this was really good you should go see it

  • new yorker: excuse me "Dude", how do i get to hollywood
  • californian: yeah dude jus take warner to the 405 north 'n exit lakewood 'n go past lb airport to get ontuh the 605, merge ontuh the 5 and make sure you stopped atta starbucks or some shit cause there's mad fuckin traffic anyway keep goin and you'll be on the 101 which isn't bad unless it's like a saturday cause tourists're going to universal 'n shit then find an exit once you see the hollywood sign oh and you should totally check out this place on melrose the food's really good
  • new yorker: (sobbing) i don't understand what you're saying

Wondering what a call to Congress actually sounds like? We got you.

If you’re on this website (or a human alive today) there’s a really good chance you’re afraid to call your Senator/Representative because you don’t know how the phone call will go. We’re trying to remove some of the mystery around calling your elected representative to show you a few different examples of first time callers leaving a comment with their Congressional office. It’s so easy!

On this call, you see Victoria learning that sometimes you have to call a few different offices to get through. You should also know that if you’re not calling from a big state like New York or California, you’re much less likely to have this problem. Either way, on average even the long calls take less than five minutes. Just make sure you call during standard work hours. Take a bathroom break to make the call if you have to. Promise it won’t take too long.

Read more about how to call your congressional representative here.

  • Sirius: Hey, Remus, you can have my share of Halloween chocolates.
  • Remus: Why?
  • Sirius: Chocolate doesn't really agree with me anymore. I suppose it comes with being a dog.
  • Remus: Oh, I'm sorry.
  • Sirius: Why are you apologising?
  • Remus: Just - you know - nothing. Well, I - thank you.
  • Sirius: You're welcome.
  • Remus: I - I should go and find James before he gets another detention.
  • Sirius: Probably a good idea. See you later.
  • Sirius:
  • Peter: Liar.
  • Sirius: Pardon?
  • Peter: You're fine with chocolate. You ate half my supply last week.
  • Sirius:
  • Sirius: I'll eat the other half if you mention a word to Remus.
  • Peter:
  • Peter: I can't decide whether you're a good person or not.
I’m sorry for all 
the times I held
 you far longer than 
i should, too often
than necessary. 
I’m sorry for all
the times when 
all I could ever say 
is I miss you. 
I miss you, every time 
you leave. I miss you even more
 when you’re
 with me.
 You see, 
I have a heart 
that never really
 learned how to
let go. A heart that
 always held on 
too tightly-
too scared that
 good things couldn’t
 happen twice.
 And you were,
 you are 
the best thing
that’s ever happened
 to me.
 And I’m sorry, 
I just couldn’t,
 I just couldn’t risk 
losing you, 
I couldn’t bear 
losing you 
knowing I can never
really have you back.
—  Kai Masa
Science AUs
  • I accidentally spilled hydrochloric acid on you so you really need to use the emergency shower and omg, if i knew you looked that good shirtless and wet i would have spilled it on you much earlier in the semester
  • You caught me looking at your answers in the lab but you really need to let me keep copying you, please, I have no idea what i’m even looking at under the microscope
  • No one should look as good as you do in safety goggles
  • could you please stop saying “the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell”???? it’s fucking physics
  • you keep messing up this titration and if i see this solution go bright bloody purple one more time i will beat you with the measuring cylinder 
  • i’m sorry i keep messing up the titration
  • i fainted during the dissection and you’re the one who caught me

(This is part two! Make sure to read part one first, linked below!)


Yeah this…might continue on! This was just going to be a one-off, but then I kept thinking on “what if Frisk and Flowey learn about Dr. Gaster, and decide to try and save him…but without resetting the timeline?”

So yeah, if you are really into it and want to see more, then please let me know!

(Sorry for the lack of color, but if this does continue and gets as long as I’m suspecting, then I definitely won’t have time to do full color.)


–Dogs of Future Past–


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Masterpost and FAQ

to everyone making posts about how archie is a fuckboy bc of all the women all over him during the pilot let me tell you a few things:

1. he’s an underage boy who’s being taken advantage of. the teacher is a freaking adult who should know better. if, what they did and it seems they are going to keep doing this season, is dicovered she would be arrested because its considered rape. he’s an underage boy. remember that.

2. he has no obligation to return betty’s feelings. just because she likes him, and she’s a nice person and a good friend, and a character i can see myself really loving, it doesnt make him a bad person or a fuckboy if he doesnt return her feelings.

BTS Reaction to You Dancing to Hyuna’s ‘How’s This?’

Jin: “Yah! Jagi, you can’t dance like that when you’re here at the dorm! What if the perverted maknae line saw you dancing like that? Thank God it was only me. You dancing like that is for my eyes only, okay?” *possessive mama Jin activated*

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Suga: “God, babe, when did you learn to dance like that? You should really show me your dancing more often, it’s not like I’m not used to seeing your body move in that type of way.”

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J-Hope: “Jagiya~ Did you prepare this just for lil’ ol’ me? No! No! Don’t stop! You’re good! So, so, good…what?! No I was not imagining you moving like that on top of me! But…now that you gave me the idea-”

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Rap Monster: “Damn babe, look at you go! But you know that nothing can compare to my legendary dancing. You’re a close second though.”

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Jimin: “Wow…jagi you look so sexy dancing like that. How come I’ve never seen this before? Why would you even think of hiding this hidden talent from me? Can you do SISTAR’s ‘Touch My Body’ for me jagi? I swear I’ll give you something nice in return~”

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V: “Aish, jagiya, why do you do this to me? Are you trying to make the beast in me come out? You’re too sexy for your own good. Its not fair! I have dance practice tomorrow so I can’t have any fun with you…but maybe you can have fun with me?~”

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Jungkook: *is shocked speechless* *he’s to mesmerized by the way you’re dancing*

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  • Montgomery: Excuse me "Dude", how do I get to Hollywood
  • Steinbeck: Yeah dude jus take warner to the 405 north 'n exit lakewood 'n go past lb airport to get ontuh the 605, merge ontuh the 5 and make sure you stopped atta starbucks or some shit cause there's mad fuckin traffic anyway keep goin and you'll be on the 101 which isn't bad unless it's like a saturday cause tourists're going to universal 'n shit then find an exit once you see the hollywood sign oh and you should totally check out this place on melrose the food's really good
  • Montgomery: (sobbing) I don't understand what you're saying

TOM: wow these guys really what to see matt.

EDD: we should probably show him what we been doing for the last hour 

EDD: also i think he said that he wanted to join. Since it involved a camera.

EDD: come one tom. let’s go take it up to him

TOM: aw damn it.

TOM: now i have to set up this dumb camera again.

EDD: just take the bloody camera tom…

TOM: that’s probably a good idea.

EDD: did you get the camera?

TOM: yea i got it

EDD: come one then. Let’s go!

TOM: *whispering* we’ve spotted a wild edd and matt in their natural habits 

TOM: the living room.

TOM: the wild edd is approaching the rare ginger matt. He appears to be having a conversation with the majestic creature.

EDD: tom hurry up!

EDD: and stop being werid we can hear you ya know.

TOM: jeez…ok 

TOM: mr. ilikestoruintomsfun  

MATT: Oh wow! are we filming a movie again!?

MATT: can i be the leading star for this one?!

EDD: actually matt, we’re running a blog now.

EDD: and people are asking to see you.

MATT: really!!!? they want to see MEEEE!!

MATT: i mean who wouldn’t but i didn’t even know what you guys were doing and now people suddenly want to see my pretty face!!

MATT: what a dream!!

TOM: almost done….



TOM: you guys owe me a drink.

MATT: i thought you said you were going to try and give up drinking

TOM: yea…but i mean like an actually beverage that doesn’t get me drunk.

TOM: i think…

MATT: well, i hope you do finally give up that habit of yours. You know how bad alcohol is for your skin!!

EDD: yeah! i don’t think you would want terrible skin, right tom?

TOM: i guess so…

TOM: anyways, i think people wanted to ask matt questions and stuff.

EDD: Oh ya! i almost forgot! Matt say something to our audience :P 

MATT: ok!

MATT: hello! lovely people of the internet :) 

MATT: why don’t you guys ask me and my buddies some more questions?

((matt is now available to ask questions))

My Imagines #9

You stand in front of the mirror, looking at yourself, and you couldn’t help but smile. The dark blue dress with long sleeves fitted you perfectly, besides it was really comfortable, and since you didn’t knew where your boyfriend would taking you, it was a good choice. While you were finishing putting your make up you heard a whistle and laughed, turning around to see Tom in the door looking at you. Anyone that sees him like that could tell he loves you.

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Tom: You look amazing darling.
Y/n: And you’re as handsome as always.

He smiled.

Tom: Can we go?
Y/n: Sure. But first, what shoes should I wear?
Tom: Anything comfortable.

You nod and get a pair of heels that were not that high. Because of Tom's height, you use that all the time so you won’t look like a dwarf by his side. You two hold hands and walk to the car. You’re so curious that you would’t stop looking around to see if you recognize any place you have been with him before.

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The car stopped in front of a disco, like the ones in the 70’s. You smiled and looked at Tom, that seems to be holding a laugh.

Tom: I assume you like it.
Y/n: Like it? Oh my God Tom, I love it! I’ve always wanted to come in a place like this to dance!
Tom: Well, what are we wating for then? Let’s get in!

You approach to kiss him soft, and he took your face in his hands to keep you close. When you get away from each other looking for air you whisper:

Y/n: I’ll give you a better “thank” when we get home, ok?
Tom: Whatever you say darling. But, yep, I like the idea.

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Soon as you get in you can hear old songs playing and see couples on the floor, dancing and having fun. After you two get a table and ask some drinks, you take Tom’s hand and go dance too. At first it was awkward, but soon you were sliding through the dancefloor.

When the song ends everyone applauses, and you two sit to drink and rest.

Tom: If you want to eat anything just tell me ok? This night is all about you, love.
Y/n: You keep like this, I’m loving. -You said, joking.
Tom: I will, love. As long as I can.
Y/n: That’s why I love you, you’re a perfect gentlemen.
Tom: Thanks ma’m. Now, do you give me the honor of dancing with me?
Y/n: Ain’t gotta ask me twice.

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Later, a lot later, you and Tom had headed to his apartment, where he asked you to spend the rest of the night. Once he had locked the door you approach and kiss him. His hands go to your face, and you deep the kiss, melting into each other. He leaded you to the bedroom, shoes, coat, tie and his shirt staying on the way.

Tom: I’ve gotta say, you’re a amazing dancer. I never thought you could dance or sing like that.
Y/n: Well, it’s not something I do all the time, just in special occasions.
Tom: So today was special?
Y/n: Everyday with you is, Tom.
Tom: Then I want you to sing for me every day.

You laugh and felt his mouth on your neck, kissing softly.

Y/n: I will. But not now. I owe you a “thanks”.
Tom: Come and pay me then, darling.

You smiled and kissed him again. That was going to be a long, long night.

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ) I’m amazing. This is soooooooooooo big. Hope you like it. Kisses, Halo. \ (•◡•) /

anonymous asked:

Hey, I have zero experience in drawing or any kind of manual art like that. But I've decided I want to try and learn even just the basics, but the resources online are sketchy and I have no knowledge to be able to decipher what's good and what's not. I really love your art, I know you probably get this a lot but where do you think I should start?

ALRIGHT alright alright I’m going to make this some sort of ”beginner artist” masterpost and include as many resources as I possibly can. I am going to assume you want to focus on the ”drawing” aspects of art since it can take many forms. Here are some pointers and resources I consider vital when learning how to draw, things I’ve learned from multiple art oriented courses. This is going to be a very quick and general thing and I’ll make some serious and properly drawn tutorials in the future (the drawings in this one are going to be embarrassing, try to only take the general idea from them) but to start off:

  • Before you jump into drawing in any particular style, learn your realism.

This is probably mistake #1 in many young art enthusiasts: they go straight into wanting to draw either anime, or a particular cartoon’s style because a stylized form of art is much more appealing to them than realistic things. Which is valid, but I’ll have you know in order to get any of those styles right, you have to learn the basics AND ONLY THEN proceed to use that knowledge to ”deform” said realism into any style you want. Be it learning from life drawing and observing, pictures online of real people or animals. When you look at a big household name in the artist world’s work, as flashy as their stuff might be, a trained eye is able to tell immediately if the person has proper anatomical knowledge or not, no matter how much they try to mask it with ”this is just my style.” Let me show you an example: 

(excuse the 5 minute sketches pls, note these are actually highly inaccurate (the knees should be placed lower on the second drawing and calves shouldn’t be as big as the thighs) but I wanted to demonstrate ”realistic proportions” in contrast to more of a stylized drawing in a really quick way, a google search for “human anatomy” will bring up much more accurate visual representations of all this so I highly recommend doing that)

But basically in order to play around with anatomy you first need to learn realistic proportions (you don’t need to absolutely master them or anything, but you need to know things like the distance between the forehead, eyes + nose and chin correlate, places where fat stores in comparison to where muscle stores, the size of the forearm until in reaches the wrist/arm are practically the same, arms + hands reach below the hipbone and halfway to the the upper thigh) and only then proceed to bend those rules to create your own stylized version of things, which means you get to play around with a lot of shapes like so: 


For the love of all that is holy make use of guidelines, whether with a light colored blue or red pencil if you’re drawing by hand or a sketch layer in Photoshop/SAI etc. They will help out so much when it comes to knowing where you should place each feature. Many people attempt to draw directly without them and while after a lot of practice it might work, to start off you really need to understand basic figure building.

(I’m literally drawing all these one drawing a minute excuse the shittiness I’m just trying to get the point across ahah gOD THESE ARE PISSPOOR)

  • Carry a little sketchbook with you if you can and draw strangers while riding the train, bus, etc. Just draw whatever you see.

It’s not only entertaining when you might be bored out of your mind but extremely productive to draw people, animals, scenery, anything you can see that you might want to sketch out for practice, you can. No better way to learn than real life. 

  • Take time to draw. And draw. And draw.

You will not learn or improve overnight, bettering yourself when it comes to art is an endless and ongoing lifelong process. But it won’t be due to osmosis, you gotta sit your ass down and draw as frequently as you can afford to (although excesses can be bad for you, learn to also take breaks and find comfortable positions because drawing CAN REALLY MESS UP YOUR BACK like badly and you don’t wanna end up hunched over because of it or with tendonitis) But believe me: practice makes perfect and if you learn to observe and understand why you’re drawing what you’re drawing, why are you placing that line where you’re placing it and start thinking in 3D, you will surely improve.

Now for the part you truly want to look out for -






Last but not least, some artists that inspire me beyond words and that might also inspire you.

I hope this helps!

Q: Will you ever gonna collab with the dank blue boi crankgameplays?
  • Jack: Hell yeah dawg! I really want to actually. I'm gonna try and make time for that some time soon. We have planned cause I talked to him a lot when we were at PAX East which is great. We hung out and had lunch with them twice and I love that boy. He's a good dude. So, we talked about playing something together cause I know it's something people wanted to see and something else like, "yeah, we should play something together actually." because we have similar personalities and we'll get along well so I wanna play something with him. It was supposed to be when I got back but then I got sick and I didn't really have the time to do it. So, I'll make some time soon.

Eduardo: Jon have you seen- Uh?

Mark: Jon are you ok?

Jon: G-Guys I don’t feel so g-good…

Eduardo: What the hell?!

Jon: W-What’s h-happening to m-me?!

Mark: C-Calm down! 

Mark and Eduardo: JON!

Jon: U-Uh…?

Mark: Oh my god…

Eduardo: Did he…?

Jon: I-I’m a ghost again…

Mark: We should have known this wouldn’t last long…

Eduardo: Well things really won’t change right…? I mean he will still be here! R-Right?

Mark: I guess so…

Jon: … G-Guys I need to go see someone 

Mark: What? Right now?

Jon: Yes…It’s important…  

Eduardo: Sure go, I guess…If you really need to…

GUYS, Eyewitness is a really good show (with gay protagonists!!), it’s become one of my favorite shows ever and y'all should definitely watch it!! It’s on USA Network, so everyone who lives in the US should check it out!! Everyone outside US, if you want to support the show you can buy the episodes on websites like Amazon, Youtube, iTunes etc. I really want to see this show get a second season, it deserves it!! If you can’t buy it that’s fine ofc, but you should definitely watch it anyway 8)

Goodbye Sourcefed

Very upset to find out Sourcefed is ending this week, the show was a fantastic way to watch the news and find out what was going on in the world. All of the hosts and crew members were lovely, creative, and unique. I’m really sad to see it go, not only Sourcefed but Sourcefed nerd and especially People Be Like. What we should do now is support the hosts and crew on social media, give them lots of support because they just lost their jobs, and I bet they’ll get up to some AMAZING stuff soon.
Good luck any hosts/crew with the future, you made people smile and forget about life for a bit.

dangerscully  asked:

19, 27, and/or 29 for the cuddling prompts, depending on how much you wanna make me cry!

Ok, first of all: thanks for these! I’ll do 19. at some point, but somehow 27. AND 29. spoke to me just now so here you go. I’m sorry. (And I really should be working and not writing fanfiction) 

!Warning: Character Death!

27. + 29. First and last cuddle

“Hmm, you smell good, Scully”

“Oh shhh, Mulder.” She coos, cuddling closer to Mulder’s weak, slight frame. Her hand is on his chest, making sure it still raises and falls, raises and falls in a steady rhythm. It hasn’t been steady for a while, she reminds herself; the sad reality constricts her throat as her hand caresses him.

“Hm, but you do. I can’t really… see you…but I can still smell you.” He takes a deep breath, causing Scully’s own to hitch in fear of the inevitable, and then chuckles softly. Soft puffs of air tickle her cheek. His eye sight deteriorated last week and as much as he still smiles about it, Scully knows that he is now almost completely blind. Last night, when she could no longer hold her tears at bay, watching him from the doorway just laying there unmoving, his gaze on hers, that’s when she knew. His eyes were on hers, as always, but they were no longer seeing her. Maybe in memory, or maybe in his dreams; she can only hope.

“Should have done this… more often.” Mulder murmurs against her. His voice is so raw, so weak. She’d tell him to be quiet, but she’s also selfish; before the silence takes him, and buries her, she wants to listen to him like she used to do for the last decades. Soon, way too soon, there will be only silence to listen to.

“You’re right. We didn’t do this nearly enough,” Scully closes her eyes, buries her face in his chest; still raising, still falling. Ever so gently, but still there. Still holding on. He’s always held on, always refused to let go. She’s the same, she knows. When her hand tightens around him, afraid to let go too soon, she feels his ribs poke her; there’s not much left of him, now. The disease eating away at him, continuously. “Do you remember the first time we did this?”


“Do you remember, Mulder? The first time we cuddled.” Her eyes still closed, Scully wishes herself back; both of them so young, still wary of what had always been between them.

“Tell me, Scully. Please tell me.” His hand is on her back; there’s no pressure, just a reminder that he’s still there. It feels clammy, foreign almost; and Scully presses her eyes shut, to stop the flood of tears, and to keep reality far away. She’s never been one for nostalgia, that’s Mulder’s forte, but now…

“It was after Donnie Pfaster,” she begins with a soft voice, not unlike the gentle words she used once, so long ago, when she told their baby boy about his miracle conception, “After the first time we crossed paths with him. I was shaking so much. You kept your arm around me. Even when the police came to question me, you never once left my side no matter how often I told you I was fine. You knew I wasn’t. You always knew it. There was no way we were going home that night and so we went to a hotel. Remember, Mulder?” He doesn’t answer and Scully goes on, trying to conjure up the moment again, and tries to hang on to it.

“I told you again ‘I’m fine, Mulder’ and I expected you to huff, or say anything, but that’s not what you did. You know what you did, Mulder? You took me into your arms. You just held me while I cried. I don’t remember… you always remembered the little details better than I did, Mulder. I’m sure you could tell me exactly what I was wearing, how my face looked, things you and I said that night. I don’t. That’s not what this was about. You let me have the bed, of course, and I told you I didn’t want to be alone. When you held me that night, Mulder, for the very first time… I felt so safe. You always made me feel safe, Mulder. No matter what we were… I was always safe when I was with you. I wish… oh Mulder, I wish you’d remember that night.”

His chest under her face, still now, no longer raising, no longer falling. Still now, like his heart, the memory is all that’s left. Now.

thoughts on zen’s route (SPOILERS): 

✦ i really, really don’t like how to get zen’s ‘good’ ending, we have to encourage him to reconnect with his abusive family. and the only other option is, ‘only think about ME, zenny!!!1!’ abuse victims do not have to reconnect with their abusers, and no one should ever push them to do so. where’s the option to go, ‘it’s totally up to you, and i’ll support any decision you make.’??

✦ everyone in the fandom kept going, ‘oh, zen’s narcissism gets so old,’ and i went in expecting to be annoyed as hell, but i’m really not? i don’t see it as him being a narcissist, tbh. i see it as him being an abuse victim who spent his childhood being told he was hideous, and sometimes he brags about himself as a way to cope and remind himself that it’s not true. honestly, i see him as pretty self-conscious, and needing of reassurance. ( i am also 100% convinced that he has a praise kink the size of the fucking sun, someone please request that at some point. PLEASE. )

✦ speaking of his praise kink, every time he mentions ‘the beast,’ i become more and more convinced that he’s such a sub. possibly a switch, but he definitely does not measure up to the big game he talks. and i want him to be real so i can dom the hell out of him.

✦ he’s honestly so sweet?? like, i just got the phone call where he tells m/c, ‘i want to listen your voice for the rest of my life,’ and i am having chest pains?? please chill out, boy, my heart can only take so much. let me rest.



Goodbye, Regular Show!

This show is one that I’ve been watching since, well, basically the very beginning! Interestingly, though, I don’t think I’ve ever dedicated fanart to it, so here’s my long overdue picture of Mordecai and Rigby (who are incredibly fun to draw I should add; I should do it more) !

The show’s been with me for a long, long time now, and I’m really sad to see it go. However, I am happy that it got the chance to give itself a proper, climactic finale. While the ending may have been bittersweet, I definitely think it was a good note to go out on.

I’m going to miss these guys. I’ll never forget you, Regular Show!