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Yuri on Ice interview translation - Spoon 2Di 2016/12 (p38-41)

Here’s an interview with Manabu Ootsuka, producer and actually also representative director of animation studio MAPPA. It appeared on the Dec. 2016 issue of Spoon 2Di. It’s very interesting, as it’s a still different point of view compared to seiyuu and other creators. It only covers the first 4 episodes because Spoon is published earlier than other magazines and this issue was sold in stores at the end of October.

By the way, in the interview he mentions Sayo Yamamoto’s short anime “ENDLESS NIGHT”. It’s also about figure skating and it’s really beautiful. I highly suggest checking it out! (It’s not hard to find, just lookup the title on YouTube..) I admit I just watched it today for the first time too because I didn’t know of its existence… 

I will also take this chance to encourage everyone to appreciate the role of Sayo Yamamoto in YOI. Mitsurou Kubo is on the SNS and you see her name often so everyone knows her, but Yamamoto is as involved in YOI as Kubo is (if not more, since the idea to create YOI in the first place was hers). As you can read in this interview too, many of the brilliant ideas in YOI come from her. Apparently she is very busy so there are still no interviews with her, but I hope we’ll see something in the future.

Since the article is quite long I’m putting it under a cut. Enjoy!

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MAPPA producer Manabu Ootsuka interview
“Yuri on Ice” has gathered many skilled creators, among which director Sayo Yamamoto and Mitsurou Kubo-san. This show, that stands out for its quality even when compared to other original anime, has been supported by the production studio MAPPA. We have invited its producer Manabu Ootsuka to ask him about inside stories and the appeal of this anime.

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I’m thinking about starting a legacy-like story. Not sure I would publish it there, as it will be a bit hard for me to write a story in english. My real objective is to enjoy playing my game again !

I already built this kind of starter house for my first sims, on the biggest lot of Windenburg’s island. I had to cheat a bit to buy the lighthouse, but as it’s not really usable and will make the bills more expensive, I don’t mind. I still have to create my founder :o

Ben Carson isn’t just inexperienced for a HUD Secretary. His views are dangerous.

As HUD secretary, Ben Carson would be tasked with 

  • Doling out subsidies for public housing to cities 
  • Giving federal grants to city, county and municipal governments for projects ranging from rental vouchers for low-income families to large-scale infrastructure development
  • And overseeing natural disaster relief in a nation increasingly wracked by the fallout from climate change.

The danger of Carson’s appointment lies not just in his inexperience, but also in his worldview. Carson grew up poor in Detroit. He said in an interview once that poverty “was more of a choice than anything else, that really depended on just how hard you’re willing to work.” In a later interview with Bloomberg in 2014, Carson said Americans have an “obligation” to pursue eco-friendly development projects, but admitted he was not sold on global warming being real, despite an estimated 97% of actively publishing climate scientists agreeing it is.

“There’s always going to be either cooling or warming going on,” Carson told Bloomberg. “As far as I’m concerned, that’s irrelevant.”

These both bode poorly for Carson’s tenure at HUD. Poverty is not typically a lifestyle people choose, as many of us know; it is often determined by imposed factors like race and geography. Global warming is real, according to scientific evidence. 

Not coincidentally, during a phone interview Monday, Amy Liu, vice president and director of the Metropolitan Policy Program at the Brookings Institution, outlined the top two challenges she believes the HUD office will face under Trump’s presidency: 

  • Making sure housing is affordable for poor people 
  • And ensuring that urban areas prepare for the future through sustainable and climate-conscious development.

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“A woman with trouble become obsessed with a Owl starring at her and let her anger explode.”  

A short movie made with sand and talking about child abuse.

This movie is a collaboration with my friends  @noenoeh and  @ngoc-ha.

A big thanks for their hard work and their beautiful animation. They did a great job in this project and I am really proud of them and this movie.
(Let’s work together again!)


Nacin, an ingredient in energy drinks, could give you hepatitis, new study finds

You really can have too much of a good thing. Case in point: The niacin, aka vitamin B3, in energy drinks could lead to acute hepatitis. On Tuesday, a case study published in the British Journal of Medicine revealed that a previously healthy man contracted hepatitis after he went hard on energy drinks. Certain energy drinks have more nacin than others.

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I finally managed to get @cassandrajp ’s Reindeer Boy today! It was hard to get, since my parents don’t really approve of graphic novels and stuff, but OH MY GOSH. I honestly thought I would die from how cute this was! Finally something amazing to read that isn’t angsty and makes me cry, but is still super high quality. I finished it in, like, 20 minutes and am planning on rereading this every single day for the rest of my life! @yenpress If you don’t let Cassandra Jean publish more volumes, I will actually self-implode! Prancer used to be my favorite reindeer, but every single one of them are challenging that now! I was so excited that this would actually be a thing, rather than just drawings on Tumblr, and it was definitely worth the wait!
P.S. Don’t think I didn’t miss the Cuckoos Three reference! Looking forward to the next update!


Author Julia Alekseyeva’s great-grandmother Lola lived to be 100 years old – long enough to see the birth, and eventual collapse, of the USSR. Lola made a record of her life as a Jew in the Soviet Union, and now Alekseyeva has turned her great-grandmother’s memoirs into her debut graphic novel, Soviet Daughter.

Alekseyeva tells NPR that she chose to tell her great-grandmother’s story in the graphic novel format to help readers visualize her experience. She says, “I think it’s hard for a lot of people who didn’t grow up with the same imagery to really understand what these people were, what was going on in those regions — the uniforms, the parks. The idea of just Soviet living is so far, far removed from what most Americans expect.”

‘Soviet Daughter’: How A Great-Grandmother’s Diary Became A Graphic Novel

It’s particularly interesting, reading artists’ thoughts on JJBA. And I mean all artists, from beginners to veterans. There’s something there that I recognize in every artist, when they speak about how the series has influenced them. Something from your hobbyist doing this in the free time to published mangaka who draw for a living and grew up reading the series.

It encourages people to have fun. Just to enjoy creating. There’s always been this assumption that art MUST be hard, art MUST be a struggle, if you enjoy it too much you’re not really making art. But then you see Araki, this guy with no special background, just pick up a pen and start drawing–at first amateurishly, then gradually growing in skill, and now he’s one of the most lauded mangaka in the world who had an exhibit at the Louvre and collaborated with Gucci (twice)–and he did it all out of joy and sincere, happy passion.

It sparks something in a lot of artists who have been told or otherwise taught that True Art is never a joyous experience. There’s this realization; what’s holding me back, artistically? Why am I afraid to draw something different, something new, something that makes me happy to draw it? That happiness and dedication can eventually pay off.

The artists I see who have been influenced by Araki seem to reopen that door back to childhood spontaneity, become a little more colorful, see their lines open up a little more, speak more cheerfully about their passions. For a moment, all that matters is having fun.

There are so many artists that inspire, in turn, new artists and old artists alike, but very few have I seen have the sheer impact of Araki’s work. This mass realization that art doesn’t have to be serious all the time to be good or important. Experiment, and don’t be afraid of “not doing the right thing”–because art is art, and the only person you have to please with it is yourself.


“― you giant, stubborn, righteous idiot.”

the glorious hug scene from chapter 8 of @dracze​’s fanfic half way across. my mind went to a line from tkj that goes something like “he’s afraid of falling” and it makes my heart feel heavy

EDIT: i darkened the background bc dramatic :D


This is a screenshot of an ask from @vaveyard Tumblr: 

I know books are really hard to come by in some countries, either because they’re not published there, or because of the expense. I have an extra copy of King’s Cage I would love to get to this anon but who are they??? Help me to find them by signal boosting this post and I will send them my extra copy.

Anon, if we can find you, DM me your address and I will send you the book as long as you pass it along to friends/other readers when you’re done so you all can enjoy it. 


I respect the fuck out of Solange for this and I suggest any black person who has access to these services does the same and support black businesses!


Did you know we have over 21 Black-owned banks in the U.S? In 2013, HBCU Money published a list of Black-owned banks and credit unions. In light of our country’s recent tragedies, here’s what they found and what you should learn. Let’s wake up and realize where we should really be putting our hard working dollars.


Location: Birmingham, Alabama
Founded: January 28, 2000
FDIC Region: Atlanta
Assets: $35 404 000


Location: Los Angeles, California
Founded: February 26, 1947
FDIC Region: San Francisco
Assets: $385 055 000

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Founded: October 3, 1994
FDIC Region: Atlanta
Assets: $294 572 000


Location: Savannah, Georgia
Founded: January 1, 1927
FDIC Region: Atlanta
Assets: $41 573 000


Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Founded: June 18, 1921
FDIC Region: Atlanta
Assets: $392 286 000


Location: Newark, New Jersey
Founded: June 11, 1973
FDIC Region: New York
Assets: $340 301 000


Location: Mobile, Alabama
Founded: February 19, 1976
FDIC Region: Atlanta
Assets: $63 244 000


Location: Chicago, Illinois
Founded: June 20, 1977
FDIC Region: Chicago
Assets: $59 842 000


Location: Detroit, Michigan
Founded: May 14, 1970
FDIC Region: Chicago
Assets: $215 924 000


Location: Danville, Virginia

Founded: September 08, 1919
FDIC Region: Atlanta
Assets: $38 882 000


Location:Tuskegee, Alabama
Founded: October 11, 1991
FDIC Region: Atlanta
Assets: $63 127 000


Location: Chicago, Illinois
Founded: November 09, 1970
FDIC Region: Chicago
Assets: $84 948 000


Location: Chicago, Illinois
Founded: January 01, 1934
FDIC Region: Chicago
Assets: $140 148 000


Location: Washington, DC
Founded: August 18, 1934
FDIC Region: New York
Assets: $342 524 000


Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Founded: November 16, 1972
FDIC Region: Dallas
Assets: $545 019 000


Location: Durham, North Carolina
Founded: March 01, 1908
FDIC Region: Atlanta
Assets: $304 809 000


Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Founded: February 12, 1971
FDIC Region: Chicago
Assets: $91 490 000


Location: Boston, Massachusetts
Founded: August 02, 1982
FDIC Region: New York
Assets: $590 624 000


Location: Chicago, Illinois
Founded: January 02, 1965
FDIC Region: Chicago
Assets: $573 168 000


Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Founded: March 23, 1992
FDIC Region: New York
Assets: $67 930 000


Location: Houston, Texas
Founded: August 01, 1985
FDIC Region: Dallas
Assets: $68 125 000

Source: FDIC

If there aren’t any Black-owned banks near you, you can support Black-owned businesses both online and in person. Black Exchange (formerly Afro-Arts) has hipped me to so many Black-owned businesses. It was through them that I found Philadelphia Printworks which makes a dope James Baldwin sweatshirt that I practically live in. I also found Belle Butters through them and it has my natural hair flourishing.

If you’re on the go and want to see what Black-owned businesses are near you, download WhereU. The app is a directory of local Black-Owned Businesses and has information for the United States, the UK, France, and Canada! It’s user-based so you can add any Black-owned businesses you haven’t seen on the app!”

dundle  asked:

I don't always agree with your opinions or assessments, but I hold the highest regard for how you present them. You are straight forward, without condescension, and, when applicable, as unbiased as you can be. That's not always how you get people to listen to you, but it is how you get them to learn from you. Thanks for the great blog.

Thank you. That means a lot. I try really, really hard to make sure personal emotional bias isn’t present in the things I write these days (since bias based on professional knowledge is sometimes appropriate). I actually have an editor I’ll give things that I feel I might be too biased on and ask them to tone-check me before I publish. 

Also, please feel free to initiate discussion about the stuff you don’t jive with. That dialogue is really important to have exist, no matter if it ends with an agreement or just an agreement to disagree. 

Edit: yes, older posts are more biased. They were written in a different time, with a different ethos for what the goal of this blog was.
the impossible now - written by stylinsoncity
By Organization for Transformative Works


A wish on Christmas Eve sends Louis to an alternate dimension where Harry is a member of One Direction.

Author - stylinsoncity                  Tumblr - @alienproof

Chaptered 5/5  |  49,661 words  |  Fic published October 5, 2016

This fic is part of the H/L Famous/Not Famous Fic Exchange

Review - 10 out of 10 Larry Thumbs!!!

Aaaaaaand this officially gets added to the “fics that made me cry” list. 

This is a really beautiful exploration of all the different emotions one person can feel for another. It’s a self-awakening fic where Louis discovers no matter how hard relationships get, how complicated things may seem, his Home is Harry.

I love, love, love the dimension travel aspect of this fic. It sets up the perfect opportunity for Louis to learn about himself, but it’s also just really fun to see different versions of characters we already love. 

This fic is SO GOOD. I absolutely cried during the last chapter - the emotions just swept me away. Read this! Read this! Read this!!!!!!

After a year I can finally publish my contribution to MONOCHROPHILIA - Zekrom x Reshiram anthology (zek-reshi-anthology)! It was a collab with one of the anthology coordinators, New, who drafted the two legendaries for me as I was art-blocked hard, eh. It was also thanks to his motivation that I produced anything at all. And I’m really thankful for that because it has been a great experience and also the anthology itself is a piece of art, both content and worksmanship but you’d have to touch it with your own fingers to know what I mean :D

PSA: If You're Reading A Self Published Author

Please, please please take the time to rate and/or review the book. It takes only a few seconds to click a star rating but it can make or break a self published author. If you have the time to write a written review that’s even better. Even if it’s just one sentence “I loved this book” or “great story” you would really be helping out us self published authors. We can’t sell books if we don’t have reviews. Being a self published author myself, I’m always hearing how people loved my book but I still have a hard time getting reviews, which in turn means I have a hard time getting sales. Please guys, at least for me this is my business. This is how I make a living and I know that many of my fellow authors are in the same boat!

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SoraLon Minecraft now has English subtitles!

Part 1 ^
Part 2

Since Soraru has enabled subtitle submissions on his official uploads on Youtube, I took on the project of translating both of his Minecraft videos that co-star Lon! :) This is his official channel that you can watch them on, which means no video reprinting was done in the process \o/
A few notes:
-Lon’s line at 16:27 is supposed to say “I feel like Soraru-san’s walking speeds and Lon-san’s walking speeds are different.” Sorry about that! I meant to correct it but I didn’t realize the subs had already been published, so I was too late to get that in there orz 
-Due to Lon being on Skype as well as gradually getting sleepier and therefore more mumble-y, her voice was hard for me to interpret on a few lines so I kinda had to use my best judgement on what I could hear. Apologies if I messed anything up too bad, but it really was only a small amount of lines that I felt questionable on.
-Please don’t leave any rude comments on the video such as “I wish he had played with (other utaite) instead” or “I like (other utaite) better”

Translation: Me :) (Emma)
Subtitles: NicoleShieru, Chokyupies, Yumiko

People are always surprised at my confidence when it comes to writing. But, like, it’s not that I think I’m the best writer out there–far from it. But the fact that I say “when” I get published instead of “if” isn’t a sign of arrogance. Yes, I’m confident, but there’s a difference between that and arrogance. I’m confident because I work hard and because I will keep working, and keep improving, all the time. So there are only two options here: 

I will keep writing and eventually be published, or I will die trying. 

Being published isn’t the mark of success–I know that just as well as anyone and have plenty of issues with the publishing and literary worlds in general–but it is a goal I have and, as far as I’m concerned, as long as I’m breathing it’s a goal well within reach. 

That’s really all there is to it. 

Hey tumblr.

I’m a chronically ill lesbian woman trying to make my way in the world. I can’t really hold down a 9 to 5 job, but what I can do is write and edit. It’s incredibly hard to break into the freelance writing and editing business, so if anyone needs work done I would be really glad to work with you (for a very reasonable sum).

Things I have experience in are:
Writing entertainment articles
Writing retro videogame reviews
Editing business documents
Editing fiction
Editing websites

If you need your ebook looked over before you’re ready to publish, or to have another pair of eyes on a business document, or if you need someone to write pretty much anything that isn’t extremely technical, I’m your girl.

Please reblog this so I can get this seen. I’m trying to take some of the pressure for paying for my medical care off of my parents, who are lovely but can only do so much (and I am an adult).

anonymous asked:

What are your guys' plans after College?

Dipper: I’m gonna try and get my book published, and Bill’s going to get a job - somewhere in New York City, he says - and then we’ll try really hard to save money to get our own place somewhere, and - Bill?

Bill: Hm?

Dipper: You okay? You were kinda zoning out there.

Bill: Ah, yeah, I’m fine, Pine Tree. Just… thinking.

Dipper: ? Okay, I guess.

- later -

Bill: Anon… I wasn’t ready to think of that yet.

Chapter 56- Warner POV

so this is either gonna be really good or really bad to you, depending on a lot of factors. I’m personally a big believer of the “they don’t have sex in chapter 56″ argument, so this is where this fanfiction goes. Sorry to disappoint, if I already have. But this is, in general, a really hard fanfiction to write because there’s so many directions it could go. Obviously I followed the dialogue in the book for as long as I could, but after that, I went wild. I’m publishing this now, but I feel as if I could rewrite this fic 30 different ways and post them all. it’s why i haven’t written a chapter 55 fanfiction: i just can’t decide how exactly things would go down. the tone. the mood. the dialogue. 

i’ll stop talking and just let you read chapter 56, the bathtub scene, as told from the beloved perspective of aaron warner. enjoy! (or don’t. it’s whatever.)

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