us. This research has taught me that if we really want to practice compassion, we have to start by setting boundaries and holding people accountable for their behavior.” - Brene Brown

That’s when you need to set boundaries, that’s when you need to be honest and to open up and to explain why it is important to be kind to one another. I know I am only human and I am sure I’ve made mistakes and hurt others along the way that I am accountable for but I can’t let it get in the way of me becoming a better person or trying to be a better person. Each step I take is necessary for my life and my goals. Forward is the only direction to go.“ - Joanna Strafford, Tangled 

Photo source: henrrydelavega

Quote: Joanna Strafford, Tangled

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Journal Accepts Paper Reading “Get Me Off Your Fucking Mailing List”

A paper that largely consists of the words “Get me off your fucking mailing list” repeated 863 times has been accepted by a journal that claims to be peer reviewed. The move might appear to offer hope to scientists struggling to get marginal work published, but really just exposes the extent of scam publications pretending to be contributing to science.

“Publish or Perish” is more than a catch-phrase for scientific researchers. With rare exceptions, such as those working for secret military projects, research scientists need to publish regularly if they hope to advance, or often just keep, their career. High impact journals such as Science and Nature help most, but getting into these is hard and even less prestigious journals can be a challenge.

This has created a market for bottom feeders with impressive sounding names and absolutely no standards. For a fee, they will publish anything. Unscrupulous, desperate or very naive scientists can pad out their CVs and hope no one notices the quality of some of the journals they list.

No one goes into science to do this kind of stuff though, so these “journals” spam email lists  in the hope the suggestion will arrive in a moment of weakness.

Dr Peter Vamplew, a computer scientist at Federation University Australia got one too many invites from the International Journal of Advanced Computer Technology and hit back with the seven words repeated over and over, along with headings, pseudo-citations, a flow chart and graph.

Read more at IFLS.