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((PSA: No one else can tell you who you are except you, but god can they try. And after a while, you might believe them. You might start asking who you really are. And that’s normal, but not a good feeling.

If you find yourself asking “who am I” a lot, keep something on hand to remind you of a part of your identity that you’re proud of. For me, it’s my Scout neckerchief (among other things). I can glance down when I need to and see the crude friendship knot and the green cloth, and I know that I am a part of something. Maybe it’s a scarf you knitted, or a friendship bracelet, or a little dragon pin, or a simple Sharpie tattoo of your name.

I’m no expert by any means. Please don’t assume I actually know anything about this. I just think it helps to have a visual touchstone reminder, if you will. Keep yourself centered, friends. And don’t forget to eat your food and take a shower if you need to.)) -Mod K

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For the prompts: "Nurse Me" KanaMari :D

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On a side note: Do you guys know how damn tempting it is to just pick the whole “2 years abroad” ordeal? It would be sooo easy… but where would be the challenge? xD [well… it is kinda related, though ‘^^]

To Kanan it has just been a matter of time until Mari would break down under the pressure that lays upon her shoulders. The expectations of her family, Aquors, being the school’s chairwoman and her own desire to get back two lost years by spending as much time as possible with Dia and Kanan – she wonders how Mari was able to endure all this for such a long time as she sits at the blonde’s bedside, scribbling on some papers.

It’s night by now. Earlier, during the evening, an employee of the Awashima Hotel had called their diving shop, asking for Kanan to come over. The only explanation she got was that Mari had fainted. Kanan rushed over immediately. With her parents on a business trip Mari is in charge of the hotel as well, adding to the pressure. And with her phone number apparently still roaming around the staff decided to call the Matsuura’s as their only option.

A groan pulls Kanan out of her thoughts and out of her work. She looks up to see Mari waking up slowly, blinking so that her eyes can adjust to the faint light.

“What? Where..?” Mari reaches up, feeling a wet cloth on her forehead.

“You should stay in bed.”

Upon hearing that familiar voice and noticing her mattress dipping down, Mari turns her head to the right.


“You fainted and your staff called me.” Kanan explains, removing the cloth, her hand lingering on slightly heated and damp skin. She pulls back with a small smile on her face. “How are you feeling?”

“As if I’ve been run over by a train?” The blonde tries to joke, cracking a smile that turns into a painful frown almost immediately. “And as if my head is about to explode.”   

“I’d be surprised if you’d feel alright to be honest. They said you fell pretty badly.” To prove her point, Kanan shows her a cloth with some bloodstains.

Mari instinctively reaches up but Kanan stops her by taking her wrist and pulling her hand back. She intertwines their fingers and squeezes lightly.

“There is a small wound on your right temple. It’s not bleeding anymore.”

Humming in acknowledgement Mari closes her eyes again, enjoying Kanan’s presence and her thumb drawing circles on the back of Mari’s hand.

But soon her mind drifts away again, reminding her of all the stuff she still needs to do and organize.

“Damn it, I need to finish the schools paperwork.” Mari tries to sit up but a strong hand on her shoulder pushes her back down. “Kanan!”

“No, you don’t.” Mari’s protest is ignored. Kanan has watched her long enough without stopping the blonde from overworking herself. Now that she’s here Kanan won’t make the same mistake again. “You are not going to work now and neither will you tomorrow.”


“No buts.” Kanan interjects. “If you’re worried about the stuff that needs to be done for tomorrow…” She pulls away to grab the papers she laid down on a nearby table earlier. “Dia and I splitted the work and I am almost done. Only thing you need to do is to sign them in the morning when Dia comes over to grab my stack.”

When she turns around Mari looks at her with wide eyes. Kanan smiles.

“You can rely on us, too, you know? On all of Aquors.” Sitting back down Kanan takes the cloth again, ready to put it back on the blonde’s forehead. “You’ll sleep while I stay here, finishing what needs to be done. Okay?”

Mari nods and closes her eyes. The fatigue and Kanan’s presence cause her to fall asleep almost immediately.

She doesn’t miss the feeling of a feather light kiss on her forehead before sleeps envelopes her in a comforting hug.

Ok one thing before I go to sleep im going full out for this comeback im going to stream their songs 13245467543^1324353465445 times on melon/genie/WHEREVER and im going to look up “레드벨벳” on every single korean search engine site that exists, open up all the articles on them that exists,and im going to make up 50% of the views on their mv and i will watch every single official live performance 1324354654 times, every single video of them off an official channel i will watch 645567 times!! I will make 134235243 accounts to vote for them on M COUNTDOWN etc !!! In daily conversation I’m just going to bring them up at every opportunity because I will promote them in every way i fucking can!!!!!

talking about other otp, i rmmbr in 2014 i think i watched all possible other otp se ka i, chan ka i, baek soo, se soo, chan soo, su do etc moments compilation vids on yt. the things i have to do just to convince myself that kd are just friends. but i discovered something diff instead.


 (sure I’m female but- whatever)

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Ponyboy Curtis - The Outsiders

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One A.M. mind

Through careful application of time manipulation I will reset. A twenty eight hour day and two hour night. Point to point passaging. Swipple probably isn’t a word but should be. If gravity suddenly failed we’d fall off the earth, but so would the atmosphere. The number of white dashes on the center line of highways outnumber the vehicles on those highways at all times.
Somewhere right now somebody is wondering if somewhere out there somebody like me is wondering about them. A sufficiently sophisticated machine could retrace my exact route by detecting the molecules of rubber shed from my tires. Every thought in my head could be disassembled and reorganized to match the thoughts in any other random persons head. I wonder which is greater at any given moment; the number of people having sex or the number of people dying? How did basic musical instruments turn into things like pianos and French horns? Every second of the day somewhere in the world someone is watching a movie. If electricity suddenly ceased to obey the laws of physics civilization would be crippled. What was the very first word ever?

Uh, you guys.

(from “The Mandalore Plot”)

(from “Visions and Voices”)


Okay, HOW MANY LAYERS OF SYMBOLISM. First off, the episode title, “Visions and Voices” is most obviously a reference to Ezra seeing and hearing Maul in his head, BUT we also get Satine’s voice (in the form of her voice actress) and face (in the form of the painting of her hanging in Maul’s lair). So, “visions and voices” almost goes double. Also, the particular nightsister ghost voiced by Anna Graves is, at least according to the credits, the one who possesses Sabine, and that’s just… wow. I mean, think about this. The ghost of a nightsister, the female counterpart of Maul’s species, voiced by the same voice actress as Satine Kryze, a Mandalorian woman who Maul murdered, possesses Sabine Wren, a young Mandalorian woman. AND! This is also the episode in which Sabine finds (and briefly wields!) the Darksaber, which happens to be the very weapon used by Maul to kill Satine, and which we now know is a fairly important part of Mandalorian history, thanks to that glorious first preview clip for this weekend’s episode, “Trials of the Darksaber.” 

Oh, what’s that you say? You can hear my screaming all the way from wherever you are? Well, I… uh… I have no idea what you’re talking about! No idea whatsoever, nope! No screaming going on here, that’s for sure! We’re all fine here, situation normal, nothing to see here, move along.

 El uruguayo se acomodó en uno de los lugares más tranquilos de todo el salón mientras probaba diferentes bocadillos, mantenía conversaciones volátiles con algunas personas y observaba como el resto de las personas se movían a través del lugar, bailando, hablando y bebiendo como si no volvieran a ver la luz solar. “¿Otra vez ésta canción?” pensó, quejoso, recostándose lentamente en su lugar al escuchar por tercera, o cuarta vez, una canción lenta que le daban más ganas de dormir que de estar en aquel lugar. No era sorpresa que, momentos después, se lo encontrara intentando abrir una de las puertas de salida que para su mala suerte, no cedía. “Si también estas intentando marcharte, lamento decirte que esa puerta no funciona” comentó a la persona que, si su vista no le fallaba, se estaba acercando.