this was really adorable

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why???????? does pidge???????? always get such???? a better?????? time???? then the rest???? of team voltron?????????? everyone else is always dying or fighting a galra fleet while she gets really cute and chill adventures w/ adorable aliens??????


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(fraxured-dhelmise) Dhelmise wants a very tight hug, just the way he likes giving and getting hugs! Fraxure just wants to pet the snek.

@fraxured-dhelmise Excalibur Loves tight hugs too! And adores his little head pats

Not Who You Think (part I)

Request: just something that I thought of.

Warnings: None :)


“Mr. Black.” McGonagall’s stern voice said during Transifugaration. You snapped up, having awoken from an open-ended nap at the back of the classroom.

“Mr. Black, I’m sorry but that was your final warning;please go sit next to Miss Y/L/N at the back.” The professor continued not blinking an eye.

“Maybe some of her good behavior can rub of on you.” Just as you started to doze off again you heard your name.

“Great.” you said quietly under your breath. Sirius Black was easily the best looking guy at Hogwarts. His careless attitude, his deep brown eyes and best of all, his beautiful long, luscious, dark hair. But from what Lily says about him and his friends in the Girls Dormitory, you best just stay away from them. Black got up from his seat and made his way to the empty seat next to you. He made eye contact with you for a brief moment before smirking and plopping himself next to you. You knew what he was thinking, he thinks he’s got you all figured out. Yup, he thinks your just a shy girl who always does her homework and is a Prefect. Anyone who knew you would laugh. Really loud. You liked to keep the teachers fooled with your act that your a model student;however, it did get a bit irritating when students thought so as well.

“Black.” you hissed. He turned turned around while McGonagall continued to explain how to turn a frog into a sewing needle.

“I’m gonna get back to sleeping, could you do me a favor and wake me up if McG catches me?” you asked. His mouth fell open slightly in surprise at this.

“Thanks. ” you said, patting Black’s arm, and with that, you plunked your head on the desk and drifted away.

“Y/L/N. ” A smooth voice next to you said, “psst, Y/L/N, wake up.” You jumped up and realized the whole class was gawking at you, including Professor McGonagall.

“Miss. Y/L/N, I don’t suppose you could answer my question?” McGonagall asked you sternly. You answered the question with ease, surprising almost everybody in the classroom.

“Very good but next time, try to stay awake will you?” McGonagall asked. “You’ll have to stay behind after class Y/L/N, you too Black, for disrupting the lesson earlier.“ Black hung his head and groaned while you rolled your eyes once McGonagall turned around.

“How’d you do that?” Black asked curiously a few minutes into detention. You looked up from the piece of parchment you were doodling on.

“Do what?” You said with your eyebrows furrowed together, not having the faintest idea what he as talking about. Black scoffed.

“Come off it”, he said rolling his hypnotic eyes, “You answered McGonagall straight away and you were asleep the entire lesson. I mean, thought you were super smart and listened to teachers and stuff. Not right mention you’re a Prefect.” Holding back a smile, you think about how you’re going to answer him. You pursed your lips together for a moment.

“Remember two weeks ago when Snape’s turned hair pink?” you asked mischievously. Black’s eyes were wider than orbs by this point.

“No way”, Sirius said, “that was you?” he said breaking into a broad grin.

“Don’t ask so surprised, Black.” you said, smirking.

“Sirius.” he corrected “and you’re… Y/N?” you raised your eyebrows in surprise at the fact he knew your name.

“Yeah… Your friends with Remus aren’t you?” you say pretending you didn’t know you he was. Lily might not like The Marauders but secretly, they seemed pretty awesome. Sirius suddenly snapped his fingers.

“That’s where I heard your name before! Moony told me after Prefect rounds for the first time that you pretended to be a model student even though you’re the complete opposite.” He said chuckling. You and Sirius continued to talk and talk;you surprisingly had a lot in common with him.

“Black, Y/L/N, you both may go now.” McGonagall entered the classroom once again and dismissed the both if you. The both of you chatted all the way back to the Common Room, time passed by incredibly fast since you were with Sirius. You reached the Fat Lady and your conversion stopped abruptly.

“Well, see you around then Sirius.” you said, smiling. He licks his lips and looks you up and down now, making you blush slightly.

“Do you want to go out with me to Hogsmeade?” Sirius suddenly asks you out of nowhere. He leans against the wall. Your heart starts pounding you’re pretty sure even Sirius can hear it.

“Wh-what?” you ask nervously, not sure you heard him right. Sirius takes a step closer to you so you’re now barely an inch apart. “You heard me.” he whispers seductive brushing hair out of your face. Your breath hitches.

“Alright.” you said, a smirk placing itself on your face.

“That’s what I thought.” his deep raspy voice said making your heart race again.

You thought tonight couldn’t get anymore crazy. You were wrong. Sirius bent down slightly and locked lips with yours. It caught you off guard for a moment, but you soon melted into the kiss. A few seconds later he broke away, even though you didn’t want to stop. You didn’t think you could take much more if anything else happened tonight. But you did at the same time.

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How would Prompto act with a 5'0 and petite tiny shy s/o?

He’s gonna constantly refer to his s/o as his little Hobbit.

Prompto is quite short for a guy I think, so a small s/o would really suit him tbh, he’d find it so fucking endearing. You can guarantee ofc that he’s gonna be a playful little shit and tease his s/o constantly about their height. He’s probably the type to steal their things and hold it high above his head, giggling away as his s/o jumps about, failing to grab the stolen object from him. He’d also insist on keeping a tight hold of his s/o’s hand when out in crowded, public places, so that he doesn’t lose sight of them amongst the crowd.

He’d also find a shy s/o really adorable. Like, let’s be honest his s/o ain’t gonna be able to be shy around this dork for long because he’s so in-your-face and he literally never stops fucking talking. However, he’d revel in it whenever he sees his s/o blushing or hiding their face in embarrassment. Prompto would honestly just shower his s/o with compliments and various pick up lines just to see their cheeks turn red whilst they smile all shyly and shit.

I need to go punch a wall to feel manly again

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I was wondering: Who is your favorite Hamilton character?

HOO this is a hard one. I’m really charmed by Lafayette and Jefferson. I adore Philip and John and Hamilton is a huge inspiration to me. I love them all but if I had to pick one absolute favourite..

J e f f e r s o n

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That first episode literally started with Aaron looking at Robert in a way that... Well let's just say that I live for the day that someone looks at me like that! The love and adoration... I can not deal. I will die at the wedding.

When no one is looking Aaron really does look at Robert with such love and adoration that you almost have to catch your breath - like Robert his is entire universe. Aaron might not say ILY much but all it takes is one look at his face when he’s gazing at Robert to realise how totally and deeply in love he is with Robert. That Robert is the love of his life. It’s beautiful ❤❤❤❤

(gif credit: @lizzzzoo)

As for the wedding…well it will be the death of the entire fandom that’s for sure!! But at least we’ll all die with a smile on our faces and tears of happiness in our eyes!!

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Completely ignoring all perversion about your characters, I really adore all the thought put into them and their designs. Jicilde's incredibly unique design wise and personality wise. Farm girl is really lovable and simple (while still standing out). Ferret's body shape is definitely something you don't see around much, and I love the thought put into why her armor is bad. Zombie's got one of the most dynamic and fleshed out designs for an undead character I've ever seen. <333

Thank you so much ;u;
I’m really glad that you like them ;u; means a lot to me, I hope I can come up with more interesting characters!

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Do you write fan fiction at all?

I used to write a TON in elementary through high school, to the point I wanted to be a novelist. I consider myself a relatively decent writer, and more relevant for school, an incredibly fast writer. That being said, I’ve discovered that for me personally, I get a lot more satisfaction by presenting stories through visuals bc I really adore non-verbal story telling (especially closeups of human expressions). I have immense respect for fic writers and absolutely consider writing a creative art as much as any other, but I personally just prefer to use writing as a way to provide background for any visuals I don’t have time to cover in the actual illustrations/comics ^ ^

(Could also have to do with how during the past 2 years, I translated and got two novels published and am sorta sick of writing stories. I mean yes I translated someone else’s words but that English text contains all words I created and typed and that’s a lotta words ok)


of all the adorable videos with my music in them this one is my favorite bc i dont understand it at all and this kids characters are really adorable

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Hi! I'm sad because yesterday I tried to come out to one of my closest friends, I really adore him and I wanted to share the fact I like girls too because of a question he asked me but really I couldn't do it. I have the feeling I am faking the whole thing and that one day I'll be straight again, he's gay so I know he'll accept me for sure but I feel like I'm doing that for attention and I'm not lgbtqia enough, like I'm disrespecting him and the community

You are not faking. People who wonder if they’re faking? Aren’t.

And even if it turns out you were wrong, or if you do change, then it wasn’t bad. You chose a label that fit for you when it fit. People change. Sexuality is fluid.

But trust yourself to know that you belong in this community. That’s the key part.

Wishing best of luck to you.