this was really hard to colour nicely

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What made you switch from the rhodia notebooks to the leuchtturm notebook?

the leuchtturm’s are a lot cheaper + i was keen to try a planner with page numbers + an index. ive been finding it increasingly hard to get hold of rhodia’s for the usual/old price + on amazon they have super limited stock + barely any stock at all of the nice coloured notebooks

i also dont need so much page space while on summer break + the a6 leuchtturm’s are slightly thinner than the rhodia’s which are more square

i might switch back for next academic year, but atm im really enjoying this lil a6 leuchtturm !!

If I’m a Saint, Then You’re Heaven

Summary: Phil is less than excited to start his Sex in the Bible course, but he can’t bring himself to regret it when he meets a gorgeous angel dressed in all pink by the name of Dan.
Word Count: 11,068
Warnings: Lots of religious talk, homophobia, physical fight, smut
A/N: Hey guys! I wrote this because I was tired of people writing a religious fic where Phil continuously tries to get Dan to sin. So this came out, where they both respect each other despite their religious differences (With a dash of sex at the end). If you’re uncomfortable reading smut then no worries! It’s easy to tell when they’re going to get it on and it ends at the ’-’ and is very close to the end (: Lastly, special thanks to @insanityplaysfics for betaing this for me and giving me this entire idea! Also thank you @phandommother for helping me out with the idea as well and listening to me rant about it :’)
Title Creds: Cement - Citizen
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Phil didn’t know why he decided to take the class. None of his friends were taking it and it honestly seemed like a lot of shit that Phil didn’t particularly care about, shit that didn’t really help him with his future career in any way. It seemed like a class that had a lot of reading, reading that Phil would probably never do, and let’s be honest, he probably only took the class because it had the word ‘sex’ in the title.

He walked into his Sex in the Bible class five minutes late on his first day.

The teacher didn’t bat an eye. Heads didn’t turn to look at him. Phil just sauntered in and stood at the back of the lecture room with his backpack slung over one shoulder while he scanned the room for a seat. Sometimes he forgot just how uncaring everyone was in university. He could just walk in ten to twenty minutes late and nobody would give a shit. Especially not in a class where there were over one hundred students.

(He didn’t understand why there were so many students in Sex in the Bible. They probably also just took the class because of the word ‘sex’).

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Describe the foxes' hands pls :) im trying to draw them but i dont have any imagination :/

oh my god

  • kevin: artist’s hands, with long deft fingers. really nice nails that look like he has manicures even though he doesn’t (well, maybe sometimes). his left hand swells when he works hard (so, every day, pretty much) but the bones set surprisingly straight considering they were never properly treated. he makes fists of them when he’s nervous. there’s a blog dedicated to his sexy man hands and all the kevin day fans share them everywhere
  • dan: TEENY LITTLE HANDS with broad palms and quite short fingers. strong-looking, calloused across the base of the her centre three fingers. she paints her nails in bright colours (like orange!!! but also yellow and pastel pink and neon green) and moisturises with lemon-scented creme that allison buys her each birthday and christmas. loves to wear pretty rings, anything from fine plain metal to big chunky statement ones
  • matt: GIANT HANDS which means there’s a pic on the wall of dan holding her hand up against matt’s to compare (from before they started dating. they’re actually about to arm wrestle). thick-knuckled from boxing. shares dan’s moisturiser, so his hands smell citrusy too
  • renee: small hands with neatly trimmed nails that she doesn’t often paint unless they’re all doing them together. wears cute gloves all through winter because they get cold. red-silvery ropes of scarring in the meat of her palm where she once grabbed a blade aimed at her belly, to match the tracery on her knuckles where she was cut once or twice. they ache sometimes in bad weather, and swell in the heat, and she often clenches and relaxes them to ease stiffness. they’re helper’s hands, made to work as well as fight, and more soft and generous than they look like they should be 
  • aaron: workmanlike square hands with bitten nails and major tan line from his watch on his left wrist. they get cold easily but he never buys gloves so he often shoves them in his pockets and hunches his shoulders. has a crooked finger where he hit someone once (they deserved it) and it never healed right, but it doesn’t bother him much (except that he looks at it sometimes and thinks vaguely about becoming a doctor because everyone - even bratty poor kids -  deserves proper medical care)
  • allison: the kind of hands you see modelling rings - long fingers, slim lovely wrists, perfect nails in shell pink and iridescent silver and shimmering gold. she pays for manicures and moisturises obsessively. doesn’t mean she doesn’t have calluses, though - and she’s proud of them. these hands are beautiful, but they’re still as likely to make you lose a tooth as the hands of the other foxes
  • nicky: big mobile hands that are always on the move. the kind where you can make out every well-shaped bone and tendon moving under his skin, no marks to obscure them. he’s lazy about moisturising ever so they’re always super dry and also really warm. he always briskly chafes them over the hands or shoulders of anyone who complains about being cold. catch him holding hands with any and all of his teammates to keep their fingers warm 
  • andrew: broad palms, thick fingers; strong like the rest of him. scarred knuckles like tiny white starbursts where he’s punched things he shouldn’t - walls, mirrors, windows. misshappen knuckles from punching all kinds of stuff, actually (including people). broke bones more than once before he learned some technique for hurting people without hurting himself. under the marks, his skin is fairly pale from all the time he spends with them in his pockets, and also soft around the callouses from his racquet
  • neil: knobbly wrists but elegant slim hands that move quickly and lightly. they give him away sometimes, forming fists when he’s angry, and fluttering when he’s anxious or irritated. the burn scars stay rippled and obvious, but many of the finer scars between them eventually fade so you can only see them in the right light. often seen hooked into the hem of andrew’s sweater, or through a belt loop. andrew calls him “lost child” with a hint of mocking sometimes, but doesn’t tell him to stop

Seasons may change, winter to spring…
But I love you until the end of time.

Listener - Request

Requested by anon:  Being Sherlocks first girlfriend and him only listening to you during one of his boredom cravings? Thank you so much!

Summary: Reader realizes Sherlock doesn’t listen to her unless his bored, which makes her feel a bit down and Sherlock notices.

Pairing: Sherlock x reader

Word count: 1,505

Warnings: Nope.

A/N: It’s been a while since I write in the “you…” format (whatever it is called) so I’m curious as to what reaction you’ll have.


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Sherlock Holmes, the most famous high-functioning sociopath and your boyfriend.

He was a lot of things, but a good boyfriend wasn’t one of them. For instance, his high ego about his intellect made it hard for him to give you a decent compliment which resulted in: “Your… shirt looks nice, although that colour doesn’t really fit you”, “Your un-used mind amuses me” and “I’d rather keep you at home than out on a case, you might ruin it… And I also want you to be safe, although no one is really safe. Bye!”

However, you were enamoured with him. His aureate language and his multiple talents had you head over heels, without mentioning those small but highly appreciated moments in which he would actually show affection to you.

It was weird, and nobody understood how you could date a man like him, but that’s exactly what love does: it turns you into a stupid person. Sherlock would remark that as constantly as possible, making sure to add a “maybe that’s why my IQ is becoming lower… because of you” Which was as romantic as he’d get.

You’d find yourself brooding about him when he and John were on a case. He had had a few love affairs in the past, nothing to worry about, and they had proven to everyone that Sherlock Holmes could actually feel; after all you were his first girlfriend. However, there was still something off about your relationship. An effervescent feeling, down your gut, that begged you to re-think.

But what was it?

It took you a while to find out, but once you reached the denouement, you couldn’t help but to feel a tad bit down. Sherlock wouldn’t listen to you unless he was bored, and yes, he didn’t truly listen to anybody else but him and sometimes Watson, but you weren’t just anybody.

“You’re upset.” He observed, although he hadn’t moved his gaze from the book he was reading. You looked back at him, sitting in his seat, crossed legs and tilted head. He was like a fine piece of art, and yet, your broken heart made you focus on the conversation.

“I’m just tired.” You muttered and gave your back to him once more, pretending to be rearranging the books at the nearest shelve.

“Tired?” Sherlock chuckled, “If you were tired you’d be yawning, or at least looking sleepy. You’re not tired.”

“Well, you’re the expert.” You sighed and walked over to sit in front of him. “Tell me, Mr. Holmes, what do I have?”

“I think that’s a question you should answer to.” Sherlock commented, putting the book down.

“Are you telling me the great consultant detective can’t deduct his girlfriend’s thoughts?” You provoked him, “The first time we met, you said I was clear as water to you. So tell me, what do I have?”

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Sorry (again) for the shaky camera, clumsy hands, and noisy room, but this is the only opportunity I have for a while to get footage of my final piece. ^^;

Over the last month I’ve been working hard to produce a 32 page comic based on Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series. My big focus throughout this piece was experimenting with layout and colour to influence the pacing and atmosphere of the extracts. I know that my drawings aren’t the best that they could’ve been, and I rushed a lot near the end, but overall I’m really happy with the outcome of this project, and I feel that all the work came together nicely in the end. 

Making comics has always been something I’ve wanted to do, so having the opportunity to make one for my final piece, and physically hold something I made, has been really rad. And yes, I will be uploading this online for anyone that’s interested when I’m able to, I’ll need to resize the files and upload them to a website like Tapas or ^^

Lilac Hues

Words: 2k
Genre: Fluff, Fairy!Au
Sequel to Azure Blue 


He giggles.

And you can’t help the smile that raises on your lips, his high pitched laughter absolutely infectious. “Hold still, Jimin!”

“I can’t! It tickles too much!” He whines out, still giggling and thrashing beneath your hands.

“Almost…” You huff out tiredly, fingers weaving through the strands of his hair. “…done.”

With one more sweep of your fingers through his hair and the liquid all soaked up, you swivel his chair around while taking a step back so his azure wings don’t hit you. His honey eyes grow in size as he peers into the luminescent mirror, hand reaching upwards but retracting carefully as to not ruin your hard work.

“You did it!”

“Of course I did.” You snicker playfully. “I’ll miss your orange hair but I think lilac suits you nicely too.”

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So I’ve had a few questions in the past asking how I colour my pictures and I’ve FINALLY got my ass into gear to create this post showing how. I’m pretty sure those with better equipment and more experience with digital may well cringe at my technique, but I sadly have to make do with what I’ve got and, at the very least, it gets the job done.

The example I’m using for this is my Phantom of the Opera Batjokes pic which can be seen properly here

1. So the program I use is GIMP. If you’ve not heard of it, it’s free art software that works like a basic version of programs such as Photoshop and can be downloaded online to pretty much any computer.

Once shaded, the drawing is scanned and opened up in GIMP. Now for this picture there is a lot of black and it looks messy as Hell and once upon a time I would’ve coloured all the black in with pencil but, to be honest, its just easier to colour the black in digitally and it saves my poor little 4B pencils from having to work quite so hard.

2. I'm very particular with the order of how I draw my pictures and colouring is no different. The first thing I colour is always the skin and it’s literally a case of putting the opacity level down pretty low and then just colouring over the section. It’s basic but it works :D

If I want a picture to be particularly vibrant I’ll adjust the opacity but generally I stick with keeping it quite low so the detail of the shading underneath isn’t lost.

3. Then it’s on to the Batsuit, which is usually coloured a pretty blue, because it fits in with the comics pretty well and I just like the way it looks, really. Of course my main go to reference for the suit is from The Dark Knight because I just frikkin love that Batsuit! Although, for this picture I’ve made the nose of the cowl more pointy because I thought it would fit in with the period feel more.

4. Now for Joker, it’s actually kinda hard to see any colour on there, but if you look carefully between this pic and the previous one you’ll see a difference:

The reason I use the turquoise for his skin is because with everything else coloured in, his skin kinda looks dull and lifeless if left untouched. But the hint of colour gives it a nice almost metallic effect that I really like. Of course the opacity is extremely low, because anything more would leave him looking like a Smurf and I think even J would struggle to pull off that look!

5. Now it’s on to the hair and eyebrows for J. I don’t have a set green I use, it differs depending on the kind of J I’m using and pretty much how I feel at the time. I do often go more towards the bluish hint with the greens though, cos dat purdy.

With the hair it’s usually one layer of colour, before highlighting a few strands just to make them stand out more. I don't often make the eyebrows as vibrant as the hair because it’s a bit much for the face otherwise.

6. And now one of my favourite bits to do! J has messy make up in this pic (which I always enjoy!) and instead of the normal paintbrush tool I use for everything else, I go for the airbrush one, just to make the smudged lipstick more realistic and to keep the edges soft.

For his eyes, they’re green but I add yellow highlights to make the green seem more acidic, cos J’s eyes ain’t just any ol’ green!

7. And then it’s colouring in J’s suit and, yeah, he may be the Phantom, but he still likes purple! It’s exactly the same process as the rest, just slapping the colour over the top.

8. So, with all the colouring done, it’s time to adjust the contrast and shading. I use the burn tool for that and just generally go over the entire picture two or three times until I think it looks right.

9. And then I fill in all the black sections…

10. …before colouring in the background and then using the burn tool again just to go over any parts that I think need a little extra adjustment, mainly around the eyes and the hair, just picking up the shadows that need to be a little bit darker.

11. Aaaaaaand we finally get to this! The finished product!

I’m just gonna take a moment to squee over how happy I am with the mask! I was worried at first, but after shading it looks ok woohoo! 

So I hope that was interesting and now you finally know all my arty secrets! (They’re absolutely not all that secret and pretty simple and basic but *shrugs*). If there is anything else you wanna know feel free to ask and as always thank you, thank you, thank you for all the support and kindness, it means the world to me. Y'all gorgeous!!!!


galway girl [jacksepticeye x reader]

a/n; this is my first ever song fic and i can proudly say i had NO IDEA what i was doing…still hope you like it tho!!! <3

warnings; alcohol usage (heavy ups)

words; 2,415

prompt; Can you please please do a jacksepticeye x reader based on Ed sheerens song Galway girl and perfect. Plus they’re already together. Pretty please. Xx  ( anon )


She played the fiddle in an Irish band
But she fell in love with an English man
Kissed her on the neck and then I took her by the hand
Said, “baby, I just want to dance”

He really needed a break, he kept telling himself. Really really needed a break. This whole Youtube business proved time and time again just how ridiculously stressful it can be and Sean felt like the walls of his office had started to close in on him. Pushing himself away from editing, he somehow managed to slip on his hat and rush out the door to greet the sunset before it faded into the horizon. The air was still pleasantly warm when he stepped outside, inhaling a greedy breath and immediately feeling much better. Taking a few more leisure steps down the pavement he suddenly remembered that he forgot to lock the door and had to go back.

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This is something I really hate about Animal Jam updates. Whenever they update the game, they always focus on adding new things. May I add things no one really wants very much (or at least that’s the case often) such as new dens, that they just created for no reason. Or new animals no one really wants. We have so many animals in the game, and besides most of them are forgotten after a week. There are so many things Animal Jam could improve. Such as the Art Studio, it sucks. Okay so firstly, they should add layers!! I want them to add layers so bad. It’d make things so much easier. They should also add an actually good colour wheel. Because the colour wheel we have currently, theres so many colours you can’t actually get, it’s super annoying. I don’t know how many times I’ve been drawing in there, and I try and get a colour that my animal has on it. And it’s not there. Like we can’t get desaturated colours, which is extremely annoying. Also it’d be nice if they could make the undo button, so that you can undo more than once. And that’s all I can think of off the top of my head, there is probably much more i’m forgetting. Also I really think they should add like a colour wheel for actual animals. Or at least make the amount of colours we can use, bigger. Okay so this isn’t improvement on what we have now. But it’d be so cool if they could add a new land. I know it’s probably kinda hard, but it’d be really nice. The amount of dens they make, and stuff. They could probably fairly easily make a new land. The most recent new land they have (I think so at least, idk) is Kimbara Outback. And that was 2013. That’s 4 years!!

So I wrote some fanfiction of the Blitz Boys - specifically Tala and my headcanon about his mother. Read on!

Okay so I decided to come out of my shell and write some fanfic after a while, so I’m a bit rusty. It’s a one shot and not too long. I hope that you guys will find some time to read it and hopefully shall like it. If you do read it, please leave some feedback if you feel like it. It’s always nice for us writers to know that we’re not screaming into the void. 

Please keep in mind that this fanfic is based on my headcanon which you can find here. There might be a bit of swearing here, so fair warning to all. Also I’ve used dub names. I’ve written it in two small parts on this post itself. So it won’t take a lot of time to read. Happy reading and thanks!

P.S. I have imagined them as fully grown adults here. Not written them as per their anime/manga age.


Part 1

“Ballerinas? Really? You bought a fucking magazine on ballerinas?”

“What? C’mon, Bryan. If they can twist and turn the way they do while dancing, imagine how flexible they can be elsewhere,” said the petite young Russian, winking at his skeptical teammate. The constant downpour outside did nothing to dampen his spirits as he put the magazine on the table and snuggled up against the wall next to his chair under an enormous blanket that could have easily been mistaken for a carpet.

“Ohh, you do not want to say that in front of Tala,” said Bryan, shaking his head. Kneeling down on the floor, he pulled the ottoman away from under Ian’s feet towards himself, causing Ian to scowl and mumble an indistinct, “Oi!”

Bryan ignored his younger teammate’s protest and relaxed his legs on it.

“Anyway. Why wouldn’t I talk about it in front of Tala? ’The fuck would he have to say about that? It’s not like I make eyes at him for his choices or question his kinks,” said Ian, rolling his eyes.

“Kinks? Tala? Please,” said Bryan, chortling.

“What? Even someone as mysteriously quiet as Kai is a serial bangeroo. Don’t tell me that Tala’s a saint,” said Ian.

“Oh no, Tala’s as much of a saint as Boris is a legitimate member of the clergy, but the guy’s asexual. You know that too. Give him a break. Or is the concept too difficult for you to wrap your tiny head around?” said Bryan, frowning.  

“Why are you always so defensive about Tala? It’s like you’re in love with him…oooh, Bryan wuvs Tala,” said Ian, teasingly.

“What are you, five?” said Bryan, disdainfully, refilling his glass with some more vodka.

“No, he’s just a twenty year old with the IQ of an intoxicated hamster,” said a slightly rough voice from behind them.

A burly young man walked into the balcony carrying an oddly discoloured sack over his broad shoulder.

“Ah, Spencer. How nice of you to make an entrance with your…whatever that is,” said Ian, unenthusiastically. “So, were you out there knocking out people’s teeth and labelling them in alphabetical order for your personal collection?”

“No. Don’t be ridiculous,” said Spencer, dismissively. “I don’t label them in alphabetical order. I just keep them all in colour-coded jars.”

“You know, with you, it’s actually hard to say when you’re joking,” said Ian, passing Spencer a drink. “What is in that sack, anyway?”

“I bet you my right nut that it’s a collection of some really questionable DVDs,” said Bryan, chuckling.

“I could add your teeth to my collection. Maybe we could tape that on one of my blank ones?” suggested Spencer, cheekily.

“Aww Spence, are you being threatening? Weren’t you the one who cried watching Harry Potter?” said Bryan, mockingly.

“Well, Dobby really was a nice elf!” protested Spencer.

“Cut the crap, guys. What’s in the sack?” said Ian, clearly impatient for an answer and disinterested in all the banter.

“Flyers,” said Spencer, flatly.

“Flyers? For what? Are you trying to enter the Mr. Russia contest again?” said Bryan.

Spencer dropped the sack on the floor and aimed a kick at Bryan’s shin, but Bryan lunged out of his chair before he could touch him.

“Oho…someone shares my taste in bendy ballerinas,” said Ian, pulling out a flyer from the sack that had fallen at his feet.

Bryan’s face turned serious for a moment and he looked at Spencer curiously. “Why do you have a sack full of flyers about ballerinas?”

Spencer shrugged. “I don’t know. Ask Tala. He asked me to pick it up from that collector near the electronics store. These are really old flyers. Almost as old as us.”

“Where is he?” said Bryan. As calm as he tried to sound, there was a hint of panic in his voice.

“Why do you ask?” said Ian, noticing the change in his tone and expression.

“Answer the goddamned question,” said Bryan, impatiently.

“I don’t know. He went for a walk. Try his cell,” said Ian.

“His cell’s at a repair shop, you forgetful little shit,” snapped Bryan.

“Whoa…what’s got you all riled up? You sound–”

But before Ian could complete his sentence, Bryan had already left.

Walking down the staircase towards the gate, only one thought kept echoing at the back of Bryan’s head. He’s figured it out.

Part 2

Snow and rain. These were the two things that he had bitterly cried about on several occasions in his somewhat distant past when he was out on the streets, scavenging for food and hoping that some kind stranger would lend him a blanket to sleep in with his friend. But now he walked over the damp, slippery road with an umbrella in his hand knowing that if not anything else, the snow was at his command.

He had very little memory left of his time before the Abbey. The few scraps of it that had remained in his mind after Boris’ efforts at deleting them were like tattered photographs that floated about in a dark unending void – unfathomable and unconnected. Sometimes he felt as though Bryan remembered snippets of their time before the Abbey – maybe even about his family. But for some reason Bryan never talked about it and he never asked.

It was also not entirely unexpected for him to find that there were no official records of him or his family anywhere in the databases of the government. Boris was a man with infinite connections in high places and it was not too far-fetched for him to imagine the depths to which he would have sunken to dehumanize the boys and turn them into his slaves.

Walking down the musty lanes of Mardov, an old forgotten street in a corner of Moscow, Tala debated with himself for a moment as to whether or not he should close him umbrella. Even as the rain had stopped, the water, that had collected over the slanting rooftops of the houses on either side of this unusually narrow lane, kept cascading down over his head mercilessly.

He slipped his hand into the pocket of his trench-coat and pulled out a small newspaper clipping.

Faced with a severe cash crunch, acclaimed former ballerina Olga Ivanova-Lipovsky to tutor prospective ballerinas at her humble residence at Mardov Studio.

Tala glanced at the title of the clipping again and sighed. As a celebrity himself, Tala had never been much of a fan of such tabloids. So it was with much disdain that he had read through the article to find out about the colourful and possibly exaggerated life of this once exuberant and well-known ballerina. It was riddled with stories of her period of substance abuse, multiple affairs, political involvement, four failed marriages – including one abusive marriage from which she claimed to have escaped after her drunk husband had beaten her, done everything to extinguish her career and relegate her to nothing more than a ballet teacher – and two children. One alive and pursuing a career in architecture and one dead.

One dead. Tala pushed down the lump in his throat and proceeded to walk down the lane, wrinkling his nose. The stench on the street was unbearable.

He had wondered for several years, as he had watched Wolborg materialize, as to why his bit-beast was different. His bit-beast was artificial and was created at the Abbey according to what would be compatible with him. Yet, by tapping into the minds of his teammates, Boris had created bit-beasts that symbolized nothing more than the creatures that were best suited to their personalities.

He had even summoned Wolborg and tried to connect to her spiritually, hoping for some answers. But the only reply that he had got to his question of why she appeared as a woman whenever he released her was, “Watch me, little one.”

Her answer had confused him to a significant degree until the rather odd dream that he had had one night about a beautiful red-haired woman twirling around endlessly to Tchaikovsky’s tunes. He had woken up bathed in sweat the next morning, utterly befuddled, and since then had devoted himself to finding out the connection between his bit-beast and ballet.

Watch me, little one.

Under all his layers of warm clothing, the voice inside his head still ran a chill down his spine.

After almost an eternity of walking and silent contemplation, Tala came to a sharp halt near a window. A board with the word ‘Lipovsky’ hung from a nail on the door next to it.

Unable to help himself and unsure of whether he could bring himself to ring the doorbell, he peered in through the window of the dimly lit room.

It was a quaintly untidy room, with clothes strewn all over the couch and books lying open on a table with tiny cigarette butts surrounding them. Frowning, Tala looked at the wall. A number of photographs hung from the wall – some with pictures of the red-headed ballerina smiling and dancing, and some with another young red-headed girl standing next to her.

However, it was the last photograph that really surprised him. Tala gasped as he saw a photograph of himself holding the Beyblade World Championship trophy hanging right next to the photograph of his mother. An unwitting smile appeared on his face and he stared at the photograph in complete disbelief.

“Pick up your clothes from the couch, Nina,” said a sharp voice from inside.

Tala instinctively moved away from the window and hid by the door, carefully positioning himself in such a way as to be able to continue to look into the room.

“I’ll do it, mama,” said a young woman in a bored voice, entering the room.

Soon after, a middle aged woman glided into the room, with a cigarette in her hand.

A wave of indistinguishable emotions, both happy and sad, washed over Tala as he stared longingly at the woman who stood inside the room chiding his half-sister. Even as she was barely forty five, there were visible wrinkles on her face and a hint of cynicism in her eyes. Be that as it may, she was still breathtakingly beautiful, and age and her battle with addiction had done little to rob away the grace in her step and the touch of youthfulness in her smile that he had seen on the flyers containing pictures of his mother.

Tala felt his fingers inching towards the doorbell when he was broken out of his reverie by Nina’s voice.

“Mom, Alex drew a portrait of me and framed it. But where do I hang it? Just look at how cluttered the wall is. There are no more nails to hang anything from!” said she, irritably, waving a rather unflattering sketch of herself in front her mother.

“I’ll make space,” replied Olga, casually taking off Tala’s photograph from the wall and tossing it into the small dustbin by the couch.

The frame shattered inside it and for a moment, Olga glanced at it and frowned. Then she looked at her daughter and gestured at the wall, before walking away without another word.

Tala felt his hand shaking as he lowered it from the doorbell. An unexpected tear trickled down his cold cheek and he took a step back, feeling strangely crushed.

“Need a drink?” said a familiar voice from behind him.

Tala glanced over his shoulder to see Bryan standing there looking at him sympathetically. He hastily wiped his tear and turned around, his expression as cold as it had always been.

“You knew,” said Tala, unceremoniously.

Bryan shrugged. “I did.”


“Your family is waiting for you with a couple of bottles of vodka on the balcony, you know,” said Bryan.

Tala made no response and quietly joined Bryan as they walked back past puddles and patches of snow.

“Tell anyone about this and I bench you,” said Tala, coldly.

“Aye, captain,” said Bryan, smiling.

For a brief second, Bryan could have sworn that there was a smile on Tala’s face as well.

You’re welcome, buddy, thought Bryan to himself, as they made their way together through the unforgiving weather towards home.

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The ut,uf,us bros react to seeing their crush in a bikini for the first time 🌼

UT Sans: He likes swimmsuits more himself, mostly because they have more room for silly motives. But he really likes he bikini on you, he likes seeing so much o you at once, withouth an fabric in the way.

UT Papyrus: He thinks it’s very pretty! But he will try to make your bikini even better, by embroiding something on it, if you let him. You both are going to be “cool skeleton” and “cool datefriend” at the beach.

UF Sans: Wooooahh, jackpot. He thinks it’s fucking hot, and he loves it. Don’t mind him giving the…. “material” a feel rigth there and then.

UF Papyrus: He admires the asthetic. It sits very well on you, conturing your curves pretty good. And the colour matches your hair, that’s an added bonus.

US Sans: Ohhhhh! He loves it. He wants one too, but finding one for him is pretty hard, since he is very small and a skeletong with no skin, fat or muscles to hold that thing in place. But you find one that fits and even matches yours, you both look adorable the next time your at the beach.

US Papyrus: He thinks it’s cute. He likes it, you look really nice in it. ODn’t expect him to compliment you in a detailed way though, he is to lazy for that.”hm..cute” is the most he will say, and then give you kiss on the top of your head.


43 days to EOYs - {18/09/16} 
‘with shortness of breath, i’ll explain the infinite. how rare and beautiful it truly is that we exist.’

mY SEPTEMBER SPREAD!! yup… another late monthly bujo spread i know im sorry?? green was the theme of this month… september’s goals were plentiful tbh most were about academics which i kinda achieved kinda didnt?? also gearing up for the exams which are at the end of october (yup i started my counter im so scared) my holidays start in a week…. i really gotta study hard then… anyways i really had fun making this spread?? i wasnt really sure of the colours but it turned out pretty nice tbh!!

the pic on the bottom right corner was taken by my amazingly talented friend @seigakun aka kou @studykouffee!! tysm for letting me use your pic kou ily!! 

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Ghost emoji ratings

Apple: A classic, but a bit overdone on the shading. the eyes of differing sizes have always put me off. 2/5

Google: Angry! Boo! Probably just wants to be left alone. smooth, with simple shading and a unique expression. 3/5 hope you find some peace buddy.

Microsoft: A silly boy who reminds me of some ice cream! Probably looking for a good time. 5/5

Samsung: hhhhhh idk man… the way the eyes bug out of the head despite being within the cloth is pretty unsettling. The eyes themselves are very nice though. 1/5

LG: not very striking in any sort of way except the tan lighting at the top. Again with the eyes of different sizes. 1/5 pretty bland

HTC: A very simple and friendly ghost! The smile sans the tongue hints at no hijinks. just a friendly kid 5/5

Facebook: very flat, with an empty stare. looks kinda like a cookie. 1/5

Messenger: LOOK HOW SaD IT IS!!! Beautiful blue-grey colours, but please, give it happiness!! 3/5 HELP THEM

Twitter: a zany rip-off of Apple with the darn eye again. Interesting mouth expression though. 0/5 sorry bud

Mozilla: nice colours, but this, too, is really just an Apple rip-off. 0/5

Emoji One: WOW! HOW INTERESTING! Very brightly coloured, and what a pretty colour it is!! the body shape is a bit awkward and could use fixing. 4/5

emojidex: Looks like a Banette at first sight. I think they tried too hard to be original with this one and now it has the vibe of a fake-spooky halloween prop. its details are not very practical, and my eyes kinda hurt picking at them. 0/5

araxis222  asked:

Hey there! I've been following your blog for awhile (it's a nice blog!) but I was wondering, do you have any encouragement for a beginner learning Korean? I get a hard time for it because I'm a white American and people say that you can't just learn a language for fun if you're a white American. I have a serious passion for this language and I want to learn but people saying this is really getting me down. Do you have any tips or encouragement? Thank you so much!

Hi! You are allowed to learn any language you want, regardless of your skin colour or nationality. Anyone who says otherwise is ignorant and wrong. Don’t listen to them. They may tell you learning a language is “cultural appropriation”, but as long as you’re not accessorizing it or claiming it as yours, it’s not. So go ahead and learn the language, and learn about the Korean culture and people and their country. There’s nothing wrong with that. Good luck and have fun!