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Out of all of Danny's unique and interesting ghost-powers, which among them is your most/least favorite?

Ooh, this is really hard. There are a lot of reasons to like different powers he has. Some are more effective, some look cooler, some are powers I wish I had. It’s also hard to say I dislike any of his powers, so picking a least favorite is also tricky.

I’m tempted to say the cryokinesis is my least favorite because one of the main reasons it was introduced was to connect Danny to the Far Frozen and, as a result, retcon ghosts as spirits of the dead. At the same time, though, it is a really cool power that Danny uses in some really creative ways. It’s hard to actually not like it.

I guess when I really think about it, I’d have to say his “increased speed and agility” are my least favorite. Not that those aren’t good abilities, but for Danny, they’re pretty useless. Being faster and more agile doesn’t make him that much better at dodging attacks. He gets hit all the time anyway. Both powers also become kinda pointless when he can turn intangible and fly. He’s faster when flying than he is when running anyway, and he has more success avoiding attacks by turning intangible than by just dodging anyway. I suppose some could say this doesn’t count, but eh.

As for my favorite, I guess the ghostly wail is the best in terms of both uniqueness and effectiveness, but it’s also incredibly destructive, can usually only be used once or twice at a time before draining Danny completely, and it doesn’t have the most pleasant roots, making it less fun to watch.

I think I’m gonna go with the ghost ray/ectoblasts. It’s the ability Danny uses  probably the most and in some of the most creative ways. He does things like combine it with other abilities, change the shape and power of it, send out small bursts or constant streams. The ghost stinger is probably just a variation of this, too.

Plus, I find it kind of surprising how uncommon shooting beams of energy from the hands is among superheroes. It seems really useful because it’s like a weapon you always have and doesn’t get in the way very easily. It’s just like throwing explosive punches from a far distance. Very cool.

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prompt: shane has to do karaoke for a vid and stupidly lets jen pick the song (it's stupid cause she makes shane sing some sorta suggestive song with really Saucy™ lyrics) shane's like "alright bring it On". so he starts singing and doing dumb little dance moves and shit but then he winks to someone in the crowd and the camera pans to ryan who is blushing so hard and literally about to pass out

The song he sings is “Get You Alone” by Maejor. Writer friends please interact.

Please pray for my family.

My dad got fired this morning for something he didn’t do, & his boss was one of my dad’s close friends for years, so he’s really hurt. Because of my dad’s medical situation, we’re not sure where else he can work, so my mom & I might have to pick up second jobs in the meantime. I completely trust that Jesus is going to provide for us (I think He’s protecting my dad from a really unhealthy work environment), but my heart hurts SO much for him. Thankfully, I have so much peace from the Holy Spirit because He saw this coming long before we did, & He’ll be faithful to provide exactly what we need, but it’s hard to watch someone I love get treated like this. But even still, to God be the glory. Thank you in advance for your support & prayers.

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What was your favorite animation you/the art team made for the game?

Ummmm man it’s really hard to pick because there are probably thousands of unique animations in the game and I personally did hundreds, if not thousands, myself. x_x After a while it’s hard to remember what exactly you did off the top of your head.

I was really happy to make Tweek and Craig hold hands. Uh, at one point I also animated a unicorn taking a massive rainbow dump, but that got replaced with Mother Earth instead. Um, I did all of Fastpass’ combat animations and I’m still rather proud of those, because it was a bit of a challenge to decide how he’d move while executing his powers… I think I looked at how dogs run when they’re missing their back legs. :) I also animated some bosses, like the final boss of the game and the final boss in the Mephesto crawl… oh I just remembered, one of my favorite boss animations I never get to see on streams because it keeps getting skipped is what happens if Red Wine Drunk Randy manages to attack Captain Diabetes.

I could probably talk about animations I did all day, haha. I’m working on some cool animations for DLC so I hope people pick those up next year. :)

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Have you seen all of star trek? Like the original and so on? I'm trying to get into the original but its so hard for me because its so old. I watch a lot of movies from the 40s and stuff but idk why i cant get used to the original series.

I have seen the original star trek series and I really love it, although some parts of it are very dated. Personally, to enjoy it I just had to accept that parts of it were going to be very clearly from the 60s and ignore the bits I didn’t like. Some episodes are really terrible but some are amazing so you just have to pick and chose which bits to care about and accept as canon and which bits to just ignore completely

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I,shine this: so the Titans find out some people (ordinary ones not super villains) despise Beast Boy for whatever reason. And they are all quite angry. (Starfire is quite ready to enact vengeance). But then Beast Boy is like "No no guys. It's fine. Let them think what they think. Vengeance is wrong anyway. You guys love me and that's all that matters" and then group hug.

Aww, yeah! Can’t escape haters in anything no matter what. Retaliation does nothing. We just have to persevere, take constructive criticism, and better ourselves. It’s hard, and I know I struggle, too, but it’s doable.

One thing I have loved about Gar and Rae in particular is that they don’t really let others bring them down. Even when it is their teammates. In the comics, Rae often gets picked on by them at first, even ostrasized, but that never encourages her to develop a personal vendetta against them or anything. Beast Boy got a lot of crap in both comic and cartoon from everyone all around. Not once does he retaliate negatively. He just brushes it off and moves on, saving people regardless.

It’s inspiring. :)

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i was smacked growing up and kinda resent towards my parents because they barely smacked the other kids. i was first born though so you know, young unknowing parents. im kinda torn on the issue because on one hand its really fucking hard picking up a child and sitting them back on the 'naughty step' they keep running from because they think its a game and havent developed mentally enough to be reasoned with yet (age <9 i expect) smack is near their understand lvl. On the other hand, resentment.

Personally, and this is absolutely no judgement on your parents, I don’t think ‘it’s too hard/frustrating/annoying to explain my actions to them’ justifies hitting a kid.

Let me say this; it’s really fucking hard to vote during the award show seasons when you’re multifandom. But I’m here to tell you that I’ve come up with an idea!!!

I have always stressed over which groups I wanted to vote for when it came down to it — and most of the time I would get upset because I felt like a mother who has to pick a favorite child lmao — but I’ve learned that splitting up the votes by voting for a different group every day instead of having to choose between all of them is so much easier.

Whether it’s picking a group for that one day and voting for them in every single category they’re nominated for and then doing it for another group the next day or just voting for all of your fave groups in different categories, they’ll still get your vote at the end of the day!!!

So to my fellow multifandom fam, don’t feel like you have to vote for just one group — you can vote for them all!!!

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hey i know you're not a doctor but i'm curious and have no one to ask, at what point was your ADHD obvious to you? i'm having a really hard time concentrating and finishing stuff and what not but everyone is brushing it off and i don't know if i'm just being dramatic lol thanks in advance have a nice day !

it should have been obvious to anyone who was looking from around age 8 but i really picked up on it myself in my senior years of high school when i really just couldn’t cope with the workload any more bc of executive dysfunction etc. all the best 💕

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Hcs eggsy having a very petite/small but very snarky and feisty and just generally a very rebellious s/o ? Sorry if this is too specific aAaa

  • When you got mad, he really would have to try so hard not to laugh at you
  • Because he knows that it’ll just enrage you even more, which in turn would just want to make him laugh even more
  • He would find your height cute, and often pick you up when you couldn’t reach things
  • He would know exactly how to calm you down if someone had the guts to get on the wrong side of you
  • He knows for a fact its no good telling you not to do something, because you’d probably do it anyway
  • He would literally think you’re the sweetest and most purest human being alive.

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What is your favorite movie? iF that's to hard, what's your favorite color?

Right now, I really am into Anastasia and also the IT (2017) movie. I’m really bad at picking favorites though

10 characters tag meme

I was tagged by @mademoisellebianx

Rules: List 10 favourite characters from different fandoms, then tag 10 others

I’m gonna find this really hard because picking favourites is so hard for me but ah well

1. Gideon Gleeful (Gravity Falls)

No surprise here 💖

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2. Heather Duke - Heathers

Mean green queen 💚

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3. Han Solo - Star Wars original trilogy

Can I give Leia an honourable mention?

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4. Poe Dameron - Star Wars new trilogy

It was so hard to pick one character from the new trilogy so I wanna give honourable mentions to Finn, Rey, General Hux and Kylo Ren

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5. Wirt - Over the garden wall

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6. Tony Stark - Marvel


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7. John Bender (The criminal) - The Breakfast Club

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8. The Bride - Kill Bill

Also Gogo Yubari 💛

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9. Thomas Jefferson - Hamilton


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10. Chandler Bing - Friends

Mrs Chanandler Bong

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here's a fun question: if you could take seasons 1-4 and list them from best to worst (meaning still pretty good anyway) overall what would your thoughts be? which season contains the Just right ppg experience

It’s so hard to do this because all those four seasons are SO GOOD for so many reasons. I keep trying to rate them but… it’s really hard. S4 might be a contender for weakest of the four because it kind of bleeds into the other post-movie episodes. And S1 wasn’t really too refined and hadn’t EXACTLY found it’s voice yet, even though it was still pretty damn cool and fun. S2 and S3? I guess? Those could be tied at #1? I dunno. They’re all just so good though, like I say, it’s super tough to rate them.

Why you’re not improving your art

Have you ever felt like your art is on the same level for a long time? Have you ever felt like you can’t grow your skills. Have you ever felt like everyone around you grows in rapid speed and you are just like a snail at the end of the race?

I was thinking about that and trying to pinpoint the reasons why you might feel that way. I figured out some solutions that helped me and some other artists I know.

1. Not looking for critique/feedback

‘You can’t yourself pinpoint things you need to focus on because your eye still isn’t trained enough to pinpoint exact problems.’

This is number one problem I see and many professional artists will tell you about that. You can’t be too shy to show your work to people who can give you good critique. Look for professionals who are willing to help you and use that. Critiquing is mistaken to be something hurtful for young artists BUT in reality people giving feedback are trying to help you grow. I know how hard it is to hear that you are still not good enough, that your art is lacking something. Maybe you know that yourself but you can’t yourself pinpoint things you need to focus on because your eye still isn’t trained enough to pinpoint exact problems. The best person to go to would be professional with trained eyes who is able to say by flipping through your portfolio what it lacks and what you can do to make it look better. Don’t be afraid and seek that help. Don’t be too attached to your own art and accept that it isn’t perfect and you need a fresh pair of eyes to look at it.

2.  Not implementing the feedback

'Implementing is the key step in the process of growing.’

After you have done first step from my list and you finally found a professional willing to give you feedback try to implement feedback. Don’t just listen to it, nod few times pretending you understand what it being said. Don’t defend your art and don’t give excuses if the critique is genuine. Implementing is the key step in the process of growing. There is no use in feedback without you actually trying out the tips you were given. The whole point of that is to change your work. You are not being better artists by collecting thoughts about your art. Now it is time to do the work. It actually requires to put time and effort . Usually what people do,after receiving feedback, is  they pat themselves on back like it was 'job well done’ and being lazy. They are not willing to actually put in the work to implement feedback. It is time consuming and you need to put a lot of effort. Although without that there is not any point in seeking feedback.

3. Not trying/not failing enough

'Embrace failures as a valuable lessons.’

Yes! There is lesson in failure! As hard as it is to understand. Once you collect experience you grow from it and become wiser. You know what path to choose to avoid next time failure. Successful people are the ones that can try something many times before they finally succeed. When they finally succeed it’s just a result of many attempts they have made before. No one is born ready for challenge. People are scared to lose because for our psyche it hurts more than a win feels good. People will try avoid at any cost losing so at some point they give up and stop trying. You can’t say for sure you will be successful artist after you did it for a year and don’t see result. You are not the one deciding how long it takes. It will be done some day. some day you will meet your artistic goals. But you will only meet them by trying and failing probably hundred times on a way. Just don’t be afraid. Those mistakes on a way are path that differentiate you and a professional. They already failed many times to get to where they are now. When you understand that you will embrace failures as a valuable lessons.

4. Doing things that are not  challenging you.

'Feel uncomfortable and pick up this damn pencil and draw like no one else is watching!’

Don’t settle in your comfort zone. You’ve heard that already many times right? That is why. You limit your skillset. Good things come out of comfort zone. If you feel like you have problems drawing something you are probably right. The reason is you don’t challenge yourself enough to draw things that are difficult for you. For example if you are only drawing a boy in front view standing with hands straight it doesn’t sound like the most exciting art right? But what if it’s the only thing you can draw and it looks somewhat decent? Well then, solution for that is easy - experiment with different angles, experiment with expressions, with composition, with different species. Be brave here and discover topics you don’t draw. You art will become more interesting and you will be more confident drawing. Personally I know that this is the hardest part for artists. It is hard to let go of what we know and discover unknown. We feel vulnerable and  like we can’t really draw. This feeling sucks. As much as this feeling sucks you know what else sucks? Sucks that your skills are stagnating. Feel uncomfortable and pick up this damn pencil and draw like no one else is watching! I guarantee that after some time you will be surprised with what you created and how your art have changed.

Good luck to everyone who is on path of improvement!

Favourite Lyrics of each Divide Song
  • Eraser: The world may be filled with hate, but keep erasing it now, somehow
  • Castle On The Hill: Had my first kiss on a Friday night, I don't reckon I did it right
  • Dive: I've been known to give my all and jumping in harder than 10,000 rocks on the lake
  • Shape Of You: Me and my friends at the table doing shots, drinking fast and then we talk slow
  • Perfect: She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I'll share her home
  • Galway Girl: I swear I'm going to put you in a song that I write about a Galway girl and a perfect night
  • Happier: He said something to make you laugh, I saw that both your smiles were twice as wide as ours
  • New Man: Every year he goes to Malaga, with all the fellas, drinks beer, but has a six pack, I'm kind of jealous
  • Hearts Don't Break Around Here: She is the lighthouse in the night that will safely guide me home
  • what Do I Know?: You know we are made up of love and hate but both of them are balanced on a razor blade
  • How Would You Feel (Paean): I'm feeling younger, every time that I'm alone with you
  • Supermarket Flowers: Dad always told me don't you cry when you're down, but mum there's a tear every time that I blink
  • Barcelona: Well get up up on the dancefloor tonight, I've got two left feet and a bottle of red wine
  • Bibia Be Ye Ye: And in the pocket of my jeans are only coins and broken dreams, my heart is breaking at the seams and I'm coming apart now
  • Nancy Mulligan: From her snow white streak in her jet black hair, over sixty years I've been loving her.
  • Save Myself: I gave you all my energy and I took away your pain, cause human beings are destined to radiate or drain

so a traveling shakespeare troupe came to my school today and performed romeo and juliet and it was just so good and

-the actor playing romeo was hella short and the actor playing benvolio was hella tall. at several points he just picked romeo up and moved him around the stage/out of his way.

-when the nurse delivered juliet’s letter they played it up like she was flirting with mercutio but mercutio just looked at her, wrapped his arm around benvolio, and more or less gave her an expression that said “i’m gay”

-when mercutio and benvolio were making fun of romeo for being Heterosexual™ (aka for loving juliet), benvolio picked him up and mercutio gave him a purple nurple

-juliet wore no shoes throughout the entire show except during the wedding when she wore these giant sparkly pink pumps with platform heels

-when mercutio gave the queen mab speech they had benvolio stand behind him and click castanets and go “ooooooooh” every time he dropped a dramatic line

-they had friar lawerance and the nurse say the prologue and the end lines and like…..that changed the impact of the lines and their character significantly. i’ve made a post or two about this before but i personally interpret romeo and juliet as a story about two kids too afraid to come to their parents with a problem because they’re afraid of repercussions. but what about the adults in their life that DID try to help with them with their problems, but still ended up failing them? let’s just say it hit hard and was very telling when the friar and the nurse choked out the last lines of the play while sobbing.

-whenever there was a fight scene, mercutio and benvolio were constantly trying to keep romeo away from the action, as if he was their younger brother who they didn’t want to get hurt in a brawl. during mercutio’s fight with tybalt, benvolio was shielding romeo with his body and physically picked him up and held him back at times. that really changed the dynamic of the three of them and made it even funnier when ben and merc were teasing romeo about his crush on juliet.

-romeo killed paris by hitting him on the head with a flashlight

-the apothecary that sold romeo poison was dressed up as your typical TV drug dealer and he acted like one as well

-while benvolio more or less disappears from the written play after romeo is banished, they kept him around this time and he followed romeo around to make sure he was okay but didn’t say anything. it was implied he didn’t talk because he was still grieving mercutio. (he also wasn’t there when romeo killed himself)

-i was watching it with a bunch of freshmen who hadn’t read the play before but when juliet killed herself nearly half the room started screaming because they were so shocked

honestly this cast was just so good. i’ve also seen them perform julius caesar set in a modern politician’s world and m*cbeth in a post-apocalyptic setting. i absolutely loved this production and i hope i can see more of their work soon