this was really fun to do eheh

If I make this shot― Aqours’ new song will be a hit too♪)

Hah―. Basketball really is fun!!
When my head and heart both go empty, and I’m chasing the ball without a thought in my mind―. It feels kind of awesome. It feels like I could do anything! Well, though I say that―
People are always teasing me that my head’s empty―.
I’ve been good at sports since I was a kid― In any case, I like ball games!
Basketball and volleyball, handball and badminton―.
Huh? Is badminton not a ball game?
Well, the end of the birdie is round, and it’s a lot like tennis, so let’s just say they’re the same and leave it at that.
In any case!!
To me, the times when I can empty my mind and just―.
Run after the ball wherever it goes.
When I can run without a thought― those are the times I really like♪
I can keep trying my best to score, and everybody cheers me on.
And they praise me like, you’re so great, You!! ♡ Ehehe― It’s genuine. But still.
This feeling―
It’s kind of like when I’m doing Aqours♡
Chasing after a single ball.
We all empty our minds and run as far as we can.
For sure, at the end of this match― I’ll make the best shot ever.
I’ll win it no matter what!!
The feeling of deciding that in my heart― and running on.
You all had better watch, all right?
The hero of sports, You―
is going to make the next shot♡

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This is a question for both the mods. Are you two friends? If so, what do you least like/like most about each other?

we’re bffs, of course! that’s the reason she got me to help with the blog, ehehe. as for what i like most about her… her sense of humour, her endless positivity and her raging sass, probably! her tenacity inspires me a lot. we disagree on some stuff that’s kinda important to me, but also she is very important to me, so i put it aside because i’m lov her.

since she’s not here right now i’m drafting this until she gets back, so you’ll probably get your response tomorrow, ehehe.
-mod mel

We’re best friends!!!! I love them so much and I just love how funny they are and how they DO so much and that they talk to me a lot and we can just chat about nothing and it’d still be a fun conversation to have! They’re a hella rad artist and I could go on and on about things I love about them because they’re super awesome and nice and cute and all that!!! They’re really patient with me when I’m anxious or scared with things or feeling overwhelmed and I appreciate them so much for that, they make me feel like I’m like, actually kinda cool (even if we’re both nerds). We do disagree on some things and I’m glad it doesn’t affect our friendship, and I do get scared about a couple things but that’s mostly just my anxiety (I’m working on it). I guess I maybe don’t like how I feel like I don’t do enough for THEM when they do so much for me? But that’s about it, really.

If I had to pick a thing I like most about them, like, I would say it’s just THEM!! They’re really great and I care about them so much <3

-Mod Avery

-mod mel

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Hi ! Could you write some fluff headcanons for Nevra please ? 😊

Well, hello hello!

I want to thank everyone who likes and reblogs my headcanons and oneshots, it really means a lot.
But these holidays, I wasn’t okay at all…
I really wasn’t, and I am really sorry for not posting as much as I thought I would.
I also said that I would post 2 headcanons that day, but I really hope you understand I couldn’t, i’m really sorry.

But anyways, let’s have fun with our headcanons, right?
You didn’t give me much infos besides the headcanons being fluff so I hope you enjoy it darling! (and everyone else eheh)

  • Tbh, this boy can either be the most adorable thing in the world and a hot and sexy beast like, there is no inbetween.
  • In your relationship he always makes sure you are okay and fine with whatever you both do because he cares about you a lot.
  • If you or him are a bit busy, he always makes up time to check up on you or have a time for you, even if it’s just 5 minutes.
  • Keeps thinking about you the whole day when it’s not with you.
  • He really does care about you and he loves you endlessly, believe me, sometimes he even wonders how he’s dating you (i mean nevra you’re fucking attractive what the hell)
  • He loves to cuddle you, especially on rainy days. He likes to pull you into his chest and run his hands sweetky through your hair, kissing your forehead a few times. He really loves your scent.
  • If he’s feeling anxious or sad he just goes to you because you can calm him just by looking at him.
  • He kisses you all the time in the different ways, sometimes the kiss may be hot, sometimes it may be sweet, sometimes it may not say anything at all, but when he’s kissing you he feels like he’s falling for you over and over again.
  • Would do anything for you? Do you want a whale? Ok! Do you want him to kill a tree? Sure! Do you want him to take you to the moon? No problem!
  • He thinks you’re the most sexy, gorgeous, amazing, wonderful, smart(…) girl he has ever seen.
  • He always makes sure you are feeling good during your sexy times before he starts to feel good.
  • You’re his world.
  • He treats you so well, i’m jealous :(
  • Really hopes to have a future with you, kids and maybe 60 dogs who knows.

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your nickname is now nomu-nomu and theres nothing you can do about it >:0 its fun to saaay. anywho. whats your fave color? like im thinkin its purple?? idk man. i just like to ask everyone this so :>>>

aw man BLESS I AM NOMU-NOMU NOW nomu reminds me of noumus from bn/ha hehe

its so weird i think ur the first person to claim this nickname for me good job bless u

OH dw i love answering weird small-talk questions like these???? it’s very fun!!! bUT yes ur correct purple (in particular lilac) is my favourite colour how’d u gggguess…..

EHEHE but i also really like a soft yellow and all kinds of green!!!!


Haikyuu!! x Neko Atsume [Part 4]

[Previous parts and more here!!]

Hey hey HEY!! Here it is, part 4, with Bokuto and Akaashi, that I’ve wanted to draw since the beginning of all this, as well as Tsukishima and Yamaguchi! I‘ve played around more than usual with their designs to get it to work nicely in character, haha~

Next set should come up soon, and I know exactly who I’m gonna do for that one `v´ All my newer art is coming into this artblog now by the way! Not on my main anymore~

Tsukiuta [Artbook] Bonus Drama CD Translation

(?) = unsure if the translation is right or not.

[00:02] *Pouring tea*

Haru: Here, the tea is done.

Kai: Thank you, Haru. Come on, wake up, Shun.

Shun: Mm… *yawn* So the tea is done. thank you, Haru.

Haru: Hajime and Shun, during this time making tea so were you able to sleep for sure. Come on, Hajime. Shun has woken up so Hajime, you too wake up. This is the last time.

Hajime: Mmm…. I fell asleep… Good morning.

Haru: Now when the leaders was somehow able to wake up, let’s start then, Kai.

Kai: Yeah. Then, Tsukiuta artbook special privilege: Aftertalk with the nencho-gumi!


Shun: Waaai!

Haru: That’s how it is. We’re now in Tsukino production dorms in Gravi’s share room. In this artbook so is the mostly of it pictures of us who will reach you.

Kai: One for one person, twelve for the bastard alone. Taking, taking and continue to take and choose one that will be in the artbook. To make sure that everyone are having fun, before we go into further details so is this rather than an after talk so is this a little meeting, that’s it.

Shun: It was really fun today, lately so has the solo work and combination work gotten more and it’s been a while since all the twelve of us works together.

Hajime: That’s true. It’s happen a few times that we met Procella in the studio but it’s never been so tht we get to be together from the morning. Watching Procella doing their work was kind of interesting.

Shun: Ehehe! Me too. Watching Hajime work and Gravi’s work, it made me really happy. (You were just drooling all over Hajime for sure >u>)

Kai: You sure made it easy to understand that you were competing with yourself.

Haru: Ahaha…

Shun: I’m sure that the schedule was tough. We need to be thankful for Kanade and Dai who worked hard.

Hajime: Yeah. But… *yawn* I’m sure tired.

Haru: You seem to be sleepy. If you rhink about it from around 8 in the morning so were you working hard in the studio. No wonder that you’re tired.

Kai: Rather than that so is Hajime the busiest one here. Not only following the schedule but also making sure that everyone is working, of course he would get tired.

Haru: Here, to make sure you don’t fall asleep, drink some tea. That’s why I said let me help you out and not only care about my photoshoots, leader.

Hajime: Yes, yes, I got it. I’m selfish too, since only one could take care of the work so did I want to do it.

Kai: It’s not like I don’t get your feelings.

Shun: Even if you say so, don’t overwork yourself, doing your work as a leader and taking care of the solos so it’s an obvious thing that you get tired. I heard that as a reward for our hard work so are we off tomorrow and the day after it. It’s the result for Kanade’s hard work, so take your time and rest. Destroying your own health isn’t good either.

Hajime: Shun…

Shun: Ehehe! As your rival and the sibling unit, Procellarum’s leader so is this a request for Six Gravity’s leader. The rival leader collaps from overwork it would be really sad.

Hajime: That’s right. I’ll do so. (Shun, Hajime, get a room you two.)

Kai: Oooooh! Shun said something rarely good!

Shun: Oh, Kai, the one after the busy Hajime so am I busy too so I’ll be resting together tomorrow~ I’m resting together with Hajime~

Kai: I refuse. Acting like a good leader is a second killing. Work for now. For you to work double as usual is no problem for you.

Shun: Eeeeh~!

Haru: Ahaha! Shun really loves Hajime~!

Shun: Ehehe! Of course! The reason I got scouted was for Hajime sake. Right now existing as Procella’s Shimotsuki Shun so is the existence Mutsuki Hajime needed, just thinking abou-……….. See~ Don’t you feel the fate, Hajime~

Hajime: No, nothing.  

Shun: COOOOOOL! (He said this in english) SO COOOOOOOL!!!!*

Kai: For you so is anything okay. Aah but that good for now at least. This meeting is actually parted in two parts, the first one is “tell the reason you got scouted”.

Shun: Aaah! Yes, yes! The reason I got scouted was-

Kai: Okay! We’ve already heard enough of Shun’s part so let’s go to the next one,  let’s go to the next one! Let’s go with the second leader, Hajime, here you go.

Hajime: Hm? Ah, I… The reason I got scouted…

Kai: According to the notes so is it ojkay to answer thing like “I just felt like it” there are sure things you wanted to run from in the start.

Hajime: I see… Hmm… In my case so do I think I wanted to make a big change, that’s my biggest reason, I think. What I wanted to change is something I don’t really know. Anyway, I just wanted to see what was outside from what I’m used to see. Take in new things, put on more power, above that so did I want to see how far I can go. That’s what kind of feelings I have.

Haru: Right when we debuted so did you tell me something like that.

Hajime: Ah, I found the wounded Kuroda and went to take him to his owner which was the producer and he put his eyes on me. After I called for help so did I get dragged and I ended up being in this situation I tought I had a job to explain this.

Haru: I don’t think you got dragged in it though. Ehehe!

Kai: Oh! Then going with this flow Haru, here you go.

Haru: Then, first, the thing that happened before I got scout so is it just like Hajime said. Kuroda got wounded and we saved him.

Shun: And the producer talked to you.

Haru: Yes. Together with Hajime. The first thing i tought of when I got scouted was just a normal surprise like “I, debut as an idol?” Then, that shock calmed down and I somehow got interested. Until now so didn’t I have any interests for this world. Anyway so did it seem like I could gain experience and see all kind of things and I thought it was somehow interesting. I will say it because it’s now but it was a light feeling.

Shun: Haru is sure curious and the result of that curiousity is actually a reason.

Kai: Ahaha!

Haru: I get called in that way too. I’m honored. Actually so was the dorm live pretty fun and my family gave me a puush in the back.

Kai: Your little sister and your mother was interested in the entertainment industry.

Haru: That’s right. By the way, it was around the exam period so did I have things like future in my head.

Kai: That’s obvious. The school you and Hajime were in was a top class high school after all. In the end so did you accept it.

Haru: Please listen to me~ That Hajime has accepted it all of sudden and started to study about how an entertainment industry works and he told me about it later. We got offered to do it together so wouldn’t it be bad to talk to me before going and accept it. How cold. So that “I don’t want to lose to him” part was there too.

Hajime: Really?

Haru: Really, really. I know that there’s alot I can’t do against the king but I won’t forget the feelings that I’m competing to you. Saying “competing” is a bit hardcore… The feeling not wanting to lose.

Hajime: Oh… I see. That’s nice, Haru. Thank you.

Haru: You’re welcome. Then, the last one is Kai.

Kai: I? My thought is pretty close to Haru’s, wanting to see all kind of things and do all kind of things, that was the basic of my thoughts and I was okay with doing anything.

Hajime: Doing anything. Can you specify what kind of things.

Kai: I was really doing anything orginazing things or hanging up announce, just normal Part-time job-like things. Searching for lost pets or helping lost children, I also did some detective-like things. Hm! All kind of things.

Hajime: Heeeh~

Kai: By the way, did you guys do anything like part-time jobs?

Shun: Never.

Haru: Straightforward answer~ I used to help out a bit during the long breaks. Since our school didn’t allow any part-time jobs so wasn’t there many people who did it.

Shun: It’s the same thing at my place. Everyone was into studying.

Kai: What about Hajime?

Hajime: I worked as a tutor and… I also did some small things like keeping a shop for someone.

Haru: Eh? What is that? First time I hear about it!

Hajime: It’s because it’s my first time saying it.

Shun: Of course so is he keeping it as a secret from the school.

Hajime: Of course, I would be expelled if they found out. Well a lot happened.

Haru: The list of this Hajime didn’t tell me is getting longer.

Kai: What is that? Let’s continue, I’m the same as Haru, rather than being interested in entertainment industry so did I do it to gain some more experience. That’s why I accepted the offer. There were things like first love’s promise and romantic reasons but talking about that is a bit embarrassing so I’ll be keeping it for myself.

Shun: I know it in a veeeeeeeery deep way though.

Kai: Don’t say it. Then, let’s go to the next part, eeeh, the impression you have right now for every memeber. This time so will I start.

Shun: Here you go.

Kai: Rui - He’s the one who grew up the most so watching him is funny. Iku - someone who’ll be really manly in the future. This impression will never change which is kind of awesome. You - Good at taking care of other people, a tsundere type (Omg I’m laughing so hard right now) He’s really funny sometimes. Yoru - Good at taking care of people, a serious, good at cooking, his cooking is really good. (The ultimate wife) Shun - well, I count on you from now on too?

Shun: Yeees! I count on you too. Just like Kai’s name so are you a kind  and caring just like the ocean. Rui is cat, he’s starting to show himself lately. Iku is a serious and cute puppy. He’ll grow up and become a proper person. You - is the one who takes care of the awesome tsukkomi. Yoru - Serious and honest a hard working child. I thiiiink~

Hajime: You answered surprisingly serious.

Shun: Well that’s because it’s about our precious members. Same as Hajime. Ehehe!

Hajime: I see

Shun: Yes, yes.

Haru: The leaders are getting along. Then it’s Gravi’s turn. Starting form me, Kakeru - Mogu Mogu Kakeru there’s a lot of times where he happens to be unlucky but he has the strenght that he doesn’t want to lose. Koi - Talking about unfortunate but he doesn’t run away and he works hard and has a good focusing skills. If he continues like that so will he graduate from bring unfortunate. Arata - A my paced guy. He’s impossible to read and it makes him interesting. Aoi-kun - A honest, has a balance sense and a kind child. Hajime is, juslt like I said before, someone I don’t want to lose to, let’s do our best to pull the other childs with us.

Hajime: I… Hm… Kakeru - grow up. Koi - Working hard. Arata - Make sure to look and walk forward. Aoi - take it easy and have fun. Haru - Roger! From now on I count on you. Something like that…

Kai: Hajime sure made it easy.

Hajime: Why not?

Kai: OKay, okay, I didn’t say it was bad.

Haru: That was the end for the meeting for now.

Shun: I was sleepy at first but after we started to talk so did I end up wanting to talk instead. With the four of us chilling lose and having a good time. It’s my lovely time.

Kai: Ahaha!

Haru: It’s my lovely time too. A good tea and nice friends, it’s nice, right?

Hajime: It happens a lot that we get combined even with people from other units.

Kai: “The leaders and the under boys (?)” is what we’re being called for, it seems like.

Haru: What is that? I get the leaders so I and Kai are the under boys. It’s sounds somehow evil. I don’t hate it though.

Kai: Right. Okay! Then let’s try to make a plot of it next time.

Haru: Making a plot is a part of being an idol.

Shun: I and Hajime are the leaders, I’m honored standing in the same place. Hey, Hajime, looking at you shine makes me happy, as your number 1 fan and as a leader so do I want you to shine more, more and show it to the world and to me.

Hajime: Shun…

Shun: Hm?

Hajime: You’re the same too? Show me more of your height. I too, will take the guys under us.

Shun: Ehehe! That’s right, Hajime, if you wish so, so will I do anything to grant that wish.

Haru: The leaders are somehow getting along.

Kai: Right, our leader is sometimes our reliable Shun-sama when he puts on the face of a leader. Well, that’s why he is our leader.

Shun: Ahahah! That’s how it is.

Kai: After all so did we have a nice time shall we end it soon.

Haru: That’s right. Aftertalk that’s the end of it, Hajime, Kai, Shun, everyone thank you for your hard work.


Kai: Thank you for your hard work.

Shun: To all the listeners, thank you for hanging out with us until the end, see you later.

Hajime: From now on with Six Gravity and Procellarum I look forward to work with you. See you later.

*He acually said かっこいい(Kakkoii) which means cool. but writing cool twice would make it seem weird so I go with “So cool”

I had a fun time tranlsating this. Actually after looking at how everyone gave their impressions of the members of their units made me want to do it too. So the next post will be my first impression of all the Guys in both Procella and Gravi. Thank you for reading my translations :D

「See? You gotta do it like that, Saru!」

The counterpart of the last picture ♥ Fun fact: I didn’t even had to try that hard because my flexiblity is just sooo much better than my girlfriend’s. She tried really hard tho and um well - eheh, she did her best (ゝ ◡・)♥ oh this in character-ness

Jenny as Fushimi Saruhiko

myself as Yata Misaki

series: K PROJECT

edit by me

photo by Dino


Free! x Noragami 

I really liked this sequence of the Noragami op and I really like Free! so I got inspired:D

anonymous asked:

🖊🏝 🗡 :))))

Hello :D thank you for asking sweetie <3

🖊 who do you think is the best song writer?

Without a doubt Yoongi!!! Everyone in the rap line is incredibly good at writing songs, yet for me Yoongi is the one who can really move me to tears with his incredible lyrics (So far away is probably in my top 10 kpop songs ok) :’) even tho Begin by Jeon imakes me super emo too (but Nams gave him an hand if I remember right? Le kid still has a long way to go, even tho he’s pretty good too) 

🏝 which member would you take with you on a deserted island?

Ah, I really really hate to admit this but… Probably Jeon? The kis seems the best one at surviving dangerous, wild situations -__- so yeah him… aaahh, I can picture him so well climbing a tree to get us bananas and coconuts lmao

🗡 in hunger games who do you think would die first and who will survive to the end?

Ah, this one is hard anonnie!!! But well… the first to die… hmmm, probably Jin and JImin? I feel like they’d trust people too much, and so would get killed by their own partners with some dirty tricks (like killing em in their sleep) :/ While for the one to survive… I’d say Namjoon? He has a super good brain so I can see him defeat people with nice tactics (even tho he’s so clumsy he could actually accidentally kill himself lol) or Tae, I mean, he’d play the dumbass part at the begin but then SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKERS he’s actually pretty smart, like a fox, and has very good acting abilities, so I can see him trick everyone into thinking he’s weak and easy to kill when it’s everything a trap :)))) if they underestimate him, then he has more possibilities to kill them!

BTS askbox meme

Translated the Nagisa/Rei Interview from the Free! ES Vol. 5 DVD~

Today we will be interviewing the Iwatobi Swim Club members Nagisa Hazuki and Rei Ryugazaki.

Nagisa: Thanks for having us!

Rei: Yes, thank you very much for having us here.

Nagisa: Hey, Rei-chan, you nervous or something?

Rei: There is no need for me to be, with someone like me! How about you, Nagisa-kun?

Nagisa: I’m pretty nervous myself hehe.

Rei: Please don’t lie.

Nagisa: Ehehe!

Rei: I guess it’s kind of pointless to ask you if you’re nervous, but anyway, let’s get started!

Nagisa: Roger!

All right, then first, please tell us about how you two met each other.

Rei: I used to be affiliated with the track team before, but then Nagisa-kun invited me to the swim club. Since we were in the same class, he wouldn’t stop talking about it, and I guess it started from there.

Nagisa: Yup yup! I was in charge of recruiting new members, so I tried my best! And then afterwards when I saw the name on your shoe box, I was seriously super surprised! But more than anything else, when you flew over that high jump, I thought it was really beautiful, so I thought to myself that if you were to swim, it would be just as beautiful!

Rei: I still don’t get why you thought my name was valid reason to invite me…

Nagisa: Hey, but it’s all good though! Rei-chan is a great name! Rei-chan, Rei-chan, Rei-chan, Re–!!

Rei: Gahhhhhh, please stop saying people’s names like that!!!

All right then, now we would like to introduce a theme for you two to talk about! 

Nagisa: Aw yeah I’ve been waiting for this!

Rei: Why do you know about this, Nagisa-kun?

Nagisa: Cuz this is the third time I’ve done this type of interview ☆ I’m a super veteran!

Rei: I suppose you do have experience in this field then… 

Continuing on with the free talk, the theme that we would like to introduce to you two today is the following: You wake up and SURPRISE! You’ve switched bodies! What do you do?

Rei: Absolutely unbelievable.

Nagisa: Hey hey, it’s just a what-if scenario. W~h~a~t~I~f!

Since you two seem to be quite opposites of each other, please let us know what you would do if you were in the place of the other? What would you want to try?

Rei: Such an absurd illogical thing…saying it would be…

Nagisa: If I were Re—

Rei: Absolutely not.

Nagisa: But I didn’t even say anything!

Rei: You don’t need to say anything for me to already know. For example, you would say “If I were Rei-chan hmm~ In the morning on the way to school I’d go running with butterflies for a bit~ Then  challenge the train to a race a win, then for lunch I’d get super sweaty while joking around with Haru-chan and Mako-chan, then I’ll swim butterfly the wrong way, and on my way home I’ll pole vault back using only 5 steps!” or something like that.

Nagisa: ……..

Rei: You seem to have a serious face of “HOW DID YOU KNOW I WOULD DO THAT?!” Don’t tell me I actually got it right!

Nagisa: Nah, I’d pole vault home in 3 steps, but pretty close though! ☆

Rei: What is exactly “pretty close?!”

Nagisa: Hey now, how about you, Rei-chan?

Rei: Ah….that’s right. If I were to do this then well, as the saying goes, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Fufufu….muahahahaha~~~

Nagisa: Re…Rei-chan…what exactly do you plan to do with my body?

Rei: Please do not refer to it in such a indecent way! I uh…that’s right! The first thing I would do…is wake up at 5am and drink a super healthy green shake (T/N this tastes like shit lol), then give all my beloved strawberries to my sisters!

Nagisa: EHHHH!!?!?!?

Rei: And then #2! On my way to school I will read the math book that I love so much and then do some arithmetic by timing myself mentally.

Nagisa: What?!?!

Rei: And #3! Lunchtime. I would break apart the Iwatobi Surprise bread and give it all away to pigeons!

Nagisa: But that’s my lunch…!!!

Rei: But that’s not all! #4! Swim Club. I’d do chest exercises, back exercises, and 300 push-ups before going into the pool!

Nagisa: Gou-chan would kill me!

Rei: And lastly, #5! On the way home I’d give my strawberry dessert to my sisters and then go to bed by 9pm!

Nagisa: That’s…if I were to do that my body would definitely break and spontaneously combust!

Rei: Fufufu…Do you understand this now? If I were to become Nagisa-kun, exactly what I would do…

Nagisa: No! I do not want to change bodies!

Rei: That’s good!

 You two seem to get along very well in class, but how about outside of school? Do you hang out often?

Nagisa: We always go home on the same train, and we often go back to Rei-chan’s house to hang out.

Rei: Nagisa-kun visits very often, so he is very accustomed to my entire family. 

How do you spend time at Rei-kun’s house?

Nagisa: Well, there aren’t any manga books in Rei-chan’s house, so we would watch DVDs, talk, and also study and do homework.

Rei: Your grades have definitely improved, so you really are trying your best, right Nagisa-kun?

Nagisa: Hehehe, you’re making me all embarrassed…Rei-chan’s the one who taught me after all, so even though I was really bad at math before, I’ve come to understand it now!

Rei: If you concentrate on the problems before you, I’m sure you’ll be able to pull through.

Nagisa: Thank you for everything always, Rei-chan ☆

Rei: You’re very welcome.

All right, then the next question we have for you is what do you think about your senpai, Haruka Nanase-kun and Makoto Tachibana-kun?

Nagisa: I love them of course!

Rei: Yes, I do as well. The two of them are very respectable senpai.

Nagisa: Ah, that’s right! For this question we need to…hold up…*fumble fumble* AHA! ☆

Rei: A…video camera? 

It’ll be good to use it! 

Nagisa: When I did this interview with Haru-chan last time, we forgot to bring it so, all righty then, Rei-chan, come here~

Rei: Is this going to be a video letter? Nagisa-kun, don’t you think you’re a bit too close? Shoot this properly, please!

Nagisa: Ah, I just got a shot of your glasses!

Rei: ……

Well then, first please record a message for Haruka-kun.

Rei: Ah, yes…well…”the reason why I wanted to enter the swim club was actually thanks to seeing Haruka senpai’s swimming. When you taught me how to be free, I was very happy. I hope that no matter what times you go through, I want Haruka-senpai to swim in his own free way.”

Nagisa: Ah, thanks!

Rei: And what about you, Nagisa-kun?

Nagisa: I already did it last time, so it’s all good.

Thank you very much. Next up is a message for Makoto-senpai.

Rei: Thank you for always being so nice to us kouhai. Makoto-senpai is the core of the swim club and always lets me feel very warmly welcomed. You’re a very reliable captain. But we hope that from here on out we will be able to grow ourselves and perhaps in the future, Makoto-senpai will be the one who will be able to rely on us instead, so let’s do our best from here on out!

Nagisa: All right! Thanks for the content ☆! Let’s have a viewing next time since I have Rei-chan’s, Mako-chan’s, and Haru-chan’s messages!

Rei: Wait…if you say that you don’t mean…no one has recorded a message for you?

Nagisa: Ah, is that so? Maybe?

Rei: Wait, that just won’t do! I suppose it can’t be helped. I’ll be the one who will record it next time, from Haruka-senpai, Makoto-senpai, and also from me as well!

Nagisa: Wait, it’s fine really!

Rei: No, it’s not! Why would Nagisa-kun put others in front of himself? Here, please lend me the camera.

Nagisa: Ehehe, thanks, Rei-chan.

In closing, please leave a message to everyone who is reading this interview!

Nagisa: Thanks for reading our interview! Doing an interview with Rei-chan was super fun! I hope that when times are bad for Haru-chan and Mako-chan, they can look back and think about the good times when we were able to laugh and think that everything will be all right. I hope we can give them that assurance. That’s why please cheer us on from here on out—we’d be very happy if you did!

Rei: Thank you for reading this far. I cherish all the time I spend with Haruka-senpai, Makoto-senpai, and Nagisa-kun, and with all of our power, we would like to continue swimming from here on out!

Thank you very much for your time!

Episode 9: You guys were really trying your best even until nighttime!

Nagisa: We repeated our exchanges so many times that we basically etched the time into our bodies!

Rei: Doing the exchanges was indeed interesting and fun—quite different from track actually.

Nagisa: I know right! So then let’s train again today~

Rei: That is a most excellent idea.

Haruka-kun is quite a celebrity.

Nagisa: As expected of Haru-chan!

Rei: Why, it should be obvious since Haruka-senpai shows his real self when swimming!

Nagisa: Captain Mikoshiba also went to a kind of swimming university also!

Rei: Well, he is a very strong person after all.

It seems that Rin-kun and Makoto-kun were talking about something important.

Rei: Ah, it is quite a surprise to see that Rin-san was there.

Nagisa: And it really hurt when he flicked me on the forehead! I must plan my revenge.

Rei: Don’t get too ahead of yourself. Even though it was a bit surprising, it was good to see each other again.

Nagisa: Yup! And next time it’ll be war!

Episode 10: Unfortunately, you were not able to make it to your own individual events.

Nagisa: Well, that’s what you get from regionals, I guess.

Rei: We realized that what we have been doing so far really hasn’t been enough.

Nagisa: Well, at least during that time Mako-chan also didn’t make it, so we were all pretty worried…

Rei: That’s right. But at least Haruka-senpai was able to come back to our side in the end.

Nagisa: I wonder if we were able to swim well that time?

Rei: Of course we did!

The interaction between the two competing teams was very hot and cool, though!

Nagisa: I thought that no matter what, I definitely can’t lose to Ai-chan!

Rei: What about me?!

Nagisa: And Haru-chan said he wanted us to give our all to compete with Rin-chan’s team so…

Rei: Yes, it really motivated us strongly!

Nagisa: Mako-chan was also super heated up!

Rei: That’s right. It was a very reliable moment!


The Reigisa is strong in this.

Partner's Dominance

Hi!! How would the boys react to unexpectedly finding out that their partner is a dom in bed? Both teams + Kisumi, please and thank you!

Just to make it clear, the scenarios are when they’re doing the do for the first time. ~Chihiro 

 Haruka: “… W-Woah…” Haru’s completely taken by surprise when his partner flips him over so that they’re on top. Luckily, he regains his composure and grips onto his partner’s waist as they press their lips on his neck, sucking gently. He closes his eyes and let’s out a few groans. He gives no objection to their dominance. “K-Keep doing that…" 

 Makoto: "Eh…?” When Makoto’s partner pushes him down on the bed, his cheeks burn with a lava red. To be honest, he thought he would be the dominant one when doing the do, so he’s very shocked when his partner starts to crawl on top of him. Though, it doesn’t really matter to him and he just goes along with it. He even thinks about letting them dominate more in the future. “If you were the dominant type, you should’ve just told me… I would have let you do what you wanted…" 

 Nagisa: "Wow, I didn’t think ____-chan was so daring!” Nagisa would mischievously wink at his partner. Of course, he gives no rejections and welcomes them to his body. He sighs in pleasure when they nip his ear. He grips his partner’s hair, tugging for them to go lower down his body. “Even in this state, you’re still adorable in my eyes…" 

 Rei: ”____…“, Rei spoke with a surprised tone when his partner pinned him down on the bed. His mind goes blank and he’s completely lost when his partner suck on his neck and sloppily kisses his lips. All the plans and calculations in his head are forgotten, but soon he regains his conscious. Even though he planned to be the dominant one in bed, he didn’t mind his partner paying attention to him. He awkwardly places his hands on their hips. "Maybe this is a much better position to be in…" 

 Rin: "What are y- !!!”, Rin’s eyes widen when his partner slyly grins down at him. When they try to suck on his neck, he quickly flips them over. He removes their shirt and hastily pins their wrists over their head. He smirks devilishly and leans close to their face. “Sorry, but I’m going to be the dominant one here…" 

Sosuke: "Hey!”, Sosuke would laugh as his partner tried to flip him over. Sadly, he was sturdy and quite too strong for his partner to be dominant. When they pout at him, he just smiles and changes their position so they’re on top. He tucks the hair that’s blocking their gorgeous lust-filled eyes behind their ear and grins. “If you wanted to be dominant, just say so." 

 Ai: "Wah, ____-san!!!”, Ai would gasp when his partner is towering above him. He’ll admit, the view of them was pretty nice when he was beneath them and it turned him on quite a bit. He wasn’t really the dominant kind of person anyway, so he didn’t mind his partner taking over the situation. Ai would wrap his arms around them and smile nervously. “Don’t worry, you could do anything you want with me." 

 Momotarou: "Eheh!”, Momo would give one of his cheesy smiles with a blush dusting his cheeks. He would playfully tease his partner about being the dominant one and he just pecks their lips when they roll his eyes at him. It doesn’t really matter to him if they’re bottom or top, so he doesn’t flip them back to their other position where he’s on top. “This will be a lot of fun…" 

 Sei: "Hey, what’re you doing?”, Sei smiles up at them and gives his partner a playful look. Knowing Seijuurou, he would already know that his partner wanted and was a bit of a dominant type so he wasn’t really surprised. He welcomes their actions and squeezes his partner’s waist when they do something that felt especially nice. “You’re pretty good at this…”

 Kisumi: “I didn’t know you could be this demanding, ____! It’s okay, though.” Kisumi is very much for their dominance and loves how his partner tries and succeeds to pleasure him. He grunts and moans quietly when they kiss his neck and he swears that he was starting to get white dots in his vision when they lick the shell of his ear. “I could get used to this…”

Q does not know Moneypenny is in a relationship, Bond does. Q thinks they’re flirting and gets jealous. Bond and Eve find this hilarious. – anon

Ehehe. Jen.

“… and you look just ravishing in that dress, Miss Moneypenny.”

“Your workplace etiquette is appalling,” Eve returns, smirking. “I don’t know how anybody puts up with you.”

“No, nor do I,” Q supplemented, his voice rather frosty. “Bond? A word?”

Eve and Bond exchanged glances. “I think I know what this is about,” Bond said lightly, both he and Eve visibly trying not to laugh, which really wasn’t doing good things to Q’s blood pressure. “Q…”

“No, go on, you seem to be both having fun,” Q interrupted viciously.

Bond gave Eve a final smile, she giggled – Q felt the red reach his face, and held his fraying temper together by the skin of his teeth – and finally hauled Bond into his office. “She is flirting. You are flirting. She’s beautiful and available and flirting and you’re flirting straight back like you haven’t even noticed she’s flirting when she is and what, why the hell are you laughing?!”

“She’s seeing someone!”

Q fell very quiet. Narrowed his eyes. “Are you lying to me?”

“No,” Bond replied immediately. “It’s why we find it quite funny – Q, we’re not interested in each other. We both have partners we love very much. Hers is called Tom, I met him a few weeks ago and he’s the absolute opposite of me. Does that help?”

Bond was, mercifully, no longer smirking. Q still didn’t look overly convinced. “Are you sure?”

“Absolutely certain,” Bond soothed; Q’s body started to soften slightly. “Honestly Q, do you really think I’d flirt that much with somebody, when I’m with you?”

“Yes,” Q replied, only a little bit apologetic. “You like flirting, you flirt without even meaning to, and that’s alright – but not when it’s somebody single and beautiful who you’d have definitely got into bed if you weren’t with me and it’s evident that they’re flirting back.”

“You really are very insecure, aren’t you?”

Q felt a flush of embarrassment. “I don’t mean to be,” he returned, unconvincingly. “But James, you’re completely out of my league. It’s difficult to believe you won’t find somebody else far, far more attractive and worthwhile than me.”

“Nobody, nobody is more worthwhile,” Bond returned, without missing a beat. “And you are incredibly attractive, so stop it. You’re finding ways to beat yourself up without any reason. I love you. She loves Tom. All is well.”

Q continued to stare levelly. “Okay,” he muttered. “Fine. I’m sorry.”

“Eve will continue to find this absolutely hilarious, I should warn you,” Bond cautioned. “And… well, it sort of is. Eve and I tease, but we have no interest in sleeping with one another.”

Q raised an eyebrow. “Bond, if I was gay, I would definitely sleep with Eve at the first possible opportunity. Being a bisexual hot-blooded male with a frankly ridiculous sex drive, I’d have imagined you were quite keen on doing the same.”

“Thank you,” Eve piped up from the doorway; Q, without looking around, lifted his middle finger in a happy salute. “Don’t be rude, Q, you’re the one who accused me of seducing your boyfriend…”

“No, no that’s not what I said, I said he was flirting,” Q denied, very quickly, twisting around to fix her with an affronted glare. “I’m accusing you of finding it apparently hilarious that I’m cripplingly insecure.”

Eve and Bond exchanged glances, and fell about giggling.

“I’ll destroy you both,” Q vowed, crossed his arms, and decided to sulk for the foreseeable future.

Aqours Gallery 2: Watanabe You
Photo Caption: A Cinderella that has landed in Uchiura’s fishing port, she will do her best and aim straight ahead to the ends of the earth!

Full speed ahead! Yousoro!!
Today we all came to support our local event~♪
It’s work that’s uniquely ours as local school idols, isn’t it fun!
We got some dried horse mackerel as a thank-you gift♡
Just like this, we’re gaining a lot of attention even though it’s bit by bit, and there are increasingly more people interested in Aqours— receiving everyone’s support really makes me happy!
This village we live in, is in the countryside—
In the beginning, see, no matter where we went it was always “The girls at Ura Girls are doing something”, it really felt like they were just writing us off as another simple club activity.
But then, Chika-chan led us all in our activities— Lately, there are gradually more people supporting us with lines like “Fly out and make your mark in the world!”— Ah, we- well, the people who say that make up about half of them— Actually thinking about it, I’m pretty sure the whole thing is just a joke though.
Ah, ahahahaha— ♡
But it’s fine☆
Even though that’s what it’s like recently.
From this fishing port in Uchiura— we want to reach out to everyone.
The fact that— we are here.
The fact that we’re working really hard together.
Even though someday, this place will turn into an empty, abolished school.
The fact that we, Aqours, were here— Always, always.
I want you to always remember that♡

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine April 2016

there was just so much i wanted to add but i couldn’t decide so here just take this lmao. A Lance lockscreen for your phone! I’ll probably end up doing more of these they’re really fun to make lol…

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Keith’s version


anonymous asked:

Can we have more Don't Hug Me I'm Scared art? Please? I mean... You draw them so perfectly... A-And I don't want to ask you to do something you don't want to do... I just wondered if you could... Maybe... If you had spare time.... Gosh I'm so shy

aaah anon, don’t worry I’m gonna try! ;v; it was really fun to draw!

no need to be shy, I don’t bite eheh


(note: the pun is “Swim Butterfly Beautifully”)