this was really hard i had to leave like five out

SO I realize I have not posted since January but I had a VERY IMPORTANT CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT EPIPHANY Bryce.

No not really. I’m just dumb and five and have decided that this gorgeous 5′7″ girl with huge bobbies and a great behind who is a dream waifu (not really) also gets the worst gas ever, like she’s that person who belches and you can hear it in the other room, and who’s farts can clear a room. And like, nearly everything causes it, but particularly beans and cram. Both which she will eat anyway, because she thinks its hilarious to be disgusting. So it happens quite a lot.

She likes to like… let out a particularly big one and leave a room. Or dutch oven her partner and laugh.

Doris thinks it’s disgusting and judges so hard and gets so ANNOYED and disgusted by it. Like she’s so like “>O bad manners”. Which amuses the shit out of the little troll.

Drip drop.

Getting my shower fixed this Friday because I haven’t had hot water since early January.

It took a lot to talk about it, and while folks might be like, “You should have just said something” there is a certain pressure to not speak up that I feel living in Japan.

While I’m not forgoing my American bluntness or forward manner, ALTs do operate within Japanese culture, and while we most definitely should respect it, it also has made certain things –i.e. my necessary need to have a hot shower when it’s below freezing– hard to bring up.

However, my supervisor was actually really concerned that I hadn’t talked about this and assured me that she was on my side and wants me to talk to her more often when I’m dealing with problems like this. That makes is so, so much easier to talk about these things: it really makes this new wave of Culture Shock mellow out as I gear up for a lot of New in my life.

I love my little castle, honest and true: it’s just really cold and needs hot water in the bathroom. And my hope is I’m going to get it, and the BOE is going to pay.