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Modern!Newt Scamander x Reader

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You work at Starbucks but hate coffee.

Like absolutely despise it as much as it could be - it’s bitterness just extremely wards you off. So does whatever other flavor is surfing around in it.

With that being said, it was a horrible combination, yes, you would think, but you needed a decent paying job and this was the best you could get currently with being in college. So you made do if it meant survival - i.e, being able to buy supplies and food, and primarily whatever else one needed for a living. It helped that the campus wasn’t too far either. That and there was wifi and employee discounts to take advantage of so it wasn’t half bad, nor was the smell of java beans and confection sweetness. You also volunteer at animal shelters when you’re free from the pressures of getting an education to blow off some steam and working part time to do something you enjoy more than making six am zombies a cup of joe while having to deal with overly crotchety or peppy people was just what you needed. Including some of your co-workers you put below minimum effort in socializing with. It was an okay level of existing for what it was worth, and you just tried to remind yourself that the pot at the end of the rainbow that is a college degree would be so very much worth all the hard work.

It was the average afternoon for a mid fall day and a ginger walked in some time past one thirty. He had a young face, probably European, that had more than a healthy amount of freckles. He walked up to the cash register, seeming all but meekly polite as he ordered a small latte and told you his name so you could sharpie it on his cup.

“Alright, I’ll call you in a bit pal.” you smiled.

He nodded and you got to work. Crafting him his oddly simple drink given all the options to pick from as you thought of his name.

Newton. Certainly not one you hear everyday - in your case anyway - but very unique. It gave you can idea and as you were an in the moment confidence person, you went through with that idea.

You called him up and he listened like a retriever, red head popping up in attention. You reached over the shelf frame on the side of the register, glad you had long enough arms to compensate for your short body. He grabbed the cup from you carefully and it didn’t take long for him to snort then chuckle, but it was more school boyish than you expected and that was insanely adorable. He was amused by the nickname you had wrote - Newt. You even doodled a little one next to your curly handwriting. His smile jerked up higher on one side it turned out.

You smiled again, this time more earnestly and shrugged as he looked your way. Then you noticed something more odd than his name and of course you had to call him out on it.

“Cool critter man.“ it was a witty compliment meant for the stick bug crawling on his shoulder. It was a bright green and getting close enough to graze his collar as it crawled upward.

He startled, and without delay, frantically snatched it up. He then angrily whispered a reprimand to it, letting it crawl into his breast pocket. You watched him all the while, bemused before he seemed to remember that you were there. He started up in a stammer and you cut him off. 

"Does it have a name?”

You swore you could see the headlights of his brain blinker as he tilted his head at you. He swallowed roughly and looked at his latte as he thumbed open a piece of plastic on the lid over the lip of the cup.

P-Pickett,” he answered quietly.

You cocked your head to the side too.


A smile shyly tilts his lips and he thanks you.

It’s only a matter of time before you decide to tell him your name, but that’s about when he’s forced to go sit at one of the tables as a grouchy customer moves in behind him on the otherwise non existent line and loudly complains about him holding it up. It was moment where you really wished you could tell some people to suck it and frack off. She was just lucky more people came in after her complaint. So, you get back to work and help her with a strained attitude, a little less enthusiastic than before and painting mental mustaches on her and the rest of who followed that were not of the savory kind of personality.

When you’ve hit another lapse of inactivity in coffee serving, you spy Newt in the back, alone and ears plugged with buds. Probably listening to some chill tunes. He was writing furiously in a worn journal and taking periodic sips of his latte. Sighing, you check the time on your Android. It’s nearly three now. Good as time as ever for a break, and what better than to see how the politest guy you’ve served in a long time is doing. You made yourself something quick and poured a mug before popping out from behind the desk and telling Jordie - the quiet, sweet guy of the staff that never threw anyone under the bus and kept to himself - that’d you be back in thirty. You took a drink from your mug as you ambled over to Newt.

“Hey." You absently wonder if no one has every really went out of their to talk to him before because of how he reacts to you. He seems quirky - in the good way. So it’d be a shock that no has tried to befriend him.

You’ve managed to give him another start and he’s turned to a stuttering mess as you sit down across from him, a piping hot chocolate in hand. Unknown to you, it surprised him that you had arrived at his table.

"W-why are you- won’t you get in trouble for not being on the job?” he asked in that raspy accent, taking out his ear buds.

“Hey, it’s no problem Newt, I’m on break and well…sitting at an empty table or back of the break room by myself can be lonely." you explained, leaning back in your seat.

"A-are you sure?”

“Absolutely.” you soothe and the tension strung in his shoulders dropped visibly.

He’s nervous as you then try to start up chatter, asking if he had any hobbies.

"Well, I volunteer at the nearby animal shelter. And several others.” he confessed sheepishly.

“Really? Huh, so do I.”

Something sparked in his lovely eyes and soon you two couldn’t shut up. You relate on a few things, like options and philosophies, and he mentions that he also rescues pit bulls - he insists on telling you tokens of several, which you don’t at all mind -, and smiles brightly when you pipe up that you have one too. You feel comforted by his presence and he seems to like you to some extent if he hasn’t stopped yammering with you yet.

He got even more animated when you started to rambled about endangered species the moment he brings them up. And misunderstood or stereotyped ones.

“They deserve a lot more concern, you know? Like, these are animals - the creatures who have had the earth a lot longer than we have, so aren’t they entitled to something more than just advertisements on TV that don’t help as much as they say they do?”

He drank the last of his latte in a short gulp, he placed the empty cup down, “I wholehearted agree, I suppose we can only hope for more efforts to be exulted but I hope to help that some day."  

Yes, he had told you he was aiming to become a zoologist in his near future, a career you once considered taking on in flitting thought, but your indecisiveness had left you wondering more on you choices of occupations.

Turns out you both like art too and share taste in music.

Sadly, that topic is cut short and because your break time’s up in a flash and you have to get back to work and Newt has an essay to finish.

You down the rest of your hot chocolate, "Um, sorry. Gotta go back to the grind an’ stuff.” you tuck back some hair. 

He says he looks forward to seeing you again and gives a less bashful smile as he rises to leave too.

You hobble on back behind the register, catching sight of him through a window and holding onto his image as he disappears in the street. You sigh, feeling warm inside, and you know it’s not because of the hot chocolate.

You wonder if he notices the heart shaped cookie you slipped into his bag before he left.

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ok but i imagine hunk going to shiro whenever he stresses about lance!


// i remember i made such a shitty little tissue box that was supposed to look like a dog in school and then you had kids come by and put valentines and candy into the little box aAA that’s so cute I rolled with that!

{ Valentine’s Day Special }


- His girl has to have the most extra valentine’s box there is. It’s so over the top, there’s jewels– beads, glitter. Everything. Its not even an animal or anything really. Just a mess of glitter– But it’s pretty!

- He loves spending time with his daughter regardless, as long as gets to have a strict talk with all the people who send her valentine’s. Gotta scare ‘em all off.

- Dresses her in a cute little red sweater and white pants with a big red bow in her braided hair; sending her off with their monstrosity of a valentine’s box. Mainly just a pile of glitter and beads– but he loves spending time with his baby girl anyways. He’s glad his she had fun with him.

- When she comes home she shows him all the valentine’s day cards she got– Aka, A lot. Thankfully most of these kiddos are too young to even spell correctly so he’s not too worried.


- He doesn’t get the concept– so when his son asks him for a box for school you better believe he gets a h u g e box from his office for him. Why? No one knows. It’s way too big, but they work with it anyways.

- Jumin wants it to look like a cat, but his son wants it to look like a dog. It ends up looking like some sort of hybrid. MC finishes off the creature with a little bow tie, making it look.. slightly less terrifying.

- Since the box was huge and looked so.. Unique– it brings a lot of attention from the other kids. What does that mean? More valentine’s of course. Jumin is proud when his son comes back with his box full of candy and valentines. Ruffles his hair and sneaks a few pieces of chocolate out of it for MC.


- He’s totally the dad that will ‘help’ his kid with this but ends up getting carried away. Yoosung does most of the work for the boxes.. only realizing it when his kids start to complain. Apologizes before letting them finish up, they’re two little heart shaped boxes with lace and ribbon.

- They come back with lots of valentines and candies, allowing their dad to have some since he did his fair share in helping. He gives them each a kiss on the cheek as a thanks before sending them off, claiming that you and him need a bit of alone time to.. uh, make your own valentine’s day crafts..? Thankfully the excuse works– much to Yoosung’s relief lolol


- She loves helping her son with this kind of stuff, crafting and drawing is something they do together often. Digs around to find a smaller box from the cafe to work with. They clean off the table together, placing down newspaper of course– keeping the mess to a minimum.

- It’s fairly simple, a light pink color with lace and beads. It’s not too fancy, but that’s how both of them like it.

- Her son brings back a small amount, but he’s still happy with it regardless. Thankfully he has Jaehees graciousness. He shares his chocolates with her and MC while showing them the cards he got, it’s nice to see him so excited.


- As soon as his kids bring it up he’s ready. Gets two huge boxes, spends hours with them making it into two cars. Lovebugs actually, He thought it was fitting. It took forever and they all went through hundreds of honey buddha chips, but in the end it looks pretty badass. Hearts with flames coming out of them, nothing less from the Choi family.

- His kids come home with piles of valentines and candies. Even the teachers piped in and gave them some extras on the side for the creativity. Seven pretends he’s going to take it away for himself, but feels bad when his kids nearly start to cry. Cheers them up but having ice cream and candy for dinner, but much to MC’s displeasure. He’ll make up for it later tonight.


- He loves to help his kids with things like this, he’s glad they came to him. He has some old smaller boxes that once held film and camera equipment, as well as getting some acrylic paints and beads.

- He has like 4 kids honestly, So it takes forever to get everything perfect, eventually they all have something a little different. He didn’t help much, he wanted them to be creative. Very proud at the outcome, gives them all high fives before setting the boxes up to dry.

- Having a ton of kids has perks– He takes a bit out of every box for him and MC without telling them. Sneaky bastard stealing candy from his kids lolol

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hi I never request (only read for like 5 hours..😂) how about an mc who is incredibly beautiful like prettier than the moon (zen) , but is just like "ya i'm average?" about it.

Thank you for requesting! Enjoy ♡ 


✮ cries when he sees you
✮ he’s just so !!!!
✮ surprised and excited and completely blown away 
✮ Seven had mentioned in the chat that you were really cute
even if you modestly denied it 
✮ he knew you were going to be cute but this !!!
✮ when he sees you on stage while making his speech 
✮ he kind of “oh that must be [Y/N]… woah” 
✮ before V is like ‘yoosung!’ 
✮ tries to keep his cool but his face is a furnace
✮ whenever you disagree with him about how ‘you must be an actual angel handcrafted by God specially’ 
✮ he’s so shocked ??
✮ like,,, ‘what do you mean you aren’t perfectly flawless???’ 
✮ says that you’re even more beautiful than Rika 
✮ honestly compliments you all the time 


✎ she first sees you when you arrive and she’s checking off the guests 
✎ she’s super confused 
✎ and asks if you’re with the modelling company 
✎ you kinda blush and laugh 
✎ and she’s like !!!!!!! 
✎ ‘i’ve been blessed’ ‘i have been forgiven for all my sins’ 
✎ when you tell her who you are she gets so hot?
✎ is this embarrassment? is she just incredibly flustered?
✎ she doesn’t know but she does know that she’s never felt this way around someone before
✎ whenever you say you don’t think you’re that pretty 
she judo drops you 
✎ she just drowns you in compliments and won’t even listen to you 
✎ tells you that angels shouldn’t be modest 


✿ is S H O O K
✿ like,,, there’s someone in the RFA that’s more attractive than him?
✿ and you never talked about it?!?!?!
✿ constantly begins to send selfies to the chat like ‘eyeyeyey’
✿ and you compliment him but don’t send one back
✿ and he’s so confused??
✿ so he says that ‘you should flaunt your beauty around’
✿ when he hears that you’re not as confident as him in your looks and that you don’t think you’re that great
✿ he considers sending you to a doctor
obviously is that cheesy guy like ‘[Y/N] is your eyesight okay?’  
✿ when you move in with him it’s CUDDLES, COMPLIMENTS, SELFIEEEES


₩ as soon as he sees you he offers you a modelling contract 
₩ you laugh bc you think he’s joking (because he’s such a prankster lolol)
₩ and he kinda pauses because your laugh !!
₩ he swear he saw sparkles around you 
₩ he buys you so many dresses and jewellery 
₩ and if you at all put yourself below the line of perfect 
₩ he pulls out the big guns 
₩ ‘I think you’re even more beautiful than Elizabeth the 3rd’ 
₩ if you argue he will just kind off 
₩ ‘nope. no.’ 
₩ keeps interrupting you so he can’t hear the lies 
₩ sends blurry photos of you to the RFA 
₩ goes to photography classes so he can ‘capture your beauty’ 


⌨  when he was doing the background check AND saw you through the CCTV 
⌨  gets thrown back off his chair from the power of his nosebleed 
⌨  is genuinely amazed 
⌨  enjoys creeping on you through the camera in the hallway 
⌨  mentions it one day in the chat 
⌨  ‘hey zen, did you know that [Y/N] is more beautiful than you?’ 
⌨  zen is shocked and spams you with ‘IS THIS TRUE’ 
⌨  and you say no and saeyoung is like ????
⌨  ‘uh, yeah it is. i’ve seen you with my own four eyes’ 
⌨  once all the bullshit is over and you live with him 
⌨  he’s programmed the robot puppy to bark loudly at you if you say that you aren’t perfect and flawless 
⌨  probably wraps his entire body around you while complimenting you endlessly


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Can I request something? RFA + V & Saeran finding out MC has feelings for them.. but they don't feel the same way? ToT.



- You admitted it after a cute movie the two of you had watched. Little movie hang outs being a well-welcomed habit between the two of you

- But, as the words started pouring out, his expression turned so sad.

- “Mc… I really appreciate it, I do! I just… I don’t think we’d be good together.”

- Mr. Never-Had-A-Girlfriend was rejecting you, even after such flirting from before?

- When you asked him about that, he rubbed the back of his neck, unable to look you in the eyes.

- “Well… I think I was just confusing my feelings for you. I realized I just really admired you instead, and it was never anything more than that.”

- He was still sweet enough to try cheering you up when you started crying a bit. He even went on to tell you that just because he didn’t return your feelings, that it didn’t mean no one liked you at all.

- (In fact Zen had been making some hints towards you)

- But even after all his kind words, the two of you slowly stopped hanging out. It was hard talking to each other, and sometimes difficult even being in the same room.

- You kept it simple in the chat, but after every time you met in person, it was hard not to have the tears well up again.


- You decided to mail him a cute romantic letter. That way when he picked up his fan mail, he’d have a nice surprise from you!

- It was so worrying writing the letter. You wrote it over about five times before you finally sent it- With a stamp and card that reminded you of him.

- So you waited a day or two, and then you finally received a call from him.

- “Heyyy, Mc,”

- You giggled and greeted him back. “Did you get my letter?”

- “I did, I did. That’s, uh. Why I called…

- His tone wasn’t what you were expecting, and you frowned while waiting for him to continue.

- “It’s a sweet letter, it really is, and it’s so thoughtful, but… Mc, I think you don’t really like me for me.”

- “…What do you mean?”

- “All this stuff you wrote- It’s exactly what my fans write about the characters I portray. It isn’t anything about the real me. Just the me up on stage. I’m sorry, Mc. I… I don’t think it would be good for us to go out together. I think you’d just be disappointed.

- Your heart snapped. You couldn’t help it- The sniffles coming from your end as he bounced around from trying to cheer you up, to explaining how it was for the best.

- But you couldn’t do it. You hung up on him.

- He didn’t even try calling back.

- From then on, any time he popped in while you were on the chat, you instantly logged off. Any time Jaehee got a bit too excited about his new plays, you popped off. Hell, even when Jumin let out a small complaint about Zen you found your chest constricting and needing to go cry privately.

- The parties were hard, but at least he was always swarmed by fans.


- To see him, you had to work within his schedule. His busy, hectic, schedule.

- When you walked in after thanking Jaehee, you fumbled with your hands.

- “What were you needed to discuss? Was it about the next party? Any funds that are needed I’ll be willing to cover.”

- “No, no, it’s not about that.”

- He finally brought his head up from his paperwork, giving you a curious look.

- “Jumin, lately I’ve realized my feelings-”

- “I’m sorry, Mc, but no.”

- He… he didn’t give you a chance to even finish.

- “I’ve noticed for a while you had started acting like most women towards me, so I knew this day was coming, but no. Don’t worry, I’ll still talk to you. The RFA needs to continue the parties, anyway.”

- You stood awkwardly for a moment before nodding a bit and excusing yourself.

- You didn’t get on the chat for a few days, or even open up the app. When you did, you were greeted with so many texts.

- Of course Jumin had nonchalantly mentioned it! You felt so stupid, so childish.

- You couldn’t even look him in the eyes anymore.


- He knew it as soon as you started bouncing jokes right back at him

- He knew it the moment you didn’t care he was pushing you away, the moment you promised to help him find his brother.

- He knew it, and it hurt so much.

- After the commotion died down, you had tied a note around the little cat robot he made for you, and had it surprise him one day. You thought it would be cute!

- You thought he liked you back.

- But suddenly you were spammed with on onslaught of messages.

- “I’m sorry, Mc, I’m so so sorry.”

- That was the basic summary of the messages. He felt so bad, you could tell from his texts, but he still couldn’t afford someone getting close to him. Not with his past.

- Not with his brother still having issues.

- “I love you, I do, just not like that. I won’t be able to ever love anyone like that.”

- You ended up getting rid of the stuff he had made for you, but you still kept the cat.

- At least it was able to cheer you up.


- While it was true she was into girls… She couldn’t bring herself to actually date one.

- The worries of being openly together, the worries of being attacked or yelled at… She couldn’t live that life, much less could she do that to you.

- When you admitted your feelings to her, with a cute cookie set that spelled it out, she felt her heart drop as she rejected you.

- It was for the best, you both knew it, but god that didn’t mean it didn’t hurt.

- She tried cheering you up, but what could she do?

- Everytime she was on the chat, you tried your best to converse with her, but it was clear to everyone you were still hurting

- She was still hurting


- You had made him such a cute and sweet letter in brail. He had recently fully learned it, something he was so proud of.

- So you mentioned you had a surprise and handed him your special letter.

- He was smiling at first, but as his fingers ran through the letter, his smile quickly faded.

- He ended up putting the letter to the side halfway through.

- “Mc… You know I still love her.”

- You were suddenly thankful he couldn’t see you that well. Your fists clenched, your eyes watered, and you even felt that familiar hot buildup of saliva in your mouth.

- You wanted to puke.

- “I know…I know feelings are so easy to catch, I know your feelings are most likely sincere. But I’m sorry. I can’t let go of her. I don’t think I ever can.”

- You put on a fake voice, smiling and trying to act like you understood.

- But how could he still be so blindly in love with someone who caused him so much pain?

- You didn’t visit him again after that. Jumin was a bit concerned, but after meeting with V again he knew.

- RFA parties were really awkward after that.


- How could you have feelings for someone like him? How could you like someone who had killed people with his bare hands?

- The moment you handed him such a cutesy pink letter, he didn’t want to read it. You could see the apprehension etched on his face.

- When he crumpled up the letter, you realised maybe he wasn’t as recovered as he seemed.

- “You can’t handle me, mc, don’t even pretend that you can.”

- You tried to explain yourself a bit, not expecting him to get so upset, but that just made the issue worse.

- “I can’t trust you! You don’t know me! You don’t know anything about me, expect I’m the ‘poor person’ with a horrible childhood and I was taken in by some cult. Hell, my own brother doesn’t even know me yet. Why the hell do you think you know me?”

- You couldn’t talk, you just bit your lip and tried not to make your tears too obvious, but that failed when he threw your letter at you.

- “Get out of my sight.”

- Later on, when you finally managed to look at your phone, you saw so many texts from Seven, apologizing for Saeran’s behavior, but honestly… You knew he was right.

- You didn’t know him.

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I really love your guys' responses (the bird one is a personal fave : >) and I'm in a Ghibli mood! So how about some scenarios based on the RFA+V and Saeran watching their favorite Ghibli film with MC?!

A/N: AAAAAAA I LOVE STUDIO GHIBLI’S! LET’S HAVE A MOVIE MARATHON!! (Also thank you very much! I had so much fun on the bird one ^^) ~Admin 404



               -MC wants to watch a movie?

               -“LEMME PICK LEMME PICK LEMME PICK!!!!!!” okay yoosung jfc fINE

               -He picks one that he thinks is as cute as you!!!

               -Kiki’s Delivery Service!!!!

               -Come on! It’s got an adorable cat familiar and a witch who works as a delivery girl!

               -She has to overcome a hardship to get her powers back!!!!


               -He’d try to cuddle you close but he’s kind of like a little kid!! He still gets really excited like it’s the first time he’s watching it!

               -“MC LOOK, WATCH THIS PART!!!!!!!”

               - okay i would if i couLD HEAR IT YOOSUNG PLS CALM DOWN


               -It has a princess in it….

               -You’re HIS princess…..

               -IT MAKES SENSE okay sure it does oppa,  so he turns on The Tale of Princess Kaguya!

               -Vows if he ever finds a small child in bamboo he’ll take care of the child like in the movie

               -Love love loves that she refuses the multiple guys advances

               - Take note MC, ALL MEN ARE WOLVES

               -Forgot to tell you it was sad

               - okay but whY THE FUCK DID YOU DO THIS TO ME

               -Holds you close at the end and consoles you when you cry

               -“What? MC! I’m not crying! There’s…something in my eye. DON’T LAUGH AT ME!!”


               - are you sure we can’t just watch one of zen’s dvds

               -Also picks a cute one!

               -Come on MC the fish turns into a human for love it’s cute

               - okay but is Ponyo NOT like the Little Mermaid??

               -Though she really likes this movie, she’s always the type to make mum comments

               -“They’re much too young to be in love. Who thought of this?”

               -“Why was this little boy not freaked out at the fact this fish turned into a girl?”


               - baehee pls omg

               -“Why is this boy’s mother not concerned about all of this, ridiculous”


               -The Cat Returns.

               -Did you expect anything different

               -it’S GOT SO MANY CATS!!!!!

               -He’s seen it so many times, that he doesn’t need to pay much attention

               -So he puts Elizabeth the Third on his stomach as he lays his head in your lap

               - jesus christ MC pls run your fingers through his floof

               -Quiet throughout the whole movie

               -If you ask him a question about it, he shushed you and tells you to just watch it

               - but juju i am watching it i just need an answer to oNE QUESTION PLEASE

               -He actually falls asleep in the middle of the movie and gets embarrassed about it


               -It’s a movie about how you have to work hard to be free!!!

               -It’s literally the same theme as his life! rip why did i do that to myself lmao

               -Spirited Away!

               -He likes to tell the back stories to all of the spirits shown in the movie!!!

               -You just sit and listen to it no matter how many times you see this movie because he gets so excited!!!

               -He’ll get really dramatic with his gasps, grip the edge of his seat, the works

               -No-Face is his favourite!

               - totally doesnt cosplay as him and stands over you the moment you wake up just to hear you scream

               -If you actually want to watch the movie without him jumping around, you have to sit on his lap- he’ll calm down and rest his chin on your shoulder, but still makes silly sound effects against your ear


               -Grave of the Fireflies!!!

               -Loves the history in the movie

               - secret history nerd how cute

               -The hardships that these children go through break his heart ;A;


               -The little boy’s love and dedication to his sister inspires him so much

               -He loves to bundle up in a blanket and hold you close when you two are watching it

               -Has history fun facts ready to tell you cutecutecute

               -Will hold you close, rub your back, and whisper sweet words against your head when you cry over it okay listen MC is emotional beCAUSE THESE MOVIES CAN GET SAD DONT JUDGE ME

               -Every time he watches this movie, he gets fired up and wants to immediately leave the house and help people in need sweetheart its midnight i appreciate your fire but itll be better to help in the morning


               - the sootballs represent his soul

               - what a fuckin edgelord

               -My Neighbor Totoro!

               -Honestly wants to own one of the forest spirits

               -Who is he kidding, he wants his own life-sized Totoro, cAN YOU IMAGINE SLEEPING ON ONE MC?!?!

               -Pouts when he mentions that this is his favourite movie. Don’t call him cute. He’s allowed to enjoy a cute little movie with no violence in it. LET HIM HAVE THIS

               -“It’d be dope if there was a real life Catbus” “Saeran you’d be way too suspicious to actually get a ride from it” “OKAY, AND?

               -He’d rather watch the movie from a laptop, so the two of you can stay in bed

               -Sits criss-crossed and makes you sit in his lap so he can put his chin on your shoulder

               - gets distracted halfway through and ends up kissing the back of your neck and shoulder, but you keep ignoring him so he falls asleep instead

anonymous asked:

Ima ask on anon bc I'm shy af but can I ask for a one shot of Keef tellin Shiro he's engaged? (like years down the line in life) To the dork Lance? For the Dad au? I can only live through so much angst. I had to watch a bby!voltron speedpaint 2day !!

Hi there nonny! I hope this isn’t too late for you! Aww, I hear you there. Sometimes we need some more fluff (I  love me some angst and it seems like a lot of you all do too :)) And this is very cute! So I’m guess this is like a sequel to this oneshot, but it’s an AU of the single dad Shiro AU bc no set pairings here but it was cute. I hope the speedpaint was super adorable and enjoy! I love when you nonnies send in great asks.


              It was too early to think coherently.

              Lance wished he had gotten coffee first.

              He really wished he had gotten coffee. It was too early to be awake.

              But here he was. Awake and sitting in the terminal of an airport with a little old lady, trying to connect to the world-wide web via a worldwide travel book, a lonely man asleep with half an omelet still on his plate, and a pile of gum wrappers that didn’t even get close to making it in the trash can. The airport terminal wasn’t busy by any means, but Lance was still pleasantly surprised at how many people were here at five-fifty in the morning. Here and awake.

              At least he wasn’t the only one who was barely able to form thoughts and maneuver himself into a waiting chair, after he had watched a man about twice his age run straight into a pillar in the wall. Earlier, a woman had almost taken a morning dip into the fountains. It was safe to say that these people probably weren’t morning people either.

              When was the last time you woke up this early? Middle school? Lance groaned, leaning back into his chair. He rubbed his eyes tiredly and glanced over to where Shiro and the others were snoozing in their chairs. At least he wasn’t the only one suffering at this hour. Lance glanced back up at the time board that lay above their waiting area.

              Flight 201CA has landed.

              Oh yeah.

              Keith was coming home.

              After five years of service, Keith was finally coming home for good. No more having to go back. No more training others. No more emergency service. Keith had fulfilled his time in the military, paid many prices for it, and he was finally coming home.

              Lance had nearly sobbed at learning that his boyfriend of seven years was going to be coming home. Shiro had actually cried (There were tear marks all over Keith’s letter, but that was okay, Lance wasn’t about to ruin the father’s moment). Everyone was more than a little excited about welcoming Keith home, and soon a welcoming party had gone underway under the supervision of Pidge and Coran. Which was not a good idea.

              Shiro and Lance both knew that Keith wouldn’t want a big party, but while Shiro wanted to stop the party and keep everyone from overwhelming Keith, Lance didn’t see the harm in getting Keith out. After all a lot of people had missed him while he was gone. Shiro and Lance had argued for a bit about Keith’s party, but eventually Lance won after insisting that Keith should realize how loved he was.

              He’d never seen his boyfriend’s father so awed before.

              Hopefully soon-to-be father-in-law.

              The heavy weight of a small box in Lance’s pocket suddenly felt much heavier than ever before. His heart rate speed up and soon enough, any trace of sleep was gone and Lance was wide awake. Unlike his companions. For a split second, Lance was quite jealous of how his friends could sleep through this waiting period. As if the rest of their lives didn’t rest on the sole moment of Keith walking through those gates, ready to determine how their futures would end – oh wait, that only affected him. Right.

              To be fair though, none of them even knew what plans Lance had made for when Keith came in today. Not even Shiro, which may or may not have been a good idea. Guess I’ll find out soon. Lance thought nervously as he looked down at his watch for the millionth time this morning.

              He was so busy lost in thought and thinking about the impending future, that Lance and the others had failed to notice when people had entered into the waiting area from the gates and were now walking towards them. In fact, none of them noticed until a pair of brown combat boots had stopped in Lance’s line of sight and a voice chuckled.


              “Keith!” Of course, Shiro was the first to shoot out of his chair, awake in less than a second (damn, Lance needed to learn how to do that). Lance looked up in time to see the others awakening at a slower pace, but with smiles all around and saw Shiro making a break for his son.

              Keith, in his uniform with that especially tight black shirt and those loose cargo pants with two sets of dog tags hanging around his neck, smiled tiredly at his father before dropping his bag to the ground. He easily caught his dad into a hug, standing at an impressive two-inch taller height than Shiro before pulling a surprised Shiro up into the air.

              “Dad!” Keith laughed when Shiro gawked. “It’s so good to be home.” Shiro was surprised for only another second before scowling playfully at his son.

              “What the hell are they feeding you there, where did my little child go?” He whined before ruffling Keith’s hair (which had finally grown back out to the familiar mullet he used to have). Keith chuckled and set his father on the ground, before the two embraced in a much tighter and more heartfelt hug. Lance and the others could feel their eyes beginning to grow misty as Keith and Shiro practically hung onto each other for several long minutes. All around them people were watching and smiling at the small display, sharing happy comments with one another, to which Keith and the rest of them ignored mainly.

              Eventually, Keith and Shiro pulled back, both with wet eyes and bright smiles, as Shiro gently pat Keith on the back.

              “I’m so happy you’re home. Shiro whispered before letting go of Keith’s hand.

              “I missed you too dad.” The twenty-three-year-old grinned at his dad before turning to Lance and the others. Lance was the first to leap at Keith, jumping right into his arms (Ha, he was still taller than Keith and Shiro) and pressing a full-on kiss right onto Keith’s mouth. Keith blinked in surprise but caught Lance without a struggle and eventually melted into the kiss. The two lovers could hears some clapping and cheers all around them but ignored it in favor or holding on to each other for a few moment’s longer. Lance felt tears dripping down his face and he blushed in embarrassment, though to be fair it had been almost 13 months since he’d last seen his boyfriend in person.

              Even Shiro was clapping from behind them. Looks like I’ve gotten dad’s approval after all. Hopefully he won’t try to kill me after today.

              When Lance and Keith finally broke apart, Lance rest his forehead against Keith, looking into those beautiful blue eyes he’d memorized after nineteen years.

              “Hey babe.” Lance grinned crookedly, drying his eyes while Keith snorted.

              “That was quite a greeting Lance.” Keith huffed, but Lance could see the love and amusement in Keith’s eyes as he continued to hold Lance against him. Lance grinned.

              “I’m all about the big show stopper babe. Go big or go home.” Lance winked before giving Keith another peck on the lips, who happily closed his eyes at the kiss, and hopped out of Keith’s arm. His heart was hammering like a drum in his chest and the small box in his pocket felt like a giant weight. Nervously he wiped his hands against his jeans.

              “I’ve missed you. Kissing your sleeping face on a computer screen just doesn’t measure up to the real deal.” Lance joked, causing Keith to laugh in that adorable way where he sounded like he was too embarrassed to be laughing. It was laugh that always make Lance’s heart stop.

              “I’ve missed you too.” Keith said sincerely and brushed some of Lance’s hair out of his eyes. Lance swallowed heavily and his fingers itched for the box in his pocket. This is the perfect moment. Do it now. “Except for when you hog all the blankets. I did not miss that.”

              Okay, so maybe not now because that was rude.

              Keith laughed at Lance’s pout and Shiro snickered from behind them. Rude.

              “Hey don’t hog Keith! Let us say hello!” Pidge finally smacked Lance’s arm and shoved him aside just before Keith was attacked by Hunk and Pidge with everyone else hanging behind them. Keith laughed happily and accepted the hugs and high-fives from everyone. He gently gave Hunk a pat on the back when he started bawling in Keith’s arm. He accepted the manly hug from his grandpa and gave his grandma a kiss on the cheek. Keith accepted Allura’s scolding for making them all worry before hugging her and narrowly avoided a long-winded story about Coran’s time in his youth with young love. From the side, Lance watched this all with loving eyes finding himself falling more and more in love with this man, even after seven years of being together.

              Do it now. Now it the perfect chance.

              Lance nervously licked his lips, as his hands dug into his pocket. He thumbed the small box in his pocket and eyed Keith.

              Do it.

              Lance gripped the box tightly with sweating fingers. Shiro glanced over.

              Do it.

              As Lance pulled the box out from his pocket, his heart hammered heavily in his chest and Shiro’s eyes widened.

              DO IT.

              “Eat food with me forever?!” Lance had suddenly shot out before Shiro could open his mouth, right in front of Keith (in front of everyone) before taking a knee and thrusting the small box unromantically towards Keith.

              The airport was dead silent.

              Keith’s eyes were as wide as the moon and he stared at Lance with his mouth open. The silence etched on as Lance was frozen in horror. Did I just propose like an idiot?! He could hear Pidge and Allura trying to hide their snickers while Hunk was sobbing again. Still Keith said nothing and Lance’s heart shook.

              “W-what?” He finally squeaked, and normally Lance would have teased the hell out of him for his tiny mouse voice but he probably was seconds away from passing out.

              “Er, um, marry me?” Lance tried again before mentally slapping himself. How was that any more romantic than before? Keith blinked again.

              “Is this a joke?” Keith’s face suddenly grew hot and a heavy blush spread over his cheeks. Lance thought it was adorable.

              “No! Fuck, I bought a ring and everything see?!” Lance thrust the box back at Keith before realizing that the lid was closed. Oh. Quickly he opened the lid with shaking fingers and presented the ring to Keith.

              “What the?” Keith gawked and stared at the silver band with intricate diamonds and stones that represented his birth month. He blinked again, this time feeling hot tears behind his eyes. The ring was stunning. It was hard, simple but it was beautiful too with stones that Keith always mentioned were pretty to Lance. He remembered. It wasn’t too masculine or too feminine. It was perfect.

              Keith was mortified.

              “You idiot.” Keith sniffled before gripping Lance’s collar ad hauling him to his feet. Lance swallowed thickly, thinking he had somehow messed up. “You couldn’t wait until we were home?! Or when I wasn’t so tired, I could barely say my own name?!” Keith sniffled again and Lance frowned. Was that a yes?        

              “Er, are you gonna marry me or not? ‘Cause you’re not making much sense.” Lance laughed nervously and Keith rolled his eyes.

              “That’s because it’s six in the fucking morning, and I got two hours of sleep.” Keith rolled his eyes with a snort. “And my stupid boyfriend thought it would be nice to propose to me, while I was dead on my feet, he was exhausted and hungry instead of during a nice quiet dinner or at home.”

              “I can, uh, do it over again? If you want?”            

              “No, give me that goddamn ring. This is perfect.”

              Lance blinked once. Twice. Three times before Keith finally pulled him in for a deep loving kiss. There was no battle for dominance, no tongue lashing or desperation. But rather it was full of love, passion and promises for their future.

              The airport exploded with the sounds of screaming cheers, sobbing and clapping when Lance and Keith finally pulled away. Lance eagerly pulled off one of Keith’s glove before slipping the ring on his finger. A perfect fit.

              Keith and Lance both stared at the ring, with goofy and tired smiles.

              “I love you.” Keith whispered, eyes staring into Lance’s and Lance broke into a huge grin.

              “I love you too.” The two broke apart when everyone else came rushing towards the newly engaged couple to give their congratulations. Keith happily accepted all hugs from everyone, while Lance did the same. Eventually, Lance felt a familiar metal hand grab his shoulder and his stomach dropped. He turned around to face Shiro, who wore an unreadable expression on his face.

              “Shiro, sir, I know I should have asked for your hand in marriage and talked to you first –” Lance babbled nervously.

              “You should have.” Shiro said and Lance swallowed. He was then pleasantly surprised when Shiro pulled him into a bone crushing hug. “Thank you for making him so happy. Welcome to the family, Lance and please take care of my son.” Shiro whispered into Lance’s ears and the tears were falling again on Lance’s face. He clutched at the back of Shiro’s jacket before burying his face into the shirt.

              “Thank you Shiro. I promise to take care of him for the rest of our lives.”

              “Thank you.”


              “I hope you don’t mind that I gave dad my dog tags.” Keith said when he and Lance were finally alone in their house. His eyes continuously wandered back to his ring every few minutes and Lance found that absolutely adorable. Keith might not be the most verbal about his appreciation but Lance wouldn’t be with him otherwise if that was the only reason he’d want to love him.

              “Nah, I figured you were going to.” Lance admitted with a smile. He remembered that moment when Shiro and Keith started crying like babies. Shiro’s tags were still resting against Keith’s pale chest, full of new scars.

              “I was always going to give them to him. It only felt right.” Keith said softly. “Even when we got together, I knew I was going to give them to him. After everything I put him through.”

              “He loves them Keith. He loves you. Don’t worry about anything else.” Lance said quickly before Keith could go into a guilt-filled rant about his time in the military. Keith never regretted his decision but he’d seen how much it had hurt his friends and family. He often took it out on himself for their pain. “I love you, okay. Besides, you’ve given me a much better gift.” Keith frowned.


              “You’re gonna be my husband.” Lance grinned and snaked an arm around Keith’s waist. Keith squeaked at the touch and playfully swatted at Lance’s arm. He snorted but allowed Lance to pull him close into another soft kiss.

              “Mhm, yeah. I’m excited for our future. But Lance?”

              “Yeah babe?”

              “There’s no way I’m going to be Keith McClain. You better get used to Lance Shirogane.”

isak and even being cute + domestic bc that’s all i rlly want in life ( @josteninski)

  • they have to cook for vilde’s group so sometimes even comes over and forces isak to help him bake
  • isak never helps
  • he mostly just sits on the counterand watches and makes bad puns
  • but this is after they’ve made up but before they’ve had the “what are we” talk so they’re definitely a thing but not Dating. not Going Steady
  • and this is the first time they’ve really hung out since the Fight and its v light and casual
  • even always laughs but sometimes he’ll mock getting offended like “you’re useless!! why don’t you ever help me?”
  • and he’ll put one hand on either side of isak and lean in and he’s tall enough that they’re nearly at eye-level even tho isak is on the counter
  • and lean in and tease a little bit more and isak will kiss him to shut him up
  • and at this precise moment eskild chooses to walk in
  • he makes fun of them ofc but he’s so happy that His Boy is in a loving relationship
  • and he makes the obligatory “isak is so lazy” comment and even is a little shit so he agrees with him and they jab isak together and isak acts SO OFFENDED
  • he’s like “i cannot believe….the people i trusted….would treat me this way….”
  • at one point eskild’s like “you’re lucky he’s your boyfriend, isak. you guys are cute together’
  • and walks out
  • and even’s like ”“did u hear that??! we’re cute together! do u think we’re cute?? am i ur boyfriend?? im ur boyfriend right??”
  • isak is like END MY LIFE NOW PLS AND THANK U
  • they’re cute n i love them

I accidentally colored this on the back of another drawing, so I couldn’t use markers ;v; I had to hunt for colored pencils because I haven’t used them in a year or so.
Anyway, I felt like drawing @ak-tastic’s Bhobbie! Who knows why! I really love them, they’re so cute and I love their design ;0; I had a ton of fun drawing and coloring this, it was nice to use colored pencils again!
I’m working with my style, too, so this definitely helped with anatomy (what with them being agender. It helps with practicing different body types.) and style.
(the ears are annoyingly lopsided, hecc)
Hope ya like it, Ak!!
It took almost an hour and a half, I think… somewhere around that ;w;
Enjoy! I’ll probably be drawing more of my friends designs, so keep an eye out, friendos!! vwo

“They’re weird and amazing just like us!!” 

I had

so much fun coloring @croxovergoddess  ‘ lines. <3 such cute art and just had to try my hand at it. Plus it was really nice to just color and shade u v u )/ 

these new pokes are so round, they are incredibly hard to shade.

(also, they have shiny starters! Thought the shinies could fit their whole aspect u vu ) )

Lines and characters © @croxovergoddess !!!

So, here’s my @voltron-ss gift for @acadjonne! I’m terribly sorry that I couldn’t include all of your favorite characters and pairing in this drawing ;v; I was going to draw a picture with all of the paladins having fun together but I ended up hating the sketch so much that I just had to draw something different. This isn’t probably what you were wishing for, but at least it’s klance (and look there’s a random Galra!Keith just because his ears are really cute)

I hope you still like this Kaede :’D Have a great whatever you celebrate and a happy new year!


This is the original Haikyuu!! Pilot Chapter! 

The one that’s like impossible to find, where the only karasuno characters mentioned are Kageyama, Daichi, Tanaka, and Hinata, and Hinata doesn’t know the first thing about volley but kageyama chases him down and pesters him to join the team bc he can still jump super high and run fast.

 they become friends much faster (it’s v. cute)

I’ve had a really hard time finding this on the internet, and I thought some of you guys might want to see this too, so I’m posting it!

The rest can be found under the cut:

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I have a "What If" for you. :D So I was thinking, what if Sombra and Jesse knew each other from his Deadlock days? And they had a sibling-esque rivalry (b/c rival gangs), but didn't really keep in touch after a certain point since their goals diverged. But then Jesse sees Reaper and KNOWS who it is. So he finally contacts Sombra to ask her to look out for his dad. That's why Jesse isn't on her chart with Overwatch, because secretly she still has him on the chart with HER.

listen the idea of jesse being like “sombra i need u to watch out for my dad” “this is your dad??? amigo he doesn’t really need looking after–” “SOMBRA PLEASE HE HAS A LOT OF EMOTIONS” 

okay but no for real. that would be really cool backstory tbh 

sombra and jesse bantering on the field would be oh-so-good. to everyone else they definitely look like they’re going for the throats, they’re literally going to die, but to the two of them it’s just a nostalgic type of renunion. trying to one-up each other (sombra trying to steal jesse’s hat, jesse trying to pull her hair– that type of shit in between shooting each other) 

and at the end, before they’re about to dramatically claim each other as their eternal rivals and say that no one can kill them except ME, jesse slips her the new number for his burner phone and she fakes shedding a tear at him taking her lessons to heart about how to stay off the radar 

(”you got old, amigo,” She giggles over the line later that night. “can’t believe it, you actually lived past 22″ 

“and you became a cyborg, exactly as i expected,” he responds with a grin.) 

and this sort of keeps going on, where they mess around on the field but play it up so no one thinks they’re traitors (which they’re not (well, sombra maybe a little bit, but jesse is loyal to overwatch and he still believes in it)), until sombra shows up with reaper one day 

and it shouldn’t be that big of a deal, but. there’s something about how he moves that day that just forces the puzzle pieces to click for jesse and he goes, “that’s gabe,” without a shred of doubt 

so he calls her that night and is hesitantly asking about him. what’s he like, what does he do– 

“boy-o, i thought we agreed to not talk about work,” she chides him. 

“this isn’t really work. he’s a friend.” 

“a friend?” he can hear her eyebrows waggle and he sputters 

“no, god, you’re a child–” 

she cackles and says. “okay, okay, seriously. what’s up with you and boss man? i have almost nothing on the man underneath the stupid mask, so.” 

“he just. he was a good man. i don’t–keep an eye on him?” 

“seriously?” she groans. “jesse, my job will be so much easier if i can take him out.” 

“don’t even try. if he’s even a quarter of as good as he was when i knew him, he’ll take you out easily.” 

“for real?” 



“just. he likes to help.” 


“i don’t know how to explain it,” he says, a little helplessly. “he likes helping people. not the type of ‘save kittens from trees’ like overwatch does, but the, ‘you’re broken and i’ll make you tea and sit with you for a few hours’ type of help.” 

it’s quiet, until sombra says, “he’s pretty old for you, jessica.” 

“oh my god, don’t call me that, you’re such an ass luci–” 

“it’s SOMBRA” 

(jesse doesn’t miss the way sombra watches reaper’s back from then on. he also doesn’t miss the way reaper nearly headshots winston when he goes after sombra. 

it hurts, a little, that he isn’t part of his own family, but. gabe taught him to do what he thought was right, and helping overwatch is /right/ and he knows that.) 

If anyone wants to confess their love for me, you still have an hour left of Valentine’s Day!

wee hours of the morning indeed! yeesh! it is FULLY day time outside! oops! (O AO) well! (-^ O^-) i promised @jathis and @marlonbookcase some Matt/Techie fluff, and i’m a lady of my words as often as i possibly can be! HAHHAHA! XD sadly~ no time for shading though… *sigh* i drew this too lovingly and ran out of time… i can only give myself so many hours a day that aren’t for commissions while my plate is still so full! (^  v ^);; (and really… i should have gone to sleep hours ago! lets be real! LOL!) still! i think it turned out pretty damn cute!!! Jathis had sent me a zillion prompts in the past and i went for the one about Matt having to go to Iso (Dredd AU prison) ~ cuz fuck if that boy wont learn to regret his actions when he has to leave such a sweet little birdy all alone… heheheh~ (-^ ___^-) thanks for your patience guys! hope you like it! night night Tumblr family! <3

I’ve been having problems with adding screenshots for this ask for some reason (the pictures just won’t upload well) So I decided to try changing the format of the post I hope this works now!!;;

The chapter 5 class trial is really long ;v; ahhh it’s something like four hours long, so I had a lot of trouble rummaging around the net to find that exact part BUT I DID IT.. I found it!! ahaha May I also include the screenshots from the third class trial where ouma gives advice to himiko as well? I haven’t really seen them interact as much yet but when they do it could get pretty interesting or cute sometimes if you like the interactions between ouma and yumeno I feel like that bit would be one of the most important moments between them for sure

Yes, this is a thing!! Although I feel like it was thrown in pretty randomly and the possibility of her having a real crush on him is rly mild;; That part was really cute!! I wonder why I don’t see anybody talking about it yet, maybe after more people play it they might?// Ouma’s voice in that segment was really sweet it sort of caught me off guard and I think it did for yumeno too

Screenshots under the cut:  (I’ll include some broad translations to help people understand what they are saying! ;v; I’ll work from my memories, my japanese isn’t very good but the whole flow of the conversation would be alright I think)

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Yeah, for some reason I still don’t understand they asked me to join the stream so I did

-I fell off my chair and onto my arm
–no art until that’s better, good job me A+
-I think I made mamapeño cry a couple times ;v;
-I was proposed to
-was told I’m cute (I am not I am hellspawn incarnate fe a r  m e)
-apparently had an art eating contest with mamapeño
-shared my upcoming checklist for drawing and projects and they freaked out so that was fun

-also accidentally showed something I was gonna keep hidden until I finished it whoops

I really don’t remember much aside from this but it was absolutely worth it
10/10 would do again if granted the opportunity

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Ok I know you don't care but guys are hot but girls are hot too (and tbh if I had to choose I'd have a gf rather than a bf)

okay look. guys are so pretty. they have good faces. i’m v gay for them, trust me. 

but dude. gIRLS are so FUCKINGGORGEOUS. i love girls. girls are just so strong and they’ve been through so much shit if you really thinka bout it with oppression and body image issues and they generally cry and get upset easier than boys and just,,, they’re so pretty. like. have you seen a girl?? fucking curves man, and chubby girls with cute lil blushy cheeks and squishy tummys and girls who are just right in the middle i just love them i love them all pls cuddle me, every girl ever it doesn’t matter what you look like, what color you are, what size your body is okay they’re so great i’m in love with the concept of girls