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RFA with an MC who is seeing colour for the first time!

inspired by one of @anyway-i-love-vanderwood minor trio reactions (because I have no requests and I honestly think this is the cutest idea). 

I made this an MC with complete colour blindness- also known as achromatopsia- which is the most severe form of colour blindness and results in seeing only in monochrome (black and white). 


✮ you both got your eye surgeries at the same time 
✮ he was so excited to see you completely and he was smiling so wide as you both saw each other in the waiting room of the clinic 
✮ you haven’t said anything yet 
✮ he asks you what you’re thinking about 
✮ you just 
✮ “your eyes. what colour are they?” 
✮ ‘they’re purple’ “I love them. I love purple.” 
✮ is blushing so hard and he just hugs you super hard 
✮ holds your hand while you slowly walk outside 
✮ he doesn’t wanna overwhelm you 
✮ gets excited with you as you run around looking at everything
✮ he cries a lil he’s just so happy for you 


✎ you decided to surprise her at work with a really colourful outfit (that, admittedly, looks a little ridiculous) 
✎ it takes you a while to get to the cafe because ‘wow! those flowers are so pretty’ ‘what colour is that person’s shirt?’ 
✎ when she sees you she’s kinda surprised because you don’t usually wear colours because you don’t know what they actually look like 
✎ she goes up to you and is like ‘MC your outfit is very… different’ 
✎ but you’re smile is bigger than your face 
✎ and you say that the colour of the walls is very nice 
✎ ‘yeah, thanks’ 
✎ doesn’t realise at first 
✎ you just stand there staring at her for a while until she gets it 
✎ ‘wait,,,, whAT’ 
✎ hugs you and spins you around 
✎ is super giddy when you tell her you love her eyes 


✽ is sitting in front of you 
✽ you’re looking around like ‘woah wtf’ 
✽ and he’s like ‘MC look at me! look at me!’ 
✽ because that’s just what he’s like 
✽ you look at him with bright eyes 
✽ and then,,, ‘your hair is the same’ 
✽ is kinda disheartened until you grab his face and just stare really closely at his eyes 
✽ ‘woahhhh’
✽ ‘what colour are you eyes?’ 
✽ he’s super excited and proud when he tells you they’re red
✽ admires your amazed expression as you kinda tilt his head to look at different perspective 
✽ is so excited to take you everywhere and loves how excited you get 
✽ tries to brag to all his fellow actors that you can now see colour 
✽ and they don’t really get it?? 
✽ and zen just realises how everyone takes colour for granted~~ 


₩ he paid for the surgery 
₩ of course 
₩ when you see him you’re like ???
₩ ‘jumin it didn’t work??!’ yikes 
₩ he’s like ‘wtf are you talking about i will SUE THIS HOSPITAL’ 
₩ then the doctor comes in with a colour chart and you’re like 
₩ ‘oh,,,’
₩ ‘oHH’
₩ and then look back at jumin and you’re like 
₩ ‘your hair and eyes are black,,, you’re still as beautiful as I remember!!’
₩ and he’s just ‘omggg’
₩ holds your hand and lets you drag him around 
₩ he loves listening to you rant on about all the colours and how pretty they are 
₩ even if he already knows 
₩ he admires how beautifully you describe everything 


⌨  made you a pair of those sunglasses (i have no idea if this would work with full colour blindness but,,, we’re doin it anyway) 
⌨  he puts them on you while you’re sitting face to face 
⌨  you have your eyes closed when he’s putting them on and then open them after
⌨  you practically lunge at him 
⌨  he yells he was not expecting that 
⌨  you just kind of stroke his hair and lie on him looking at it 
⌨  he is s h o o k 
⌨  he thought you were cute before?
⌨  bAM 
⌨  cuteness level x38927839257
⌨  he doesn’t really wanna go outside so he’s like 
⌨  ‘my monitor is super HD you can just see all the colours in the comfort of our house!’ 
⌨  you drag him outside 
⌨  he decides that it was definitely worth it 
⌨  he gets excited with you 
⌨  you’re like ‘the grass is so… gREEN?!’ 
⌨  and he like forgets what the world was like and goes ‘omg yOU’RE RIGHT’ 
⌨  ‘seven why did you get glasses like that?’ 
⌨  immediately tries to take the glasses off 




ye gothy there doesnt look like he likes his power


Cross paint

Naturetale sans paint

Estimated time taken: 5 hours 30 mins


wolfer1098  asked:

Hey. I was wondering something. Why are Hufflepuffs always looked down upon? Ever since I was designated a Hufflepuff (five years ago) I have been ridiculed and mocked for being one. I don't understand that. What's wrong with being Loyal, Hard-working, and overall nice people. I'd rather be loyal to my friends than be someone I'm not.

Trust me my dear @wolfer1098, I know what you mean.

When my family went to Universal my sister and went directly to Diagonal Alley to get our robes (my sister is a Slytherin). Personally I think I rock the Hufflepuff robe. However, I was mocked for being Hufflepuff. The worst part was there wasn’t really much blatant shouting or mocking. It was always the whispering behind my back.

“Hufflepuff? Seriously? What a loser.”
“Honestly, why would anyone CHOOSE Hufflepuff?”
“Was he actually sorted into Hufflepuff? Wow. I feel sorry for him.”

That’s worse than just walking right up to me and saying it to my face. You end up walking around always expecting that people are watching you and talking about you behind your back.

It’s at times like these you stand up straight, adjust your black and yellow tie, clasp your robe and walk proudly.

Honestly the staff members in Hufflepuff were glad to see a fellow badger. I even had a little bonding moment with the Hufflepuff singer in the acapella performance.

Like I’ve said before, the traits of Hufflepuff house are really taken for granted in today’s society. People think Hufflepuff is just for the leftovers, the ones who weren’t intelligent enough, or brave enough, or ambitious enough, for the other houses.

If that’s your argument then I could turn it around and say you were not loyal enough, kind enough, or as hard working to be worthy of being a Hufflepuff. But we all know that’s not the case. It’s not a matter of being “enough” of something that warrants where you get sorted.

Those in Hufflepuff are generally there because it is the traits of Hufflepuff that they both value and strive to improve in themselves. Many times there is a natural inclination that helps push people to their houses, but this isn’t required.

Look at Neville. Courage isn’t born, it is made. This is a Gryffindor who was terrified and was made fun of but found ways to better himself. He strove to find that courage and he worked hard to better himself and he ended up doing so.

So to the people who mock Hufflepuff. We’ll still be here for you. Despite criticism and mocking, we’ll still be there to lend a hand or stand by your side. That is what Hufflepuff is all about.

Guys Like That- Part 1

Not my image. That is an example of how the readers powers work/ look. 

Summary-Bucky x plus sized!Reader. You are an inhuman with intuitive intelligence who tony and Bruce hired to work with in the lab. You have a crush on Bucky and Bucky has a crush on you. But you mistake his flirting for him being friendly.  

Message- This is a new imagine I wrote! It will be multiple parts. I hope you guys like it. Sorry if it sucks!!

Warning- Reader has low self-esteem

Word Count-555

Today was the first day of your new job. You were going to be working with the Avengers. This was the third outfit you had tried on this morning. You sighed as you looked at yourself in the mirror. Usually you loved your fuller figure and thick thighs. But today you were nervous so that made you criticize yourself. You took note of the time and then you grabbed your keys to your car before shutting your apartment door for the last time. The movers Tony hired would be coming to pick everything up so that they could bring it to your new home at the Avengers compound later that day. After parking your car in front of the compound you noticed Tony and Bruce waiting for you.

“Hey Y/N, I’m glad you finally agreed to come work with us.” Bruce said

“Of course she was going to agree to come work here, Banner. We have the best toys.” Stark said with a grin. “Now come meet everyone else.” So you followed Tony down the hallway.

“Don’t be nervous.” Bruce said

“Yeah like that’s possible.” You scoffed right before you enter the room.

“Everyone this is our new teammate, Y/N. Y/N this is the team” Tony said as the three of you walked into the common area. “She will be working in the lab with Banner and I.” he continued

“Hello everyone, it’s nice to meet you.” You say as you smile warmly at everyone.

“I’m glad you finally agreed to come work here. Tony and Bruce would not stop talking about you!” Natasha says while grinning at you.

“Yeah I was playing hard to get. A lot of places were trying to lure me in so I held out to see who would make the best offer.” You say in response.

“So this was the best offer?” Natasha asks.

“I mean who can say no to working with the Avengers?” You say with a shrug.

“You did. 4 times.” Tony reminded you.

“Like I said, I was playing hard to get.”

“Wow, Tony asked you to come work for him four times? You must be something special.” Bucky said with a bit of a grin. That made you blush a bit. Bucky sure was handsome. The pictures you had seen of him really didn’t do him justice.

“Actually he asked me five times, and you could say that.” You said back.

“Y/N is an inhuman. Her ability is called intuitive intelligence, she knows the answer to any equation or any problem you give to her. She can instantly understand any language spoken to her, she can figure out how to use any machine no matter how complex, and she can use cause and effect to figure out the best solution to any situation.” Tony said to the team. While they stared at you in amazement.

“Okay, if we’re done talking about how awesome I am, can you show me all of those cool toys you promised?” you asked directing your question to Tony.

“Of course.” Tony said with a grin “I’m ready to see that mind of yours at work.”

“Well then, lead the way.” You said as you gestured to the door you had just walked through. Before you walked out you turned back to the room and said “See you guys later.”

Things no one tells you about grad school in the life sciences

–at least from my own experience in a cancer bio phd program…

  • lots of public speaking. presentations galore! everything from lab meetings to class presentations to journal club to seminars to posters. it literally never ends. i think i give at least 1 presentation a week (and because of it my public speaking skills have improved immensely.)
  • the amount of creativity involved. pure logic won’t get you anywhere; you need to be just as creative as artists, writers, composers, etc. those who never think outside of the box will never succeed in solving problems posed by science and health.
  • failure is a normal occurrence. be it a 10-day experiment gone wrong, a rejected grant, stinging comments on your presentation skills–you really need unlimited patience, determination, and super thick skin to grow and thrive here. 
  • gossip travels fast and everyone has a reputation. even before the end of my 1st year i already know whose research is going places, whose lab is running out of money; who the smart students are, who the lazy ones are; which professors and students are probably going to be kicked out in a few years, etc. science is a small world, and grad school is an even smaller one. 
  • and speaking of reputations, being known as the “lazy student” is the absolute worst reputation to have. it’s okay if you’re not top of the class, or if your experiments aren’t working. but if you’re not a hard worker then wow… you might as well start looking for a new place to live.
  • your undergraduate grades do matter. oops. but not in the way you think! they’re not a very important deciding factor for getting into grad school, but when you apply for fellowships and grants, the reviewers actually do look at your undergraduate grades to gauge your work ethics. I had a post-doc in a previous lab that got turned down for a grant because he had a C in Hebrew. Hebrew! it wasn’t even related to science! 
  • it’s really difficult to find a thesis lab. this is probably the hardest part. you have to find a lab that’s doing research you enjoy, has people you get along with (especially the PI), and has money/room for you. it’s definitely tougher than it seems, and many labs these days just don’t have the funding necessary for grad students. many academic labs prefer to hire post-docs because they’re cheaper–and have more experience–than grad students. 
  • you have to be a good writer. everything relies on your writing skills: your qualifying exams, your research articles, your grants, etc etc. your success as a scientist is practically 90% dependent on how well you can write scientifically. so, if you hate writing, maybe look for another field. 
  • but! despite all this, grad schools have lots of resources to help you improve your skills, be in public speaking, or writing grants. it’s true that everyone here wants you to succeed and be the best scientist you can be. so there will always be classes and workshops that will help you read and analyze journal articles, or overcome your fear of public speaking, or become a better scientific writer. 
  • not every PhD graduate needs to do a post-doc, and it depends on what field you want to pursue after graduate school. if you want to go into academics and become a professor or head your own research, then yes, a post-doc is practically required for you to build more skills and publish more papers. but if you want to work in industry, they accept masters and PhD’s right out of grad school. it really depends on you and your goals!
  • you must publish papers. this is especially important for PhD’s (and is a requirement to graduate). published research articles are the only way anyone can know you were productive in lab. aim for at least 1 first-author paper. 
  • it helps to be personable. you don’t need to be an extrovert, but you do need to be able to network, be a team player, and in general be able to interact with colleagues, professors, and other scientists. the most successful scientists are the ones who can form useful collaborations with others. no one can work well in a vacuum. 
  • and lastly, it’s not that bad :) I know grad students have the stereotype of being frazzled and frustrated and way too busy all the time, but it’s the life we chose and honestly, we wouldn’t have it any other way. and i’m sure if you’re considering this path, it’s something you’ll be ok with too :)

(dear other colleagues–feel free to add more!)

do u ever just look at your bias group and think wow i love them so much like i know i make fun of them alot with things like ‘haha u fucking nerd’ and stuff but they’re actually amazing and i really appreciate the things they do for us fans because they go through so much shit and they barely get any sleep and they work so hard and sacrifice so much just to show us a good performance and please us even though they’re so tired and damn i really fucking love this group do i even deserve them.

What if Goodbye Despair was a stage play

A/N Continuing from the one where class 78’s killing game was a stage play, class 77 got inspired by and got permission from class 78 to do this, this AU features Hajime with SHSL Guidance Counselor, by @ronin-warriorsfanatic

“The traitor is among you” Monokuma’s voice rang.

Backstage we see Junko reprising her role as Monokuma, and Hina acting under the roll of Usami/Monomi, Chihiro and the real Ryouta are working on a computer to get the animation for each murder sequence ready.

“This is going to be a huge hit.” Chihiro stated.

“Yeah, there’s a limit to special effects, and the animation here is the best I could do under short notice.”

“It’s fine, Ryouta, besides everyone’s gonna love it.”

It started with a simple idea, the first play featured Hope vs Despair, while that battle is played out once again, Chiaki had a better idea than just repeating the message, she wants to prove that Talent doesn’t have to be everything in life, let’s go back 2 months after class 78’s finished play. Makoto sat at his usual spot at the cafeteria, usually classes don’t interact with each other, but the Ultimate Gamer, Chiaki Nanami decided to sit next to him today.

“The play your class did last time was amazing.” Chiaki said suddenly.

“Chiaki…thank you.”

“Which is why I wanted to do a version of it with my class, and was hoping for your permission.” Chiaki asked.

“Of course you can, we didn’t patten it or anything.”

“With that said, they got to work… Makoto, Byakuya, and Kyoko gathered with the 77th class to discuss the details of the play. The class discussion was mostly similar to how 78 did it the first timr, punishments based on talents, but due to constraints, they had to anaimate each execution, from there they decided who to die and who gets executed. They even got multiple costumes that Junko loaned, and Tsumugi Shirogane from the 79th class to edit each one just incase the specific scenarios came into play, and Kaede Akamatsu from the same class to perform the music to help set the mood for the story

Teruteru offered to be the killer for the first case, but nagito’s idea to kill someone was a good choice as well, so they added elements of his plan into the first case.

Everyone there voted for Hajime to be the main protagonist here, and he offered to pretend to not remember his talent to sell the point of “talent not being everything”, and came up with the Kamukura persona as “SHSL Hope” for a plot point, Tsumugi loaned them a long black wig to use. They all accepted this, they also brought over Kotoko from the elementary division to play Hiyoko (to set up a huge plot twist)

Peko offered both the death of Natsumi Kuzuryu as a motive, and Sparkling Justice as a plot point. Mahiru offered to be the victim of this case, and that Hiyoko offered her character to be hit with the blame.

What Surprised everyone was that Mikan offered to be a killer at some point, and that both Ibuki and Hiyoko offered to be her victims.

Gundham of course chose to be a killer, but Nekomaru offered it at the same time, so they both wrote 2 versions of that part of the script and the proceeding trial, and acted them out, the version woth Gundham as the killer worked better for all of them, so they went with that.

Hajime was chosen to survive due to his plot armor, Sonia volunteered to be a survivor, Fuyuhiko didn’t feel like killing nor being murdered, so he bevame a survivor Kazuichi became a survivor for comedic effect, and Akane had the same reason as Fuyuhiko.

Throuout the process, Nagito offered for his character to be the personification of Hope’s Peak’s philosophy. He set up a scenario where his death looks like a suicide, but the “traitor” grabbed something filled with poison, and have that person throw it. They all enjoyed the idea of that.

The rest was history, Junko would take the stage for the sixth class trial, chihiro will pretend to be Alter Ego, and each execution would be animated due to time constraints and an inability to actually perform each execution on the stage. The real Mitarai made each video of the killers, and shown them to his class, they all approved his work. Mahiru worked on creating fake photos for both the second motive, and some of “Izuru Kamukura” being the Ultimate Photographer made it a sinch to create fake photos.

Now back to the show, the Ultimate imposter took his togami disguise off, and his school clothes were underneath.

“I don’t know how much longer I could’ve gone.” TUI stated.

“Ah, you did well for being a fake Togami.” Hina said after covering her mike.

“Yeah, Shirogane really did some amazing work with the costumes and crap.” Junko added, doing the same.

Back on stage:

“The killer is you, Teruteru Hanamura, the Ultimate Chef!” Hajime declared.

Chihiro and Mitarai took that as their cue to activate the video where Teruteru was tar and feathered by monokuma, then dipped into the volcano.

Sometime later, Teruteru returned backstage.

“You fought really well out there Teruteru!” Hina complimented.

“Thank you, thank you, you’re too kind, now if you excuse me, I have to make the dishes for the after party.” The midget chef informed before heading off.

The deaths of Mahiru and Peko were next, Peko profusely apologizing to Mahiru for such a death, but Mahiru shook it off as no big deal, and gave kudos to Peko’s performance.

Later Ibuki and Kotoko wound up dead, and Mikan execuded. Mikan started crying backstage, and hugged both of them, they hugged her back as a sign of forgiveness, and complimented her performance.

At this point, references to class 78’s play were profusely shown, and the audience clapped when they noticed each reference.

The idea of a “Mechamaru” was one the coach came up with himself, and after his death, Gundham was found guilty. Both of them returned backstage to watch the end of the play.

Next, Nagito’s character went completely insane, and his unsolvable murder-suicide began. It was heart wrenching, the audience shed tears when they saw him all tortured and bloody. Once back stage, he changed into clean clothes while Mikan took care of any potential injuries, class 77’s ultimate lucky student tended to suffer from some form of disease in real life, and Mikan’s been treating it in real life, although she didn’t really need to.

The trial went on slightly longer then the others to show off the complexity of this case, but when they reached the end.

“Do you understand what you’re saying!? You’re asking me to kill you!” Hajime yelled.

“Don’t vote for me because I’m the traitor, put your faith in me and the bonds we forged here.”

At this point, monomi and Chiaki were killed brutally, and Chiaki made it backstage.

“Chiaki…you did great out there.” Mahiru stated.

“Thank you, but Nagito deserves some credit, I mean..his death was the perfect unsolvable murder.”

“You’re too kind, but I’m glad I could serve as a stepping stone to make this play shine as bright as it possibly can.”

“Not this again, Nagito, you have a vouce in the class just as much as the rest of us.” Mahiru sighed.

The sixth trial soon began, Makoto took the stage, then pretended to be a program Monokuma created, then left as soon as he was found out. Monokuma referenced Frieza from DBZ, then after Chihro activated the smoke effect, Junko took the stage in a cellphone prop, Makoto shortly rejoined the trial with Kyoko and Byakuya shortly after. Then Junko fell to defeat once again once the survivors and class 78 members triggered “force shutdown”, with that the last execution played with Usami defeating the giant Junko.


With the completion of the play, the crowd began cheering loudly, and the applause sounded like thunder.

“Wow, killing game plays really are getting popular here.” Hajime stated.

“It’s because they enjoyed the first one and the omakes to it that the sequel to danganronpa did so well.” Chiaki added.

“Well, you guys worked hard on it, you should be proud of yourselves, and the plot points were amazing as well.” Makoto praised.

messy-jessie  asked:

How do I compliment someone on their weight loss without focusing on appearance? I know they will feel good if I recognize their efforts and THEY may be focusing on appearance but *I* don't want to because healthy lifestyle changes are about so much more than how a person looks. How do I give them recognition without saying, "You look so good!" as I feel like that kind of implies they didn't look good before they lost the weight.

Keep in the back of your mind that if you don’t want to focus on the appearance aspect of weight loss, it’s best to step back and think about what you’re actually complimenting them on. Because if your brain keeps going “weight loss weight loss weight loss,” then this isn’t going to turn out very well for anyone involved. I can practically guarantee that weight loss is going to be the least awesome thing happening to them, anyway.

If this person is putting in a lot of effort and seeking to educate themselves about health and fitness: “Hey, lately I’ve been seeing just how hard you’re working, and I think that’s amazing! Good job.”

If this person has been in a better mood and seems much happier now: “Wow, you never seem to stop smiling lately, it’s really contagious. :))))”

And if this person has accomplished a recent PR, like running a 5k or squatting their body weight: “Seeing you work out is so impressive, you just keep getting better!”

Because more than anything, you want to actually focus on their accomplishments and what’s happening in this person’s life right now. After all, if their weight loss isn’t what’s impressive to you, then why give them a compliment? If this is someone that you care about and are proud of, I know that you can come up with some 100% legitimate thing about them that’s worth praising and saying out loud. 

“Irresistible” Dean x Reader PART 2

Word Count: 2,000ish

Dean Winchester x Reader

Summary: Dean takes you out on your first date.

Warnings: Language, fluff, kissing


You stand in front of your mirror, taking in your appearance for the night. After meeting Dean last week, he had immediately asked you to go out on a date with him. You had originally scheduled it for last weekend, the night after you two had met at the bar, but he said something “came up” and he couldn’t make it. He was short on the details, so you assumed it had something to do with his top secret FBI job or his family. You told him it was completely fine and that you would just go out this weekend instead.

He didn’t tell you what you’d be doing, so you just opted for something that could work for both a casual date or something nicer. You were in skinny jeans and a sweater, along with your hair down and enough makeup to satisfy you. You wanted to look nice- this was your first date since your breakup with your ex. Plus, Dean is a very attractive guy.

You were about to put on your shoes when you heard a knock at your front door, implying that not only was Dean there, but he was early. Like, fifteen minutes early.

“Shit,” You hurry to put your shoes on, looking in the mirror one last time. You look around your house and see that it’s a huge mess, making you internally groan.

“Hold on!” You yell out to Dean, trying to make the house look a little nicer just in case he decided to come inside. You really hope not.

Your attempt to clean your house within thirty seconds was somewhat of a success, but by the time you open the door you’re out of breath.

“What, did you just run a marathon or something?” Dean gives you an amused look. He’s wearing jeans and a flannel- completely different than the suit he was wearing when you first met him, but goddamn did he still look good.

“I, uh,” You bite your lip, trying to think of something to say. “Anyways, we should go.” You avoid the question, hoping that he doesn’t expect to be let in. You grab your purse from the cabinet on your right and exit the door with Dean.

Not even five minutes into the date and I’ve made a complete fool of myself.’ You think to yourself.

“You look great. Even better than I remember.” Dean winks at you as you two walked towards his car.

“Thanks- holy crap, is that your car?” You ogled, seeing his impala parked at the end of your driveway. You don’t know much about cars, but you know enough to know that he had a nice one. Your dad always used to tell you that you can tell a lot about a man by his car.

“Ah, yes, this is baby.” Dean pats his car, and opens the passenger side door to let you in.

“You named your car baby?” You laugh. “Well, ‘baby’ is a nice car.”

“Know much about cars?” He asks, and gets into the driver’s seat.

“I used to. My dad used to know a lot about cars and when I was younger, he would always talk to me about them. I don’t remember much but I do know enough to tell you that you’ve got your hands on a pretty good one.”

“Yeah, it was my dad’s actually. Guess both of our dads liked them.”

“Yup.” You say. “So, mind telling me where we’re going?”

“I was thinking we could go fishing. I heard bass is in season this time of the year.” Dean says with a straight face.

You look over at him oddly, not sure if he’s joking or not. Fishing? What the hell?

“You can relax, babe.” Dean laughs, and he pats your thigh. “I’m only messing with you. I don’t fish. We are going out to eat, though. Hope you like burgers.”

“Oh, thank god.” You let out a sigh of relief. “Burgers sound great.”

“You like my car AND you like burgers? Where have you been all my life?” Dean laughs, being his charming self. You blush at his words even though you know that he’s probably only making a joke.

The ride to the burger place only takes about fifteen minutes, and the place was insanely cute. It was an old 50’s diner style restaurant that was complete with checkered floors and handmade milkshakes.

“This place is adorable.” You admire, walking into the building. Dean leads you to a booth and you two look over your menus.

“So, you’ve been here before?” You ask.

“Yeah, me and my brother Sam used to come here all the time. I come more often than he does now, since he’s an absolute health food freak these days, but I still love this place. The burgers are freakin’ fantastic.”

“Sam’s the one who’s your partner, right? I still think it’s really cool that you two not only have the same job, but you’re also partners. I doubt that happens often. Do you ever get tired of working with him all the time or are you two best friends?” You question.

Dean furrows his eyebrows, and his face seemingly having a confused expression. If he did, it was gone instantly and his smiling self was back.

“Oh, right.” Dean says slowly. “Yeah, nah I don’t really get tired of working with him. He’s a pain in the ass but in the end he’s my brother, and yeah, he’s my best friend. One of them, at least. I have another best friend named Cas.”

“Cas? That’s an odd name. I kind of like it, though.”

“Yeah.” Dean laughs. “We’re just like one big family. But anyways, tell me more about yourself, Y/N. My life is pretty boring, I’d rather talk about yours.”

“Before I do, I need a suggestion on what to order. They all look really good.” You bite your lip, looking at the menu.

“Oh, definitely the cheeseburger with bacon. And make sure you order it with a side of their special sauce, that shit is the bomb.”

Just as he’s saying that, the waitress comes over, a notebook in her hands and a pen behind her ear.

“What can I get for you two today?” She asks, her eyes lingering on Dean longer than necessary. She sets two water glasses down in front of you, filling them both up to the brim.

“We’re both going to get the number four, I think.” Dean looks over at you for approval, and you nod your head.

“Coming right up. See you later, Dean.” The waitress winks at Dean, walking away. Dean immediately puts an uncomfortable smile on his face and looks at you, waiting for your reaction.

“So, know the waitress?” You raise your eyebrow, taking a sip of the water that was left on your table.

“Yeah, I, uh-“ Dean looks obviously flustered, not knowing what to say.

“You can relax, babe. I’m only messing with you.” You joke, repeating what he had told you earlier. You’re not under any impression that he was some lonely, single, virgin man before you met him- I mean, look at him- so you know that the fact that he probably fucked the waitress doesn’t affect you. You’re the one sitting here with him tonight, not her.

“You’re hilarious.” Dean grins. “But anyways, back to talking about you.”

“Well, what do you want to know?”

“Anything, babe. I’m all ears.”

“Well, okay.” You try and think of something. “I’m twenty-four, but you already knew that. I graduated college last year with a degree in nursing. I’m currently working as a nurse at the hospital in town, although I am strongly considering going back to school to get my master’s degree. You already met my best friend Ana, even though she was drunk as all hell. I have two sisters, and both of my parents passed away when I was a teenager. I really like to watch Netflix when I have free time. Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead are my shit. I also like reading but I have a hard time finding books that actually interest me…” You pause, realizing you’re rambling. “Wow, I’m sorry, I’m rambling.”

“No, it’s okay.” Dean smiles. “I like hearing you talk.”

“Okay.” You blush.

“I didn’t know you’re a nurse. That’s cool as hell.”

“It’s hard.” You admit. “But I really enjoy it.”

“Yeah, that’s how I feel about my job too. It’s hard work, but it’s worth it. You get to save so many people.”

“I could imagine. You get to see some crazy shit being an agent, don’t you? My dad’s best friend used to be a cop, and he would tell me all about the stuff he would see. But he got to save so many people from dying, or kid’s from kidnapping, or just anything like that. It’s completely different from the life-saving that I do, but it’s super important as well.” You say.

“Exactly how I feel.” Dean replies, and you both see your food coming to your table.

“Oh, it smells so good.” Your mouth starts to water, and you realize how hungry you actually are.

You both eat your burgers, continuing to talk about your lives. You learned from him that both of his parents had passed away when he was younger as well, and by the way that he talks about his job, that it’s his life. He really enjoys it. You tell him more about yourself as well, but only dumb things like your favorite color or your favorite food.

Before you know it, the night was coming to an end and he was already dropping you off at your doorstep. The date had gone tremendously well and you prayed that there would be another one.

“I had fun tonight, Y/N.” Dean looks down at you.

“I did, too.”

His eyes are focusing in on your lips, and you look at his. He leans down, and the space between your lips closes. You were expecting a fast and rough kiss, but to your surprise, it was slow and romantic. The kinds of kisses that you see in the movies. And oh man, did he know what he was doing.

You pick up the pace, and wrap your arms around his neck. His hands go to your hips, pushing you up against the wall as he continued to kiss you. You’re about to take it a step further when he pulls away, his forehead still touching yours.

“I should go.” His voice comes out low. You can tell that he’s holding himself back, just by the look in his face (but you can also feel it pressing up against your leg, if you catch my drift). You desperately want to tell him to stay, to come inside with you, but you just nod your head.

“I’ll call you tomorrow.” Dean whispers, and kisses your forehead. You watch him as he walks back to his car, slightly disappointed but also glad that he actually said he’d call.

You walk inside and go straight to your bed, not even bothering to change as you curl up underneath the covers. It was a good night, and you can’t stop touching your lips where his were once pressed up against. One date and you’re already wrapped around his finger. 

“I’m so screwed.” You groan to yourself.


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So I worked at a gas station for only 4 months.
I had gotten the job because I moved in with my sister, and one of her friends was one of the two managers.
Now let me tell you about this gas station.
It’s TINY.
Two people can’t be behind the counter at once, if you sit in the office you have to walk in and close the door to sit down, otherwise you can’t close the door, and only 5 customers are able to fit in the actual building at a time. Basically personal space is a commodity.
Now, for the staffing. It was me and 2 other cashiers, S & B.
S was a nice guy, very friendly and we got along, but his training was shite and i had witnessed him selling drugs during a shift more than once. B was a nice woman, 42 years old and had two kids over 20, but she had helium for brains. And I don’t really have the tolerance for stupidity.
So I had just finished a really solid morning shift with my manager, and B comes in to do a shift change. Because I had my manager there, we got through our morning routine pretty easily, and I was all ready for B to come in and for me to run numbers. I had done her drawer, counted everything out. Now if you don’t know, a standard starting shift drawer has exactly $100. Everything was exact. Down to the 2 rolls of pennies, nothing higher than a $10. So B is doing her shift change, and I’m already in the office rolling numbers with my manager. B knocks on the door like she’s the police.
She starts freaking out and asking if I pre-counted her drawer, and filled out her paperwork. I told her yes. Sometimes we do it for the next shift if the manager is there to supervise as a nice way to help out the next person, and to make sure nothing sus is happening with money. But B doesn’t like that. She looses her mind. Starts yelling about how she doesn’t know me and that I could’ve stolen stuff from her drawer and she was gonna take the fall for me being a thief. At this point my manager can see me starting to boil over. Like I said before, she’s a friend of the family, so she knows how crazy I can get. Her and my sister both watched me try to fight an old lady and her two dogs in the street after I witnessed her calling an 11 year old boy a faggot. Anyways, she sees me getting red and is like, “B you need to stop. Count your drawer and move on”
So the situation is temporary diffused and I go back to doing my numbers. Not even 5 minutes pass and B comes back over looking smug as fuck, and waiving her stack of $5’s in my face. “ you forgot a bill. I knew you were gonna fuck up. You’re shorting my drawer.”
I lost it. I snatched the money out of her hand and counted the bills. They were exact. I got so angry I slammed them on the counter, got up close to her face and yelled “Wow B, for someone so insistent on counting the damn drawer, don’t you think it would help if you actually knew how to count???”
My manager had to pull me away from her and the customers, and told me to go outside for a cigarette. I felt bad honestly. She was really shaken up over it. The customers on the other hand, looked like they were trying HARD to stifle back some laughs.
Funny enough, I didn’t get fired. Instead I worked another two month before ultimately leaving because I moved to another town.

Tldr: older coworker is dense as shit, accuses me of stealing, is shocked when she’s proven wrong and I loose my shit.


-Really? Pest control. -Yeah. You get to work with a partner. You get to help people. You have no idea what’s in some people’s walls. It could eat ‘em alive. -Yeesh. -'Course, that was then. And now… -You’re practically respectable. -Yeah. Wow. I guess so. That’s kind of scary, actually.

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31 feysand or nessian ;-)

31: “is that all you’ve got?”

Nesta’s cheeks were burning from a combination of the physical exertion and anger. Cassian was standing across from her, his arms crossed in front of him, a casual smirk set upon his face. Nesta wanted to claw it off him. Instead, she kicked him in the stomach, a big, roundhouse kick, just like the one’s he’d been showing her. He barely even staggered back. 

“Is that all you’ve got?” He asked. Nesta muttered something under her breath that he couldn’t hear. “Hmm? What was that, sweetheart?” 

“I said you better fucking wish that’s all I’ve got, you insufferable prick,” she growled. Cassian only chuckled. 

“Try me, Nes.” Her glare only deepened. 

“Just because you are temporarily warming my bed doesn’t mean I’ll take it easy on you, Cassian.” 

“I’m actually asking you to do the opposite, in case you didn’t understand. I mean really, Nes, you probably should pay more atten— “ Cassian’s blabbering was cut off by a swift kick to his jaw. Pain shot through it and he barely caught himself before he fell to the ground. He eased himself down instead. 

When he looked up, a hand pressed to the sore spot, moving his jaw around to make sure it wasn’t broken, Nesta was smirking at him. He started at her a second before he began to laugh outright, big, forceful things that shook his body. He threw is head back, the careful braids Nesta had put in that morning barely touching the back of his neck. The wide smile still plastered on his face when he finally stopped made Nesta want to do very, very dirty things in order to make him smile that way again. 

“Nice work, sweetheart,” he said. She strolled towards him, crouching down until her face was level with his. 

“Don’t I get a reward for my hard work?” She asked. Faster than she could blink, Cassian’s lips were on her own, his tongue parting them and sweeping through her mouth. When she pulled away, they were both breathless. 

Cassian stood first, his hand still at his aching jaw, and said simply, “Again.”

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Do You Mean It?

this is another gif from my personal blog btw! i don’t steal gifs…

This is a filler for the time between these two parts of Watch Me Babygirl [pt.4] [pt.5]

Summary: How did Taehyung and Jimin get together and how did they manage to keep it a secret from Y/N for so long???

Pairing: Jimin x Taehyung

Warnings: none! 

Taehyung awkwardly followed Jimin and Y/N up the front drive and into their house. Jimin’s shoulders were tense and Y/N was doing her best to not flat out stomp up the stairs to her bedroom. She didn’t even mumble a goodnight to her brother, but almost as an offhanded thought, threw a goodnight over her shoulder for Taehyung.

As soon as her bedroom door slammed, Jimin turned to Taehyung, a worried expression on his face.

“She’s being ridiculous right? I mean… I’m not being too harsh am I?” Jimin asked quietly, leaning closer to Taehyung.

Taehyung’s heart beat faster, though he tried to convince himself that it was because he was being questioned about his best friend’s forbidden secret relationship and not because Jimin’s face was so close to his own.

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pure! AU: Apocalypse Testing

AN: hello! This is the first in a series of a pure AU plot about AP testing as I am looking to get into AP French next year. I don’t even know if they had AP testing in the 80s but I don’t care. Jdronica as usual, AU stolen from @pure-jdronica. Enjoy!

“It is upon us,” he said walking out of German. “The apocalypse has come. Tell me which circle of Dante’s Inferno you’d prefer to be in.”

“Stop being so overdramatic.” I shot him The Look (copyright Veronica Sawyer, 1988) and shifted my book bag from one shoulder to another. “AP testing is not the end of the world. I have not seen even one of the four horsemen appear.”

“Oh look, there comes war and pestilence.”

I can see a flash of red and yellow in my peripheral vision.

“I set myself up for that one, didn’t I?”

“Yes.” He snickers out of the corner of his mouth and turns on his heel, trying to stay away from them. He barely tolerates them. All for my sake.

“RONNIE!” Chandler pushes her way to the front and people in her path part like the Red Sea. “We need a fake ID.”

“I’m hiring someone out to take my APs!” McNamara squeals. “I just need the picture of the kid I hired on my school ID and we’re set!”

“Surely you can do that for us, Veronica.” Heather C. places a soft hand on my shoulder, her red nails impeccable as usual.

“Nope. No can do. First of all, I don’t do fake IDs. Second of all, I am not gonna be an accessory to cheating on AP tests. It screws things up to people who have actually worked hard in the classes.”

McNamara’s lip quivers. Heather Chandler’s eyes are sharp under her mascara-coated eyelashes. “Oh, surely you can make an exception for a friend,” she says.

I’m getting pissed. “What is your damage, Heather? I said no.”

“I’m gonna fail,” sniffles McNamara. “I’m never gonna be a sorority sister. Everyone knows how bad my grades are.”

“Wow. You want me to forge an ID for you so you can meet frat boys?”

“Exactly,” says Chandler into my ear. “She’s been really depressed lately. Thinking of killing herself. I can’t let that happen to the Heathers.”


“Well, I won’t do a fake ID. But I will help you study. This Saturday, Sherwood Library. Bring snacks.”

She looks a little better. Her tears have stopped and she wipes away the mascara smudges under her eyes. “Thanks so much, Ronnie. You’re so good at school.”

“Let’s motor,” says Heather C. They are out of the hallway in two seconds flat. Everyone makes way for them as usual.

We’re at 7-11 when I tell JD of my plan.


“Just helping out a friend. Look, I really had no choice. She was gonna kill herself.”

“Why would Chandler say that to you?”

“Um, because it’s true?” I take a massive sip of my slushie.

“Veronica. That was our date. Our study date. You can’t let those assholes interfere with our relationship anymore.”

“They’re my friends!”

“Um, they weren’t when you crawled through my window and banged me.” He smiles at the memory.

“You tried to serve Chandler drano the next morning. If I hadn’t stopped you, you and I would both be in jail.”

“Look, I only put up with them because I love you so much. I’ve got my dad to deal with, and now these APs if I’m ever going to get into Harvard. And you invite some girl who doesn’t know her algebra from her geometry into our much-needed time together.”

“JD. I promise this is a one-time thing.”

“You promised you would break up with the Heathers!”

“Maybe underneath all the makeup they’re good people, JD. They’re just as lost and confused as everyone in this suburban hellhole.”

“I’ll take you at your word. But I’m not afraid to cut the Heathers out of your life if this turns sour.”

“JD. Remember what they said in therapy. Nobody deserves to die. Everyone has potential whether you can see it or not.”

“Oh, I don’t mean kill them. I mean just show you what assholes they really are.”

“JD. Please. It’s one date for a poor girl who’s gonna fail her APs without my help. If you want to bail, fine.”

“I’m not leaving you.” There are tears in his eyes. “I want another slushie.”

“JD, baby, let’s go back home and study. You have German and I have French.”

“Okay,” he sniffles. “Your house. The asshole is home.”

“It’s gonna be okay. Remember, our love is the highest power in the universe.”

“Our love is God,” he agrees.

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hi! been following you for a long time but haven't gotten around to sending in an ask until now! could I get some headcanons for a Naga Brute from WoW if you have the time, please? (assuming you're still taking asks, that is~)

They’re really cool, Anon! But I was confused when I looked them up because they’re not what I’d consider a traditional Naga, even though there are more traditional ones in the WoW world.

They’re not the brightest crayon in the box, so you’ll have to work really hard at getting them to understand you. Even after they comprehend, they’re still going to be baffled.

However. should they take a shine to you, they’ll follow you everywhere, and beat everything around you to a pulp. 50/50 chance it’s something that’s actually a threat and not just a passerby.

They nuzzle against you to show affection, and have occasionally allowed you to use them as a mount to move around faster; they’re definitely capable of carrying you, and seem to enjoy doing so when they do.

Just please make sure they’re fed to avoid unnecessary raids on the local fish market. It’s just simpler.

An interesting thing about redpill thought–and something its adherents would probably tell you distinguishes it from bluepill thought–is its focus on personal responsibility. Complaining about your husband on RPW is forbidden; your posts have to be about ways that you can improve as a partner. And I think if you commented on a PUA blog that the reason you can’t get laid is because women are bitches you’d get laughed at: regardless of whether women are bitches, the reason you can’t get laid is because you aren’t trying hard enough.

I think that mindset is part of what I find appealing about these communities. I’ve had several frustrating conversations with social justice-minded friends/acquaintances that go something like this:

me: *shares a problem I’ve been experiencing at school or work*

them: oh wow. clearly your classmates/boss/colleagues/industry is/are incredibly sexist. I’m so sorry you have to deal with that!

me: uh actually, I don’t really think that’s the issue here? I think that there are some ways I can grow as a person and I’m trying to figure out how to do that–

them: don’t blame yourself honey! this is structural oppression!!

And obviously, the “you are responsible for your own life” and “your problems are other people’s fault” narratives are both right sometimes. I think the response above would be correct if, say, I were experiencing workplace sexual harassment. Sometimes keeping a positive attitude toward your husband and becoming less demanding and more pleasant to be around is exactly what you need to make your marriage work, and sometimes he’s just an asshole and you need to dump him.

So what divides those attracted to the narrative of personal responsibility from those attracted to the blame-others narrative? Well uh, just speaking for myself, I’m an extremely privileged person. If it’s true of anyone, it’s probably true of me that most of my problems are kind of “my fault,” rather than the result of unavoidable external circumstances. And I’d guess based on any SJ-approved metric of privilege, the people in redpill communities are more privileged than those in SJ communities–in other words, the people for whom the personal responsibility narrative is most accurate/helpful.

(Of course, I’m sure both sides would object strongly to being characterized as coexisting communities for competing access needs. Either sexism isn’t real and those who claim to be held back by it are brainwashed, or all women are oppressed by sexism and those who claim otherwise are brainwashed.)

aka the year everything I drew had to be kept a secret

I think 2016 has possibly been one of the best years of my life! I was never really confident in myself as an artist before but this year I started doing professional work and it’s been an incredible experience!
My first gig was to do a bit of freelance character design work for Warner Bros on their recently announced BABYMETAL show. Right as that started, more opportunities suddenly came up by coincidence! While I was working with WB, I had to take two tests, one for Studio Trinket (Battle Chef Brigade) and the other for Marvel (Marvel’s Spider-man). And I was also about to leave for Hawaii for Kawaii kon so I had to prepare for that too…. wow April was an intense month…. But anyways haha I got through it and passed for Studio Trinket and did some freelance character work with them! Battle Chef Brigade is such a beautiful and fun game you guys have to check it out!
For Marvel, I actually didn’t get the job at first and that really hit me hard. But later my friend at Cartoon Network offered me to be a freelance storyboard revisionist on The Powerpuff Girls and my confidence was lifted! I was planning on staying there for a while but after a few weeks I received an email from Marvel saying that an extra position opened up and they were offering it to me. I remember screaming and running out to the living room to tell my roommates haha! I started in the beginning of June and it’s been amazing working with such a talented and friendly crew and I’m just so thankful for this opportunity to learn from them.

I’ve got a great job, the best friends and coworkers, a comfortable apartment, cute cats, and a supportive family! Life has finally been good lately! Goodbye 2016 and hello 2017!!


2015 summary
2014 summary
2013 summary

vorchagirl  asked:

Lets say you get magically stuck inside one fandom FOREVER (like the actual world The fandom celebrates), which one would you prefer to be stuck inside?

Oh wow this is an excellent question. And actually really hard because there are so many worlds I want to be a part of ;.;

It’s seriously down to Harry Potter and Mass Effect. I feel like… with the Reapers I have I go wth HP lol. As much as I love turians I don’t think the whole genocide thing is gonna work for me lol.


Gift card

this is obviously au cause I don’t know a canon and also there’s no ikea in argentina but mostly this is a birthday gift for the sweetest person ever @lifesruiner Happy birthday pili!  you deserve the best and nothing less and I hope this is at least little bit close

She doesn’t know if she’s panicking or if she is happy, maybe a healthy dose of both mixed together, or maybe this weird feeling on the pit of her stomach is just nasua she is not sure. Anything and everything seems possible now.

She sits herself on the bathroom floor, crossed legged, stunned at the two lines in front of her, they are a soft pink and yet they feel like neon signs hanging on the bathroom telling her how her life is about to give a 180 turn. She hears Matteo’s voice announcing that he’s home and she quickly gets rid if the test,throwing the stick into the trash and hiding the box on her make up bag so Matteo doesn’t come across it by accident,she wants to tell him, of course but she needs to be completely sure this is true, damn Matteo himself will want to be completely sure, so there’s has to be medical testing involved.

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