this was quite an intense scene

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I gotta read some Annie Dillard. What’d you think of both those films??

Annie Dillard is great!  I’ve recc’d Teaching a Stone to Talk to people before, including beech27. It’s great for people drawn to nature—the book is filled with lovely nonfiction musings (of varying intensities) on solar eclipses, tundras, palo santo trees … A lot of the things she talks about feel very close to the sublime. I think she also writes a bit about religion and spirituality, which you might be interested in. She’s my favorite nonfiction writer. 

I was lukewarm with Ex Machina initially (especially when they talk about Jackson Pollock), rolling my eyes quite a bit at some of the dialogue … but then the disco dance scene happened and I was sucked in and totally committed. The ending is amazing, also, and put to rest my unease about the depiction of women (specifically in relation to the human men) in the film.

I LOVED Clouds of Sils Maria. I thought it was super smart? Like, one of the better meta-works I’ve ever seen (omg I’m now remembering the meta argument we had earlier on here LOL; sorry I was such a condescending asshole). Acting was flawless and I’m a sucker for sweeping, glorious landscape shots paired with classical music. I can see how other people might find it pretentious, but I dunno, I was impressed.


Make Me Choose

oodwhovian asked: I could save the world but lose you or I believe in her!

“Because this is my life, Jackie. It’s not fun, it’s not smart, it’s just standing up and making a decision because nobody else will”.


Premise: if you’re still saying that the animation is bad, you’re blind.

Blood Moon Ball
A great episode with very intense development between Star and Marco. Tom is quite fun to watch and the atmosphere during the dance’s climax was remarkably good. And about that dance scene… I can’t believe that there’s people saying that there was not enough Starco: first of all, Marco decides to go after Star after he hears a voice saying that the titular Blood Moon is the “Moon of Lovers”. Also, their souls are freaking connected forever! That’s the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen (so early) in an animated series! Only a kiss can beat that! Also, in the end, Marco really looked like he wanted to take his relationship with Star to the next level. And speaking of the ending, it was quite anti-climatic to be honest, especially the final “battle” against Tom. This is why the show needs full 22-minutes episode instead of rushed 11-minutes segments.

Fortune Cookies
It starts as a very basic/innocent episode but the introduction of Toffee changed the rules of the show. Ludo and his army was really fun here and the reptilian Toffee is definitely going to play a larger role in upcoming episodes. He seems to have a past with Star’s family and his words in the end (alongside the fortune cookie’s final message) are clearly foreshadowing for something much more serious, a bigger plot.

Interview Highlights with Kaji Yuki (Eren’s VA) & Kamiya Hiroshi (Levi’s VA) in honor of the 2nd SNK compilation movie’s release [29 June 2015]

[translation: yusenki​ | editing: thirstylevi​]
[source: x]

In this interview, Kaji and Kamiya discuss intense scenes from the second compilation movie, performing their parts, their thoughts on each other’s characters, and Eren and Levi’s relationship. [translated directly from the Japanese interview]

Q: The release of second compilation movie is quite close now, how does the cast feel about it?

Kaji Yuki: For us to be covered in an interview like this and be scheduled to attend stage meet-up events makes me realize that the time to show everyone what we’ve been working on is drawing nearer. What I did for this movie included performing additional dialogues and recording new cut scenes.

Kamiya Hiroshi: I had no additional scenes to do for Levi.

Q: What are the highlights from the second movie?

Kaji: In the second compilation movie, Eren joins the SC under Levi’s wing, and from then on the main part of the battle scene takes place.

Kamiya: The first movie ended with Eren leading the path towards mankind’s first victory, and the second movie is starting with something like the “consequences” of that victory. The second movie has more of Levi’s scenes than the first one does. The first movie was about preparing to fight the titans and in the second movie the preparations are complete and the soldiers are finally dispatched outside the walls. It seems like suddenly their views of the world have been broadened.

Kaji: In my opinion, the most memorable scenes are those in which Levi’s entire squad is acting casually with each other before their grisly deaths. A few days ago, I went in for an interview at Universal Studios Japan, and at the attraction “The Real Shingeki no Kyojin” all the death scenes for Levi’s squad members were being displayed in Clone-oid form. Because the concept of their deaths was in a more physical form, I could finally grasp the “real” sensation of it. The Clone-oids were so detailed and the expression of each character felt very real, so it gives you an even sadder impression. I could feel the fear of death very strongly. If you watch the second movie, it feels like the characters have an even bigger presence than before.

Kamiya: In regards to “death,” in the past I was often told “in this scene there will be 2 or 3 people killed, so please scream in agony.” However, don’t you think that those moments when these characters were killed was when we could see true human nature? Expressing these sorts of grisly moments made me feel uncomfortable, but that’s just how I deal with performing scenes for Shingeki no Kyojin. This work [SNK] spotlights each and every character, and through the main character, Eren, a human being’s powerful will to live is expressed really well. This work is very unique; just by standing in the recording studio I felt that the characters were alive.

Q: Levi will have more scenes in the second compilation movie, so what is Kaji’s impression of Levi?

Kaji: Levi is quite overwhelming isn’t he [laughs]. Even though I’m the main character’s VA, I could really feel the intense popularity of Kamiya’s character at most stage meet-ups I attended [laughs]. The audiences said that they love Levi very much.

Kamiya: What a strange thing that is [laughs].

Kaji: Well nevertheless, I think the most noticeable part of Levi is his strength and solid presence. When I would perform my lines and even when I read the manga, I felt fear when I faced the captain! It wasn’t animosity, but the other type of fear; it felt more like “I can’t win with this person no matter what I do.”

Q: When will the time come that Eren gets praised by Levi?

Kaji: Honestly I’m not sure what Levi thinks about Eren, but I’m sure Eren will be happy if he were ever to be praised by Levi, since Levi is his superior officer. But in that regard, what is the context behind the praise? Did something happen? To me, Kamiya is a ‘senpai’ who has guided me and become my friend, but in Eren and Levi’s case the time they spend together is in a world where they’re all close to death, so it’s different from our [Kaji and Kamiya’s] relationship… I do think that some sort of bond eventually developed. I don’t think Levi would praise Eren easily, but he would eventually regard Eren as an important comrade.

Q: Kamiya, what do you think Levi’s thoughts about Eren are?

Kamiya: This is what I’ve always said: Levi is unsure about Eren’s true character. From Levi’s point of view, I think he prioritizes “survival.” However I don’t know if Eren is included within what Levi considers “survival.” He is just following Erwin’s order to take Eren under his wing. If it weren’t for Erwin’s order I don’t think Levi would do even that. It’s because Eren has an element of uncertainty to him. Since Eren has titan powers, there’s always a possibility that he might not be able to control it, so it’s safe to say that Levi would kill him off if something were to happen. But, just like what Kaji said, they’re both living in the world where death is constantly surrounding them, so the more time they spend together the more Levi will regard Eren as a comrade.

Trivia included with the interview:

  • Kaji was surprised when he heard Kamiya accepted the role of Levi’s VA because Levi is not the type of character Kamiya usually performs as. But Kaji thinks that Kamiya has a presence similar to Levi’s in that he is “strong because of his gentle side” instead of the “overwhelming kind of strength” some people have.
  • Kaji’s stage meet-up session was with Mikasa’s VA & Armin’s VA, and in Japan they are called the “Osanajimi Trio” (Trio of Childhood Friends).
  • Kaji finds it interesting to perform Eren since he always needs to perform him with a rage-filled voice.
  • Kamiya can relate to Levi’s edgy (prissy) personality since they are similar in this regard, but he still finds Levi’s emotional/emphatic side difficult to fully grasp.
  • When asked to perform as a VA for SNK, Kamiya tried to visualize the dire situation of the SNK universe (living inside the walls, fighting titans, etc.) and based on that he tried to perform to match the character’s personality.
  • Kamiya finds Kaji’s performance as Eren quite powerful in regards to amount of energy (rage) he uses in Eren’s voice.


One might say that the ancient King was classically introverted in behavior, not one to frequent those places to promise large crowds or where he might submerge himself in the activity of the glorious present day. The luxuries it provided were certainly easy to fall into, a change he had grown used to seeing and experiencing [there were those embarrassing items he fell in love with seeing, but no one but those closest to him would ever know the truth of it]. It wasn’t that he did not enjoy the interaction with people. He did, very much so, yearn to learn the stories of all those he confronted. It was a feeling to emerge quite intensely at the current moment, what motivation to compel it forth not entirely known to him. Perhaps it was because of his families great loss. He wished to see something good out of the dark veil to suddenly settle over them. As much as he wished to return to the scene of the cathedral’s collapse, he refused himself the chance. It was not good for him, no matter what he imagined he might find there. He must move forward.

It had been many weeks since he returned to his ‘training grounds,’ not really anything official, just a small alcove outside of the cities immediate limits, where he could stretch and test his body beyond what he believed it capable of achieving. He had not been in the correct mindset to return to those duties. Even that day, he felt not stable enough to continue.

No, for the moment, he wandered slowly through the city, enjoying the sights, the smells, the talk of the people. He walked disconnected from most, part of the crowd yet… so distinctly different from them. One would not notice unless they looked hard enough.

There was quite a ruckus ahead, a proceeding of black cars with tinted windows, crowds of people gathered round, the flashing of bulbs! Someone very important was passing through….

How curious.
Dumbledore's closed eyes—a tiny, clever detail I just noticed [DH] • /r/harrypotter
Just something I noticed when re-reading *Deathly Hallows*—Dumbledore very deliberately keeps his eyes closed when revealing to Snape that Harry...

This scene never sat quite right with me - it didn’t fit, somehow, given my understanding of Dumbledore’s character, because I always viewed him as someone who had very intense emotions and the matter-of-fact way that he goes about explaining why Harry had to die just didn’t make sense. Finally. Fucking finally, I can have some goddamn peace over it. 

I’ve been online so little recently that I really don’t know what tumblr’s attitude to JK Rowling is anymore, but if any of y’all still like any of the characters anymore, give this a fucking read and cry like the little bitch you are. I know I did.

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The censoring in Gakkou Gurashi is to appease the network boards so they can get the series on-air. It also adds feeling, as starting an attack on something off-screen and suddenly shifting to another scene entirely, skipping the 'killing' would lose emphasis and flow.

I actually like the censoring now because like you say it adds more effect, and in some ways they are slowly dropping the intense “censorship” and I think it is adding effect. Plus, with that static cut through for the flashbacks, it really left you nervous even though the day was seemingly normal but not quite! As long as they animate those horrified moment faces of our beloved cast like the manga version, I’ll be fine. Because those were so intense and I loved it. So far, they seem to be keeping that up! I’m excited for next week~

  • Me:Eh, I'm not quite as nuts about Sardonyx as I thought I'd be. The emotional dynamic of the episode was intense, but character-wise I was far more excited to get a glimpse of Peridot.
  • *The next day*
  • Me:*Obsessively rewatches Sardonyx's scenes, downloads her theme song, listens to it on repeat for hours*
Warehouse 13 finale

What. The. Fuck.

That was a travesty of an episode. While not as bad, it’s been the least satisfying finale since the end of Star Trek Enterprise.

Having raised Claudia’s extreme ambivalence over becoming Caretaker, to then basically skip past her coming around to accepting that destiny (with a terribly stilted performance where she’s apparently trying to channel her predecessor) in that final “America, fuck yeah!” scene which in many ways blew the whole premise of the ep out of the water, was intensely dissatisfying. Apart from looking like her, the woman in that scene wasn’t identifiably Claudia.

At the very least, the elder agent in that scene should have been Steve.

Having HG confirmed as being queer in a throw away line did nothing to lessen the foul taste of season 5′s hammering Myka/Pete into a Myka/HG shaped hole. They’re buddies and partners and have absolutely no romantic chemistry together – quite unlike Myka & HG, who were very evidently in love with each other – and in the face of seemingly about to lose the Warehouse it feels entirely like Pete was given Myka as a consolation prize much the way *spit* Chakotay got Seven in Star Trek Voyager as a reward for Beltran having stuck around for 7 years.

The rage that Artie and Pete both felt over what they had lost and were about to lose in service to the Warehouse was however brilliantly acted.


SO I have just binge watched all of teen wolf right to where it is now and first of all… I no longer have anything to watch and secondly I am going to say some things that must be taken off my chest.


FIRST OF ALL. So Allison. I was moved when she died but that was mainly because of the reactions and compelling directing. With Allison, I wanted to believe she was a bad ass huntress but her bad assery and character, well, I didn’t really quite buy it personally. This is just an opinion mind you. And honestly I think I would have bought and believed in her kick ass abilities if we had scenes where she intensely trains and shit but I didn’t really find that.

Second. Stiles. WHY THE ACTUAL FUCK IS DYLAN SUCH A WONDERFUL ACTOR I MEAN WHY? That plot line with the evil demon got me going crazy just by Dylan’s characterization. It was brilliant. I am not too often compelled by characters, at least not easily, I don’t like seeing cliches delivery or too many of those cheesy exaggerated one liners. But Stiles has been written and played so well that I would like to just give a round of applause.

THIRD. LYDIA. I first of all didn’t like her. Then I was intrigued. Worried. Intrigued again. And I think she is character who has developed in wonderful ways. I mean she’s intense to watch. I love her. A scene with her in it always seems to make me feel better.

Fourth point. Deaton. HE IS FUCKING BADASS AS FUCK BUT HE IS ALSO THE MOST COMPASSIONATE MAN EVER. I see how Scott and him have very strong emotional connections- Deaton has definitely influenced Scott. They are both very similar. Yes. Deaton is one of my favorites. No lie.

FIFTH. Kira. A bit unsure at first but she’s cool. I like her. Still wonder how people end up with magnificent skills in the course of like three days but all right.

SIXTH. I cannot stand Kate Fucking Bitch The The Third Argent. She is a horrible person. Don’t really like her devilry either, just the her way of thinking repulses me.

SEVENTH thing to say. I think Chris Argent is sexy as fuck. I would tap that. HARD. No lies.

Isaac was annoying.

Derek was a bit tipsy turby which I think worked for him. anyone else loveeee little Derek? The teen love story bit was one of my fave romances on the show. Shame she died in the end. Yikes.


STEREK? HELL YEAH. TAKK ABOUT SIZZLING CHEMISTRY. Every scene of theirs was intensely good.

Scott. I’ve been there for you from day one and for the most part I’m proud of you my son. *wipes tear from under eyes and sniffles*

Sheriff is definitely my favorite tv teen show parent sheriff.

Stalia will eventually grow on me or I’ll just ignore it, mainly because I am just going to focus on Parrish and Lydia. That ship has sailed.

Rather like Derek. He has a great face.

Liam is a cutie pie.

Peter has issues but my god is he not just a hugely charismatic screen presence, one of the best I have seen in a while. You want to like him- you really do.

I still love the way Scott falls in love. It’s adorable. I think that’s how most people hope someone will love them.

Kira’s dad is actually sound as hell.

But I was being serious about Daddy Argent. I would hit that so freaking hard.

My review on Antman

Ok, this movie is SLOW. Not King Kong slow, but like 1st Spiderman movie slow. The Hispanic guy as well as the antman himself are the only form of comic relief throughout the movie. The final battle was probably the funniest shit I’ve seen in a while. There’s several scenes when Antman and Yellow Jacket are mini and having a super intense fight where they’re throwing toy trains at each other only to pan out into a normal scale to see just how hysterically tiny their fight it.
If your going just to see a 93 year old Stan Lee in one of his infamous camios, it’s during the last 15 minutes. I will say, it’s probably my favorite camio yet.
OVERALL, I say that Antman is a solid 8.9/10.


There’s quite a few references to both the 2nd Caption America movie as well as the 1st season of Agents Of Shield. As well as the usual Marvel hint of a sequel and a lead to the 3rd Avengers movie after the end credits.

Ajay Devgn To Have A Cameo In 'Dilwale'!

Ajay Devgn and Shah Rukh Khan made headlines, when they were spotted having dinner together in Bulgaria and we hear that the former may have a cameo in SRK’s upcoming film Dilwale.

Ajay’s wife Kajol will be seen romancing Khan in Dilwale, which is being directed by Devgn’s good friend Rohit Shetty. Ajay was in Bulgaria for the recce of his upcoming film Shivaay and reportedly, the intense actor shot a cameo scene for the film during his stay there.

We hope this piece of news turns out to be true as we are quite excited to see Ajay and Shah Rukh in the same frame.

nadiavasilyev (cora)

“Alright people, we’ll take thirty.” That prompted a sigh from the actor, vigorously rubbing his eyes despite the make up, and popped a mint gum in his mouth. It’s been strictly prohibited to smoke on set and he only had an hour to freshen up just in case he caved in for a hit.

His fingers twitched for one because god, it was a very exhausting day. They were shooting a very intense dialogue filled scene and his eyes were already red-rimmed in shedding those iconic tears for multiple takes. He must admit, he wasn’t feeling a hundred percent the whole day since he kept on thinking about unfortunately missing their very first anniversary. Well, at least that alone was enough drive to prompt those tears out for that scene – and that’s actually quite brilliant. 

Declan sank himself on the couch out of set, throwing his head back and sighed wearily. Like a child waiting for midnight on New Year’s, he was checking his phone almost every minute of his break. He already sent a few messages to his girlfriend and the only one he got was a good luck sweet message from two hours ago. 

Normally, Melissa would be on set with him, being his stylist, make up artist and all but something came up and now they had to work separately for the next three months. So unfortunate that it hit their blimming anniversary.

“Dec, reporter’s here for the interview. Are you ready?” His personal assistant called from the back door of the set, “Yeah, yeah, I’ll be there in a sec. Can’t I go for a snack or something first?” Rejection made his smile falter as he was told there was not enough time for him to pop out because the interviewer has already been waiting for a couple of hours. 

But Declan has always been quite generous when it comes to these things. Despite literally dragging himself out of that couch, he still obliged, just combing his hair with his own fingers and dabbing his face with a towel as he made his way towards the mentioned venue. 

“W-wait what’s going on?” There were muffled giggles from afar and that was it, the entire act of the crew fell into loud laughter once Declan finally saw what the fuss was about. He spotted his girlfriend, by the door, and without further ado, he sprinted towards her, his exhaustion vanishing in an instant, clung on her petite frame. The actor lifted her off the floor, spinning her around before he set her back down. “Whoa, wow. uhm.. god, I’m shocked wait - happy anniversary.”  

Jurassic World

I was quite apprehensive about seeing Jurassic World as I had only ever seen legendary clips from Jurassic Park and I’m not a fan of action type movies. Eibhlin and couple of my other friends were extremely excited to see it and the only reason i was tagging along was for Nick Robinson whom I adore from watching in Melissa and Joey for a couple of years now. I ended up being pleasantly surprised. Chris Pratt’s performance in this film was outstanding. He plays your typical badass who saves the day…but I love it. There wasn’t too many jump scares which was good for me but I know it was disappointing for others. Personally, I found Claire (played by Bryce Dallas Howard) quite stressful to watch at times but by the end I had grown to like her. My favourite scene in the movie has to be when Claire and Owen believe the Indominus has escaped and they enter its enclosure only to find out how intelligent the dinosaur actually is. It’s such an intense and gripping moment. Basically throughout the whole movie I wasn’t able to take my eyes off the screen.

I feel like a lot of people had extremely high expectations for this film and compared it harshly with Jurassic Park but for me, not seeing all of original, I didn’t really have anything to compare it to so I thought it was an amazing film


I was so excited to watch Jurassic World. Being a big fan of the original movie I was really eager to watch the sequel.

The movie was suspenseful and it really kept you on the edge of your seat, although I was a little disappointed with the lack of jump scares. I was honestly really surprised at the level of panic and fear this movie instilled in me. I’ve been a fan of dinosaurs since I was quite young and they never really scared me but this movie definitely changed that a little. In the scene where all the carnivorous pterodactyls were loose and flying over the park was really well done. The level of chaos and tension in this scene was actually crazy, and it stressed me out beyond belief.

Most of the characters started out quite one dimensional and mundane but as the movie progressed I found myself genuinely caring for their safety. I really liked the relationship between Claire and Owen in the movie. I thought that their relationship added something to the film that wasn’t just action, and brought some light to the more tense parts of the film.

The original movie; Jurassic Park paid more attention to the characters and how they reacted in different situations rather than the dinosaurs, and I feel like this movie was the opposite. However I was happy with the way this film turned out, and I think it’s a good follow up to the original.


JAN 20: "I would totally do more Hunger Games movies," says Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence was featured in Interview Magazine and as we all know, this year, the Hunger Games series’ will come to an end.. (booo) :(. Among that topic in discussion, she talked about Josh Hutcherson, a plane and salmon. You can read the whole interview above HERE.

REDMAYNE: Are you guys finished with Hunger Games now? 

LAWRENCE: I think we’re done with the press tour. I’ve got, like, one more thing to shoot for Hunger Games. We just have one scene to do for the end. 

REDMAYNE: It’s over? Wowzer. That’s quite intense. That’s, like, several years of your life. 

LAWRENCE: I know. I’m not happy about it at all. 

REDMAYNE: Wait, can’t they write some more? 

LAWRENCE: I know, right? I would totally do it. And now Liam [Hemsworth]’s doing a movie in Australia for two months. It’s the longest that the three of us have ever spent apart. 

REDMAYNE: Are you like siblings?

LAWRENCE: Yeah. We were just on the plane, and Josh [Hutcherson] was eating something that I don’t like—salmon or something. I was eating my own snack and he kept eating my snack. I was going to share with him because I’m not an asshole, but then finally I was like, “I can’t eat your snack. So it’s not fair that you’re eating my snack!” Our security guard just started laughing at us. And we were like, “It’s been a lot of years!” [laughs]
The one movie where FEELINGS HAVE FEELINGS

Inside Out (2015) Review

It was a Pixar movie, so I just had to watch it out of respect and awe. But didn’t expect that much from the movie, despite its high rating of 8.9 at the time. The high rating did get me excited for a bit, but the movie proved that it was completely overrated…. Frankly, I think that Pixar has done an absolutely brilliant job at entertaining, but this falls short in those standards.

In fact, I got bored several times within the movie. On occasions I found myself playing immature pranks in the theatre, like play the sound of a bleating sheep, during emotionally intense scenes. It was quite fun by the way… I can’t write much about the movie, just that it is colourful and very mildly engaging… I can be sure that the minions is a better watch for those torn between the two.

Movies of Pixar need to create comedic moments for us to remember them by…. We also remember movies like Toy Story and Monsters Inc for a good amount of moments…. Those movies also have a lot of emotional appeal, and acknowledges what the audience wants. The elements of a good movie are missing unfortunately, however those of bad movies are missing as well…. So for me, this movie is a big nothing. It is OK if you miss it.

Nothing to like, nothing to dislike.

Inside Out (2015)

My Rating: 6/10, IMDb: 8.7, Metascore: 94

Behind the scenes of one of my shoots today. I did THREE editorials in a single day– we decided we need a reality TV show to show how intense we get on these days! Happy, moody, tired, energetic, creative, drained, then creative again.

Been wanting to this particular shoot for quite some time.

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American Sniper was one of the most intense movies I have ever seen. I honestly do not wish to watch it again. There are quite a few scenes with guns and bombs going off, people getting killed, young children involved, etc. It is extremely violent.

Monday July 13.

Tom Cooper is quite a character. He’s the artist who owns Alaska Horn & Antler.

Tom is quite prolific. Here he holds a ram horn he carved with Dall sheep. On shelves behind are many antlers he carved with Alaska wildlife scenes.

Note the electrifying picture of Tom and his wife on the shelf. Just seconds before it was snapped the sun popped out splashing intense backlight.