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Okay, what happened?

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Don't know if requests are still open but if they are, Musichetta in #30? This beautiful girl deserves more appreciation :) your art is fantastic by the way, I suck at colour pallets and shading so I appreciate your talent + hard work 100%

Requests are still open (even now when i’m posting this, omg i’m so sorry I’ve made you wait so long, I’m so sorry ;;)
Thank you for the compliments and I’m sure you’re not that bad <3

Here she is!!!
This palette was very intriguing, thank you for suggesting
I really hope you like it, sorry again for the loong wait <3

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Have you got any mixed race javid things cos I'm half Welsh half Japanese and this douche was being horrid about it today and like I just need some fluff sorry.... xxxx

I’m sorry people are stupid- I send love and happy thoughts <3 Have a headcanon to cheer you up:

  • Jack was abandoned as a baby so he doesn’t know who his parents are or really anything about himself beyond looks so he knows he’s mixed race but not what his ancestry is
  • It’s doubly hard because he can’t pass as white but he doesn’t know if he can/should identify as a person of colour, but also because he feels like he doesn’t even know who he is
  • It’s at the back of Jack’s mind for years and Davey knows it bothers him but doesn’t know what to do to help
  • Then he comes across one of those DNA test things that can tell you what your ancestry makeup is like and he decides that’s what he’s getting Jack for Christmas, even if he doesn’t celebrate it himself because he’s Jewish. Jack does and he wants to get him something that means something
  • At first Jack is confused as hell but then Davey explains and he lights up
  • He’s a nightmare for the 6-8 weeks he has to wait for results because he’s so impatient but when he gets them he finds out he’s part Irish, part Native American and part African (it’s not specific any further than ‘West African’ but honestly that’s enough for him)
  • Davey just sits and watches as Jack finds out all this information about himself that he never knew and the look of awe on his face is perfect. If it didn’t feel like such a private moment he’d be half tempted to get out a camera and film it
  • Then Jack starts crying which is pretty rare so Davey gets worried and starts apologising but Jack just explains that it’s the best gift he’s ever gotten because he knows who he is and he can finally be proud of it as his specific identity and that’s something no one has ever been able to give him before
  • Davey helps him research a bunch of stuff all night because Jack is too excited to sleep, until they eventually both end up curling up together on the sofa surrounded by both of their laptops and a stack of Davey’s books, and Jack is smiling in his sleep and holding Davey tight because no matter what his ancestry results were, he knows he belongs at Davey’s side.

04/06/2016 // may ‘16 spreads!

after my exams ended and my summer started, i started a new bullet journal! i’m having a lot of fun experimenting with layouts and colours and all the arty stuff that’s hard to do on top of a busy academic year ;;; if you look closely, you’ll be able see that i’ve been very busy (which would also explain my absence e heh he h ^^;) i was really inspired by @studypetals spreads as well as this post by @teacomets for my monthly layout!! so sorry for the gross lighting i have going here agh

Ghost emoji ratings

Apple: A classic, but a bit overdone on the shading. the eyes of differing sizes have always put me off. 2/5

Google: Angry! Boo! Probably just wants to be left alone. smooth, with simple shading and a unique expression. 3/5 hope you find some peace buddy.

Microsoft: A silly boy who reminds me of some ice cream! Probably looking for a good time. 5/5

Samsung: hhhhhh idk man… the way the eyes bug out of the head despite being within the cloth is pretty unsettling. The eyes themselves are very nice though. 1/5

LG: not very striking in any sort of way except the tan lighting at the top. Again with the eyes of different sizes. 1/5 pretty bland

HTC: A very simple and friendly ghost! The smile sans the tongue hints at no hijinks. just a friendly kid 5/5

Facebook: very flat, with an empty stare. looks kinda like a cookie. 1/5

Messenger: LOOK HOW SaD IT IS!!! Beautiful blue-grey colours, but please, give it happiness!! 3/5 HELP THEM

Twitter: a zany rip-off of Apple with the darn eye again. Interesting mouth expression though. 0/5 sorry bud

Mozilla: nice colours, but this, too, is really just an Apple rip-off. 0/5

Emoji One: WOW! HOW INTERESTING! Very brightly coloured, and what a pretty colour it is!! the body shape is a bit awkward and could use fixing. 4/5

emojidex: Looks like a Banette at first sight. I think they tried too hard to be original with this one and now it has the vibe of a fake-spooky halloween prop. its details are not very practical, and my eyes kinda hurt picking at them. 0/5


Yoo Youngjae’s Birthday Countdown - Day 3

C is for Confidence

detailed colour porn tutorial - scenery

This has been a tutorial that people have been asking me to do for quite a while but I simply hadn’t had the time to do. 

I’m doing more of these “colour porn” tutorials since this one will be strictly dedicated to scenery (I was going to do all in one but it’d honestly be way too big)

Here’s a few examples of gifsets in which I’ve used this kind of tutorial xx, xxxx and xx

I’m using photoshop cs5 to make this gifset (you can use other version of photoshop though) and you need a basic knowledge on how to make gifs.

We’re going to go from this

to this

and this

and this

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Word count: 13.8k

Summary: based off this song. You were red and you liked me because I was blue.’ Dan is an artist who sees people as colours and Phil needs money.

Warnings: mentions of depression and antidepressives

AN: Thank you to the fabulous emejig16 for editing this and sorting out my shit. I love this song so have been working on this for a while so i hope it’s good

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Must be willing to be drawn nude. Any gender or physique but must be interesting. Must be 20-30 years old. Will pay £50 per session or hours. Discuss in person. Model must be available after 8pm. Preferable long term commitment.

Contact number: 07913362736

Dan Howell

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43 days to EOYs - {18/09/16} 
‘with shortness of breath, i’ll explain the infinite. how rare and beautiful it truly is that we exist.’

mY SEPTEMBER SPREAD!! yup… another late monthly bujo spread i know im sorry?? green was the theme of this month… september’s goals were plentiful tbh most were about academics which i kinda achieved kinda didnt?? also gearing up for the exams which are at the end of october (yup i started my counter im so scared) my holidays start in a week…. i really gotta study hard then… anyways i really had fun making this spread?? i wasnt really sure of the colours but it turned out pretty nice tbh!!

the pic on the bottom right corner was taken by my amazingly talented friend @seigakun aka kou @studykouffee!! tysm for letting me use your pic kou ily!! 

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hi there!! may i ask if you have any tips when it comes to making a color palette/picking colors? the colors of your finished pieces (and even your wips) are always amazing to look at!

ALRIGHT ANON BRACE YOURSELF. I spent a really long time on this sO HERE COMES A REALLY INTENSIVE COLOUR TUTORIAL AKA Houdi learns much in college painting classes.
As usual, we need sth to work with so we’re gonna use my OC Anna. Everyone, meets Anna.

Anyway, every drawing starts with a sketch. We have a sketch plus a crash course on warm and cool colour idk why I wrote “hot” and “cold” here but whatever it’s late.

ANYWYAY, what you’ll need to know is red = warm and blue = cool. Anything deprived from these two are gonna be either cool or warm based on the colours surrounding them, so there is no in between. And an important thing related to palette is the line colours. If you’re painting without lines then it doesn’t matter, obv. But choosing the line colours for your drawing is very important. I used to do dark red but HAHA no. Lately I’ve been enjoying a lot of greyish purples and blues, since they’re pretty dark and neutral.

While we’re at it, let’s talk grey. Below is a horrible chart of complementary colours –> greys.

Idealy, they all should be cool machine grey. But alas, I’m not pulling out my oil paint for this and I can’t really blend digitally like I blend tradinationally sO WHATEVER. Anyway, greys are important in your piece. At least for me. It calms the colours down if it’s too vibrant, and lets the eyes travel throughout with ease. I’ll show you the differences later!

Now on to the actual colouring. Usually I start out with the lightest and then shade. Here I’ve blocked out the part where I want the shadow to be. What I do when I choose colours to shade is I use a warm and cool colour, not neccessairly complementary. It depends on which colours you like. I would advise to not use too saturated colours as of yet. I would blend those colours out, and choose the greyish/greenish colour they make. Sometimes you would get purple too, I usally just choose it from the colour wheel if I need it.

Now is the time to choose a darker slightly more saturated colours for the shadows. And just, blend everything until u die. More layers of shadows adds more depth, but it’s also can destroy all your colours altogther, so I suggest 3-4 shades + blush (is applicable) at most. (Althought 5 is when the fun really starts. It’s also kinda advanced and I suck at it lol)

Anyway, colouring lines makes the face lit up.

Hair. Same process.

For the clothes, I chose a really de-saturated blue, and a yellow that’s not too bright. You can see the most saturated thing right now on her is the hair, the eyes, and the buttons on her collar.

Below I have messed around with the saturation. And while to each their own (I kno, that really saturated one might look temtping but stay with me), if you’re just starting out with colours, try to use a more variety of saturation. Too saturated makes it very hard on the eyes, and the printing is gonna be hell on Earth. Too much de-saturation is just meh for me. Ofc, there are artists who utilizes these colours very well, but they know when to and not to abuse them. Just play around and see what you like. BUT TRY AND USE SOME GREYS THEY ARE MAGICAL. And no absolutely no black for shading. Just don’t. please.

Anyway, filters. I like overlaying. Just don’t abuse it cause when you’re doing traditional art after this you’ll cry.

Here’s some colour relationship charts I had to do in college lol it was really hard to mix them with oil paint.

I hope that was useful for you anon! There is another question for how I do BG and PLEASE BE PATIENCE WITH ME IT’S TAKING A VERY LONG TIME TO COMPILE THINGS TOGETHER ;;;;;

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So, I've been having a pretty bad day - this day is hard as a whole in general every year anyways, but an old friend of mine decided she would show her true colours and be a pretentious little bitch, shaming me about liking sports (hockey and baseball specifically) - things she thinks girls shouldn't like and female cliches she thinks I shouldn't promote. You're writing has really brightened my day, so I just wanted to thank you for all the work that you do on a daily basis. 😘

Look fuck her… you can like what you want and not like what you want… I’m sorry you had to go through that and if you ever need to talk I am here for you boo boo! I know what it’s like to have friends kick you when your down! But thank you for your kind words! I’m so glad my writing can help you when you’re down! :)