this was quite obvious wasn't it

A scene from my KageHina Kids on the Slope Au one-shot, Orange Heat.

Hinata chuckled and grabbed Kageyama’s hand, intertwining their fingers, “…I think I like you, Kageyama. Are you grossed out?”

Kageyama could feel his ears burning up. “Why would I let you hold my hand if I felt grossed out, dumbass.”

This was drawn as a belated birthday present to me by the beautiful, kind, endearing, talented—I could literally keep going on for days with adjectives and I wouldn’t be able to describe the blessing that is @theharukawa. We’ve only recently become friends but through our many lovely, deep, touching conversations and common interests she’s easily become one of the best friends I’ve made on this site. After a long while of feeling distant and somewhat negative about Tumblr, she’s reminded my of how much good can come from my being here. So this is my public ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’ to this amazing human being. I hope you guys come to love her art and her personality as much as I do.

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Weird and slightly lame suggestion from your friendly neighbourhood comp anon, do you have any photos of the gazeboys + animals/pets... besides the obvious ones of Koron?

not a lot I’m afraid… there’s the pictures of Ruki with his old dog from rock and read

but! there are quite a few pictures of just their pets, mostly Reita’s birds

10/10 cute birds. also enjoy this picture of Koron wearing a sweater

there’s also this photo of a dog from Kai’s section of Onore one time (could be his dog, a family pet, idk, I don’t know Japanese so I don’t know what it says. any resident translators want to help out?)

since this was not really what you asked for anon here’s Reita petting his bird (that looks just like him)

pet pet

inspired from a. very,,, interesting,, dream

“playing badminton what does it look like keep your head in the game dear”

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so, what happened with taekook during the war of hormone era? 👀 🔍 i wasn't around yet, and i'm still backtracking on older era bts stuff.

during WOH era and Danger era, it was quite obvious jungkook had some sort of attraction towards taehyung, whether it was romantically, sexually or platonically. they both seemed a lot more clingier/comfortable than the eras before and also not to mention the butt-smacks were born during that era :’) bless. let’s not forget to mention that during one of their performances of WOH taehyung was going to high5 jungkook and jungkook just pulled taehyung in for a back hug.

Breakfast dates with Ashton where he’s still sleepy and got messy hair and it’s still quite cold so he’ll wrap his arm around you to keep you warm and you’d walk around in the city and find a cute cafe and get some breakfast. He’d be looking at you so fondly across the table and his hands would probably unwrap from his coffee to wrap around your own.

Fantasy AU for my bingo square.

“I know it’s not the same,” Tony said, “but I did my best.” He looked away as he gestured to the right, as if he didn’t want to see Steve’s reaction. “Sorry.”

A part of Steve had known ever since Tony told him to come to his workroom—he’d been so evasive when asked what he’d been working on lately it was really obvious—but his eyes still widened as he took in the shield lying on the table.

It wasn’t the same. It didn’t even look similar, obviously on intent; if Tony wanted to, he’d have made it into a perfect replica. But that was why it wasn't—he realised, they both did, nothing would be quite the same.

That didn’t mean the new shield couldn’t be good, too. It still had his star painted in the middle, but the colours were different, darker, and the lines spelt out protective glyphs.

Steve lifted it slowly, and he felt the tingling of magic on his fingers. It was still warm to the touch. Tony must’ve called him as soon as he finished. Steve wasn’t surprised. Patience wasn’t Tony’s best suit.

The shield was light, but Steve was sure the spells made it unbreakable all the same.

“No one else can pick it up,” Tony spoke up, “unless you want them to.”

“Taking your cues from Thor?” Steve smiled softly. The shield was good. It’d take time getting used to it, but he could see himself using it for a long time.

“I wanted to make it good,” Tony whispered. “I'm—sorry.”

Steve’s eyes snapped to him. “You keep apologising,” he said.

“It is my fault you needed a new shield in the first place,” Tony said, facing Steve, daring him to deny that.

Steve set the new shield away and put his finger under Tony’s chin. He met his eyes steadily, but he could see what it cost Tony not to look away. “It saved your life, Tony,” he said. “And it’s nothing you have to apologise for, because nothing, absolutely nothing, is worth more than that.”

“It’s the only thing you had—”

Nothing,” Steve repeated.

The shield melted under dragon’s fire, but it’d held long enough to protect Tony, and nothing else mattered. In Steve’s nightmares, it was Tony who burned, stripped of his magic and armour.

The shield had been important to him, yes, but it was just an object. Tony made him another one.

Nothing could possibly replace Tony.

Even thinking about it made Steve uncomfortable. He wanted to put his arms around Tony, keep him close and safe, but this wasn’t exactly what Tony needed now. “Listen to me,” Steve said. “Giving you that shield then was the best decision of my life.”

He wished Tony believed that.

They’d been waking up in one bed for months, but Tony still didn’t believe the really basic fact that Steve loved him more than anyone, anything else.

And then he still had spent weeks on a new shield to make Steve happy.

Tony stepped away. “Yes. Well.”

Steve grabbed his hand instead. “Come on,” he said. “You’ve been holed up here too long. Dinner, Tony. And tomorrow we can train with my new shield.”

And magic could be … too tempting, in a way. Too easy to get lost in. Tony, for all his self-control, needed someone, sometimes, when his thoughts became too dark. Steve wouldn’t let him go down this path.

At some point, Tony might even trust him Steve really cared.

Tony nodded, and Steve smiled at him.

no but i’m actually really glad that zelda u got delayed

from what little we’ve seen so far it looks far from a near finished game, so i was worried about them rushing it to meet a 2015 deadline. i’d much rather them spend an extra year making it look great and run great and play amazing than releasing a game with obvious potential that it didn’t quite reach.

…side-eyes hyrule warriors.

s3 v. s4

Day 154: Captain Marvel vol 2: Down

Me: Duuuuude, I need to read a book. Give me a topic for a book.

scullywolf: (looks down at her shirt, contemplates the plane that’s emblazoned across her chest) I dunno… all I can see is… plane. Got anything with a pilot?

Me: (looks at double shelf full of WWII collected comic volumes, keeps on looking) Oh, do I ever have something with a pilot.

To be fair, I have spent the bulk of the evening either sitting on the bathroom floor with the kittens, bitching about how much sitting on the bathroom floor hurts my back, bitching about how old I feel when I bitch about having a bad back, or working with Apple online tech support to deal with my ever-frozen laptop - all while trying to get grades done by midnight. So, you know, tonight could have gone much, much differently. All hail the power of Captain Marvel.

What’s that? Eighteen things to try to figure out why the brand new laptop keeps freezing while I’m doing such taxing things as reading fanfic or writing (not fanfic) or perhaps daring to watch a video on YouTube?

Why would that bother me? Captain Marvel just slapped a shark - with another shark.

What’s that you say? The feral kittens have gone from flattened-against-the-baseboards (bad) to meowing-for-attention (good) to climbing-the-cabinets-seriously-how-you-weigh-less-than-a-pound-tell-me-how (very bad) in the course of a day?

(They look sweet and innocent. Don’t be fooled.)

How will I ever get past this, though? Kittens gone WILD… er. Wilder than they already were, given that they’ve not been handled before yesterday.

Solid. Carol’s got me covered. Come here, kittens - it’s time to have some Chewie lessons. How do you kids feel about space travel? Sounds fun, right? I mean, you already seem to be down with heights.

What’s that? Another four thousand (minor exaggeration) grades to do and then a hearty three hundred (not much exaggeration) outreach emails to send? If only I had some kind of snarky spiritual guide here, some who could provide the quips that I just can’t throw down in these endless plagiarism emails I have to send tonight…

There we go. Perfect.

So, basically, tonight could have sucked right out loud. It really could have. I’m still waiting for the accumulated frustration to slide tackle me and make me suffer for.. uh.. whatever horrible things I’ve done today (I’m fuzzy on the details, but I’m sure there’s something). And then? Then I’m going to be all:

Okay, I won’t. Sadly, my life is such that I probably won’t ever have cause to say “I need to go punch a dinosaur.” I’ll probably say something a bit more in keeping with personality, like “I need to go retreat to my blanket fort and commune with my failings” or something - but I’ll be thinking about punching dinosaurs the entire time. Huzzah!

Kid Icarus: Uprising Starters
  • All starters taken from the game's dialogue. Three lines per stage.
  • -----------------------------------
  • "Sorry to keep you waiting!"
  • "What way to celebrate my return than with a festive little bloodbath?"
  • "It's like an all-you-can-hurt buffet!"
  • "I suppose it IS an old story!"
  • "Chicken is much more economical!"
  • "We're done talking about this."
  • "Why hello there!"
  • "Can we go home and watch TV now?"
  • "Do you like the gift? It's my patented monster pheromone!"
  • "...That silence means we have to go there, doesn't it?"
  • "It's funny. It's okay to laugh!"
  • "Even though I almost died, I've really enjoyed our time together."
  • "Yes...? No...? Uh..."
  • "Refresh my memory. What am I doing here again?"
  • "Don't make ME throw up."
  • "Did I say something funny?"
  • "Just think of all the stuff you could get done with more than one of yourself."
  • "What would you know about faith, anyway, you treacherous blackheart?!"
  • "Just use your gills! Tell me, [character]. How are you with brachial respiration?"
  • "Oh, my. An excess of frizowatts must have overloaded the dooziestat."
  • "You don't have to sound so gleeful!"
  • "Right. I hid them in case of an emergency. You know, so that they wouldn't get stolen."
  • "So I should destroy the shiny thing?"
  • *Gibberish*
  • "For future reference, face kicking isn't usually this effective."
  • "Threaten all you want! You don't scare me. I will put an end to you."
  • "...I suppose I don't really understand how that happened either."
  • "Whoa! Man! This is some intense heat!"
  • "How cold of you. Your words pierce my heart like an icicle."
  • "It's so obvious to me now."
  • "There's just no reasoning with her."
  • "Good! There are survivors!"
  • "This place is big."
  • "What mischief are you two getting into now?"
  • "Wowza!"
  • "Oh, no. Mischief making is one of my principal responsibilities."
  • "Those lasers are quite the security system!"
  • "Huh? That wasn't my doing."
  • "I'm well aware of my name!"
  • "Yes? You called?"
  • "Whoa! I gotta admit—he's fast! Must be all that free soda."
  • "He embarrasses easily. Don't mind him."
  • "Sorry to drag you out so early, but we've got an emergency. We have a BIG problem."
  • "How much more hell DO they plan to raise?"
  • "This is out of control!"
  • "We are from outerr spaaaaaace..."
  • "As a disclaimer, your insurance doesn't cover getting run over by alien trains."
  • "I don't care! If it works, I'm gonna use it!"
  • "WHAT? I can't hear you over all this AWESOME!"
  • "Time to let nature take its course!"
  • "My X ray specs allow me to see your ignorance."
  • "Is that supposed to sound like me? 'Cause it doesn't."
  • "They're grunts. What did you expect?"
  • "Well, there's nothing more we can do here. Come on, [character]."
  • "So basically, you're telling me to ram a horse cart into a brick wall."
  • "Your foolishness is matched only by your rudeness."
  • "Maybe he's a gearhead."
  • "Don't get the wrong idea. I'm not here to help."
  • "What is this, Everyone Pick On [self] Day?"
  • "Out of the way, coming through!"
  • "This place doesn't run on batteries, dingle brain!"
  • "Hey, what's your problem?"
  • "If we don't help him right now, we won't have another chance!"
  • "Oh, I get it. You want to turn back the clock and cheat death. Raising the dead, keeping the near-dead alive? It's pretty dirty business."
  • "You might want to break out the Brain Age, pal."
  • "Eat your hearts out, ladies."
  • "It's a tall order, but if anyone can do it, I have faith that you can!"
  • "Even your darkness can't hide from the light!"
  • "Tell me, [character], why do you hate life?"
  • "Sometimes it feels like I'm fighting the entire universe."
  • "Well, I don't have any answers for you. I'm only here to TEST you."
  • "Wait! DON'T SHOOT!"
  • "This thing is so awesome."
  • "Yes, I was hoping to greet [character] on top of a mountain of corpses."
  • "Let him enjoy his moment in the sun."
  • "Nawwww, I'm just messing with you, buddy... Settle down."
  • Mia: waited for the curly haired cutie to arrive, nervously bouncing as she looked around. Alli was inside, deciding to accompany the duo for obvious reasons. They would meet up with quite a few of Mia's friends later. "C'mon, you idiot," she mumbled as she looked down at her phone. She wasn't nervous to see Darren but quite excited.

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Imagine Bucky with his hair up in a messy hipster bun

bucky likes his hair, he really does, but it’s fucking infuriating. it gets in his eyes all the time and is constantly tangled from the wind and it’s just a pain in his ass. he’s thinking about getting it cut just to make it more manageable, when natasha comes up to him and gives him a stretchy ring of elastic 

“you can use this to put your hair up,” she tells him, and demonstrates how he should do it

bucky is, of course, delighted, and wears his hair in a bun constantly, a few strands falling out here and there since he hasn’t quite gotten the hang of it yet

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I don't know. Sam looked a little uncomfortable in those pictures. They seem to be acting much different since she said she wasn't single anymore. Everything seemed to be fine with them until she said that. Now it looks different. What do you think?

I think they do look different. Very, very much together and a bit more settled in with each other than at last year’s Paley appearance when their relationship was a bit newer and they had been apart for quite some time before. But Cait’s recent comment about not being single has only increased the speculation about her and Sam and I think they realize how much their obvious comfort and familiarity with each other at these events gives them away and as a result they are trying to avoid the more obvious “couple” behaviors as long as the official narrative remains “we are just good friends”. They are definitely being careful to stand at a little distance and to avoid touching beyond necessary so Sam’s natural gesture to stand with an arm around Cait or guide her with a hand at the small of her back is replaced with his hands awkwardly clasped in front of him. But the rest of their body language is still very much in sync as a close couple’s will be, and their facial expressions when they interact with each other are relaxed and happy, so in the end they still look like a couple as much as they ever have- just a couple trying to be careful not to appear too overly “coupley”- and just like at EIFF, and in the interviews that followed the IFH, where they were also trying very hard to not look like a couple- all the discomfort that I see in those pictures seems to be related to that effort as the unconscious gestures that one makes towards an intimate partner are replaced by gestures that have to be consciously maintained. It is hard work to not act like a lover with your lover and I think that is the source of the “discomfort” you are seeing in those pics, especially in Sam. But as usual- as soon as they make eye contact it is “game over”!

Listen to your heart:: Shac
  • Shay didn't know what to expect or do after the car sex with zac the day before. She wasn't sure what she wanted when it came to him.She knew she couldn't quit him,not just like that,that was pretty obvious to her right now,but she couldn't let him in either,to much damage had been done and she was super scared about comitting herself to him again,she couldn't bare it if he ever hurt her again like that. So when he asked if he could see her,her brain said no and heart said yes,and Shay had a habit of following her heart,even when she knew she shouldn't,so of course she said yes and took a shower,afterwrads spending some extra time in the mirror to look her best,she never really bothered to do that anymore for zac,she knew he apreciated her beauty make up or not,but this time she felt like she should,didnt know why,it just felt right.

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My mother says that I'm not transgender, just because it "wasn't obvious" and had even went so far as to show me baby pictures and say that I was a "happy boy." And that me being a girl didn't make sense. I don't know what to make of it, anyone?

Charlie says:

if you want an honest opinion, I feel like your mom is holding you to stereotypes of trans people, and is quite possibly refusing to see who you are because you don’t match up to media portrayals((which are often quite transphobic tbh)). Trans people aren’t constantly tortured all the time, and don’t always have a stereotypical refusal of a certain type of clothes, or toy.  Just because you might not have realized or been vocal about it in your childhood doesn’t make you any less trans, and your mother is wrong to assert that.  You’re 100% valid the way you are, and your mother, as parents of trans people often are, is in the wrong.

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Sorry, what do you mean by servitor? I'm sorry, I'm quite new to this if it wasn't obvious haha what would advice would you have on chaos and sigil work for something I don't have much "practical" control over

A servitor is when rather than working directly for your end you invest energy in creating an entity that will do the work for you. A servitor can be a one shot creation that does one thing and then is gone or a persistent spirit that can be built up and assigned tasks. Long running servitor workings often require “fed” in some manner (food, money, sexual energy, electricity…)

A servitor is a kind of thought form, so it can work in most any manner you can imagine from being rather robotic to having its own powers of reason and some amount of free will.

As for advice when you don’t have practical control… First if there is anything at all that you can do to help bring about the result you desire then you should be doing it. The sigil working should make it easier for you to focus on doing what you need to do if it is effective. If there really isn’t anything you can do, then the sigil should at least capture your desire so that it can move to unconscious fulfillment. You should find yourself less frequently thinking about your desire after casting your working, particularly if it involves worry, that should diminish. When casting a curse, success is foremost indicated by a reduction in feelings of anger.

Combining these thoughts with a servitor… when launching a servitor you may more or less split off the part of you that is desiring the end so that it can work independently and unconsciously. Or, tell that part of you that it’s okay, the servitor is going to take care of things and it can chill while the servitor does the work.