this was really fun to make though

// this was really fun!! I love cartoons! I wish i had more energy to sit down and finish most of the ones i start though :’)


- He really doesn’t mind; don’t lie this man loves himself some disney movies.

- Does not understand Steven Universe. How is Steven alive MC. Are the diamonds evil or justified. What would happen if you took out his gem. Would Rose come back? Is she dead? This man deserves answers.

- Honestly, he’s not super into the shows themselves. They’re cute yes, but he mainly watches them to make you happy. He knows how much you love them, and so he’ll totally binge watch stuff like that with you.

- Plus he can sing like there’s no tomorrow so be prepared for there to be daily concerts in the house for the next few weeks. Why are songs in cartoons so catchy?


- He doesn’t get cartoons nor disney movies. They’re to keep children entertained so adults wont have to deal with them for a few hours. Is that not the purpose?

- You show him so many shows and movies that he has zero interest in. They don’t make any sense. Cats cannot sing. If they can, Elizabeth the 3rd must be quite insecure about her voice. He’ll have to give her a confidence boost about it later.

- The only movie he’ll watch is The Aristocats even though he doesn’t understand at all. It’s okay, he can see why you find these so entertaining. You must have a very innocent mindset to watch them like you do, how cute.

- For gifts he notes the shows you enjoy and gets you pendants or clothing related to them as gifts. He likes to see you so happy about tiny things such as that.



- Yoosung reminds me of Pidge so much they’re both so smart and cute and pure

- That’s his favorite show to watch with you! It’s like.. space power rangers meets avatar the last airbender. quality stuff right there

- He loves so many cartoons, Gravity falls, Star vs the forces of evil, Steven Universe, so much more. He’s finally met his soul mate.

- He likes disney movies too, Especially lady and the tramp since he always watched that as a kid. He’s so excited to show you all his favorites, be prepared for a binge watching session.


- She doesn’t have time to watch stuff like that, so she’s never seen a disney movie. Ever. How has she survived this long.

- If you show her one, she really likes Mulan. Any disney movie with a strong independent female lead? She’s down to watch. It’s her favorite, since it makes her feel empowered watching things like that. Especially Beauty and the Beast; she loves Belle so much!

- She will roll over at 3 am and start storming up Conspiracy Theories ™

- “ Why did Belle give up all her dreams of travel and aspirations suddenly in the ending like they never existed. They ruined such a beautiful character by turning it into another stereotypical boy meets girl scenario. Why– ”

jaehee go to bed


- He loves cartoons and ‘kids’ movies. He never had the chance to experience them as a child so now he wants to, it’s fun!

- Favorite movie? Cars. fuck planes though that was trash he will breathe heavily and type fast on his keyboard while bashing that movie online to a twelve year old

- Probably cries during the new trailer for Cars 3 they killed lightning mcqueen

- Binge watches stuff like that constantly with you, he really likes Over the garden wall since it’s a hint of spoop and a bit of mystery yet the characters and art is really pretty. He’s a man who can appreciate Quality Content ™ when he sees it.


- It’s not that he doesn’t like them, He just doesn’t watch movies or shows very often besides documentaries. A total nerd for things like that.

- A favorite disney movie has to be alice in wonderland, the art is pretty and he likes the characters. He watched it a lot as a kid!

- Obviously he cant really see what’s going on, But he’ll still cuddle with you while you watch your cartoons. He’s a fast learner so he usually catches onto the plot pretty fast, actually ends up getting into a lot of the stuff you put on. Really loves Gravity Falls.


- He says he hates them. They’re disgusting. Disgraceful. Hideous what a drama queen

- But on the inside he’s full of shit because he loves them. So much.

- He’ll grumble and “ leave ” when you put on a cartoon, But leaving in his book actually means just sitting in the corner out of your view while watching intently. His secret cant be known.

- Or he’ll lay in your lap while you’re watching claiming he’s bored but he’s really just here for the free head scratches and cartoons. Shouldn’t be a surprise by now.

you’re different. in a good way i promise, but you’re different. you look at everything with depth. you really look at things. you love the sky and the stars and good music. you’re fun. you love the world around you. i don’t think everyone sees you this way though. its sad, but i think a lot of people see the parties and the girls and think you’re bad news. people don’t really know you. you should show more people your heart. it’s a good one. just make sure you show the right people. people who will appreciate it for what it is.
—  everything i wish i could tell you that i see in you

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All of them. For Best Turtle.


Alright this took me a while to choose my favourite non-spoilery questions, here we go!

Raphael Kage

10. Do they like children? Do children like them? Do they have or want any children? What would they be like as a parent? Or as a godparent/babysitter/etc? Okay Raphael doesn’t like children at all. He can’t stand all the noise and neediness. I mean, he doesn’t like most adults too, so LOL. But I think that if he became a father himself, he would think rather differently *wink wink wink wink*. Raphael would be a pretty good father, even if it takes a big learning curve, because he would do his best. I’m not sure he would have too much fun babysitting other kids though. 

12. What is their favourite food? He likes Japanese food and anything cooking goddess Lilith would make, but he really loves tempura (Japanese deep-fried heaven), karaage (Japanese fried chicken ahhhhh), okonomiyaki (like a thick savoury pancake chock full of bacon and cabbage) and nattoo (infamous sticky beans that no one but Raphael dares to eat). 

15. Are they good at cooking? Do they enjoy it? What do others think of their cooking? Raphael is actually quite good at cooking, and enjoys cooking meals together with Lilith (who taught him how to cook). He likes experimenting with different flavours, which means the others are kinda wary of any new meals he serves up lmao. But everyone gets really happy when tried-and-true Japanese meals appear on the table! 

26. How do they act when they’re happy? Do they sing? Dance? Hum? Or do they hide their emotions? You can’t really tell when Raphael is happy because he always seems grumpy. But I guess if he is really happy a very rare smile will show itself!   

28. What is their biggest fear? What in general scares them? How do they act when they’re scared? Raphael’s biggest fear, quite honestly, is Lilith getting hurt or in danger. He is super protective and is always looking after her (although subtly because she gets annoyed easily). He’s the type of person who will act angry when he is actually scared. 

34. What is their body type? How tall are they? Do they like their body? He is long and lanky, slim and in very good shape. He is really tall; the tallest person in the family at 195 cm, nearly 30 cm taller than Lilith. He’s totally fine with his body. 

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Is there any significance to the locations in which the plays are set? For example, Romeo and Juliet is specifically set in Verona, and Hamlet in Elsinore, Denmark. Did Shakespeare choose these for any particular reason?

This is a pretty broad question considering how many plays there are…!

There’s no way of knowing exactly why Shakespeare chose the locations but there are many possible reasons and sometimes several possible reasons; it really depends on the play.

The obvious ones are any of the plays based even very loosely on history (or fictional history), since they need to be set in the historical locations. That covers quite a lot of them, including the English histories, Macbeth, King Lear, the Roman plays etc.

The majority of locations for the other plays are taken from the sources Shakespeare used for each play. So one of the reasons that Romeo and Juliet is set in Verona is because Shakespeare’s source text is set in Verona, and Hamlet is set in Denmark for similar reasons. One slightly puzzling one is The Winter’s Tale, in which Shakespeare switches the source so that Leontes is the King of Sicilia and Polixenes the king of Bohemia, where in the original it is the opposite way around. But the motive might have been to make a joke of the fact that a ‘shipwreck’ then happens off the ‘coast’ of the landlocked Bohemia. Another anomaly is the Vienna of Measure for Measure. The names (Claudio, Isabella, Angelo etc.) suggest that Shakespeare might have set it in Italy, and some have speculated that Middleton revised it to Vienna, perhaps to follow the version by Cinthio, which sets it in Innsbruck, Austria. That one is a little difficult.

Then there are plays like Othello, where the original is mostly set on Cyprus. Here Shakespeare appears to be making use of the topical reference to the Venitian war against the Turks for Cyprus, Venice’s status as the multicultural trading center of Europe, and its fame as a liberal city full of high-class courtesans. What better place to set a story about war, foreigners, and the fear of female sexuality? Illyria of Twelfth Night, is another one. It corresponds to the area that was, until quite recently, known as Yugoslavia, and in Shakespeare’s day was a part of the Venetian republic famous for piracy. An obvious choice in many ways.

What is remarkable about the settings of Shakespeare’s plays, though, is that hardly any of the non-history plays are set in England, much less in London, with only The Merry Wives of Windsor coming close. This means that when he wrote plays where the setting was up to him, he actively chose not to set them in England. Other playwrights also did this, but there are a whole range of what are referred to as ‘city comedies’ like Middleton’s A Chaste Maid in Cheapside, or Dekker and Webster’s Westward Ho! that are set in London. It would appear that, for Shakespeare as well as for others, the foreign setting was a way of satirising or dealing with complicated issues close to home without getting in trouble with the authorities. In other words, it gives one a certain amount of liberty to deal with problematic notions.

The quick answer is that the reason is different for each play, you would do well to consider the sources, the genre and the themes in the plays. Still, sometimes it’s to do with the reputation of a certain location, sometimes about dealing with a particular question, sometimes even about evading authorities, sometimes all of these things at once.

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I've been rooming with this guy for about two weeks now. Though he's made comments about thinking he's on the spectrum, he's been constantly making fun of me for traits I know are tied to my autism, always refers to me as a child. I cannot answer questions, I really just don't know how to answer questions or make decisions. And he constantly says things like, "I don't under stand why you can't just answer," "It's not like it's a personal questions." I don't know what to do anymore 🌕

My brother does this really sweet thing...

So my brother and my dad rent a basement apartment together a few towns over and I go to visit them on weekends. He and I often go out Saturday nights playing Pokemon GO because it’s fun to chase pokemon in a car when you find a good tracker.

(It’s cold, alright? We don’t feel like trudging around in snow to find stuff)

That’s not the thing though.

I sleep next to my tech. My laptop, my iPad, my phone, books sometimes. There’s just a big space next to me and I usually use them before going to bed so I sleep next to my tech, and sometimes when I’m at my brother’s, I’ll fall asleep with my laptop on a pillow next to me.

(I sleep on a flattened futon in the middle of the living room, so they pass me when they’re wandering around)

So in the mornings when my brother comes out to make himself breakfast before going to work, I wake up briefly, and he always does this.

He moves my laptop from on top of the pillow, and puts it on the coffee table right next to the futon so it wont get jostled accidentally and fall on the floor.

And every time he does that it just makes my smile because it’s the smallest thing, but it really shows how much he cares.

I dunno…I just think that’s really sweet.

Heys! My name is Madisynn, I’m 17 and live in the United States. I’m just looking for some friends and cool people (or lame bc tbh I’m pretty lame too) to talk with. Honestly I’m down to talk to any one and I loveee when I can just jump right into a friendship with someone and skip the awkward stage. Anyways, I don’t really do a lot but I’ve gone through a few stages so I know quite a bit about about Harry Potter and you tubers and just fandoms in general, so even though I’m not all about that anymore I’m always really excited to hype you up about things you love!! Freaking out about things I like is my favorite thing to do, and also gossiping in general and just having fun. Some of the few things I like are dying hair, sleeping, make up, and tbh I like drugs. So hey be my friend please!!
Tumblr: whateverrr-foreverr
Kik: Madisynn_idek

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Random question: if a woodchuck could chuck wood, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck??? Kidding, I was wondering what's your favorite part of drawing? =)

You have managed to make me laugh again. ( ゚ヮ゚) Was mildly confused for a second. lol 

My favorite part? I think coloring is my favorite part! It’s a lot of fun and I think it really brings drawings to life. (though b&w stuff is amazing as well ^̮^) Plus, I like messing with the brush settings and densities. I end up learning something slightly new every time! :D

ok lmao im officially done with a significant portion of the overwatch fandom tbh??

i am tired of reading torbjorn hate.  i just am.  im tired of hearing he’s ugly, im tired of people saying he creeps women out, im tired of hearing he doesnt deserve happiness/his wife/his family/his house.

there is something really fucking evil about how many fucking people on tumblr demand “representation” and make fun of the physically disabled combat veteran and say that he should be homeless and doesnt deserve a wife or family or friends.  like, i get that we probably should have accurate representation for physically disabled combat veterans- 8% of the total us homeless population are veterans, though that number has dropped substantially (by 33% since 2010) but half of all homeless veterans are disabled.  but somehow i doubt, that this is asking for that representation and more about saying he doesnt deserve his things because he’s ugly and unliked in fandom.

its malicious.  its despicable.  

Torbjorn has dwarfism and the chronic headaches that go along with it.  im 99% certain that makes him the very first video game character to be a little person. 

tumblr has this massive problem of saying “I want representation!” but when they want it, they want it in their fucking pairings that they can “ship” and remember, from all of those shipping charts that put the little yellow circle around Torbjorn the same way they put it around winston- (Are you comparing shipping the physically disabled man with another person to bestiality or are you just upset because he’s not conventionally attractive?)

He’s close friends with mercy, with reinhardt, with ana, and from the halloween comic, probably jack and gabe too.  but in 99% of posts that talk about them he’s just left out?  like?? 

and the “creepy to women” thing, like where did that come from?  I know the voice lines you’re probably basing it off of too but i didnt ever read them as him being “creepy?”  (unless you’re saying he’s creepy because of that + his “gross” physical appearance thats attributed to his disability :) )

i always interpreted them as teasing, and several of the female characters tease back- (Mei, Ana, and satya sounds like she’s heard it before and knows he’s teasing her).  the only voice line that could be interpreted as strange would be the one with looking at’s mech- but i dont think thats because its creepy, i think its because of the futuristic age they live in and how torbjorn is a world class engineer.  there’s a line between Pharah and Torbjorn where she’s showing off her raptora suit, and he has to be begrudgingly impressed by it.  its far more likely they dont want torbjorn getting his hands on the specs of’s mech and she’s guarding them rather than her getting creeped out by him.

THEN THERE WAS THE MESS ABOUT PEOPLE COMPLAINING ABOUT HIM BEING SANTA.  like.  that was so good, so pure.  why were you complaining? because reinhardt wasn’t santa?  because 76 wasn’t santa?  bc neither of your conventionally attractive characters were santa? 

i s2g if i see one more post complaining about how only skinny, conventionally attractive white girls have gotten confirmed relationships in overwatch im going to scream because as long as there is so much rampant hatred and active dislike of the physically disabled man and his wife, that makes fun of him for being physically disabled and so often it’s by the same people who make those posts and i really just wanna reiterate this:

you’re making fun of the physically disabled man for his appearance and then going back and saying you dont want conventionally attractive people.  but you still want attractive people, but attractive in “unconventional ways”.

like, god fucking, i’m so tired.  im so tired. tea is spilt, rant has been made, if you want your stupid otp to be confirmed canon to get the “representation” you want just say it upfront.  

Why Victor fell in love with Yuri

The reason that I’d like to bring this up is because this was something that really bothered me, the fact that Victor tried to emotional shatter Yuri’s heart… I was like what Victor why! But then I realized, this adds a whole new layer to Victor’s character… he’s still a mystery to us and this act was just another piece of the puzzle. He may seem like the care-free fun loving guy, but it makes me wonder why. After that he says that to Yuri and then he realizes that he really did break him but it he seemed rather shocked that he actually cried. In my head I’m like OF COURSE YOU MADE THE BOY CRY HE FUCKING LOVES YOU, and that this was very unlike him to do something like this.

Though then the way he tries to fix it is by wondering how he should make up for it, and asks if he should kiss him or something. But all Yuri wants him to just believe in him and stay by his side not force himself to do something that he doesn’t have his heart set on just to please him…. 

This was also done before back in Japan when he’s asking Yuri what he wants their relationship to be between them. Though Yuri just Victor to simply be himself because that’s the one that he Victor that he loves. It doesn’t seem like much but think about it like this, Victor is basically asking “what do you want me to do that’ll make you love me” or “what do you need me to do to gain your acceptance”, that’s what it’s actually translating to.

You see when Victor pretty much threaten that if he didn’t score on the podium that he’d stop being Yuri coach, he was basically holding emotions hostage if he didn’t succeed in other words saying “I won’t love you if you don’t win”, and Victor thought this would be the best thing stop him being nervous as if it was naturally the right thing to do. The only reason why Victor thinks like this was  because was that something done to him.

This brings all the pieces together: why Victor acts the way he does, why Victor gave up skating to become Yuri’s coach! And even more promptly why he chose Yuri. Victor has never had anyone truly love him.  

I think this may pertain to within his personal life, or maybe in his skating career where maybe someone could have had emotionally abused him. I believe that’s what his scene of in the opening symbolizes. I think Victor with long hair was when he was vulnerable and the current him is confident.  

They made him fell that he always had to be perfect, and when we failed they’d take that love away. They’d point out his flaws an failure and mentally messing him up. Because here’s the thing with with what Victor’s action’s say he’s always has to do something to gain people’s affection. That love can only be obtained when being successful and flashy. 

That’s why he’s always trying to be the best, to feel the love from his fans, and that’s why he’s able to feel so confident and strong. He was fine with this and thought this was all he wanted, but this wasn’t the type of love that he really needed … That’s why he loves, Yuri’s the only one that has given Victor unconditional love. He can feel the love and passion that Yuri has for him in his skating that’s why he’s so inthralled in his skating when he sees it.  

At first when Victor saw Yuri’s video, he knew it was a video of a fan who admired him, though there was something more to this video. For the first time it made him feel something; something that couldn’t be explained, so he packed his bags and left to Japan to become Yuri’s coach, Not just to help him win the Skating Grand Prix Final, but to explore these feelings he has for Yuri

Victor finally was able confirmed his feelings he knew the he said something terrible to him. But even so Yuri didn’t believe that and knew Victor wasn’t the type of man. And despite being upset with him, he didn’t throw the competition, he gave it his all, and show Victor that he was worth his love!

They really were meant to save each other, Yuri who was unsure of himself before, is able to start to believe in himself because he is able to turn Victor’s love into his confidence. While Victor is able to finally able to understand and be truly loved because Yuri loved him unconditionally and accepted him, and was able to, well fall in love himself.


@magigirljane first kis

With the release of the official Volron season 2 trailer I wanted so badly to do a screencap redraw of Shiro from the last scene of it. Slowly slowly my art block is lifting. It’s been a while since I’ve found actual joy in drawing and this exercise was really fun to do. Especially since I didn’t care for making it neat as I played around with the colours and lighting.

Though I find Shiro such a sweet character who deserves better it’s interesting to know that he has the potential to be absolutely horrifying if conditions force his hand. I hope to see a little mote of that in 15 days.


somebody make me feel alive
and shatter me

a secret santa present for my mother Kate @propergenius (sorry this has nothing to do with Christmas but your aura and this song inspired me so here you go ily) 

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i really like your team-up headcanons :D do you have any for Pidge and Keith?

  • two chaotic goods walk into a bar. they blow up the bar. it was filled with galran soldiers
  • *pidge sees keith* *automatically thinks of that leeroy jenkins video*
  • lance may be the Hot Mess of the squad but these two are just plain messes
    • do they sleep?? ever??? probably not
    • but seriously can they please just go to bed at any time other than 3 am. they’re stressing shiro out
  • are always ready to fight. always
  • the type of friends that can sit in the same room together for hours without talking until one of them is suddenly like “okay but who would win in a fist fight, allura or zarkon”
  • keith can’t fit in the castle vents like pidge can and he’s salty about it
  • shiro: “saying ’screw it’ and charging into battle is no longer an acceptable response when I ask if you guys have a plan”
  • lance learned what true fear was the day keith and pidge turned to him in unison to roast him
  • *either opens their mouth* hunk: “if this is anything vaguely conspiracy related, I literally don’t wanna hear it”

Requsts: “Can you do one for Klaus where he’s obliviously in love with virgin reader and when he leaves town, she’s upset about why. Bestie Stefan comforts her and she ends up riding his face. Klaus finds out,gets upset, returns to show her what she’s missing?” (Not really smutty even though it should be, but there are places where you can gather enough info to literally imagine it. I just couldn’t picture this one as smutty, just more like a drama. It was still fun to write!)

The anxiety building up to the point where Klaus broke your heart made you realize how lucky you were to be oblivious. You just wished you could go back to the days where guys wouldn’t break your heart. Where they wouldn’t make you fall in love with them and then crush you. You were an oblivious nineteen year old girl who fell for Klaus Mikaelson, you let this happen. If you hadn’t then you wouldn’t have to deal with this heart ache. ‘My past promises to keep you with me no matter the destination has brought me to realize your safety is key and not just my needs for you to be by my side. I have to let you go, Y/N.’

Just thinking about the way he was talking to you. He was hurt which made his normally bubbly and happy toned accent sound dreary and cold. You hated goodbyes, and it didn’t matter what they were about. Especially when somebody said goodbye to you. Somebody you loved. Repeating his voice in your head made you feel like he was right next to you, you could feel him there. But when you opened your eyes, he wasn’t there. You opened your eyes to the front door of the boarding house where your best friend Stefan lived.

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161106 Super Junior's 11th anniversary letters ♡

Donghae’s letter:


Eunhyuk’s letter:


Leeteuk’s letter:


Kyuhyun’s letter:


Heechul’s letter:


Siwon’s letter:


Yesung’s letter:


Shindong’s letter:


Sungmin’s letter: 


To E.L.F whom I miss
Are you guys doing well? You guys are healthy, right? I have been healthy all these time, and have been diligently learning a lot of things and growing up while living the army life. ^^

Recently, I’ve been going around while getting dispatched with Shindongie and Eunhyukie, we’ve been living life together so it was really fun, we’ve made enjoyable memories and are slowly ending our army lives. Before knowing it, Dongie and I are going to get discharged from the army soon. Even though our Ryeowookie is still in the training centre… The weather has became colder so I’m worried (for him). Hoping for our members to get discharged from the army healthily!

Now that we have lived life while being separated, it makes me think a lot about the times that had passed without resting… It also makes me think about the things (which I) lacked in previously…

I had a lot of things which I wanted to say back then.. Because I really had no idea how to say those words, I was really lost. I’m really thankful that I’m given a chance like this to write a letter. Even though I wouldn’t be able to fit everything that I want to say (in this letter), it would be great if my thoughts/feelings are being brought across. To be honest.. I know that it’s too late.. Even so, I wanted to tell (you guys) about how I feel despite it being late…

I’m sorry…

I’m still hurting and sad from how I hurt and made things hard for the fans before I enlisted… I didn’t do it (to hurt the fans)…

I really didn’t want to hurt anyone, and I really didn’t want to cause any harm to the members, too.. I thought about things for a long time, and discussed with the company.. I had also prepared a lot and thought about how am I supposed to let you guys know about this in the best way… It was confusing and suffocating for me when things didn’t go the way I thought it would.. I couldn’t do anything else but to withstand all these without saying a word…

To be honest.. I thought, “this is not right.. this is not it..”. I couldn’t do anything about it and time was flowing recklessly.. Before I knew it, in the eyes of the people who were far away from me.. I already became someone who wasn’t me… Even though I was indeed sad, I thought about how people could of course misunderstand (this situation) since I wasn’t able to say anything (back then)..

I’m still feeling unfortunate and sad.. Also.. Sorry about this..

My heart hurts..

To the people who still supported and protected me despite me being like this, I’m really thankful, and I want to repay (you guys) with my hard work. Also.. I miss you all..

Before we know it, it has became our 11th anniversary with everyone.. And also the members.. Now that I’ve looked back, I really feel grateful towards the fans who have loved and led me who was lacking so much.

I’ve always put (these words) deep down in my heart… I’ve always thought.. That things became this way because I wasn’t able to express my feelings properly like how I really felt.

I hope for the day where my heart/feelings would reach (you guys) to come…

Please look after me while I work hard..!

We would be able to meet soon.. Salute!

-Lee Sungmin-

Ryeowook’s letter:


To. My babies whom I miss and always thankful for~
Hi? E.L.F. ^^ This is Recruit No. 40 Kim Ryeowook! kkkk Wah~ Our ELF are really the best when it comes to loving Super Junior,even the Suju magnae line are coming into the army~! Are you guys doing well? I got surprised because the weather suddenly got colder >.< The environment here is good, the food here is also especially good, everyone~ You don’t have to worry (about me) too much~ Has in been a little over 20 days?! Our ELF who supported me when I enlisted.. Also ELF who have cried while worrying about me.. To the cool ELF who have coolly sent me off since almost all the hyungs have came back already, thank you everyone~

The first day was really.. I couldn’t sleep well and I looked up at the ceiling thinking.. Where am I.. Who am I.. kk However, I’m doing fine with the rest of the 21~22 year old recruits now~ How do I say this.. I’m hanging out with them so much like friends that I tend to think that “am I really Suju”, “am I a bald high-schooler Ryeonggu” k.. We’re spending everyday relying on each other like family! You saw the photos, no~ ㅠ.ㅠ The photos which even I haven’t seen.. I’ve received letters on the fan-accounts (of the day I enlisted)~ Even so, I was really cool, right? kk I’ll come back again as a brave man! Salute! Yesterdat~ I wrote letters to each of the members and sent them through mail. Really.. The only way of communication in here is through letters and it’s the only precious time to breathe and rest, it’s as refreshing as drinking beer~ I don’t know why but I feel a little nervous thinking about how the hyungs and Kyuhyunie would be reading (my letters), and even though they probably won’t reply me, I end up waiting (for them to reply)~ Our ELFs, please tell them to reply me~ k (I’m half joking and half serious kkk) I wrote cards to the members before on 2005 Christmas.. I think about how the magnae Ryeonggu back then has now grown up to being 30 (years old) and currently in the army~ I ended up thinking about a lot of things while having to stand for night watch almost every night for 2 hours (we prepare for 20 mins and do duty for 1.5 hours).

The feelings and dreams~ Which I had before debuting.. The records.. And memories~ which I made after meeting the hyungs.. And also our ELFs who have walked those times together with us.. I still remember vividly the day, like it was just yesterday, when we went back to the dorm and discussed about the name of our fandom~ Precious memories like that.. Seems like Super Junior was my everything when I was in my 20s. From the start till the end.. There were a lot times where I thought.. Should I give up because it’s too tiring.. I’ve worked so hard but why is it that I can only reach this far.. I also blamed and was disappointed with myself a lot.. I was also really shaken up whenever my mom.. or my dad falls sick, my emotions went through ups and downs frequently.. What should I do.. The times were difficult for me, just like going through puberty. However, whenever I was like this, the hyungs taught and believed in me, and whenever I was sulky, they counselled and held on to me, there were a lot of times like this. Of course, I also thought about our ELF and set my heart to it, and overcame it all! I don’t know if it’s because of this, despite me being Super Junior, but I really love the hyungs and also our name as much as Super Junior fans.

All 19 of us are currently living together in the training centre, we eat and sleep together.. Train and talk together.. I really miss our Super Junior members. I also really really miss the ELFs who love our members… I’m also substituting the characters of our Super Junior members into the friends here in the training centre.. kk If I see similar points, I would say, “you’re like Donghae hyung.. You’re like Eunhyukie hyung”~ kkk Ah~ Now that I’m writing a letter.. I suddenly feel like singing.. After coming here, I haven’t been using my throat, so there seems to be thorns forming~

Even though it’s still very far away, I really want to get discharged quickly and sing (to you guys). With my stories ^^ From when we first debuted, till now. And even in the future, we’ll keep going on together, right? I can keep thinking like that and continue with my trainings, right? Are you guys replying me? kk We’ve (been together for) 11 years~ I wanted to see your faces.. Hear your voices.. And celebrate~ ELFs who have been waiting for (my) letters~ This is okay, right? It has a feel to it, no(?) kk I’ll celebrate (with you guys) all~ I want in the future! (Time) would go quickly if we had belief and love with us~ Don’t fall sick.. Why do I keep thinking about the lyrics to Like a Star… Even when I was recording (the song), it was very sad..

I really am doing well, and I will think of and miss (you guys) every day.. So, our ELFs must eat your meals properly and sleep a lot! It would be great if (you guys) don’t receive too much stress from work or studies~ Don’t kick the blanket away just because it’s not that cold~ Since it gets really cold at dawn, bring along a sleeping bag and use it kk be careful not to catch a cold~ ^^

I’ll be writing a lot of letters in the future~ We shall meet again through the letters~
Sleep well~ Oppa is going to sleep after a roll-call! Another night watch today, heok! kk

My love, E.L.F.
Go on forever, E.L.F.
Self-congratulations on 11th anniversary~ ^^
Recruit No. 40 Kim Ryeowook
Super Junior Ryeowook
From Ryeonggu to our lovely ELF

P.S. Since (the letter is going to be sent) through mailing, I wrote this in advance.
The detail here is (me using) a blue pen (to write the letter) kkk

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Hey guys, how are you all? I hope you’re all doing well. The holidays are almost here and this year is finally ending. My blog is four years old now and I wanted to make a follow forever for this occasion. I guess I just wanted to make this to thank you all. 2016 was a shitty year for me and I’m really glad it’s ending but you all made it a little easier and I’m grateful for that. I made many incredible and sweet friends on here and I love them to bits.

Followers: thank you for sticking and putting up with me during these four years, I love every message I get from you guys even though I suck at replying on time. If you recently followed me, then I hope you enjoy my blog. You’re all amazing and I appreciate every single one of you ♥

Mutuals: tumblr wouldn’t be fun without you guys, thank you for making my tumblr experience wonderful. I don’t really talk much but I enjoy seeing every one of you on my dash and secretly wish we could be friends.

Happy holidays ★ I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and friends and that 2017 treats you well!

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